The Blogilates October 2020 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!


I love when the seasons change. It just gives me a sense of starting fresh that always comes at the PERFECT time. September was busy, busy, busy and I’m excited to round the corner to the last stretch of 2020. In September, we:


Basically, lots of amazing tools to make sure you have the BEST month in October! 

Speaking of app updates… Make sure you’re keeping your BODY By Blogilates app updated! We’ve made some big changes in the past few weeks, and they’re going to keep coming!  Make sure you click the “update” button in your app store to get these changes!

OKAY. Let’s get to the October Workout Calendar!!! 

Check the Blogilates Youtube playlists to find all of the videos you need for this month’s calendar!!

OR you can download the BODY by Blogilates app, where you can snag the monthly calendar and all of the videos in one place 🙂

Here’s an overview of each day of the October Workout Calendar. You know how this works! Each day = different muscle group!

SUNDAY: Abs & Obliques
MONDAY: Total Body
THURSDAY: Upper Body
FRIDAY: Stretch & Recovery
SATURDAY: Legs & Thighs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Each day will be around 45 min of exercise. And YES we’ll still have a new video every Monday! Woohoo!!

REMEMBER! You can also download the BODY By Blogilates app (on Apple or Android devices) to have the calendar and workout videos in one place…to make life a little easier 🙂

If you’re just getting started or want to ease into working out, my Beginner’s Calendar is a great place to start! It’s a free 4-week program to get you stronger so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

What are you most excited for in October?! Tell me in the comments 🙂

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  1. Seema says:

    Hey Cassey! I did PIIT28 this past summer and was so pleased with the results, but unfortunately I have really weak knees and was told to avoid lunges/squats until they are a bit stronger. Do you have any low impact calendars I could follow?
    I love the set up of the ones you have now!

  2. Apurva says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been doing your beginner’s calendar since mid Nov. Just one week to go!! But my exams are starting from next week so I’ll probably join the monthly calendars from New Year. I have a really busy schedule. Doing all the video together just doesn’t fit into it no matter what I do 🙁 I just feel very sad about it! Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you Cassey!!
    You are the best <3333

    1. blogilates says:

      Awesome!! Do what you can when you can! Make a goal for yourself during these busy times – like you wanna fit in 15 or 30 min of movement and then go from there. Good luck!!

  3. Emma says:

    I’m the same! I wish there was an intermediate-level calendar or one that isn’t an hour long everyday. I feel like I just am not at the fitness level to do the monthly calendars yet.

  4. wissal says:

    Hi cassy, I am looking for a beginner workout routine to ease into it but just to target the butt and the abs

  5. Baiba says:

    Can’t see November calendar on the app. Just black screen says ‘time to crush it’.

    1. blogilates says:

      It should be there! Email if you are still having issues!

  6. Kristin says:

    I’m finishing up round 2 of the beginners calendar and hoping to jump into the monthly now. I’ve loved that the beginner videos haven’t needed equipment other than a mat. What equipment is used often in the monthly calendar?

    1. blogilates says:

      They are all bodyweight so you’re good to go!!!

  7. Ashley says:

    Would it be possible for next month calendar to include a stretch video for each day of the week? Since you design the workouts it could be cool to know what you would recommend as stretch’s after!

  8. anat says:

    Hi, I have a request. I’d love it if you could upload the monthly calendar in the last day of the previous month so that I could print it before the 1st of the month, pls!!

    1. blogilates says:

      yes, that’s what I do! 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    What happened to the PDF calendar with clickable links? We can’t use the jpeg. Are you no longer doing that? I don’t want to use the app if that’s the intent, I need something clickable on my laptop.

    1. blogilates says:

      You can access all the videos on the calendar, updated daily, here:

      1. Alex says:

        Could you keep the playlists up for longer than a couple days? I take my rest/stretch day on Wednesdays, and I was hoping to do Wednesday’s workout today, but the playlist is already gone.

        1. Kathleen says:

          agreed! I don’t always follow the exact order of days and sometimes like to cherry pick a few workouts from different days on the calendar.

  10. Christie says:

    I can’t find the download with the clickable links, have you stopped doing those?

  11. kia says:

    you are a lifesaver Cassey!

  12. Diannelle says:

    I just. finished the beginner’s calendar!

  13. carolina says:

    Ciao ti seguo da Marzo, sei bravissima, complimenti. Ho una domanda per il calendario di Ottobre, non è molto chiaro per me, per esempio la scheda 3 “saturday” ha tre video, ma l’ultimo sembra una ripetizione del precedete, per thursday, il penultimo video sembra molto simile all’ultimo! Bisogna scegliere tra video con esercizi uguali? Grazie!!! Carolina

  14. yala melina says:

  15. abrielle says:

    Today was tough! This is my first time ever following your workout calendar in full. I did the first two videos today and then had to stop during the third because I had no energy and felt too weak. But I’m about to try it again!

    1. blogilates says:

      You got this!!! AWESOME work!!

  16. SENYA says:

    Hello from Melbourne! The 14th’s workout is my favourite so far. Super fun and challenging (but not too crazy) at the same time. Thanks Cassie xx

    1. blogilates says:

      Hellooooooo to you and Melbourne!!! 🙂

  17. nerya says:

    hey cassey! how can i see to previous CALENDAR?

  18. Sabrina says:

    Quiero mi rutina

  19. Eva says:

    Hey, Maybe you can put the monthly calenders in your new app BODY? Even with the links to the videos? That would be a major improvement. Thank you! I love the look of your app. X

    1. blogilates says:

      It is in the app 🙂

  20. Isha says:

    Hey Casey – you are amazing, these calendars with the videos linked are just absolutely incredible. Just a question – will following all the videos religiously every day result in a fully toned body from head to toe and approx how long do you think it would take ? (combined with a bit of daily running and good diet)

  21. Corene says:

    Hi guys, I am quite short and I tend to get bulky easily. Would following this calendar cause my legs to bulk up?
    Thank you.

  22. Brittany says:

    The nice, nostalgic, PG/PG-13 rated, Disney Halloween movies.

  23. SADIYA says:


  24. Violet says:

    aww! POPsters are so sweet, thank you! just trying to spread the joy of blogilates <3 mabuhay!

  25. today2121 says:

    Thanks so much Violet…

  26. Erin says:

    I am absolutely loving your workouts! I’m brand new to it- have been working out in a local studio for over 5 years. With COVID it shut down and our instructor was doing online classes. Now she has reopened and is no longer doing the online classes. Not comfortable going into the studio yet- I looked online for a good workout app. I discovered yours and have been following the calendar. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you!

  27. Amrutha says:

    thank you Violet for taking the time to link them appreciate it 🙂

  28. Kendra says:

    do you do the new video on Monday or is there a specific day in the week you’re supposed to do it?

  29. Violet says:

    A few days late, but I made a linked PDF for y’all who work out on your Macs, PCs, and tablets 😉

    1. alexandrasayeedi says:

      thank you!!!!

    2. Sundog10 says:

      Violet, that is so nice of you. Thank you very much. I know many of us on here appreciate you sharing!!

    3. Anna says:

      You’re a star! Thank you so much <3

  30. Christina says:

    When you workout and you want to lose fat you have to be on a calorie deficit and do some hiit cardio, or the cardio you like. If you want to eat more , then do more cardio. It is up to you.

  31. Anaya says:

    Hi! HUGE FAN HERE!!! I just have a quick question for all the people who have been regularly doing the calendar workouts. Have you guys lost any weight or is it just for toning and stuff? I really need to lose weight cause of health reasons and I love doing Cassey’s workouts but I am not sure if I can lose weight. I read somewhere that for losing weight you need to do cardio and pilates doesn’t work. Pls help me.

    1. Jana says:

      Hey 🙂 You can try the Pit 28 series Cassey is doing. 🙂 You find it also on youtube and on her webside. Good luck and stay healthy 🙂

  32. Sara says:

    Your Download JPEG button doesn’t work for me. It just takes me to a new window with the calendar on it but I can’t get it to download. I have a Mac, anyone know how to get this to work?

    1. Ana says:

      hey ! once you click on the Download JPEG button and it takes you to the new window, just go to file –> save page as –> and then you can save it on your desktop as a jpeg

    2. blogilates says:

      You can right-click a pic to get it to download! Just right-click and then save image as.

  33. Zoe says:

    This is a question for you Cassey. So I was wondering if you actually lose weight while working out because when I do workout I just gain. I was searching all over the web and and found that all you do is gain weight. So I hope you can tell me if you actually lose weight.
    A Big Fan

    1. Ana says:

      Hey! Funny thing you ask…I used the weight loss app Noom for a little while and through the app I learned that while exercise doesn’t necessarily help you LOSE weight, it helps KEEP WEIGHT OFF by encouraging healthier eating choices, better sleep, and lower stress levels. What’s most important for weight loss is a calorie deficit, and eating more nutritionally dense foods helps with this. I would still recommend doing your own research just in case though!

    2. A says:

      Hi. You might gain weight because you are increasing your muscle mass when you work out, which is great However, in order for this to happen you must be in a calorie surplus, which means that you are ingesting more calories than you are burning. If you want to loose fat, I would recommend working out and try to eat as you do regularly. Then adjust your diet from what results you are seeing there and how are you feeling, always listen to your body. Try not to focus on the number on the scale, it is not an accurate representation of your progress. Take pictures, you will be able to see difference over time. Remember that we are all different and patience is key.
      I hope this helps you

    3. alexandrasayeedi says:

      I think how it works is that you lose weight from fat, but then you gain some weight from muscle. So while you may gain some weight, you can actually go down a size because muscle is a lot denser than fat.

  34. Tough but Trying says:

    I havent had the motivation to work out in forever, but i decided since it was a new month I should try it again! My legs are dead from that cardio video, but i feel AMAZING! Thmx so much cassey for everything you do!

  35. Shell says:

    I’d like to get this on my Mac laptop. I do all your videos from my laptop. Does anyone know how to do this?

    1. slamp says:

      I used the link to Cassey’s playlist… You can pull up videos by date and play them on your Mac.

  36. O says:

    Will we get an ipad + laptop friendly app? Really wanting to download the app, but the phone screen is horribly small. Hoping for some expansion

  37. Lisa says:

    Can we get a PDF version of the calendar? I enjoy marking them off on my computer as I complete them 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      You can still use the JPG to check them off! 🙂

  38. eve says:

    I have a burning question:) i like to go running in the morning and i like to shower but then i um shower at night. my friends tell me showering twice a day isnt good?! im wondering as someone like you who is so dedicated to workout- is it okay

  39. Brooke says:

    I am so sad that Cassey changed the calendar, now requiring you to have the app in order to have ease of access to clicking through the videos. Is anyone able to upload it?

    1. blogilates says:

      You can easily access each day’s videos through this playlist: 🙂

      1. irenec says:

        sorry but in the playlist I can’t see the new video…?

      2. slamp says:

        I don’t see the “new video” when using this link (ie. for Monday, 10/5). Am I missing a video??

  40. today2121 says:

    Hi guys…can someone add to the comments the October calendar where you just have to click on the workout and it comes up…instead of having to search each workout on you tube…someone did it for September…i don’t know how to do it…thanks

    1. Ivana Lopes says:

      You can go on her YouTube chanel in “playlists” you will find the list of the day

  41. today2121 says:

    can someone put the october calendar on that you just hve to click on workout and it comes up instead of having to search for it on you tube…i don’t know how to do that…someone did it for september…thanks

    1. JD says:

      that would be great!

      1. Sundog10 says:

        That would be great; Rosie did it last month; I imagine its a lot of work so it was really generous of her. I hate working out on my small phone and ditched the app. Yes, you can go to the YouTube channel but only get a day or two of the videos. Getting back the PDF version of the calendar would make many people happy. Not everyone is crazy about the app. I prefer working out on my large laptop.

        1. Anna says:

          Yes! I came to the comment section just to see if she had uploaded it again. If you read this Rosie, thank you so much for last month! It worked great! But I also understand it’s too much work, especially since we can’t even copy paste the titles of the videos into the search because jpg…
          I also hate working out with the small phone and we don’t have a fancy TV I can cast to. Living in a different time zone, the youtube playlists are also not always uploaded in time for Mondays and it doesn’t allow me to mix the days which I do frequently since I usually “only” workout for 4-5 days a week. The PDF just gives me so much more flexibility! +it’s never late and it doesn’t just disappear. I can look at a playlist in the morning to mentally prepare and then in the afternoon POOF it’s gone! Major motivation killer right there.
          Sorry for the long rant. The PDF format was just so reliable and worked great for me.

  42. Cate says:

    Does it matter if you do the videos back to back or scattered throughout the day with work etc.. which is better?

  43. Anshu Mishra Dwivedi says:

    So excited to do this calendar workout ❤️❤️

  44. LexyA says:

    New month, new calendar! Thanks, Cassey, for giving us so much inspiration and encouragement – and killer workouts! xxx

  45. Great we are waiting for video

  46. Shri says:

    I weigh 104.3 kgs age 30 height 5.9 ft ..I don’t feel seeing myself in mirror now a days…I feel dejected ..I have problem waking up morning and stick to workout routine..please guide

  47. Jasmine says:

    Loveyour workouts have really helped me

  48. Jasmine says:

    Love your workouts

  49. Cherry Bomb says:

    Will there be a PDF of the calendar? You gotta say yes! TIA <3

  50. Isabella says:

    Why isn’t there a new video on the last Monday of the month? It was the same thing in the September calendar.

  51. HIROE says:

    I started working out with Cassey since March when I had to work remotely from home. I did two months of the beginner’s calendar. There were so many moves I couldn’t do at first (i.e. rollovers etc..) but the second time round of the beginner’s calendar I noticed there mere many things I could do. Now I am onto the regular calendars and there are still moves I find difficult and boy do I feel better. I haven’t had a significant weight loss but I did lose 5% of my body fat and I look different. I used to hate workouts and just did keto, but now I love working out every morning and also running.
    I will start kickboxing this weekend and never have I been so active and energetic. It took me 53 years to figure this out. So it’s never too late to start!

  52. Lauren says:

    Love using the new app to track my progress! It’s nice to have the calendar on the go. There is only one thing with the app that isn’t working for me and I’m not sure if others were having the same issue. When I hit “done” after my workout in the app, the page gets stuck and freezes on the “congratulations” pop up. I have to completely close down the app and reload it to be able to continue on to the next video. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the app (which didn’t save my progress in the ab challenge and all my favorited videos are no longer listed) as well as update the app every time a new version comes out but it didn’t seem to fix the issue? Not sure what else I can try?

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey Lauren! Can you email We’ll help you out there! 🙂

  53. Miriam says:

    Do you think a beginner, and i truely mean beginners like been a couch potato all my life type, could do these? Or would that be too intense to start?

    1. blogilates says:

      You can def start with this! I also have a beginner’s calendar if you want to start there:

    2. Julie says:

      I started in June using the beginner’s…it literally took me June and July to get through that one calendar, but then I was able to jump in to August and September full on!

    3. vanshika_ says:

      You can definitely start out with the beginner videos and work your way up. Highli recommend.

    4. Veronica G. says:

      I would start with the beginners calendar like everyone else is saying. I’ve been working out on a normal basis for the last 10 years, and even I have had a lot of struggling during some of Cassey’s workouts that she has on her regular calendar.

  54. Angelisa Beane says:

    Could you possibly make a video for posture?

  55. Naomi Bishop says:

    Hey Cassey! I followed your September calendar because that’s what you offer on the app. Is it possible to make the beginner calendar an option on the app ?? It’s such an easy platform I love using it!

    1. Ana says:

      i agree ! it’d be awesome to have the other calendars on the app ! i was thinking of starting with the beginner’s calendar as well but I also love using the app lol

  56. I met a nice friend from your very first blogilates app. Has anyone else met any real life popsters through the app?

  57. Anu says:

    I’m so excited to do this calendar workout i feel like more and more alive . I can see many changes in me physically and mentally thanks to cassey love you more . You are very inspiring. I guess when 2021 starts I’ll be in the best shape of myself physically and mentally thanks a lot cassey keep on helping us in this journey having you feels so amazing love you more 😆❤❤❤❤

  58. Erika says:

    I woke up this morning and already tackled the last day’s workout of Sept. This is my first run at a full calendar (not beginner’s) and I am so proud of myself! I finished at 93% for the month (only missed 2 days!) and I feel great. It was so difficult at the start of the month for me to finish 45-60 minutes of this kind of workout but this last week was so empowering to finish and I STILL had energy left. 🙂 Thank you, Cassey, for being so uplifting, so inspirational and so motivational. I couldn’t have done it without you!! BTW – LOVE the app!!! <B

    1. blogilates says:

      AWESOME WORK!!!!!!! That’s amazing!!!!