Your November Workout Calendar!

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Hey guys!

Here is your brand new November Workout Calendar! So many things going on this month! You’ve got Daylight Savings on the 1st…then Veteran’s Day, THANKSGIVING, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!

WHOAZA’s it’s gonna be insanity and I cannot wait to share with you all the goodies I have lined up for you this month! The holidays are coming and I don’t want you to stress over food, over family, or travel, over anything. Stick with your plan, do your workouts, eat well, and when Thanksgiving comes, go hard! It’s just ONE MEAL. It’s not going to kill you or ruin you. Enjoy it, because food is so much more than just calories…it’s social, it’s cultural, it’s delicious, and it makes you happy. So embrace please.

Now, here’s the rundown for the November Cal:

  1. Print the calendar and take a selfie! #blogilates
  2. Post the pic to Instagram and go like at least 3 other POPster’s pics. Comment words that’ll encourage one other!
  3. Download the Blogilates App (it’s free!)
  4. Subscribe to the Calendar in the App to get all the videos listed each day. This is also how you will get your exclusive “Core Tightening Pilates” workout video for the month.
  5. Check off each workout daily!

That’s it y’all! Let’s get ready to rock the beginning of this holiday season!!

I love you so much!



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