Sleep or…Die?

Sleep or…Die?


Hey guys!

The title of the post is a little cryptic, but I want you to know lack of sleep can lead to MANY MANY health problems including weight gain, impaired thinking, and even heart attacks. Yeah. So we’re going to have a serious talk about this. But before we get there, here is your new work out video of the week! It’s the cardio portion of your Swimsuit Slimdown Series! 8 min of fat burning HIIT movements to get you sweating fo’ reals.

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Remember that working out, eating clean, and sleeping are all important to your health and your physique. Do not skimp on one…because the rest will be negatively affected. Trust me. I know the effects of this. I eat clean and train regularly but when I don’t sleep, I don’t see ANY results. It’s incredibly frustrating because you’re tired…you’re cranky…you’re hungry…and you just angry at life for not being “fair”. But your body NEEDS sleep to reboot. You cannot go go go 24/7 and think you’re going to accomplish more. In fact, you will accomplish less. Ready for a mind-opening read? Here we go.51626-Need-More-SleepIf I told you that lack of sleep is related to an increased risk of death, would you make an effort to get more sleep tonight? In today’s society, many people tend to view sleep as an interruption to success. (I am guilty of this unfortunately!) Less sleep equals more time to work, study, socialize, eat and play. In fact, we are so used to having poor sleep that we don’t even realize how sleep deprived we are! We run off of fumes and it’s not good! There has been a large amount of research done that suggests that not getting an adequate amount of sleep can have SERIOUS side-effects. I’m talking about obesity, diabetes, and other major heart problems. Lack of sleep may be turning into a public health epidemic. How much sleep do you get? The American Sleep Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately most people are barely getting that amount. When you don’t get enough sleep, not only do you feel irritable and sluggish, but you also have a lower attention span. Sleep loss dumbs you down. (Yup, it’s true. I’ve acted “drunk” and out-of-it when I pulled all-nighters in college before.) Sleep plays a HUGE role in thinking and learning. Without a good night’s sleep, you may have concentration and communication problems that will hinder your everyday life. You’re less likely to be creative and productive and more likely to be moody, emotional and depressed! Inadequate sleep also interferes with physical performance. Not only are you too exhausted to exercise, but you also lose the motivation! It gets worse…studies have also shown a relationship between sleep loss and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and obesity!! It has been found that getting fewer than 7 hours of sleep a night is related to having a higher BMI, which comes with health risks. Even one night of being sleep deprived can increase blood pressure! Ever wonder why you have a crazy appetite after a poor night’s sleep? Not only are you hungrier, but also you tend to crave and eat fatty foods! This is because inadequate sleep increases levels of appetite-inducing hormones. So, because lack of sleep makes you hungrier, you eat more and gain weight, which then increases the risk of heart diseases. This brings us to the link between poor sleep and diabetes.why did i eat so much foodWhen you’re tired, you tend to eat more in hopes to gain energy. This means eating foods that are likely to increase blood sugar. Poor sleep also influences the way your body processes glucose (the carbohydrate you need for energy). Glucose is processed slower in people who sleep less. Therefore, your insulin resistance becomes affected and you have an increased risk for developing diabetes. Another possibility of the link between weight gain and lack of sleep is that people who are awake longer, generally eat more because they have more time to. Sleep, Stress, Cortisol and FAT Being sleep deprived is also connected to experiencing higher stress levels. Cortisol is a hormone that helps us respond to stress. We need cortisol in the appropriate amount and at the appropriate times. Bedtime, is NOT when you need cortisol to be high because it increases alertness in the body. It has been found that lack of sleep is related to having higher cortisol levels at night, which not only interferes with sleep, but also increases your appetite and cravings.This means you’re eating MORE food (likely UNHEALTHY food), which causes an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and other heart problems.lower belly fat  Finally, one of the most interesting things I found is that increased cortisol levels are also linked to increased lower belly fat. Specifically. It’s obvious that we need sleep as much as we need to eat healthy and exercise, but unfortunately sleep is something that gets ignored the most. Instead of viewing sleep as an interruption to your life, start perceiving it as an asset to make your life better. Realize that it will make you more productive, happy and successful.  Sleep needs to be treated as a tool to function at your best. Is lack of sleep negatively affecting your life? It may be, and you don’t even realize it! If you know you need to improve your sleeping habits, then THIS is your time to start.cute-baby-dog-sleeping-1600x1200

I promise you that I am working on this too! What time do you guys normally go to bed and wake up?




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  1. Tatiana says:

    Lack of sleep really affects the way you feel about anything around you. Your family, work, outlook, your daily accomplishments will not make you feel happy if your mind suffers from a lack of sleep. When I am deprived of a necessary time for sleep, I just feel angry, agressive and ready to scold anybody on my way))) No good, no good… Taking enough time for sleep is really essential.

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  2. Jacqueline says:

    As a Grad student and just dealing with the happenings of life, it’s easy for me to slip in bad habits of less than 7 hours of sleep. I get hooked on my favorite TV shows, study/write papers, or have drama that lingers from the day. I have trouble getting myself calm enough at night to finally go to sleep. Lately, I am trying to figure out how to utilize m day better and get more sleep at night. I know turning off technology is a good way to calm down and read a book, but sometimes that isn’t enough for me anymore. What are some other suggestions that you have Cassey that would calm the mind into transitioning in quality sleep?

  3. Rekha Lalmalani says:

    Don’t get a good 6 hours sleep, you know it’s bad but doesn’t happen. So what does one do ? I have seen my weight gain continuously sinc e few years of poor sleep.

  4. I loved this article. However, I find it soo hard to have a good sleep and do a good work at the same day. There to little time.

  5. Melissa says:

    If I get 5 hours of sleep, it’s a miracle. Sometimes when my mind won’t shut off or my back is aching, I’ve been known to get less than 3. Besides being drastically overweight, probably 70-80 pounds, I am 56 yrs old, have two knees that are totally shot since my early 20’s, and I work two jobs, both sitting at a desk. I leave at 5:45 a.m. 5 days a week, and sometimes don’t get home until 9 p.m. or later. I would literally have to walk in the house and go right to bed, to get 7-8 hours of sleep, which we all know is never going to happen. And then I work Saturday’s from 8 a.m. until maybe 5-7 p.m. Sunday is my only day off and I am literally too exhausted to do anything. I know it’s all excuses, but that doesn’t help me try to get in shopping, food prep (both of which I have no energy for), any type of exercise, and life in general. And yes, I am miserable, and unhappy, and hate my body. I am hoping these video’s and Cassey’s enthusiasm can help me turn my life around.

  6. Hey Cassey, with the amount that you travel and stuff, how to do prioritize health, workouts, and sleep? I’m on vacation right now and I’ve gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of fitness! I’m also experiencing jet lag.

  7. Sasha says:

    thanks very much For this post Cassey . Getting enough sleep is something I constantly have to work on. The reminder of its importance is greatly appreciated:)

  8. toireanna says:

    Hi I was just wondering how do I purchase the infusion water bottle I can’t find it anywhere on your page or searching it through the items you have please help!?

  9. These are really helpful tips. Sleep is very important in regards to your overall health. It helps to reduce stress and keep you more refreshed for exercise and other daily activities. It slows down the aging process. Thank you for explaining the function of cortisol and its role.

  10. Bianca says:

    Love you, Cassey !! I always wondered about those things and it was such a pleasure to read your article <3 ! You're such an inspiration 🙂

  11. Natalie says:

    I love this! people always tell me I’m lazy for wanting 8-10 hours of sleep every night, and I always tell
    them what you just told us. Thanks Cassey!!

    1. Leah says:

      Great job!! Your body needs that sleep!

  12. Ida Petersun says:

    I was wondering how many times a day we should work out? Or what to eat when on a diet. I want to loose some weight, and so far after following you I’ve lost 10 pounds in 1 week! So thank you for all the great help! I can’t wait to watch any of your new videos! Thank you again!


    1. Monica says:

      Hey! If you do some searching around on this website, you can find a bunch of meal plans and pre-planned workout calendars Cassie created for us to use ^_^

    2. Leah says:

      Hello Ida! Congrats! Cardio in the morning before you eat breakfast will help burn fat without having to go through carbs. Strength training in the afternoon or after your cardio will help tone those muscles, like pilates!

  13. Alice Lo says:

    I’m only very young and I have sleeping problems. I think the reason why is because of stress, I’m a perfectionist and I won’t stop working until I get what I desire. Last year I got really stressed out and that’s when I started developing these sleeping problems. It’s the holidays now and I still can’t sleep well at night!
    Does anyone have any sleep to fall asleep faster and sleep better?

    1. Jordan porter says:

      I have had those probs also but what I have been doing wrong is I got into bed at about maybe 9 and I get on my phone and check social media I text I watch Netflix etc. Then when I put my phone away its 11 or 12. When I am up at night and doing active things whether electronics or studying my mind is all over. It’s thinking and its active. As a result, my brain won’t shut off and I toss and turn for hours and then I end up sleeping at 3 or 4. So make sure ur brain is not being active while ur trying to sleep. If u wanna get things done faster maybe make a day plan or calendar and space the things you need to do out wisely

    2. Ida Petersun says:

      Hi I used to have the same problem. But when I went to the doctor he told me to try sleeping pills. I don’t use them anymore, but once your body is used to having to sleep, it’ll come natural. But The pills aren’t like drugs. I got them from my local Cvs pharmacy.. Even Walmart, Kmart and Cosco, and IKEA. Almost every store might have it. I got it from the company nature made. It’s a blue pill.. You take it 30 minutes before your bed time.

    3. Camie says:

      Google 478 breathing, it’s good for falling asleep and for relaxing.

  14. Ashlyn L says:

    People NEED to understand the importance of this! I pulled countless all-nighters my first year of college, putting my work before my health, and I got depressed more easily, my work suffered, and of course, I gained so much weight! I was so frustrated with myself, but I’m working hard to get rid of it all, which includes sleeping! Every. Night. Your body is precious and should be cherished by you every day to make sure you stay healthy!
    Thank you, Cassey, for your wisdom! <3

  15. Diana H. says:

    I’ve made a huge effort to get better sleep this year, and so far I’m doing pretty well! 🙂 I go to bed at 10 every night and I’m up at 5. One thing that I noticed as well, when it comes to sleep, is you not only need enough sleep, but you also need to have a regular sleep pattern. Your body anticipates when you are going to lay down and wake up, so if you also go to bed and wake up at the same time every day you’ll feel even better! This is a great post, and thank you so much for informing us on the importance of sleep health. Like you I also lived under the misconception that to be successful I needed to give up my sleep. We’ve all heard the saying that majority of millionaires only get 3 hours of sleep a night, but I’ve found it’s a myth! So everyone sleep!!!

  16. JenniferN says:

    I usually fall asleep around 10:30 and I’m up by 6:30. I love to sleep. If you wake me up I will hurt you lol.

  17. Alisha says:

    I totally agree with this! I have experienced firsthand the side effects of inadequate amounts of sleep. I have also read that it is not just the AMOUNT of sleep you get, but your sleep schedule. You can sleep 7-9 hours a day and you’ll STILL feel tired if you arent going to bed and waking up around the same time because it disrupts your body clock. Think about it: if you tend to eat around the same time each day, don’t you feel hungry around that time? I know I do!

    That’s why I’ve been trying to work for a two-for-one benefit of sleeping eight hours and going to bed/waking up at the same time. EVEN ON MY DAYS OFF! Let me tell you, sometimes that is not fun (and of course, sometimes I have a cheat day once per week where I go to bed at the same time, but do not set an alarm for the morning). I have noticed that, since I have started doing this, my mood has increased, I’ve been losing weight, AND I have a lot more energy! YAYYY SLEEP! 🙂

  18. Milena says:

    Thanks for sharing this important issue with us Cassey! I believe each word that you have written because I’ve suffered so much for my problems in falling asleep.. It is so bad. And at the moment I live in a very caotic place, so often sleeping it’s still a problem to me. But I really hope to solve any hardship and sleep wonderful nights! 🙂 thank u <3

  19. Amparo duran says:

    I normally get between 6 or 7 hours, i would go to sleep around 11 or 12 and wake up around 6 or 7, I go to work at 8, lucky me I live a few blocks away from my work 😛 & I used to take 20 or 30 min naps.

    Is that ok? should I go back to taking naps or is it better to sleep the 8 hours at nigth.

    PS: I subscribe to the newsletter, but I haven’t recibe my password for the workout calendars 🙁

  20. Cass says:

    Great post, Cassey, but I have one small problem with it: You say lack of sleep and eating unhealthy foods can cause diabetes, but this is only true for type 2 diabetes. Type 1 has nothing to do with lifestyle and cannot be prevented. People confuse the two way too much, and as someone with type 1 it saddens me that type 1 and type 2 are talked about like they’re the same, while they are two very different illnesses. It might be a weird question, but could you please use the name of the type you’re referring to instead of just diabetes?
    Nonetheless, thanks for the great article!

  21. Runwright says:

    sleep is vital. Although the fact that I’m writing this at 4:40 am when I should be sleeping, that should let you know I’m still struggling with this fact myself.

  22. Maria says:

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of my doing blogilates! It’s been an awesome year. Thank you, Cassey! xoxo

  23. Maria says:

    I’m a teacher, so I generally wake up at 5:45am. I would LOVE to get to bed by 10:00pm, but throughout the week, I tend to slip into bedtimes like 11:00 or 12:00. =/ More often than note, my workout is the last thing I get time to do during the day, so I’m usually exercising with you, Cassey, at 11:00. One time I even fell asleep in child’s pose after an ab workout! Totally worth making it a priority, though. I really love my blogilates time. =)

  24. Teresa says:

    I have a 7 week old who feeds every 2-3 hours and a 2 year old that gets up early so I hardly sleep and I feel like a zombie mommy. I want to get back into working out to lose the baby weight but it’s hard to find the energy after being up all through the night. Wondering which to prioritize – sleep or exercise?

    1. N says:

      Congratulations and your little one! My kids are 27 months a part so I completely sympathize with your sleep issues. (My babies are now 6 and 8). When I was in your situation, I prioritized sleep because it made me a more patient mother. By the three month mark, I was able to take the kids to the park/mall and walk around for a bit, and eventually, I was able to workout at night after all the kids were asleep and dropped 20 lbs of baby weight.

      I always used to think that I had to get a major workout in for it to be meaningful. But what I found was small workouts (I’m talking plank or a set of push ups) throughout the will do wonders for both your body and mental state. If you can, get a pedometer app, and see if you can hit 10,000 steps a day (think about how much walking you do chasing after a 2 year old!). You won’t see results as quickly as you would with Cassy’s workouts, but it’ll help you drop a couple of pounds and prep for when you are ready. Good luck!

  25. Arielle says:

    How do you guys stay up so late?!? I go to sleep at 10:00 PM and wake up at 8:00 AM. 11 hours of sleep!

  26. A sleepy german Student says:

    Hm, I feel like this post tells me exactly what I already know but still, it doesn’t fit into my life. I am not the smartest student so I have to study a bit more than others for the university. Especially when exams come up it’s kind of impossible to sleep for 7 hours! I know sleep is important, but whenever I go to bed thoughts about failing and being stupid and never finding a job hit me. I’m getting scared, desperate and get up to study again. Around 2am my body finally reaches a point of exhaustion where I can sleep but at 7am I have to get up again. I hate it and Casseys words are so true, but failing exams are no option, right? :/
    I am looking forward to a life after the University though 🙂 And then – hopefully – I will get enough sleep!
    And btw sorry if my english is weird! 😀 As I said, I am not the smartest student 😀

  27. So true! But sleeping well can be such a challenge. I’m a mom, so I’m much more sensitive to the noises and sounds in my home. My kids aren’t babies, but they’re still young and I do worry. And then waking up during the night and not being able to fall back to sleep is the worst. Sleeping aids are dangerous, and natural ones can be tricky. I’ve found that a 5hTP dose, and Progenex Cocoon really help me reset my patterns when I’m too off. I enjoy my Cocoon (which includes tryptophan plus protein!) with a little warm cashew or almond milk for flavor. It doesn’t knock me out, but instead puts me in the right sleep conditions. The 5hTP is a precursor to tryptophan, and a lot of people’s balance is too off for tryptophan alone to work. But when I do sleep well, my whole life is improved – literally! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, Mads

    1. Alexandra says:

      Calcium supplements also have been shown to help! if you take one anyway, try taking it at night.

    2. Alexandra says:

      I have heard about this recent study too, confirmed what i have believed to by true about myself all along, that no one functions best without at least 7 hours. I usually need between 8-9 because I am really active and naurally very tired. sometimes I have been know to sleep for 10. the same study showed that any more than that is harmful though because the sleep you end up getting isn’t deep enough. i have been going to sleep lately around 10-12 and i am lucky enough to not have to be anywhere early in the morning and can let myself wake naturally, which usually happens around 7 or 8

  28. Ellie says:

    Since I am an early bird I tend to go to bed around 8 pm and wake up at 5 or 6 am. For me this works really well, and instead of pulling all-nighters I use the breaks and weekends to prepare and finish assignments.
    Since I am on the track team, I also work out 5 days/week with them plus 3 days in the gym. Exercise just really helps me with my sleep cycle.

  29. Maria says:

    Unfortunately I sleep less than 7 hours. To get at least 8 hours pf sleep I have to go to bed at 9pm and fall asleep immediately because I have to wake up at 5am every morning… I have 2 kids and hubby who don’t want to fall asleep so early)))

  30. Vivian says:

    Also, it is better to sleep before midnight as you will obtain better quality of sleep and see improvements in your health 🙂

  31. Jessa says:

    I pass out pretty much everynight at 12 am and wake up anytime between 8 and 9 30

  32. rikki says:

    Since it’s summer I sleep at ~12 am but wake up ~10 am.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I get an average of 6.5-8 hours, usually right around 7 probably. Which is fine right now, since its summer. My boyfriend is a night owl and we tend to hang out until 1 or so, and then I am wide awake when I get home, which results in me being to bed around 3/3:30.
    The problem will be when I go back to school in a month. I’m in college but commute from 30 minutes off campus so that 8am class I signed up for will have me getting up around 7. Totally gonna have to start getting to bed around midnight. Fortunately the bf is super supportive and will totally understand me needing to cut the Netflix binges short lol.

  34. Kelly says:

    The other day I came across a Facebook page for another workout program that was a space for support from other members but also a page for accountability. Have you ever set up something like this or would you consider it?

    1. Larissa Bixby says:

      Hi there Kelly! Have you ever tried out the Blogilates app? The forum is a great place to post and receive support and accountability. I try to post something everyday or at least every other day and I make an effort to look through the threads and give encouragement where I can. It’s a great place to find what you’re talking about.


  35. Breann Longmire says:

    I turn off all electronics at 9:00pm and normally sit down with a good book and read for an hour. This gives my mind and body time to cool down and relax without the distraction of social media. By 10:00pm I brush my teeth, wash my face and am in bed by 10:30. I find that taking the time to concentrate and relax each muscle group (arms, then legs, then face) helps me completely relax and fall asleep quickly! Hope this helps any of you out there who have trouble sleeping 🙂

  36. Candy Ang from Singapore says:

    Cassey, the stretching exercises are not easy, and if you are so much older, your bone are really harden and you will not be able to do the splits. Which I think you must have done it everyday when you are young. Thank you Cassey.
    I normally sleep at 11.30pm and wakes up 5.50am. Do you think is alright?

  37. Kiawna Brinson says:

    I’ve been having problems sleeping ever since I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. For the past three months I have been getting on average about 5 hours maybe 6 of sleep. Going to try to get to bed early tonight.

  38. Brooke Rae Wade says:


    Happy Monday all! Yes I know how important sleep is. However,I do not get it enough. I do not sleep at night. Sometimes I will even stay up all night! Then sleep until 12. I do get about 7 hours but I still not feel rested. I should get to sleep early tonight! Thanks Casey for the blog!

  39. Zakia says:

    I havn’t had a good full night’s rest for the last four years since th birth of mini-me #1 in ’11 and mini-me #2 in ’13,add to that work stress,family stress,LIFE stress and yeah…i am so due for a good,dreamless KO 🙁 thanx Cassey,explains A LOT!!

  40. Samantha says:

    This is truly eye opening I normally go to bed by 11 or 12 and get up at 10 but that will change once school starts but Cassey I have to thank u for everything u have made me more confident and you have made me start to view myself as a confident beautiful strong and sexy woman and you need to come to Cleveland ohio u have so many popsters here we love u and need u if i ever saw u I would cry and tell u how u have changed my life and tell u how much I love u and u r such an inspiration never stop doing blogilates u change so many people’s life every day thank u Cassey

  41. Chenoa says:

    4 AM wake up at 12 PM still tired. Been this way all summer. Yeahhh. I need to fix this before classes start back up.

  42. Me says:

    Wow. I never knew that ANY part of my belly fat was linked to my lack of sleep.

    Thank you.

  43. Caitlin says:

    I think I get too much sleep… I don’t know if that’s a thing or not haha but I know a lot of the time I get 8 or more hours and I’m tired all day. On nights when I have trouble going to sleep and so I sleep maybe 2 hours less I wake up feeling very awake. I have no idea what’s going on. Anyone else like this?

  44. Lina says:

    I sleep from 11:00 and wake up at 6/7:00

  45. skylar says:

    I loved this post! it was so interesting to read about how important sleep actually is, whether you even workout or not. it is essential to sleep no matter how active you are! but, I try to go to bed around 10:15 or 10:30 and I have to get up at 5:45 for cross country camp. I get about 7 hours and 15 minutes of sleep.

  46. Zena says:

    Great post! I think I get an okay amount of sleep, though I find it harder in the week days with school and getting up early, where as on the weekend I can sleep in, though I would love to have a perfect amount of sleep everyday.

  47. maria says:

    It’s interesting to read how some people need MORE than 7 hours of sleep. I just need about 6 and I’m fine. I can go to bed at 10 pm or 1 am and I still wake up at like 7ish am. I cannot sleep in no matter what. But I’m not tired! Everyone’s different

  48. Kelsey says:

    This is something I’ve been working on for the past month and its definitely helped my energy levels and performance in workouts. I started going to bed an hour earlier at 9, which felt crazy early at first, but now I’m able to wake up at 6 without an alarm to get my workout in before work. It makes me feel super accomplished that I knocked out my workout first thing, and I’ve noticed its made me be more productive during the day. Extra sleep makes all the difference!

  49. Melissa says:

    I have one of the worst sleeping habits due to college. It’s a neverending pile of assignments. I literally get 3-5 hours of sleep during the weekdays and I sleep-in during the weekends or when I barely have assignments to complete. The problem is that, I can’t control it. It’s either lose quality in my work to sleep more and feel guilty about it or sacrifice sleep in order to meet expectations and etc. Unfortunately, my portfolio is utmost importance so I ditch my sleep in hopes of getting a good job in the future. So, it’s ALWAYS crunch time for me. And I absolutely hate it. T_T I love my motivated work outs and healthy cooking sessions! Ughhh. I want them all back but yay for assignments and expectations! ;A;

    (I’m an aspiring Game Designer, if anyone’s curious.)

  50. Rose says:

    I have something weird… I feel less active and more sluggish when I sleep more! How to know how many hours of sleep you need…

    1. Morgan says:

      I know that sometimes can happen if you interrupt a sleep cycle. Try setting your alarm for a time that is a multiple of 1.5 hours (7.5 hrs, 9 hrs, 10.5 hrs, etc.) That way, you’re not waking up in the deepest part of your sleep and, for me at least, it tends to make me feel less sluggish!

    2. lid says:

      it can also have to do with going to bed too late. Aim for 10 pm, my mom says that’s when sleep is the most productive. Don’t know if it’s totally true but worth a try)

      Otherwise sleeping more than like 9 hours can make you feel worse. Do try to sleep from 6-9 hours, see what feels best

  51. Brittany says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier but it’s definitely a challenge. We got a new mattress that is super comfy so that helps. Definitely sharing this post. 🙂

  52. Marla says:

    I am a teacher, and I find this topic to be really interesting. I personally find that my body does best with 8 and a half to 9 hours of sleep. During the school year, I tend to get somewhere between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. I notice a huge (sadly negative) difference in my body and attitude, exactly as outlined in your post. In the summer, I still work, but life is at a slower pace and I’m much better at getting the sleep I need. Because it is summer now, I am getting about 8.5 hours of sleep each night. Because I am REGULARLY getting it–I feel FABULOUS. I feel on top of the world! It’s easier to control what I eat.

    This is such an important thing, and I wish people realized it. Sometimes I feel like our culture is all about work-work-work, but we need to stop and rest too. At the end of the day, even if our work is really important, we are still entitled to our lives. We can’t fit it all in, and while it may be hard, we have to learn how to say “no” and be our own advocates of our personal time.

    I usually go to bed at around 10:30 and wake up at 7:30 right now, and my fitness tracker tracks my sleep. The regular and consistent bed time and rising time is what helps my body be happy. If I go to sleep at midnight one night and don’t wake up until 9, I still feel groggy because my rhythm is off. Bodies are picky, and we need to listen to them!

    Thanks for the awesome post, Cassey! 🙂

  53. Eve says:

    I have insomnia so i usually sleep at 5 or 6 am. But i still manage to get an 8hours of sleep(or more). So does my routine count as unhealthy or..?

  54. Amanda says:

    I generally aim for about 7 hours of sleep. Going to bed around 10,and waking up around 6:30. Unfortunately I notice that during the summer my sleep patterns are all our of wack. The days are linger and there’s much more activity so that find it hard to shut down my mind! Something to work on

  55. Cassie Tran says:

    I never have problems with sleep–but sometimes I get upset when I sleep later than usual 🙁

  56. Liberty says:

    Great post! this is very true, when i was at university I had so much work to do i would lack so much sleep, and it was very detrimental to my health, not only my workout progress, but my Mental and Physical health.

  57. ilenia says:

    hi cassey! when i am in vacation i usually go to bed at 12-1am and wake up at 9-10am.
    when i am in school i always go to bed at 10:30-11pm and wake up at 8 cause i start school at 12pm which is awesome! i love your workouts and challenges <3

  58. Nasti says:

    I am still in school and sleeping is probably my biggest problem. I usually end up learning everything foe the exam in the middle of the night (which I knowww is not good) just because I’ve got the feeling that I’m more productive then. I really don’t know why I’m believing that, although I know it’s not true. I’ll start next school year to sleep more, promise! P.S. I normally sleep between 7 and 5 hours, when I have to learn, probably less.

  59. Erika Inocencio says:

    I usually go to sleep at 9pm and I wake up around 3am, so only 6 hours. I should hit the sack earlier then.

  60. Sunny says:

    Hi Cassey,
    you are right it is really scary. I didn’t think lthe lack of sleep is this unhealthy. Most days I go to sleep after midnight and get up between 6 am and 7 am. I think I need to go to bed earlier tonight 😉

  61. Donna says:

    What if I can only sleep a couple of hours at night, but I can sleep 4-5 hours during the day? Is this still detrimental to my health? Love your workouts and recipes! Thanks, Cassey!

  62. You’re completely right!
    I normally sleep around 8 hours each night.
    Some weeks, like last one, it was rather 5 or 6 each night because I was on a camp
    with kids to care for and then the preparations and fun moments last a bit longer.
    I can feel now that I need some rest to compensate last week, so that’s my plane right now.

    The Losing Struggle | Bloglovin’

  63. Lavinia says:

    Hi! so excited for the new workout video! about the sleeping topic, I usually sleep 7-8 hours per night, because I am conscious how important is sleeping for our health. When I sleep less I feel bad. Thank you Cassey for this new article full of useful infos and for the new awesome cardio video!

  64. Julia says:

    I am tying to sleep about 8 hours, I know, that this is minimum for my body. When I sleep just about 6-7 hours, I am very tired, bored and I feel like ugly monster 😀 .
    Thanks for beautiful article! <3

  65. Lone says:

    Wow.. Luckily 4 me I get around 8 hours of sleep EVERY night. Even in the holidays – which are now. I go to sleep between 12-2am and wake up at 10 am 🙂