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Pamper Me Fabulous Winners

May 8, 2012


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Pamper Me Fabulous Winners

Hey! This post is way too long overdue!

THANK GAWDDDD I am able to blog again after like 4 days. The whole migrating my blog to a new server dealio was such a nightmare!!!! I was shaking in my seat, so scared that all of this was lost! All of the articles and content, OMG! Apparently my developer tells me that my blog is “larger than life” (LOL) because I have way too much going on, too much traffic, and way too many plugins. He needs to clean up the way I set up this blog so that it can run more efficiently. Thank goodness a professional is stepping in. I can only do so much! So hopefully this will cure that darn “database error” message you guys get every time I tell you “NEW POST! CHECK IT!”.

Anyway, before the bikini recap post goes up, I need to announce the 3 winners of the Pamper Me Fabulous Giveaway! The winners each will receive a pair of tickets to come to PMF in San Francisco to attend my special POP Pilates class, get a swag bag for her and a friend, and lounge around luxuriously all day long. Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to me!!!! The event is THIS SUNDAY May 13th!!!!

“Pamper Me Fabulous is the ultimate women’s day event – for one day only on May 13th in San Francisco, women and moms come together to network, be empowered, educated, celebrated and pampered through personally experiencing the best brands in town.  Free flowing Qream liquer, face mappings from Dermalogica, fun lounges and food samplings and an awesome gift bag! Attendees will get opportunities to take yoga classes and pop pilates classes from You Tube fitness guru Cassey Ho, attend the seminar series on health and wellness topics featuring speakers like Kim Barnouin, best selling author of Skinny Bitch and shop from local boutiques. Macy’s at Union Square will be hosting a beauty lounge at the event where women can try new products and get made over from brand favorites like Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Grace Beauty. We’ll also have plenty of shopping from favorites like Benefit, SmartWater, or the SF Weekly’s lounge, who will be showcasing some of the Best of SF salons.”

Tix are $42 each and you can attend if you’re 21+. Use code “pop” to get 20% off or if that doesn’t work use code “postcard”.

OK the winners are!!!!

Ashlee N says:

Nothing makes me feel more fabulous than right after a good workout! That, and a fabulous spa day!

Joyce says:

Spin class makes me feel fabulous! Even though I’m super sweaty, I feel great after. Manis and pedis don’t hurt either lol.

Can’t wait for this event!

Shiv says:

This may sound crazy. However I feel fabulous when I go back home and my mom gives me a compliment on my weight loss. It’s been a struggle between the two of us. She always felt a little hurt by my clean eating, since that meant her cooking wasn’t always what I could eat. However, whenever I get that compliment or she says she’s happy and proud of me, I can’t help but feel more fabulous and comfortable in my own skin. If my mom can be proud of my journey, then so should I. That smile she gives me makes me feel more fabulous than anything I know. Goodluck girl. Make Fremont Proud!

Girls, congrats! I am emailing you. If you can’t make it let me know so I can give the pair of tix to someone else who can! Sorry for the late notice.

OK time to blog and vlog my head off.

Much love,


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  1. Ida says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 You rock Cassey!I am really hooekd on the excercises and I feel the benefit of it! Please make some more stretching excercises , please, please please Keep on the good work and all the best and luck for you. You deserve it!K.

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