Sad about how my last post came off as Eating Disordered

Sad about how my last post came off as Eating Disordered

Hey guys,

So this is going to be a feeling post. A really long one.

I get scared when I write feeling posts because when I just say or type what I am honestly feeling I tend to get a lot of mail saying how I should censor what I say. Or take a step back and ask myself if I problem. Or how I am being disrespectful to someone. Or someone’s higher being. (“Don’t say OMG!”)


I’m not feeling so great right now. In fact, I am tearing up as I write this.

I don’t mean to attack anyone in this post, ok? Just wanna say that off the bat. I love you all. But below are my thoughts on some recent “attacks” that made me really sad:

I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately, reading some comments (on here,facebookyoutubetwitter) and as hard as I try not to, I take them personally. Very personally. I care about what you guys think. You shape me to be a better blogger but sometimes it’s hard for me to hear some things. Especially when it’s a callout that doesn’t align with my healthy living philosophy. The heathy philosophies that I work hard to cultivate daily and share with you all.

I feel like recently there’s been a lot of ED talk going on. How my Inner Thigh Gap printable workout should have been named better. How it could have triggered someone. How checking progress in the mirror is ED’d. How my definition of healthy is really just being skinny as possible. How I am just obsessed with working out and that’s all I do.

Then there’s the food attacks. You shouldn’t eat dairy. You shouldn’t eat soy. What’s wrong with meat? Why are you drinking so much water? Peanuts are really bad for you. Only ignorant people use SplendaHow dare you share this information with people.

Let’s not forget that some people think I’m fat. Others yell that I want to tone up. My hairs too long. I should cut it. Why teach a butt workout when you don’t have a butt. Is your arm broken? Your makeup is horrible.

The physical comments hurt, but not nearly to the degree that food attacks and ED-related stuff can sting.

On addressing the food comments: First of all, I am not a licensed nutritionist or registered dietician. I don’t know everything. I read books. I read articles. I read blogs. I try my best to gather information as accurately as possible before I say something. I am learning new things every day.

For the record, I am NOT on some crazy low cal diet that is comprised of whey protein and miracle noodles only. And I do not advocate eating as little calories as possible! How much do I eat a day? Probably somewhere around1800 calories. That’s probably a lot more than what a lot of you trying to lose weight are eating. It’s a balance of fats, carbs, and proteins mostly from whole, natural, and unprocessed foods. I eat to workout hard to build muscle to burn fat.

On addressing the workout obsession comments: Second of all, working out is not the only thing I do. Yes and I love it and that’s really all I talk about on here because it’s a fitness blog. I think you all come here to maybe get a little motivation, find a new workout, and get tips on how to work towards your dream body? Right? I feel comfortable giving fitness tips because I am a fitness professional. I don’t get attacks in this arena but I get irked when it comes off as me being obsessive.

I don’t write about my designing, my friends, my love life, my affinity for dogs, dancing, and trivia nights because it’s not what you come here for. Or do you?

I was really sad and upset when I read that someone felt that my thoughts were eating disordered and that my definition of healthy was being skinny. It was like a bullet to the heart. My blog is ABOUT healthy living. I try MY BEST to be a good healthy living blogger…and (sigh)…the message that I hope gets across is that being healthy means being strong and fit to do the things you love.

You know how sometimes you THINK something and you know it totally WRONG or POLITICALLY INCORRECT but you’re totally aware of it? To me it’s ok to have those thoughts once in a while. I mean who’s mind is pristine all the time? Well the problems begin when you decide to share those thoughts. It’s even worse when you share them publicly. I guess that was the problem with my mirror-checking habit from yesterday’s post on motivation. I know it sounds crazy but I shared anyway because I thought it’d be relatable to other women.

On addressing my desire to tone up: I am aware of what I eat and how I workout because YES I AM trying to lose fat. And I’m serious about it. I’ve got to be if I want results. If I were at maintenance I wouldn’t be so critical. But why Cassey are you trying to lose weight?

I said this before, but you new ones may not have read it. I‘ve always been in control of my life. My grades. My passions. My entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve always been able to figure out the tricks and the formulas. But there’s one thing that I couldn’t really figure out how to get a hold of. And that’s my body.I’m not saying I hate my body or that it’s not good enough. I’m saying that I want to figure out the formula for me. The formula that will allow me to know what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m still writing the equation.

I like challenges and I like achieving goals. I’m considered healthy and fit by most people that see me. So why not stop there? I must have a body image disorder. Why not just be happy with where I am now? I must have major psychological insecurities. I am a perfectionist and an over-achiever at heart. It’s a bad thing sometimes. But it’s helped me push harder and harder in life and do things I never thought I could do.

It’s no different with my physical activity and my body. Maybe I want to compete in a fitness bikini competition one day. Not to win or anything. Just to do it. Much like how I ran my first half marathon to try something new, but not to get a medal. I wanna know how to get there. I just wanna do it. It’s not a goal for a lot of people, but I’ve considered it. I admire the ladies who can lift super heavy and show up the men in the weight room. All I want is to be able to know how to get there. Then I can share with you guys what I learned.

Man, I don’t even know what I just wrote. Just a lot of bla bla bla.

Bottom line – I hope that through watching my videos and doing my workouts, you get that I am about balanced health and fitness. If it doesn’t come off as that, well wow, I must have an ED I didn’t even know about.

Anyway, I genuinely wanna thank all of you who did write me, comment, and call out any of the above mentions. Even though it hurts to hear those things, you took your time to share with me your thoughts and I APPRECIATE THAT. It means you’re paying attention where maybe I didn’t. You make me more aware of my blogger responsibility.

This blog and community are one big conversation. Open forum. Always speak up. I love reading your comments. Even if it makes me cry.

Thanks and love you all. Going to bed now.

Thoughts for me?

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  1. Jennifer DePaul says:

    Casey, first time comment. I want you to know how much you have helped me. Since the eighties, I’ve been struggling with diet and body image. Finally, I’m approaching real health and happiness, and it has a lot to do with you. I’ve been doing your workouts, and listening/reading you for about a year now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a voice of sanity in an endless sea of ED – fueled health/fitness celebs. I, like a lot of women, have suffered long enough with it. Learning to care for our whole selves ought to be the goal ( thank goodness it’s mine). Please keep up the excellent work! You’re the best !

  2. Evi says:

    You are so amazing and for me the opposite of triggering eating disorders or that kind of shit. I’ve been beating anorexia for 5 years and YOU show me that it’s okay to not have bones sticking out or have that flat belly. You show that building muscles and eating well is a great way to live and be happy about yourself INSTEAD of starving. I wish I would have seen your videos before my eating disorder was developed because you show the world that skinny isn’t the ‘perfect body’. You show there isn’t a ‘perfect body’. I HATE other youtube and blog accounts who are so busy with having that extremely flat stomach and thin thighs. The ones who talk about losing weight and eating incredibly little while they are so thin and telling people indirectly that they shouldn’t be happy with their bodies. And that’s why you are amazing and I love the videos about your insecurities and others, about all that stuff. You helped me so much to recover from my eating disorder. You are an amazing person

  3. Sam says:

    It’s a shame that people are so oversensitive, it’s as if no one can say or do anything without tiptoeing on eggshells around the rest of the world. Don’t worry Cassey, you’ve changed so many peoples lives in such positive ways and you’ve given me personally a workout that gives me energy and happiness; you introduced me to the feeling of LOOKING FOWARD to working out (and I know I’m not alone in this). You are a wonderful person and are doing amazing things. Though there will always be some that look for any sort of opening to take a stab at others, that can never invalidate you and your work! Love you and thank you!!!! =^.^=

  4. debapriya says:

    hey cassey …dont be upset.. u r a wonderful person by heart …u dont even know bout people like me for whom u r a blessing u r an angel …from u i learned how to focus on myself how to love my body …a THANK U will be an understatement darling …not only u helped me to build my body u helped me to build my innerself my confidence …i love my new “me” …its all because of u …god bless u

  5. Carole says:

    Cassie, you’re fantastic and people who critizise you are only jealous. I mean you’re funny and really friendly, you have a great figure, an amazing smile and it’s just fun listening to you and doing you’re workout. Let them talk, there are way more people liking you than others. The ones talking badly are probably the ones that do not manage to slim down so obviously they would prefer you being fat and nasty.

  6. Joely says:

    Cassey, you are amazing and beautiful, andso kind-hearted. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I want you to know that my mum is a well known health journalist and she loves everything you stand for. Nutritional or otherwise. We both enjoy doing your videos so much! If my mum thinks what you’re saying is fine, then you must be doing alright!
    Lots of love

  7. Valeria says:

    I read it and I’m shocked. I’m 23 y.o. and a few weeks ago I started doing the Beginners Calendar with my 15 y.o. sister. By the beginning of the month, I was considered obese and had a huge depression (not for this matter, but it was a small factor) and my sister was overweight. We’re on day 16 now and I’m no longer obese, just overweight and my sister reached a healthy weight. We did it mostly following your calendar and eating (mostly) clean. I also started to jogg a couple of days ago, because hey, I felt stronger, energized! You know what? We were feeling so good that my mom and my brother started the calendar too.
    All of us are healthier now, and the months is not even over yet! The general opinion is that you are extremely nice, funny, optimistic, ispirational and overall, it lightens our day just to attempt your videos 🙂
    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU for helping me and my overweight family to become healthier and more in shape 🙂
    Remember that not even God has accomplished being loved by everyone, so it makes sense that none of us ever will 🙂 Please, keep up the amazing work you’re doing!
    Greetings from a Chilean family of fans 🙂

  8. MJ says:

    Not to be bad but having looked your blog and your app – especially the before and after photos girls post (not to say you are responsible for this part) – I was actually beginning to wonder whether you were promoting eating disorders. I find it pretty weird how your recipes and meals revolve around eating protein, protein, protein. Our muscles burn fuel in form of glucose (or fat) for energy. Moreover, glucose is imperative for optimal brain function -which is why people get tired or irritable when they go on high protein or high fat and zero carb diets. Another thing is excessive consumption of proteins longterm is actually bad for you. It will drive your body into a state called KETOSIS where it’s main source of energy becomes protein. Your kidneys will have to work twice as hard to eliminate the excess protein your body is excreting because it doesn’t need. I get that the point is to try to train your muscle to burn fat and preserve muscle which I think you do by consuming protein powder but I dont know if you have considered the long term effects this kind of diet will have on your system. I’m not stating that your diet is wrong-but the problem with it is that it encourages people to go on it long term-which I’m afraid to say is detrimental to health. As a Dr, I can also tell you that going on such diets long term increases the risk of bone fractures and kidney stones and I’m sure you don’t want that!
    Ketogenic (high protein) diets are suitable IN THE SHORT TERM for diabetics and people struggling with excessive weight loss. Other than that, you need to stress to your readers that the diet is NOT suitable for diabetics. Some young diabetics out there may not be aware of the dangers associated with following such a high protein-low carb diet for so long! People who are unable to secrete basal insulin, such as type 1 diabetics and long-term type II diabetics, are liable to enter an unsafe level of ketosis, causing an eventual comatose state that requires emergency medical treatment. Please please please replace or modify your recipes with something more suitable. I know you say you are not promoting an eating disorder but when I read your posts on thigh gaps, pinching yourself in front of the mirror and being so obsessed about protein all the time, I WORRY.

    Feel free to post/not post but I think this is food for thought! x

    1. HA says:

      Well, I have never heard of this in my life. Ever. Not to say that it isn’t true but how often does that actually happen? If it was such high risk, wouldn’t it be more common news? Wouldn’t we all be fairly aware of it? Wouldn’t we see body builders slowly decay and dying off, because I know for a fact that majority are all on high protein diets. I read about meal plans and stuff a lot too and this is the first I have ever come across what you just said. It’s not like she’s going out and saying YOU HAVE TO DO THIS AND EAT THIS!!! She is providing her personal experience to us and helping people by providing IDEAS of what you can do. As for the diabetics… It is not HER responsibility to to watch for THEIR diet. They should know what they can and cannot eat, and if they don’t well that is their own fault, because they know what kind of condition they have. Why just diabetics too? Why not people with thyroid problems, or kidney problems, or liver problems do you expect for her to have meal plans for everyone with a problem like that? She is simply providing her own experience, what meals that she has tried and liked and would like to share with people. I look at her meals all the time and they look so FILLING and I have also tried a few of them myself. Take a look at everything she does, you can see the love she has for everyone, her videos are completely free and her advice is completely free she has a passion to HELP people not HURT them. It seems like you just made what you wanted to make out of what she has to offer. There is no sign of promoting eating disorders what so ever, and the fact that you see that is mind boggling. It seems like you don’t know anything about her and who she is because you missed 100% of the heart and love from this lady. Cassey thank you very much for all that you do!!!!!! I TRULY appreciate your hard work, dedication and sacrifice!! MUCH LOVE XOXOX

      1. ML says:

        HA, I understand what you are saying, but it seems that your response is highly reactive and defensive of Cassey instead of really addressing the issues that MJ brings up. I think that what Cassey has created here is wonderful and she has helped many individuals become motivated to start making healthier choices in their life regarding diet and physical activity. MJ is correct that a diet extremely high in protein is not for everyone. In fact, your healthcare provider should always be consulted when it comes to questions regarding diet. However, you are right that ultimately each individual is responsible for their own health (and this includes educating themselves!).

        In regards to MJ’s thoughts on eating disorders, I also have some concerns. I do not believe that blogilates purposefully promotes or intends to cause these issues. However, I have downloaded the app and read multiple posts in the discussion board that were cause for concern. As a healthcare provider (I’m a family nurse practitioner), I know the signs and symptoms to look for when it comes to these issues and there have been a few individuals on the boards who need professional assistance. Again, I do not believe that blogilates is actually promoting the issue, instead I believe that individuals who are prone to eating disorders or body image disorders tend to spend a lot of time on diet or fitness blogs – and this is a fitness blog. What I think would be beneficial to the blogilates community is information on what to look for (signs) that an individual may have a body image or eating disorder and include resources that the individual can use to seek professional help! I think it’d be wonderful if Cassey sat down with a professional (e.g. healthcare provider, psychologist, counselor) who actively works with individuals with these disorders, talk openly about this topic, and answer a few Q&As in a future video.

        1. Krystle says:

          I agree with this comment.

  9. Alivia says:

    My comments never get approved:(. I was only giving my honest, supportive opinion which was I was I totally loved this vid and din’t think it it came off as eating disordered. Oh well. It was much longer than this… what did I say that was off?

  10. Savannah says:

    Cassey dont listen to them, they are just jelous of you and your amazing body

  11. Stephy says:

    Little late but…
    all I wanted to say is that for me you Cassie and most of the people on the blogilates community are inspiration not for the weight loss but for the body makeover. What I mean is that sometimes in some photos, especially now with the app, you can see how people look toned without even losen any pound. And I think that everyone really wants to look better all the time. That is the main reason people dress up to go out, wear make up. It don’t mean you don’t love yourself, it means you want to look your best. And lets admit it poblably no one look their best on baggy pijamas, messy hair, and eye bags. Well, no one look their best with a belly pouch. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a 13. You can be a size 13, 14 or more and be toned, strong.
    And I don’t think someone who encourage you to look your best is approving ED. It’s in my opinion giving you reasons for not developing them. Once you look at your arms and you see muscle, believe me you don’t want to loose that muscle (and if you loose much weight you will loose it). Or those nice lines on your stomach, which cannot be seen if you are too thin.
    With that been said, I totally support Cassie, her work, and all those posters out there who work every day to look their best.

  12. Cindy says:

    You are amazing! I absolutely love your energy and enthusiasm! (btw i am posting WAAAY late! haha)

    The others who criticizing you do not know how to look beyond the physical and see people for who they are. They are hurt, have been hurt and want to hurt you. 🙁

    Hopefully, someday they will realize that people are doing their best at what they do in life and become better human beings.

  13. Sonya says:

    I think the people who say things like that about you and about Pilates haven’t really taken the time to DO THEIR RESEARCH. It’s not fair to judge someone if you don’t even know them. Having done Pilates for a while with you I can say it’s not some stupid fitness fanatic program on how to get ripped but is more about toning and strengthening your muscles. I think it’s great that you write your posts on a personal level because other people can relate to what your saying. That’s why I love Pilates, because you is an amazing instructor who I feel like is my friend as opposed to trainer. As for the ED’s it’s definitely not fair to say something like that because you have never promoted diets but have only ever promoted eating clean which is hardly an ED. It’s not fair to target other people like that when they’re exposing their feelings because people relate. As for the mirror checking habit, are you kidding I do that AL THE TIME. That’s how I measure my progress, not by standing on the scale but by using ME EYES because I don’t really care about a number it’s my body I want to be happy with, not my weight

  14. Rachel says:

    Cassey you are wonderful and whoever made you feel bad about yourself is a really awful group of people.

  15. Zoroastrian says:

    Hi, I came across your blog on and although
    the material looks very good, I suspect your page could possibly be having a few internet browser compatibility problems.
    Whenever I have a look at your site in Chrome, it looks fine however, when opening in Firefox, it has some overlapping issues.
    I just wanted to offer you with a brief heads up, that’s all.

  16. Rebecca says:

    Hey Cassey, I just wanted to let you know that I am not even jealous of you, as much as I am motivated by you. You push me harder and help me break down those mental barriers. I was Anorexic and Bulimic but I’ve recovered, and I simply want to be healthy, fit, and strong. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lead an active, healthy life style. It’s just a life choice. Some people are perfectly content with being lazy, and that’s okay too, if that’s what they want for their life. Anyway, I think some people are just extremely insecure (hell, aren’t we all?) and they think there must be something WRONG with you, you being so thin and pretty and all ;). But sometimes us normal, unhealthy human beings over here (including ME!) forget that somethings are unobtainable while others you just have to work really, really hard for.

  17. Matilda says:

    Never ever stop what you do. You are amazing, Cassey! You inspire me daily, and whenever I’m not feeling well, I turn on one of your videos and I regain my happiness and will to succeed. It is hard to read mean comments, and there will always be nasty people out there. Remember that most of us look up to you, though. I love you!

  18. Rachel says:

    I know I’m getting here way late, but I haven’t been checking into the blog religiously like I used to so I missed this one. Anyway, Cassey, you’re so sweet. and you are definitely one of my biggest inspirations. I would even go as far as to say that you are one of my heroes. And I only have 4. So that’s a pretty big deal. You inspire me to live every day of my life to the fullest. To eat healthy and keep exercising so I can do the things I love. But you’ve also taught me some very important lessons, one of the biggest being that it’ okay to eat crap every once in awhile! I don’t let it bother me anymore, and you have no idea how freeing that knowledge is. I can enjoy a bowl of greasy potato chips every once in awhile, as long as I don’t let it turn into a binge that ruins everything I’ve ever worked for. Because of you I have pushed myself to accomplish things I never thought possible. You’ve helped me achieve the body I have today, and you’ll help me achieve the one I’m still working for. Your bikini competition made me want the same thing, as well. I don’t want to win– I just want to know if I can do it. You inspired me to get out into the world and just RUN. I hated running for the longest time, but then you changed everything. So no matter what you say or what you do, I will always love you for YOU and for saying what you’re feeling, even if you change your mind later. We’re humans, right? It’s what we do. There will always be someone who will hate you and find something to say, just because they get a sick pleasure from bringing you down. Just always remember that no matter what life throws at you, no matter what anyone says, you have a huge family behind you, and we will always be here.

  19. michelle says:

    hi cassey i know this is a late reply from this blog you wrote but i think you are great and a wonderful person. you have gave me the confidence in myself to achieve my goals in life of being healthy and losing weight gradually . i have already lost 1 stone 5lbs and feeling more confident that i even bought a pair of shorts which i havent wore in 3 years 🙂 . you inspire me and im so thankful you help me and other’s out with your video’s and recipes. thank you!!!

    love your scottish fan michelle 😛 hehe xxx

  20. Kayla says:

    Cassey you are great! You are so sweet and genuine, and reading posts like these remind people how you are a human being with a life and with feeling. None of the things these people called you out on are true. In truth, when you’re happy and prosperous like you are now, no matter what, people will try to tear you down. You are beautiful, your hair is awesome, your makeup is radiant, and you glow from the inside out. You are my role model. Just remember, Haters are your motivators.

  21. Daniela says:

    I just came upon this post and I know its super old and your probably feel way better about it now BUT! I just wanted to add to the cacophony of voices that have replied here to support you. Its awesome to see someone who is managing to steer the treacherous roads of publicity so well and who can respond so warmly even to the voices who try and tear her down. You woman, are the definition of strong starting from within and touching without, and for no other reason I will visit this site for as long as its available. You are totally justified in posting this and Im glad that you have because YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!! PEOPLE WHO RESPOND TO YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE JUST AS HUMAN AS THEY ARE AND THEIR WORDS CARRY JUST AS MUCH INFLUENCE TO PEOPLE ON THIS SITE AS YOURS DO. I’m impressed by your sense of responsibility to your visitors, its time some of us took some for ourselves as well. keep it up lady, nothing can stop you especially THE HATERS.

    <3 from THE LOVERS

  22. Tonya H. says:

    I know I may be late commenting on this post but I just had to say something: For the people who really feel that Cassey is pointing a finger or relaying messages about eating disorders or anything negative, definitely have insecurities with themselves; and you know what, that’s ok, who doesn’t? Cassey is here to help with that and so much more, not to put us down or demean us. What she is doing for us (TOTAL STRANGERS), is giving us hope, laughter, love and a new day! Most people in Cassey’s stand point make people pay for the information she gives everyday. So, if for some odd reason people feel that Cassey is making fun or putting them down, then I think the best way to go about this matter, is to simply say, “Hey Cassey, just to be clear, would you mind explaining to me what you mean…?” instead of attacking her.

  23. Amy says:

    Dear Casey,
    I am a 16 year old that has been secretly dealing with Bulimia since my early 15’s. I think I have became afraid of food. I am always very cautious of what I eat and I beat myself up horribly when I have a binge, even if it is the smallest one. For example, today I had 6 small sour gummy worms and half an almond joy chocolate bar and I could not wait to go home and puke it all out…. however, when I arrived home, I thought about how enthusiastic, supportive, and fun you are on your workout videos and I found myself eager to preform your workouts and and have a fun time listening to your jokes and small conversations! You are HELPING me with an ED and I believe you should be very proud of yourself because not only are you aiding me, but also other girls and women with the internal conflict of accepting oneself and being the best one can be.
    Love you lots!
    Thank you!

  24. ellie says:

    hey cassey!

    im a newbie who just found your blog and as a fellow college asian girl, you come off with an infectious energy that makes everyone want to better themselves and live in a healthy manner! you’re awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! loving the videos since they come in handy when i need to exercise in my apartment and don’t have time to drive to the gym!! keep it up!! 2013 fit bod here i come!

    1. Titus says:

      I agree, people dont get the fact that she doesnt have to do any of this.The free recipies,give aways,The full pilate sessions, and advice;but she does.It seem as if alot of people are unaware of that.I dont see much people do any of these things.Im so glad that these mean and unconsiderate people do not break cassey’s spirit.She is human people…jeesh give her a break! Cassey stay strong and Thank you so much for all you do!

      P.s. Almost dies when I read you were 5’5 on one of your post.I thought you were short but your taller than me lol

  25. Lindsey says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I’m a relatively new POPster and I won’t even get IN to all that you and your videos and meal plans, and generally beautiful attitude have helped me through in the past few months (I’ve gotta be real: I don’t just have issues, I have full SUBSCRIPTIONS! 😉 . Perhaps what strikes me as the most amazing thing I’ve learned from you is how to not hate myself if I slip up on my diet. I’m far from where I really want to be with my weight and fitness, but it’s incredible that in just a couple months of learning from you I’ve almost got my (horribly unstable) love-hate-guilt relationship drama with food under control. My emotions don’t come into play nearly as often when I’m deciding what to eat… I think about what’s going to be the best fuel for my body right now FIRST, and then I figure out what tastes good. What a concept!

    Thank you so much for being YOU and being honest and open. It’s so wonderful that you’re human and not afraid to show it (because that gives us permission to be human too)! Love ya!!!

    PS… now if I can just figure out how to be occasionally graceful and coordinated, I might be unstoppable! haha!

  26. Sofia says:

    Hej Cassey, i don’t know if you will ever read this, but if you do, I just wanted to tell you that, as a person who has been suffering from an ED for a couple of years now and never telling any one, I have been scared for my health and my physical apperance quite a bit. And after reading this post I got a somewhat wierd, unpleasent feeling in my stomach. Reading that people had been calling you sickly obsessive and so on, made me feel angry and sad. You are the opposite of what I have been. I have good days and bad days. And after I found your blog, my life has been so much better, I cant thank you enough for the courage and insporation your videos and peptalk has given me. You have given me the comfort that everything will be ok. Becaus of you, my bad days has gotten shorter and fewer. And not in a negative way such has triggering me to eat less and train more. I just wanted you to know how your hard work and healthy eating has helped me to a new life of exercising as well as eating healthy!! Becaus of you I WANT to be healthy! I have the COURAGE to be healthy!:D
    A thousand thank you!!!
    P.S: Apologies for the bad english, I’m swedish^^

    1. blogilates says:

      I am so happy u are better now. Thank u for ur comment!!! <3

  27. Marni says:

    Cassey girl-

    You are the shining opposite of ED. Your positivity and genuine love for life and living it in a goregeous, feminine & joyful manner aiding me greatly in recovering from years of my own ED this past year.
    You helped me rediscover excersize- as fun and self-fulfiling, as opposed to punishing myself for eating. You helped me relearn to enjoy food as a healthy source of energy for a better life.
    With this better life… I remember why I want pride in the way I look, to begin with.

    You, Cassey, are REAL. Not another ematiated 14 year old druggie looking runway model, or professionaly made-up starlet photoshopped within an inch of her life.

    You helped me discover health and beauty are only valuable if applied with A POSITIVE attitude, and in order to actively LIVE!


    See, I was punishing myself, self loathing, starving and exhausted. Society’s twisted anonymous message made me, like so many other young women, believe that as this would result in me LOOKING GOOD ENOUGH TO BE HOT, resulting in a better life.

    Instead I wasted time…and myself.

    Your sunny outlook and enthuasim shone a light helping me see how skewed my view of what beauty and health truly are. I found your blog months ago, and your words and awesome, humorous pilates give me great vibes that echo even when I’m away from my computer. While I’m living. And looking damn good doing it!

    Together, we built me abs stronger than ever. Learned to eat breakfast again… then understand it’s importance.

    Activity is fun again, not a dark game I only play against myself. Now I play games with my nieces in the park. This makes me love how strong pilates has made me. Slow, hard determination.

    A wise woman once told me that “The harder the fight for the what’s right – the louder the voice of those who oppose.” You see, it’s all just noise. People who react negatively is simply because theyre jealous. When people don’t have happiness, they don’t think anyone else should have it.

    Pity those haters, hiding behind a screenname.

    Building strength with you has built my self esteem. Know that you have changed my life.

    Nothing but love and admiration,

    1. Daniela says:

      Thank you for your words, you guys make this community so inspirational for me and are helping me refocus my life and get me back to beating my own path in this life, this time with new found confidence and courage. Thank you.

  28. Lizzie says:

    Heya, I just wanted to say ignore the haters, everyone gets them *sighs*. I used to have an eating disorder, and trust me you are far from it. If everyone takes looking in the mirror and body insecurities as an eating disorder then nearly all women I know have one.
    You seem to be doing this to be fit, and lots of people admire people like athletes etc’s body, and yet they most likely workout a huge amount, we don’t say they have an eating disorder!
    I think you are real motivation, I have been done with my bad habits for nearly over a year now and really want to get a nice lean and healthy body :D, nothing wrong with a bit of self esteem! – trust me you eat way more than any eating disordered person I know, and your positiveness in your workouts makes them really fun :D.
    Essay over 🙂

  29. ezza says:

    dear cassie dont listen to them haters all they do is hate… i absolutely adore and love all your videos!!! your videos always cheer me up and for the first time in my life i actually look forward to working out… i get all hyped up and all and the proudest thing that i have accomplished due to you cassie is the fact now i can do a 4 minutes of lunges when before i could barely do 5… you are an inspiration to me and keep up all your good work 😀

  30. Giulia says:

    Well Cassey, I’ve gotta say I LOVE your workoouts and fitness tips. you keep things fun and interesting which mkaes me more motivated to work out. You actually are the one who got me into pilates i love it now.
    As for the comments people made about you having an ED, I certainly don’t think so. i mean you’re a fitness instructor! Is’nt it like your job to stay fit and healthy and share with people how to do it? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  31. Jess says:

    -First of all, i’m sorry for my english-

    I’m always sore because of you hahaha. I loooooove everything about you, your voice, your hair, the color of your clothing <3, your crazyness when you say it doesn't hurt but my leg just fell of and i'm trying to sew it back together (I'm like Sally from Nightmare after Christmas because of you and i love it haha). I always tell my mom how much i hate you because your workouts are so haaaaaard omg i'm a lazy girl, but 5min later i tell her how much i love that screamer asian crazy girl haha.

    I think you are amazing, you're such a beauuuuuuuuuutiful girl with a really sparkling personality that match your loud-colour clothe (wich i adore). I do your workout when i get home from work (around 7pm) and even when i'm tired as hell i always found the energy because of you, you're allways cheering in your videos and make it look sooooo easy, you even make me forget about my problems and the problems of my country, my family and everything.

    I hope this message is not to long, and you can understand it (the language barrier sometimes is a bitch)


    Saludos para ti Niña-asiática-gritona-de-ropa-linda <3

  32. SB says:

    Hi there

    I got directed to this site from a link unrelated to anything in particular and the title of this post caught my eye.

    I can only imagine how you feel after reading some of the things you’ve noted people have said in response to your posts. How awful for you. I am not sure when freedom of speech turned into a sense of entitlement to speak ignorant rubbish (on their part).

    Anyone who says “get over it” or anything similar is just as bad. These are the hallmarks of abusive people who seek to deny and invalidate our reality. Sadly there are a great number of them and even seemingly “nice” or “genuine” people often appear to have conflicting ideals without being aware of their hypocrisy.

    I can only hope that the encouraging comments you have received have reinforced your reality for you. If I was in your position, unless the feedback that questions your posts has been communicated in a healthy and constructive way, I’d discount it as ill informed and ignorant tripe.

    Take care.

    (P.S. I can almost guarantee that 1800 calories is way more than those out there who are starving themselves to be skinny-fat).

  33. emily says:

    I just wanted to say that you absolutely freaking ROCK! I discovered your blog/site from a friend & I love everything I see. You are like an inspiration to me.
    I am currently recovering from an ED & can say that no you do not have one & that must have been hurtful to hear all those things being shouted at you. Not right.
    You have the same goals I do, living a healthy fit life & pushing yourself to be the best & strongest of your own ability.
    I did one of your workouts yesterday & man oh man, it def kicked my ass. Totally love it! & I’m going to do all of them religiously. Thanks for such a great blog/site you are awesome!!

  34. Jasmine says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I started getting into pilates at the beginning of 2011 due to lower back and hip problems however I never really enjoyed it. UNTIL YOU! When I found your videos on youtube, I had so much fun and thanks to you I have lost 10cm around my waist in just over 2 months 🙂

    I want to get a tattoo on my hip/back and so I was using this to motivate me to exercise but when I watch your videos I don’t need that as motivation any more! You are so bubbly and encouraging and funny that you push me to push myself. You have really helped me feel better about myself and love to be healthy and exercise. You little quirks are so amazing that I feel like I know you from all the way over here in Western Australia!

    Please keep your chin up and never be afraid to say what you are feeling and thinking. Some people don’t like the way you do things, well, they don’t have to watch your videos or read your blogs! I think you look gorgeous too. I love your hair, it makes me want to grow mine haha 🙂

    You have such a beautiful personality and you really help a lot of different people. Promoting healthy eating is so important and I think you do a great job of it. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos and blogs so please don’t let negative people let you down.

    Love you so much!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely a fan of everything you do 😀

    Jasmine x x

  35. Sam says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I just wanted to say thank you, one for these amazing workouts (they’re first video’s I’m not bored or waiting for the end of!) but mostly for this unedited, stream-of-consciousness post. I was anorexic for my late high school years, and I know what it means to have an ED. I also understand what it means to not have one and still hold yourself to an extremely high standard. If you don’t push yourself for the better, who will? It’s not an ED; it’s not an obsession; it’s what makes up our minds as human beings wishing for acceptance from others. Women are often the ones to admit it, but many men feel the exact same way. There’s no harm in it, as long as you are aware of your state of mind, body and are happy. Thank you for acknowledging your true feelings, because they have helped me, and I’ve only recently discovered your site. I can only imagine the wealth of girls and guys you’ve helped through your blog and videos. Please, know you are beautiful both inside and out for wanting to help the rest of us the way you do each day. Don’t let anyone’s silly comments bring you down, or change anything about what you do here.

  36. Alaina says:

    Between highschool and college I lost a ton of weight and went from a nearly obese 173 down to a unhealthily skinny 127. While I realized that I overdid it, I think how harsh people were on me saying I was “workout bulimic” did more damage to me than being too skinny. I got scared to workout and ended up gaining back 2o lbs and becoming upset with my body AGAIN! After all that hard work!

    People need to realized that even maintaining a healthy body takes work and while certain things you say do remind me of my old way of thinking, it’s NOT BAD. If you are happy, that is what matters. Just try not to stress out about missing a workout or two. As long as gaining a pound doesn’t make you break down, you’re fine! Just do your best and keep the focus on health, not fat, and you’re perfectly fine.

    Also, thanks to you, I’m back into a workout routine that I really enjoy and I’m loosing 10 of those 20 lbs I gained to put me back at a happy, healthy weight. Without you that journey would be way less fun. 😉

  37. Jackie says:

    I’m sure you’ve realized by now that when you become well known, there will be more people who like you than ever before and more people who don’t. It’s easy for someone to nitpick a person who’s becoming popular in some form, especially when they don’t actually know YOU. Fitness and body image are very sensitive topics, and people will overreact and criticize every little detail they can. People are People. They will paint what ever picture they want about you, but that’s their problem, so DON’T GIVE UP! Not that I think you would 😉 I want you to know that I think what you are doing is great and has been a huge inspiration to me, so I was sad to read this today. I have never been close to being overweight, but I’ve never been fit either or happy with my body. Since I started watching your videos, I’ve noticed a huge difference, I’m finally becoming happy with my body and I’m enjoying the work it takes to improve it .

  38. Sarah says:

    As I suffer from an eating disorder and know a heck a lot about them, reading what you just wrote does arise in me slight suspicion, as quite a few things you have said are very typical of someone with an eating disorder.
    whether you do, whether you don’t, whether you are in denial, whether you just 100% enjoy living a super clean lifestyle, is NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT YOUR OWN.
    The only comments I think you should take note of is when people find things a trigger, and that is pretty much the only negative thing you should take notice of and act on.

    I love your advice, your cardio workouts, your pilates, and I love it so much more because you are so friendly, fun, and quite simply, adorable. So thank you!

  39. Jeaniebeanie says:

    Hello cassey! 🙂 just want to let you know that you are really awesome! Your bubbly nature never fails to put me in a better mood! Sometimes I even wonder how can someone be so cheerful all the time! Haha. I really love and appreciate all the workout videos that you upload!! 😀 although some of them nearly took my life away! But pushing hard and beyond our limits is one of the vital point of working out right?? :)))) thank you so much for being my inspiration and sharing your health and fitness tips so willingly! Keep shining! (you certainly do!) BE-YOU-TIFUL!

    -love the size of 10 Olympic swimming pools,
    From Singapore! <3333333

  40. charmaine says:

    They are jealous Sweetie!

    I myself am 44 years old and i recently found your blog. Im not as motivated yet as i am wishing to be but I love your infectious enthusiam and your bubbly personality.

    I love to visit your Blog and i tell people about your videos all the time. I’m even working on hubby to do them with me as he has errrm, a bit of middle aged spread that our twice weekly pump classes is slowly whittling away:)

    Keep up the fantastic work! I am thrilled that you have the dedication and drive to do these things for us ( for free as well) and on the whole people are really happy that you do, but then unfortunately you get the haters.

    The haters are gonna hate. And also you can please some of the people some of the time but you cant please all of the people all of the time.

    Chin up!

  41. Christina says:

    I think it’s sad that you had to apologize for being you. Everyone gets so offended these days & you need to be pc about what you say. Crazy! And I’m sorry but there are always going to be those rude people that have to write negative comments. And usually the comments stem from jealousy. I think you’re great & you say & write what a lot of us think. To reiterate you are awesome!

  42. katrina says:

    I really appreciate all the videos you post. They really help me tone up and clean my diet! I’m sorry you’ve been getting so much negative comments. You’ve really helped me set my goals for a healthier lifestyle! If you are reading this, I’d like to thank you so much for helping me! 🙂 <3

  43. Megan says:

    Hey Cassie!
    I just read about how people have been commenting rather rude and cruel things about you and your workout program. I cannot say I entirely understand the truth in this for everyone, but for me personally this is false. I have been working on losing weight for the past year and until this summer I had not heard of your videos. By that point I was in decent shape, but I didn’t have an understanding of how to work out and how to be strong instead of just lighter. Your videos push me, but they also make me feel wonderful about myself. Since I started them, I haven’t necessarily lost a significant amount of weight, but I can feel my muscles getting more toned and new ones emerging. I am so grateful for what you share with the rest of the world (and entirely free of charge!) and hope that you can be aware of the difference it has made in me. As far as what people say regarding your personal physique, they’re just jealous! I think your hair and face are gorgeous in particular, but your body’s strength blows me away every time I do a video! You have amazing things going for you right now, and I hope no person will ever convince you otherwise.
    Lots of love,

  44. Crystal says:

    Hey, I am a Track and field athlete and recently got into multievent sports and I love it. I found your workouts a few weeks ago and I must say you absolutely killed my legs with that tribute to Lolo. Anyway back to the point, I know people have their opinions and I respect that, but thumbs up for sharing yours cause besides those who think you come off as ED there are others who laugh really hard and say ‘oh my she does that too’. I am 138lbs (my perfect competition weight) and I check myself out in the mirror everyday as well to see my progress (especially since I started doing your workouts at home and I sometimes check myself out while I am doing them. LOL). I think it is cool that I can choose to sculpt my body the way I want to and measure my progress.
    What can I say, You can’t please everyone but you surely did make me laugh. Maybe I should get a bigger mirror, like those in the gym. Lol. Thanks Cassey

  45. Fiona says:

    I don’t have a clue how anyone can say you promote eating disorders. I’ve suffered from one and you have actually encouraged me to live HEALTHIER. Not the other way around. People just like to hate i suppose

  46. Olivia says:

    You are AMAZING! Good for you for speaking your feelings. All of the negative comments are people who don’t have anything better to do with their time but stay in their own universe trying to drag other people down and being offended by everything in some way.

    You on the other hand are a pleasure to get up to and do workouts with, I look forward to hurting muscles and food tips from you because I know you are trying to make the world a better and more fun place and I appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put in.

    You have an amazing spirit, amazing body, and amazing heart. Continue to listen to all of us who are so inspired and helped by you and ignore the over sensitive people sitting on their butts at home criticizing because they are too lazy to get up and do what you do.

    Keep on being you please!

  47. Tammy says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I’m not one to ever comment on blogs but I read this article and felt compelled to!! Your blog is AMAZING, the workouts, the recipes, the calendar- the amount of quality content shows how much effort you really put in!! And then there are your workouts… OMG (i’m religious and seriously this is not an offensive quote SHEESH some people) they work SOOOOO well!! I do Pilates at the gym but constantly come back here to do workouts daily, in fact I’ve began setting aside 30-40 mins a day for your workouts and do other gym classes now rather than Pilates!!

    I am a very outdoorsy person who loves sport, but constant travelling over the past 5 years for skiing (mainly to the US from Australia) has seen me put of the pounds and its not until now that Im really losing it despite many previous attempts! High protein and training hard works, its healthy and its sustainable which is good for your mental state! I am much happier doing what Im doing now which indicates the opposite of having an ED!!

    I think people are jealous of you and your very charismatic personality!! I don’t even know you but I feel supported by you, please don’t let them bring you down!! Off to do a video now 🙂


  48. Ayria says:

    Greetings! I’m sorry I haven’t even come across your name yet lol.

    I just came across your blog from the inner thigh workout posted this month. First of all – thank you. I’ve read charts similar like this on Shape and other health websites, but seeing it in action is a totally different thing.

    Plus, you bring a brightness and cheer that mere words and pictures can’t.

    Somehow I got to this post, and read back to see what could of been a “trigger” to someone. Please, let me say this. With all the disorders out there anything someone says in public forum could be a trigger. You are not only sharing exercises in your blog and videos, you’re sharing a little piece of yourself.

    You’ll never be able to please everyone. Never. There will always be someone angry or offended. Always. Trust me. I know.

    I think anyone who is conscious about their body has a little nag on their shoulder saying I don’t like this or that. Just because you say yours out loud in one instance – no one should judge.

    It disturbs me how an outroar like this occurs for someone trying to be health conscious, but there’s open arms and hugs to people who want to accept living unhealthy lives.

    You know what your body can and cannot handle. You know how it affects you. An egg roll, a chip, WHATEVER. You were sharing YOURSELF, and only someone ignorant would take that direct instruction to not eat an eggroll. It was obviously posted in a manner as – this is MY demon…we all have demons to fight in this battle.

    So be yourself. Don’t feel sad, and keep sharing who you are – because who you are is what makes people want to keep coming back.

    Your new blog follower,
    Ayria <3

  49. Stephanie says:

    Hi Casey,

    Today was the first day reading your blog… so sitting here for several hours is your fault! I have never once commented on a blog/site… but after coming across this, i thought you should know how you have changed people, or lives for that matter.

    I am currently trying to recover from an eating disorder, one that i have been struggling with for about 3 years now. Reading your blogs, recipes, and watching your videos, have given me motivation to over-come this, in a healthy way.
    I think what you do, what you provide, is really amazing. The fact that your helping so many people should put a smile on your face.
    These people who are writing negative thoughts/comments etc… are talking from their own insecurities. The amount of hate and disapproval out there is disgusting, and you should be proud to be one of the good ones!

    Anyways, I want to thank you so much for helping me and I wish you all the best of luck!

  50. Charlotte says:

    When Barbara Walters left NBC to go to ABC many years ago, she had a very hard time. She was criticized at every turn and she didn’t know why. Then one day she got a telegram from the late actor, John Wayne. It said simply “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

    Cassie, the number of followers you have (including an Olympic athlete…helllo0o!!) should say it all. Follow John Wayne’s advice because you are totally cool in our books.

  51. Alexandra says:

    Do you know how many people you are inspiring to be healthy? Do you know how many lives you are saving by teaching people to eat and work out in a healthy way. There are a lot of heart attacks that will not be had because of your videos, eating plans, and blog.

    You need to ignore the hateful people. 99% of the people that read your blog and watch your videos are greatful to have someone that has laid out a plan for them and has dedicated their life to helping others be healthy. The other 1% are jealous because they feel they can’t do what you can. They will realize that someday.

    You are an inspiration. You are a caring, beautiful, passionate woman who is changing people’s lives. You go girl.

    Alexandra Leigh Mikrut

  52. Ley says:

    Cassey, it’s because of you that I was able to overcome my ED and try to lose weight the healthy way. Most of your hateful comments are from people who are too lazy to put in the work and are jealous of your success. They should actually click the links to your videos to actually work out instead of saying hateful things.

  53. Tiifany says:

    It really saddens me to read that you’ve been having a hard time lately. I know I speak for many many others when I say that you are an inspiration, your enthusiasm, passion and dedication are what bring me back time and time again.
    I could go on all day about how much you have brought to my life and explain how your encouragement has got me through many hard times too but I won’t get into all that..I will just say one thing that comes from my very core: PLEASE DONT EVER GIVE UP.
    Big fat love and thanks to you for being just plain old awesome…
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a butt to tone and a core to strengthen!

  54. Cherise says:

    I love your workouts:) your obsession:) your goals:) your diet plan:) your funny jokes:) and I steal ideas from you all the time as I do your workouts over and over again:) I appreciate all you do for me and for others like me! Please keep it coming! and if you ever teach pop pilates certs in Tampa Florida please let me know, as I would love to teach more pop pilates.

  55. Anna Laz says:


    I have just come across your workouts and your site. What you are doing is unbelievably amazing. Today was day one for me and I am excited to continue. I decided to comment on this particular post for a reason. As a fellow fitness enthusiast, I know what it is like to focus and work hard on a healthy lifestyle. I also know what it is like to have people react to your journey because they are intimidated or unhappy with their own bodies. There is only ONE way to get through that. You smile and you keep helping people. Ignore the cruel words. Ignore the hate. Negativity is thrown at you to challenge you. Fight back with kindness. You have chosen to share your passion with the world and you deserve a big THANK YOU 🙂

    Keep smiling

  56. says:

    In a world today where everyone is obsessed about looking good and running to the plastic surgeon for a quick fix, you should be applauded for being a smart young woman who finds the right way to shape your body your mind and soul. Working out, eating healthy is not about losing calories or having a small waist. Its about being strong and fit, physically emotionally and mentally. When you look at the Olympic athletes you realise the amount of hard work adn dedication they have to get there. So do they haev an eating disorder or obsessed with working out? No people admire them for their dedication adn resilence. To avoid junk food, to work out when you are not in the mood is what dedication is about. And I love your blog, love your dedication! Being fat is an eating disorder. To over feed your body to the point where it exceeds your natural body frame is an eating disorder. To deprive yourself of nutrional foods and count only calories is an eating disorder. To eat and vomit after is a disorder. But to make smart low calorie foods full of the furl your body needs to excell is NOT a disorder. To workout to build strong muscles that support your body frame and allow you to do amazing things is not obsessive. To strengthen your heart thru cardio is not obsessive. Cassey, successful people put their heads down and keep going forward, moving through the nonsense talk and negative opinions climbing to a place where they feel they need to be. FIT. A huge word of advice to all women out there, pls dont look at what you look like this weekend, or if you can fit in your jeans or how your stomach looks in a bikini. We will all get old one day, we will be 40, 50, 70, and it is at that moment you will feel the consequences of your inactive fat cosuming lifestyle. If you dont weight train start NOW! You will prevent osteoporosis, the breaking and shrinking of your bones. You will avoid losing all the collagen in your skin and having droopy skin. Think about tomorrow not just now. If you are eating like a pigeon, stop! Your metabolism will shut down at 35 and then what? You are going to have a life of lipo and depriving yourself from eating the RIGHT foods. Gook Luck Cassey! BE strong and stop taking things personally. Not everyone in life is supposed to like you. Thats your ego wanting it, but you as a human being dont need it. You are doing a fab job. America is obese and needs a smack in the head. Build muscle, eat well and FEEL like the strong woman you are! Much Lovexoxoxoxo Esi

  57. Sarah says:

    Oh, something else what maybe can help you. I once talked to a therapist and she said, when you just cant handle the reaction of other people and just cant understand it simply say:
    “Yes, I can see your anger/jealousy/hate and I have nothing to do with it. It is your negative emotion, not mine. I dont need to understand it.”
    This way you are not working “against” something and accept it.

    1. Julie Porter says:

      This is certainly one of the biggest truths in life. Once you embrace this philosophy life certainly gets easier. Constructive criticism is not the same thing as raging on someone’s blog. Don’t take it personally. Let your light shine and if someone doesn’t want to see it, let them continue to look into the darkness.

  58. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I cant say anything great like the other girls and my english might not be very good, but I just came across your blogpost and wanted to tell you, that everytime someone is posting something on the internet, there are always people who say something bad about it. I work in the social media business and have made baaaaad experiences too, people are just so unpolite and forget (or are too stupid), that a real person is sitting on the other screen and reading their post and is sad about it.
    (Personally I found that youtube comments are the worst because the people are even more anonym)

    I think, you are doing a GREAT job, I love your personality, you are so open hearted and sweet and caring and pretty!! Please dont change! 🙂

    On a very discussed fb-site about raw vegan food I just read “Your haters are secretly your biggest fans”, or something similar, haha!!

    <3 Sarah

  59. lauren says:

    my sister and i LOVE everything you do on your blog! haters gonna hate and they are just meanies who need comfort food instead of a comment section to cheer themselves up! Your make up and hair is beautiful! There is nothing wrong with exercise or healthier eating! keep up everything that you do because you benefit many people by doing that!

  60. gesell williams says:

    oh please cassey those are just haters and your gonna have some in this buisness so just be the confident out going girl you are and we are your popsters who love you so much keep making videos because we love them and appreciate them

  61. Amanda says:


    I’ve had an eating disorder for seven years now and never have any of your posts “triggered” any negative thoughts. In fact, I found out about Blogilates back in October when I was probably in my worst state of mind and your workouts and blogs about nutrition have motivated me to treat my body better. Since then I’ve gained a few pounds and look and feel better than I’ve ever felt. Your blog has helped me come to a better understanding that starving myself isn’t the only way to lose weight and I CAN have control through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

    It really upsets me that people are so ready and willing to criticize you. I, too, have faced a lot of criticism throughout the years over my eating disorder. My sensei noticed all the crap I was receiving on Facebook after a progress picture I posted last year when I was on a super health kick. He told me to pay no mind to those people because they’re jealous I’m achieving the things they only wish they could if they had the willpower.

    Now that you’re gaining more recognition you need to learn to put up that wall and block out all the negativity. There are just some people out there who love to nit-pick and twist and turn every innocent word you type and skew it into something else. I see nothing wrong with any of your posts. Keep it up Cas! <3

    (Alongside Blogilates, I am completing RunnersWorld training schedule for a full marathon, by the way!)

  62. Serena says:

    Don’t listen to the haters!! From what I see you promote nothing BUT a healthy lifestyle! Those people need to stop being so critical about every word you say and trying to look for something to pick on. You’re human.

  63. Tiffany says:

    I can’t believe how childish people can be! Your blog is great, and you help a lot of people, and you are very healthy, and what they say isn’t true. Don’t listen to them. They are most likely jealous, because they aren’t as fit as you are, and not as determined. They don’t have their own blog on youtube, do they now? No. They are just haters. 🙂

  64. Mirj says:

    we love you!

  65. Michelle says:

    I <3 Cassey! I was feeling so unmotivated… I had an ankle reconstruction a month ago and have almost totally been out of action for the last 7 months. Normally you can't keep me out of the gym, I always love a challenge and trying new sports; but loosing my ability to run or do any real leg based cardio made me feel really down.
    I really struggled with knowing how much fitness I was losing and this blog has really motivated me; sure I won't be off running just yet, but it has me back in the gym doing weights and eating healthily.

  66. Brita Voris says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I never leave comments on blogs, but I saw this post and had to remark about how wrong I think the people who called you out are. I have trouble sticking to workout plans, but I think all your videos are so entertaining and really kick my butt, so I keep coming back to your site. I realize this post is from several months ago, but I’ve never felt that what you post is offensive or persuasive toward eating disorders or unhealthy body images. Like you said, you are still trying to figure out your formula for fitness, and the human body is always changing and adapting, so it’s only right to keep changing and figuring out what makes it run the most smoothly. I think the information you give, the videos and workouts (and their titles), and the healthy living tips you offer are appealing to thousands of women. I want an inner thigh gap! And I think your posts will help me get to my goals. Just because others don’t have that same goal and choose to be rudely vocal about it makes me sad too, but I hope you keep offering the same great advice (which you have since this post was written) and let the negative people roll off your back. I know it’s hard to ignore, but for every negative follower, you have hundreds more positive ones who look forward to your posts, emails and videos. Thanks for everything you do! xoxoxo, Brita

  67. Jasmine says:

    Wow. I can not believe this. Cassey you are my inspiration and if it weren’t for you I would’ve quit working out a long time ago. Everyone’s like Pilates isn’t gonna help you, you should try Insanity or P90x. I always deny them and say that you are a great instructor and explain to them how you are fit and that I’m going to stick with this. You are such a positive person and you really are changing lives. I am a 15 year old girl and you have inspired me to care about my body and not wait until I get older and worst before I want to start taking care of my self. Not only have you helped me get motivated to workout, you’ve also caused me to care about what I eat. Before watching your videos I did not drink water at all. Sometimes I would almost pass out from dehydration, but now I try to get as many glasses in a day as I can. My family is also starting to drink more water, cut out sodas and eat healthier. Please don’t let the negative comments deter you from what you love to do. You are awesome and much appreciated.

    Love ya. xoxo

  68. Amanda says:

    I love your dedication and your videos. You’re doing an amazing job! You inspire me, and you are always cheerful! Don’t let negative people get you down. Sometimes people just waste their time hating on other people to make them feel better about themselves. You are beautiful and sweet, and as far as I can tell, you do not look or act like you have an ED. You are healthy! That’s the whole point right? Working out is not an obsession, it is a way of life. You should do it everyday! And to the people commenting on what you eat… get over it. She isn’t a cult leader forcing you to eat only what she eats! Eat whatever you want. Cassey is just giving us options that she enjoys. There is some stuff I DO NOT like, but I wouldn’t tell her off because she like mushrooms or fish and I don’t.

    On a side note, the first time I saw “ED” my immediate thought was erectile dysfunction, and I laughed out loud a little bit. But I’m sad that you’re sad. You deserve to be happy. You help so many people, including me. Try not to let these people get you down. I have a hard time believing that these girls don’t check themselves out in the mirror to see if they’re making any progress.


  69. Kerryn says:

    and to those people who are being mean: are you kidding?! never once have i heard you tell us popsters to do something dramatic that might head to an ED! You are always just saying eat clean and your workouts are healthy and motivating not dangerous and obsessive! You are so amazing and you shouldn’t listen to these jealous people! xxx

  70. Lauren says:

    You are wonderful, you are inspiring, you are helpful and caring and beautiful.
    You are saving girls with your advice. Trust me, I’m one of them. Having experienced eating disorders first hand I can safely say you promote anything but, and truth be told, you are helping me recover from my own disordered tendencies with food and exercise. For that, I am eternally grateful. I adore you and I think you are the most amazing person I’ve ever come across.
    Keep on keeping on, do things your way! Don’t lose sight of your goals because of the influence of others who know nothing of the inner workings of your own body and mind. Only you know what is best for you and sharing what you know with the world is making us all healthier and happier. Thank you for being you!

  71. Jenn says:

    Cassey! <3
    I usually don't comment on sites, but when I read your post I was just distraught for you 🙁

    It's absolutely HORRIBLE what people have said to you. I really hope it's not affecting you as much anymore. You are such an inspiration! I've done a bunch of different at home workouts, but they get tiring and boring after awhile.

    But I LOVE your youtube videos! This is my second week of doing Pop Pilates and I am loving it and spreading the word about your videos like crazy! 🙂 In a matter of days I'm already sitting up straighter, really feeling my muscles getting stronger, and overall feeling more confident about myself.
    I love your personality, energy and positivity. It makes working out something I look forward to instead of something I dread!

    Don't you dare take any of those nasty comments to heart <3 You are too much of a dear and don't deserve any of it! You're doing a brave thing in putting yourself out there, while those cowards write mean comments safely out of sight, hiding behind their computers. (Okay, maybe I shouldn't be name-calling, but I call it like I see it!)

    I can't wait to see where my journey with Pop Pilates/Blogilates takes me. I know it hasn't been as long as most, but so far, it's been an awesome ride 🙂 <3

    Love ya girl! Do your thing!

    1. HMS says:

      Also totally loving the workout videos AND the positive focus on health-consciousness as a way to be good to yourself rather than some sort of punishment or chore. Those who can’t take the blog/videos for the motivation and inspiration they’re meant to provide, I agree, seem afraid of change (even positive change) and their way of avoiding it is by attacking motivators. So, you see, even these awful comments just mean that you’re an especially effective force for positive change!
      Love your videos, your hustle, and your sincerity.

  72. Ryann says:

    Heyy Cassey, I too (in addition to other people with EDs commenting) am in recovery for my eating disorder that I have had from when I was 11 until I started to get help when I was 17. I just entered a small relapse phase a couple of months ago and then I found YOUR VIDEOS on YouTube! I am back on track now with trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and it is thanks to you! You are such a motivation and inspiration for many girls! You always have words of wisdom for us, for example, from the “breast exercise” video, I was immediately hooked when you said that we just need to be happy with what we have! : ) I think some people are just overly harsh and probably a little jealous that you can be healthy and fit and not have an eating disorder. Just keep up the good work! I admire everything you do for all of us out here trying to lead a healthy life! YOU SERIOUSLY SAVED ME FROM AN ED RELAPSE! : ) oh and about the “dont say omg” comment and other comments that deal with what makes you you, dont change those things. Just do you. I am a Christian and if someone says “omg” then that is their choice (I even say it because to me it is just a phrase and it isnt connected to my faith), so what I’m saying is…you dont need to listen to every suggestion….or else you will wind up being silenced and then your videos would become…less enthusiastic and carefree. have a good day! <3 Ryann

  73. Asako says:

    As someone who has struggle with an eating disorder my whole life, your blog is very inspirational to make myself more healthier. It make me want to be stronger and fit instead of being only thinner. I thank you for being motivational to me!

  74. Lydia says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I just thought I’d let you know that your videos and desire to workout and eat healthy is such an inspiration. People are ignorant, and on behalf of them I do apologise, because it’s awful what they are saying to you. You make me specifically want to try my best to lose weight, eat right, and be healthy! And I think that’s a great message you give to people, especially teenage girls who need to learn eating habits young so that they can continue with a healthy lifestyle.
    So much respect for you, don’t stop doing what you do! 🙂

  75. Estee says:

    Cassey! I’ve only been subscribed to your blog and youtube for two months but so far I love what I’ve seen! My friends sometimes judge that I’m too skinny but what they don’t know is that my body is totally unfit, your videos encourage me to train my stamina, strength and flexibility! You’re such a ball of sunshine, so encouraging in your videos and I can even feel your enthusiasm reading blogilates! As cheesy as it sound, you’re amazing just the way you are! Sending you love from down under <3

  76. Hannah :D says:

    I cannot believe people would say you might trigger people with EDs! I am a ED -survivor, you might say. However, I will never be completely recovered…It’s something I have to control. I’ve always thought your posts and videos were very motivational, inspiring, and also encouraging healthy habits. Keep doing what you do!
    I’d also like to say that I’m also a very devoted ballerina. My personal esteem and confidence (as much as I would like it not to) does run off of how I do in class, how I looked, if I felt skinny enough blah blah blah… And I truly think your vids have helped me build my self esteem without all that. (Plus, I’ve gotten a little stronger since doing your exercises too) They make me feel healthy and refreshed, strong and motivated.
    As always, haters gonna hate… remem you still are changing people’s lives!

  77. Sheree Miller says:

    You are so insparational<3 Stay beautifull and strong<3

  78. A fan says:

    You are inspiring so many people to lead healthier, happier lives.
    Don’t give the haters any air time. While you’re out changing lives, they’re home on their computers spreading negativity.
    Your fans love what you do and we are so grateful you do it. Thank you Cassey!

  79. Mindy Huang says:

    Haters gonna hate. They’re just jealous they’re not as motivated as you are 🙂

    And don’t take down your blog posts just because people write angry comments! I for one am in a sort of a diet rebound/slump and wanted to read your post on regaining motivation, but the link’s broken. 🙁

  80. Caroline says:


    What you do and how you present yourself is so inspirational, never lose sight of that. It is hard to not succumb to the negativity and to feel like you are to blame for other peoples’ problems. I struggle with insecurities and feeling alone at times and today was especially rough. I came across your blog and it changed my whole day around! I did some of your pop cardio workout and loved them! I felt like you were right there with me, cheering me on with finishing that last killer burpee 😉 I left my workout feeling lighter, happier mentally and physically so thank you.

    Continue to do what you do because it is truly incredible!

  81. Erin says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I have not been following or using your blog for long, but I just stumbled upon this and wanted to say how sad it made me, and how amazing and vulnerable your response to negativity was. I am in recovery for an ED and your blog has actually HELPED in my progress and given me some great strength training that does not feel triggering or disordered. Like others have said it is really hard for me to look at blogs without feeling triggered or that the writer has an unhealthy few of their body, exercise and food. Please do not be discouraged and continue to do your own thing! I think you are doing a fantastic job!!

    Erin 🙂

  82. amanda says:

    you go girlfriend~! haters gonna hate. negativity breeds negativity, just ignore all that bitterness. it most likely comes from a place of jealousy. your passion is INSPIRING and UPLIFTING! don’t let those a-holes get you down.

  83. Jamie says:

    Dear Cassy,
    It’s remarkable that someone so positive, and so warm could listen to hateful people. I suppose it’s because of your light hearted and fun-loving attitude that makes you more susceptible to these imbecilic attacks. That anyone would call you fat is laughable; moreover, the fact that you can handle all of these pilates moves (and not be shaking the entire time) proves how incredibly fit you are. I agree that striving for improvement is laudable, but just because you’re still working on progress should not make you insecure about any part of your life. When we stop striving to be better, we stagnate. With a martial arts background, I can’t help but reference the great masters. No great martial artist ever decided he or she was “good enough.” Improvement was always possible to attain, no matter how great a person was. Please stop taking these pathetic attacks on you to heart. You have no idea how many people you’ve helped. The internet is full of people who try to upset and hurt others because people can get away with it. What’s more, is it takes a coward and, frankly?, an asshole to rail against someone like you–someone who tries to help and always motivate. It’s too easy to be bogged down by negative people. You have to let their hurtful comments go. Insults that are not true, should never hurt you. Only if you question yourself in those areas does it become hurtful. Start being more confident–I know you must believe that confidence and self-esteem is a vital part of every person’s health, so realize that you have so much of which to be confident and proud! Those attacks should never affect you. You know why? Because if someone called you a…let’s say a “fire hydrant,” you’d laugh right? Because you know it’s not only not true, it’s also ridiculous. Realize that so many people are unhappy with themselves that they’d turn to happy people and try to bring them down. Everyone has faults, but our goal is to figure out our faults and improve ourselves.

    Please don’t let negative people get you down. It’s so rare to have a positive person who tries to build people up. Don’t deprive your audience or your friends of that.

    Stay golden!

  84. Monica says:

    Hi. I used to have an ED so I think I have an idea about the matter. And I think you are very healthy, balanced and realistic.

    Yes, you push yourself and others, but only to be healthy and strong.

    I’d almost given up hope of finding a blog as good and NOT ED as yours. And then I found you!

    And you’re terrific and inspiring. Don’t let them get you down.

    Thanks for everything. You help lots and lots of people live better lives.

  85. Cassidy says:

    Don’t listen to people like that ! What matters is the people who look up to you and admire you. When I found your blog and your youtube videos I was inspired by you to start eating healthier and exercise more often. I love who you are on your videos and how you always stay positive and keep me motivated. I think everyone out there putting you down are just jealous ! Stay positive Cassey !

  86. Amanda says:

    Cassey you are to ignore the haters. People are just jealous of the joy you have and there are always going to be trolls on the internet. Somehow they feel that they might get attention this way i guess. You spend alot of time making people happy like me doing what you do as i follow your excercise whenever possible for me. The haters are disrespectful and not real fans.

  87. Steph says:

    Hey Cassey 🙂

    Of course everyone has the right to say how they feel and if people are concerned, they should write to you . It just sadden me to see that sometimes , they forget the most basic respect . You are providing more than 50.000 people with FREE adivces. You share because you’re passionate about it, you’ve achieved to control your weight and you want to help. You never pretended to be some kind of specialist, having a fancy dietician degree or having some kind of ground breaking formula. You keep it simple, remind us that it is mostly COMMON SENSE . And you make it VERY CLEAR that no one should starve themselves to lose weight ( check the 90 days plans : it’s clearly written not to eat less than 1200 kcal / day and to adapt it to your lifestyle) .

    As far as I’ve read , I’ve never seen you writing about an ideal low weight but more about a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE , the loss of weight coming as an extra benefit.

    I’m sorry people forgot all the efforts your putting in sharing your experience. I’m sorry they feel like they have a right to judge you as a human being , when they should stick with expressing their feeling about the information that you share . And I’m sorry if the ones that are so grateful towars you, like I am , failed to support you and show you how amazing you are when you are always there to support us .

    You know your lifestyle is a good one. You don’t have to please everyone , even tough that post shows how much you care and how responsible,you are towards all of us 🙂

    Xx Steph

  88. ash says:

    hey Cassey! anyone who thinks you have an ED is crazzzyy!! you are so fit, strong and energetic and that is NOT a sign of ED! They are jealous of you cassey! and about being a perfectionist- I’m one too. like you said it can have pros and cons. But you shouldn’t get too emotional about the results as no one is perfect. Just like you don’t have to be too perfect a blogger! Most of the popster love you so you don’t have to listen to the rest of them!
    love ya <3

  89. Claire says:

    Love you and your blog! Your my inspiration! *hugs*

  90. Savi says:

    haters are going to hate mama! you have to turn it into a positive, they are most likely jealous of you in some way – mostly because of your success. i think you are great! cheesy, cooky, funny, you make me want to work out! stop worrying about the negatives and go with it girl.. it cant all be good all the time! roll with the flow.. love those haters!

    much love!

  91. Jayne in Ky says:

    I haven’t read any of these negative comments you are referring to. I don’t usually read comments or leave comments b/c I don’t care what other people think about what is right or wrong for me or anyone else. But this caught my eye. I decide what works for me. I question everything from what Casey says to what my doctor says. I question if its right for me. Just b/c something is right for someone else doesn’t make right for me. On the flip side , just b/c something is wrong for me personally does not make it wrong for everyone.
    How ridiculous is this discussion. This is a BLOG! You have not gone to a doctors office for advice or ideas on how to change your life your health or your situation, you went to a blog. This is where you get ideas that have worked for others people. Licensed experts are typically in a practice setting, not on a blog. Use critical thinking when reading blogs and extract what works for you and leave the rest.
    If people don’t like this blog or think it detrimental to them, they should just not come to this blog, find one that suits you better and brings you the support you need. Take your negative energy out of here, or keep it to yourself.
    This blog is amazing! It helps so many of us who are not as creative with our workouts and meal planning and need the ideas. I would be really disappointed if Casey stopped doing what she is doing, b/c of nay-sayers. Casey you are amazing, I am 50 and struggle to keep up with you but love to try. I use my good judgement and modify as needed, I love the new ideas you bring weekly to keep my workout fresh.
    As a side bar, my 20 year old son, who is in amazing shape is challenged by your workouts too. We often do them together, great bonding moments with “the hot Pilates chick” as he refers to you. Who would have thought?
    Keep it up! Love you and your spirit.. Don’t change a thing!

  92. Audrey says:

    Sometimes people are cruel, don’t care about them! You’re helpful for us! you’re are always in a good mood and it makes us motivated! You’re the best! I Hope blogilates will continue very verrrryy long time! Wanna proof? I’m french, living in New Caledonia (in the middle of pacific ocean) and even 20 000 miles ago, you’re inspiration for someone! Don’t give up! <3

  93. Hannah says:

    Your an amazing inspiration. I love your blog & all your videos. Your videos make me WANT to get up & workout, that’s saying alot. I love that you care so much about your blog community, we care about you too! Your a breath of fresh air, please keep being you, your lovely personality brightens up my day! Your so happy & energetic in your videos, it makes me want to do them all day! 🙂 & of course I love that everything you do for us is free. As a single young mom, free, is such a great thing. Thanks so much for everything you do. You really are amazing, never forget it!

  94. Jessica says:

    Hey, I’m also sad you got ED comments on your last post. You post so many goddamn pictures of food on here! You’re obviously all about loving life, and that’s why we love Blogilates.

    It sounds clichéd, but haters gonna hate.

  95. Leo Roessler says:

    Look Cassy, there will always be people wasting their time criticizing others for what they do. My mom has a neighbor who sits on her balcony and calls the cops when a car parks where it shouldn’t – very regularly… That type of person may also go online and tell you that she (or he) doesn’t like your looks, while hating him/herself. Someone else will freak out about milk, or soy, or who-knows-what. There are people who purposely go on websites to piss other people off. When I researched WW2 documentary music for a soundtrack project recently, I saw that on almost every youtube posting someone had written that the holocaust never happened, and that Jews are just liars! Totally insane! No matter what topic you touch online, some idiot will make an effort to disturb you.
    You seem like a sweet and sincere person, and I like your videos. I am a master student in composition and a mother of a little boy. Your videos keep me in decent shape, as they are short and I can do them at night when he sleeps and when my work is done. I appreciate them, and your bubbly attitude that forces me into another leg-lift, sometimes way past midnight…
    Thanks for that, and just ignore all this silly criticism. Do what you do, as you do it well!

  96. chantal says:

    I would just like to say that for me you are a super inspiration! I talk to everyone about your web. Not only you take the time to make and share this wonderfull workouts, mealplans and so on, which you surely started doing out of the generosity and godness of your heart, but also, when I am feeling a bit down and put on one of your workouts, your interesting comments some times and chit chat others just picks me right up!!
    So thank u, thank u, thank u!!

  97. Gessica says:

    Hi Cassey,

    This is my first time actually commenting on here because I think this is very serious. I KNOW that the people that write those stuff doesn’t have anything to do with their lives. Seriously! I know I kind of sound like them right now but it pisses me off when someone is doing something and being proactive, others try to bring them down. Everyone have their way of living, and theirs is to just be ignorant by hiding behind a monitor and judge people. I follow gurus on Youtube and many rude people are saying mean things to them saying they’re ugly and that they’re fat and all those stuff. I just don’t understand how people can be so mean! I truly am ashamed for them. I plan on following you once I get financially secure and give birth to my baby. NOT because I want to look skinny or have “gaps” between my legs (okay I don’t wannna have gaps because im pear shaped and legs rubbing against each other are not cute! or comfortable -_-) but I want to get back in shape and get confident like you! I truly appreciate people like you Cassey and those haters can kiss YOUR BUTT! you DO have one 😉

  98. Tanya says:

    I just came across your blogs and find your site very helpful to me. The diet plan is strict to me but you are simply sharing with us what you are doing and what You are passionate about! Ignore those people who try to put you down! You are a blessing to us!

    1. Paulina says:

      Hello, I just want to say that with popularity comes good things and bad things, people are never going to like everything, if you gain an ounce you are a fat pig, if you loose weight you are an anorexic and need help, if you eat meat omg you are a murderer but if you don’t, what is wrong with meat? so don’t you even care about that, be strong and keep being as happy and healthy as you are, fear of what people would think or say is what causes the fear to succeed and you are definitely not that kind of person.
      With love your Mexican friend, PAU

  99. Marianna says:

    Keep it up, Cassey! We love you, and you’re the best! <3 xoxo

  100. Maja says:

    This is my very first comment on your blog, but I felt the need to give you support in some way. I don’t want to comfort you. You are a successful person and by being that you’ll always have to deal with jealous and envious people. Nevertheless, I simply wanted to thank you. Because of you I started to work out a lot more, to live much heartier and my body is much fitter. I feel great, I look great and all that because I discovered Pilates and your videos on you tube. You are an inspiring person with distinctive energy. Just keep it up! Greetings from Serbia!

    1. C says:

      Agreed! Some of my friends and I just recently stumbled upon your videos and I LOVE them, infact, I look forward to trying a new one each morning (even if I don’t do a full hour ;)) and then sharing with those friends which ones we tried and how sore we are. I love it and we love you <3

      1. Anna says:

        I agree, this is my second post on your website and I thought there was the need to write this post. From the moment I discovered your Pop Pilates I told EVERYONE about it. Your work outs are great and the blog is very helpful. I personally visit your blog for tips on healthy eating and loosing weight. People that are writing negative comments are those that are jealous and do not want to commit to loose the weight. They have problems, not you.

  101. Rachel says:


    Keep doing what you’re doing. SO many people have benefited from your site including me. You have changed my life and my friends. Let them hate behind their computer screens. Everyone’s got haters but in my opinion it means you’re making a difference. Those haters are seeing in you what they wished they had for themselves. Keep up the awesome work!

  102. catherine Echevarria says:

    I like you! *hugs* Im sorry that people are so harsh but, im glad to know that you do read the comments. That tells me, that you do actually care about your readers! I think you look healthy and because you do have muscle, you clearly dont have an eating disorder.

    I would ignore the haters and keeping doing what you do! Lots of love! XOXOXO

  103. Kathie T says:

    Cassey don’t stop posting, you’re an inspiration, and since starting following your videos and trying the workouts I feel better about myself.

    I think people want to pick holes in everything, and often push their own insecurities onto others.
    Don’t be sad, just look at the positives.

  104. Laurie Hester says:

    I’m picturing some fat, greasy haired, chip eating troll watching your videos and jealous as hell instead of getting off their lard ass and changing. Don’t even worry about them. Just do what you do. You motivate the majority or we would not seek you out everyday. Do it for us..not these jealous losers. They are not your audience. We are.

  105. Vera McDonnell says:


    I am sorry that you were sad. I love your workout videos. I love your blah, blah, blah. Without that I couldn’t do half (which is always 1/4 of what you do) of what I do. I love your personality. Of course as a Mom, I think you look perfect just the way you are, but you have to love the way you look.

    Obviously, by your success, people love you. You motivate me. I am constantly forwarding your e-mails to my daughter and my friends. You are the first thing I check for in the mornings when I wake up. I am always excited to see what you have to offer.

    You give so much, free, to the world. I am grateful for you. Thank you for giving so much without asking for anything in return. I am sure that your parents are proud of you. I know I am!

    Keep up the awesome job. You are helping people all over the world.


  106. Claudia says:

    I just want to say that I saw and read a lot more posts about “your body is beautiful” and “fuck thinsperation” before I hit sites like blogilates, and while I agree that thinsperation shouldn’t be the goal, there are still a TON of problematic aspects of the body positivity blogs that are putting you down (e.g., forcing someone to accept their body at their current state, assuming anyone who’s trying to get fit or toned up has an eating disorder or body image problems).

    I’m sorry that you had to write this post (and cry during it!), this really shouldn’t have to happen to anyone, especially yourself!

  107. Andreea says:

    Hello Cassey ,

    I’m glad that I meet you on youtube, I made your exercice for a few times and I can say that U are amazing.
    and about all the people that don’t make anything, but say bad things to you, please don’t take them into consideration….your work is appreciated by real people 🙂
    I send all best and have you a nice day.

  108. Briana says:

    Hey Cassey

    Don’t listen to the trolls dear, they’re just insecure people who have nothing better to do than rage on the internet. I found your website and videos about a month ago, and I absolutely love them. You keep me motivated to workout, something which I have struggled with for a long time. Coming from a fitness background (My mum is a Nutritionist, my dad is a Personal Trainer), your philosophies and healthy living advice is completely in line with what I’ve been brought up to believe. You take what I already know about fitness and healthy eating and make it fun and exciting, and for that, I have to thank you. Checking your progress in the mirror every day is not unusual or ED-orientated, it’s normal! Every person I know who has ever embarked on a weight-loss journey has said that the best part of what they do is being able to look in the mirror and see something they admire, something they can be proud of. It’s a measure of progress, and in my mind checking your aesthetic progress is much healthier than checking your weight on a daily basis, as observing the physical changes in your body can be a much better indicator of progress than weight loss.

    Thank you so much for all you do Cassey, you’re a brilliant blogger, and you make me motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Anyway, must be off, I’ve just printed out your August Workout Calendar – time for me to get some Awesomesauce Arms!

  109. Eileen says:

    Hey Casey,

    I literally discovered your videos on YouTube last week and you have already got me hooked on Pilates!! It’s a great addition to my Insanity workouts. It was amazing to see your transformation from your 2010 videos to your 2012 videos! I am so proud of you and I hope to be where you are at now one day. My body is also one thing I feel I have the least control over. Thank you for being so honest and genuine with us. I was surprised to come across this post, but I guess you can’t get away from criticism. I got hooked because you are oozing with enthusiasm for being healthy and you don’t hold back when you make work out videos. It’s unfortunate that some people get offended, because there are others who might want the assurance that it’s perfectly all right to look in the mirror every day to observe the work-in-progress! You have a new fan! 🙂

  110. Heather says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Don’t listen to all the ‘haters.’ They’re just trying to bring you down because they’re jealous. Jealous that you have the motivation to want to make a change and then actually do it. I have a degree in Nutrition and have a Dietetic Technician license and in reading your posts/workouts/meal plans, all I have to say is good for you. You understand what it takes to eat well, get lean, and stay healthy. You make no promises to people, and everyone should always consult a doctor or nutritionist before they start any meal plan or workout plan, but in my opinion as someone in the nutrition field (and a PopPilates fan!) I think you’re doing a FABULOUS job! There is a lot of nutrition information (and MISinformation) on the internet; eat this and lose 5lbs in 3 days, don’t eat eggs, eating this causes cancer, etc, etc. But your philosophy of eating whole foods and working out is one of the best I have seen. And furthermore, your workouts kick my butt…and you’re right…I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work and don’t let all the ‘haters’ get to you!

  111. Amber says:

    This post made me go “huh?”. I found you about a week ago, and you don’t know how happy I am to have done so. You provide great motivation, corny at times, but that is part of why I love you. Oh no, I just said the “L” word. Yes, I did! Your stuff is tough, no-nonsense, silly, and entertaining. There will always be naysayers, and with the cloche of internet anonymity, some may get rude. Advice is never really meant to be one-size-fits-all, if they don’t like what you have to say, they can unsub and find someone else to support their endeavors. I hope you take those comments, that I am sure have been directed at others as well, and unsub to what those rude trolls have say. Something tells me that you will have no problem high-kicking these comments to the curb, and continuing to pump out awesome and positive material. Thank you!

  112. Rachel says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I stumbled upon your POP pilates videos on youtube, and just found your blog today. WOW! I feel like I have a workout buddy with me when I’m doing your videos! You are so full of life, charismatic, and fun! Your pilates videos make me excited to workout again. This is coming from a total stranger, keep in mind. There will always be people out there who want to bring you down with their own insecurities. Like Jason Mraz says, Hold your own, Know your name, and Go your own way!

    You’re doing a wonderful thing by helping people out, and it’s great to have people like you in the world. Don’t let a few people who misunderstand your message bring you down. 🙂 You’re a healthy, happy inspiration to us all!

  113. Charlotte says:

    Hi Casey,

    I’m sorry that all these people are being like that,
    they are just Internet trolls and not worthy of your time,
    so please keep making great videos and helping me feel better about myself!

    Love from the UK

  114. Pau says:

    Don’t listen to them, Cassey. They are either jealous or frustrated (most likely both), because they don’t have enough willpower to do something with their looks/lives. Thanks to your videos I changed my lifestyle, I’m finally eating clean, you got me hooked on working out and for that I’m really thankful. I feel much better now and I stay positive, keep on working out to see the results I want. Stay the way you are girl, because you are great. You’re an inspiration.

  115. Catherine says:

    You are so honest and down to earth, I appreciate that. I was surprised to hear some of the complaints about you, how could someone not freakishly love you (except when you are making me die in workouts).

    But I think I understand why some people feel this way, a lot of blogs these days have a certain mentality about being healthy and yours slightly differs from that. You are more honest not only to us, but to yourself. 1,800 calories is definitely sufficient! A women of your height and weight and how many times you workout, seems right to me.

    I also want to say that I don’t think you promote eating disorders at all, actually RECOVER from one. I’ve had an eating disorder since I was 12 and have been trying to recover for years. A few months ago I found your videos and started doing them. I felt STRONG and I wanted this strength (mentally and physically) more than being thin. I started increasing my calorie count to keep up with my exercise. Now I’m at a healthy weight and a lot stronger than I was before.

    You helped me become healthy, happy, good looking, and strong. I haven’t been this happy since I was a little kid.

    But thanks for being honest and even though it hurts (another strong thing to admit) you don’t get mad at any of your followers expressing their opinions. But you also don’t let political correctness or censorship stop you from speaking your mind.

  116. gail says:

    I was having a conversation with someone the other day about trainers and fitness and how it’s always easier to workout with a trainer who is having fun. I totally agreed with them, and you are that trainer for me even though I do your workouts online! I would love to be as healthy and fit as you and you motivate me and let me believe that I can.
    Train insane or remain the same right?
    Even though your workouts burn so bad (/good (: ) and sometimes I scream things at my computer screen, after I’m done I always feel happier because you are so positive.
    You are awesome!
    Thank You!!!

  117. Emily says:

    I think your blog is wonderful.
    Some of your diets and fitness plans may seem a little extreme to me, but that’s because I want to start out slow, and I’m a sucker for food!
    But your blog has helped me no end and anyone that say’s it is no good clearly just can’t appreciate how much effort and time you put into sharing your life and trying to help us.
    I think you’re great 🙂

  118. Pamela says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Thank you so much for such an inspirational blog. You are amazing at what you do, you are so full of positive energy and enthusiasm.You could motivate anyone to get off the couch and get healthy.

    From your message I see that you like most of us will focus on the negative comments people make. Even when you get 100 messages of praise and one negative it will be the one negative message that you think about. There will always be people that are negative and are only too willing to tell you all about what they think. But stay positive and think of all the people that love and enjoy what you do.

    It is clear to see that you are healthy and you are promoting a healthy lifestyle in a fun manor. At the end of the day you are a fitness professional, and you are brilliant at it, you have found your niche!!

    Thank you for the inspiration, looking forward to more posts and workouts!

  119. Gemma says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I think some of these people are trolls and say things to wind you up, nothing that I’ve seen on your website has been aimed towards obtaining an unhealthy obsession with losing weight.
    Your website and videos are a fantastic way for people to do exercise at home without having to pay out for a gym membership or a personal trainer, so ignore these comments, for the 1 negative comment you get there are 100 positive ones.

    Thank you for all your help!
    Keep it up! 🙂

  120. monika says:

    Hi 🙂
    i just want to say i think you are amazing! Thankyou so much for what you are doing
    you are honestly saving and making so many peoples lives better
    You’re a wonderful human being 🙂
    I am an average teen girl and I just love pilates
    You inspire me every day
    I just wanted to say
    THANKYOU !!!!
    your videos are the best workouts I have ever ever come across anywhere, i can’t believe how amazing they are
    just wow thankyou

  121. Nas says:

    I love your videos. I find them inspirational and very useful… esp. when you talk us through workouts while everything is burning.. lol. Some people just get off on being mean and spiteful, do not listen to them. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain nasty. Thanks for all the great, selfless work Cassey!

  122. heather says:

    Don’t listen to them Cassey. You’re a great person and an inspiration to many people.

  123. Christine says:

    First of all, I love your site. There is so much information for anyone to use. I do know how you feel. Im asian and petite. I only weigh around 110. When i tell people im on a eating plan and work out plan. I get questions like, why do you need to be on a diet your already skinny enough. Or why do you need to work out your in great shape. I may be 110 pounds but about 7 of that is fat. I can not see my abs! I actually want to weigh around 115 to 120, but with a well defined abdominal area and strong legs. I eat right and work out so I stay in shape. Many people dont realize that they have to continue working out and eating right to keep the body that they worked so hard at to achieved. I have been told by people that i have a self image issue. I like my body as it is but i want to love it. I like the transformation process. I want and like saying to myself and others that i reached my goal because of hard work. Some people can take supplements and vitamins to help them along. I cant take supplements to boost my energy. My body is too sensitive to even take a childrens vitamin. I get all my energy from eating healthy natural foods and from being physically fit. Blogs and fitness websites are the match to my fire. Its up to me to keep it going. Focus and patience. There are always going to be those people who dont understand what and why we do what we do. But remembering and reminding yourself that you do it for you, is all that matters. Keep inspiring those who want it.

  124. Annabells117 says:

    I’d also like to say that the fitness industry in general can learn a lot from you about self acceptance and healthy body image. The fitness industry currently promotes fake, dangerous ideals to women. I applaud you for not getting implants for your bikini competition. I have a friend who placed in several IFBB competitions, but had to get implants before she won. Judges even told her so. The fitness industry needs to “grow up.” Women need to take control of women’s fitness industry away from the men who currently run it and don’t have women’s best interests at heart. There’s nothing fit or healthy about having your chest cut open and having plastic inserted into it. That attitude is vile. Hopefully, more women like you who have healthy attitudes and body images will reject the fitness industry’s harmful practices and that will lead to change. 

    You can make a real difference, Cassey. Please don’t let yourself get upset or distracted by people who are jealous of you and send hateful comments while hiding behind computers. I’m not judging them, because we don’t know what they’re going through and what their journey is about.  However, you’ve got to ignore them. The only way they can harm you is if you allow them to distract you so you don’t become all you are meant to be. Don’t let them interfere with you fulfilling your potential and carrying out the special role that you’re destined for. 

    Hopefully this doesn’t come across as preachy. But I suppose if you get a lot of negative comments, I may as well leave one that’s uplifting. 

    God bless! xo

  125. Annabells117 says:


    It is unfortunate, but some women hate other women, especially those who are attractive and fit. My family is originally from Holland. I have straight blonde hair, blue eyes, light golden skin, and a slim Scandinavian build. I workout obsessively, but I think that’s fine. We are all free to pursue what makes us happy. But it comes at a price. Women have bullied me my whole life. When I was a little girl, I remember the teachers would say how pretty I was, and then the other girls wouldn’t play with me. I was a gymnast and a cheerleader. I’m now an attorney, just a few years older than you. Still, women in my office give me a hard time. They ask what I’m eating, assume I’m anorexic, etc. I wasn’t invited to another attorney’s barbecue and pool party. I later found out she’d told a colleague that she liked me, but she didn’t want someone who looked like me around her husband in a swimsuit making her look bad! It was hurtful, bc I thought we were friends. I never confronted her about it. If she’s that insecure about her marriage, she’s got enough problems.  

    Does anyone feel sorry for you or for me for being bullied bc we’re considered attractive and we reflect our culture’s current concept of beauty and fitness? No, they think we’re whining. But if we were bullied for racial or gender reasons, or bc we were fat or physically disabled, they’d recognize that’s unacceptable. Indeed, there are federal laws protecting against those types of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Being attractive and fit is the last target for bullying. 

    Let’s be honest- it’s women doing this to other women. That’s what makes it so sad. The media needs to broaden it’s concept of beauty and start accepting a wider range of looks and body types. Then, the jealous and hate might end. Women also need to understand that it’s unfair to bully someone for aspects of their appearance that are largely hereditary. There is a huge biological component to appearance. I disagree with the statistics people cite to say appearance is just 10% genetics. I have a genetic predisposition to have an appearance that just happens to coincide with Western ideas of beauty.  Scandinavia is a tiny area in population, yet look how many fashion models are Scandinavian. You’re Asian. You’re prone to be petite, with a youthful figure that is very popular. How dare people criticize the size of your various body parts? It’s unlikely for an Asian to naturally have big ol’ tits & ass. Why should you be something you’re not? 

    Ignore the haters. Their comments say nothing about YOU. They say everything about THEM. Of course you talk about working out on your fitness blog. It’s a fitness blog! We come here to read about fitness. I see this hate trend with beauty and fashion bloggers, too. As they get more popular, they get an outpouring of hate saying that they’re “obsessed with looks” and “materialistic” and “have too many clothes, makeup, etc.” Um… I don’t know them personally, but it doesn’t seem like a fair assessment to judge someone as obsessed with a topic bc they write a lot about it, when their blog and their career are based on that topic. Of course, a professional makeup artist owns (& usually wears) lots of makeup! Of course, a trainer maintains a very fit body! The makeup artist’s face and the trainer’s body are their calling cards. That’s how people decide to hire them, watch their videos or buy products that they recommend. Keep doing what you’re doing. Getting hate like this means that you’re on the right track! 

    God bless! xo    

  126. Tabitha says:

    That Austin person that’s been commenting below makes me really sad. I just recently found you cassey and lemme say, you are such a positive and inspirational person! I was a former gymnast and trained at least 6 hours a day on school days and 9 hours a day on weekends/ holidays. And not to mention the two-a-days during summer.. Good times…. But when my coach told me and my team that she was moving and that we would no longer have a coach.. My heart sunk. Gymnastics was my life!! Eventually we were all forced out of the gym and had to end our gymnastics career.

    When a gymnast quits training after training without a break for years… You become lazy and free.. The last thing you want to do is go workout. You wanna go to parties and hangout with friends. GO OUT TO EAT!!! ( when usually you ate processed microwave food every night)

    When I retired from gymnastics.. I was 4’10 in a year to a year and a half I grew to 5’6. Gained 40 lbs! Which isn’t so bad when you think about the height you added to your body.. But looking back at pictures and seeing how fit and strong I used to be is the most depressing thing to see.

    In high school I ended up being a cheerleader and playing soccer and competing in pole vaulting. But the practices and conditioning for those varsity sports is no where near the amount of or as hard as the conditioning I did as a gymnast. So of course I haven’t been happy with my body since gymnastics. Of course I’m not going to be able to workout 4 hours a day or anything near that but your workout are intense! I love the “food baby workout” and every pop Pilates or workout video you have on YouTube! I love love love them all!!! They are challenging, but short! So I can do as much as I want but have the awesome support from you during the workout!! And all the positive comments you get and all the success stories I read about are so very assuring that I will one day be happy about my fitness and health with your help!

    I love you cassey! and thank you so much! Xoxoo

  127. Pana Lee says:

    Don’t let the haters derail you! You are not obsessive, you are PASSIONATE and do such a good job of motivating your viewers and readers to get fit, not be stick thin. Keep up the good work!!!

  128. Lindsey says:

    Haha and i just read when this was written so your probably over it by now .

  129. Lindsey says:

    HI .i just wanted to say. In my opinion, (he he) these people writing you rude comments are most likely that “percentage” that do not do the work it takes to get to their goals, and quite frankly they are probably jealous. I dont know any one that didn’t want a flat stomach and to walk around in bikinis. HELLO i know i do and i have been working my butt off for that. But anyway, your a very nice person and obviously care about the “readers” of this blog,but, my suggestion-Dont cater to that kind of criticism. 🙂 You still of plenty of followers who believe in you. And all this fame and press you’ve been getting lately (congrats) you really think they would put you out their if you were promoting “eating disorders” and whatever else unhealthy. any way. keep of the good work.

  130. Alicia A says:

    The main thing you have to remember is that this is your goals and desires. If people come here for inspiration or tips, that’s fine, but ultimately its your goals. Some women may choose to be more muscled than slim and toned. When you talk about looking good in a bikini or sexy naked I echo that feeling because for me that’s what I want too. Yes I want to be healthy but there’s no harm in wanting to be sexy, especially if you don’t often feel that way because of how you look. And anyone can say ‘You’re beautiful in your own way’ but I’m not supposed to care what others think about me, only what I think, right? So then I CARE that I don’t like the way I look and while I appreciate their opinion it wont change how I feel about myself. I think some people forget that about exercising. You exercise too much? Do you spend 60hrs a week working out? Do you not hang out with friends, eat, sleep or do anything else? I doubt that you do nothing but exercise, so anyone saying you exercise too much is giving a statement without all the proper information. As a fitness guru yes the majority of your day would consist of exercise, that’s how you make a living, but I wouldn’t listen to a fitness guru who didn’t exercise often because then where are they getting their advice from? So long as there is free will ignorant people will stick their foot in their mouth. Stay happy in your life and please keep inspiring others to do so as well.

  131. Katie says:

    Hi Cassey,

    My brother is a personal trainer and I ask him for tips about exercise but I use your blog heaps. It fits so well into my day, doing bits and pieces whenever I get a chance. I am the last person to have an eating disorder, I love food, but I love healthy food and once you get into eating healthy it makes you wonder why you ate unhealthy in the first place.

    I completely understand where your coming from. Me and a friend were discussing going for a run together at a party, and a girl told us we must have eating disorders because we are fit and want to exercise and she said we must have very unhealthy body images. My friend and I could not believe what she had said.

    Since when was wanting to be fit and healthy an eating disorder? I get people take it too far but not everyone that is fit has some kind of eating disorder or exercise obsession. I understand that women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes but to eat unhealthily and not exercise does not show much appreciation for the gift of life that you have been given.

    My friend and I and I’m sure you too Cassey and all the other Popsters just want to be healthy to enjoy the life that we have been given and we should not be judged for having a healthy attitude towards life.

  132. Emileigh says:

    Cassey, I have watched your videos and you’re always radiating with happiness in them and it upsets me that these comments have made you sad. I think as you’re getting more popular you’re going to get an increasing amount of criticism with this popularity and you should take it with a grain of salt, people are constantly finding ways to criticize others and it’s even easier to do so behind a computer screen.

    I don’t think you have an eating disorder, and I don’t think you’re trying to promote eating disorders. You are a fitness instructor, you spend a great deal of time on your profession – as we all do, I don’t believe that constitutes an eating disorder. I respect that as a fitness instructor you’re constantly striving to improve your physique (although I can’t find anything you could work on :), because any good professional should strive to better themselves! And as far as promoting eating disorders, I think your intentions are nothing but good, when you say certain exercises will burn muffin tops off, or will get rid of the pooch on your belly, you’re not trying to make anyone feel insecure about these areas – I think the complete opposite, you’re showing exercises to us to help us feel more secure. By knowing what areas we can improve on through your pilates, it motivates us to do them. I know during a tough video of yours when you remind me that doing that particular exercise will give me nice abs it gives me the strength to pull through.

    Thank you for your concern about how your messages are being portrayed, it shows you care.

  133. PatsyT says:

    Casey, as a new-ish person to your blog, I do respect that you work hard at fitness, and really do want to help people of all shapes and sizes to change their lives for the better.

    In the hopes of providing constructive criticism, I do find your ‘motivation’ often slips away from healthy to objectifying women’s bodies – by that I mean I’ve heard you say several times in the back workouts (for example) how important these exercises are if we want to look good in a bikini, in dresses that show some skin, or when we are naked. I do think that this slips away from motivating for health and fitness, to motivation by feeding into a sense that women’s bodies are primarily objects. You might be fine with this, but I’d encourage you to consider moving beyond relying on such motivations when there are so many other reasons that appeal to most (stronger orgasms and higher libido, for example, is something that will get many people motivated – and is about self-pleasure, not pleasure that comes from others giving you positive praise because of your body shape).

    Again, this is written in the spirit of constructive criticism. I am PhD student who researches how it is that we communicate about eating, exercise and weight, with a physical therapy and fitness background – so I care and think about this stuff a lot.

    1. SarahSmile says:

      I know you said it was constructive, and I thank you for not being a butt-nugget like I’ve seen in past posts from the less educated folks, but there’s one problem I have:
      “I do find your ‘motivation’ often slips away from healthy to objectifying women’s bodies – by that I mean I’ve heard you say several times in the back workouts (for example) how important these exercises are if we want to look good in a bikini, in dresses that show some skin, or when we are naked. I do think that this slips away from motivating for health and fitness, to motivation by feeding into a sense that women’s bodies are primarily objects.”
      … So, wait, you’d rather be flabby with ‘wings’ and be ‘healthy’.. Than look hotter than any other girl AND be healthy..? Who cares what the motivation is? We women are the prettier of sexes, that’s a given. When we have a kickin’ body, we’re going to be way nicer to look at than if we had a normal body. She isn’t feeding into anything. I’m perfectly healthy, but I hate parts of my body because they never look good in the types of clothes I want to wear. Not EVERYTHING a woman does to look beautiful is for a freaking man, stop assuming that and you’d be able to take a compliment from one without getting your panties in a twist.

      “You might be fine with this, but I’d encourage you to consider moving beyond relying on such motivations when there are so many other reasons that appeal to most (stronger orgasms and higher libido, for example, is something that will get many people motivated – and is about self-pleasure, not pleasure that comes from others giving you positive praise because of your body shape).”

      What in the hell..? Stronger orgasms.. Higher libido..? We all don’t revolve around sex (by the way, a higher libido is something men crave for, so, if one does promote that, wouldn’t they just be making it seem like women are only for sex? That’s what it would seem like to me~). I certainly don’t want any part of sex. Things like that should really only apply to women that are older and married, and let’s be honest here: when you’re married, do you really give a ish how hot you look? I mean, c’mon, you already hooked your mate, why keep trying? I know most men certainly don’t.
      Looking good is something that most girls should want. Yes, yes, that whole feminist ish is good for those that can never hook a man, but for others that are carefree and happy with or without one.. Well, we really don’t care if they see us as objects or not. You know why? Because we ‘look good, and thus feel good”. .. goodness, there’s so much more I want to say, but things like this make me so mad. Do you honestly think compliment or whistles hurt our fore-mothers? Hell no, it made them know when they looked good and when they didn’t. Feel it’s unfair? Suck it up, because now it’s almost impossible for a man to tell a woman that he think is cute, is cute. :l Well, not without a lawsuit or anything else stupid..

  134. Austin says:

    Apparently Sonia only skimmed through my previous post.

    You forgot something very important Sonia: that as a blogger Cassey is going to get (and have to accept) negative feedback. Just like she can’t please everyone, not everyone can be pleased. It does not make me rude or anything else, like I said, I will continue to support Cassey by watching her videos and doing the challenges.

    And as a fan/supporter of Cassey, you should be honest with her. It’s okay to support someone without agreeing 100% of the time. Maybe one day there will be a post that offends you. Maybe not.

    Nowhere did I say Cassey can’t or shouldn’t talk about her weight. Why would I tell her what she can/can’t do on HER blog? I said it would be more wise to be careful on the tone of her posts.

    Why did I say this? Because Cassey also has a responsibility to ensure when people come here to get HEALTH and FITNESS tips and etc., that they are not going to get any unhealthy ideas in their head based on a blog or picture from Cassey herself.

    I think Cassey’s pre bikini contest body was lovely. It was slim and toned and she looked healthy, not sick or starving. Her post bikini contest body is beautiful as ever and very inspiring.

    However, since Cassey chose to become a public figure, and because she is using social media sites, we have to assume some of her fans are teenagers and young impressionable girls (and even boys). So why would I not speak up about how I felt?

    I made an honest observation. In the pictures from her bikini contest, and in the promo pic for her bikini blaster video, I could see her ribs sticking out. This usually happens when someone is too thin. But I am educated enough to know sometimes ribs poke out for other reasons.

    I am not here to attack Cassey or I wouldn’t bother to read her posts or do her workouts. There are a lot of other youtube trainers I could be following.

    But I don’t want to come to a health & fitness blog site and see the person that motivates not only myself, but countless others to be healthy and fit, getting thinner every week or month because she feels “fat”. If she is seeing the body in the mirror that I see watching her videos and complaining, she has a problem. An unhealthy problem.

    As Cassey devotees, you guys need to realize just as you have your good opinions, it’s okay for someone else to have a bad opinion. I am not forcing or asking anyone to agree, I was stating my own feelings.

    Yes, Cassey can continue to lose weight all she wants. But you are lying and in a sad state of denial if you think at some point it’s not going to become unhealthy. If she has any weight to lose at all, it’s not enough to keep losing it or obsessing over losing it. Which I think at this point she is trying to maintain her weight, not lose it.

    If someone who is really overweight is watching, and they see Cassey who has their “ideal” body post about feeling fat, gross and unmotivated — tell me how that person feels now? They look at their self and think they will never reach their goal because they have to lose even MORE weight now. You don’t think that same person might go to more extreme and unhealthy measures to achieve this? They might take the “8 week meal plan” and turn it into the “12 week meal plan” or cut even more calories from that diet. They may turn to diet pills or even bulimia.

    I am an adult. I know I am responsible for my body as you are responsible for yours. I don’t “hate” on someone because they are skinnier than me. Cassey has earned her body because she works hard for it.

    The final point is: Cassey has opened herself up, at will, to both support and criticism. If she can’t handle that, she’s in the wrong business.

    Again, thank you Cassey and you have my continued support!

    1. Austin says:

      And Avery, too.

  135. Sarah says:

    You are truly an inspiration! I love all you do! You keep me motivated and trying new stuff! Thank you!

  136. Haruki says:

    Cassey, you are totaly awesome and have the the perfect body that we all want. You have motivated everyone on the blog to be healthy and that is a very good thing. Don’t listen to all those awful, rude people who have hurt your feelings, they are just jelous of you because they can’t be bothered to train insane like you do! Be proud that you have inspired lots of people to be healthy, just forget about people who post nasty comments because you have so much support!

    keep it up!

  137. Sonia says:

    Hi Cassey, I follow you for some months (The Netherlands) and I wanted to thank you for so much help, so much positive vibes. I am really working hard with your videos, and I already see a difference. Do not care about what other people say, just think about how many of us are following you and working with you every day !
    Great job girl ! Thanks again, Sonia

  138. Avery (Singapore) says:

    Hi Cassey,

    This is my first time reading your blog after completing one of your pop pilates video on perky butt and long lean legs. Well before i comment on that, I have a reply to Austin (comment before mine). Well Austin, no blogger (or no one, for thst matter!) can please everyone. It’s already very considerate of Cassey to not be harping about her weight in every post and every video she makes. But honestly, is it really fair to her when you say that she shouldn’t be commenting about her weight at all? Does it mean that, after she successdully manages to lose some weight and is lighter and toner and slimmer than 50% of the population, she shouldn’t try to lose any more weight or even talk about losing weight so as to be sensitive to the feelings of the other 50% (or more) that are heavier than she is?? That is utter bullshit.

    I am 154 cm (or about 5 ft) and I currently weigh 46kg and I am 22 years old. My average weight is 42.5-43kg but recently put on some weight due to exams, not eating healthily and not exercising. I do have more fats on my thighs and especially my tummy, and even though I’m well in my acceptable weight range, I do try to strive to look my best.

    Cassey, I want to tell you that I understand your feelings when you post about striving for a bikini body and losing weight, in a way that the people who are (slightly) obese would never. They look at us and they think, what do you have to complain about since you are already so healthy and slim? But would a running enthusiast ever say, “I have already completed a (insert number here) km run, I don’t need to run anymore because I have nothing to prove.”

    We strive to lose more fat by eating healthily and exercising (albeit a lot), not by being anorexic or bulimic or by sticking to a strict vegetable-only, 1000 calories-a-day diet. We strive because we know we have room for improvement, and hope that our efforts pay off soon. We strive because, like 90% of the population, we want and we know we can be the best person (within our means) and we work really hard towards it. And unlike the other 10% of the population, we don’t fault ourselves or others when we (or they) try to improve (and lose weight!)

    Cassey, don’t lose heart and know that words do hurt a lot, but above all that, you know you are the best you can be and i will continue doing pop pilates!! Although i always die trying to complete your videos!!


  139. Austin says:

    Hi Cassey! If you and your POPsters dont mind, I would like to comment as well. I know this post is older but some of us “newbies” are just reading these for the first time. First, I would like to tell you, “thank you”. Thank you for the wonderful fitness videos and the great tips you offer. Thank you for offering them to us for free. I am glad someone understands not everybody has money for a special online membership to unlock expert tips and workouts.

    Cassey, I will not bash you because before I stumbled onto your videos, I was not working out at all. I began watching your videos, not working out to them yet, just watching and thinking to myself how great it would be for me to be proud of my own body. I have wanted for so long to walk around in public without sucking in my stomach. Not worrying about trying clothes on at the store with my friends and having to come out for the big reveal.

    When I started doing the workouts, I was proud of myself to make it the whole 10 mins. I picked random videos and did them along with you. Some of the longer ones I still struggle to finish, or do without stopping, but I do them.

    I should point out your “new ” body is amazing and is both a huge motivation and discouragement for me. I would SO love to have a body that perfect (although I fear I never will ) but I am working on it, and I would be proud of it.

    It is a little rough to read posts of you talking about how “fat” you are. I think it’s a little insensitive and insulting to those of us who cannot fathom the thought of getting into a bikini for the sake that all the rolls would spill out of it. I don’t have to “pinch” myself to make fat appear.

    There are many women who follow your videos that would love to have your “old” body and would proudly strut up and down the beach. I am not saying you shouldn’t express your insecurities (every woman has something she doesnt like), but I think you should be more careful as some people may take your words the wrong way and go in a less healthy direction.

    It is a huge slap in the face to see my “trainer” talk about NEEDING to lose weight for a bikini contest. What was wrong with your old body that you NEEDED to thin out so much that I can see your ribs?

    I think you are a lovely person and I would never accuse someone of being unhealthy or having an obsession if I had not witnessed it for myself, but I understand why some people are firing back at you. You go from promoting healthy exercise routines and eating habits while showing off a very thin and toned figure, to dropping more weight in a short amount of time and proclaiming to be feeling your best.

    I guess what I am saying is, I will continue to watch your videos and support you. But I also hope in the future when you write about your feelings, you consider those of others. Especially the ones who look to you for support and encouragement in taking what could be a slow journey to their goal (or even halfway mark) because for some losing 8-10 lbs is barely a dent in their progress.

    I pray I live to see myself at 118 lbs.

  140. Jessica says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been doing your POP Pilates workouts since January and I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU! Seriously, you are SUCH an inspiration and you MAKE me WANT to work out. I have always been super conscious about my body image (even had an eating disorder in 8th grade that lasted until my junior year of high school). In college I would go to the gym TWO HOURS every day because I was so afraid of gaining my Freshmen 15. Then I sort of hit a rough patch and stopped working out as much as I should, I went through a tough break up, my parents moved from my beloved home of 15 years in San Diego to New Jersey and I had a terrible Christmas (no tree, we were still in the process of moving!)

    BUT I had always loved pilates and went to the free classes twice a week at my school during the semester when I could…then out of the blue one day, a friend introduced me to your videos and…..the rest is history…..YOU ARE AMAZING!

    I have tried Ab ripper x, P90x, and even INSANITY and seriously your routines and challenges have gotten me in the best shape I have been in in 2 years. Since last May I am 17 pounds lighter, have abs that I can SEE, and it’s all thanks to you.

    So, I just wanted to thank you. I don’t normally post on here and am not active other than just downloading your videos, but I saw this post and wanted to do my part to send happy thoughts and thanks your way!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank YOU so much for doing the vids! I’m so lucky to have great students like you 🙂

  141. Kin says:

    Honestly? people really think your “definition of healthy is being skinny”?? come on! you’ve been doing pilates, as far as i’m concerned for about (maybe more by now) 7 years right? someone who’s only concerned about skinny doesn’t workout, or try to build healthy lean muscle and worry about nutrition. They just stop eating and do random fad diets; if they work out they just do some light wack cardio; no need to have muscle or be bendy! So… people saying that are making NO sense.
    Second, you HAVE VIDEOS explaining how to calculate what each should eat! and you explain clearly that each should learn to know their bodies and how they react to different foods so that they can care for them better!! That’s the most reasonable kind of advice someone can give!! So again, pay no attention to those people, they make no sense!

    And about the image disorder… tbh it just annoys me that they say that. EVERYONE wants to be the best they can, or at least they should! In EVERYTHING they pursue in life they should be the best and not settle for… oh well… i’m skinny enough. If you wanna be healthy, tone up and keep your awesome toned round booty until you’re 70 and be able to dance and do pilates by the time your 80, then thumbs up for you girl! Keep it up and go get it! (btw, I want that pilates/yoga by the time i’m 80 lol so that’s why I feel related to the criticism and wrote those specific things to work for in regards to training lol). People work as hard as they can, to go as far as they wish, to overcome their limist and be the best they believe they can be and… go even further than that. That’s how things are supposed to be. So don’t ever feel bad or stop over dumb shortsighted people saying silly stuff like “image disorder” just cause you want better for yourself. Wanting better is never bad; not if you’re working your butt everytday to get there.

    So… anyway, too long a reply. Just annoys me when people criticize without thinking about what they’re saying, especially if they hurt people undeservingly (is that even a word? XD) along the way. So keep it up girl! You’re awesome! Love Blogilates, the videos, the blog, EVERYTHING! Your attitude and the enthusiasm you put onto everything you do. Keep POPing it 😉 (I know I do. EVERYDAY. And no matter how much I do, some part of my body will always hurt for the next 3 days XD)

  142. Cecilie says:

    I have just started following you, and you have already become such an inspiration to me! It breaks my heart to read that you have experienced the most horrible internet phenomenon there is. I wish the good people would write more comments than all the bad people! (Did that make sense?)
    Because I don’t see all those things that you just wrote about, I really can’t see it. What the hell are they talking about?
    I wish I could tell you how big an inspiration you are, and show you how motivated I have become.
    Thank you Cassey!

  143. A.H. says:

    It is not your responsibility to take on the burdens of others. You live the way you want, and the best way you feel possible. You merely share that with everyone through your blog in the hopes to inspire them to. If someone does have an ED and is on your blog, then you should not feel guilty for triggering them. That is their problem, and their responsibility. If they don’t want to be triggered, then they should not be on your site in the first place.
    You live a healthy lifestyle, which I must say varies in definition from person to person. You know what works for you, and the best routine that fits your health. Everyones goals and desires are different, thats what makes us unique. Therefore you shouldn’t have to justify your actions to others, or feel guilty about being determined/driven :).
    Also if you find yourself getting too overly obsessed with the whole fitness/exercise lifestyle, may i suggest trying to adopt some new hobbies or interests. For example, reading a fiction book etc, as if you are anything like me… I know that it can sometimes be very hard to simply sit still, and just be.
    Hope this helps…. and just breath 🙂

  144. Addy says:

    The only reason people are saying you have an ED is because you are totally aware of everything that you put into your body and treat it with the outmost respect that God intended all of us to have for our bodies and that seems weird to a lot of people. You are my fitsporation, you encourage me to eat healthy, be healthy and live healthy. I can’t thank you enough for all of your amazing videos, and I can’t thank you enough for just being you. You are an amazing person and I’m sorry someone as nice as you has to be put down by inconsiderate no-it-alls.

  145. Cat says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I have been doing your pilates workouts on YouTube for over 6 months now, this is the first time I have read your blog. I think you are amazing, inspirational and I enjoy every minute of your workouts!! Thank you and keep it up please 🙂

  146. Jasmine Berry says:

    Boo hiss on those haters and ignorant people! Your passion for healthy living is quite infectious and very helpful, I stumbled across this blog looking for a way to create DIY workout shirts and your vids were very helpful, as well I really loved your motivational vids too, so please contiue with your passion for health because you are helping women like me attain optimum health, God Bless 🙂 !!!

  147. mariah says:

    i love your workouts, meal plans, and overall your cute positivity. and unfortunatley people are ignorant, rude. obviously they dont know the severity of eating disorders when hey see it. your blog may be triggering some people, but in no way is that your fault, ad in no way are you supporting losing weight UNhealthy. if anything your blog would be encouraging to others to do it properly and safely

  148. Kate says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I found your blog/website/ youtube videos just today, but I already some of your workouts…an boy oh boy were they hard, I almost cried. But you were so much fun in those videos, so inspiring and positive that I just could not let you down and stop. I’ve been reading this blog for 3hrs straight and found so many interesting things. Don’t worry and don’t get discouraged, you are an amazing person and a very good guide. Cheers from Europe

  149. Izzy says:

    I know this was posted a long time ago, but I’ve just recently found your webpage! 🙂
    Don’t you worry one bit about what those people say! I’ve recently recovered from an eating disorder and I find your website nothing but motivational in a totally healthy and non-triggering way! Please don’t feel like your webpage is triggering, and if it is for some people they should just not go on it! Unfortunately you’ll never be able to please everyone, but I think you have enough healthy, happy followers who love your advice and workouts so don’t worry!

  150. yamel says:

    I agree with all the other popsters out there that are supporting you, cassey! you are doing an amazing job not only are you busy like 24/7 with oGorgeous and new blogilates line, your palates classes traveling around you have time for US!! and you get nothing in return from us!! but let me tell you what I got from you for the passed 6 months now I have lost 20 lbs eating clean and doing your videos (which I love) no joke I feel great I’m almost getting the toned body I’ve always wanted NO NO not a size 0 but a size 5… to make it clear!! because of you which does not mean I’m starving my self No! i’m eating ALL DAY but loosing calories in your workouts 😉

    So cassey you are an inspiration to me And THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE MAYBE NOT PSYCHICALLY but you are here everyday on you tube Facebook and your blog don’t let people let you down and stop what you love doing!

    You are doing a fantastic job!

  151. Christy says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and never once have I thought you were promoting anorexia or anything disorder-like. Ever. Your blog is about YOUR progress and YOUR goals, other people should not criticize you for them. I happen to think that your blog is amazing, inspirational, motivational, and fun! Everyone has different fitness levels and different goals. Yours aren’t unrealistic or even unhealthy. Don’t worry about what these boneheads out there are saying, they don’t have anything better to do than criticize you for actually making your goals happen, when all they’re doing is judging you. Keep your head and stay awesome!

  152. g says:

    You don’t owe anyone any explanation, esp. those who want to bring you down. Keep doing what you love, because we (your super awesome fans) love you just the way you are!! 🙂

  153. Mike says:

    Fitness and weight control can be a 3rd rail topic. You do a great job threading the needle between encouraging all people to live a healthy lifestyle, and for some, pursue excellence at the extreme. (Marathons, competition).

    In a society brought up to believe in magic potions and silver bullet diets, the thought of hard work, taking a good look in the mirror, and taking ACTION is offensive to some people. They want to keep doing what they’re already doing, and to wake up tomorrow a new person.

    In the end its the 80/20 principle. In this case, 80% of your community loves you, but 20% are making all the noise.

    You already know you can’t please everyone. Don’t dignify their attacks with a response!

    Keep it up!

  154. Diandra says:

    Cassey! Because you are targeting a field that is about working on the body, people are going to criticize every little thing about you. You will never make everyone happy, no matter WHAT you look like. You are healthy and you do your research, there is nothing wrong with wanting to perfect your body. I get alot of crap sometimes when I tell people I can’t eat the burger and fries and instead get a chicken sandwhich and salad because I’m watching what I eat. People get mad when I tell them because they say I’m skinny and could afford it. I’m a size 7/9 pants junior. I am not fat, I am in good shape, but I like to perfect what I look like. I watch what I eat, work out, do cardio, and keep in shape! There is nothing wrong with that!

    You did that bikini contest in a healthy way and understood it was something to push yourself, building discipline of body and mind. You realized it was not a sustainable way to live everyday. But you attained it. Be PROUD despite what people may say.

    It is so hard putting yourself out there like you do, your eating and your body and workouts, because it is something people will be sooo critical of.
    I love all your workouts and advice and your positivity. Please don’t let people get to you! No matter what anyone does, there will always be someone there to try and ruin it. You can control your attitude and what you do =)

  155. Elise says:

    Cassey! Don’t listen to all those haters out there! They have nothing better to do than to bring people down and that’s probably because their self-confidence is so low that they feel powerful by hurting others.

    You inspire me every single day to push myself to my limits and be the best I can be and you’ve become my one and only trainer. You are amazing at what you do and if people don’t like it, they shouldn’t be on your site anyways!

    Keep posting 🙂

  156. Hailey Heard says:

    Casey, I just want you to know that you have a lot of people support you and really appreciate what you do. People can say, “You’re skinny. Why lose more weight?” The fact is, you’re a female. A lot of us are perfectionists about our bodies. And if you’re doing it the healthy way, why NOT be? None of your blogs, workouts, etc. have ever struck me as ED’d in the least bit. You want to be at your personal best all the time, and that’s your prerogative. I’m super proud of what you’ve accomplished and hope I can get in half the shape you’re in!

  157. Greta says:

    dear Cassey,
    you’re such an amazing, passionate and sweet person! Your workouts and tips on healthy living helps lots of people!!! We all appreciate that. There’s always gonna be haters, but they are just some miserable sad people who can’t find balance and happiness in life. Do what you do, girl. xoxo

  158. Lina says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I found your website/blog few days ago and already addicted to it! Thanks for sharing your workouts, tips and more…!:O) Loooooove it, it is so much different and innovative!
    I always say, if it were easy everyone would do it…Do not pay attention to people who do not like what you do – it is easier to write comments than do a workout or carefully watch what you eat…Anyway, I am sure you get at least one fan each day, so stay focused on us!:O)))

  159. Sarah says:

    Hey Cassey, I just read this post again and I can really identify with how you feel.

    Earlier tonight, my mum came up to me and asked if I was starving myself/if I was eating. She said ‘everybody’s concerned with how much weight you’ve lost’ bla bla bla. I know I am healthy. Their definition of healthy doesn’t exactly click with mine. They think eating bowls of rice with oily meats is healthy – as long as you are eating. I can’t identify with that…I’d rather load up on lean protein and veg than eat the amount of rice they eat.

    I’m so discouraged because I spend SO MUCH TIME explaining to them that I am doing this for health purposes. I want to be healthy for the long run. I want to be fit. Hell, I want to get muscular, even. I don’t want to be just another skinny girl y’know? Just skin and bones, so ordinary. I want to look defined and fit – different. What they said just hit me in the heart because I spend so much time planning my meals/workouts. And I enjoy it! It fulfills me and makes me so…whole inside?

    I just cannot stand the ignorance of some people around me sometimes and it hurts when they automatically assume that diet + exercise = starving = eating disorders.

    Thank you Cassey, you’re one of my greatest inspirations.

  160. Lindsay says:

    Do not let people get you down! People are mean to each other to make themselves feel better and to mask their own insecurities. You are so fabulous, and you are really such an inspiration to being a HEALTHY woman! Besides, if they don’t like the way you run your blog, they can easily click to another site, really, they are just trying to tear you down and point out others’ flaws so they don’t have to acknowledge their own!

  161. Isabella says:

    Hi Cass,

    I just wanted to let you know how much this post means to me. For the past 4 years, I’ve been struggling with anorexia, and of late, have been doing really well in recovery. That’s not to say I still don’t have my setbacks (because part of recovery is learning to overcome the small struggles as well), but overall, my mindset is determined to live a life without my ED. I have only recently started following your blog, and I just want to let you know that you are one of my inspirations. Not only can you be fit and healthy, but you can still live an enjoyable life. It is clear, especially in this post, that you strike a balance between managing a healthy diet/fitness routine while still maintaining a barrier from letting it take over your life, like I have in recent years. I can only hope to become as successful as you are with managing this. Keep up the good work, and don’t let others stand in your way 🙂


  162. Danie says:

    No matter what you do or what you say people will tear you down. The internet makes it so easy to put others down anonymously. The truth is: you work hard, you look great, you eat smart, and you are trying to help others. Thank you for being an inspiration to those of us who need a kick in the booty in order to motivate us to eat healthy and work out. It is so, so, SO hard to find the time away from work and kids and errands and cleaning to find the time to work out and you have provided that here. I can fit in ten minutes and I am so GRATEFUL for you. Please ignore the haters and keep kicking us in the proverbial butts (which are sore!). THANK YOU!

  163. bb3 says:

    Wow, I’m really sad those awful comments got you down. I just want you to know that like me, there are probably tons more fans that don’t get anything negative from your blog. I always admire you for advocating clean eating and exercise, never once came out as something obsessive or unhealthy to me. You’re such a motivation to me, you have no idea. So you keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

  164. Louise says:

    Cassie. Fuck the haters. thats all that needs to be said.

  165. Lanee' Danielle says:

    Hi Cassey.
    I just want to start off by saying that I am a really big fan of yours. I love your videos and I actually do them. Especially the booty bonanza one. I can’t remember the whole title. Anyways, I previously in my teen years have had an eating disorder and I can spot some signs of an ED and I don’t see any of that in you. You always talk about food and if you are suppose to have one, then you sure eating a lot for a person with an ED. Please stay encouraged and keep on making those videos because I love your positive attitude. You are always so bubbly and vibrant. It takes people with patience and special talent to be able to smile all the time. Where ever you have fans you have haters!

    sincerely Lanee’ Danielle

  166. Amelia says:

    The haters are the ones sat on their ass, jealous of your amazing motivation, attitude and body! They just want to bring you down to their negative level…don’t go there!

  167. Nicole G says:

    Keep on shining 🙂 I think your blog is great.

  168. Midori says:

    Cassey, I have never found a fitness guru so fun, positive, happy, and strong as you. You really keep me motivated and push me to do the best I can to be healthy and fit. I definitely don’t see how you could have an eating disorder or any of that. People will always think different things, and that’s OK because that’s what makes us all different. But stay positive because you KNOW a lot of people (like me!) look up to you and enjoy all of the tips and videos you post. I look forward to all the new workout videos you post and trying them out! SO FUN! Keep up the good work! 😀

  169. Louise says:

    hey casse,
    Last year, I spent a year overseas and lost a lot of weight by being healthy. When I went back to my country, people started to get worry about me “not eating” enough. The truth is I felt great and loved being healthy. I wasn’t working out everyday just being active. Anyway because of all of this comments, I started to feel guilty when I was eating clean so I turned to have an ed, ate a lot and gain lots of weight (up to 44pounds, crazy I know) As I kept eating, I kept feeling more and more bad about myself. Fortunately my mum helped me loads and I slowly started recovering from it. But as I tried, I always ended up giving up. I couldn’t have more then 3days eat cleaning. But 2weeks ago, I found your blog. I started doing the workout for a week then thought why not give a try to the food cleaning part too. I did and that was 7days ago, I don’t feel frustrated, I’m enjoying more and more everyday working out with you and feel great as I was a year before. I got the feeling that im not going to give up and that thanks to you. You can’t imagine what nightmare it is. You helped me go through it and I just wanted to thank you and tell u how great you’re and how you should not let others tell you what you’re cos they are not you and it’s all it is about. eating clean and being healthy is not boring or anything, it’s great and it makes you feel so good. That what I learnt from you and im no longer ashame of being healthy. Love youu and btw sorry for my english, hope it makes senses 😉

  170. Kori says:

    Just found your blog a week ago, a girlfriend recommended to me. I’m getting married June 21, and just looking for ways to target and tone certain areas of my body. (By no means am i NOT in shape, i surf, hike, roadbike, mountain bike, aerobics, bikkram, dive, swim, all of it, living in hawaii is good like that…)

    However your videos were EXACTLY what i was looking for. Thanks for this 🙂

    Sorry about your public criticisms. The thing about the Splenda though, i just recently learned, is that the chemicals in Splenda are not healthy for the body…i’m sure you’ve done your own research. I noticed that in some of your recipes Stevia is used…which from what i understand is a natural sweetener…much better than Splenda.

    ANYWAY, enough of that, keep on posting girl, because you’re part of my ticket to lookin good in that wedding dress 😉

  171. Kristine says:

    hi cassey! i had an ED, i had it for like 3 years, i starve myself, i restrict, i do everything just to puke what i ate/binge (i considered eating an apple a binge during those times), i research on youtube for workouts.. and there i came across your blog.

    honestly, i love your workouts because i thought that “yay! i get to lose more fats faster and get flatter belly in a few more days plus my restricting.” then i was fascinated by you, because every time i watch your videos, you keep saying “remember guys to EAT CLEAN.” and as i continuously watch those videos, it registered on my mind, “hey, Cassey eats. how come she eats and not starve herself yet she gets to have that beautiful body? while i starve myself and don’t get energy and do your work out at the same time. i tried to change my mindset from then on, it’s hard to recover from ED, really, and sometimes, i still feel guilty for eating 300 cals a meal. but i always check out your tumblr, this blog, your youtube (yeah, you can call me Cassey-addict. haha) i use your words as motivation to keep going for recovery.

    i really admire you for that, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me.. and yes, i stopped from restricting myself to eat, i eat now (a balanced meal, as you always recommend), i do my cardio (your HIIT videos), ab work out (from you also), etc. and you know what? i lost more pounds by following this weight loss plan than restricting/puking.

    thanks a lot Cassey, your kind of teaching pilates really helped me, i have recommended your videos to my friends for them to watch. please, don’t get discouraged by those comments. keep it up! 🙂

  172. Catherine says:

    You do an amazing job.
    I think you got the perfect body that all women want. Just let them talk, do what you do because you love it. Even if there are haters, there r supporters and we all love you.
    I try a lot to get motivation and it was impossible, until I found your videos… Each day when I wake up i’m like yay trainin time with cassey!
    seriously… we love you and thank you for your work..

    ( sorry for my bad english:))

  173. Amy says:

    Cassey, I may scream and yell terribly mean things at you while watching your videos and you’re smiling and talking about makeup and matching your shoes while I am struggling to hold a squat, but I don’t mean any of them! I think you are inspirational and positive. Some people are always going to be critical, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it will help you grow. Just know that there are so many of us out there who are happy with you exactly the way you are 🙂

  174. Nina says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I just started to follow your courses and it is great! I am so happy that I find you on you tube, all the way in Holland!! You are an inspiration for me and feel so great now I am following your excersises. They are not easy and I hardly can finish them sometimes but I feel that they are working.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone get you down. Bad comments are there to conquer!

  175. almost 50 says:

    Just wanted to say that I decided a few months ago to tone up for my upcoming 50th birthday. I love all the vidoes you have on youtube – didn’t even know they were available! Of course when I started, I could barely do the exercises the whole way through. Now – I can. And what a difference they have made in my figure. I’m looking like I used to – which is how I want to look. Thank you!

  176. Paola says:

    Don’t let the haters get your down. They have nothing better to do that to pull successful people down. You have been an inspiration to me. I stumbled across your website a little late for the 90 day challenge, but I’m still going to start because your enthusiasm and the meal plans you provide make complete sense. What is also so good about it, is that you give us flexibility to modify our meals according to our dietary needs. So, please don’t be sad, when they hate you please smile and continue to do what you do. Success and a strong positive attitude is what weakens the haters. You’re going places girlie, so keep up the great work!

  177. Jamie says:

    Don’t let haters get you down. You are NOT ugly, and you are toned, healthy, and FIT. They are just jealous of you and your body.

    Thank you for being there for everyone and creating good workouts that everyone can follow for FREE. You have inspired me so much to become fit and healthy <3

  178. Mrs Brandi Sherman says:

    Hey! I just want to say I think it is great that you addressed these hurtful accusations….You have inspired me to stand up for my self more! You are an amazing person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!! You have so many fans, so keep up the great work, for those of us who do look up to you and love all you do to help us in our health and fitness goals! 🙂

  179. Rulencia says:

    You tell them Cassey. There are lots of ignorant people out there. I tend to believe that you are doing a WONDERFUL and AMAZING job. Your helping me want to change. You also give us a step by atep guide on how to do it and insiration. Not only that….you are doing it as well. That is more then what other websites show us. Dont let people get you down. Keep doing what you aet out to do. Im behind you 1 million percent.

  180. Mary Taylor says:

    Wow! It’s funny how people can make these audacious comments on the internet because nobody is physically there to tell them to check themselves.
    You are so inspiring! I cannot believe people would say half of those things about you because you make me want to be a nutritionist, workout hard and live healthy! (PS Your hair is nice and you look pretty). People that say things like “you have an ED” are insecure because they don’t have the strength in themselves to eat and live out a healthy lifestyle. Trust me – I’m vegan and eat very healthy and DAILY I get told I “don’t eat” — but I just think that they’re afraid and angry that they cannot find the strength to switch over to healthy living.

    I guess there’s always going to be critics out there, being skeptical on your every move but I’m sure it’s obvious to you that it’s outweighed by the people who love you. Like me 🙂

  181. Rianne says:

    Awww those people are just haters trying to comment everything on the internet to make people insecure 🙁 you really are AWESOME and, I know it’s hard, but try not to focus on the bad comments, because there are so many positive ones!! keep up the good work girl! xxx

  182. Loz says:

    You are doing good things for the world Cassie. You are doing good things for people that want to help themselves. You give good advice, good workouts AND you do it with the most beautiful smile on your face! Like how you put up with horrible comments online I, and many others, deal with horrible comments on the street. It is really hard to not take it personally but i know i’m a good person (i try to always be good) and you’re a good person. These people don’t like themselves and all you can think is that hopefully they will learn to love themselves….one day.
    Don’t let them get you down Cassie because you keep me going each day. I could easily fall back into being 20kgs overweight but i don’t want to. And when i feel like doing it i can come on here, read some posts, see your beautiful body and think – geez, it really isn’t that hard.
    I’m actually tearing up writing this because i hate that people can be so mean when you haven’t done anything wrong. Stay strong.
    This is my motivator:
    This is not what Barbie looks like. This is not what fashion models look like. This is what fit looks like. This is what healthy looks like. This is sexy
    Plus i add a line……This is ME.

  183. Rose says:

    Hello – had to leave a reply after reading this. I haven’t been doing your workouts religiously, but i really do love them. I always come to your website and blog to read and you seem like a very enterprising person, with a unique personality – you really shine. I have taken many classes, fitness related and met people but there is something very charismatic about you. Never feel down. People will always say negative things, and these people will always exist in life. You have to remember for those 10 people who dislike or are negative, you will have more than 100 who admire and love you and your work. You are loved, your work is brilliant, keep on going and never give up!!! I hope to buy some books of yours, and dvd releases in the future, know its going to happen. No way you are unhealthy, you have such a healthy outlook on life. I truly admire that, the fitness world is a tough one with so much crazy information of what is and isn’t wrong and extremes from both spectrums and you know what ? You have truly found the balance. Keep on smiling and doing what you do best 🙂

  184. Lisa says:

    Cassey I couldn’t agree more with the other positive comments on here! I stumbled across Pop Pilates on Wednesday when I was looking for workouts on YouTube and I am so pleased that I have!!! I did two of your workouts this morning and wow they might be short but they pack the punch. I am hooked on your site both here and YouTube and I have seen nothing whatsoever that makes me think badly of myself, obsess over body image etc. For me I see someone who loves life, and who wants to be healthy. Someone with a passion for fitness and has made that freely available! I also LOVE my Eat Clean Recharged book and ladies like you and Tosca you are strong women who understand a womans struggles. But you inject your passion into what you love and it is contagious! So please ignore the stupid comments you have recieved because it is ignorance and jealousy. I have also seen this on the Eat Clean site with comments that the girls on their have had made to them and to be honest you have to learn to find a way to feel sorry for these people. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for making this so freely available to us! I love your videos and will be definitely doing these in fact you have given me the boost I needed to my flagging energy to get moving again and to get out my Eat Clean book! Thanks Cassey you have a great personality which shines through!

  185. Mary says:

    Cassey, I have been doing your workouts for almost a year and I love them and I also love you!! I for one think you are beautiful inside and out but know matter how beautful people think we are it still hurts BIG TIME when mean people say mean things. I do not think your advice on eating or body image reflects eating disorder behavior or thoughts. It hurts so much when people say these things. I have been bullied my whole life for being thin and people saying I had eating disorders….people even said I used drugs to be thin. Sadly what people didnt realize is that by talking about how “thin” I was all the time made me terrified to gain weight because I thought I would not get attention. This is something I still work on everyday and I am 26. Since I started working working out, weight training, pilates, and running I actually gained weight and people still say rude things to me. I get comments like “why are you working out you’re so skinny” and yes I still get the “eat a cheeseburger!” comment. Well guess what I dont eat cheeseburgers lol! And I will continue to workout 6 days a week because it makes me happy. I guess what I am trying to say is keep your head up and keep doing what you’re doing because you look great!

  186. Alina says:

    Hello, Cassey
    My name is Alina and i am from Romania. I just want to say that since i discover your workouts, a year ago, i am doing them frequently and i am very satisfied. When my friends saw the transformation of my body, they started to do your videos. So, you are very popular in here:) Now we are obsessed about working out and we talk about it everytime. And that just because of you. We are your number 1 fans. We can’t wait for the next workout. We love you so much. So, in my opinion, i think you should really care about these comments, that came from people who really care about you, and appreciate your efforts. I think you are a very ambitious , kind and beautiful person. I love you so much and can’t wait for your next post. Kisses

  187. charlotte says:

    i have never come across a trainer who can keep me motivated and keeps my attention so i come back again and again to do their workouts! you make exercise fun and your aim is to make people feel better about themselves and to help them be healthier, mentally and physically, and there is nothing wrong with that what so ever :o) so many people appreciate what you do so WELL DONE AND KEEP GOING!!! ps. i hurt SO MUCH today after the corset work out! xxxxxx


  188. Katie says:

    Hey Cassey! Just had a thought I wanted to share in regards to taking pictures of yourself to track progress. I actually think that doing this can help with body image issues rather than causing ED type thinking. Sometimes the scale doesn’t reflect the awesome progress we are making in the gym, especially when incorporating weights into a routine. I think tracking our fitness journies through photos is a much more tangible and powerful way of seeing the awesome progress we are making! I actually see it as potentially helpful in preventing ED thinking since it gives a more complete picture than obsessing over the scale alone. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to track your progress, especially when for you, it is something you are passionate about! I understand that it isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok too, but it doesn’t give them the right to attack you.

    I love what you are doing, you consistently inspire me! Try not to let the haters get into your head girl!

  189. Camille says:

    Cassey, you are a wonderful girl. I think you can see that you’re well-loved just by all these comments above! Keep up the good work sweetie and never let people’s negative words hang heavy on your shoulders. You are a warrior princess! Fight the good fight!

  190. Liesbeth says:

    Wow, I just red this post.. And I just have to leave a reply. I just recently discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I check it everyday and I already have some exercises I keep on doing 🙂
    You seem to be a sunny, positive thinking person – who dares to be honest and dares to explore new things. Keep on doing that! And while doing that, keep on sharing your experiences and thoughts, so that other people get inspired!
    I’m glad you’re still active as a blogger. And I don’t know if you’ll read this: but good luck for your bikini competition! 🙂

    ~srr for my writhing, I’m from Holland and tried my best to put my thoughts on paper in English haha ^^

  191. Sophia says:

    Hi Cassey! Your amazing girl. Never let the haters bring you down! I love your workouts and everything you do! Keep going strong!

  192. Mollie says:


    I just read this now but want to remind you that I look forward to reading your blog each and every day. I look to you as such an inspiration!! not because you’re skinny, but because you are fit and toned. I strive to be as fit as you one day!

    keep up the good work and know that we all love you and whoever has bad things to say are just envious of how great of a person you are!

  193. Meg says:

    As someone recovering from an eating disorder I find you to be a great source of motivation to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Never have I thought of you as triggering or of having an eating disorder yourself.

  194. Paloma says:

    Hey Cassey,

    So I’ve been following your blog for just a little bit, but from what I’ve seen, I absolutely love it. As someone who actually had a very serious ED for 3 years (I was bulimic and anorexic during high school), your blog is the opposite. You exude positivity and its very obvious that you do what you do for yourself (in the most uplifting way possible). There are many more people on the internet who actually do what others claim you do. You don’t fat-shame people and like you said this is a fitness blog so what you blog about is fitness. If you called it your “daily life” blog, it’d be a different story. I personally find your blog as a breath of fresh air from other “weight loss/fitness” blogs because you’re realistic. You mention that your schedule is more flexible than others and this is what you do for a living. Your recipes are made of REAL ingredients that are available at the grocery store, your workouts are free and able to be done in your own house, and you don’t come off as someone who “looks down upon” people who don’t follow your lifestyle. I personally can relate to your style of maintaining fit. I like having a concrete plan that I can follow. Anyway, point is … if you ever read this, I’m glad I discovered your site. You come off genuinely sweet and happy and its good to see someone out there trying to share what they do know with others.

    P.S. To all those haters who are “soy is bad, dairy is bad, red meat is bad, blah blah blah … let’s face it everything these days gives you cancer. All we can do is try our best with the knowledge that we do have.

    1. Camille says:

      Amen Paloma! lol

  195. Erina says:

    We need negative people to show how much of a positive person you are!!! I am one of those person who will try everything and anything to challenge myself, not to harm or hurt myself or to anyone.

    You are such a generous person to share you experience and knowledge to everyone here, you inspired not just me, but tons of people to shape up to achieve for something, your case, the bikini contest, my case, that pair of skinny jeans!!

    I do at least two of your workouts eveynight before bed, how much have I saved on buying DVD? I am sure I am not the only one!!! I am pretty sure the ones who attack you too workout to your videos too.

    Not worth getting upset about those people. Just did your pick me up workout, am all charged up now!!! *kiss and cuddle* love u!!

  196. Christine says:

    The root of all evil is low self-esteem.
    The internet allows us to be anonymous and less careful about our comments. I respect how you put ‘everything on the line’ by posting everything you do, but that also makes you vulnerable.

    When you receive negative responses, remember the first line.

  197. Lucy says:

    I found your blog page last night, not even sure how I got to it, but I instantly fell in love. You’re beautiful and you have a real women’s body. I have yet to really read anything post on your site that promote ED’s or being obssesive. You just seem like someone who sets goals for themselves, motivated and commited to living and finding happiness whereever you can. Who knows. At any rate, this is a positive reply, and I hope it makes you feel a little better! I’m off to do a workout of yours right now!! Wish me luck 😉


    1. blogilates says:

      so happy u found me!

  198. Grati says:

    I HAD to comment on this post and sa that I’m just as surprised as you were by those comments. I NEVER,even for a second thought you and ED have anything in common. I don’t think mentioning tigh gap or zero-calorie-noodles is triggering in any way.
    Yes,you look great,you’re thin and toned.Should that mean you need to slack off?And mostly,since being healthy and working out is your passion,should you stop or take it easy just because you’re not overweight? Of course not.Shold someone like Steve Jobs stop working because he’s rich enough already?That’s so wrong.If you enjoy taking care of your body and working out,if you enjoy challanging yourself then GO FOR IT !
    As for the eating part,i know how hard that it.I find an info now and two weeks later i’ll find out that product is actually not that good.I think that our diet (generally speaking,not as in weightloss diet) is our responsability. I am responsabile for what i take or don’t take out of your advices.And if you’re wrong what?Everyone makes mistakes.When it comes to foods and fitness there’s still a lot to be learned and no one has the ultimate answer (or will ever have,since we are so different).
    This was a long comment,but i really felt your pain…I think people sometimes like to point fingers instead of analysing themselved.The attack you for checking you progress in the mirror (and who doesn’t???honeslty now) and calling you ED’d,but don’t mind bashing celebrities for putting on weight or hating their bodies.
    If your blog promotes EDs in any way,then I don’t know where should one look for healthy recomandations . Just do YOUR best Cassey!

  199. Kayla says:

    Cassey I just wanted to say that after four children, I recently decided to try and lose weight. I tried P90X and Insanity and all those workouts did was make me feel fatter and horrible that I couldn’t even get through the workout. Then I found your channel on youtube. You are so positive and encouraging and most importantly HAPPY!! After a few weeks of your pilates and some Zumba, I realized I just didn’t want to lose weight, I wanted to get in shape. I honestly don’t know anyone can say that your idea of healthy is just being skinny. The message I got from your workouts is burn fat, but become healthy and strong. After a few weeks I have took your clean eating advice and am now down almost 20 pounds. Not only did the weight come off, I now have muscle and feel so positive about myself. Please don’t let other peoples negativity make you feel like you are not doing a good job. I can tell when I do your workouts and read your blog that you genuinely care about what you do and others. Thank you for your encouragement. I think you are an awesome trainer and doing your workouts are my “me” time for the day!

  200. Mary says:

    Hey girl,

    There’s a lot of hate in this world, towards others and towards ourselves. A lot of comparison, a lot of self-conciousness. I’m nowhere near fit–I’m a former team-sport athlete but 10 years after ending that lifestyle my BMI floats around 29 to 30 and all that’s left is the competitive mindset. I don’t honestly always know when in my heart I’m terrible towards someone–in my mind, in writing, or out loud. I never know when it’s because of my envy or my self-loathing. I have to confess that while reading your blog I’ve had extreme jealousy, though I never wrote of it or acted negatively or thought negatively towards you. This time I directed it all towards myself. How I could be so lazy, or so un-pretty, or so stupid to have let myself get this far from where I came from physically or emotionally. I used to be pretty like you–when did I become THIS girl?

    I imagine for a lot of people the basis of the statements come from that dark part we all have in all of us and we know we need to reorganize our mindset and our worldview. God didn’t make me ugly, and being a Christian he’s offered me so much more spiritually, yet somehow I still limit myself to the patterns of the world–the anger, the resentment, the hate, the hurt, the unhappiness. But I can’t hear or see God, I only hear or see the ads or the voices or the looks or the laughter… and I let them become a part of what I think I should be.

    I don’t know why I’m writing this… maybe it’s just to get it all out. But I want you to know that all of us are in the same struggle, and no matter what people say, whether they speak out of their happiness or out of their hurt, whether they see what you do as helping or harmful, it all speaks more to the nature of the speaker than it does to you. Let it serve to lead you to analyze yourself and your situation but do not let it dictate what happens next. If they don’t write out of genuine concern disregard what they say.

    Continue to love those around you.

    1. The name is Jenna! says:

      That was a really lovely comment. xx

  201. Ashley says:

    Definitely didn’t read all the comments, but I agree with the ones I read.
    Keep doing what you do – encouraging and motivating individuals to live to their fullest potential. We all need that kick in the bum!
    I can understand the harsh comments piercing your heart, after all you are simply human (thank goodness!) 🙂 But like everything in life, we have a choice when it comes to how we react to the consequences that come our way. People trashing what you do and who you are is a consequence of putting yourself out there especially in the fitness field (which needs a heck load of work when it comes to body image!). It’s unavoidable to be talked about (positively and negatively).
    You are an inspiration to many, and have {literally} a whole army of individuals looking up to you for guidance and support. For some of your readers YOU are the ONLY ONE SUPPORTING them in their life as they tackle their body image and goals.
    The best you can do is allow yourself to release those emotions – cry, punch a pillow, yell into a tub of water (no one hears you this way), and then carry on. Don’t carry the weight of negative words, they will eventually bring you down if you carry it all.
    As for the ED talk, some may be jealous of your level of fitness, others may honestly just be concern with your size -in your defence, you are a petit girl, its your body type to be small. Use their concern as a check to make sure that you are still on track with where you are going – even for professionals it can be easy to get carried away and not notice it right away.
    As for your perfectionism, its a good quality to have sometimes, but don’t forget to cut yourself slack and especially to congratulate and celebrate all that you have achieved, its oaky to not always be focused on the next thing to achieve. If all we did was strive at life we would all be miserable as we forgot to look at the achievements we’ve made. Be happy with where you are now and once you’ve enjoyed it for a bit then move on forward to the next thing – this too is all about balance 🙂
    You have a gift, keep using and expanding it.

    1. Ashley says:

      I forgot to add my main point!
      people will always have an opinion and if we try to please everyone then we will end up splint into 1000 pieces and still unhappy. It’s your life you are living, you are the 1st person that should enjoy it and be happy 🙂

  202. Jessica says:

    Im late on this but still just wanted to add on.i have much to say on this but i will keep it short.cassey you literally saved my life after struggling with bulimia for 8 years i came across your videos and slowly started changing my everyday habits. What you talk about and the advice you give is no where near having an ed. Forget it.its jealousy from people that have nothing better to do. You keep doing what you do best!:)

    1. blogilates says:

      aww good job girl, i am so proud of u!

  203. Lola says:

    I started doing POP pilates a few months ago, when I weighed 120 lbs at 5’7″. I’m a thin girl, and I was never insecure about my body. I never worked out, I ate whatever I wanted, and I was lucky enough to never experience weight fluctuations. That’s just the kinds of genes I inherited. So when I read these comments that you’re writing about, which imply that skinny girls should have no business trying to tone up, I can’t help but find it completely ignorant. Yes, I’ve started eating healthier because of you, and doing POP Pilates every day, and I’ve noticed my butt firming up and pressing up tighter against my body (YAY!!). This does NOT mean that I’ve degenerated into a skeleton or that I have body dismorphic disorder, anorexia, an exercise addiction, the list goes on and on. I’m abroad right now, and I want to look extra good for when I come home to my boyfriend (and bikini season!). You inspire me to do that, and to keep pushing myself with the workouts. You’re an inspiration and I think some of these negative comments should just be filtered out of your focus completely. Your real fans know what you mean by what you say.

  204. Natalie says:

    Please don’t be sad, you really are so awesome!
    I’ve only just started your courses and walking like a little robot hehe,

    The way you are, the enthusiasm, fun and joy you bring to all you do simply shines through, it’s why we enjoy exercising with you, your like the breath of fresh air for the day.

    censor shmensor there are sooooo many fake people out there ! just be you we love you for it! Hehe just dont make me laugh when i stretch hehehe You have a lovely sense of humour, anyone complaining needs humourtraining ! Maybe a separate course :p to be found on YouTube!

    I’m amazed at your dedication, and keep reminding myself that although I can’t quite keep up at the moment ( hehe you just about killed me hehehehe so sore :p), that one day hopefully I will,

    your skill, strength have been got through painful gritty hard work and determination to get there and the result of that is you! Hopefully I’ll get a perfect bum too :p so I think your VERY qualified to talk about how to achieve this!

    Anyway just shine on as you are you rock!
    Don’t worry about these others they are I think very threatened by someone who is successful, well liked, and who is achieving a lot of good, …a person that can help one person acheive there goal is gold, but I think you’ve helped so many more.

    Anyway thanks so much for making your courses!
    And being so generous as to share your information and time.

    Kind regards and best wishes Natalie

  205. Toni says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m really glad I found this blog and your exercise videos. I love your enthusiasm and optimism and I would never associate you with anything ED or harmful. Just the opposite: You’re one of the few fitness personalities that make me enthusiastic about exercise and inspire me to do my best.

    I just happened across this particular entry and it made me sad to think that anyone was bullying you (because while, as one person noted, when certain comments turn personal and spiteful, it stops being valid criticism and starts being something else). You just seem like such a sweetheart.

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you’re doing and thanks for being such an inspiration. o/ <3

  206. Marie says:

    Wow… sorry I just wrote you a freaking novel! 😛

  207. Marie says:

    I am new to your blog, and I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I’ve been working to shed those winter pounds that seem to creep up every year and it has been wonderful to feel like someone is really supporting me and encouraging me to get back into my healthy habits.
    This might be a little late in coming, since you wrote this post in September, but I know that for those of us who take things personally (guilty!), these things can stick, and really come back to bother you long after the fact. I can really relate to getting flack for wanting to improve your body. I’m naturally tall and fairly slender, but like I said, sometimes I fall out of my healthy habits and I have to work harder to get back into them. I do it because it makes me feel better, gives me more energy, improves my outlook on the world, and, yes, MAKES ME LOOK BETTER. And everyone’s response is, “You already look great, you don’t need to worry about it!” I mean, thanks, but that’s not really very encouraging. Really, it makes me feel bad about wanting to be healthy. Lame. I used to sell women’s active wear, and women actually used to tell me that they shouldn’t be hiring “skinny girls” like me because that’s not what they were going to look like in these clothes. Wait… you are criticizing my body for looking good, and telling me I’m unfit to sell workout clothes because I WORK OUT in them?
    To those women, and to all the women out there who want to criticize our healthy choices, we just have to say that this is my body and this is what works for me. I’m doing this in a healthy way and I’m not apologizing for it. You are making your diet choices based on what works for your body. You’re encouraging healthy eating and putting real food into your body, not crash dieting. Your workout routine is more intense than some peoples’, but that’s what you do for a living! Really, it’s your body and your way of doing things. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I think that more people find it encouraging that you promote healthy habits in a positive way. I know I do, so I want to thank you for not being afraid to be you, and for always supporting us in our efforts to better ourselves.
    Love love love,

  208. baker says:

    hay dont let others get you down you have so many good fans like me and the rest of them you are doing a good job so many people are achiving gols they never dream of and its all down to you, keep up the good work you are fab 🙂

  209. Shanna-Marie says:

    Hi Cassey!

    So glad I found you! I’m a really big fan and your videos are easy and honestly extremely fun. You, SaraFit, Tracy Anderson and Tara Stiles are my go-to girls! I’m a very healthy girl after quitting smoking and overcoming two eating disorders on my own. I eat clean, barely drink, ride a bike and do your workouts as much as possible! I’m sorry if people hurt your feelings and people should know you are inspiring and are behind an extremely healthy lifestyle. Just discovered the TIU protein pancake recipe. Excited to try it. Thanks 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      yay! welcome 🙂

  210. Lea says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I love all your enthusiasm and fantastic workouts! Thank you so much for sharing your love for health and fitness with us!
    I love everything healthy and love doing sports too and I think you are so lucky to be able to be base your life around this, I would really love to do that in the future.
    Everyone has different beliefs for healthy diets but just remember than even if a lot of people disagree with some things you say just remember that SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE IT!
    Looking forward to trying out your next workout videos!
    p.s I have a question. I know that the gap between your thighs is something that looks great and I would love to have it myself but do you think that everyone can get it, no matter their genes?
    Thanks again!

  211. Kelsey says:

    Unfortunately no matter what you post online, no matter how helpful, well intentioned, or innocent it may be, someone is going to make a terrible comment about it. Its easy to be negative when you can hide behind a computer. Almost none of those people would have the cojones to make unjust or cruel comments to your face. You’re putting yourself out there and someone’s going to have a bad day, be jaded, have issues with themself, and people are always going to do that. They aren’t going to be reasonable or empathetic or understanding. Those people will never stop posting as long as you continue online.

    Just keep doing what you do, because you’re helping me and thousands of other people at this point. Since your brand/image is becoming more and more popular thanks to the internet, you should prepare yourself for more of these negative people. Easier said than done but honestly there’s just going to be more of that. You’re so young to be so accomplished! Dont let anyone take that away from you.

  212. Anna says:

    I don’t want to be redundant and repeat what others have posted, but you truly are an inspiration! Your positive attitude really get me through a workout and I love your videos, posts and tips. I have tried and failed at improving my health over and over again (like many, I begin a New Year’s resolution and stop by March). However, I’ve still been going since November and now healthy living really is a habit; I’ve lost 20 pounds, my genetically high cholesterol is normal and I’m no longer fatigued all the time (part of this is due to the thyroid medication I’m on now, but I believe a healthier lifestyle has been a huge contributor)… and I owe thanks, in part, to you.

    I just wanted to share some quotes that I think about when others put me down, due to whatever reasons they may have…

    “If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them.”

    “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still like air, I’ll rise.”

    “View challenging people as your assignment. Ask yourself: ‘What is this person meant to teach me?’ Every person in our lives has a lesson to teach. Some lessons include: to become stronger, to be more communicative, to be more self-loving, to know when to let go, to be nothing like this person.”

    “When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help.” – Thich Naht Hanh

    “Never let your tears and sensitivity blind you. If someone hurt you, they showed you who they are.”

    “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” -Christian D. Larson

    “I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

    “Never hate your haters. Respect them. Because they are the ones who think that you’re better than them.”

    I realize some of those are quite lengthy and there are quite a few, but I hope some of them truly speak to you and can help you get through any pain someone may inflict on you.

    I know that you posted this blog entry a while ago, but I also know that there will always be small-minded/jealous/insecure/ignorant/or just plain oblivious people who knowingly or inadvertently make negative comments and/or accusations… Just hold your head up high and think about how much of an inspiration and hope you are to the majority of your followers. That you are living your life to the fullest, improving yours and your followers’ standards of living by improving yours/their health and because you are helping others in such a positive way, you really are working with purpose.

    1. blogilates says:

      thank u 🙂 love u.

  213. Laura says:

    Hi Cassey

    I was quite touched by what you wrote as some people are quite ignorant of what other people do. I wanted to say you are really an inspiration, I am a competitive figure skater and I’ve been off from an injury for a while now , i tore my achilles tendon, and now that i am returning to skating i was browsing you tube for different workout styles and i accidently came across your workouts on you tube, and i haven’t looked back, they have not only helped my get back to my pre skater shape but they leave you feeling great, it is also just the way you connect with people you aren’t like every other personal trainer out there, you are amazing, thank you for what you do 🙂


  214. Stephanie says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I just discovered your website a few weeks ago. I have been following your videos and admire you tremendously for all the hard work you have put into making this blog and for being so fit. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to that. Please do not listen to those people writing negative comments. Unfortunately some people do not know the meaning of respect and dedication and decide to bring others down. You are an inspiration to me and to everyone else who follows your blog. I wish you the best.


  215. Hannah says:

    I haven’t read through all of the comments or even the recent posts.
    I just started doing your pilates videos and I love them, great pace and very motivating.
    I have struggled with some food issues, and I have to say there was one thing that I came across that made me feel uncomfortable — it was out of your court though.
    Some of the inspiration boards that you had readers design and post had “thinspo” imagery that I thought crossed a line. I think that by writing this post you addressed my concerns and I feel more confident in continuing to watch your videos now that I can see where you are coming from.

  216. jackie says:

    hi cassey,
    i dont ever say anything on your website,(cause i dont have the need to voice my opinion, i know what i think and thats good enough) more of a watch and learn/enjoy/cry sometimes/smile. when i read your last post it encouraged me to keep goin, cause i was losing it for a couple days. and as for your commment about looking in the mirror to watch your progress like a conceited bi-otch, i laughed out loud, mind u its hard to make me do that especially in the morning. you know cassey i laughed because i love to do that! it makes me feel good! and most importantly i know im not a conceited biotch and i know that you arent either, thats why we can say these things and be comfortable cause its all in good fun. so im sorry those things hurt your feelings… and you didnt offend those people, sorry to say, they are most likely offended by themselves and looking for a scapegoat. like i said i dont usually feel the need to voice my opinion but when i read this post it made me sad for u and mad that people wld be so mean, when really they need to just get right w themselves and stop worrying about what they think is so good for other people.
    thank you cassey for being the best
    i hope i see u around frisco one day 😉


    1. blogilates says:

      thanks for the supportive comment 🙂

  217. Sophie says:

    ok i just realised how old this was…. but still!!

  218. Sophie says:

    obviously i didn’t read all the comments, so i may be repeating… but I just want to say, you’re incredibly successful, you’re famous in a way, you’re very beautiful and you have the PERFECT body. think about it, you’re a great source for envy, and you know what they say…. the more haters reveals the level of success :p. you shouldn’t take bad things that people say personally, because for a start you don’t know what kind of person they are. they may be angry at the world, and let it out from the safety of their computers at home, and they’ll say ANYTHING to get a reaction. they themselves may have mental problems, they may just be plain stupid, you don’t know… anyone who says you’re promoting eating disorders is not thinking with a clear mind. anyone who says you are not a good example of ultimate health is not thinking with a clear mind. and about the thing in the mirror… i couldn’t find the post and didn’t see it, but i don’t know how looking at yourself in the mirror is a sign of an ED, even if you do it a lot. In fact it would be strange if you didn’t, you’re a fitness professional who cares a lot about being FIT. checking that it’s working alright seems logical, not unhealthy. and nobody is perfect, admitting to that if anything makes you even more admirable. just next time you get bad comments from people, bare in mind celebrities like rihanna or lady gaga… most people love them, but some people don’t, and they get horrible stuff said about them all the time. i guess you need to start ignoring people like that, you know they are wrong, so why listen?

  219. Christina Garcia says:

    You are a remarkable person trying to create positivity and healthy living a wonderfully FREE thing and it is people like you that we need. I have done the fad diets and other programs, but they told me no when you give me the loop hole to something sweet and good for me. I appreciate you and all that you do on your blog. You are on my inspiration board because I want to not only want to work for a body like yours, but have the positivity you expel! Thank you! However, listen to the comments your read and listen to the pain behind the difficulty words people write. You’re obviously getting to them and they have not registered the fact that they have issues, but one day they will see what you have done for them in pushing them with positive words. You can do this and you’re changing the way we think about working out and eating better!

  220. Rosa says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to encourage you! I am a diagnosed bulimic and I chose to visit your blog because it IS a HEALTHY alternative! It’s so refreshing to see the way you fight against eating disordered behaviors in promoting overall HEALTH! You identify with every woman out there and yet you push through those unhealthy thoughts — What an encouragement!! The things your share are certainly NOT negative, they are the complete opposite! You encourage the right choices, but I have NEVER once seen you say anything about restriction! Cassey, you are doing a great job! Keep doing the right thing and keep being yourself. I promise that you are serving as an awesome example to countless others.

  221. Firah says:

    Awww Cassey!!! We love you and that’s all that should matter! I love how you’re real, genuine and relatable. I feel like you could be my BFF! I am definitely NOT going to give up cheese or the occasional cupcake or burger but I’ll try my best to steer away from it unless I’m around friends or family. You’re not perfect and neither is everyone else in the world – these haters can’t expect us to live like fitness models. They are amazing at what they do because they get PAID to eat and look like that. They earn a living by revolving around fitness, health and nutrition 24/7. For the rest of us, we can only try our best. Life is about having fun and if you’re just sitting in the corner eating your salad when your friends invite you to a party or say no to your mum’s famous apple crumble just because it’s got tons of sugar just because you want to as healthy as possible then that’s not really living. Just want you to know that you’re amazing and you are the #1 person I look up to 🙂 These haters are probably just a bunch of pigs and keyboard warriors attacking on someone as FIT as you are just because they’re too lazy to get off their bums and do something about it. We love you and idolize you, don’t ever forget that! Xxxx

  222. mi says:

    Being a perfectionist isn’t healthy. I am one myself and I’m always stressed out or worried about not being good enough for myself. Just do what you got to do because you love it and because it’s good for you. No one is perfect and perfection varies from person to person. reach your goals to reach them and that’s it.

    I have to say personal censorship is indeed a must to ensure professionalism. Overall I like what I see so far and will try to implement your workouts into my daily routine.

    Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

  223. Laurie says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I just came across this blog from a while back, but I just need to reply. Please don’t let those other comments of people telling you how you’re promoting eating disordered eating bring you down. I myself, am currently struggling with an eating disorder and everytime I see one of your video’s, I am so motivated to get FIT instead of stick thin. Though I’m still struggling, I just wanted to say how helpful your optimistic attitude and this kind of honesty is. I hope you keep continuing with what you’re doing, because though some people may not agree with it, you’re helping people every day by making the right choices. I wish the best for you <3


  224. Monique Waters says:

    Casey… I found your workouts on you tube and love them… I love to work out and they are fun.. For me I know how it is to be judged.. But keep up what you are doing as there are many that like what you post and the work outs your put up.. And your smile and fun about things… Don’t let the negative ruin what you give…

  225. Julie says:

    Just want to say you have changed my life. I love you and your blog. Don’t let people get you down. Keep doing what you are doing, you are helping so many people. I love you Cassie!!!!

  226. Shebly says:

    Sorry Im just reading this now but once i saw this i had to say something. I just found your blog about two weeks ago via Pinterest by the way! And it has motivated me like nothing ever has. I LOVE your videos and all of your tips!! I never once thought that they were eating disorder like. I know that what you share is for the better of everyone and I just wanted to thank you for sharing!! I went from sitting on my butt every night to doing your workouts every night and JOINED A GYM on top of that! Your blog has completely changed the way I think about nutrition as well. I think of it has energy to by body! Ive only been on this workout kick for two weeks but i have already lost 7 lbs. I just wanted to thank you for all of the time that you put into this blog. You really are helping a lot of people. And to those people who are just going to put you down, they are not even worth it! When you see something like that just think of all of the positive people that you have helped tremendously!! Thank you!!!

  227. Molly says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I just wanted to say that I think that these attacks are totally ridiculous. I am recovering from an eating disorder, and I can say that your blog is not triggering for me in any way and has really inspired me to be healthy! It has helped me a lot to have your advice for healthier living. I really think that the claims that your blog is somehow supporting eating disorders are completely ridiculous- especially about you “checking your progress in the mirror” as if that’s unhealthy… Are you supposed to try and catch your reflection in a puddle somewhere? Or are you supposed to ask everyone you see if they can tell you if your butt looks more toned?
    Sorry for the really long comment! I also haven’t read the other comments yet, so sorry if this is what everyone has been saying for the past few months!

    1. blogilates says:

      “Are you supposed to try and catch your reflection in a puddle somewhere? ” I love this

  228. Anonymous says:

    I just read this post (I know it’s a little late, but whatever..), I think people who gave you those comments only heard what they wanted to hear.
    You’ve helped me get off the couch (and school books) to do some exercise. I’ve also decreased my consumption of sweets and other processed food just by reading your blog. As far as the exercise part, we all need to do at least 30 minutes a day anyway.. I don’t see why we shouldn’t burn fat and gain some muscles (I’m rooting for solid weight).

    p.s. I’ve been doing the food baby and the new body makeover this past month. It’s great! I’m sorry for all the cussing during the workout.. :p

    Sweden’s a fan!

    1. blogilates says:

      love my swedish fans!

  229. April-Tequila says:

    hey Cassey.
    As someone who does have an ED i want to say that you are an inspiration to me, your videos and recipes have been a lifeline to me.
    i’m in recovery now and i find it hard to get a balance with my eating, sometimes i binge, because my body still doesnt think its going to get food and sometimes i just cant eat but your workouts help me to put binges behind me and just workout and your recipes encourage me that i can always eat something totally tasty and healthy. i noe love to cook and just generally enjoy life. i’d love to become a fitness and pilates instructor one day as i really do enjoy it and its partly thanks to your videos and blogs that i have this dream and brighter future so i personally want to thankyou for your part in my recovery! =]
    April-Tequila xxx

  230. Kathleen says:


    I never am the type to write comments on internet blogs or websites but I really wanted to send you a message telling you what a FABULOUS trainer and person you are. you are very inspirational – people live longer and feel better when they eat healthy and exercise- and your posts help me so much! I wouldn’t spend much time with what the mean anonymous posters have to say- trolling the internet and being overly critical is a joyous past time for them! Thanks again for all of your workout and health tips, they make me feel healthy and happy!


  231. Madalina says:

    Cassey, I just want to tell you you’re a charismatic person, thumbs up for your videos. And you look like Cristina character from Grey’s Anatomy ;x. Keep going with bloging and POP Pilates, because.. you do right what you do. You’re such a nice person, seriously!

  232. Nancy Reis says:

    I know you write this post long time ago… but after reeding it I felt that I have to write some words.
    I’m a master degree student and I’m the most part of my day in laboratory or in the office reading papers. I found your website 2 days ago 🙂 finally I found the right workout schedule for me that i can do in home.
    Is amazing the quantity of exercises you post. You are pure energy!! and is funny to see your videos… they make me laugh cause they are silly and motivational at the same time 🙂
    The only critic I have is I don’t agree so much with your meal planing (is restrictive maybe in future more options) but is something that each person have to find for themselves according with their physical activity, and nutritional tastes.

    Big hug from Portugal

  233. Johanna says:

    I love your work outs and nutrition tips. Im sorry people say hurtful things. But you are the best trainer I have had in a long time. the vids are great and keep me motivated. Plus, I love the titles to your workouts because I want to know what Im getting into and going to target. I don’t want to do the same thing every day. Much love and keep up the good work!

  234. Marta says:

    Hello Cassey

    I’m from Spain, really far away from you, but every day I workout with you. Your work is great, I do love it!. It is very generous from you to share those videos with us. They are very good balanced and I can choose whatever I want to work each day, so: THANK YOU!.

    Besides, you are GORGEOUS, never forget it! You know that it makes people to feel ENVY, just it, it is part of been a charismatic person.

  235. lesr says:

    i absolutely LOVE your INNER THIGH GAP Routine!! The name caught my attention and is exactly what I have been searching for. I had seen so many workouts that worked everything else. I needed to get to work on this badly and there it was the perfect printable! Thanks so much for your blog, your sweet smile, and your motivating workouts.

    You are AWESOME and don’t you forget it!

  236. Nikolett says:

    I ♥ Blogilates:)
    Cassy you are my role model, you teach me to never give up and to fight all the way till the end!
    I will never forget the first time i exercised “with” you:) I was hurting so badly but i was able to make it trough thanks to your beautiful smile and encouraging words.
    So please don’t ever let those negativ people drag you down, just keep doing what you love and what you believe in!
    I’ll do the same and i hope both of us will find the formula for ourselves;)

    ps: sorry for my bad English i hope it’s make some sense:)

  237. Katie says:

    My apologies for mis-spelling your name! Shoot!

  238. Katie says:

    Dear Cassie,

    I came across this post as I was browsing your page and had to stop and let you know that what you are experiencing in your comments section is a pretty normal part of being in the public eye. I am a professional researcher/social activist. I have learned a few things over the years that I will briefly share with you now:

    1) No matter what, there will ALWAYS be critics. Some of what they say will be valid – after all, who doesn’t have a little room for improvement? A lot of critics, however, tend to operate on the notion that, “If she isn’t doing what I would do she must be wrong”. My standard approach to figuring out when to listen and when to ignore? Ask a critic to offer a valid counter-option/suggestion to what they are taking issue with and provide reasoning for it. You may learn something! If they cannot, well….you see that they are critiquing you without an information base to support their claims and are quite likely being unrealistic. As a person in the public eye, you are going to need to learn when to accept the truth of a comment, when to recognize it as a symptom of the writers’ own malaise/unhappiness/preconceived notions, and how to ‘shrug it off’ when you need to. Your heart will break if you don’t.

    2) Internet bullying does happen. Be aware of the difference between a critique and a personal attack. There are (sadly) people in this world who thrive on entering chatrooms or groups and stirring the pot. Some of them even make very unfair character assessments. That is not fair or right. If you have an internet bully, ban them and do not feel bad about it. You are trying to do a positive thing here. Accept that you cannot change them.

    3) You are widely appreciated. The evidence of that is in your growing equipment line, great feedback, MASSIVE viewing counts on your vids, and hopefully some expanding paid contracts. If you weren’t capable or deserving, none of this would be happening.

    4) Have a friend or colleague critically discuss your posts or approaches with you. They will be able to help you decide if/when you are being a little ‘off the path’ with your comments. I haven’t yet seen anything that raised flags, but hey – a second or third pair of eyes never hurts when you are concerned about message delivery.

    Thank-you for your wonderful attitude, tips and work-outs. It is very difficult being a young woman who is out in the world and trying to make a difference. Keep your positivity flowing, your inner light shining and protect yourself from the negativity that is rampant in our society. ALSO – always remember that you are doing a wonderful thing here. You are teaching people to love their bodies enough to take care of them. If your videos help make improvements in the life of just one new person every week, you are achieving something WONDERFUL.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for this wonderful comment and for taking the time to write it! And from a professional! I am honored 🙂

  239. Esther Cornelia says:

    Hi Cassey,

    It´s been a few months since you posted this but I´ve only been a ´popster´for about a month so this is the first time i read this.
    I have to say that I feel kind of shocked after reading all the bad comments you get from people.
    In my opinion, they are just ignorant and above all I think they feel a lot of envy and jealousy by your willpower and enthousiasm and your amazing body. You look great and you work hard for that, all the reason to be really really proud of yourself. And apart from your looks, I love your blogs, your comments, your inspirational stories and your bags! I think you inspire people. And I admire you.
    I know it´s hard to read negative comments about yourself or something you do, and we human beings tend to pay more attention to the bad things people say than to the good. But we popsters love you and admire you 🙂

  240. Anastasa says:

    Hi Cassey, I know you posted this a while back, and are no longer feeling this way, but I just want to tell you that you were my inspiration for overcoming my ED. I too was a chubby kid and when I got into high school I realized “Hey, I’m fat and eat like crap. I should stop.” And I did, because I too am a control freak perfectionist who has a lot of self discipline.. So, needless to say, I took it to the extreme, got what I wanted but felt like crap once I got there. Anyways, I was researching new workouts and I found yours and thought it looked interesting. So I did the workouts and actually felt it the next day. So I continued to follow it and it has now been 5-6 months … I think… And my mom brought it to my attention that I have made amazing progress and now eat a wide range of things and I thought that is was all because of you. You provided the workouts and when I felt like I had no energy to do them I looked at your recipes and chose one of the lowest calorie one and tried it, felt better and worked out. Over time I found I was trying different recipes, ones with a higher caloric count, and slowly but surely built myself up overtime. So, again, thank you for being a great inspiration and challenging me to try my best.

    1. blogilates says:

      omg this is an amazing story. congratulations. you’re inspirational.

  241. Kiki says:

    As a former anorexic/bulimic in recovery, I can honestly say that I find you refreshing, inspirational and vibrant when it comes to your delivery in training, food tips, blogs, videos…etc. You come across as honest, heartfelt and your vibe is relaxed and confident. To all those haters out there, they’re battling their own insecurities and lack the emotional maturity to see you as a positive icon since they’re bogged down by their own negativity. Your strength lies in your ability to remain untouched. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve inspired me from your first video. Don’t let the bastards get you down – I think you’re groovy =). P.S. You’re stunning!! Inside and out. =) xx

  242. Chelsea says:

    Hey Cassey,

    As a person who is struggling with disordered eating and thoughts, I can see where some people may be triggered. But nobody is making them come here. Just themselves.

    It made me sad that people would think to criticise you like that. But, you shouldn’t have to explain your feelings to anybody if you want to. This post was a great eye-opener to those people who write nasty comments, to see that hey, you do have feelings, and you do have those days where you’re not feeling so good about yourself. Good on you for being you! And your amazing blog 😀 x

  243. Kiri says:

    As someone who is physically healthy, but is still struggling with the “eating disorder thoughts,” I do feel that a certain degree of censoring might be a good thing to keep in mind, but you stress being strong and healthy so much that that message in itself shows through pretty well. People like me are more sensitive to certain things, but it is not your fault we are like that. I’ve had my troubles processing some of the things on here in my head, but that is not your fault at all.

  244. Faith says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I’ve recently found you, in all my attempts of finding a pilates instructor, and I’m so glad I did! I feel that if those people who threw negative assumptions about things they have no idea about shouldn’t have done so. You’re here to help those who are looking to get into great shape without having to pay for a gym membership. I appreciate the favor you’re doing for all of us! Keep up the great work and don’t let anyone discourage you from becoming your best!

  245. Claire says:


    As someone who has recovered from Anorexia; I find you so motivating and inspiring to be STRONG and FIT and HEALTHY. It shocks and angers me that you get comments like these. People can be incredibly ignorant when it comes to others feelings and lives. As someone who also runs a fitness blog, I’ve also been accused of being unhealthy and ‘obsessed’ with working out. In the end, I have a theory that those who send these messages are simply jealous of the progress you’ve made. Look at you! You’re so loved by many. You contribute amazing and wonderful videos to society, that help us. You offer support without asking for anything in return!

    Ignore them! They don’t deserve your thoughts.
    Love, Claire.

  246. karen says:

    Girlie, even Mother Teresa has haters and negative people giving her a hard time every day.

    You’re not perfect, no one is, and it is irrational for your followers to expect you to always be 100% right about everything. I’m a huge fan of yours, not because I think you are a health and fitness know-it-all, but because you never ever fail to inspire me. I have never come across a post of yours that makes me feel like you are a girl with eating or health issues, on the contrary, you always come across as a person who tries her very best to have a healthy lifestyle each and every day, even when it’s hard, and for that I thank you. Thank you for letting me know that you, in spite of your certified fitness experience, you still struggle sometimes to make the right choices, but i see you push through, and make the result worth the sacrifices, and to me, nothing is more inspiring than that.

    I want you to know that it is thanks to you that I eat oatmeal and fruit in the morning instead of a bagel. That I work out 4 times a week now when just 5 months ago, at 25 years old, I had never ever even had put a single foot at a gym. And that today I can look at myself in the mirror completely naked and feel very content with what i see. But most importantly, that I sleep better at night and feel energized all day long thanks to my work outs and healthy meals.

    It’s ok if you have haters, because i’m sure for every hater there’s tons of people having a healthier and happier lifestyle thanks to YOU.

    PS: your make up is awesome, your butt is so tight and sexy, and I love the names you give to your workout videos!!!

  247. Mafalda says:

    When crazy people start writing very nasty comments about your personality or you body, I just think you should tell them that if they’re not happy with what they see, why the hell don’t they leave your blog and go read something else?
    A friend of mine make makeup videos to share so really great tips and I am sometimes appalled at some comments about her having dark circles under the eyes or smokey-eye makeup making her look like a panda bear! It really hurts her feeling.
    As a mum of twins, I know another mum who has a blog like me and some people just told her her kids were ugly, how awful is that?
    At the end of the day, the best you can do is moderate your blog comments and just delete the nasty ones. They’re just a waste of time. Live your dream and don’t give a damn about those critics, they mean nothing.

  248. gagan says:

    I think your blog is amazing and really inspirational. Don’t sweat the small stuff because people may always assume different motives for what we do. As long as you are true to yourself I am sure several other people like myself have been inspired by this blog and are happy to seek guidance in healthy living. Anyone who pushes themselves in their fitness has almost an obsession of it. I love feeling good about myself and can find myself obsessed about going and working out, watching my diet, but ultimately living my life. There is nothing wrong with being a fitness bunny and health nut, and some may argue its obsessive and ed-seeming but they just may be at another place in their life. Anyways just wanted to say let the haters hate, they only make you stronger! xox keep on doing your thing

    1. blogilates says:

      thanks so much for your support

  249. Susan Gray , TN says:

    Are they kidding? Your site and nutrition videos have really helped me improve my health and fitness. You look wonderful. Teach yourself to detach from crazy comments by realizing that those comments tell you more about the commenter than you. It’s okay for them to feel the way they do but don’t pay any attention to them. There are actually people who have no interest in health and fitness but spend hours searching healthy sites to make mean spirited, critical comments. They are not on the site to learn but only to criticize. It may be that they are insanely jealous or feel that they can never attain their dream level of fitness. That simply isn’t true but they won’t reach beyond their fears. Please keep on blogging. You are making a wonderful contribution to the well-being of those follow you. Go, Sis!

    1. blogilates says:

      Aww thank you for this comment. Love u a lot 🙂

  250. Ming says:

    Hi Cassey I really enjoy your website, your writing and all the wonderful things you share with all of us. I think you are a beautiful, fit, confident, sincere, strong, talented woman. You are a great inspiration to us all! Unfortunately there are always people who don’t know how to give constructive feedback. Don’t let them hurt you and continue doing what your heart is telling you to do. Love and hugs.

  251. Mama2boys says:

    Lol I just wanted to say that I totally love your mirror post (I just read it) I was like agreeing out-loud and laughing as I read it!!
    I’m a naturally slim person and have had alot of flack from people when I take care of what I eat and how I treat my body. I get severe hyperemesis when pregnant (which I am at the moment so I’ve gotten behind on your blog :)) and have been told that I’m actually bulimic and making myself vomit because I don’t want to get fat and they think that because I’m back at my pre-preg weight within 24hrs without a sign of having been pregnant except for the baby that they’re right :eye roll: some people are just determined to think the worst and I think because alot of people have trouble sticking to a healthy diet or exercise and aren’t happy with their bodies because of it they want to find excuses to explain why others have that commitment when they don’t and letting themselves off the hook IYKWIM. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into your more hardcore workouts when this little guy arrives and continuing to teach my boys that your body shape doesn’t matter – its about eating well and exercising and taking care of what you have the best you can. Thanks for your help, advice and hilarious posts on mirrors as I do this 🙂

  252. Maria says:

    I myself had an ED a couple of years ago. I’ve done a lot of training in my days and when I was sick I was totally obsessed with healthy food.

    When I recovered from it (and I am perfectly healthy today) and started exercising again I was worried that I would go back to my old way of thinking, getting skinny again or exercising to much.
    I didn’t want that.

    But then I found your channel on Youtube, and I’ve got to say that you are by far the best instructor I have ever had.
    You hare funny, happy, encouraging and most of all NATURAL.
    That is what makes you such a good role model in fitness.
    You make it fun to exercise. You make us want to keep on going and haha, love the burn! I have never ever thought of you as a person representing bad diets and ED. There will always be people complaining, people stepping on others so that they themselves can feel better. Don’t let them get to you. You rock and we love you!

    ps: sorry if my English is a bit weird, I’m from Sweden. You have fans everywhere! Lots of love! Maria

  253. Michelle says:

    Cassey, there is an ass for every seat to put it bluntly!!!
    There will always be someone to complain!
    You are creative, good spirited, and motivating!
    You look great, not just anyone can wear booty shorts and look good in them!
    Please know there are far more people who benefit from your fun workout classes than those who complain!
    Keep the videos coming.
    Thanks a bunch,

  254. Christal says:

    You’re an inspiration! And I’m glad I ran into your videos and blogs. It’s helped me become a more active and heatlhy person. Don’t pay mind to negativitey. If your really happy with what your doing then that’s all that really matters(:

  255. S says:

    Having struggled with an eating disorder and obsessive exercising, I can tell you that you are far from conflicted in either regard. In stumbling upon your blog I feel really motivated to make changes and take care of myself in a healthy way, without deprivation of any sort. I can relate in that the one place I’ve always struggled with being in control is in regard to my body; I know that I only have one physical self in life and it is extremely important to take care of it. I have made excuses for myself to eat next to nothing and work out until I feel black in the head. but reading your posts and recipes, as well as watching videos has reminded me how attainable it is to be fit and healthy. Thank you so so much and never let the haters bring you down!!!!!

  256. Keep your head up honey! I gained 20 pounds after I got married and I am sick of it. Your YouTubes have really helped me. I have been at it seriously for 2 weeks and I have lost an inch!! Thank you!

  257. Alex says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say that you helped me get back into working out. I tore my menial meniscus over summer which is hard for me to deal with because I’m the team captain of my school’s varsity cross country team. I’m still waiting to see if I need surgery but until then I was told no running. I’ve been going insane because running and exercise was my stress outlet. For about three months I have been trying to find some way to stay in shape that didn’t kill my knee. I found your blog on tumblr and started doing some of the workouts. Thank you for helping me regain my sanity and get my stress somewhat in check! Love ya and everything that you stand for!

  258. Steph says:

    Hey! I love your workouts. I’m pretty aware of eating disordered thinking/images on the internetz (as someone who has been recovered from anorexia nervosa for about 13 years) but I think your content is healthy, motivational, and a-okay. Ignore people who criticize. People who truly suffer from eating disorders and are worried about triggering images/words are responsible for monitoring their own internet consumption – that’s not on you, especially considering that you’re not advocating anorexia/exercise obsession. Readers (including me) don’t have to agree with everything you say or do to enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  259. Sarah A. says:

    Ello there, love :]!
    I know it’s hard not to get offended when somone says something WAY critical, trust me. I get so hurt when someone calls me fat, probably because I’ve been called fat my entire life. I used to get made fun of by people at school for it, so when aimed at me without any warning, it cuts deep, and never truly heals. And although it’s only your definition of yourself that matters, I say your makeup is done beautifully, the title for the thighs workout is hilarious [because hello! I WANT A GAP IN MY THIGHS! Not because I’m anorexic, far from it, but because it hurts when you’re wearing shorts and the skin rubs together. -_-] In most parts of the world loooooooong hair is CELEBRATED! I <3 long hair! I wish my abs looked half as good as yours (one day soon they will be!) And I'm just all around grateful for all the FREE videos yiou give us, and information, when we'd typically have to pay tons to get the same info from a nutritionist, or personal trainer. So chin up girly! You're beautiful, and for every hater, there's a hundred backing you up 😀

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks Sarah 🙂

    2. Ash W says:

      I completely agree! Once when I was in Boston I wore a miniskirt and I walked around so much that day that my thighs were so red and sore from the rub. Having a gap there would make walking much easier lol and Do not worry about the nonsense that people are saying. I think what you’re doing is great! I’ve been looking for good workouts that I can do at home for a very long time and I feel like yours are exactly what I want. Nothing you say or do promotes EDs. I think some people really just can’t handle someone who is slim and fit and beautiful like you are so they HAVE to find something negative to say. Keep up what you’re doing because it’s amazing. ♥

  260. rena says:

    I think that what you do is great and I think that you handled the whole ed situation really gracefully. I get that a lot as well because I love working out and do watch what I eat. I like seeing results and know exactly what you mean about looking in the mirror and liking what you see and if you don’t like what you see it puts a damper on things, but the biggest thing is to keep moving forward. I know that I’ll definitely use the workouts that you post and am really glad that I found your blog 🙂

  261. Lucy says:

    im sure by now you’ve had alot of support from your many pilates followers but i thought id add a comment anyway . As a now recovered anorexic i found your pilates channel and blog really inspiring , it helped ALOT to show me that exercise and eating healthy was a much healthier way of maintaining a normal weight , so thankyou for being so good at what you do and so happy its great to know there are people in this world that are as positive as you . I find it absurd that someone thinks you have an eating disorder when clearly your trying to highlight that fact a healthier option for food and a little exercise means you can feel comfortable in your own skin and its so obvious whoever has been saying those things to you does not. so keep on smiling , and your new vid on total body is amazing ! loving the cobra push ups !!!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      thanks lucy!!! cobra pushups are crazy!

  262. sara says:

    you know wut!! u r my idole seriously you r perfectly healthy and I’m sure u motivate many people as u motivate me as well… I’m a bit lazy I started working aout everyday but then I got lasier every a couple of days but I won’t stop completely and whenever I feel like I’m going to I just open ur blog or watch u to get motivated so plzzzz don’t give up wut ur doing cuz I know u inspire maany many pple like me… luv u cassey (l)

  263. Pilota says:

    Those people are trolls. Some just get satisfaction criticising others and putting them down. You’re only gaining popularity and so you have to expect some trolls 🙂 right?
    There is not one of my friends that I’ve introduced your wedsite to that didn’t love it. You’re amazing and you inspire me so much! I’VE DISCOVERED NEW MUSCLES which I never thought I’d ever see on my body because you!! XD
    I don’t think you’re obsessive and if you have goals, well…that’s what anyone following your videos and blog has and your entitled to do what you like with your body as long as it’s clear they’re your personal goals and not necessarily something you advocate.
    Love you!!! Trolls are not worth getting upset!

  264. Emily says:

    So sorry to hear about this kind of email Cassey. A lot of very troubled people seek out information on the internet and just spill out visceral reactions to whatever they read, and it’s really only coming from a place of their own pain and struggle, but it can still be so hurtful!! You are an absolutely wonderful blogger, trainer, and writer, and everything you do is done to the absolute highest standard. That’s why you have so many followers who absolutely love your work and look to it every day to brighten our moods, inspire us, and make us feel great about ourselves. You are not responsible for anyone else’s reactions to your work–but I’m sure if I heard such hurtful comments, I would feel the same way you do.

    You are gorgeous, amazingly positive and charming, and your candor keeps me going every day. Please keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll keep following you! Promise!

  265. Elle says:

    If i could hug you right now, I would! I love you Cassey. Really. You’re such an inspiration. We love you <3

  266. Susie Ludwig says:

    Hang in there Cassey. Im sorry about that sad blog, dont let it bother you. You are such an inspiration to me and what you are doing is good and right. Your are not obsessive or any of those other things. The person who said that is just jealous cause she doesnt look as good as you..its just plain jealousy, which is sad cause you are just doin what you do cause you want us to be fit and healthy, and what is wrong with that…. Keep up the good work……

  267. Jessica Whitlow says:

    Hi Cassey

    I think you are amazing! I work out to your videos every single morning and it is honestly changing my entire lifestyle because I want to be healthy and that is what i see when i look at you. Reading your blog, going through the recipes and foods you recommend has inspired me to completely change my diet, start working out more, and completely change the way i thought about losing weight. If i were to have watched your videos and felt bad about myself i wouldn’t still be doing them every morning. You are such an inspiration to me because of how hard you work at everything you do. I admire that you strive for perfection in yourself, it is part of what motivates me to be better. If someone has something bad to say about you it is because they are jealous of how wonderful you are. Your fitness goals are your own and i have never felt like you pushed that on to your viewers or blog readers. You are a fitness instructor so i think you are expected to have a rockin body and be super conscious of your diet. The way you are motivates so many, i am unbelievably thankful for your videos because i feel so much happier about myself after I endure your brutal workouts that i will gladly say kick my butt and every other muscle:) You are amazing and so beautiful, Don’t stop what you’re doing because there are so many of that are completely inspired by you!

  268. Rebecca says:

    You’re great! Don’t let a bunch of jealous nay-sayers take away the fact that you’re helping lots of people get healthy and live better lives. I love your workouts and they inspire me!

  269. Dawn says:

    Hi Cassie!
    I just wanted to say those folks who complain about you are CRAZY! I love your blog for all of the recipe ideas, amazing exercise programs, and because you are so perky and sassy! I’m a fitness instructor and I love how you cue so many moves (and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve stolen some of your program ideas and use them in my group classes!). You really ROCK. Not to mention, you are gorgeous, smart, funny and I love checking your blog everyday. You can’t please everyone – when you have a large following there will always be someone who has something to complain about. It’s so silly!!
    I loved hearing about your Half Marathon experience too. You have a great writing style. Congrats on the new website design, I love it!
    Hope you have a great day,
    Dawn 🙂

  270. Anna says:

    No one should be criticizing you if you decide to gain or lose weight (except your physician). You are a fitness professional and as such, you know what range of body fat percentages is good for you. If you want to be on the lower end, or even at the lowest end of the range, so be it. You are so obviously passionate about getting into the best shape you can be and helping others achieve their fitness goals!! It’s your career! Personally, I expect fitness professionals to more buff/toned and more aware of their eating habits that most people.
    The mirror post was a little strange, but definitely understandable. Who doesn’t want to see results not only on the scale, in lifting more, running more and faster, etc., but also the mirror?
    You never made me feel bad about myself. In fact after I decided to ditch the 18 lbs that I had put on in college, your videos really helped me. You are always so encouraging and happy in them! I always liked how you often congratulated me at the end of many of them (even though for a while I would often collapse for a few seconds here and there during them). None of them made me feel bad about the way I looked. You made getting back into better than pre-college shape fun!
    As for your physical appearance I always thought that you were pretty, incredibly attractive, and envied your strong abs and long hair 🙂 Don’t stop, you’re amazing!

  271. Jessica says:

    People only hear what they want to hear. People get offended because they don’t want someone telling them what they’re doing is wrong. I’ve found that people will try to tare you down to justify their actions. Keep doing what you’re doing!! You’re beautiful, strong & an inspiration to many!!!

    Much love!


  272. eszter gulyas says:

    dear cassey,
    i ve justread this post and i want to tell you thatyou are an inspiration for me!!!i love and adore all your work outs and tips that you ve sharedwith us so far!!i love your website and the positive atmosphere that lingers around your every move!!!!please do not get sad about silly comments about your hot as hell body:) your beautifully shiny hair and the cute make up that you wear. Those people may not know how hard it is to be a ‘public face’ to hold on to your aims and never give up your dreams -eg better body- whatever happens!!!
    I’m kind of in the same situation , although on a completely different field, and i know it is really hard and soul-consuming to face the negative and provoking comments with a pokerface:)
    but you can do it!please keep up this wonderful work you just do!!!!

    1. Branka says:

      Dear Cassey,

      I’ll just say that I totally agree with Eszter. That’s just envy talking and people often don’t even bother to think twice before they make comments…and words can really hurt 🙁
      Keep on doing your great work 🙂
      Best regards from Slovenia. Branka

      1. Tyas says:

        Dear Branka,

        I agree with you and Ezter, but I have to a little disagree to ‘envy talking’. We can’t deem those people for being envy because we really don’t know, maybe they just didn’t think twice or didn’t use their wordings nicely. Let’s think positively here 🙂

        And Cassey, it’s hard to please everyone, but please always remember we will always love you! You already helped a lot and you’re still doing a lot too 🙂 Thank you very much, Cassie.

        Much love from Indonesia <3

    2. Monica says:

      I agree with Eszter as well. You are amazing, and haters gonna hate 🙂