POP Pilates Certification! Is this really happening???

POP Pilates Certification! Is this really happening???


Hey guys!

So I guess you can tell by the title…but umm I have some pretty BIG NEWS! There is now OFFICIALLY a POP Pilates Certification Program!


AHHHH!! What!!!?? When? How?! WHERE!!!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin!? I think I have to tell you a story.

Exercising as a kid…

People always ask me – were you very active growing up? Well, my dad was a certified USTA coach and I starting playing tennis at the age of 6. I don’t know how many of you were ever tutored or coached by your parents, but it’s not a pleasant experience. My dad was a tough coach (he’s a tough guy) and if I ever hit the ball into the net or outside the line, he was not a happy man. He yelled at me. I cried. And this continued on until high school.

However, I guess my dad coached me well because when I got into high school, I made it onto the Varsity tennis team (one of the best teams in the league) as a freshman and then served as team captain for my next 3 years until I graduated. But you know what? Through championships and trophies, I really didn’t enjoy tennis at all. I was an extremely POWERFUL player when I practiced. But when it was game day, I hit the ball so softly and cautiously because I didn’t want to make a mistake. I HATED COMPETITION. All I wanted to do was just get the ball in the court and wait for my opponent to make the mistake, waiting for the game to be over. I guess my timidness came from my fear of failing growing up. As a result, I never was the #1 player on the team. The best I was ever was only #2.

Why I fell in love with Pilates…

Anyway, when I was 16, I was watching TV Saturday morning and saw an infomercial for Mari Winsor Pilates. I was like huh? What’s that? It looked pretty and fun so I begged my mom and dad to buy me the Pilates set. At the time I was also training for the Miss Teen Chinatown pageant, so I wanted a good way to get lean and ready for the stage.


I diligently practiced my Pilates every night after school and started seeing some results so I fell in love with the practice! Pilates helped me feel more confident with my body and of course, my early beginnings DEFINITELY built my foundation for KILLER core power. (That’s how I can keep talking while doing eagle crunches and hip dips like nobody’s business!)

Now this really shouldn’t be part of the blog post but I’ll tell you anyway because I don’t know where else I would elaborate on this. So…here it goes 🙂

After my nightly Pilates sessions in my bedroom, I took out a book called “Winning the Crown” or something like that and read memoirs of past Miss America’s with tips on how to nail the interview portion. Oh jeez. I was definitely SO SERIOUS about this pageant. My dad kept telling me I was wasting my time and kept telling me to drop out of the competition and study more math. But I persisted.

The night of the pageant I was given the #16 to wear. I walked tall, poised, and proud thanks to Pilates. I answered my Q&A pretty well thanks to “Winning the Crown.” And during talent…let’s just say I’m never going to release my Michael Jackson “Beat It” impersonation but it received a standing ovation 😛

HAHAHA omg. I can’t even believe I’m telling you about this now!! SO EMBARRASSING!!!

That night, #16 was called out into the semi-finals. Then Top 10. Then they started announcing the runner ups. 3 girls out of 10 were already given titles of 3rd princess, 2nd, princess, and 1st princess. My heart was beating so fast as those stage lights were shining down hard on all of us. Either I was going to be something or I was going to be nothing.

The drumroll came.

And the 2003 Miss Teen Chinatown is…



There I am in my twinkly blue ballgown and a big tiara 🙂 So the reason why 16 is my favorite number is because my birthday is on Jan 16th and I was 16 when I won the Miss Teen Pageant as contestant #16.


I went on that tangent because I wanted to tell you that on my journey to discovering who I was and what I liked, I found that Pilates helped me become a stronger and more confident person! Pilates was a competition with myself to be better than who I was yesterday, so I enjoyed that aspect of the practice.

Throughout high school, I started drifting farther and farther away from tennis as it did not fulfill me the way Pilates did, plus I got a bad wrist injury during a game that nearly tore my hand. I kept up with Pilates to stay fit.

My first Pilates job…

I went to Whittier College to pursue a degree in Biology to one day become a doctor (my parent’s wishes). I did not have a great time studying my brains out for a profession I did not want to be in. My Asian peeps, you know what I mean when I say I had no choice right? Well to get me through my internal struggle with my true passions, I got into Pilates a lot more. It was the one thing that grounded me and kept me calm. I even started teaching my floor mates my favorite ab routines in the lounge hall for fun!

Then one day, I was looking through the Classifieds for jobs and found an opening for “Pilates Instructor” at a small gym in Uptown Whittier. At this point I had been practicing for 4 years with no real teaching experience. But I said what the heck and called in for an audition anyway!

I led the gym owner through a 10 min routine and by the end of it, she said I was hired and that she’d pay for my Pilates certification.

Looking back, I was not good at all! Maybe Evelia saw something in me and believed in me. Well, thank goodness because honestly, had my first audition failed or had she not offered me a job, I don’t even know if I ever would have started teaching.

And that’s how I became a Pilates Instructor. I took a chance on myself and someone took a chance on me. I was 20 years old.

I taught throughout college a few times a week. It really kept me sane. When my parents found out, they got mad and told me to quit and make more time for studying. (You better bet I didn’t take that advice.)

From there, I got a job teaching at 24 Hour Fitness. (I was so happy that I was teaching at a real big box gym!) I remember my first ever class teaching in front of 30+ people. I was LITERALLY SHAKING. Like LITERALLY. I could see my headset mic trembling. I was so nervous and I kept counting everything. Like “Let’s do double leg lifts! Okay 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.”

I was probably horrendous but the more I got up in front of my students, the more comfortable I became.

The scariest audition ever…

From there, I got a job at Bally’s. Then Crunch. Then Boston Sports Club. I’ve literally taught at almost every chain possible. Then there was Equinox. Oh Equinox. The top gym in the world with the most beautiful yoga studios, the swankiest swimming pools, and top level group fitness instructors. It was what they called fitness heaven.

I eventually moved from the West Coast to the East Coast for my first job ever in fashion buying. My parents again were extremely upset with me because I disobeyed orders, dropped out of Organic Chemistry, and sabotaged myself from ever taking the MCAT and getting into med school. (I did graduate with a degree in Bio though!) All the arguing ended in me ending communication with them. I’ll get more into that in an intimate video I’m posting tomorrow.

Anyway…to work at Equinox was my ultimate dream. I heard the auditions were tough so I did everything I could to get ready. I re-read my Pilates books to make sure I knew the terminology and the anatomy of the body. I choreographed a routine that showed off some of my most intricate moves.


The day of the audition, they stuck about 30 of us in a yoga studio that resembled a floating lily pad from the outside. Everyone was fit, beautiful, and some of Boston’s finest. The Group Fitness Directors called one instructor up to the front of the room. You had 2 minutes to show your best routine. The rest of us had to follow with perfect form. Then when your time was done (or if they couldn’t stand watching you anymore) they would tell you to stop and they’d call the next person up. This was called the Round Robin audition. It was NERVE-WRECKING. It was so American Idol status.

At the end of the long day, I was physically exhausted and mentally exhausted. They said they’d call us if we made it through to callbacks. I waited by my phone every day.

1 day passed. 3 days. 1 week. 2 weeks. I was dying. So I called them and asked if I had made it. “No,” she said. “You were like a video instructor and had no connection to your students. Try again next year.”

I was sooooooo devastated. I cried. A lot. I mean, my dream of being an Equinox instructor was forever crushed.

So I continued on at my mind numbing day job hating every second of it. As you may recall from some of my other blog posts, about half a year through my first corporate job, I quit because one of my oGorgeous yoga bags made it into SHAPE Magazine and I took it as a sign to just take a chance on my happiness, on my own success and go big.

shape mag

During this time of unemployment, designing, and soul searching, I upped my weekly Pilates classes from 2 times to 12 times a week to pay the bills. I also started to YouTube and blog a lot more. Life was pretty tough but you know what? All the classes I was teaching made me such a better instructor. I was also so much happier. I suddenly had this confidence and sense that I owned the room. Around this time, I also started incorporating pop music into my routines because I was getting really bored of the traditional, slow classical Pilates format that I had originally learned.

One day as I was searching Craigslist for jobs, I ran across the same Equinox ad I had seen a year ago. “GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR OPEN CALL.”

Hmm, I thought. Do I try again? What if they remember me as the girl who looked like a video instructor and couldn’t teach? That’d be so embarrassing if I didn’t make it…again.

I mulled over it for a while.

Then I emailed the directors and said I was coming back to audition.

This time around when I entered the room, I felt a sense of calmness in my body. I wasn’t nervous for some reason. I told myself that at this very moment, all I can do is try my best to simply teach. Not impress. Not perform. Just teach. I hadn’t prepared any type of pre-choreographed routine that day. So when they called me up in front of the room, I took a look at my peers, taught them something new, and made them laugh.

When auditions were over that day, I told myself that whatever the outcome, it doesn’t matter. I know I am a good instructor. I was happy.

2 days later I got a phone call.

“Hi, is this Cassey?”


“It’s your Group Fitness Director from Equinox. I just wanted to let you know that I remember you from last year and you really improved a lot.”


“There were 50 people auditioning that day and out of those 50 only 2 made it through for a job offer.”


“And you’re one of them.”

I cried. I cried!! I danced! I jumped. And I cried!!! Was this really happening? Am I really now officially an Equinox Group Fitness instructor??!!

At that very moment I felt like I had accomplished my life dream. There was nothing more that I wanted. I was so so happy.

Blogilates and Dreams…

You know, it was 4 years ago when I first got hired by Equinox. 8 years ago when I first starting teaching. And 11 years ago when I popped in my first Pilates DVD.

As a Group Fitness Instructor, your ultimate dreams usually are either starring in their own DVD or having your own format be nationally recognized in a certification program.

Honestly, I can’t believe that the DVD dream happened earlier this year when POP Pilates: Total Body Workout was being sold in Target stores nationwide. Seeing my face next to Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Tracy Anderson, Mari Winsor, and all those fitness superstars I grew up watching was SURREAL.


And then this? The POP Pilates Certification program is happening too in the same year? 2014 is only halfway through and it’s blowing me away!

Wow. All I can say is to never stop being passionate. Never stop chasing your dreams. Never stop working hard. And never listen to the people who don’t believe in you. FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT and what you deserve.

All of this would not be possible if it weren’t for YOU GUYS. If you never started watching me on YouTube when I uploaded my first video in 2009, what would become of me!? I don’t know. But you helped shape my destiny with your love, your enthusiasm, and your own hard work and transformations. You made Blogilates what it is today. I cannot thank you enough. I love you so much. So so much.

The POP Pilates Certification Program

I am so excited that I can now offer you the opportunity to jumpstart your fitness career with a POP Pilates Certification! You can learn more about that at poppilateslife.com

This is an investment in your education. With this certification you will be able to get more jobs and be viewed as a respected fitness professional. The biggest thing for me is that I feel like I get PAID to work out! Also being an instructor comes with many perks like having a free gym membership! But the best perk of all is creating friendships with your students while leading them to a healthier, fitter path. I will never ever EVER stop teaching. I love my students too much and I love teaching to much. I’m an instructor at heart.

And just so you know, traditional Pilates programs go for thousands and thousands of dollars. Classical Pilates is also becoming very stale and is mostly attractive to an older audience. So if you want to get into the group fitness game and have popular, super effective and fun classes at the gym, teach POP Pilates. Trust me. The students love the intensity, the quick pace, and the music.

Alrighty guys, I hope you learned a lot more about me. If you have any questions about the certification, please comment down below. I will be answering diligently!

Love you so much!! Yay!!

<3 Cassey

PS: New video of the day is The Bold & the BOOTIFUL. This one made my butt scream. It was amazing.


PPS: By the way, I ended up meeting Mari Winsor in real life on the BeFit “Fit at any age” segment a year ago. I was such a star struck little girl! Talk about coming full circle!!

mari cassey

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  1. Sammie says:

    Cassey! Any chance there will be any certification classes/workshops in Phoenix?? I’m the Group Fitness Program Coordinator at my gym, and I’m thinking of gathering a few instructors to do this!

  2. karen says:

    How many cec’s can I get from the Pop Pilates I am already AFAA certified.?
    When is the next event in Sept. or beyond in OrangeCounty area?

  3. shaunna says:

    Riverside, CA/ inland empire! Will travel. Please oh please! *bundle package w/ b.s kinesiology…

  4. ironicsishi says:


  5. I would say that it was so good of you to work towards what you wanted despite their wishes in another direction, and everything worked out! I think the “doctor, lawyer, engineer” options are common in families who want to see their kids succeed. I am wishing you all the best.

  6. Healthy Living (@Healthyandfit14) says:

    Congratulations! This is fantastic! And the Pop Pilates looks like loads of fun. I have been doing pilates off and on for awhile now, and I was inspired to give it another go when I came across this article a few months ago: http://watchfit.com/yoga-v-pilates/. I can’t wait to try your program though – you have a great energy and the butt workout KILLED me!!

  7. Laura says:

    It has always been my dream to be a pop pilates instructor! Does anyone know about when the training for this would be? The only reason I ask is because I recently had knee surgery and still have some restrictions (cant do squats, lunges, etc). I am hoping to be healed by the time the training happens!

  8. Christine Phillips says:

    Hi Cassey!! I just pre -registered for the powercert and to get group certification. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! I’m currently still working on my body and to strengthen myself to be able to teach the classes like you do (breathing while talking and not in pain!) lol How long do you think it would take me to reach that level from a beginner standpoint to where I can teach a class? I’ve always loved fitness but I feel I need to be totally physically ready to face a class and to teach.

    I admire your perseverance and your attitude on not giving up. You’re such an inspiration to many and myself and I hope to reach my dreams like you have by doing what I’m passionate about! Thank you!

  9. You are so inspiring and I love the way you write – right from the heart! You have inspired me in my own fitness journey (which is still pretty new) and even more than in fitness – in LIFE. In setting goals, in believing in myself. I think that is really what sets you apart from a lot of other trainers/YouTube stars/famous people, is that you actually CARE. I just think you’re awesome. I am excited for your BodyPop line too!!!!! Thanks for being you and sharing so much with us. <3

  10. Jessica says:

    This teared me up more than I thought it would. I’m so proud to call myself a popster for more than a year now and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. You’ve been such an inspiration to not only me, but to so many girls and women alike. Your videos are full of constant motivation and lets be honest, who wouldn’t break into a smile once they play your video? I look forward to working out with you each and everyday, even on those “I want to sit on my couch all day” days and crave that soreness on the daily. Thank you so much for being YOU, for being Casey, my favourite pilates instructor. 😀

  11. Amanda Leach-Beeching says:

    I am so, SO happy for you Cassey! You have changed so many lives, and made a huge impact on mine. I have a letter to send you – once I finish the final draft, of course – about just how much you have helped me change myself and my life. I want you to know just how important and amazing your work is, especially to people who believe they are damaged or worthless. You inspire all of us to never give up, and you deserve all the BEST. <3

  12. Tracy says:

    Casey you are such an inspiration to so many people. It has been so much fun seeing you grow as a YouTube personality and fitness professional over the past few years! I remember when you only had a few videos out and now look at you! You have inspired me to start my own blog about my passions in life! I have only just started it and have only one post but I would appreciate it if you followed me! Thanks! http://randomlovesinlife.wix.com/randomlovesinlife

  13. That is such a great video and so brave of you to share! I think parents struggle with how to respond to their kids’ passions because they want you to be able to provide for yourself and be successful, and every kid has dreams, not all of them entirely viable. It was so brave of you to work towards what you wanted despite their wishes in another direction, and everything worked out! I think the “doctor, lawyer, engineer” options are common in families who want to see their kids succeed, but there are so many more ways to be successful today and if a child doesn’t fit into either of those molds, it’s difficult. But we are all in charge of our own destiny and you have really done wonderful for yourself in a field that you are passionate about! Congratulations!

  14. piper says:

    you inspire me so much not only to be healthy and got but also to do more of what I love and never stop working for my goals! thank you so much for motivating me!

  15. Faith says:

    Oh my gosh, Cassey! I hope you read this. Haha I love you so much more for this. You’re so inspiring! I can’t wait to workout. I haven’t been able to workout for two days because of the stomach flu, but I’m ready to come back and attack it. Can’t wait. I’m so glad that you stuck up for yourself, as you should have. I hope I have the same amount of courage as you some day. Well I love you and you’re an inspiration. Thank you. Bye. 🙂

  16. Crystal Romero says:

    I just want to tell you that your story really touched me. You are not only an amazing trainer but as well as a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out. I remember the first day I found you on YouTube chosen by random I must include, I remember dying half way through but I did not give up because you carry a certain wave in your voice that encourages me that I am capable and that the pain is only temporary. Your Success is on the rise, yes of course due to the new active wear line, but as well as inspiring so many different variations of people. You’re truly spectacular and I can not wait to continue my Fitness journey with you. Thank you so much for perusing your dream and never letting anyone get in your way, because if it wasn’t for you working out would be lame and boring. Oh and by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!(:

  17. Marika says:


  18. jasmine says:

    I’m so so so so so so so so so so proud of you Cassey, you’ve really proven to a lot of us that we can really do anything we put our minds to. I know you’ve probably heard this a lot. But honestly, you are one of the most inspirational people I’m lucky enough to be influenced by in my life time. What I love about you is that you really go out there and put in 100%. And you’re always giving and selfless. You teach us what you love, how to feel good about ourselves, and how to achieve our dreams. The word “wonderful” wouldn’t be enough to describe how amazing you are.

    I’ve been following you for the past two years now and I still believe you are an incredible soul. I’m 19 now, and I’m still working every day to make myself a stronger, better and happier person. I hope one day I can meet you and express my gratitude in person, because honestly you’ve helped me so much throughout my years. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing Cassey! 🙂 Keep making videos!


  19. Marissa Nevel says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m definitely getting certified 🙂 Your workouts make me so happy! Thank you for making this possible! I’m in the best shape of my life and I know I’m going to have a lot of fun sharing pop pilates with others. The only thing I’m not sure is how to get the job once you have the certification. I’m so nervous! I’m really good at your videos but I’m in college and have zero teaching experience. Many of the pilates studios around my area are very stale/specialized and intimidating. I’ve been emailing local gyms/studios to see who takes the NAFC certification but i’m not sure where to go from here.
    I would love more tips on how to get an interview, etc.

  20. Sara says:

    Hi Cassey!!

    I think this is my first time commenting, but I have been following your videos and your blog for years. A friend told me about your videos and I’ve gotten so many other people hooked. I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for all the hard work and positive energy you put into each and every one of your workouts! I have seen huge changes in my body, my confidence, and my attitude. It’s funny that I came across this post today since I have been thinking a lot about getting pilates certified. The other day I actually wondered “Does Cassey have a Pop Pilates certification program?” and ta-da!!

    Right now I’m teaching elementary school and I’m in graduate school both full time, so I won’t be able to get started on this for a year or two. But I’m really glad to know this teacher training/certification program is out there!

    Thank you again for everything! You are an endless source of inspiration!

  21. Marille says:

    Casey, I could not be more pleased for you. Many, many congratulations on your success! Here’s to whatever you come up with next!

  22. Vlada says:

    I cried 2 times while reading your story Cassey: when you won the pageant and when you were selected as Equinox instructor. You truly deserve all these amazing things happening as you yourself are an amazing person changing our lives every day and making us better and stronger. Thank you for everything you do! One day I hope to become pilates instructor and tel my students about you and how you helped me with my journey!

  23. Teresa says:

    Very inspirational story. I have only been following you for a few months but I can honestly say I have never been so sore in all my life. And that includes when I was in the weight lifting company in Navy Boot Camp many years ago. Before I found you I was following another online workout and nutrition program led by 2 very popular girls. Although, it was fun I just never felt the same after doing their workouts as I do with you. I finally realized that where you break down each move for us and tell us exactly how to perform that move and where you should squeeze to benefit from the move to get the best possible results, the other 2 instructors just take it for granted that everyone knows how to perform the move. Thank you for that extra amount of time you take to help us starting out and for always realizing that every day there is someone who is just starting out and needs that little bit of guidance. One of the greatest things for me besides the results I am already seeing in my body is the 7 hours of sleep I have been getting every night since I started following you. I use to only get 2 – 4 hours of sleep each night as a chronic insomniac for the majority of my life. At my last doctor’s appointment, just last week, my doctor was amazed with all my progress. She even told me I now have a glow that she had never seen before in me. I am so glad you followed your dreams and passions. You have changed so many lives and touched so many people because you wouldn’t give up. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

    P.S. Not all of us old folks like the plain boring Pilates routines either. We Love to POP til we DROP!

  24. Jecel says:

    This story of yours really like a blessing in disguise. I do really need this,so inspiring ,and so just for me.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Hi Casey! I would love to become a fitness instructor but I’m under 20… I live in Illinois and the job I am currently workin at is subway and it is soooo boring! I really want to be a personal trainer or fitness instructor but my parents say I am “too smart and need to strongly consider different options a more dependable career” :/ it’s really frustrating because I don’t know what I want to major in. If there is no age limit I would love to get certified but if there is could you let me know?

  26. amy says:

    Is there an age for this, Im still a kid and I live in Scotland ??

  27. Grace says:

    Congratulations, Cassey! This is such fabulous news! 😀

  28. tinee says:

    Hi Cassey,

    When I read the e-mail subject my heart started beating fast and one thought crossed my mind: I WANT THIS! So I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been a Popsters for almost 2 years now. I have no teaching experience as a fitness instructor but its fine right? I feel something good about this certification thing and I am now working on my funds so I can enroll.

    What are the usual problems or can you give any specifics as to what can one expect if their doing the certification from outside the US.

    Thank you very much and congratulations! Good things really come to those who wait and work hard!

  29. Anita says:

    Hey Cassey!!
    I REALLY want to get certifed but i don’t live in the US and i can’t register…
    I already contacted NAFC so i hope they’ll answer my question because right now i can’t register because i have to choose a state.. however i live in Portugal, not in the US!!
    I really hope that i can register because i was looking for something like that in a really long time =)

  30. Viviana says:

    As much as I understand that we need group fitness certification, I think I have invested enough money in my PT cert and also in my POUND cert, not to mention between subbing and official classes I have been teaching for over a year. I know its a $100 difference, but I feel that the group fitness cert won’t really open any more doors for me, and after paying $1000 for the PT cert I really am in no rush to spend any more money. Especially with no guarantee that studios will pick up the program 🙁 So I may have to pass on this one.

  31. Jenny says:

    I’m not a really good teacher but I do hope that many people from New Zealand will take this course and receive their certification so I can do POP pilates with my community. 🙂

  32. Isabelle says:

    Congratulations Cassey you are such an achiever! Well, deserved cuz your story shows that you worked hard to earn every bit of it. Great inspiration! May 2014 keep up with its success.
    God bless you!

  33. Angie S. says:

    Hi Cassey! I think I shot you an email about this after meeting you in SF this past month. I have to strongly agree with you that the classical pilates method is REALLY REALLY STALE. When I took my first pilates class a few years ago, I had an instructor who was very similar to you. She now owns her own gym in Ohio. When I recently took a pilates class at my community college this summer, I took a break from your routines to focus on summer school, and realized that my belly fat grew back. I was so disappointed that I withdrew from the class–the teacher was actually certified through my school. It was very boring and I cooled off more than I warmed up during the workouts. I’m actually really worried if I might be wasting my money learning three pilates methods (mat, apparatus, reformer) from my school than learning from you.

    I’m planning on getting ACE Group Fitness Certified in September. My classmates and I from our GFI class are getting together to study this month. Should I still Pre-register since the date and location are still unknown at this point? Also, should we be CPR/First Aid certified before signing up?

    Thanks Cassey!

  34. Nicole Rae says:

    I am so so excited that you’re offering a certification! I started looking into getting certified in Pilates just this weekend! IT’S A SIGN!
    Buuut I am already a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor; do I need an additional Group Fitness Certification, or will my foundational training for yoga suffice?
    Thanks in advance! I’M TOTALLY PUMPED!

  35. Emely says:

    Wow Cassey, this is WILD. Everything from the fact that I have the possibility of becoming a POP Pilates instructor (which I’ve been wanting to since I first saw one of your videos in 2011), to the fact that I TOO found out about Pilates because I wanted to get fir for a local pageant. I TOO was #16, and I TOO won the local pageant! I think I’ve told this story in another comment I’d left in a different post of yours.
    I am so happy for you, you really deserve all of this!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on a certification. Now I just have to find the time!!!! But I have a HUGE passion for fitness. And if it’s meant to be then everything will workout accordingly. Thank you, Cassey.

  36. Maria says:

    So happy for you Cassey!! You are inspiring, brave and beautiful inside and out!
    I have been following your workout calender since April and I am so thankful! Thank you for putting it together for us!
    I feel so much happier, more confident and stronger since I started working out with Blogilates, it has really made me fall in love with exercising and it has never been like that for me! First time in my life i feel excited about putting on my workout clothes and spending the hour sweating 🙂
    From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

    Wishing you all the best!
    Maria from Estonia

  37. Isilda says:

    Hi Cassey

    You are a wonderful inspiration to us all. You have done so well for yourself.
    I would like to introduce Africa to pop pilates:) however I am guessing this course is not available via correspondence?


    1. NAFC says:

      Hello Isilda!

      We do have an option for our international students.

      For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  38. Ericka Marie says:

    Haha, “Asian peeps”. I feel you! My parents want me to pursue a career in medicine even if I don’t want to. The worst part is that my family are all nurses! Anyways, Cassey, I can relate with you on many parts! Its nice to see how you’ve made your life the way you want it to be, and that itself inspires me. You are a great inspiration and a great motivator! I hope we can meet one day. 🙂

  39. Aoife says:

    Wow Cassey what an amazing story, you are so inspirational! So glad I found your blog & videos a few years ago! You have made me so much stronger both physically and mentally! Thank you! <3

  40. Jasmine says:

    Cassey, I’m so excited for you( and to be honest, myself)! I’ve been thinking of becoming a group fitness instructor, since I turned 18 a month ago, and now you are offering a Pop Pilates certification?! I may not be the best Pop Pilates student, but I am a passionate one! I love incorporating blogilates into my weight lifting as well! I can’t sign up today, but I am planning on signing up by my second semester! (Christmas Present maybe?!) But If I get lucky, maybe even by October, either way I AM GOING TO DO THIS. Please don’t ever stop Cassey, let your passion and imagination turn into your future, I wish you the best! 🙂

  41. Aimee says:

    This totally made me cry! You are so inspiring, Cassey. I hope one day I can finally say “fuck it” to my corporate job and just follow my dreams of becoming a fitness/wellness professional. But for now… I need the money so I will stick to my day time job and keep up with my blog on the side. (Please check it out if you have time!). I made a new year’s resolution to get some sort of certification this year… I’m really leaning towards group fitness or yoga. I wish someone can help me decide! Anyway, congratulations again on all your accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you in the future! <3

  42. Michelle says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Congratulations. I’m really happy for you (and proud of you)! What a great accomplishment! I know how tough it can be to pursue your dreams when you have family members telling you the opposite. All your hard work and perseverance is truly paying off. Thank you for making such fun workout videos and making pilates so enjoyable. My sister and I have a big pinterest board full of all your videos and it gives us a great excuse for quality sister time in our busy lives. On a totally unrelated note, we would LOVE if you made a “Spice Girls Greatest Hits Mashup Workout”. That would be the ultimate ‘Girl Power’ pilates routine….just sayin, Lol!
    Love you Cassey! Congrats again!

  43. Kathy says:

    very inspiring and beautiful story! You never fail to amaze or make me smile, Cassey 🙂
    I actually had to laugh at the point you wrote you started doing Pilates with 16. I started working out and lifiting some weights when I was like three months before my 16th birthday. I begged my dad to take me to the gym and I knew I’d love it because some of my earliest memories are me being in a gym, watching my parents working out. These are the memories of a child that wasn’t old enough for kindergarden back then!!! You see how much this embossed me XD
    I’m very very happy they gave you a chance and you made it. You have come so far and will go on and on, I know. You are such a powerful woman! I hope that someday I can achieve my dreams 🙂
    you deserve all 🙂 you taught me one important thing (or more, to be precise): NEVER GIVE UP!
    I swear, I won’t ever let myself down. Thank you Cassey, for everything and for sharing your big moments with us ^.^

  44. Elanor says:

    Hi Cassey! Loving the august calendar 🙂
    I’m not sure I’m quite ready to teach, but with a bit more time working on my fitness (running, yoga, cheerleading, zumba and following your workouts of course), I’d love to qualify and teach this course! I’m a medical student and LOVE all things health/fitness. However, I’m in the UK – I was wondering if you’re going to run any workshops over here? (I’m based in Oxford, but it would be amazing if you did one in London & it would definitely have enough interest)
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Love xx
    p.s. I quite often have to stop some of the abs exercises, e.g. earthquake, because my lower back gets sore before my abs get tired, which is really frustrating because I know I haven’t worked my abs out as much as I could – do you have any advice? Am I doing it wrong?

  45. Maheen says:

    Cassey you are such an inspiration. You’re just …amazing beyond words. How you help us all with not just working out but FEELING great, that’s what makes you special. I may not know you personally, but I’m proud of you!
    Congratulations! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  46. Moriel says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m 16 years old, and I have fallen in love with POP pilates and how it has transformed my body. I’ve been interested in introducing and teaching POP pilates to other people in high school, but I’m not sure how I should go about doing this…I think I’m too young to become a certified POP pilates instructor, but do you have any suggestions or know any programs that will help me share POP pilates with other people my age and maybe lead some classes for them? Thanks so much!

  47. Audrey says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I have was so excited to read your blog this morning because I been very interested in becoming a Pilates instructor, its just been delayed because as you mentioned, most programs are several thousands of dollars. I have been doing Pilates since my freshman year in high school, because I notice it condition me and help me over come injuries faster from doing three sports every year. So it has been a big part of my life. I have gotten my friends and my mother into Pilates once the notice that my posture, back injuries and knee issues where improving from doing Pilates 3 to 4 times a week and I would love to keep on sharing the Pilates love, especially for runners. I have incorporated a lot of Pilates in my half marathon train and it has helped me SOOO MUCH, that you wouldn’t believe.

    However, as an independent student (meaning I don’t get any financial help from my parents) its been hard to pay for tuition and save up to get certified. I was wondering how long will this package deal last because I would love to do it once I pay for this semester’s tuition and books this month. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of learning from you if you have a workshop in the Los Angeles area. To finally put this personal goal into motion.

    Thanks Cassey for being so inspiring and encouraging of our dream,


    1. NAFC says:

      Hi Audrey,

      This is an ongoing training, so please don’t feel pressured to sign up right this minute. Pre registration will always be a good option as the workshops will be crowded. But you can sign up when the time is right for you. Make sure you get your Group Fitness Certification first!

      1. Audrey says:

        Thank you 🙂 Knowing that the training is on going makes me feel better. I just did not want to miss this great opportunity.

  48. sacha says:

    okay, i cried <3 thank you so much for your inspiration Cassey. i really cant wait to see your empowering video ! <3 <3 <3 i think im gonna cry a lot there too XD <3

  49. TJ says:

    Not sure if my comment got deleted? But I love this idea! I was wondering if I got certified for group instruction, would I not be able to get pop pilates certified if it was sometime next year? I’ve always wondered about being a instructor, and if I can teach pop that would be amazing!! Your videos are the only ones I do now, and you have been such a inspiration to me to be a better, healthier happier person.

    1. TJ says:

      Woops! when I posted this one I saw my other comment was awaiting moderation, sorry! Cleared my browser history and didn’t see it for some reason. Your still my inspiration and I’d love to know that in the future I can teach others pop too! 🙂

      1. NAFC says:

        Hi TJ,

        You will be able to do this certification as long as the NAFC and POP are doing workshops. We expect this to be an ongoing process 🙂 Hope this helps.

  50. Ashleigh says:

    Congrats Cassey! I am so excited for this certification! I am currently working on a personal trainer cert but I would love to do this afterwards. Reading your story was so incredibly powerful and I’m so glad you shared it. Success isn’t easy and I’m glad you are receiving all the rewards from your dedication. Your story was inspiring and I think you are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  51. Maria Luisa Andreev says:

    Cassey thank you so much for this. I was just looking for how to get certified in my city and then this blog post happened, i guess it’s destiny telling me to follow my dream. You’ve inspired me so much and i can’t wait to begin getting certified. I don’t live in the USA, do you know if i can get my certification through the internet? Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and congratulation on all your accomplishments, you deserve everything 🙂

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi there,

      International Students (ONLY) may definitely go through this program via the internet! Please email sarah@nafctrainer.com with specific questions. Thank you!

  52. Hi there! Ilooooooooved reading your story! I can relate to you too. My dad was really strict when I was doing rhythmic gymnastics, and I feel it’s one of the biggest reasons I wasn’t enjoying it all the way. Lots of crying involved too lol! I’m still searching for the career path I would fall in love with. I’ve had a corporate job for over 6 years now and I am suffocating. It’s really awesome to see you following your dreams and how far you’ve come! Good luck! xoxo

  53. Dorotea says:

    How does this work and does it even work if I live overseas? :/

    1. NAFC says:

      Hello Dorotea,

      For International Students (ONLY), the program will be available to you online. You will take an online theory exam (at your computer, so you will need a webcam) based on the POP Pilates Manual and general Group Fitness guidelines. You will receive all your materials online in your NAFC account, including your manual and digital downloads for learning choreography.

      You must have a reputable and national or international Group Fitness certification to go through the program.

      After passing your theory exam, you will then upload a video of yourself teaching a few friends or family members. 1 minute from each song/segment demonstrating all of the exercises within each segment. Your evaluation coach will set up a Skype meeting with you to offer you feedback and also your score. Before you test, you will be provided with your scoring sheet so that you know what we are looking for. Once you have passed your online theory and your video evaluation, you will receive your specialty certification in POP Pilates! Please contact sarah@nafctrainer.com with any additional questions. Thank you!

  54. jess says:

    Reading this really changes my mindset about my goals in life.so lucky i found out about you 7 months ago. Im only 16 myself and now im addicted to Pilates.hmm coincidence

  55. TJ says:

    This is awesome! I have a question, if I want to become a pop pilates instructor in the future, am I out of luck because this is just a one time thing? Or is there just a certain amount of people that can actually be a pop instructor? Because I don’t have the money right now to get class certified but I’d love to try to next year! It would just be a huge bummer if I couldn’t be a pop instructor. Thanks!

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi TJ, this will be continuous. No worries, no pressure. We look forward to seeing you as an instructor!

      1. TJ says:

        Awesome thank you!

  56. Sara says:

    Hey dear love to know about you.. It has been 2 months i am following you.. Love your workouts.. It has been 3 years i am doing exercise and i feeel amazing after my workout.. I love to teach but as i am Asian and where i belong i dont know in my life i can teach gym class or not but it gives me energy.. I am following you i am the one posting every where that “if anyone have any work that i can do and instead if money they can give me blogilates stuff” none respond me.. But this is what i am doing to get your stuff ..i am madly live with it.. I have your mini band,train insane short,sports bra and train insane bottle my friend send me.. But i cant as her anymore i want to have many of your blogilates gear all i want someone to help me..
    I have done exercises with weights,i have followed perfectleanbody,jillian michaels,befit but blogilates is the one i am loving tooooooo much.. As i am following you from 2 months i directly started from June calender and i did July along with May calender and now doing August with April calender.. I am hugeeeee fan of yoursss.. As i dont earn and my parents dont have credit card i cant subscribe app and cant buy your stuff 🙁 otherwise i would be the one to have alllll your stuff and i promiae you Cassey i am just waiting for a response that anyone accept my offer and give me some job i will buy only your stuff and nothing else i want.. I like you as i have seen your craziness for exercise is like mineee.. I enjoy workout i simply love it.. My parents are against it but i never listen to them 🙂 <3<3<3 love you Cassey.. I am soo faarr but always pray for you honey..

    1. Sara says:

      As i posted from my phone so typing mistake.. I dont like touch keypad -_- ..soorry for spellings..

  57. Léa says:

    I cried … your such a strong woman Cassey! You are my inspiration. I wish I could meet you. Anyway, this post made me believe in myself and made me understand that in life we have to fight for what we truly want, no matter how hard it is, no matter what people say … we have to believe in our dreams. So thank you so much, for everything, you are a wonderfull human being! Congratulations on your succed! I love you Cassey xoxo <3

  58. What an incredible story, you’ve worked so so hard to get to where you are now. You deserve everything and more! Hope that this will be available in the UK sometime, I’d love to go to a class!

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  59. Estelle says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassey! You’ve come a long way. You’re living proof to never give up on your dreams!! 🙂

  60. Viviana says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I teach a group fitness class called POUND and I am NASM certified (personal trainer). Would this work to do just the POP Pilates cert and not the bundle?I’ve also been teaching at a studio (POUND) for 9 months.

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi Viviana,

      You must have national and reputable Group Fitness Certification as a prerequisite for the POP Pilates course. Though you might have experience training in Group Fitness under your PT cert, there are components that are covered in Group Fitness Instructor training that are not covered in Personal Training certification. Please direct any additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thanks!

  61. Kasia says:

    Cassie thank you!

    When I was in high school I was bulied by other girls just because I was not really good in sport, especially in team games like e.g. football. I hated to compete, just like you did, I didn’t really understand why I had to do that…
    Now, I’ll be 22 in August. Few months ago I started doing a bit of pilates with your videos, a bit of yoga, I even started running. It finally became a satisfaction because there was nobody judging me, I was just doing it for fun, for my body and now I don’t have to rush.
    I’m still a young woman full of insecurity, sometimes I think what those girls would say if they see me doing pilates or running. Would they laugh? Maybe, but i still do that – not that often as I want to, but who knows the future:) I still look for a good path for me… in life, in my career. I don’t really think I would be certificated teacher of POP Pilates, but…

    hmmm, would it be possible in Poland?

    ok, that’s all from me, I just wanted you to know my story and to thank you once again.

  62. Laura Castro says:

    Cassey, I never comment on your blog, but I have to say I loved your story. You are very inspiring and are changing many people’s life. The world needs more people like you 🙂 Keep up the hard and good job. And congratulations on this fantastic 2014 so far! x

  63. Eliza says:

    This is so inspirational Cassey! I am so glad that your dreams are coming true! This is the perfect example of how by working hard and believing you really can do anything! Love you xx

  64. Leanne says:

    This is literally my dream 🙁 I’ve been planning to be an instructor for so long! I’ve been following theonhlu calendar every single day for more than a year now and I’m fully dedicated! But I’m in UK 🙁

    1. Julia says:

      I’m in the uk too Cassey, please go international soon! And congratulations, what an amazing step in your journey! X

      1. Aida says:

        This got me so excited until I realized it’s USA only :/

        1. NAFC says:

          Hello! This is also an international program, so you can definitely participate!

          All of your materials will be delivered online and you will take an online theory exam + send in a video evaluation of yourself teaching to a few people. Everything you need will be given to you in your online account.

          This is for international students ONLY. Hope this helps!

          1. NAFC says:

            P.S. Please contact sarah@nafctrainer.com for further information.

          2. Ana says:

            And how much will it cost for international students?

        2. katrina says:

          Same! I’m in Canada, but Cassey has been so wonderful in trying to share all she is offering to as big an audience as possible, perhaps soon it will also be available internationally!! Amazing story, amazing woman!!

  65. Hi Cassey,

    wooow – Congratulaions on providing this program! I’m a certified classic pilates instructor myself (4.th generation!), but I loooove your POP-approach to the classic exercises. Always nice to twist (those hips!) it up a bit, right? 😉
    I’m dreaming of going to US in the nearest future (Goal: before 2016) and enroll in a master equipment program – I LOVE the cadillac and reformer and Wunda-chair and..ALL OF IT! OMG! That’s hard-core rocking!

    So I was wondering if you could make a video with some of those moves taking to the mat? I know that a loooot of your videos (I do them recently already!) already use those technics (that’s the best about pilates, right! – it’s so versatile), but would be awesome to see how you would do it 🙂 Maybe do a leg spring-series with a tube attached do the door? Don’t know whether that’s even possible?
    Anyways. Keep up your power, keep up doing what you do and please – keep being exactly as you are, beautiful, inspiring and lovable!

    Hugs from a fan,

  66. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations – your energy is mind-blowing and an inspiration!! All the very bestest to any Popster taking this on 🙂

  67. Jordina says:

    When I was a kid, my mum would force to swim in a team. Although I loved swimming, I hate being in a team, I hated to compete! I know she never meant it bad, she just wanted me to practice some sport, I guess. Due to a medical condition, I have a knee that dislocates very easy, and they told me I could not practice any other sport. I was never fat, but I was not healthy, nor fit. Until 2011, that I met you! I was studying abroad, away from my family and friends. Together with my flat mate, one day we discovered one of your videos in YouTube, and decided to do it with you! It was tough! Since that day, we made 3 or 4 videos with you everyday! It was great! We saw results, we became happy, we followed your advice into healthy eating..it was life changing! That was my first contact to fitness, since then my knee dislocates less often than before and now I run, I do HIIT, I lift weights, I do freeletics, I go by bike, well I do ALL that I want! And this is thanks to you Cassey! Now I am happy, healthy and fit! 🙂 Your story is so inspiring, I even cried when I read the part of you being accepted in the Equinox team. I hope one day I will achieve my dreams too.

    1. Léa says:

      Your story inspires me … My mom use to force me swimming as well.

  68. Therése S says:

    Congratulations, this is fantastic!
    I think this is the first time I comment on your blog.

    I began practicing Pilates in 2002 (21 years old). With DVDs from Mari Winsor. Pilates has been a great help to me when I’ve been dancing all my life. Then I unfortunately gain weight after a depression. But now I’m back with pilates in my life and I love it. Have a long way to go, but I will make it!

    Thank you, for all the inspiration you provide through your blog and your youtube channel.
    Wishing you all the best for the future and as you wrote, “Never give up on your dreams.”

    Therése from Sweden.

  69. teilzeitDAU says:

    I’m so very happy for you! Man, you are one crazy hard worker and it’s really paying off, I love it!

    i saw in previous comments that it’s possible to get certified outside the U.S. too, but i was wondering what I would have to enrol for exactly?

    when choosing the whole POPpilates powercert bundle (i.e. the bundle that includes both the pre-registration for your certificate and the general group fitness certificate) I saw that the general group fitness certificate comes with the options “with” or “without” a group fitness workshop (399$ or 299$ respectively).
    I don’t live in the U.S. so obviously I couldn’t attend a workshop 🙁

    Can I just choose the 299$ option plus the POPpilates pre-registration? Or is the group fitness workshop mandatory in order to get NAFC-certified? (I searched their website but couldn’t find any information about this)


    1. NAFC says:

      Hello! If you are outside of the U.S. you can still certify. You do have to have an international or national Group Fitness Cert to move forward with POP certification. All of the NAFC’s programming is done online, so you would only need to complete the online programming portion withOUT the workshop option for NAFC Group Fitness (you will receive 15% off by going through Cassey’s website).

      You may choose the $299 option only, which will be the price for the POP Certification on top of your Group Fitness certification. For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

      1. teilzeitDAU says:

        thank you so much!

  70. Cristina says:

    Oh Cassey. I am 16 and i really have no idea what to do in life. My parents always tell me to study and go to a university, graduate and get a decent paid job. I’ve been looking at all the universities in my country(Romania) and nothing attracts me. I feel like whatever i’m going to do is not going to fulfill me and it will leave me poor, with no future.
    I’ve been doing pilates since 20012 and it really changed my life. I’ve always been depressed and insecure, but since i started doing your videos, i can say i am more confident and well, happier. You really changed my life into good. Honestly, i’ve been thinking lately, since i don’t know what to do, how about i become a pilates instructor? But i don’t know if my parents are willing to let me do this.( I mean, they will understand, but they probably will think that i won’t have a profitable future by doing this.) and i don’t know if i can a afford to become a pilates instructor.
    I am sorry this message got so long and boring, but i really wanted to express my feelings. I would like to become a fitness instructor, but i don’t know if i’ll be good at it.
    Any way, Cassey, thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us, we love you.

    1. Léa says:

      Do what you want to do. I know you said you don’t know what to do. Just give it time, I’m sure that one day you’ll find something you enjoy and that you’ll be well paid for.

  71. Miriam says:

    Dear Cassey,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m very happy for you that all your hard work is paying off so well. You are a really inspiring woman and all the effort you make for us to become fitter and healthier is … well… i cannot find a word for that… LOVELY! Wonderful! THANK YOU!
    I’m looking forward to see more videos, blogposts and whatever new things you will think off! 🙂
    And hopefully I will see you someday in the Netherlands…? 🙂

    If it were possible to send hugs … well just feel hugged a thousand times!
    XoXo x 1000!

  72. Ana says:

    Is this worldwide or only for USA? How much will it cost? I am obsessed with the idea of being pop pilates instructor.

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi Ana!

      This is WORLD WIDE! For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  73. Mona says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CASEY! I love everything about your blog! Your enthusiasm, energy, passion, work ethic are inspiring. YOU are inspiring. I’ve been going through hard times and your videos, blog posts and stories always give me faith and hope in myself. I hope you know how much you help people all around the world! <3 Thanks for everything you do!!

  74. Pavla says:

    Cassey, what about the european people??? We also wanna be part of this great project!! Are you planning something??

    1. NAFC says:


      This is a world wide program, so International Students may also participate! For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  75. Simone says:

    Wow. I have nothing more to say than that you are such an inspirational lady! Thank you for helping us all to believe that anything is possible 🙂

  76. Kathi says:

    Cassey this is such an inspiring story!
    At the moment, I am at this very point in my life where I have to decide whether to follow my dreams or keep my old job and make the best out of it. And reading stories like yours are just encouraging me to just go and take the risk to do what I love. Thank you so much!! 🙂

    By the way… any chance that the exams can be passed somewhere in Europe as well? On the other hand… some nice journey to America wouldn’t be that bad 😀

    All the best,

    1. NAFC says:

      Yes! Europe is included!

      For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  77. michela says:

    Simply GREAT! Good Job! ♡♡♡♡

  78. Tasha Tondre says:

    Hi cassey! I’ve been watching your videos for about 2 years and I’m so happy and excited for you! I was just wondering about becoming certified. I have only ever followed your videos on YouTube and other workout programs. Are their other requirements I need to pursue before I can take the test to become certified? Both for pop Pilates and a gym? Thanks! Love u! Xoxo

  79. Taelen says:

    Cassey I wanted to skip giveityourALLgust so very badly today. I’m tired and sore and was not feeling it. However, I decided to check the site before calling it a day and i read this. You inspire me so much and hearing the details of your journey convinced me to keep going! You made your dream happen and I am going to fallow you into acheiving my dream body. You are the best ever don’t forget that!!!! <3

  80. Jessica says:

    Cassey you are out here taking over the world. I can’t help but be excited for you. =’) You make me wanna tackle the day and conquer stuff! Rawr! Lol. I’m so proud of you. ^___^ Now hurry up and visit Chicago!

  81. Raizel says:

    Cassey!! This might be a stupid question because I probably know the answer, but anyways.. I am only 15 years old & I was wondering if that s too young to become an instructor soon? I’m pretty sure it is so how old do I have to be? I don’t mind waiting a while though because I have a long way to go. Well anyways I just want to let you know you’re absolutely the biggest inspiration in my life. I do have parents like you. When I grow up I want to become a fashion designer. but they’re so scared for me to get into that field because you have to be one of the best to be successful & earn money in the arts/beauty/fashion field, but you inspire me to go for it. i love you Cassey!! You changed my life! Haha! Cheesy but true

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi there! You have to be 18 to receive your cert, but that does not mean you cannot go through the training! If you have more questions, please send an email to sarah@nafctrainer.com.

  82. Mirna says:

    Omg !!!!!! I live in Houston and want to know if you are teaching here !!

  83. Mirna says:

    Omg i have almost 2 years doing yours videos and I’m sooo excited to see this notice because months ago I was thinking why not to be a pop Pilates instructor . I live in Houston and want to know if you are teaching here because I really want to do it !!!!

  84. Rose says:

    Congratulations! So many hugs to you! You are inspirational and such a wonderful motivation to never give up hope on ones dreams. I have been so happy to have been a Popster since the beginning of this year! My hope is to make it to one of your meet ups one day. (hopefully something closer to LA, burbank, or Pasadena lol). Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face while I feel the burn.. I have tried so many other forms of working out and I would quit not to long after I started.. But your words and your videos give me the push and the desire to keep coming back.

    Thank you for all that you do! May you continue to be successful in all that you do! Your Popsters will be here right behind you! <3

  85. Tanya says:

    Cassey, your happiness is infectious. This post put a huge smile on my face 🙂 ALSO…I am SO thrilled for the cert! Ahh!

  86. Eva says:

    Oh my god, Cassey! This literally made me cry, i am so glad i started doing the POP Pilates workout routines, at first i was like ‘Jesus, how does she even do this?!’ but now i am a lot stronger and not only do i see changes in my body, but i also feel a lot more confident and happier in my own body! I told my friends and my mom about Blogilates and now they are all doing it! How cool (awesomesauce) is that? And this is all thanks to you because you’re such an inspiration <3 This post really made me think about my dreams and what i want to achieve! Thank you for always being so positive, for always motivating us to give our best and for being the best instructor ever! Much love <3

  87. Katrina says:

    I got into Pilates the same way you did, through Winsor Pilates dvds when I was 14. I’m certified to teach RIPPED and Insanity, but I injured myself a year ago and haven’t been able to teach or do any lower body since November. I hope I’ll be able to do your certification someday!

  88. Annie says:

    Hi Cassey! Wow, thank you for sharing your story! It was beautiful and inspiring. I’m Asian so I can totally relate with you (my parents also wanted me to be a doctor and blabla). Cassey, I wanted to tell you that I’ve always found pilates boring but you successfully made me love pilates! I remember I used to look for pilates and/or yoga videos on Youtube but got bored after a few minutes… But when I found you through Bubzbeauty, I was like “OMG THIS GIRL IS SO FUNNY AND CRAZY! AND I LOVE HER CLOTHES!!!” So yeah, I’ve been a POPster for over a year now and I love you so much (even though I call you crazy every time you show a crazy move in one of your videos but it pays off!!!) and I’m so proud of you! Stay the way you are. _<)

  89. Kris M says:

    Im so excited for you! I’d love to do this for a job too xD Omg! Straight up love love love love LOVE it.
    ._. One draw back other than money, i’m extremely shy so.. not 100% sure id be any good at it though, but again i’m so happy for you! 😀

  90. Nicoleeeee says:

    Cassey this is crazy amazing. You are such an inspiration and authentic individual. I literally did my first Pilates video (Winsor) when I was in 1st grade. No joke. I wasn’t on a regiment of Pilates until I found your channel when I was 15. Ii’d had horrible back problems and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I decided to pursue my own way to heal ryhrough diet and exercise. I loved how truly challenging your videos were and 4 years later I’m still hooked. I’ve been wanting to become certified to teach like you do and I feel like this is God telling me. “This is what I was getting you ready for!” Needless to say, I’m so stinking excited! I love you so much . Im a nursing student and plan to have that as my profession but who says I can’t do something I love as well?! I don’t want the money, I want to share with others the gift of health and self esteem that you’ve afforded the community. *muah
    Eternal Thanks,
    Nicole Templet

  91. ashleigh says:

    Hey cassey…is this limited to the united states only?
    Im from Australia but would love the oppertunity. Xx

    1. NAFC says:

      Australia is included! For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  92. Priscilla says:

    Cassey, congratulations!! Your story is such an inspiration and now I’m going to work harder too. I smiled so much when reading your story. Thanks for everything you do ^____^

  93. Natalie says:

    Hey Cassie,
    Great idea. Question: if we are interested but not at a level to teach are you going to be having more of these classes several times a year?

    1. NAFC says:

      Hi Natalie! Yes, the trainings will be ongoing and you are not required to teach if you attend. You can certainly come just for the education!

  94. Kayla Jimenez says:

    I’m so excited about this, Cassey! I’m stuck in a place where I’m not sure exactly what direction I want to go in, but Pilates is something I’ve become really passionate about after sticking with your program for a year!

    I have been wondering how to make my passion into something I can get paid for and admire your success. I can’t wait to raise a little money and become POP Pilates certified 🙂 Thanks for making this possible!

  95. Chrissy says:

    Cassey you’re a true inspiration and motivation for me to quit stressing and find something I’m truly passionate about! It’s difficult to take on the day without it feeling like a chore. I feel like I’m lacking the joy and satisfaction to pursue any idea or hobby without getting spit on by other unhappy people. I yearn to be in your shoes, to be successful and in love with my job. Pilates has definitely helped open my eyes to future possibilities, I appreciate you sharing such a personal story and hopefully I can feed off of your dedication to push through your struggles and accomplish whatever my calling may be!

    1. blogilates says:

      Chrissy! Surround yourself with happy people and keep me and Pilates in your life. Much love to you.

  96. Chantelle Rae says:

    This is amazing! Congrats time infinity, you’re a total inspiration and this gives me one more goal to strive for 😀

  97. Kimia says:

    Hi Cassey! This sounds super exciting 🙂 I just started doing pilates about a month ago and I am loving it. It is taking away my stress and it’s making me a happier person. I wanted to train for a couple of years and then get a certification to share my passion with the world and spread the magic in pilates 😀 However, I’m going to be 16 in December!! At what age can we get the certification?? 🙂 Thank you so much for inspiring me to do pilates. YOU have changed my life 🙂

  98. I am going to meet you one day. I don’t know when, but I will keep chasing until I do! I swear by it.

  99. Chloe says:

    Cassey you are absolutely so inspiring. You’ve changed my attitude.0, my outlook, my body… And words can’t even describe how much you’ve impacted me. I have this step mom, who is always trying to be better. Whether she knows more, or does better things than me, or just overall does things better, it seems like she always degrades me. I find something healthy and she dismisses me and finds something healthier. I tell her something new about Pilates that I learned and she out-infos me. It’s so frustrating. At my heaviest time in my life, she would buy me larges and HUGE pants that I clearly couldn’t fit in but at that point in my life I felt so… Ashamed. That someone like her thought I was so overweight that she would buy me those clothes. The point is, is that after finding Pilates I learned to ignore it. I’ve lost a lot of weight and she actually buys me smalls now. I finally feel like I proved her wrong after not believing in me in so long. And I have you to thank for that. You have taught me so many lessons in life. And one of those things is that people will do that to you. But sometimes you just need to dust yourself off and say “I know I’m better than that”. So, thank you <3 x

    1. blogilates says:

      you’re beautiful.

  100. I am so stunne, so TOUCHED by your story. It really hits home. I live my life everyday knowing in my parents’ hearts that i am a burden to them because I am not the child they want me to be. They make it very clear in their actions and words and it hurts me so much to even breathe at home, that I want to break off all connection with them. My passion lies in the arts and fitness, just like yours lies in fitness and design. Reading this post is like reading my diary–only I hope that I will have the same outcome in the end! I am so inspired by you because I feel like we are the same person. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. I just want to embrace you and cry because you’re so strong and so bold my heart wants to be with you.

    I wish I had more words to describe everything i am feeling right now. I hope you can be the Mari in my life as she was the person in your life.

    I love you so much, Cassey!

    1. blogilates says:

      Awwwww Linda!! When I was growing up I felt the same way. I felt like I couldn’t breathe either. You just gotta listen to yourself and do what makes you happy. It SOUNDS easy but it’s not. It’d going to hurt. But you’ve got to do it for yourself.

      1. It’s my life dream to meet you. I want to see you and touch you and tell you everything and cry and laugh and sing :’) from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely, and truly do.

  101. Natalie says:

    Congratulations Cassey, you deserve everything that is coming your way, you’ve worked hard for this and I’m sure there are many more amazing opportunities to spread the POP Pilates word around the world. Keep up the positive attitude and know that we’re all rooting for you <3

  102. rhona says:

    Hi Cassey,

    You are such an inspiration! Just like you, I love love mari winsor! I started doing Pilates using her vhs hehehe then now dvd, I have like 7 of them. I have akso seen your videos, your fun to watch! :*)

    My biggest obstacle now is making myself go back and do Pilates again,but ahhh … cant get myself motivated again. Any suggestions?

    Thanks girl!


  103. Annie says:

    Cassey, I am so proud and forever grateful to you for changing my life. Your videos have built my confidence and physical and mental strength immensely. Seeing you come such a long way and continuing to be even more successful is such an inspiration. I love you so much and will follow you until the end of time!

  104. Ashton says:

    amazing motivation! thanks for sharing(:

  105. Jo says:

    Do you have to be group fitness certified through this agency if you already have a certification? I’m an ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist, which umbrellas personal training, group fitness, and conditioning coach with a degree in Kinesiology.

    1. blogilates says:

      You should be good! Just get the POP Pilates powercert as a standalone.

      1. NAFC says:

        Yes, this is fine because Group Fitness is included in the ACSM HFS certification. All you need to do is send the NAFC a scanned copy of your current cert + CPR Card. We look forward to seeing you!

  106. Junie says:

    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! I was going to get my group training this fall before Christmas anyways so this is so perfect. Do we get to work on the group certification first and then the pop pilates component? Meaning when I register I don’t have to wait to see when the pop pilates part will be available in my area just to get my group training?

    1. NAFC says:

      Yes! That is exactly how it will work. Group Fitness Component, then POP Pilates specialty cert. Workshops will vary by area, but we will let you know whenever a new one is scheduled. If you know you have enough people in your area/at your club that want to attend training, we would be happy to set one up for you there.

  107. Beth K says:

    ACE and AFAA ceus included? Excited!!!!

  108. Tiffany says:

    I’m so happy for you Cassey 🙂 You put so much positivity out into the world. And I’m so happy on your certification program. Many congrats. I am inspired by your story, I really am. You’ve come a long way.

  109. LD says:

    Cassey this post was so inspiring! It definitely made me feel better about myself and gave me the push I need. Thank you !!

  110. Tonette says:

    Congrats Cassey! I hope this can be taken even outside the US. 🙂

      1. rachael Wilson says:

        Yay! How would this work for those aussie posters? Is the nafc certification recognized here? Also how would the workshop components work?

        Omg so excited!

        1. blogilates says:

          It should be recognized there. I will announce workshop details once everyone pre-registers 🙂

          1. rachael Wilson says:

            Yay! Sitting in the middle of a quiet lecture theatre and I started squealing and dancing with excitement. Real smooth Rachael, real smooth.

            This is so exciting. It must be amazing to see your ‘baby’ bloom into something this big. Just another reminder that hard work really does pay off 🙂

          2. Kay says:

            OMG! so i can be an instructor even if i am not from the US! thats amazing! cant wait to know the details… i am from the middle-east(Dubai)..and ive been doing pilates for over a year…

            hope i can be able to register and get my nafc certification and be able to teach!

            You have changed my life Cassy..thank you so much <3.. I truly wish you all the best in life. and have the chance to meet you one day :).

            btw.. when i registered i picked NY… there werent other options to pick except US statues..

          3. NAFC says:

            Hi! YES – International options are available. For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com.

            The NAFC is internationally recognized, but we always ask that our potential students do their research both the fitness laws within their country of residence (in your case Australia), and at their potential places of employment to ensure that the NAFC certification will be accepted.

            Thank you!

      2. kelly says:

        Can it really be taken outside the US Cassey ? Im from Malaysia and I would LOVE to get Pop certified. I just went on the website and realized that I couldn’t 🙁 of course you wouldn’t remember this but I ws the girl who commented on your Facebook page awhile back when you asked who thought of getting certified and I replied that I do, but I just don’t have the body for it. You replied and told me that I don’t have to look a certain way to teach. So please please make it happen here in Malaysia ! I have no idea where they offer the group certificate here but I will try and look. Just please.

        Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS !!! I dont know you personally but I am so happy and proud of you. You have changed my life so much in one year and your videos also helped serve as a distraction and got me through a very difficult time of grief. It really did. God bless you Cassey. Love you <3

        1. NAFC says:

          Hi Kelley, YES!

          For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!

  111. johnna green says:

    great story! congratulations

  112. Samantha says:

    Cassey this is so wonderful, congratulations! I am currently certified with ACSM, I was wondering if the POP Pilates cert will ever expand outside of NAFC? Either way, this is so amazing!

    1. blogilates says:

      If you’re group fitness certified through ACSM then you can just get the POP Pilates Powercert. You’re already halfway there!

  113. Jackie says:

    thank you Cassey for sharing your story, your experience, your determination! so inspirationnal! I’m so happy for you! and wow! we can become Certified Pop pilates teacher thanks to you now! so incredible! tnank you for making everything possible for us Cassey! much love

  114. Kim Jung Hee says:

    I wish I were in America and had my own eBook…
    …but I still follow and watch you ^^ love you so much Cassey ^^

    1. NAFC says:

      Kim, You do have access to the certification outside of the U.S. For our international students ONLY, there will be an online study option that includes a theory exam and a video evaluation of yourself teaching. Please direct your additional inquiries to sarah@nafctrainer.com. Thank you!