Real POPFLEX designs that didn’t make the cut

Hey guys!

Not everything I design makes it out alive. Here are the casualties. 🪦

I have bins full of canceled POPFLEX designs that didn’t turn out quite like I had imagined. But you gotta try or else you’ll never know!

Thought it’d be fun to show you some canceled styles.


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The “Ultimate Half Zip Hoodie Dress”

I had high hopes for this one. It was going to be baggy on top and cute on the bottom – I had this vision of taking the romantic features of the Cloud Hoodie, but in comfy dress form.

Yeah… no.

It looked like a potato sack.

The Brunch Sweater, but make it a dress

The inspo for this was to take the Brunch Sweater, and make it longer to become an Ariana Grande-style dress. It was a cute idea…but just not practical AT ALL. It was too…bubbly. Just too much fabric! Those sleeves would have been getting in the dip when you reach across the table and knocking things over. It was just too much.

Oh and the original design had a belt that did NOT work.

Wanna see more!?

Bc there’s a lot more where this came from! Tell me in the comments if these designs were rightfully killed, or if I should bring one back! Oh and lemme know if you want to see more!


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