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Our Ugly Sweater Party!

December 17, 2016

Our Ugly Sweater Party!


Hey guys!

Last night we hosted an Ugly Sweater Party at the Blogilates HQ! The Blogifam decorated the place for 2 days – looking at Pinterest DIY projects and trying our best to emulate.


I REALLY wanted to impress my friends and show them a good time. Plus, I LOVE the holidays.

Last minute like 10 people said they were sick or too busy to come. I was a little affected and kinda sad, wondering if ANYONE would come at all 🙁

But when 7:30pm hit, people started showing up in very festive attire and my heart started to float again. I had THE BEST TIME. SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE that I am lucky enough to call my friends were there to laugh, take a million selfies, and eat good food and dessert of course (hello, boba station)! I wish you guys could’ve been there – so here’s a sneak peek into our Ugly Sweater Party!


Here’s a look at the spread from Mendocino Farms. The food was amazing! Lots of delicious skewers, mini sliders, and quinoa salads. And the service from their team was top notch. You can’t imagine how much trouble I had tracking down restaurants I loved and trying to get them to cater. It’s weird – it’s like “take my money please” and many didn’t even write an email back or return a call!


This was dessert station numero uno. We got cookies from Milk Jar Cookies (omg so good) in white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle. Their cookies are thick, goey, and purposefully sized. We also had farm fresh milk along with almond milk for those who were lactose intolerant. And those 2 cakes are from Susiecakes – basically sugar butter heaven! Carrot cake and Red Velvet cake…YUM!


I TOTALLY FORGOT to take a pic of the boba station. I AM SO SO SAD!!!! But I did take a pic of this sign I made so that you can imagine how epic it was. The boba station was a hit!!! People loved it! I’m glad I decided to get that instead of a bar. (We did get beers from World Market though which were cute.) Truth is, I don’t drink and I don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Sweet, innocent drinks like boba are more my thang.


My friend Nikki grabbed these pics before people started coming. I was busy running around as hostess lady so I forgot to take pics of the decor. I am so grateful for these photos. This was Instagram station #1. Leslie and I spent hours cutting the tinsel into this chevron design. Super laborious but super worth it. Do you like it?

This was Instagram Station #2. This one felt super prom. I got the idea to stick tinsel under these HUGE balloons from Pinterest backdrop idea boards. I was really upset that the balloons didn’t come round like a sphere but rather like an egg. Oh mean, oh well, and probably no one cares…but if you’re gonna advertise photo of your product then send me something completely different, that is false advertising!


Sewed the same tinsel that’s on the wall onto my dress the night before while watching Once Upon a Time. You likey? It’s singer/song writer Jason Chen, comedian David So, and fashion/beauty guru Arika Sato at our IG station! I was so happy people were using the stations!


I can’t believe my elbows spell out my last name when I put them together! How funny! Some familiar faces? iJustine, MatPat, AtomicMari, and Steph!

Ahhhh!!! It was my first time meeting Aria – Jen’s baby who is about 5 months old! Can you believe little Jen had a baby? It’s crazy. I credit Jen to teaching me how to do winged liner. She’s just gorgeous.


Aww it’s like a family holiday pic! I call this the music crew. Can you spot your fave musicians here? Oops we’re missing someone…

Ok had to redo the pic because Kurt was missing. Now smile everyone – one more time! We’ve got Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, Casey Breves, Laura, Patty, Jason, Sam, Manny, and Jimmy!

Being so Asian with Wong Fu Productions and friends! It’s Phil, Wes, Christine, Ashley, Ally, Travis, Chris, and Dan!


Pretending we’re in a 90’s boy band (or something like that) with Phil and Wes!


Boba and bean bags at 1am. Ugh this party was filled with so much laughter and positivity. I had so much fun that I forgot to eat. And when it was over, all the food was GONE!!!! Hahahaha. Just my luck. I did sneak in a matcha boba though, so I was happy about that.

I went to sleep super late but when I woke up I had this crazy idea…with 2017 coming and with me leaving my 20’s in January, I want to do something totally radical…to my hair! I’ve had my ombre for a few years now, and a much as I love it, I want change! But like, crazy change. I just feelin it.

What do you guys think if I dyed my hair an ombre fashion color? Here are some inspo’s:
I don’t wanna cut my hair and I don’t wanna dye it another regular color. I guess I’m just feeling really creative now and my body is telling me to go for it. Let me know what you think and if I should do it! Or if you have other hair ideas…link me a pic in the comments!

OK love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 1 more week until Christmas and Hannukah! WAH!


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  1. NU says:


  2. valentine says:

    OMBRE YOUR HAIR! its the thing to do up here in Toronto Canada right now – I am your age too and leaving my 20s in March – I literally had the sam thought – do someting radical to my look. GO FOR IT!! you can always change it back – mom advice

  3. manganika says:

    Hey Cassey,
    why not grow your hair to its natural color ? Sometimes returning to the original is the biggest change 🙂
    BTW: I love your natural hair color in the older videos. It’s so “Jasmine-Pocahontas-like” 😀 and I love Disney, too 😀

  4. Flo wang says:

    You can go all out!! dye it glow in the dark
    one that guy tang did!! He have some magic coloring hair skills and i think you did go to him couple times. Anw, i think Any color will suits you honestly but maybe you should try purplr/maroon/burgundy color like your new popflex collection

  5. Loumar says:

    Happy Holidays Cassey!!!

  6. Lynette E Matthia says:

    You should dye it! But please do a light purple/grey tone! That is so beautiful! <3
    Just so you know: I love your hair as it is!!! <3

  7. Is there any chance in the future that I could be a part of your blogifam? 🙂 Had you called, I would’ve catered for free!

  8. RJ Cash says:

    Totally dye it!

  9. moni says:

    i think you should do the dark bloom colors they would look awesome on your beautiful hair

  10. lindsaydoesblogilates says:

    YESSSS color your hair! Those looks would be GREAT on you and it is something everyone should do at least once in their lives! Go for it!

  11. Αφροδίτη Ταβουλάρη says:

    You should ABSOLUTELY dye your hair! You are fabulous and wonderful anyway.. But, a “craaaazeeeeey” change never harmed anyone! In other words, you have nothing to lose! It’s hair!
    Looks like you all had a great time! Some of us would absolutely love to be there with all of you and meet you 😉 Have fun these holy days.
    Love, Afroditi, Greece.

  12. Akansha says:

    Looks like you all had a blast! Cassey you are so dedicating to everything, even decorating for your holiday party! Stellar job 🙂

  13. Abigail says:

    Dye your hair if you’d like to! If you
    don’t like it then you can always dye it back or try a new color. Maybe you could try a wig, or several different wigs so you can do all sorts of colors! 😛 your will look lovely however your hair is!


  14. Jaime Ruan says:

    pink purple ombre!!

  15. Kathryn Ashin says:

    Yaaas gurl DYE YOUR HAIR PURPLE OMBRE it would look so good

  16. Jennifer says:

    Man! Your ugly sweater party was way more professional than mine. Haha. Mine was definitely not this elaborate, but we did have lots of appys and some great sweaters. It was just so nice to get together with friends and laugh! Tis the season!

  17. Erin says:

    i get my hair done in ombre blonde balayage by a professional then i buy overtone to maintain the color (pink for me) but purple would be amazing on you. I don’t work for the company nor do they even know about me but i love the product!

  18. Felicia Phua says:

    The party looks amazinnnnnn glad you had fun! And yes to pastel purple! <3

  19. Katarina Komel says:

    The hair would go so great with the Dark Bloom collection!!! 😀

  20. Deb says:

    Awesome! As a fellow Los Angeleno, I can recommend Lemonade for catering as well–their stuff is amazing, very reasonable, and geared toward health-motivated eaters who want intriguing good food

  21. Polly says:

    The food looks so yummy and I love the decor! Looks like a fun party!!


  22. Christina K says:

    Your party looks like so much fun! I really love your outfit!! I’ll be turning 30 next month too. Time sure flies by when you’re enjoying life!

    And rock that new colorful hairdo. It’ll look so awesome!

  23. Ang says:

    where is your huge comfy looking bean bag from?! i want!

  24. Ashley Byers says:

    I love the hair on the bottom left, I think it would like great on you! ?

  25. Looks like so much fun!!! And I am loving your idea to dye your hair a fashion colour! Do it! The pictures you posted here are gorgeous, but I think you should also check out the succulent hair trend. So pretty, and I thought it would look amazing on you! Something like these: 😀

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