I Tried 5 Sports Bras to “Size Up” How They Fit Larger Busts

This article features links to brands that I tried in order to give my honest review and advice on sports bras for larger busts. I included referral links for products I tried, and all opinions are my own. We earn a small commission from these links, at no additional cost to you. 

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As someone with a larger bust, finding the right sports bra is imperative. I’ve tried my fair share of bras in the past, but somehow always end up using the same 2-3 of them that I’ve found most comfortable. For reference, I wear a 44D or 2X-3X depending on the brand.

When it comes to sports bras, it can be a bit more difficult because you want the bra to fit, but also provide the adequate amount of support for your workout. Plus there’s no denying that some sports bras were just designed with smaller busts in mind…and the sizing just doesn’t translate.

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that you’re probably looking to order more sports bras and interested in how your bust will measure up against other brands. Choosing the right size can be hard, especially when every brand has slightly different sizing or you’re shopping a new brand.  Luckily for you, I took the hassle out of the process by trying out a variety of brands to see how their sizing stacks up.


POPFLEX Celeste high neck bralette coconut cream sports bra for large bust

Since I write for Blogilates, you know I had to start with one of POPFLEX’s most recent launches – the Celeste Mesh Bralette. My first impressions were that it’s stylish and comfortable. I’ve never worn a mesh bra before so it was a first for me. 

In terms of size, I ordered a 2X. I made this decision based on the POPFLEX size guide, which indicates a 2X is between sizes 18-20 or 47-51 inches. They also offer a more in-depth guide to finding the right fit, including a video guide for how to measure, and the opportunity to schedule a free one-on-one consultation with a fit stylist.

The bra fits just right, and how I like it — comfortable with support. 

I used this bra (and the others) during my current workout regimen which mostly consists of weights and light cardio. It held up well and I’ve worn it multiple times since. If you’re looking for a bra for more intense exercise, whether that’s burpees, long runs, jumping jacks, etc., then I’d recommend the bra below. 

Personally, I found the Romance Ruffle Bra (which I ordered in the same size) to be more supportive for those higher intensity workouts. It’s better suited for those workout classes, whether that’s Zumba or Pilates, and the best part is you’ll feel super confident because the bra is very chic and fashionable. Sometimes I even wear this bra around my house because it’s so cute and comfy. 

Girlfriend Collective

girlfriend collective sports bra

I’ve tried Girlfriend Collective apparel in the past and was a huge fan. I especially love the inclusivity of the brand with a large size range. With that said, I ordered an XXL in the Plum Lou-V Back Bra. Based on the brand’s size chart, an XXL is suitable for a 43-46.5 inch bust and that’s where I fall.

Again, the fit was all there, and the color was gorgeous. It is supportive without being too tight and restrictive which is hard to come by when looking for sports bras for larger busts. 

old navy sports bra pink

Old Navy 

I haven’t been to Old Navy in a hot minute, but I wanted to test out their sports bras. They are relatively affordable at $24.95 and are said to provide “medium-support.” 

I ordered the PowerPress Strappy Sports in a 3X which ranges from an underbust of 43-45 inches based on their sizing chart. This is a larger size than I’d normally get at most retailers, but I wanted to make sure it would fit. It didn’t provide as much compression as I would have liked, and the sizing was almost there. I probably could have sized down! 


Athleta is considered to be a sister-brand to Old Navy so I wanted to try it out, too. Would the sizing translate across both brands?

Out of all the bras I tried, the Advance Bra is definitely the most supportive, but also very uncomfortable. It’s not really a pleasant experience working out in this bra.

If it’s pleasant to not have your chest bounce around then it’s worth it, I guess? But I’d rather bounce a bit than not be able to move comfortably. (I ordered it in my usual size of 44D.) I think it was the band that I did not like about this bra because the straps were comfortable and the clasps were easy to close, but the band felt too tight. There was no movement which I feel is an important factor when it comes to finding a sports bra. 


fabletics sports bra large bust size

I’ve heard rave reviews about Fabletics from not only people I know, but also from social media influencers and content creators — think Demi Lovato, Lizzo, etc.  With that said, I wanted to get my hands on a bra (or two) from them to see how their larger sizes work for me. And that’s exactly what I did.

The first bra I tried was the No-Bounce Sports Bra in a 2X. According to their size chart, that size is made for a bust between 45-48 inches. Now, that’s slightly bigger than my 44-inch, but I know no-bounce sports bras tend to be super tight and I wanted to have some more wiggle room. 

It fit just right and provided an ideal amount of stretch without compromising the compression at the chest. Was there no bounce at all? No. There was still some bounce when I ran and did jumping jacks. Was it super tight where I couldn’t move? Absolutely not. I think this size provided the right balance of compression and flexibility making for a comfortable piece. 

Additionally, I decided to order what I’d consider to be a more everyday sports bra. The Kessler Medium-Impact Sports Bra that I got in a 2X was super cute, but I was more concerned about the fit and functionality. It was comfortable, but not too compressive. It kept my chest raised, but not in place. It’s best for those workouts where you’re more still whether that’s lifting weights or stretching. 

Advice for choosing the perfect sports bra size

When it comes to finding the best sports bra for you, you’ll want to make sure to consult with the size guide on each brand’s website. Although the measurements may be similar, there will still be some nuances you’ll want to keep an eye on before placing your order — so you may not be the same size across the board.

Also, compression is most definitely a factor to consider when picking a sports bra. You don’t want the bra to be so tight where it’s restricting your breathing, but also not loose to the point where everything is bouncing around. Overall, I’d suggest using your usual size, the size guide, and reviews to make an informed decision before buying a sports bra to help ensure you have the best experience possible. 

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  1. Sien says:

    As with previous commenters, I agree that 44D isn’t really (proportionally speaking) a bigger bust. What usually makes finding appropriate sports bras (with enough coverage AND support) a real pain, is when there is a big difference between your chest and underbust measurements. As someone with a 32H/34GG cup (UK sizing), I have to size up to an XL/1X in Popflex just to fit my chest (and even then I often don’t get enough coverage) but then it’s much too loose around my underbust, meaning I get no support at all.

    It’s obviously great that the person who wrote this found some sports bras that work for her! But for those of us with a larger bust in proportion to the rest of our bodies, most of these bras would probably not work.

  2. Kat B says:

    I wish we could have seen someone with a larger bust do these reviews. I get that she has a larger band at 44” but D cup is within the normal size range sold most places. As a 34H I did not find this article helpful

    1. Kanchan says:

      I agree. Im a 34HH

  3. Khiara says:

    The problem I always have is I need a small for my back and a medium for my bust. I am a 32D, so it’s hard to find a tight back that also has enough boob coverage.