“One Thing About Me”… is I Love A Therapeutic TikTok Trend

While scrolling through your For You Page on TikTok, you might have heard Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” playing in the background of nearly every video — and well, there’s a reason for that.

@kenasue I think i still have the bra somewhere #onethingaboutme #storytime #story #victoriassecret ♬ original sound – Mak

Over the past few weeks, TikTok users have been taking it to this social media platform to share their traumatic stories to the beat of the popular rap song.

I know, it sounds a bit strange. But there may actually be a reason why this trend has gained so much popularity — it can be therapeutic. 

If you’re like myself, then you may always be on the hunt for new ways to improve your mental health. While therapy and medication are great, sometimes you just want to cope in a more lighthearted and relatable way.

The #OneThingAboutMe trend calls for just that.

According to Kristen Gingrich, licensed clinical social worker and certified clinical supervisor, this trend falls into the category of storytelling which is actually used in traditional therapy modalities to work through and heal trauma. 

“Storytelling allows people to connect to their trauma in a way that they have control over,” she says. “It also allows individuals the opportunity to rethink the ways that they see their trauma, address things like cognitive distortions, and give them a way to make sense of their trauma.” 

Videos that have been posted as part of this ongoing trend range in topics from encounters with creepy people to the loss of a parent. The topics vary depending on the individual, but a common theme among them seems to be recalling incidents and events that one felt were very traumatic for them. 

@ramo_akh Based Off A True Story #onethingaboutme #storytime #arab #fyp ♬ original sound – Ramo Akh

Seeing others share their stories can be therapeutic too, says Gingrich.


“It gives us a way to connect with others who may have gone through similar things while also allowing followers to connect and feel like they are not alone.” 

One of the great aspects of social media is that you’re bound to find creators and people who have gone through similar experiences, and relate over it. Even Gingrich says she has watched many of the videos and has felt “seen” as a result. 

Singing the song to a beat (or way off the beat in many cases) likely has no real impact on the potential therapeutic benefits itself. However, it might serve as a pathway for people to begin to feel comfortable sharing their stories as it has become such a popular trend. 


@mischmacc She’s a super freak for sure. #superfreak #ChewTheVibes #freestyle #dating ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

With that said, TikTok is a very public forum and these videos have a tendency to go viral. That means you’ll be sharing your story with thousands, if not millions of people. 

“I think a disadvantage of this trend is really putting out personal information to the world and the world responding,” says Gingrich. “I have seen a few responses to some of these videos that were very hateful and even victim blaming which can have an impact on the original poster or even the people who may see the response.” 

Unfortunately, not everyone on social media is nice.

Yes, we’re talking about trolls and haters. But if you have some thick skin and think that hopping on the One Thing About Me trend might not only be therapeutic for you, but also help others, then it may be worth a shot to give it a try. 

Bottom line: TikTok trends come and go.

One thing about TikTok is…trends aren’t forever. “One thing about me” may be popular right now, but if you’re not ready to share your most traumatic experiences with the internet, don’t do it just to stay “relevant.” 

Your story is only yours to tell on your terms and how you want it and there’s power in that. 

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