The POPFLEX Half Zip Warm Up Hoodie: Worth It?

One thing before we get into it – despite the fact that Blogilates and POPFLEX are sister brands, everything you’re about to read about the Half Zip Warm Up Hoodie is my honest and unfiltered opinion.

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Not only is it still pretty chilly right now where I live, but I also work from home. That means my wardrobe is strongly based on comfort. I’m always aiming for cozy… and it’s rare that I put on real pants.

I already own and live in two Cloud Hoodies plus some comfies from other brands, so why do I need another hoodie? For me, it all came down to the pocket.

When I saw the single kangaroo pocket WITH ZIPPERS, I was immediately in love with the Half Zip. As cozy as my other hoodies are, I’m always struggling with my phone, wallet, airpods, you name it falling out of the pockets while I do things around the house. Things just don’t stay put while I’m lugging around toys, laundry, and kids.

My first impression of the Half Zip

I love unboxing a POPFLEX package. Cassey loves details, and it shows. You’ll always find a cute message on the box, a postcard, and sometimes a fun sticker to add to your water bottle. She even goes extra with the size tag – S is for Stunning. Love it.

As I pulled the hoodie out of the package, it felt a little different than the Cloud Hoodie. It’s still very soft, just a little more structured. This, along with the zippers and stitching detail, made this immediately feel like a luxury hoodie.

What I wasn’t sure about were the bungee cords on the side, used to get a more cropped look. Wearing it this way looks very cute on the model, but would it be cute on me? Actually my real question was….would it be comfy to wear like that? I’m a mom in my 30s, so it’s not all about just looking cute anymore, you know?

I put it to the test immediately

Don’t judge me, but I wore this straight from the package to a fall festival/farm outing with my family.

There it is, in FULL action. What better way to test a hoodie than on a giant blow up trampoline?

Okay but really, let’s set the scene. It wasn’t cold that evening, but it WAS very windy. So windy. I did a lot of walking and pushing a stroller, jumped (as seen above), rode semi-sketchy rides, and naturally because I’m a mom, carried a lot of stuff.

Here’s the really funny thing. I kept LOSING MY PHONE because I was putting it in the zip pocket, which I’m not used to doing! So maybe the pocket is doing it’s job too well?

Since that first outing in this hoodie, it’s gotten plen-ty of wear. It’s now part of my regular WFH outfit rotation (just ask the Blogifam who sees me wearing it on calls).

What I love about the Half Zip Warm Up Hoodie

The pocket – It was everything I needed it to be. Big and secure so I have things in reach while my hands are full.

The fit – It’s oversized, but not so oversized that it makes me feel frumpy. It hits me right at my hips.

The structure – This is more than your average hoodie. The pleats, zippers, and seams all make this feel much higher quality and a little less casual.

The elastic – Random I know, but one of the first things I noticed when I put this hoodie on was how thick the elastic is, specifically on the sleeves! I get really annoyed when I have to constantly push my sleeves up in a shirt and it always happens with an oversized hoodie – but not this one!

popflex half zip hoodie review

What I don’t love:

– For me, the bungee cords were hard to adjust. I just couldn’t get it to look right on me when I tried to wear it “cropped.” This isn’t a deal breaker, I probably just won’t use them.

– I didn’t LOVE wearing this on a windy day. It’s just cropped enough to let the wind right in – Brr.

Overall, I love the Half Zip Warm Up Hoodie. This will be the layer I throw on all fall, winter, and spring when I want to feel a little more put together without sacrificing the comfiness of an oversized hoodie. This is the kind of piece I’m always looking for in my wardrobe – Low effort but looks put together, and comfy.

It’s also the kind of piece I buy in multiple colors. Heather Grey, I’m coming for you.

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