I Tried the Always Sold Out Supersculpt Legging. Here’s What Happened

Psst: POPFLEX is a sister brand of Blogilates, but all the following opinions in this Supersculpt Legging review are my own. So, let’s get into it, shall we? 

I’d like to say I’m too old for children’s games, but I’ve been playing hide and seek with the perfect pair of leggings for years. Whether I look online, in my friends’ closets, or on the racks of Ross (which have usually treated me well), I could never find a pair that had it all.

I’m a thighs girl, so most pairs always get pulled down, leaving me to hike them up when I just want to hike. Full stop. Either that or they’re see-through when I bend over, which isn’t exactly the vibe I’m going for during a sesh at LA Fitness.

I’ve purged about 70% of my closet this year, but I’m determined to rebuild from the basics up. Since I want to keep my wardrobe to a minimum, I need products that can pull a double shift.

For leggings, that means a pair able to hang with all my workouts and anchor a girls’ day ‘fit. I’d seen all of Cassey’s videos about her journey to design the perfect leggings, so I decided to give POPFLEX Supersculpt Leggings a whirl.

supersculpt leggings popflex packaging details


As expected of Cassey, the delivery was très cute. The plastic bag is biodegradable, the cozy sticker was an added bonus for my water bottle, and the L for limitless detail on the tag was such a random moment of empowerment. Love that for me and POPFLEX shoppers.

There was a moment when I thought it was all too cute to be true, and that moment was when the waistband got up to my thighs. You know that moment where you’re like, “Oh no! I don’t know if it’s going to fit?”

That was me, but I decided to trust in the fabric, which seemed durable but still had some stretch. Once they were up, they didn’t feel too tight, so I chalked up the initial struggle to the leggings needing a light breaking-in. (I also did some stretches for good measure, and everything was good to go.)

Supersculpt Legging Test Drive

After my first impressions, I packed up my new leggings for a girls’ trip where I’d be hiking, shopping, and lounging. First up was a morning of thrifting, and by this time, pulling up the pants wasn’t an issue. It was still a bit of a squeeze, but that was a small price to pay for how secure I felt in them throughout the day.

One downside was how often the high waistband rolled down my stomach, which meant I had to unroll it back up so that it didn’t create a bulge at my panty line. This happens with all high-waisted leggings that I’ve tried, and I figure it’s due to the combination of my slight-pudgy stomach and wider hips pushing everything down. It happened more often when I went from standing to sitting, likely because of how my abdomen contorts, but if you have that issue with high-waisted pants, I think you’ll have the same issue here.

The next day I went for a hike, and the leggings did everything they needed to: kept me supported without feeling restricted and hid my bright panties when I climbed uphill. I’ve never had major cameltoe issues, but it was nice to not have to worry about that at all since the Supersculpt Leggings don’t have a front seam.

Though what I do always pay attention to is pockets because I do not like carrying bags if I can avoid it. The pockets comfortably held my phone on one side and car keys on the other without dragging down the waistband.

By the end of the weekend, I had hiked, walked, bar-hopped, and done some light yoga in the Supersculpts without much to complain about. The material does pick up lint often, but it’s also extremely soft to the touch, so it’s a small price to pay for a lasting feeling of coziness.

(Since writing this, I’ve heard that the newly restocked leggings have a new fabric that doesn’t pick up lint or dog hair!) 

popflex supersculpt legging review


  • Super soft, supple fabric
  • Comfortably snug fit
  • Anti-cameltoe
  • Pockets!!!
  • Anti-see-through (so no peep shows in spin class)
  • Control top-style waistband



  • I don’t even know if the high-waist band rolling down is a specific issue to me, but if anyone can figure it out, I’m sure it’s Cassey.

Final Thoughts

A decent pair of black leggings seems like it should be easy to find, but it really isn’t—especially if you’ve got some curves. Overall, the Supersculpt Leggings from POPFLEX do what they need to do, and they do it well. They’re comfortable, functional, and seem built to last you at least a few years if properly cared for. 

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