Sailor Moon Workout Coming Soon!

Sailor Moon Workout Coming Soon!

Helloooo POPsters!!!

Your Sailor Moon Workout is coming soon! I am currently editing it so you will most likely not get it for your thursday workout. So if you’re panicking on what to do, I want you to do my 20/20 Workout.

I’m excited to reveal the November Calendar next week, so promise me you will finish off this month SUPER STRONG!!!

Today I was kinda having an off day…okay actually…I had a totally off day and was feeling so stressed out emotionally, physically, and mentally! I am struggling to find balance in my life right now. And you know how when you get stressed out you just wanna eat everything? Well yeah! That happened! Oh well, it is what it is. I accept it and I move on! Just gotta work extra hard is all. Try not to beat yourself up over something like this. Doesn’t do anything good. Just acknowledge and proceed.

So do you guys have your Halloween costumes all picked out? Who or what will you be? I wanna know!

Oooo! And I gotta dress up as Sriracha for you soon! The dress is cute but I still need to make my green cap hat!

Be well guys and work hard. I love you so much!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Angelina Rose says:

    Just saw this! Sooo cute! What happened to the Sailor Moon Workout??

    1. Sara says:

      ._. good question

  2. April says:

    too cute!!!

  3. Sayaka says:

    oh my gosh, sailor moon was like my Idol when I was a little girl. Great Choice!!
    And you look absolutely amazing!

  4. Roxanne says:

    Cassey, I totally know how you feel, I’ve been really off the past couple of days too and I think your thoughts on how to deal with it are just right. Not beating yourself up for being stressed out or indulging or whatever little thing it is just decreases the time it takes to feel better – and hopefully you’re feeling better today 🙂 I just want you to know I am SO EXCITED for both the November Calendar and the Sailor Moon workout, and also that, of course, all of us in the blogilates community are always here for you <3

  5. Susie says:

    ah cassey!!! you are so brave!! and your videos always make me laugh. thanks for all your hard work and can’t wait to see the new video 😀

  6. Amanda C says:

    Your costume is super cute! I can’t wait to see the video! Keep up the hard work, but be sure to take some time for yourself! Balance is key in life! 🙂 Thanks for everything. I’ve been slowly adding your workouts to my daily routine and it’s the first fitness program I can stick with. I can’t wait for the November calendar to come out. I’m going to do it to the best of my ability (mind you, I’m horribly out of shape and over weight at the moment, but I’m starting over now with eating clean and working out everyday before work! 🙂

    Thanks for your inspiration! You rock!

  7. Emma says:

    I hope you will feel better soon!! You are amazing girl full of energy. I’m sure you can shake off all the negative feelings! I can’t wait for your Sailor Moon Workout!

    Love! xx

  8. Jessica says:

    Oh Cassey, if you need an off day, please take one! My life would be off if something happened and you couldn’t do Blogilates anymore. This is my first month and my body has changed so much already. Love ya!


  9. Mrs. Price says:

    Super excited for this work out! I am still a die hard Sailor Moon fan. You might want to look into Jem and the Holograms next. Just saying. 😀

  10. Nicky de Rover (Belgium) says:

    Hi Cassey

    I’m a regular now on your blog, been doing your exercises for two weeks now and I must say I feel a lot better after doing a couple of your movies.
    But how come you don’t have an app yet??


    1. blogilates says:

      haha I am working on it!

  11. Nic says:

    OMG Cassey, you are too cute! Can’t wait for the sailor moon workout

  12. I had an off WEEK last week, paying for it now. But you are right, just move up & forward!!

  13. C. says:

    Hey Cassey
    i think you have exactly the right attitude towards such off-days: they happen, and they won’t hurt unless they happen like every day 🙂 so forget about it and keep charging forward, girl!

    i have such off-days too and i actually think that
    a) if my body tells me i need an off-day (whether this be fitness- or food-wise), then i probably do and it won’t do any harm if it doesn’t happen on a daily basis.
    and b) since it’s rather unrealistic to think that eating clean will always be possible, i actually WANT my body to be able to cope with such yolo-days once in a while. My totally unscientific and probably quite hilarious theory goes that if i never had such days, my body might actually lose its ability to cope with yolo-meals, haha! just like you’d lose your ability to run fast if you didn’t do your cardio;)

    of course you might be tempted to think that yolo-ing is a bit worse for you than it is for us (bc we’re not preparing for comp), but i don’t think you should think that. a yolo-day every now and then won’t stop you from looking great at the competition, just like a single workout wouldn’t turn a couch-potato into a bodybuilder! 🙂
    i know i needn’t have told you this as it is common knowledge really. but i wanted to tell you anyway bc sometimes it’s kinda soothing to hear a well-known fact from another person – it kinda makes the fact even more real and acceptable 🙂

    Love ya!

  14. Allison Vogel says:

    お疲れ様でした(Otsukaresama deshita)!This is a Japanese phrase you use to acknowledge someone’s hard work for the day and recognizes the person must be tired. Usually after a long day of work, the person who is leaving the office or whatever, we would say that phrase to them.

    These type of days come and go. It’s hardest especially if you are a role model and you have to force yourself to ignore those feelings in order to present yourself as a positive figure. But forcing things in takes a toll on the mind and body. It is human and natural to feel down sometimes and you should always take care of yourself first (if something happens to you, who is going to take your place?) . As much as your job is important, and of course your lovely POPsters, remember to always put some time for yourself to relax and purge all of that negativity out of your body.

    We all love you and hope all comes together in the end.

    Remember, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ”
    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Love from Japan,

  15. Margaret Hoar says:

    Cassey! I TOTALLY needed to hear this tonight. I had a really stressful day today too. My dog had puppies but one of the puppies wouldn’t come out for hours after the others did, and I kinda ate my feelings you know? It just helps to know that you understand and I can just move on and keep working hard. Love you!