Nike Women’s Marathon Recap + Madison’s Note

Nike Women’s Marathon Recap + Madison’s Note

Hey there!

I just finished my second half marathon! Can you believe the first one I did was just about a month ago at Disney? Ridiculous. Thanks to my sister for forcing me to run these 😛

The Nike Women’s Marathon was gorgeous. Running San Francisco just as the sun is rising, alongside 22,000 other people is really something to experience. Sure the $130-$150 entry fee is steep but it is worth it.  Not only did the proceeds go to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but Nike has to pay to close down the streets, get sponsors, food, prizes, and create a whole event out of this – and you know what, they did a great job.

Now let’s talk about the course! Jackelyn ran this one last year and she told me there was just one big hill around mile 5 or 6 but the rest was pretty much easy. So I wasn’t scared. I’ll gladly accept some glute action. But I think she forgot to mention the 7 OTHER hills. I kept running and the elevation kept getting HIGHER and HIGHER! The hills steeper and steeer it seemed! Sometimes I wanted to die, but I kept going. There was a sign someone was holding that said:

“When your legs get tired, you must run with your heart.”

It actually helped set the tone for most of the race.

We got to run past the Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Golden Gate bridge, through the Presidio, around some beautiful houses, the Golden Gate Park, and we ended at Ocean Beach. The run was spectacular. My sis and I stayed next to each other the whole time and actually improved our time from the Disney race. At Disneyland, we got 2 hours 22 min on a completely flat course. Today’s race was finished in 2 hours 19 min with a bajillion hills! I was very happy! Plus I didn’t cramp up AT ALL in my calves at the end. Must have done something right!

At the finish line, all runners are gifted with a Tiffany’s necklace handed to us by San Francisco firemen in tuxedos.

Untying my pretty blue box to see what the necklace looks like!

Oohhh! A pretty blue ouch!


How pretty is that? And it’s sterling silver! A lot more wearable than a bling-blingin’ medal!

Nike continued to pamper the runners by having us take pics with the firemen sweeping us off our tired feet. Afterwards, we proceeded to get full body massages that lasted 15-20 minutes, sponsored by Kaiser. That was probably my fave part of the whole thing 😛

After we refueled and met up with friends, I was super pooped. I wanted to crash. But when I got home, I was met with the cutest letter from an SF fan that seriously MADE MY DAY:

“Hi Cassey! OMG, we saw you today! So we went took the kids to swim lessons down the Presidio and what a nightmare with the traffic.  While coming home towards the Sunset, we where trying to take a detour to avoid it all so we made that turn on 36th Ave ~130pm and LO AND BEHOLD… I saw that purple jacket and took a double take and I’m like that’s Cassey!  And that’s Jackelyn!  Kids in the back cracking up… my daughter busts out “make it burn” you know, the way you say it.  We went around the block and sure enough it was you. Recognized those shoes too, haha!  Wanted to jump out and say Hi but it was like “uh, she’s with her family” and wondered if that was your mom and dad. So we passed but maybe we should’ve :)…My daughter wrote you a note too – see attached!”

To Madison: AWWWW!!!!!! Madison!!!!! You should have come by to say hi!!!! I love your flower, your hearts, and your sun dude with his awesome sunglasses! I hope we can meet for real one day. Tell your mommy to take you to our POP Pilates meet up – I want to give you a big hug for drawing this for me. I really love it. Thank you Madison 🙂

Isn’t that cute??!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations on your half marathon! What kind of shorts were you and your sister wearing? And, how did you like them?

  2. Sara says:

    I think I’d run five marathons if I knew there was a fireman in a tux waiting at the finish line with a little blue Tiffany’s box for me! Haha! Good job, Cassey!

  3. Kelsi Alysse says:

    This post just made me want to run a half marathon sooooo bad. I’m a new runner and I am so proud that I can now run a mile nonstop. I have asthma and its been slow going but coming from only being able to run half a lap when I began this is such an accomplishment. I thought running a half marathon was just one of those things I would never be able to do but this just made me believe I can do it. Thank you Cassey

  4. jackelyn says:

    ahhh love it!!!!! thanks for running with me. <3

  5. So jealous of that cute necklace! I hope to do NWM someday… but it would be expensive for me to fly all the way to Cali and race … and it is so hard to get in!

    1. blogilates says:

      Where are u from again?

  6. Filipa Brazão says:

    Hi Cassey! How r u?
    Just wanted to say that you’re an inspiration! Next sunday I´m going to run my very first race here in Portugal, 10 km near the river! OMG! Just wondering if you have some musical sugestions cause it’s going to be a looooong run eheh!

    Thks! Big Kiss

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm, well anything on my Music page I’d recommend! Good luck!