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November 2017 Workout Calendar!

October 31, 2017


Did you dress up today?! Blogifam sure did!

Halloween is one of my fave holidays because you get to dress like a weirdo, walk around in professional settings, and people will think it’s totally okay 🙂 Societal norms are kinda thrown out the window today!

I did a poll on IG stories and it said that 78% of you did not dress up today! It totally surprised me! But, I guess we’re all getting older aren’t we? Well, no matter if you’re in full gear or if you’re celebrating in spirit, just don’t forget to have fun…and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Now…are you ready for the month of giving? And EATING!!??? Y’all NOVEMBER IS HERE!!!!

Ugh, time goes by so fast. Sometimes I wonder if when I’m 80, I’ll still be blogging, and I’ll still be saying “whoa I can’t believe it’s already!” I need to figure out how to slow down mentally so that it doesn’t feel like time is flying at 1000 miles an hour everyday. I need to go back to meditating again. I only did it for 2 days and then went to Dubai. Traveling always messes up my flow!

Anyway, here is your brand new November 2017 Workout Calendar!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

As usual, remember to do each video listed once, and check them off as you finish your daily workouts! On Thanksgiving Day, if you’re not doing a Turkey Trot, then ask some of your family members to join you for the workout of the day! Family bonding time ya know!? Stay active, and then eat to fill your soul!!!

Then guys, BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! All I am going to say is you’ll wanna prep yourselves for the craziest POPFLEX Black Friday Sale EVERRRRR. Begins at 12am EST Friday the 24th!

Then CYBER MONDAY?? Oohhh, you just might wanna check out Just saying 😉

Ok that is all! Who’s ready for November!??

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