Quick Ab Workout!

Quick Ab Workout!

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Hey guys!!

I decorated my place in celebration of Fall. You can see my pumpkins, owls and gourds in the video above. I hope you like it! It reminds me so much of how my elementary school teachers used to decorate the classroom for every season. I never really gave much thought to it, but as I get older, I appreciate how the holidays make the year feel more special. Do you feel the same?

Anyway, today’s new workout is a SONG CHALLENGE! QUICK ABS TIME! Woohoo! This particular combo is killer. I paired double leg lifts with criss crosses to attack your lower belly pooch and your core. It is ridiculous. Only 3 min and 14 sec, but super crazy effective.


Only 2 more days left til we begin #ROCKTOBER! (Thanks for helping me come up with the name!) I love it! Just so you know, I am announcing a really cool contest beginning on October 1st where you’re gonna have to show me something to win some crazy prizes! And not just any prizes…some seriously ridiculous stuff!

So watch out for that announcement on the 1st of the month. I will upload a video for you to watch on what you have to do. It’ll be so much fun. I’m planning out all the deets right now!

Oh and here’s a pic with a cute doggy I spotted at the Abbott Kinney Festival on Sunday!

Isn’t she a beauty? I hope you are enjoying my Adventures of Cassey the Dog Stalker series… 😛

Finish this #SepTONEber strong guys!! C’mon, let’s do this!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Love your workout song videos! Also…I’m the biggest dog stalker too haha

  2. Just.Peachy says:

    Please help!!.Ever since i sined up for the newsletters (and the community website thing changed) I have not been able to find the videos. I cant find day 1 of ROCKTOBER videos anywhere, I looked them up on youtube but where are the videos at so it will be easier for me to fetch them from the site?
    I love being apart of the community I have just always had a hard time finding the videos 🙁
    Hope to hear back Cassey you are my inspiration!!!!

  3. Emma says:

    I did every single workout today. And I loved it! But oh my god, I am dying.

  4. Xandra ★ says:

    I got my first little pumpkin today! AND I made it through the workout. YESS

  5. Fernanda says:

    Hi, Casey!

    In a completely different matter, could you do a video with workouts for pregnant women? Like early stage and another to later stage (like with that gigantic belly, LOL) because doctors recommed to continue exercising while pregnant but in a moderate level. It would really help me (and a lot of other women) since I’ve discovered I’m pregnant but don’ t want to stop doing the blogilates videos (specially because I want to put a healthy weight during pregnancy so I can avoid pregnancy hipertension&diabetes, possible baby obesity and also so I can get back on track easier after I have my mini-me).

    Thank you so much!

  6. Jackie says:

    Can’t wait to rock Rocktober! I signed up for the eNewsletter again to receive the October password, but I was sent Septembers? Is there an error in the system? I’d love to print it off a day early so I can start fresh tomorrow! Thanks!! Love you and all the workouts!

  7. Christina says:

    Cassey, I’ve been working out to your videos since April and I can’t thank you enough for what you do. Your positivity has helped get through many tough days. I am so much stronger and flexible than I was before. Today, I did a bridge for the first time. In the past, I’ve been scared to push my head off of the mat for fear of hurting my back or neck — but today I felt strong enough and I did it and I’m so happy! Can’t wait to try this ab challenge! Thank you so so much!

  8. Agyness says:

    I was just wondering what will be the name of next month plan… #ROCKTOBER sounds great <3

  9. Jackie says:

    SepTONEber was a great month! and that new song challenge is OMG LOL!!! can’t wait to Rocktobernad the surprises ^^YAAAAY! hey! and on october 1st, it’s gonna be my Blogilates 1st year anniversary!!!! YAAAAY! love you Cassey and love you Popsters ^^

  10. Steph says:

    Nooo. The site was down a day early. Sadface. I was going to post ways for us to keep in touch. Anyone that wants to find me on Instagram (@scuttle) or Twitter (@ladyscuttle), so it! Lets be friends. I’m going to miss the forums so much!

  11. Christina C says:

    By the way, the dog you are with in the picture, I just wanted you to know that she is adorable!!!

  12. Christina C says:

    This workout really made me sweat! I can`t wait for Rocktober! Love you so much!! <3

  13. Marissa Rocks says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I was watching your “What I Eat in a Day” video (which I loved btw! artistic and cute) and it seems like you use your dinners as a social time to meet friends. I was wondering if you could give advice on a few things dealing with food on a social aspect. I’m afraid of eating out with friends because either they will make me feel bad for my choices, or I’m afraid that they will feel bad for their choices when they see I’m eating healthy.

    I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made on my fitness and diet, but I don’t want people to judge me (i.e. eating disorders) for eating salad all the time because I love salad… and I don’t want to make other girls feel ashamed for eating cheeseburgers or whatever they want when I’m eating veggies. Everyone should get to eat what they want and I don’t want to make my friends feel bad.

    Or for when others comment on what you’re eating, and try to make you feel bad for not eating bread or not getting ice cream with friends because maybe you already had your yolo for the week?

    Do you have any advice on what to say in situations like this? I get embarrassed easily and I don’t like to make my diet into a big deal since it is just what I like to eat!

  14. Lennae says:

    My nails are a hot pink with a zebra accent nail! =)
    I took a picture too!

  15. Gabby says:

    Haha Cassey, I honestly never paint my nails and the one new ab workout i try it’s the day after I spend 4 hours trying to paint my nails and stay accurate 🙂 I used 4 different sparkly shades because I felt sparkly yesterday and then on my thumbs i used white and dark purple to represent my angelic and mysterious sides in the early spirit of Hallowe’en and then I painted my toes neon green and orange because… why not?

  16. Vanna says:

    I think the My Blogilates site is down…

    1. Steph says:

      Yep. I think that was the end of it. I was supposed to be shut down on the 30th, but I think the shut down date arrived early. I was sad. I was about to go on and post my social networking crap to stay in touch with people!

  17. Katrina says:

    Cassey you read my mind!!! I came onto your website today thinking I would try an ab workout and you post a brand new one! You’re the best 🙂

  18. Naomi says:

    I hope the workouts come back on this website, I got really stressed when the website didn’t work just yet!

  19. Deliah says:

    Please Cassey :F
    MyBlogilates doesn’t work anymore so how can I complete today’s workout???

    1. Nicole says:

      Just check the Septoneber calender and find the videos on youtube. She often makes playlists for each day too.

  20. Patti says:

    Cassey, where are you gonna put the videos for October? On blogilates.com?

    1. blogilates says:

      i will continue to make playlists on youtube and I will link to them in my october post 🙂

  21. Heather says:

    I’m always excited for new videos! I love your workouts and your fall decor. Where do you find all your cute decorations?

    1. blogilates says:

      homegoods and world market!

  22. Danica says:

    I wish you’d put together some ab workouts to help correct Diastasis Recti. Just throwing it out there, but I do love your workouts.

    1. Hannah says:

      Yes please help us women with diastasis recti! I’ve gotten mine to mostly close, but still need a little help. Thank : )

  23. Woo I never work my abs, so this is perfect to try out!

  24. Lieselotte says:

    My nails are pink and mint, perfect combo! 😀

  25. Tina says:

    Cassey, there’s something on the internet that freaked me a little bit

    1. Nicole says:

      You can research high carb vegan if you are interested but I wouldn’t worry much about what Freelee has to say. The eat clean diet is backed up by science and Cassey obviously isn’t lethargic or the size of a bodybuilder. She’s lean, fit and hydrated. I have low cal and high cal days now that I don’t count my calories based on how I feel after each meal and how often I get hungry. Some days I could eat a horse and have room for dessert while others I end up eating small meals and rarely snacking.

  26. Connie says:

    I love quick ab workouts. If you keep pushing yourself hard, you’ll definitely see results.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  27. Excited for it, cassey. I can’t wait to try the ab workout this evening. Meanwhile I’m going to get in a morning walk 🙂

  28. Jenna says:

    Yay I love new workout videos especially song challenges! Did you pick a winner for the vitamix ?

  29. Aniqa says:

    Always excited to see your new videos. You are such an inspiration Cassey!