POPFLEX Mermaids Giveaway!

POPFLEX Mermaids Giveaway!


Hey you beautiful mermaids!

Since you’ve been BUSTING your butts, I thought it’d be appropriate to reward you with a GIVEAWAY!!! I am so excited to send one lucky POPster this entire POPFLEX Mermaid Pack!


See everything in that pic above? Eh, probably not – let’s get a closer look…because you gotta see everything that could be yours!

Popflex draw the line legging

This is the Mermaid Draw the Line legging. It has pockets, mesh, and the most beautiful print ever. How can you not love this. These pants are everything. You can wear them over the heel or slightly scrunched at the bottom. Up to you. It’s just…perfection.

popflex set the bar bra

Talk about a back exit to be remembered by! This is the Set the Bar Bra in Nightfall! It’s definitely sturdy enough to hold everything in as your running, jumping, or doing any type of high intensity activity, like PIIT28!

popflex mermaid criss cross top

When I designed the Criss Cross Top, I was imagining how graceful and majestic each one of you would look with those seafoam colored straps accenting your chest. I am really so happy with how it turned out.
popflex seafoam pop short

It’s the Pop Short! I remember working for my first employer straight out of college. I was in the activewear department. I was telling the buyers that booty shorts were all the rage and that we should sell more of them in our stores. They looked at me like I was crazy and laughed. I quit shortly after because I never want to be in an environment where my genuine opinion is not valued. And now…POPFLEX has booty shorts and you guys have proven that booty shorts ARE all the rage! Thank you 🙂


bottle smaller

This Slim Jewel Timer bottle is life. It’s how I stay hydrated. It sits on my desk, it goes with me in my car, and stays with me throughout all my gym workouts as I fill it up over and over again. The timer function is really fun to play along with all day. It’s helped so many POPsters stay hydrated which is amazing for energy, clear skin, and gut health!

Ok, are you ready to hear how to win all of this?

All you have to do is comment below and tell me…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.28.57 PM

You can be from any country and of any age!

Contest will end on Sunday May 22nd, 2016. We will personally contact the winner and announce right here shortly after.

Good luck guys! Go for it!



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  1. kyrie 4 says:

    I have to voice my affection for your generosity for those people who really want assistance with this particular matter. Your personal commitment to passing the solution across has been especially invaluable and has continuously encouraged guys like me to attain their ambitions. The warm and friendly guidelines entails so much a person like me and extremely more to my peers. Thank you; from all of us.

  2. Harriet says:

    lots more shorts colours! Love these aqua mint shorts

  3. Deia says:

    Flavor infuser water bottle would be rally amjestic (amazing+majestic)😜
    Luv u Cassey!💜

  4. Katherine says:

    Celebrate the oncoming autumn with some fall themed workout attire, fall colors soft reds, oranges and brown, and maybe some leaf patterns. I would also loved to see some mountain themed stuff, grey, blacks, whites and metallics. Nothing in my head is stronger then a mountain.

  5. willow says:

    i would really want the pointe leggings-snow white, set the bar bra-navy and white,goddess top-navy,mermaid air cushioned glass bottle,and the mermaid couture yoga mat(limited edition)
    so thank you if you even read is comment I’m not very confident I’m going to win but it is worth giving a try(probability is not normally in my favor)

  6. Sophia says:

    You should to start making swim suits or outfits for various kinds of sports! By the way i just wanted to say that you have built up my self confidence and my self esteem. Thanks for that!!

  7. Lynxfire says:

    I would like to see wicking tops that fit looser in the torso and with a neckline that cuts longer across the top exposing the neckline & shoulders for more of a sexier look that flatters a variety of body types. For those of us with a larger midsection/muffin top/back fat want to be able to feel sexier in workout clothes. When you feel sexy then it is hard not to get your groove on 🙂

  8. Bekah says:

    I would love to see something black like your pointe leggings with gold or silver and some kind matching set for you and friend where one is a moon and the other is a sun

  9. Karinne says:

    Is this over? If not, maybe a bright colored top that glows at night so if you are running for a long time, you can safely make it home! Have designing whatever colors, patterns, or mesh spots that you want as long as it glows plz!!! This would mean sooooooooo much to me if I won! I never win anything!!?

  10. Jessie says:

    I would love to see a bohemian collection! With beautiful bright colors and intricate patterns. ✌

  11. Kendra says:

    galaxy with some constellation

  12. YukiNyx says:

    You should do a metallic fading away theme! That would be the best?

  13. Sophia says:

    Maybe an astrology-themed collection? Constellations and metallics would be really cool!

  14. Erin Rennie says:

    I would love to see some kind of tie dye looking outfits or some more ombre xo

  15. Jess says:

    Fall themed!! Lots of reds and oranges and yellows!! Super colorful, super cute!!! Or for winter an eskimo theme 🙂

  16. mya says:

    U could also do some ombre designs that would be really cool and maybe like a paint splatter design i would love that!

  17. kuro rad says:

    minimalist/aesthetic theme will be beautiful and trendy<3

  18. Bethany Joy says:

    I would love to see a metals collection!

    *I realize that I am sooo late but I still would love to see this as a pop flex collection*

  19. Ari Mccool says:

    I would love to see more warm tone colors! I love the patterns and color combinations but i know they won’t flatter my yellow toned skin..

  20. Charlotte Snoeck says:

    I really love to go running in my Bob Marley T-shirt! I listen to his music and it makes me so happy, I almost forget that i’m dying 😉 My idea is to make some sets with strong women on them. As we’re all females who like to reach our goals, we could as well support each other!

  21. Lay Chang says:

    i would love to see like a pink and gold theme maybe even add some unicorns make it cute and girly cause we all like to look cute when working out

  22. Jungle Julia says:

    Psychodelic rainbow!!

  23. Isa says:

    I love the galaxy/sun/moon ideas that everyone is giving! Maybe denim prints would be cool too. That the items look like they’re made out of denim, but actually, they’re just made of sports material. 😀

  24. Carri Kidwell says:


  25. Courtney Kates says:

    Maybe a tank top or something with sleeves? Or a more supportive bra because the current ones are SO cute but I need like to be strapped or it hurts.

  26. Kathleen says:

    I saw you post a photo of you (Cassey Ho) in the cutest swim suit I’ve ever seen, it was a Forever 21 one piece with a palm tree sunset print all over. I tried to look for one online but it seems they’re all gone now that the season is coming to an end.

    **SO, I think it’d be really cute if you came out with palm tree sunset scenic type work out clothes because I’d probably just die and go to heaven if I saw something like that, then come back to life on Earth and get me some scenic print work out clothes. Ahhh!!! :3 **

  27. Sasha Wijesekera says:

    A hologram or black and silver theme would be awesome!! <3 😀

  28. Simran Kaur says:

    Hi Cassie, please could you do a bright coloured theme with a more neutral contrasting coloured pattern, like maybe a mandala or something x

  29. Alina Cirstescu says:

    It would be awesome to see something disney themed so like a snow white workout outfit with the colours of her dress and a quote of hers on a bottle e.g ‘ Youre the one who can fill the world with sunshine’ , sorry for the cheesyness ??

  30. Alina Loboda says:

    I would like to see more autumn/winter clothes, like long sleeves shirts and other stuff. Also more closed tops would be awesome, something that can hide arms or belly. Here where I live autumns and winters are pretty cold so it would be nice to have something warm but still fashionable to wear.
    And I also like the idea with sun/moon theme, it would be really awesome to create pair clothes (dark and bright).
    Good luck to everyone and Cassey, you’re amazing <3

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dri fit hats!

  32. Arianna says:

    I would wanna seee some head bands that have cute symbols or shorts that are loose for when i run cross country but have spandex underneath ….ps why wont it let me log in im Arianna by the way juiceyaarianna@gmail.com

  33. Ashley C says:

    This is probably too late, but I think a light windbreaker type jacket would be nice for working out on a cool morning/evening. I love this collection, the colors are just beautiful! ? I’ve been doing the #adorethecore challenge this month, with a prize similar to this. I am feeling awesome and super motivated with it! ?

  34. Samantha says:

    I would put a cute pair of Nike running shoes or even make ur own running shoes

  35. alexandra zimmermann says:

    I’m IN LOVE with this collection. Some soft loose wants that can be worn for warm up would be cool to see!!!:)

  36. urvi athalye says:

    I think that you should make an adorable set filled with leggings, bras, tank tops, and other things that have a print that is like a bunch of adorable doodles of cats or dogs, or other adorable animals! :))

  37. kagome says:

    i really like your water bottles. Their inspirational. It would be nice to have one with this quote:) Also, i think the short should have a small pocket to put the phone. Also it would be nice to have it in rose gold. thanks Cassey for being such a great person and helping us to not settle for less. You always inspire us to keep going even if it really hard.

  38. Anna says:

    Bit late but … something sparkly! Sparkles are the best 😀 But make sure the material isn’t itchy! Or/ and anything “princess”-y

  39. chinmayi says:

    I would like to see something with the theme of ‘goddesses’ or ‘fairies’ like forest fairy, or Aphrodite or Artemis! That would be beautiful!

  40. Joanna Rose says:

    I would love to see something with striking colours or shapes to really make an impact, but still be feminine and beautiful.
    I love your videos and your workout gear so much Cassey! Thankyou for inspiring so many people around the world to get fit and healthy and make great changes in their lives. xx

  41. Aya says:

    Animal based definitely. It could reflect your personality for e.g. A tiger for courage or a white leopard for innocence. Maybe a cheetah for speed or a butterfly for elegance.
    It could even be a unicorn for dreamers, of course.
    But overall, I hope this ignited a spark of creativity for those looking for captivity. Hehe thanks Cassie 🙂

  42. Ellie says:

    Maybe design a pair of shoes xxx

  43. Fiona Trinh says:

    pastel with lots metallics and holographic prints! unicorn vibes yes

  44. Rita Sowunn says:

    A tiger theme might be an interesting one. Like a crouching tiger
    beating out the odds with the mind and strength. Wonder if that’s an
    exercising move.. , but yeah.

  45. Rita Sowunn says:


  46. Hanne Reumers says:

    Animal prints. Or, something foxy. That’s what I like to see in the next collection.
    This collection is pretty awesome as well.

  47. Kathryn says:

    These are so perfect! :O The blue is so beautiful! I’m in love *_*

  48. DeSirer Bailey says:

    I would like to see it look more like everyday clothes. Something I could go on a date in or to work. While being cute, comfortable, and professional.

  49. Kristen says:

    Hey Cassey I know Im late on this post but I would really love to see maybe a necklace designed by you. Something that we could wear outside of working out to remind us of the Popsters community.

  50. Olivia says:

    I think sleeveless hoodies would be absolutely adorable, and maybe even some loose fitting sweatpants that are super comfy so you can just lay on the ground and die after a workout but at least you’d be comfortable! Haha Xx.

  51. Jordan Quinones says:

    A superhero theme would be really cool 😀

  52. Andi says:

    I think glitter shorts would be super awesome an fun!! And glitter tops with non-glitter words so they really pop and stand out! And shorts/pants with different colored legs. Like one leg black, the other white -like the ying-yang symbol. That’s be super cool! Love you! 🙂

  53. Hermia says:

    Maybe a space theme with colors pertaining to the night sky like a mix of blues, purples and pinks.

  54. Victoria says:

    I think it would be cool to see a collection inspired by different cultures around the world.Being Hispanic, i think it would be cool to see clothes inspired by the traditional mexican dresses and bright colors.

  55. Sarah says:

    Sacred geometry..:)

    from fibonacci to metatrons cube..
    Our body is the greatest masterpiece by sacred geometry and as we POPsters try exciting stuffs everyday with our body I think Sacred geo designs will be cool..)

  56. Beccy says:

    Every time I see nice pants I remember your shorts with the tiger scratches! 😀 i really liked them and I would love to have something like this in your new collection.
    Or something in the same style as your caleidoscope (correct written?) yoga mat. :))

  57. Sarah says:

    first of all i absolutely love this outfit! all these colors are just so dreamy and flowy and beautiful! i would really love to see something that has to do with “the moon the sun and all the stars”! 🙂

  58. Kim says:

    sweaters to workout outdoors!!

  59. I would really love a gem theme! Sapphires, rubies, all kinds of crystal colours. There could be great abstract designs on that colour scheme.

    Man I want that bottle way too much.

  60. SelarCeleri says:

    Something spacy, you know, space related. I LOVE space and clothing combined, so I would love to see that❤️

  61. Frederikke says:

    I would really like to see both thin jackets and jackets in thicker material, you can wear when you’re going for a run or just going to exercise in the nature and it’s a bit chill outside but you still want to look cute, though it’s covering a cute sports bra and top

  62. mariana sousa says:

    It would be so great if you use a Jane Auste theme. Full of small and delicate flowers and soft colours.

  63. Lisette S says:

    Would love to see some quirky/cute stars/moon, floral, or fruity prints for summer and maroon leggings for fall! Also capris, shirts with different length sleeves, or a workout jacket would be fantastic additions to this already wonderful brand!! Love you Cassey

  64. Carly Parks says:

    I’d love to see something that incorporates the astrological signs.

  65. tori says:

    i think a series of tank tops or shirts for people who aren’t as comfortable showing off their stomach would be a great addition to the line. thanks cassie!!

  66. I’d love to see an ‘Aphrodite’s Treasure Chest’ Collection, which includes rich gemstone colors: Pearl whites, aquamarine, rose quartz, jade, sapphire et cetera
    It could include greek chiton like designs_ delicate yet bold and beautiful ❤❤❤

    I’m really looking forward to it!

    Darn it! The competition is over!

  67. Celina says:

    I would love to see somethings with nature. Light green seems a great color☺️
    Ps. I love the set but sadly you can’t buy it in the Netherlands

  68. Annie says:

    Maybe an inspirational quote shirt to always boost you up, like “you can do this!” with bright bold colours as the background because summer is coming up, and lots of fun straps because it is fun! #bringbackthe80s

  69. Sarah Brown says:

    I love gold and white asymtricle designs, and I like the idea of matching with a friend, that would be so cool!

  70. Daniella says:

    I love for you to come up with something for outdoors training. I would be cool if it was matching what do you already done.

  71. brianna marshall says:

    I Think a mat thats neon colors and a water bottle and a suite thats all neon colors together are metalics thats red silver and white *Neon color- green orange yellow and on the water bottle put a quote on it like ussual

  72. Lina says:

    I would recommend you do a work out tee that acts as a sports bra on the top that flares out towards the bottom and would have the top designed in a marble pattern and the bottom black. As for the leggings I would recommend deeper pockets and the sheer part on the side not to go down to the bottom but rather in a shape or half way. If this design existed I would definitely purchase it.

  73. Jackie says:

    for the aztec prints you should put them in either gold or silver to compliment the sun/moon.

  74. Jackie says:

    you should do something with aztec type prints and maybe a sun and moon theme to go along with the prints. The collection could be super summer themed.

  75. Raven says:

    some thing like black and gold and bits of diamonds and glitter prints

  76. Giorgia says:

    what about Zodiac signs and constellations?

  77. Marina says:

    I think that bright colours can really motivate you to work out so maybe you could try some original color combinations.

  78. rach says:


    I think a great new idea for a clothing range would be one for gymnasts/acrobats like myself. Something you can do the splits in without splitting the clothing itself! I think it could include a range of leotards, crops and also light weight jackets for when it is cold. Finding clothing that is lightweight but also not restricting (or flashy – often light weight clothing are not tight which is not helpful when you’re upside down!) so that I can keep my muscles warm or cover up without bing limited in my activities.

    Color wise I think bight, floor colours are eye catching and encourage sporty behaviour. They are much more interesting than the black and white that most brands are often limited to because thats “in” right now.

    I would DEFINITELY purchase things from a collection like this!! And I’m sure all my acro girls would too!

  79. Isabel Aragon says:

    i would love to see pastel colors and like beaches or something summer inspired live the ocean for example all see life especially turtles cause i love turtles. i would also love matching clothes for bestfriends/workout buddies that would be amazing too either way i will love whatever new colection comes this way i just wish i could get everything.

  80. Cindy Peng says:

    Collection with milk way pattern 🙂

  81. Diana says:

    Something with the ocean moon light. This picture is very much what I’m talking about I’m a new mom so I would like to see something in writing to encourage you to work harder . Option ?

  82. Zia Celine Regala (berryzia) says:

    something like a sauna like tecture that would really help us sweat more and still would be loving the designs you would do with it maybe neon colors would be a simple but a classy way.

  83. anthiya says:

    Ohhh.. another idea. You can also do faded colours. From pink to red or white to blue.

  84. anthiya says:

    Disney characters would be cool. Disney has inspired many people to follow their dreams. You can use Disney inspired colours. For example, frozen would be dark blue, light blue and white. Idk… Its Just a thought.

  85. Rachel Ranelli says:

    I think different fruits, like watermelon, lemon, orange, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry would be cool.
    How about swimsuits and towels?

  86. Francesca Despott says:

    Something space/galaxy themed would be really cool and the sun and moon idea also seems like it would be awesome!!

  87. Melissa says:

    I’d love to see a romper or jumper or something! It would be different and new!

  88. Linnea says:

    i would really like a collection inspired by superheroes! Like the classic wonder woman but also by ms marvel (both kamala and carol), kate bishop and america chavez. I think it would be important to portray female superheroes!

  89. Linnea says:

    I would gen

  90. Belle says:

    Hi Casey! I’ve been doing pilates with you since a couple of years back but due to my biomechanisms (and perhaps improper postures) I had a serious ITB issue that led me to stop pilates for over a year. I am recently coming back to fitness and I thought it’d be a good idea if Popflex would have certain therapy equipments such as a foam roller or the stretchy gym bands etc. Thanks a bunch! x

  91. Britt says:

    Sooo who’s the winner?

  92. alexandria says:

    A design which is unique and people can relate to, and also colorful. It should make people go wow! For example a cultural design would be very nice, like a batik design. Batik gives a very welcoming and traditional look and metallics as well as other decorations added to the clothing would easily match. Also, it would be great if your viewers would be able to design their own, and you can use the designs to help inspire you since so far it’s looking really good!! 🙂

  93. Natasha says:

    I love neons! Bright, bold patterns. And more tops that have strappy backs or tops that show off really nifty strappy backed bras. Someone also mentioned fabric headbands to keep those baby hairs under control and grips so the don’t hang out on the back of my head. ?

  94. Sth with galaxy theme or sth for the summer…like red and green leggins (watermelon) with a black top!!!??

  95. Kiran says:

    I would like to see a longsleeve work out shirt witha shoelace like sleeve where the fabric on top of the sleeve has holes that a lace goes through, then ties like a bow at the top, like a shoe. The shirt itself could be blue themed galaxy colors, pink themed galaxy colors, or black themed galaxy colors. On the front, in the top left corner, it could say lace em’ up or something like that. I had also submitted this last thursday but it seems it was deketed so I did submit it before the cut-off, thanks!

  96. Donata D says:

    Animal prints, but in unexpected colors 🙂

  97. zoe says:

    something with rainbows and the moon/sun would be a fun combination.

  98. Betsy Herveaux says:

    I’d like to see something with a vintage twist, something inspired to the Pin Up world I guess I should say 🙂 Thank you so much for this opportunity Cassey and thank you for how hard you work for us!

  99. Neha D says:

    i guess fluorescent colors with cutouts and pockets would look really good. We can also have pretty designs on it or a nice border.

  100. Lun Gualnam says:

    What about a jacket with a pocket for your phone on the chest or arm with a hole for the headphone wire to go through? It would be great for running in the cold and convenient for people who like to listen to music while they run.

  101. Jazzy Z, L says:

    I would love to see a military/camo inspired collection! Something showing power and strength! 🙂

  102. jazmin winston says:

    Something that has to do with sunrise or sunset

  103. Daniella says:

    Who won?

  104. Cher Chiu says:

    I would really like to see metallic (silver, gold, rose gold) or leather incorporated in the popflex designs something a little more edgy for us less feminine gals 😀

  105. Jess Agbayani says:

    I would love to see a neutral palette! also a cool selection of headbands to keep hair out of the face!

  106. Gina Peil says:

    more tanks that show off cute sports bras with elaborate backs!! I’ve been dying to try to find the tanks like that! also for the tanks maybe solid colors, with the blogilates logo on the top/right or left (like how on some guys’ shirt there are designs on the pockets?) maybe some yin and yang stuff as well? love your stuff cassey!

  107. gameofabs says:

    More Muscle Tees!

  108. Marissa Cooper says:

    I would like to see a fire-related theme so we can feel/see our muscles burning inside and out! Something with orange/yellow/red hues would be nice, and would also work well as a fall collection!

  109. Jennifer Soong says:

    something to wear at the gym but looks nice enough to go out in would be amazing!

  110. Stephanie G says:

    I’d love to see athletic rain gear.

  111. trish says:

    gold and silver accents…..loooove mesh on leggings but you’ve already done that 🙂 cool strappy backs for bras and maybe an open back loose shirt to get from point a to b (and also to wear when we’re not getting our fitness on!!)

  112. Ciara Ellis says:

    Something to do with the sky, having a light blue theme but with loads of different light shades intertwining and blending together, also with white cloud like streaks through the blue hues. It would look so fresh and uplifting! Have black elements to the clothes and other products like the mermaid theme, which would accentuate the pretty blues! <3

  113. Dominika says:

    To be honest I’d love to see some dark and bold pieces (not that they arent bold already I just couldnt think of a better word haha) with some geometric designs like the straps and things that you already included in this line, they just look so edgy but girly! Also metallic accents would be great (rose gold and black is literally the best combination ever!)

  114. Tiia Tiitu says:

    I’d love to see something princess related! Like in “Train like a Beast Look like a Beauty” Cassie was wearing that Belle costume, how about princess themed workout wear? Ofc not too Disney-like but something pretty yet functional for the Blogilates princesses <3

    Love the unicorn and galaxy themes as well!

  115. Martina Fernández Barrio says:

    I would love to see something that has to do with fairies like woods fairies. The clothes could have more earthy colors and tones. Also lots and lots of different leggings

  116. Veronica Pavao says:

    I would love to see something more like fairy type! Some clothes could have darker colors, like dark pink/purple with black and then some could be really light color, and they could have little fairies on them, or a magical vibe on them. I think that would be pretty neat!

  117. Gunnbrit says:

    I would like something fiery and fierce! Maybe something like a phoenix theme!

  118. Haley Yavorski says:

    A marron tank top with black leggings and the leggings could be able to go over your feet with crocheting or lace at top around waist!

  119. Cady Contreras says:

    I honestly would love if Cassey started her own shoe line, I would buy those in a heartbeat!

  120. Arushee says:

    I think a sunset theme would look amazing! With all of those colors you see at sunset and then maybe a little bit of black just to create a huge contrast of colors, I think you could even make the back of a top look like the sun setting on the horizon, with beams of light coming out. I hope this helps!

  121. Fabiane says:

    Something galaxy-ish, outter space or something like that! Like the planets, the galaxy, moon and sun… Some metallic, some colour, it would look amazing!!

  122. Caroline says:

    Hi Cassey, I love this years Pantone-Colours (Rose Quartz and Serenity), this would make such a soft fairy-like outfit, I would love to wear it! 🙂

  123. Pohweiting says:

    I know this contest ended already, but I’d love to see zip up hoodies! thin ones to wear after workout, and also thicker ones to lounge in (something like lulu’s scuba hoodie). Love all your designs and I can’t wait to see your next collection already!

  124. Lauren says:

    I’m guessing the competition is over now but just in case what about a collection inspired by places you’ve travelled to? I was just thinking you’ve been to so many amazing places and must have got lots of inspiration. Also maybe a dance collection with like floppy crop tops and stuff like that, love you Casseyxx

  125. Monica Anaya says:

    Maybe an Aztec kind of look

  126. SheridanArd says:

    I would like to see a workout top for breastfeeding mamas. I workout and sometimes I have to stop and nurse. I love being able to stay home and get a great workout so a supportive nursing option would really fit my lifestyle

  127. Sarah Davis says:

    I love the whole mermaid look! I think it would be fun though to have more color options! Maybe some bright colors matched with more neutral tones, like the black?? Such an awesome workout line!! I love it all 🙂

  128. Penelope says:

    I would love to see bold, statement colors and patterns. It’s the start of summer and if we feel bold and strong, we’ll be bold and strong!

  129. Esmeralda says:

    This is so pretty!! ??? love it

  130. Laura says:

    who won?(and congratulations to who ever it was)

  131. Laura says:

    the 4 elements in the world themed clothing!

  132. Jasmine says:


  133. Madison says:

    I would love to see something bright and summery. Thanks for the chance to win some things from the collection I love everything in it!

  134. cindy says:

    I would love a celestial and astrology theme, but I think I’d be more excited for cute spandex shorts/pants with pockets!! That way, I don’t have to worry about my phone dropping when I go for runs. Also, sport bras that can support bigger busts without having to sacrifice cute factors.

  135. Samous Aquino says:

    Wow these are so beautiful in style and look as magical as the title suggests. What a stunning outfit anyone would fit in!?

  136. Annabeth Chase says:

    How do we know who won

  137. naz says:

    Plus size options would be amazing! An earth tones line would be cool! In time for autumn and winter. OH!! or maybe an “Avatar” kinda feel? James Cameron, not the last airbender haha

  138. Abigail Hays says:

    I would love to see camouflage! I am a country girl but a huge popster to so I think camouflage would be awesome!

  139. Hia Ghosh says:

    Space theme PLEASE!

  140. Rachel Turner says:

    As some one who is relatively self conscious of my body, I would love to see some workout merch that doesnt show off my my not so toned stomach but still light weight for the summer. And I am definitely on board with the metallic ideas I’ve been seeing in the comments! LOVE rose gold!

  141. Jennifer says:

    I would love to see something weather inspired ! Like how you can workout no matter what it’s like outside !!

  142. Elaine Cheng says:

    I personally think galaxy themed would be really pretty, with the darker purple and blue and black hues. Also, Capris, headbands, high impact sports bras, and non-booty shorts (you know, the running shorts? kind of looser?” would be highly appreciated 🙂

  143. Anne Lise says:

    Sho who is the winner has she announced it yet ?

  144. Lena says:

    I’d love to see anything with mint and golds. My fav color combo. (:

  145. Alexa says:

    Stretchy shorts like not the tight shorts & I know I’m late but still:)
    Thanks for listening

  146. Jasmine G. says:

    Hi Casey!!! I love you so much and I would be ecstatic if I won this giveaway!!! You are my biggest inspiration and motivation!
    Not that I don’t love both POPFLEX collections but I do have some recommendations for what I would like to see in future POPFLEX lines. I love designing my own clothing and I love drawing my own fashion figures as well…I have loads of notebooks with sketches so I have some ideas too!
    – Some hair bands or even scrunches that do not slip while I am doing piit28 2.0! I jump a lot in the updated version and I end up with my hair all over the place so hair bands would really help.
    – Perhaps a collection based off the colors of the sunset like your sunset festival yoga mat, I think it would look absolutely gorgeous!
    – So colors like orange, yellow, hot pink, light blue, and purples.
    – And for leggings, maybe you could make like Capri leggings?
    – I love the mesh it is really flattering, so maybe incorporate it a bit more in the tops/ shirts.
    – Lastly, I would love to see flattering sweaters that are warm for those who run in the morning

    Instagram: @jm_soccerpopster

  147. Michelle Diez says:

    I would love to see hair accessories and more glitter!!

  148. Adriana says:

    Hot pink and sparkles! I’m not very girly, but when I’m getting all sweaty I like to feel like I still look pretty! ??

  149. Cassandra says:

    Neon colors for summer.

  150. Karla Sanchez says:

    Hey cassey thx for the giveaway yay!! I like the mermaid popflex pack❤️You,should put like dogs paws on the second one??u have inspired me to do ur exercises?? and what I learn is that I am competing against me no one else????And if I win it is going to motivate me even more;)

  151. Sofi says:

    In the next collection you can work with floral prints or tropical prints like the ocean colors!

  152. Marina says:

    Who is The Happy Winner? ??

  153. liberty ewell says:

    Hi I’m Liberty! I’m only 13 but I’ve been following the blogilates videos and calanders for a while. I love the idea of hot pink and gold in a pineapple form if that makes sense. I mean who doesn’t love pineapples especially pink ones!!!! Love you Cassey!!!!!!

  154. Jessiiii says:

    What would Be also cool is a gym Book where you can After the gym Write your improvemen….that could get a cool Design inspiried by the mermaid Collection

  155. liberty ewell says:

    Hello! I’m Liberty from Utah! I’m only 13 but this year/summer I’ve been doing your videos/beginner calender. I have some really cute ideas for the next popflex collection! I really like the color combination of magenta,coral, and mint!

  156. jenna says:

    some sort of poster with the workout calender and inspirational quotes! also maybe socks with cute sayings would be fun too like fun patterned high socks or low socks! maybe pretty colored headbands too! 🙂

  157. Kat says:

    Maybe do some jungle pattern, I love the combo of wild and free motive. And maybeee, if thats even possible to do, make some leggings with sort of a pad on knees and hips, cause when I do workouts where I’m laying on side or sitting on knees, my bones hurt like hell. I don’t know if that makes sense. And sorry if my english is bad

  158. Jessiiii says:

    (Sorry for that Bad english?)
    you Can make a ,,Safe the puppies ” Collection…..Some of the Money that you will get from the Collection you can donate to a dog orphanage, or you can donate it to Animal shelters……that would be so nice because there are so many orphan Dogs outside …..
    The designs could be cuotes like ,,a Heart for puppies ” …..and you could make dog Paw patterns….
    That would be such an amazing project?????

    It could Be , that i have Posted this comment twice, because i’m not sure if it worked at the First Time?? …..

    I would be so happy if i could Be the Lucky Popster ??

  159. Arianne says:

    Definitely pockets! and maybe another gym bag

  160. kayley ternan says:

    i think it would look so cool if there was a oriental anything.

  161. Moon Vue says:

    I would really love,want and need this giveaway! Having it will give me more motivation to keep working out! I really hope I get it! It’s all so motivating to me. Having it will make me be more stronger. I hope I finally win a giveaway! ❤️

  162. Rose says:

    Fairies collection 🙂 Now is mermaid collection. So next is fairy. 🙂 There are flowers, colors, metallics and so on.

    xoxo Rose

  163. bexels says:

    Jewel Tone colours please~

  164. Heliza Soares says:

    I would like to see patterns of simple figures, with pastel colors

  165. Steph says:

    Would love to see more mint and gold or bronze 🙂 maybe for the yoga mats too 🙂

  166. Lexi says:

    I would love to see more loose pieces and some that show less skin. New Popsters may love your clothes but not feel confident enough to wear tight and revealing exercise clothing yet. Love your content and hope to see more soon.
    Love, Lexi

  167. Anna says:

    something bright red , because red symbolises strong energy. Or purple or nude. They all suite all seasons of the year

  168. Kelly says:

    Tie dye!! This pack is so beautiful? Even more motivation to go to the gym when you have this on!! Hope I win?

  169. Ines Sousa says:

    This is awesome!
    Maybe some fruit patterns, very fresh and colorfull for summer 😀

  170. Carolina says:

    Hair accessory for when You workout You get Your hair away with cute&cool accessory (sorry for my english) I’m From Italy Love youu? Ciao??????

  171. Madame Dar says:

    Congrats to the person who won it!

  172. Anne Lise says:

    so whose the winner?

  173. Kira T. says:

    More autumnal colors for fall would be fantastic! Burgundy, darker colors, red, orange. Maybe some metallic mixed in there.

  174. Annie R. says:

    This mermaid collection gives me life! I think bright colors with geometric print or metallic detailing would look absolutely gorgeous and really suit any age!!

  175. Sammy says:

    Maybe for the summer a citrus theme? Just with cute summer colours like lemon yellow and a nice berry pink. Or even a pastel line with the darker accents would be so cute!

  176. Georgia says:

    Heyyyy Cassey
    For the next line you could do metallics with bright colours and flowers. Love ya

  177. Sammy says:

    I would love to see a light weight long sleeve top. It can be pretty chilly in the mornings and I think this would be easy to throw on over a sports bra! Or even just with booty shorts!

  178. lisa_autriche <3 says:

    I’d love Asian warrior gear inspired sports wear! Mulan for instance was such a huge inspiration for me when I grew up and still gets me to try hard and be a stronger person now as a young woman!

  179. Chelley Blakeborough says:

    Beautiful!!!! Would love to model all these this summer in my Colorado POP classes! Inspiration for the next collection, I would love to see the POP logo! I love beachy themed, resembling the ocean, a sunset, surfing, Hawaiian flowers!!

  180. Sofia Cruz says:

    I would like to see a tropical collection. It would be fun and energizing. I would also like some joggers, which I am not sure will fit with the line, but sometimes i would like something looser. Hope these ideas help you 🙂

  181. Savanah says:

    Red and white would also be pretty

  182. Savanah says:

    Sweatshirts for us that live in colder climates

  183. Savanah says:

    Red and yellow… some articles with red and yellow would be awesome

  184. Savanah says:

    I think it would be cool to have Blogilates name incorporated…like maybe written down the side of a bottom or across the top of a halter style top

  185. Mica says:

    I would like something I can workout in but also wear out normally. Without it actually looking like workout clothes. Maybe a cute summer dress type?

  186. Yuliya says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for inspiring us and being so positive and supportive. You are truly making my life better)))

    I would love to see some tops and sport bras for bustier girls cause I’m a little concerned about buying the ones on top. I’d love to try them out so I’m saving up for those.

    Also, I think that a collection inspired by woods would look awesome. Just imagine dark green leggings with leaf print on the bottom or sometning with blueberry print? Wouldn’t it be fun?

    Please, don’t stop spreading the positivity and keep doing what you doing. You helped me become healthier and get througn rough times in my life

  187. Gisselle Martinez says:

    I would love to see maybe maroon colors, like fall with some shorts like the ones you had where it looked like a tiger scratched the side. Would love that! More mesh like material or cage like on the shirts, I love how sexy it looks. Or maybe pastel colored, pink and blue colors mixed with white. Or as someone else said, metallics! Everyone loves some sort of metallic, even small accents maybe mixed with black or pink. Would love that!

  188. Aria says:

    Something tropical!

  189. Lauren says:

    Cassey you’ve travelled to so many amazing places so why don’t you do a travel inspired collection. So different pieces based on different places you’ve been to. Also maybe a dance range or something like that. Love you so much thank you for everythinggg xxx

  190. Sarah Plante says:

    Gorgeous collection! I’d love to see geometric designs with metallics!

  191. Desarae says:

    Food themed! With different kinds of food?????
    I said this earlier but I couldn’t find it lol

  192. Kristen Hutcheson says:

    I think it would be awesome to see vintage inspired stuff!!!!

  193. Iris says:

    Some think with dealing with your path how you started your blog and how that changed your life

  194. Chloe says:

    I would want to see pastels and metallic colors for sure!!!!!!!!

  195. Flora says:

    In the next collection, I’d like to see crop tops (that can be used to workout) & more shorts ? WEATHER THEMED! (Such as SUN, CLOUDS, RAIN, SNOW) ?

  196. Gabriella Vega Jones says:

    Chakra themes would be amazing to really help us balance and work on the parts of ouselves that need a boost:)

  197. Morgan Miller says:

    Space themed? X
    Morgan | http://www.justmorgs.com

  198. Sara C Cowan says:

    Onesies!!!! Leotards, full body ones! All of the above!!! The mermaid print in a onesie would be the greatest thing.

  199. Susan says:

    Sunset colors!!! Also you should totally make phone cases! 🙂 <3

  200. Sade says:

    I’d love to see cropped leggings and pockets that have zippers for added security 🙂

  201. Rachel Quaill says:

    Maybe for the fall season some crocheted or woven pieces with a BoHo Chic feel

  202. Jessica Garcia says:

    I’d like to see some neon colors like pink and green!? I love your mermaid collection sooooo much Cassey! Keep doing your Thang girl!?❤ @popster_jessiemine1419

  203. Maria Maté Sanjuán says:

    I love Mermaids so much as well as princess ??? It would be lovely to have a princess theme on the new collection! With a lot of glitter and pink colours! Lots of love from Spain Cassey, love u❤️ Ps: sorry if my english isn’t good enough ??

  204. Lena says:

    Maybe you could incorporate reflective or glow in the dark elements. I live in Norway and during the winter it is mostly dark, so it is really important to me to be seen while I am training outside. 🙂

  205. Viktória Süveges says:

    Red! Red and black everwhere would be nice!^^

  206. Alejandra Loaiza says:

    aaaaand palms, who doesnt love palms trees?

  207. Alejandra Loaiza says:

    Gold details, who says you cant be galmurous while working out? 😉

  208. Emily Monroe Otter says:

    I know I’m too late for the contest, but something that supports larger breasts a little better would be great! I’ve gotten some of the strapy pieces in the past that are adorable, but are not supportive at all for a larger chest.

  209. Rachael Anne Salazar says:

    Would love to see some beach inspired gear for summer! Possibly some funky palms and pineapple prints!

  210. rainebow says:

    Personally I don’t like showing my armpits (lol) so I think shirts with short sleeves like an off shoulder top that can be layered would be cute. And accessories! Non-slip headbands, hair ties, socks, etc.

  211. Olga Björkman says:

    I would love to see more abstract prints, and a lot of gold and silver. But i also love the mermaid collection! keep doing what you’re doing, your’e such an inspiration.

  212. Tonya Truong says:

    1. The 50s. You cant go wrong with them. Everyone looks good in 50s clothing no matter what. So it’d be great if you made 50s inspired workout clothes!! ?
    2. Safari/adventure themed? Like the ones in the movies. Ugh those styles are so glamourous and classic ?

  213. CAROLINA says:

    I would love to see some ombre batiks, or any kind of batiks.

  214. DianeDella says:

    I would love to see some tops that can help keep “the girls” in and covered for the shapely but modest gals. Love your collection XO

  215. Amber says:

    This may sound cheesy but I am an arborist, I love nature, I love trees, I think wood grain is absolutely beautiful! Maybe something along those lines 🙂
    Been following you for years cassey! Lots of love <3

  216. Michelle says:

    I love it ? the style, everything about it is just so gorgeous.

  217. Laia says:

    Hi cassey i would love to see more metalics and fluorescent colors in the next collection.

  218. Rachel Williams says:

    I would love to see a Victorian goth pattern. Maybe add lace with it?

  219. Erin Rose says:

    I would love to see something inspired by peacock feathers — those colors would look so good together on cute workout gear! Also – it would be great if the tops were sized like bras for a more precise fit.

  220. Yay!! I love giveaways!! I would absolute love to win this giveaway, I have no workout attire at all and I’ve just started the beginner calendar. <3 Anyway, I'd love to see some earth tones in an upcoming collection.

  221. Berenice says:

    I would love to see aztec accents with a black and white theme for the summer !

  222. Kathryn says:

    I would love to see a legging with inspirational writing on the side of the legs and animal print yoga tops!

  223. Charlotte says:

    Something with like a deep shade of red or galaxy would be really cool!

  224. Michaela Stark says:


  225. Teresa Prichard says:

    Flirty Pop Skort please!!!

  226. Ella Byrne says:

    I would love to see a more affordable line. I’m a student outside the US so it is impossible for me to afford your lovely designs unfortunately. Even with the discount it is still way out of my range. I recognize that this is a business and Popflex is a lot cheaper than some lines out there but if it is at all possible it would be awesome!

  227. Courtney Carter says:

    Island Princess theme! Hibiscus flowers, bright poping colours!

  228. Mariamoreu says:

    Definatelly light blue and gold to kill it this summer! Similar to the mermaid collection styles but in blue and gold this time… In love 🙂

  229. Julia Orloff says:

    I would also love to see some blogilates stickers! I love putting stickers of brands and various things that i love on my car, water bottle, laptop, ect! I would love to sport some of my favorite pop pilates stickers!

  230. Gaja Salamun says:

    Shirts in bright colors or anything metalic

  231. Tylee says:

    Awww I missed it! Darn! But I do love the pastels, holiday themed maybe, or something floral. Oh oh and some Crop cut tops with long sleeves and mesh ventilation under the arms. Ok I’m getting a bit cray on ideas lol.

  232. Sara Barreiro says:

    Wow! Definitely more pockets, those leggings are gold! Maybe something more techno inspired too (black with a bright colour statement, some silver…)
    Some people are commenting on an oriental theme, that would be awesome too!
    As long as it’s comfy (and stretchy!) we know you’ll make something super cute anyways

  233. Kailee Venzin says:

    I would love to see tanks with inspirational workout quotes or girl power quotes on them!

  234. Inaam says:

    Hey Cassey… I’m really feeling the bohemian styled training clothing, its super cute.

    Maybe have mixtures of gold and other colors, for instance, black tights with a gold bohemian styled pattern etc
    Going with pastel colors in this look could also be a win.
    Love you so much Cassey and all you do for the popsters

  235. Bethany says:

    HWould love to see your inspiring personality incorporated! Like maybe adding some of your motivating/inspiring quotes or common sayings on a sports bra or tank?? Also just wider collection of versatile style workout tights! I live in tights and spandex as I am a gymnast so the popflexcollection Is just ideal and expanded would be even better! Love your work though and collection is beautiful. Colour is amazing and definitely expresses your personality and what your all about! Xx

  236. Allison says:

    Colorful paint splotches! On either a pair of white or black leggings!

  237. Amodhya Samarakoon says:

    You should totally design a WORKOUT DRESS – sort of like a tennis dress but geared towards Pilates workouts. This could be so adorable and I know it would make me feel even more fabulous while working out.

  238. jas says:

    I think it would be awesome to see some jackets and vests! its so hard to stay motivated in winter because its cold and rainy! But if we had stylish jackets i think we would be more motivated! Maybe black with like rose gold detailing? or white? or grey? or COLOURED! Just something sleek, sophisticated and classy to kick our butts into gear on the cold wintery mornings! Being sure to have pockets and ones that are safe with phones, maybe even having a pocket with a zip but maybe with a little hole for a pair of headphones to come out? I just know that I don’t have a jacket or vest that I LOVE to workout in and I would love one!

  239. suuelang says:

    A magical princess theme would be so cute! lots of lace for a feminine look and super stretchy for exercising! (pastels, rose gold, gold)

    And items wise:
    – floral fabric headbands or even animal ear headbands to keep the fly aways and bangs off our faces
    – loose and breathable baggy tshirts (sheer so we can show off our cute sport bras :D)
    – hairties!! especially ones that don’t rip our hair in half
    – dry shampoo or scented hair products to keep our hair moisturized and smelling good after the gym
    – mermaid theme shoe laces ?
    – other accessories like mini speakers or portal chargers so we can watch your videos outside and share them with our friends!
    – weights ?

  240. Sharon says:

    The collection is already so perfect, I had a hard time thinking about something new for the next collection! I know it’s not really clothing, but I’d looove to have popflex SNEAKERS!
    I can already see myself going to the gym, Blogilates yoga mat, leggings, top, sweater and blogilates SHOES.

  241. Tayla Brown says:

    Definitely lots of deep blues and greens, colours that remind you of the outdoors and nature!!

  242. Jess says:

    I think something bold and daring! Something that shows we’re confident, sexy, and comfortable in our own skin. It would definitely contrast this mermaid collection sooo nicely. I’d love a little something extra, something sassy! haha I don’t know.

  243. bridget montgomery says:

    a pastel theme or a floral theme i love floral clothes! also maybe a mix and match between tops and shorts but my favourite would be a floral theme

  244. Lauren says:

    I would love to see some metallics and bright colors in the new collection. Since summer is coming up i would love to be bold and beautiful in the new collection

  245. Sarah Gia says:


  246. Lucy says:

    Something green would be awesome. I love grass and leaf patterns, they can have so many different shades and colours and they look so summery and full of energy. Could even have some gold metallic hints to add depth and sparkle (love the metallics idea in the other comments btw, it would be amazing!) 🙂

  247. vicky says:

    a metallic/galaxy theme! which includes jackets and long sleeves and cutouts, I believe cassey will not disappoint ☺️❤️

  248. Sarah Gia says:

    who is the winner?

  249. Alicia Tr says:

    Maybe some bright pieces (coral, mint…) which can highlight tan skin this summer ☺️

  250. pilar Mate says:

    anything pink and glittery <3 love you Cassey

  251. Taz says:

    What about a regal floral theme. Almost like the kind people have on their wallpaper, like the images below.

    Or a sunset/sunrise theme. A theme based from nature so palm trees, sunset/rise, an ocean pallete. YAAY GO NATURE!

  252. Taz says:

    What about a regal floral theme. Almost like the kind people have on their wallpaper

  253. I’d love to see some geometric maybe ethnic patterns:)

  254. Taz says:

    How about a sunset/sunrise theme. A theme based from nature so palm trees, sunset/rise, an ocean pallete. YAAY GO NATURE!

  255. TanjaSLO says:

    My suggestion is to go into forest-y prints! Pine needles, bark pattern, young green leaves… lots of ideas! And also I suggest option of booty shorts slightly longer, maybe an inch or two. These are too short for me to be comfortably worn and I know some more girls like that too!

  256. Claudia M says:

    Would love some galaxy collection with beautiful sparkles. And more pastel color gear as well. Lovee the Set the Bar backside straps, hope you can combine it with criss cross top so it looks kinda like bralette (i’ll be in heaven). Wish you could add more tanks to poflex, even though i do love sports bra, here in my country its quite uncomfy to see people staring at you like you were showing too much skin and not really safe as well (sadly).
    Really been wanting some popflex gears but since i live in Indonesia, the shipping cost would cost wayyy more than the popflex price itself. But one day i will for sure!! Anyway, super love that you doing this Cassey, asking our opinion for next collection!! Please keep doing it ♥♥♥

  257. Anni Pirso says:

    Metallic, pastel or oriental… or all in one! That would be interesting ^^

  258. Jhazz Brotherston says:

    A vegan range !!

  259. Belle says:

    I think it would be amazing to see a sunrise/sunset or a fall/autumn inspired design!

  260. Occy says:

    Hey Cassey, ur workouts have changed the way I feel and I acctualy look forward to working out with you! I have been following ur calender and think ur clothing line is fantastic because when I were it I always have a reminder of you and my motivation to workout.
    Thank you so much for all you have done and love u heaps❤️❤️
    Love Occy

  261. Christin Harrison-Nieman says:

    I’d love to see a boho theme. ❤️

  262. Neha D says:

    i think it should be a little out of the box and should have more of fluorescent colors like pink, red, blue and green. It would look very pretty.

  263. Lauren says:

    CASSEY you’ve been to so many amazing places so why don’t you do a travel inspired collection- different pieces inspired by different places you’ve been to. Also I would love to see some flowy crop tops because I feel like they are a bit of a transition from long tops to sports bras but that may just be me! Thank you so much for all the inspiration I absolutely adore the mermaid collection and I’m sure whatever you make next will be just as good!!xx

  264. Mesa Chase says:

    It would be awesome to see a pullover for the colder months of the year !

  265. Aprajita says:

    Neon colours would look amazingggg!

  266. S says:

    The shorts to be a bit longer and maybe three quarter leggings, they are more comfortable sometimes and a forest theme with like jungle flowers and trees would be nice too, a mettalic theme is great too

  267. Claudia says:

    That’s amazing! I love hearing all your stories Cassey you are such an inspiration. Coming from a Strict Hispanic home and always being hard on myself I relate, but I also relate now in the sense that I could never be happier in my life with going to the gym all the time now but also treating my cravings here and there(: no restriction to happiness! ?
    ANYWAYS, I don’t have much idea on what your next collection could be… But that matte lipstick, gold and rose gold is all in hands down! Something chic and bold to do with those would I’m sure look amazing!! Your a great designer so I know your next collection is going to be off the walls again:)

  268. Esperanza says:

    I think crystals would be amazing for the next collection, tones inspired by amethyst, quarts, aquamarine, opal, fluorite, the list goes on and such a variety and mix of colors, you could also incorporate glitter or reflective material into the sea line and as accents, Thankyou for this opportunity to give my input! And Thankyou for being a constant inspiration and motivator to us all ❤️????

  269. Jessi Juujärvi says:

    somewhat boho and inspired by India and Morocco. There’s so many beautiful patterns and colors.

  270. Teresa Tran says:

    Reflective accents or bright neon accents to be safe and stylish indoors or outdoors, night or day!

  271. Lauren says:

    I’d love to see some pretty gym bags and maybe a line aimed at dance xx

  272. LIM LI YUN says:

    Neon ligh
    t ! Still glowing even in the dark?????? sparkling like the milky way????

  273. Anni says:

    I’d love to see some metallics or perhaps pastel colors? Both would be awesome!

  274. Mayra says:

    I think some capris and t shirts would be nice in case you don’t feel comfortable with tanks ? and some bright colors and motivational quotes on them would be nice ?

  275. rina rae says:

    Something princess themed with shimmer!

  276. Shauni Verspecht says:

    Bright colors for the summer coming! ?☀️

  277. Annie says:

    Seashell/ocean collection- kind of like the mermaid collection or spinoff of it. but with metallic ivory, whites, seafoam!

  278. Lauren says:

    What about some sporty bikinis? So that you can get the most out of a swimming workout but still look cute because practical bikinis aren’t usually as pretty!!xx

  279. Bethi says:

    I would love to see you of course. But I love working on my love handles. I feel so self conscious about them. Please do more videos on them. I hope I’m not to late for the contest. Love you Cassie. You have changed my life in so many ways

  280. katherine says:

    These are just SO PRETTY! *.* I Honestly don’t know how they could get any better,but since everyone is recommending new designs,I’d probably say..something related to “dinsey magic” maybe..?:)

  281. Glycine says:

    More geometric designs. Maybe some polka dots? That sounds…. Challenging to avoid it looking stupid.

  282. Kee says:

    I’m thinking, because autumn is up, deep, rich, and vivid heal colours. The collection could be called your royal fitness instead of your royal your Royal Highness.

  283. Lauren says:

    i’d love to see a travel inspired collection, you could do different pieces inspired by different places you’ve been to. Maybe some flowy crop tops as well because I always feel more confident wearing flowy crop tops than a sports bra and I feel it is a good transition between long top and crop. I love you Cassey thanks for everythingxx

  284. Bianca says:

    I like the sun/moon idea! I also thought about constrasts in the first
    place, which can be worn by you and a friend. Perhaps a pattern that’s
    on the right side of you’re workoutclothes and flipped/mirrored on the
    other one? Working out with friends is always more fun! 🙂

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  285. Pallavi Narayanan says:

    I really like everything that I’ve seen so far, but it would be nice to see more gear like shoes in addition to clothing. Also having more of a variety in the tanks and sports bras woul be awesome, but I know you’ll slowly build up to that. Some designs that I thought would look cool would be a more minimalist kind of look with geometric shapes. Or a more sailor vibe with dark blues and whites with anchor designs.

  286. Jessica Val says:

    I think a princess theme with soft sparkles, pastels pink, blue, peach, green or warrior woman with darker colors like red with gold or black and green. I love high waisted legging or capri(3/4) types, i think there should be like a loose tshirt but with a sport bra attached to it that peeks out i think that would make me deel more comfortable and sexy at the same time because you would be showing skin but it wouldnt be as tight. Im still gettig comfortable with my own body and im still in this journey and Cassey you have made this so much easiser i have actually accomplished so much and starting to love my body.

  287. Stacy Yim says:

    Loving this collection!! ??

  288. Patricia says:

    I’d like to see various designs on the sports bras!

  289. LeBeautifulMess says:

    I would love to see some popflex LEOs/Bodysuits I love leotards for dance and it would be amazing to have some different colors and designs. Not just rubbery or plastic material but actual cloth material that can be worn out as well. I love my activewear versatile!

  290. Olympia says:

    oh my goodness these look so sick! I’d love to see more minimal themed things like black, white, silver, marble, etc!

  291. Christina Manella says:

    Cassie I really love the pretty patterns and styles you design! I think some gorgeous deep jewel tones like emerald, ruby and turquoise would be amazing. I see that you are coming out with some 3″ inseam shorts so that’s perfect. For girls with curvier legs its hard to true wear booty shorts and still look modest so still being in the booty short category but getting a little extra coverage will be nice. I like the pieces you currently have but if you came out with some sporty matching headbands in your next collection I think everyone would buy them! Sorry I know I’m technically posting too late. i hope you’ll consider my comment anyway, I work a late shift and just got off and saw this opportunity. ??

  292. Claudia De Morais says:

    Well first off these are the best designs out there, and I’m always that person that thinks everything is too expensive BUT I would pay every cent for these. I love the modern feel of your clothes and I think you bring out who you are through your designs, so the thing I think should be in the next collection is a bit of an Asian twist to bring out your background even more. Like the traditional outfits with a modern and colorful feel! It would be so cool and very unique!
    Other things to think about: Samurai pants, drop crotch pants, leather, reflectives, lace and that mesh with the holes that people are into would be very modern as well.
    Sorry this is really long and a bit late since I just saw your posts but If you read this then know that you’re awesome and doing amazing things! <3
    -Claudia ?

  293. Kaylyn Baker says:

    Oh! I’ve been really loving dream catchers and feathers lately. Maybe something incorporating that? Maybe not clothes, a dream catcher design on a mat or something would be cool, alongside a quote that fits it or something.

  294. Andrea Ortega says:

    I would love to see workout jackets and lounge jackets/hoodies with your lovely print designs! An idea for your next line could be related to galaxy prints, with midnight blues, purples, black, stars and constellations. That would be so amazing because I know you can make it look beautiful!

  295. Heather says:

    I would love to see some sports bras designed for bigger chests, also as far as color/pattern themes go, I think some geometrical designs with very basic two tone colors like blue/orange and black/white would look sick!

  296. jessica says:

    I would like to see shoes because i think shoes would be cool and compelete any workout pack. I think that perhaps you could design yoga mats too since like u like to use yoga mats and all. also, i feel that neon colours on shorts, maybe would be nice.

  297. Mercia says:

    Ten Minutes left until the end of the give-away! I’d love to win !! For the next collection, I think it’d be fun to see coral and teal! And work out dresses (but something different than what tennis players wear. Or maybe workout rompers! It’d be different and definitely innovative! 🙂 Love you Cassey! Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration!

  298. Cosi says:

    Something with the sky!

  299. Laura says:

    Would love some sweatpants/jogger pants! And I am an advocate for anti-human trafficking and was wondering if you know who makes your wonderful collections? I love the message, encouragement and heart that you provide millions of people and would love to see your collections be ethically made if they aren’t already! How cool would it be to workout together, encourage each other, look good doing it and stand up for justice?!

  300. ToriMiller says:

    Jackets! Or cute long sleeve tops to wear to and from the gym. Maybe with a wrap. Sort of like a ballet vibe

  301. Paula Sofia says:

    I would really love some greens or metallics
    accents and long sleeves.

  302. anicat9 says:

    sweatpants!!! For after an tough workout!

  303. Srijita says:

    Some options like long sleeves for the cold weather would be really great to have in the next collection!

  304. Emma Bickford says:

    I would love it if you came out with a nature themed collection. maybe one focused on the ocean or water or the sky, too! Water-themed leggings would be amazing or ones with like clouds or stars!! A starry night sky or waves would look amazing! 🙂 Or more of a forest theme for nature. I just love the colors in nature <3

  305. Hanalaura says:

    My 12 year old daughter introduced me to your YouTube channel…..she loves you!! I am a Pilates instructor and I really love❤️ your workouts, thank you! Have not tried any of the pop flex line but it looks fabulous!!

  306. Brasha Grant says:

    I would love to see tankinis (cuz I don’t feel quite ready to have that much stomach out but don’t want to cover the beautiful sports bras with shirts) and wording down the legs on the leggings. Like… Inspiring or motivational wording.

  307. Shreya C says:

    Hi Cassey! Love the metallic ideas that everyone has been posting. I would love it if there was perhaps vintage looking patterns. However, an Art Deco Theme or any art print would also look wonderful. Also perhaps animals, like cats, would be a really cute idea. Anything that is made would be amazing though 🙂

  308. Sarah Gutting says:

    Some floral hibiscus patterns! I love floral hibiscus patterns. Hibiscus flowers are so pretty and summery!

  309. Vivian says:

    I would love to have an outerwear/sweatshirt option so I can rock popflex on colder days and not just for working out!

  310. Alexa says:

    I would love to see some ombré designs!

  311. Darby Chastain says:


  312. Heather Black says:

    I would love to see more metallic colors and more of the mermaid collection. I love pink and black. I would also love to see a mermaid theme yoga mat and some headbands. A mermaid planner would also be a great wonderful touch to the mermaid collection. I have been doing blogilates since 2012. Blogilates has became a part of my everyday fitness schedule .

  313. Sabrina L. says:

    I would love to see spaced themed clothing in the next collection! I think with stars and the colors of each planets, the patterns on each clothing item would be beautiful! Maybe a yoga mat or leggings with the Milky Way on it!! ✨

  314. Clara S. says:

    I love water colors and ombé. I Want to see lots od yoga mats, gym bagr and leggings in next collection. And summer/tropical collection are so so good.I love it. Great jop Cassey

  315. Melody says:

    Would love to see more capri length leggings, especially since they work better for shorties like me!

  316. jojo says:

    On and I forgot to mention body rollers too

  317. jojo says:

    Cute simple prints or a minimalist style collection complete with accessories like headbands and wristbands (rubber ones with inspirational quotes on them and fabric ones for sweat). Fashionable and comfy socks and outerwear (ex. Jogging jackets that are breathable and water resistant, rain jackets, fashionable sweaters). I would also love to see compression shorts as well!
    ❤ your designs and videos!!

  318. Shelby Rachel says:

    Animal prints would be awesome. I don’t normally like animal print, but, from your previous designs, I know you would do them well. Cute workout clothes are one of my biggest motivators. Thanks Cassey!

  319. cheshious says:

    I would love jewel tones/bright colors for the next collection. I’m not a fan of navy, and pastels tend to wash me out.

  320. Sophiedopey98 says:

    Gosh! THIS IS SO SMART!! I work out and have to run with my phone in my hand to listen to my jams!! Ugh I love this!!

  321. Carolina Macaya says:

    I would like to see some hearts, starts or circles in the designs.

  322. Jennifer T says:

    Love everything so far, floral and mermaid are great! I love watercolor and neons. I like interesting sports bras, not just the basic and have been loving what you’re doing already! Mesh is great, chevron, stripes, gingham, and SHOES?! 🙂

  323. Natalie says:

    I would love to see polka dots and stripes. Two classic and chic prints that are extremely hard to go wrong with!

  324. Amanda says:

    A riot of jewel bright East Asian color. Bright teals, vibrant pinks, and sunny yellow, accented in weathered gold. Here’s a photo I took that uses this palette well.

  325. Arantza Aguilar says:

    My sister and I think that a mythological line would be very cool. With some headbands (that obvs help keep sweat off the face) with some leaves of something reminiscent of goddesses.

    Also, we think a line inspired on the different seasons would be nice (and there would be something for every one – even for people, who like myself shift towards darker colors).

    Finally, as some commenters have already mentioned, I think that if you could incorporate some tops with sleeves, people who like me are still working on their confidence to bare their whole arms could feel fierce working out.

    Hugs from Mexico 🙂

  326. Katriel Klein says:

    I scrolled down in the comments and since I had no original idea of my own I loved the oriental idea as well as beach themed prints ;p

  327. Wendy Cheng says:

    Bold jewel colors & cropped leggings!

  328. Mona says:

    I would really love to see red, yellow, green, blue and orange. Those are happy colors to me and I love them. They remind me of my childhood and they just make me happy. I also like to see pockets on them + little straps too. And how about releasing sweaters as well??

  329. Genice says:

    Animal prints! Leopard prints, zebra stripes. It’s going to make us look even fiercer than we already are!

  330. Dancerchickfalife says:

    I would love to see something 90s or Musical Theater inspired

  331. Ronni says:

    Since pop pilates is all about getting and being strong, what if you took inspiration from super heroes or warriors?

  332. Emily says:

    I would like to see some very high impact bras! I am in a lot of sports and j would love to wear your collection while playing them!

  333. Justina says:

    I’m all about the straps! And also maybe galaxy print, or quirky prints? Like cats? Hehehhe

  334. Anna says:

    I think cute compression socks would be great! I like to run and I always buy black Nike compression socks but I would love to have fun funky patterns as well 🙂

  335. Stephanie Allen Jarrett says:

    These pieces are gorgeous! I’d love to see tie dye in richer colors for fall- and a super supportive sports bra. All the fashionable bras don’t do me any favors because none seem to offer adequate support for a full chest. I’d love to see a super stylish sports bra that actually holds me in! ?

  336. Arleigh Rose says:

    I’m obsessed with the mermaid collection! I really want to order the pants as a bday present to myself tomorrow. 🙂 The pockets are a MUST!
    For the next collection I love the idea of Rose Gold accents, maybe with white and soft jade green. White and gold is also badass. And Cassie, you’re badass! Thank you for all you do! I have a slipped disc in my lower back and working out with you is the only thing that has gotten me back on stage (I’m the leader of a band) and dancing like I want to! So thank you. You’re the best. ?

  337. Haneyxiida says:

    Neon colored collection combined with striking pattern would be so cool. ?? Makes popsters stands out in the crowd as we hit full blast working out!!??

  338. Monica says:

    Your collections are always so well thought-out and creative already it’s hard to think of more!! Would having the option to customize the activewear or accessories sound viable? I think that would be a super neat option to have my name printed on my yoga mat! Also, seasonal themes are really cool, such as having different colors and tones for the fall vs spring and how warm the material is. Just suggestions, but I look forward to seeing how your next collection will be like. 🙂 Lots of love and support, Monica.

  339. Daniella says:

    Some orange, coral and yellow for summer

  340. Jayelzeejay says:

    I would love to see galaxy prints for next collection! And definitely reversible items for leggings/shorts/tops ?

  341. Holly Doss says:

    I want bolder colors and shiny leggings like idk that’d be so cool!! And I love geometric and crazy patterns!! I’m inlove with the work you do already, Cassey!!! Its flawless and creative and you’re so empowering!! Xoxo and I’m excited to see what else you’re cookin up in your office. You rock!!!!

  342. Yu-Ann Youn says:

    An Asian oriental theme with metallic bordering! or a sailor theme collection would be cute too!

  343. Katherine Johnson says:

    First off, thank you Cassey for being such a positive inspiration! So wonderful to hear positive words from you to inspire women when most of the media is so negatively charged about women and our body image. You are truely an inspiration! I love your style inspirations! They are so beautiful! I think an wonderful inspiration for a design would be Indian saree’s or Japanese komono’s. They are both so beautiful; with the different colors and fabrics used to make them. 🙂

  344. Daniela Martinez Guizar says:

    Pink gold metallic please!!

  345. Ayla says:

    Love the metallic idea everyone has been suggesting, would also love to see marble prints which would good with metallic accents like grey marble with copper or rose gold. Or pastel marbles with silver ?

  346. Emily P says:

    Maybe a metallic Theme with specifically fall colors. Or a color block blast from the past thing

  347. lifesacherai says:

    Beautiful vibrant colors like tropical punch orange, peach, some reds, whites, hints of gold would go well with this colour palette. Or you could even spruce up the current mermaid collection with hints of Metallics. It would make the mermaid collection so much more bombz.

  348. Brit says:

    I’d LOVE to be able to get a tee or tank with the Pop Pilates logo (the double P!). Gotta make sure the world knows!!

  349. Jinnette Lopez says:

    Lace details with pastel colors! 🙂

  350. mk98 sweet says:

    Florals like mini flowers, gold,silver color that sparkles when the light shines onto it (glittery style). 3/4 pants that is not too short nor too long. Yoga mat that have succulent theme. Stripes, polka dots pattern. Neon colors.
    Sport bra behind got pattern like heart shape, star, or mermaid shape. Animal prints like leopard, giraffe, zebra.

  351. Jinnette Lopez says:

    I would love to see blues and purples! Even rainbow colored outfits

  352. Amy says:

    Colors of a bold peacock (royal blues, teals, purples, greens, golds, hints of silver) encompassing style, beauty and sophistication. Hints of gold and silver wistfully, like ribbons throughout the colorful pallet of strength and beauty.

    The Symbolism of the gorgeous bird LITERALLY represents the POPSTER Community.

    Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. The Peacock is also associated with patience, kindness and luck.

    Pieces that Popsters could effortlessly go from a tough PIIT28 right out the door to run errands (well a quick face freshen up of course).
    The color scheme can go from early summer lighter tones through late fall with deeper blues, greens plums, and deep orange.

  353. Meg G says:

    Nature theme would be awesome! You could have different prints of flowers, leaves, trees, sky, animals etc. The base of the outfits would be green and other natural colours. It would motivate me to go outside and really explore nature! Thanks for this opportunity Cassey!

  354. Angie Martinez says:

    Petites! and some sports bras that are comfortable for DDs. 🙂
    I would also love to see lace accents in tops, bright colors, and maybe a rainforest inspired collection. <3

  355. Laura says:

    Sneakers/footwear and more semi fitted tops

  356. Colleen Leonard says:

    I love your water bottles! It would be neat if you added a lunch bag with with containers inside and the bag and containers could have inspirational stuff written on them to keep us encouraged on the food side while at work!

  357. mariana says:

    i would love to see a fairytale princess inspired collection <3

  358. Brittany Hinton says:

    I don’t know if you have this in your shop already but I would like to see some shorts that a woman with plenty of hips and butt could wear without exposing everything. Also some tights with super, super longevity so I don’t enter the war of gravity versus tights.

  359. Monica says:

    More pockets, please! Love that you’re making fashionable and practical clothes! I hate that I have to wear a fanny pack/ pouch just to hold my phone when I go running or for a short bike ride. I have to buy really baggy and unflattering clothes to get the same amount of pocket space guys have. So not fair, but thanks for working towards giving us the same luxuries!

  360. beatrix says:

    color block for the theme and cute yoga mat bag for the additional item ❤️

  361. Lauren Ashley says:

    Punk girls sat fit too! Can we get some gear in a darker pallet?

  362. MaCashen says:

    High waisted work out pants would be great. With a draw string so they stay up.

  363. Maryann Leslie Aguinaga says:

    Beautiful pieces, would love to add these to my workout gear! As far as ideas, maybe something similar to the color-block swimsuit trend? Rosegold in term of metalics mixed with soft pastels, and for fall try maybe dark royal purples, burgendy, forest greens, shimmery-blacks and dark greys, with a light color like beige to add a pop but still match. Pieces can include slim running jackets and thicker leggings for those who enjoy running outside (transitioning from fall to winter)

  364. Georgia Kelly Moore says:

    Maybe a midnight type collection? With deep navy and purple tones with splashes of silver and gold? <3 <3 <3 LOVE THIS COLLECTION!

  365. Abigail louise says:

    In the next pop flex collection, I think it would be super awesome to see new products like swim wear that you can wear as you workout in the pool. Theme wise, it would be really cool to see a red white and blue themed collection with super cool patterns for forth of July!!

  366. 7% Solution says:

    I would absolutely love some very high quality white items, maybe that marble print that’s been so popular lately?

  367. Madeline says:

    Maybe pointillism prints would be really pretty or mostly black pants with a strip of rose pattern on the sides like you do in the mermaid collection, or a sunset inspired collection would be really cool too

  368. Bethany says:

    Would love to see Capri versions of the leggings you already have out! Also tanks and sweaters with a cutout in the back are so popular right now and so cute! I would love to see how you would design them! And finally maybe some ombre color designs because how can ombre every look bad??

  369. Allyson says:

    I think it would be really cute to have a picture of a cartoon animal with a quirky line underneath like… “Going to work out meow!” or something haha

  370. Auburn Layman says:

    I’d love to see some little pockets for an apartment key or Chapstick! I’m also really in love with lace details right now, like on bra/shirt straps!

  371. Katherine Ferreira says:

    I would love to see more florals and some cute workout tanks and tops

  372. Mae Taya says:

    Night sky theme! And I would like to see more secure pockets. Maybe a tiny zipper pocket in the back and add a zipper to the leg pocket ?

  373. Sophia says:

    I would love to see a line for petite women, or maybe petite size addition to the newest Popflex Collections. I know many women who would love the leggings or longer shirt designs, but are simply too small. Alternatively, I think a more gradient style pattern with bold colors would be a fun addition for the summer!

  374. Wei Lim says:

    A cute mermaid yoga mat!!

  375. Erin says:

    With summer around the corner, I think a sunset-themed line would be lovely! I’m thinking wrm colors with soft gradients and maybe some dark accents…

  376. Angie says:

    I love all of it! You already have so many great ideas! What about an ombré style? That would be cool 🙂

  377. Alice says:

    Words of encouragement and motivation along the edges of the pieces in small-font; leaving the design/print of the pieces as the main focus but adding a uplifting/motivational element!

  378. Kylie says:

    Galaxy patterns with metallic accents!!! Galaxy patterns are really popular and who doesn’t love metallic?

  379. Janine Lamb says:


  380. Frances Wang says:

    Hi Cassey, how about expanding the mermaid collection into a “sea” theme to include other animals/fish like dolphin, whales, sharks, or turtles? I think it would be cute to turn into a sea creature :D. Also, maybe some winter workout gear? Like a light windbreaker jacket for jogs during the spring? Or sweatpants for the winter! And maybe gym bags to carry some gear!

  381. Rachel says:

    I would love to see something really 90’s like neons with snakeskin print

  382. Rhayne Woods says:

    I personally think lots of bright, fun colors would be nice since it’s spring

  383. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE mermaids so I’m super excited for this collection. Definitely do more tops with neat backs !!!!

  384. Beatiful Tag Liner says:

    Metalics flowers to represent summer with yellow orange and blue.

  385. harvest says:

    Next collection it would be really cool to see a bohemian theme!! Something light and colorful and anvironmentally conscious!

  386. harvest says:

    These are beautiful! I’d love the chance to win these and feel and look good while working out! Great job Cassey, love to all the popsters out here!!!

  387. Stephanie Wu says:

    Loving what everyone has been saying about the metallic accents

  388. RG says:

    Casey, maybe some shortskirts with pockets, would be sooo girly and easy to match with other blouses, tops and jackets. I couldn’t draw but check those links bellow with a model os short skirt and patterns (i’m a big fan of the brazilian brand FARM, their patterns are just the best):

    big xoxo

  389. Vivian Ng says:

    I would like to see more criss cross designs for the tops because i love them! Also maybe gray ish leggings and more summer colors. Ahh love you!

  390. Katherine Rivera says:

    I would love to see more pastel colors (pinks, teals) or magneta pink/purples. Maybe something that gives the illusion of lace (I can’t help it, I LOVE lace). Or some deep jewel colors (like emerald, ruby, or burgundy colors) for the summer/fall. Yes! Go for that last one 😛

  391. Amanda says:

    I’d love to see some beautiful gloves and socks with grip, maybe matching some of the gorgeous existing yoga mat collections too? ^^ also, I could totally see popsters rocking a collection inspired by a celestial design as some others have mentioned

  392. Margot says:

    I’d love to see the TROPICS! Colors of the sunset (warm oranges, yellows, purples), and big & bold flowers (eg: Hibiscus). xo

  393. Elizabeth Burke says:

    I love the idea of a pattern inspired by tiles of designs from another culture as an accent to certain parts.
    Metallics accents in gold and rose gold sound beautiful. ( I say this with nothing but love – the word “oriental” has a complicated and not always positive history and may be hurtful to some due to this history. I don’t think any popster would ever be intentionally hurtful but it is something we should be aware of as we describe other cultures)
    Would love to see some nature inspired color combinations with beautiful color transitions. Not the literal pattern of items from nature but think about pants with the color transitions of a flower petal. Abstract.

  394. Julie says:

    Food inspiration! Like the muffins we massacre and the peas we’re always counting!

  395. Raphaela says:

    I would love to see something nature-related!! Or matching clothes!!

  396. Bri says:

    Neon colors would be great for summer

  397. Christine Peterson says:

    I would love to see the neon colors. Like black leggings with a splash of neon. It would be so vibrant and beautiful for every season! 🙂 (And amazing for people who do outdoor workouts!)

  398. Elisabeth Chow says:

    Metallics Colours or even jogger pants! ??

  399. Ari says:

    Maybe a galaxy star theme

  400. Lynette says:

    I would love to see some looser pants in the next collection-maybe track pants but a softer, lighter material that’s tight at the ankles. Leggings are great but sometimes my skin needs to breathe! This collection looks amazing by the way!

  401. Fann Lyn says:

    Metallic gold or rose gold, with a tint of warmth 🙂

  402. Tiffany says:

    These are gorgeous!

  403. Liza says:

    Something inspired by fire could be really cool-the bright, warm colors could even help invigorate you and inspire you to stay strong during work outs!

  404. Emily Camplejohn says:

    A collection with earth tones that is also environment-friendly!

  405. Kristina Howell says:

    Nautical work out clothes! 🙂 Blue and orange stripes, yellow splashes, teal accents, seashell patterns, etc!

  406. Blossom Chen says:

    Lines! Minimalistic and aesthetic black and white lines that cross over each other

  407. Tylee says:

    Awww I missed it! Darn! But I do love the pastels, holiday themed maybe, or something floral. Oh oh and some Crop cut tops with long sleeves and mesh ventilation under the arms. Ok I’m getting a bit cray on ideas lol.

  408. Ayesha says:

    Phone cases would be so cute with inspiring messages

  409. Ashley says:

    I’d love to see some galaxy-inspired workout clothes with some pastel colors and please keep making the leggings with pockets in them because they are perfection!

  410. Flor says:

    Support for the more busty gals! I also have to agree with the metallic theme 🙂 Help keep this teacher fit and outfitted with the right stuff

  411. Ayesha says:

    Blogilates hoodies would be awesome! I’m bright neon colours to slay summer

  412. Sophie says:

    Longer sleeved tops so I can wear Popflex year round, even during cold New England winters!

  413. Audrey Kent says:

    Geometric shapes along with metallics would be really fun. Instead of cut out straight across, it would be geometric with lots of triangles along with gold or silver detailing. White and rose gold are super pretty together so an outfit that incorporates those colors that also has geometric details would be amazing!

  414. Alejandra says:

    I would love to see some rose gold with teal.

  415. Iris Hartness says:

    Maybe something with organic cotton?

  416. Mia says:

    I think it would be really cool to see some yoga apparel with mandala-inspired patterns!

  417. Ayesha says:

    I’d love to see rainbow colours, glow in the dark, neon, and maybe tropical prints (such as pineapples, Palm trees etc)
    A galaxy print would also be amazing!
    I’d quite like to see jogging pants and long t-shirts too and maybe hand-signed stuff by Cassey.

  418. Lucy says:

    Would love to see hair accessories to match some of the sets and mayne even athletic skorts? Is that a thing? Love the palettes and designs you have!

  419. Lindsay Collins says:

    Shimmer and shine! You wore a pair of silver leggings in one of the PIIT28 photos and I LOVE them! Rose gold is my favorite (*hint hint*)

  420. Erika Soto says:

    Hi Cassey! Your activewear is absolutely stunning and I would love to buy from your collections one day! I think adding a celestial theme to one of your future collections would be really nice, like the colorful sunsets or the starry/cloudy night sky. I love the way you’ve been designing everything and know that you’ll continue to create beautiful pieces for the community.
    Thank you so much for your videos and your positivity, you’ve helped me find balance these past two years 🙂

  421. Jamie says:


  422. Che says:

    In the next collection, I would love to see sport bras that are able to hold for a girl with a bigger bust. I’m a teen with a bigger bust and sometimes I love and sometimes I don’t. The sports bras I find in my size are either don’t fit in some way or they fit and aren’t cute at all.
    I also think a cool idea for the next collection would be, if the workout pants could change length like for example from cute shorts to knee length which could work for summer and winter, either way I think it’d be cool to have pants like that.

  423. Cam H says:

    I totally support metallics but maybe for the winery days. I would loooove to see a coral or “hot coral” and other bright summer colors ?

  424. Yuma says:

    I would love to see more flowy tanks or long sleeve workout tops as I like to cover my arms during workouts! I always like dark colored clothing with cute bright colorful accents or designs on them. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for all the motivation these past YEARS ☺️!

  425. Sophia says:

    Collage of healthy foods like fruit? Kiwi fruits, berries, etc!

  426. Tabitha says:

    Golds! I think golds bring out a woman’s power.

  427. Rochelle van Scheijndel says:

    Workout Gear like yoga mats, ankie weights etc.
    Also animal printer legging and tops would be fun, with mest ofcouse

  428. Rachel says:

    I’d love some striking and cozy yoga pants!!! I love the crop tops so maybe some bathing suit tops that are that length?

  429. ave says:

    more pastels!!!!! I’m OBSESSED

  430. Maggie King says:

    I would love to see a pink/gray combo!

  431. Cam H says:

    I totally support metallics but maybe for the winery days. I would loooove to see a coral or “hot coral” and other bright summer colors ?

  432. Halle says:

    Anything rose gold or silver. Maybe flowy tops.

  433. Mary Kimura says:

    I love the new collection!! The colors and styles is amazing. For the next collection maybe switch up the fits? There’s a lot of tight form fitting pieces. So next collection maybe more looser tops and bottoms?? 🙂 love you!!!

  434. Drumgrrrl says:

    I would totally kill to see some tartan print since I’m a sucker for punk. Plus, how many edgy activewear collections do you see?

  435. Jordan Betts says:

    I agree with so many others and would love metallic accents! Especially rose gold. It’s become more popular lately but it’s not seen as often. Rose gold with soft florals would be gorgeous!!

  436. paullyn p says:

    Unicorns. Can’t go wrong with that~

  437. Jesse says:

    Ocean theme would be awesome! ??⚓️?

  438. Maddi Ramos says:

    Helloooo MOM ??? don’t be conflicted, I just look p to you as my second mom, but anywho. For the next POPFLEX collection, it should be bold but flexy? LOL I was thinking maybe adding a cooperation of fall ideas after the summer. Can never go wrong with bold Dark colors like earthy undertones, but have small accents with what the others say like metallics (great idea btw!) Its also great if you designed some more leggings and long sleeve dry fit shirts, I love those because they somehow excentuate the muscles in a way? But also adding the shear cut outs like the others that you’ve made, gives out a fierce vibe! ? Hoodies with inspiring quotes would be amazingly comfy for those rest days, just relaxing with our popster hair buns ? YOUR OWN SHOE COLLECTION WOULD BE SO AWESOME TOO (the new j’s?) okay I’m looking way ahead of myself ! Keep up with the hard work, we know u work just as hard as we do and we appreciate it and love you! We’re all here for you every lunge of the way.

  439. Chris Wingrove says:

    bold jewel tones!

  440. Maddi Ramos says:

    Helloooo my second mom ! Don’t be conflicted by that, I just look up to you as my second mom, but anywho. For your next popflex collection, I think you should go with cooperation with fall ideas, like using earthy undertones and dark neutral colors to give that fierce vibe, and maybe some having the shear cut outs, those always give me a confident boost ! Can never go wrong with dark colors ? Others would be like long sleeve shirts and leggings, they are great pieces to wear , because they always seem to excentuate the muscles ? Weird huh? ? YO YOUR OWN SHOE COLLECTION ? LOL okay I’m getting a little carried away but that would also be awesome to think about in the future! And maybe hoodies too, for the rest days where we can lounge around with, with our hair buns! All else, Anything you design will be ultimately be inspiring and wonderful! We all know you work as hard and were always here with you every Lunge of the way! ??

  441. Regina Kara says:

    I think a nature themed line would be amazing, especially pairing it with a photoshoot concept.

  442. Elke says:

    I am a woman and happy and proud about that, but I do not like the typical ‘girly, pinky’ colors. The world needs different role models who are ambassadors in carrying out the message that there is no such thing as ‘THE woman’ or ‘THE man’.
    Therefore, I would like to suggest a collaboration with someone like Ruby Rose and some more cross-over designs in terms of colors and tops!

  443. Theresa B says:

    Warmup jackets

  444. Marianne Zhou says:

    Maybe something glow-in-the-dark? That would be awesome!

  445. Nikki says:

    It would be awesome to see a tropical collection since summer is coming up! Or a falling leaves collection for fall.

  446. Eden says:

    I like the idea of metallics!

  447. Johanna says:

    I think bright solid colors would be cool with the pop Pilates logo imprinted on it and inspirational quotes would be cool if you haven’t already done that.

  448. Izzy3519 says:

    I would love to see some sort of long sleeve options with bright fun colors and a nice form fitting look and others with a looser feel. I know most people do not enjoy wearing long sleeves while working out but I love your collections and in track we are required to wear long sleeves and long pants! Because you do not want to be dying of heat maybe their could be some mesh panels or something along that line!

  449. Mary-Beth Owen says:

    metalic mermaid style would be cool, silvery and blue scales!

  450. anicat9 says:

    I was thinking something organic and nature-y…?

  451. Kyoko Hall says:

    How about an Asian-inpried line? Maybe some bonsai tree designs of cherry blossom tree prints?? 🙂

  452. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness I would LOVE to see some geometric prints in the next collection! Preferably with teal and/or coral!! I have to start saving now since I haven’t been able to indulge as of yet with my two boys.. Determined to soon though, haha!!

  453. Michaela Stark says:

    Boho would be pretty becuase you could create patterns that would be tribal looking but also express how strong and different we all are inside and out and how good we all look no matter what! i would love to have the mermaid collection because i dont have any workout clothes yet and i love to workout and do pilates with you Cassie but i simply cant afford any workout clothes.

  454. Arisa Leanne Resquer says:

    I love seeing designs with mesh!

  455. RobinDenise says:

    I was also thinking metallic but I was thinking stars and galaxies, various dark and mid blues with coloorful swirls and dots of blingy stars.

  456. Elise says:

    I think skorts would be awesome. I think a rose-themed collection would be beautiful, with all different colored roses. 🙂

  457. Kim says:

    I saw some comments about metallics and I LOVE anything that glitters and shines! I think a rose gold, dark charcoal grey and olive/army green would be a lovely, warm color combo. I think this would be versatile enough to fit the spring, fall or winter! And maybe add some cool texture, like this photo which is inspired by stone. And some accessories can be gold and rose gold:)
    Thanks for sparking the creative side in all of us, this was fun!

  458. Kaylee Scales says:

    I think it would be cool if you drew inspiration from patterns like mandalas (I’m a bit obsessed due to them being all over a coloring book I just got! haha) or other geometric designs. I love warm colors (like a sunset; you could do some cool ombre designs). I think some regular “sport shorts” (i.e. not spandex-y; more like regular nike shorts) would be really cool too.

  459. Jasmine G. says:

    Hi Casey!!! I love you so much and I would be ecstatic if I won this giveaway!!! You are my biggest inspiration and motivation!
    Not that I don’t love both POPFLEX collections but I do have some recommendations for what I would like to see in future POPFLEX lines. I love designing my own clothing and I love drawing my own fashion figures as well…I have loads of notebooks with sketches so I have some ideas too!
    – Some hair bands or even scrunches that do not slip while I am doing piit28 2.0! I jump a lot in the updated version and I end up with my hair all over the place so hair bands would really help.
    – Perhaps a collection based off the colors of the sunset like your sunset festival yoga mat, I think it would look absolutely gorgeous!
    – So colors like orange, yellow, hot pink, light blue, and purples.
    – And for leggings, maybe you could make like Capri leggings?
    – I love the mesh it is really flattering, so maybe incorporate it a bit more in the tops/ shirts.
    – Lastly, I would love to see flattering sweaters that are warm for those who run in the morning

    Instagram: @jm_soccerpopster

  460. Kelcey Lucia says:

    I would love to see some slightly longer shorts for those of us that a bit more conservative. Also, maybe some long sleeves to help protect from the sun! If I go outside, all of my skin needs to be covered even if I am wearing sunscreen, so I am always for UPF clothing that is affordable and fashionable! 🙂

  461. line baecher says:

    Love the mermaid colours that makes any girl look beautiful. But we dont just want to look beautiful we want to look powerfull. So something dark and tight with rough egdes and geometric shapes. Maybe also earth colors like brown and green.

    ???? go power

  462. Monica says:

    Some tanks/tshirts/jackets would be great!!! To match what you have or just with motivational quotes. I LOVE the mermaids style, that in a full tank or jacket would be amazing!! I also think a galaxy them would be pretty sweet.

  463. Jasmine G. says:

    Galaxy/constellation/space theme would look absolutely gorgeous along with metallic sequence as well! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway Cassey!

    Instagram: @jm_soccerpopster

  464. Lindsay Alvero says:

    I love the idea of space, the universe, so dreamy and magical! Constellation patterns! We are all made of star stuff!

  465. lia says:

    These are amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next <3

  466. Kim says:

    A unicorn/fairy themed collection or sailor moon!

  467. India says:

    i would love to see some bold gemetric designs in your collection soon, maybe on some really leggings, as i feel
    thats something you could tackle incredibly, as made evident by your mermaid collection and peony collection, theyre honestly just amazing and the time and work you put in shows!! This is just a thought because i know you’re mostly a fitness person but perhaps you could bring in some designs for leotards as i know a lot of your popflex lovers are probably dancers, including myself and i can just imagine your amazing designs on a leotard, with like a really gorgeous colour and then an amazing patterned strap abck detailing would be just the best. ??

  468. Myriam says:

    More pastel and definitely some bright colors too!!

  469. Cristina Pulido Estébanez says:

    Mermaid designs are so beautiful, in fact the mat’s design os muy phone’s walpaper, it gives me good and relaxing vibes. To win this giveaway would be my perfect birthday gift, tomorrow i turned 20.
    My proposal is geometrical desings, i think that i never have seen clothes like this forma working out and it could be a new phase for training clothes, for doing them more creative and special and not be thinking about “oh muy god i hope that nobody has shown me like this”. Here a pico of what i am talking about:

  470. Batman Doctor says:

    I would love to see popflex headbands!! Something to keep the hair out of your face while still be a fashion accesory.

  471. Nancy Murphy says:

    My favorite workout gear is definitely mesh sides and strappy bras! I love this mermaid pattern and the pockets are amazing! You never realize it until you’re at the gym in your sports bra and gym pants and have no pockets for your keys or wallet. For the next collection I think an orange and gold/yellow bohemian floral color and pattern with mesh or lace capris and a strappy back tank top would be perfect for summer!

  472. Leticia says:

    I would love an art theme, thank you:)

  473. Olivia says:

    a nature theme would be so pretty, like greens and blues and pale pinks because of the spring blossoms, it would be so cute!

  474. Cat says:

    Some crop lengths or a running short would be amazing! It’s hot out and I know you lengthened the booty shorts, but this chica has thighs that touch for dayyyys. Also, maybe a tank top with a built in that’s solid for running but doesn’t have a racer back? Tryna even out those tan lines…

  475. Maddy says:

    I would love to see some lace type sports bras!
    Maybe even incorporate lace into the leggings like around the ankles?
    Also more midnight blue colours would be very cool too!

  476. Karen Ng says:

    I would love to see pastels with gold or silver accents like gold polka dots against a teal background. Would be really cool to add capris and skorts to the collection as well!

  477. sarasokola says:

    I am always a fan of glitter anything… Sparkles make life a little better 🙂

  478. Dominique says:

    More of the crop tops, and yes please to metallics for the next collection! I would also love to see more reds/sunset colours. I’m so excited to see the new collection! <3

  479. Haila Ackley says:

    I LOVE the collections that you made so far! They are gorgeous and functional. I don’t have an original idea for the look of the next collection, but I do like the Greek Goddess idea I read at some point this weekend. I would like to see tops that cover the complete back and conceal arm and back fat and are longer and a little more flowy, which would match well with the goddess theme. Maybe some lighter colors to go with it, some whites, blues, pinks, purples along with silver and gold accents. I also think some legging capris would be nice. Again, I love everything you have designed so far, and I am excited to see what you come up with in the future!

  480. Gabrieli Rigoni says:

    Hey Cassey, I really wish a GALAXY COLLETION.. With a lot of stars, sparkling, maybe colors like dark blue and black to background and the galaxy colorful with light blue, pink, aqua, white … That would be amazing ♥ !!!

  481. Felicity says:

    Anything and everything olive green!!! It’s my favorite color at the moment and I’ve yet to find any workout gear so far this color. It would be so unique and is a great color on everyone!! Xo

  482. Kelcie Huff says:

    I’m loving the pockets you included in your mermaid leggings and hope those continue to show up in future collections! The metallic colors everyone has mentioned for the next one sounds so cute! Maybe adding some geometric prints to that idea?

  483. Emily says:

    Pastels are amazing, but jewel tones (emerald, amythest, sapphire tones etc.) would be so elegant! A gemstone inspired line would have such a rich and deep color scheme and a romantic feel to it.

  484. Abigail says:

    On the next collection it should be a few of your inspirational quotes on the attire and the colors should be white and gold (: .love you cassey!

  485. Ale Aguilera says:

    I think texture prints would be really beautiful. I’m talking patterns like bubbles, glitter, leaves ?, waves ?. It’d be really cool to do some inspired by the four seasons!!

  486. Ericka says:

    I would love to see more mesh.

  487. Samantha Wong says:

    cutouts and criss crosses on pants!

  488. Emily Huang says:

    Floral designs for the next collection please!

  489. Krista Kuny says:

    I would like to see more ocean colors…. Different blues, like water, beaches…

  490. Elaina Richards says:

    I want to see bras with a little more support! All your stuff is super cute but not super accessible to us bigger busted ladies, which is possible with some adjustable, thicker straps 🙂

  491. Kensi says:

    I’d really love a smallish gym bad that isn’t overly large and bulky because when I go to the gym I like to just carry the essentials

  492. Natalia Fraczek says:

    Looking through all the comments, I have to say the metallic theme sounds great ツ, and I noticed many also like the moon and sun theme, so I think it would be great if the clothing was an eye catching color (neon perhaps) with a metallic designs of maybe the moon and/or sun☀️☾. Or a tropical theme since the summer is coming??. Slits would look really cool too! ????

  493. Tania Sosa says:

    Definitely something with cute decals or cut outs! Or even something with inspiring quotes from followerz!

  494. Mary Nguyen says:

    cropped hoodies!

  495. Cherry says:

    A “colors of autumn” concept! Or nature appreciation such as the northern lights aka aurora borealis concept ? Or maybe something galactic!! Just imagine the lovely colors these concepts would make!

  496. Carlett S says:

    Love the collection, you really killed it Cassey!

  497. essie says:

    ROSE GOLD cassie!! With some floral prints❤? that would give me so much inspiration to work out!

  498. Babel says:

    As a POPster I think it would be amazing to have more variety of clothes. Not just tops and sleeveless cause some of us still need more time to get confident and happy with our body and achievements. Sometimes after we workout we think that there’s no problem if we have a YOLO meal, but instead of that, it becomes a YOLO day. Maybe it would be a good idea if the new design includes healthy food like vegetables, fruits… with a cute style just like funny faces on them. And for the background, it can be a combination between green, which means nature and health, and some fruit colors: red, purple, yellow, blue…
    I really hope all the POPsters like my idea, because it’s for us, for our community ^.^
    You’re the best Cassey, I really really admire you. You are very stronger physically and mentally, that’s pretty awesome! Thank you for being our personal trainer and for reading my comment. Love you so much!

  499. Deidre says:

    Love this ALL!! Wardrobe goals, for sure!

  500. Summer Wong says:

    I would love to see different colors on different outfits that would represent nature sceneries that we might visit or see in the summer. For example, there can be a couple of outfits that represent the different kinds of sunsets we would see on a beach. There would be shorts and a top that had pink and purple on it and another outfit with orange and yellow. I think outfits that show bright colors would brighten up everyone’s mood and get them pumped for their workout. Plus it would bring them back to nature which would maybe make them feel a bit more peaceful.

  501. Corinne Kelly says:

    Since Independence Day is coming up in the near summer, what about an American Flag Featured Line! There could be high waisted booty shorts, and blue pants with white stars going down the outer sides of the leg and red and white stripes across the waist band. The goddess tank could have red and white stripes as the flag on the bra and the blue and white stars on the bottom flowing half.
    For future reference, you can also use the colors of the other countries where POPFLEX and Blogilates is located.

  502. Lyss says:

    I love the mermaid collection! You can tell that every piece was designed with care and precision. In the next collection, I’d love to see more pieces with the similar intricate details – I love the cut-outs and mesh details! I also think it would be awesome to see some bright colors that pop – maybe bright pinks and electric blues for summer? Keep up the good work Cassey + Popflex team! 🙂

  503. Anna Fries Moland says:

    A mother earth inspired collection could be really cool! Clothes with a lot of beautiful green, blue and brown-ish colors, and with leaves and flower patterns. Plus it could also be a cool way to celebrate the earth and a healthy lifestyle in a different way!

  504. Kelly Maynard says:

    Small zipper pockets in the back of the bands on pants and shorts for holding keys!

  505. Kirby Van Egmond says:

    I would really like to see some winter jackets! Or a collection inspired by the flora and fauna of the rainforest. The Colours are amazing!

  506. Jaydalyn Kroell says:

    I would love to see collections with more blues, tie dye, metallics & palm leaves. I love pieces that can double as everyday wear, such as flowy tanks.

  507. Emilia Karin says:

    Jewel tones! Or metallics!! OR BOTH!!!

  508. PopsterFJR says:

    I think a black/gold combination would be wildly beautiful! Not only is it a really pretty combination, popsters are golden and it would be wonderful to see it reflected in what’s worn. It would be a symbolic way of saying “We are gold.” It could be done in many ways: A black tank top with gold straps and coordinating leggings with gold running along the sides; those leggings paired with a black/gold striped top (thin stripes so as to not be too much); A black water bottle with an inspirational saying in gold letters; The ideas are endless!

  509. Syri says:

    Moto/”leather” leggings that are easily worn in and outside the gym. Ah winning this would be such a dream and so motivating to hit the gym and get out of this depression. @pinkmosaic

  510. Ilinca Mitchell says:

    For the next collection I’d love to see more tops! I find that I have a lot of leggings and shorts from you but not that many tops. Also maybe some gym equipment like lifting gloves! Oh and hoodies! As far as colors or patterns, I don’t really have suggestions because I love what you did so far! You made me a fan of navy and I never thought that would happen Haha can’t wait for the next collection!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  511. Michaela says:

    Please make another gym bag like the ogorgeous one! It was super adorable! Maybe a shoe collection as well in the future?

  512. JaelleP says:

    I would like to see something Ying Yang related, because everything in working out is about balance!

  513. Allison says:

    I would like to see some face towels with nice prints to use for sweat while working out! Like maybe some prints that match the yoga mats or the mermaid print 🙂 also, for the winter time, maybe some unique leg warmers or knee high socks with the PopPilates logo or something on them. Another idea is some cute headbands to hold our hair out of our face while we are doing Piit28 🙂 thank you for giving us a chance to give our ideas!

  514. Ileyah says:

    I would love to see a Girls Rock theme, that would be so cool!

  515. Claire Cerra says:

    Since the mystical mermaid was such a glorious inspiration for this goddess line I think it’s time for something that motivates us to move and unleash our inner beast! A Diva Dragon POPFLEX line featuring bold jewel colors and sparse metallic accents will draw out our inner power. Royal blues, flaming reds, vibrant purples and dark pinks make a statement. Mesh and scale effects can be texture focal points, while the stretchy fabric is as flexible as dragon legends. Cunning, wise, strong, fierce…. Dragon fit ✨?✨

  516. Cynthia Valle says:

    Oooo i would love to see bold secondary colors in block or angle patterns!

  517. Laiza Padilla says:

    I would love to see metallics! Or something inspired from famous architecture around the world! Or since you focused on mermaids, maybe focus on other mythical creatures such as fairies, or dragons? Thank you so much for this giveaway! <3

  518. Sierra paramore says:

    I’d love to see styles with cut-outs and things like like the straps on the bra and top here, maybe on leggings? I’d also love to see the Goddess top in patterns like the Mermaid pattern.

  519. Viviana says:

    I really think you should go with a jacket collection! Especially wind breakers!! I also suggest more acolors of peplum shirts they are super pretty to work out/walk around in, I would definitely flaunt it on my campus!

  520. Jamie says:

    I love the metallics idea other people talked about and I also think a superheroish theme would be amazing- like the metallics could be accents and the pieces be reminiscent of supergirl, black widow, etc 🙂

  521. Rebeca says:

    Hi Cassey! I love your designs ت What I would like to see in your new collection is a “skirt/short”, maybe like a tennis skirt but more like a pilates skirt (a blogiskirt haha). I used to play tennis but I still love how cute skirts are so I like to use this type of booty shorts with a mini skirt over them and they look adorable ت Also happy colors with those femenine designs ت Hope this helps!

  522. Jessica says:

    Something sparkly/shimmery!

  523. Van B says:

    I’d love to see more tops with interesting cut-outs!

  524. Joely Osfield says:

    I would love to see some comfy yoga pants! I’m constantly on the lookout for a good pair I can exercise in, and I can’t find one. They’re all too loose around the top, or too baggy, and don’t have any patterns on them. It would be so awesome if you could create some yoga pants with a gorgeous thick, patterned band, and some of your really helpful pockets! I would also really love a geometric print collection. Tribal designs, with gold and silver used as well. It would be so eye-catching! Anyways, I hope you like these ideas, and I’m sure whatever you do will be absolutely brilliant, so create away! Lots of love sent to you and the Blogilates fam.

  525. Kelly Le says:

    Metallics are pretty cool. It shines in diff direction you move!

  526. karin_d says:

    Pls keep the pockets! I love them! And maybe for the next collection a graphic, modern print?

  527. jennifer says:

    I want to see zippers on the pockets. also, sports bras with zippers in the front cos taking off a wet bra after a workout is the worst!!

  528. Emily Howell says:

    Marble patterns on leggings would be awesome!

  529. Viviana says:

    I really think you should go with a jacket collection! Especially wind breakers!! I also suggest more alternations of peplum shirts they are super pretty to work out/walk around in, I would definitely flaunt it all over my campus!

  530. Kamna Gandhi says:

    POPFLEX MERMAID BOMBER JACKETS (the kind can be transitioned from a morning run to casual athleisure) PLEASE YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! Also more full-sleeved tops (haha, I live in Canada).

  531. suzy says:

    Maybe a summer sunset for the next collection… i love sunsets and would love to see something similar to a sunset since I never really got to see a real one before! ?

  532. Shauna says:

    Some cooler weather options would be fantastic, some long sleeve tops and jackets. Also I second whoever mentioned any star/galaxy/celestial type prints – love those!

  533. Annabeth Chase says:

    I would also love to see a princessy theme- ballet pink and shimmer, or like maybe Disney characters; an outfit for each character(Belle, Elsa, Jasmine, Anna, Olaf, Rapunzel, Mulan, Mushu, Pochahontas, Tiana etc)

  534. Kamna Gandhi says:

    I would love to see the bright, printed windbreakers and athletic bomber jackets that everyone has been rocking these days. I would love to see a windbreaker in those seafoam colors above, so pretty!!

  535. Carly Thomas says:

    A celestial or galaxy-themed collection!

  536. Rachel P says:

    Fun prints like pineapples or lace ?

  537. Kelsie says:

    Maybe you could design and start your own shoe line? Love u!!

  538. Teresa María Lausell Fernández says:

    I, personally, would like to see bras with more compression/security. My natural genetics make me a little large chested, and I need to keep the girls in their proper place while I work out! 🙂

  539. Gabby says:

    More cutouts for the next collection!

  540. Amanda Pfahning says:

    Some crop tops too!!!

  541. Lindsey says:

    I would really love to see some tops for us girls that don’t want to show off our bellies. I love the flowy tops in your collections, but they do travel a lot during Pilates, again leading to that belly hanging out. Something a little more apt to stay put, but still has a little design flare would be awesome.

  542. Kiera says:

    More teal!

  543. Amanda Pfahning says:

    One more thing..Make it fierce!!!

  544. Caroline says:

    I think maybe a tropical theme… like bight, happy colors. Thank you!

  545. Tania Morris Diaz says:


  546. Helen says:

    More shorts and pants with innovative pockets so we can do away with implactical armbands to hold out ginormous phones, while we listen to our motivational music! And, keep up with those funky colours!

  547. Candice Cordero says:

    How about some running shoes…..

  548. Kailey Van De Velde says:

    More fun prints, colors, and cutouts?
    Flowy tops, capris, armband for your phone/iPod?

  549. Hsiu-Hui says:

    Please sketch a jacket or sweater line!! I love wearing casual jackets and sweaters and I literally wear them all day every day…haha love u!

  550. Alyssa Amparo says:

    I would love to see a Jewel tone collection, Cassey! 🙂

  551. Melody says:

    Something Disney-like would be really awesome! 🙂

  552. Fadziebear says:

    I would love to see a sunset collection! With oranges and reds and pinks and some Metallics. I think it would be really pretty! I’m obsessed with the mermaid collection. Love you Cassey! Today is my one year anniversary of doing POP Pilates!!

  553. Katie says:

    What about a “forged by fire” look, inspiration from roses, summer beach fires, burning embers, with a gold metallic touch. Possibly even a graphic tank with “Blogilates Forged by fire” or “fueled by passion” or even put it on a bottle. I’d love to see reds, golds, even an orange or peachy color palette. Absolutely love the designs thus far!!!

  554. Beatiful Tag Liner says:

    I would like something that just gives everyone inspiration to keep on trying and to never give up. Like something that can represent our troubles in life and how to come over it. It can be a design that says things like keep on going or like why do you exercise. I really hope u like these ideas because I’ve been dying for your pop flex. Thank u Cassy!!! Oh and it can also represent summer time something like metalics!!!!! Love u

  555. Leah says:

    I would LOVE to see some more bright florals with metallic accents as well in the next collection! By the way your videos are AMAZING and I love working out to them!

  556. Amanda Pfahning says:

    More sports bras and shorts please! With the sports bras some cool/ complicated backs and for the shorts some cut out pieces like the ones you wore in your turbo butt video. Also some tank tops with #blogilates or #popsters on it. Something to do with blogilates so that people know its blogilates. And maybe some swim suits…

  557. Amanda Pfahning says:

    More sports bras and shorts. For the shorts maybe some with “holes” like in your turbo butt video!

  558. Lily says:

    Designs from nature! Like ocean waves or pretty sunsets would be awesome 🙂

  559. Eline says:

    I would love to have a thin jacket because i love to workout outside but i live in norway where it rains alot! And i only have big clothes and rainsuites and thats not the best to run in

  560. Becky says:

    I love all of your popflex designs! If I had enough money in the bank I’d just buy them all but I don’t lol so thank you for chances to win like this! I’d love to see more intricate designs on the back of sports bras and some more mesh added too to the leggings 🙂 I’m not sure if this is in your ideas, but possibly some popflex shoes? That would be cool! You know exactly what is the most comfortable when working out and probably would make some better studio shoes than anyone else & having a lightning strike on the side of the shoe or the back of it would just be gorgeous!

  561. Michaela Stark says:

    BOHO. it would make me so happy if i could win this contest i have zero active wear yet i love to be active; i simply cannot afford it. i love your designs and your positivity is simply inspiring and motivational.

  562. teen idle. says:

    I would like to see something in rose gold cause i’m obssesed with it and also I’d like to see more inspirational quotes, i love them! Love ya Cassey?

  563. Eline says:

    Emojis, hearts, ???☀️??✌?️?? my favorites in emojis, it would be so cool to have the midle finger on my running pants or the pizza, ape, sun or the heart eyes

  564. Guo says:

    I am in love with those leggings!

  565. Jennifer says:

    Galaxy theme…like rosanna’s dress from her nerdy nummies book

  566. Viviana says:

    I really think you should go with a jacket collection! Especially wind breakers!! I also suggest more alternations of peplum shirts they are super pretty to work out/walk around in, I would definitely flaunt it around on my campus!

  567. Thalia Oramas says:

    I would love to see metallics in a romantic way
    Like pink gold ??. And gold is amazing , i would feel like powerful princess ready to hiit. ????
    All this with wonderful pockets.

  568. Bronwyn says:

    Wow, I love everyone’s suggestions! Cassey you have some very creative popsters! I would love to see pearlized white (would look so pretty with the metallics that other people suggested). A long-sleeved top or a jacket would be really great too. I love the new collection, Cassey and if I don’t end up winning, I’ll be asking for Popflex for my birthday!

  569. BD says:

    I think it would be cute if the next generation of Popflex clothes is based on summertime so maybe like fun crazy prints like pineapples, lemons, Popsicles and sunglasses. Kinda like a Kate Spade feel whenever they design stuff. It would fun to show a little more girlie side while you are being a beast in the gym plus the bright colors/prints will keep you going and get you summer bod ready in no time.

  570. Gina says:

    Asian printed designs for bras, pants and jackets. I would buy all of it!

  571. Audrey says:

    Cute sweats for warming up/cooling down would be awesome! Everyone has those Adidas sweats so it would be cool to create the next trendy pair 🙂

  572. Tania Morris Diaz says:

    Aztec/tribal print maybe? I love the design and very rarely see that on workout clothes. It would be great for the summer!

  573. Gina says:

    Asian printed designs.

  574. Fanmarie4 says:

    Simple metallics and pastel water colors would be an awesome color palette for the next color pop collection! However, I’ve seen metallics on several pieces of clothes that crackle and chip off after a few washes and metallic threads are usually itchy to the skin. I’d love to see how you would incorporate metallics in a durable, comfortable, and attractive way Cassey!

  575. Kimberley Richards says:

    I think booty shorts with petal/vine shaped cut outs along the side, with mesh underneath would look amazing. Maybe some baby pinks, baby blues/pastel shades, teamed with some silver/pale golds or copper. Also the idea of a halter crop top is really appealing (not tied) and would be really different. Second the call for zippers for pockets. Maybe even some leggings that can double as running ones? Your imagination comes up with such lovely designs anyway!

  576. Sidney says:

    I always love the swimsuits you wear in your posts and I would love to see swimwear that you designed! I think that it’d be amazing to see what you come up with. Also, maybe some sort of sweatshirt? I practically live in sweatshirts and with all they beautiful patterns you design I think a sweatshirt would be awesome.

  577. Shannon says:

    I think some of the best ideas can be built on continuously. Right now you have a mermaid collection that really represents the hues of the beauty of the ocean/water. What if you take on a whole sort of elemental theme? Make different collections to continue on with earth, fire, air/sky. You can even incorporate other ideas that people have had so far such as metallics into each of these. You celebrate so much the beauty of the world around you – in your photo shoots, your backgrounds in your videos, and even your Instagram – and this could be a way to even further celebrate that!

  578. Amber says:

    unicorn themed!!!

  579. angela says:

    I’d love to see a flattering jacket for in between training and on the go! Different lengths for different heights would be great such as adding a peplum to cover the butt or having it more crop cut for shorter torsos. Also more cute strappy tops and clothing with mesh please but with more pockets for phone storage, keys, etc. Would be great on the go and for runs! Also maybe include a reflective stripe on the bottom or side pockets of leggings/shorts and in the potential jacket 🙂
    Also a small pouch/bag for the gym to carry essentials such as hair ties, head bands, shampoo, face things
    Not sure about what theme but summer time reminds me of all the fruit in season!
    I’d really love to have more clothing for colder climate in the future though even if it’s not for the next collection 🙂 thank you for reading

  580. Hannah says:

    Bright colors please ( :

  581. Hannah says:

    color block patterns!!!

  582. Nela L. says:

    Dear Cassey,
    first I’d like to thank you for the awesomeness that is the Popflex line!
    There are so many wonderful pieces to choose from already and expanding the collection even more will lead to even more tough deciding, since a person like me can’t have it all XD
    But nevermind! I agree with some of the comments that have been posted before (metallic accents? Hell yeah! XD) and have a few other ideas I haven’t seen here yet. Firstly, I love the lively colors and the gentle feminine prints that have been presented so far, so I’d actually love to see even more of those! Like bright yellow or another flower pattern for the prints. Secondly, I love ombré prints… So it would be so cool to have them on activewear, too! I think the gradient effect from a dark color to a light one (right now I have blue to white in mind) looks so pretty. Thirdly… Zippers! Zippers are awesome, I’ve been looking for front closure sports bras with them, but haven’t found a great one yet. And finally, I think that also many other Popsters would be thankful if Popflex offered length variations of the leggings, too! Like Pop Shorts 1.0 vs 2.0, it would be nice to be able to choose either shorter or longer pants… I’m only about 5 ft tall, with quite short legs and finding cute pants of accurate length has always been a thing left unaccomplished for me. Maybe the tall Popsters have an opposite problem, too!
    So that’s what I’ve thought of.
    Continue slaying it, Cassey! <3
    Greetings from Nela from the Czech Republic (a 19 yo Popster of a Vietnamese origin XD)

  583. Aims says:

    Cassey you’re such an inspiration to asian girls growing up in the west who want to follow their passion and run a business! I also love that you encourage such a positive strong body image -I also suffered from ED and could never reach that whispy fragile body so often desired in asian culture. Would love to see tropical island theme with bold pop colors maybe with metalic prints and more capris/ 7/8ths leggings-I’m a typical asian shorty. Keep up the amazing work xo

  584. lindsay says:

    Love it! I’d love to see some pants with *zipper* pockets. Preferably in black through the inseem to minimize the embarrassing sweat marks 😉 And maybe a double-layered sports bra for extra strong support?

    Just discovered your site, so excited about it, thanks for all the good stuff you’re doing! <3

  585. Karla says:

    On snap chat I always see you posting flowers and having flowers so I think that a flower petal theme pop flex line would be so you ! I know you already have the peony garden collection but lot of people are mentioning metallics so it can be a like a pun ” PETAL to the METAL” incorporating Metallics and like rose gold or shining petals.

  586. Tina Luzader says:

    I would love to see more of the creative cutouts and designs— maybe in crazy colors and geometric designs. ???

  587. Alejandra Luna says:

    Maybe a cool knitted illusion design in pastels or any color really. That’d be pretty! Can’t wait to see what you come up with Cassey!

  588. VickyLovesPink says:

    Official pink Pop Pilates socks with sticky rubber dots on the bottom of them?? Something that will still embrace my Pop Pilates look from head-to-toe when I don’t feel like wearing tennis shoes or going barefoot?.

  589. Katrina says:

    Some earthy colors like brown/black and hunter green would be perfect for hikes and outdoor walks and workouts! Btw, this collection is beautiful!! ❤️

  590. Camila says:

    I would love to see neon and bright colors! Love you ?

  591. Emily Barker says:

    I’d love solid pants with fun bright colors on the waistband and trim at the bottom!

  592. Serena says:

    A pretty sunflower yellow would be so cute! Especially for summer. Or the warm colors of the sunset flowing over the fabric of super awesome booty shorts. Or parts with a little bit of a shiny fabric combined with pastel colors like a very soft pink. Oh! Or see through fabric with none see through flower prints on it and a cute color underneath!

  593. Kika says:

    Hey Cassey loving both of your collection thus far. I think you are doing amazing as a designer. I read some of the post below and I agree with other popsters – a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top would be amazing to add into you collection. As for colour scheme or a broad theme I think something more bold would be amazing. I am not Spanish I’m from Canada but I love the Spanish traditional dresses. If you Google “traje de flamenca 2016” you will see what I mean. The dresses are element and bold. As so for colours – I think Coral is a beautiful feminine colour that is both bold and gentle. I think Coral goes beautifully with Grey and I’ve seen people post about wanting metallic colours. Coral would go great with metallic colours as well. I hope my idea helps you a little in your next collection.

  594. Kayjee says:

    What a gorgeous print! I’d love to see shorts with a little more length to them; booty shorts are great but sometimes you want something with a little more coverage, too!

  595. Minh Hoang says:

    Love the pocket idea!!

  596. Emily says:

    I’m in love with the pockets on these! I would love to see some jewel tones and maybe some t-shirts, sneakers, or jackets to go along with the collection. I think Some sort of bag would also be nice.

  597. Jacquelyn says:

    I would love to see more flowy workout gear and some workout jackets.

  598. Laura Vernon says:

    I would love an elegant lace themed popflex collection!

  599. Sarah Luther says:

    Camo!!! I’m also a sucker for anything purple 🙂

  600. TommyFresh says:


  601. Lauren says:

    Definitely a Royal collection, with rich colours and gold’s for the queen section, and then for the princess section, lace and gorgeous pastel colours.

  602. Viviana says:

    I really think you should go with a jacket collection! Especially wind breakers!! I also suggest more alternations of peplum shirts they are super pretty to work out/walk around in, I would definitely flaunt it on my campus!

  603. Eline says:

    flowers or stars, universe theme, sparkly in pink and gold, rose gold!

  604. Lauren Zabbo says:

    Love it! Ive lost weight and need new gym clothes to fit!!!

  605. Judy Tran says:

    Would love to see some rose gold pieces! My favorite color lately. Or for the fall collection some more earthly neutral tones like maroon, cognac, olive, purple!

  606. Urshita says:

    I’d love to see decals, mermaid gym bags, backpacks, or other gym accessories (towels, socks, etc!). Maybeee even a mermaid limited edition shoe line as a partnership with an activewear shoe company

  607. Jessica Crimone says:

    Bold and bright color combinations with a chevron pattern incorporated. Also zip-up lightweight jackets with a hood!

  608. Olivia says:

    I would love to honor all those serving our country with a camo theme for the next collection. Army greens, camo prints, etc 🙂

  609. Felecia says:

    Love the mermaid inspired collection. I think it would be neat to see metallics or geometric patterns.

  610. Kerishma Panigrahi says:

    I would love to see a collection inspired by your Vietnamese heritage! (Just not the term “Orientalist”…) Also more short/three quarter/ long sleeve options (as opposed to sleeveless) would be fabulous 🙂

  611. Ngs says:

    What if you had a galaxy like one for popsters to “broaden their horizons ” so to speak or like a gladiator themed one cuz popsters r soooo strong ??

  612. Anette Paulsberg says:

    I would LOVE it if you came up with a new type of hoodie! I have one from the old Blogilates collection, and i love it! Or even one a little bit lighter in for example a bomber-style. I think that would be great with the type of print that you used in this Popflex collection, with watercolors and whatnot, perfect for spring! I love everything you design, and I love working out with you. Continue what you´re doing girl, you are such an inspiration <3 love from Norway :**

  613. Steffi says:

    Hey Cassey, you are such an inspiration, thanks for your great work! Would love to see some cosy hoodies and sweats since i am always cold even in summer xD

  614. Marijke Ras-Snoek says:

    You know what would be awesome? A tropical fruit theme with neon and nudes! Pineapple shorts pared with a grey top, for example! All with funky neon colored edges. Yes, I’d like that!

    You know why I would like to win this? Because Lindsey Stirling has the same leggings (seen on Instagram). And I’m totally wild about Lindsey. And mermaids. And Bogilates (I started working out this month). So winning this would be triple awesome! 😉


  615. Rose says:

    Hey Cassey! I love this collection so much. It’s so fun, girly, and modern all with a dash of sexy 😉 Anyway for the next collection I would love to see some backless shirts/long sleeves (maybe like a loose cross back) to show off all these beautiful bras and bralettes. Basically anything to show those off! Also lately I’ve really been inspired by the look of raw Quartz, gems, and geodes and the beautiful patterns that can be found in them created by Mother Nature herself. I think it’s a great message for the inner beauty, inside us all that’s just waiting to burst through the surface.

  616. Olivia says:

    Hey Cassey! I’d love to see some graphic prints and more intense colours as well as accessories like bandeaus for instance. Love

  617. Lydia says:

    Aztec print and metallics! And a sports bra/top with back closure so they’re easier to take off after workouts!

  618. Sarah says:

    I would love to see dark colors with sparkles. Black and silver look wonderful together. I love booty shorts but would love loose shorts as well for activities such as running. I adore the popflex clothes I have now. They make me feel so confident!

  619. Samantha MacKenzie says:

    ZIPPERS! I love that popflex has pockets because it’s such a pain to find decent pockets on workout clothes (gotta carry your keys somehow) but I think that adding zippers to keep them closed would make it perfect!!
    I really love the Pull on my Heartstrings bra design on the back. I would love an option that covered a bit more in the front (is raised higher) because I really like to ensure everything is secure.
    It’d also be nice to have some of those more general clothes again (tank tops, jogging sweaters etc). I came in a bit too late for your last line of clothing but I wish I had grabbed a tank top saying “Train like a beast, look like a beauty” because I absolutely adored that slogan!

  620. ispossibly says:

    Tops for cold weather!

  621. Andréa Cauchoix says:

    I Would love to See geometric prints in the next collection ?
    Some gold colors would be Nice too!

  622. Sara says:

    I’d like to see shoes in the next collection 🙂 or maybe some more clothes that can be worn outside, for people who live in colder climates.

  623. lifeofg says:

    Ikat print and warm ups to wear on my way to a workout.

  624. Elaine Galdamez says:

    Sunset/sunrise colors!

  625. Skye Chalmers says:

    I love these designs! I used to have super long hair when I was young and people always used to tell me that I looked like a mermaid! And I was obsessed with Ariel so these designs are sooooo fitting for me!

  626. Anna Brown says:

    ooooh What about a Zen collection? Blogilates and Pop Pilates are all about good vibes right!? you could create some great pieces inspired by Zen! You have stated you like to pull inspiration from nature so you could incorporate: lotus, bamboo, sand, and cool water colors, with an oriental feel! Popsters can feel at peace with a piece of Zen PopFlex! :)! XOXO

  627. Annabeth Chase says:

    I would love to see leotards, as I am a dancer! I love beautiful leos that I can dance in.

  628. Jenny says:

    Love bright colors! Anything from a bold blue to a hot neon pink. Have you thought about fitness shoes? That would be great!

  629. Cindy Le says:

    I would love to see deeper brighter colors like a sunset with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. You did great on this collection!!!

  630. Krystine says:

    Geometric patterns and mandala prints!

  631. Kim Le says:

    I love this collection and especially love that your active leggings had pockets! Most active wear for girls don’t have pockets or deep ones at the most, and it would be nice to have some that could ! Also maybe since summer is coming up maybe have some warmer tones or summer prints? But I love this so much!

  632. Christine says:

    I live on the island of Saipan and the weather is all tropical year round. It would be nice to see the next collection designed with flowers from my homeplace, such as hibiscus or plumerias, flame tree flowers, and with palm leaves or even a mat designed with those flowers! High waisted leggings are to die for and a matching sports bra to go with it and tops that have 3/4 sleeves ?❤️

  633. Gabrielle says:

    I’m always self conscious about panty lines at the gym, it would be so cool to see a line of athletic underwear that could help with that!! Also having matching bras and underwear, even at the gym, is pretty great

  634. Jenna Christman says:

    I think having pink, blue, and purple in separate ombrés would be a cool collection.