Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish

Hey guys!

It’s almost the weekend! It’s always so nice to have a little break from work or school isn’t it? Life has a tendency to be so busy sometimes that we don’t realize how BADLY we needed a second to chill.

In fact, I think taking “Me Time” is a really important concept. Me Time varies depending on the person. Maybe your “Me Time” is filled with close friends and family. Maybe you want absolute quiet and dream of a nice, uninterrupted bubblebath. Maybe it’s going hard during your workout. Hey, maybe Me Time is a 30 minute power nap! We all get energized in different ways.

Sadly, sometimes “Me Time” gets accused of being something else. Selfishness.

Of course, I believe in caring about people and practicing compassion! Of course you should consider other’s feelings and thoughts! That’s part of being a good person. It comes with the territory.

But it’s also possible that you’re so consumed with other people’s needs that you completely ignore your own. This is not a good recipe. You cannot keep giving if your well runs dry. You matter, too.

I mean, think about all the various roles we might take on during our lifetime! Daughter, son, mother, father, partner, friend, caretaker, colleague, mentor! We’re doing our best to balance people, responsibilities, and somehow still make sure everyone and everything is taken care of. Phewwww, no wonder so many of us are tired! (That 30 minute power nap is sounding pretty good right now…)

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with needing a moment. There’s nothing wrong with telling a friend, “I love you, but tonight I’m going to stay in because my body needs it.” There’s nothing wrong with dedicating time to a hobby or passion that makes YOU feel good.

I know it can be hard. I know we’re all living with so much pressure. We never want to feel as if we’ve let loved ones down. And the fear that we’re being “selfish” can sink in. But every now and then, it’s perfectly okay to put yourself first. You’re allowed to be a priority.

Repeat after me: Self-care is not selfishness.

In our latest Sheroic podcast episode, Lisa and I discuss how we deal with stress and what we like to do when it comes to practicing relaxation. Have a listen!

What are your favorite things to do when you need a little “Me Time”? Comment because I’d love to know!

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