New Song Workout + Travelin’ aint as Glam as it Sounds

New Song Workout + Travelin’ aint as Glam as it Sounds

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Song workouts are great. Know why? Because you don’t have to count!!! Just go with the flow to the beat of the music.

I am in Sydney and have been traveling all over, so exhausted guys. By the time I get back to actually do any work, my eyes start closing and I crash on the bed. I literally just die. I feel so bad about not blogging regularly!!!! I have all these pictures saved up, but no time to post. You may not realize it but it takes a good couple hours to get a picture post together with writing, photo downsizing, and editing back and forth. I LOVEEE blogging though so it’s not work. It’s just work when I can’t open my eyes! Ha.

Anyway, just so you know, there will be pics up some time this week updating you on the Lorna Jane POP Pilates meetup in Sydney, more pics from Australia, and of course, I wanna do another workout hopefully with Jackelyn before I leave her (and if she has time). Ah! I am leaving for China on Fri morning. You know what? Traveling is soooooo not as glamorous as it sounds. I actually HATE IT. The traveling part. The packing part. The prepping part. The not being at home, eating your own food, working out when you workout, having your own schedule and routine part. I am so out of whack. I am not really that excited to be going to China for a number of reasons. It will be all business and I can’t even speak the language. Oh well, maybe I can get some cheap shopping done!

I am developing a lighter weight and less expensive line of gym bags. I think you guys will appreciate the simplicity, the price! I am working on seeing what actually NEEDS to be there. You know, things that actually add value for the price, not just things that seem cool but no one uses. Designing is fun. Developing? Testing? Takes tons of time.

Which now reminds me…that second channel!!!! ARrgghhhhhh. Jeez. It’s one of those channels that just needs to be started correctly and I have not been feeling “inspirational”. It kind of takes a moment of calmness to get to this zen where I can really dish my thoughts and feelings with passion. So again, sorry, but trust me when the second channel comes, you will loveeee all the entrepreneurial tips and life lessons I share. I also will call the channel and blog CasseyHo. Did I say that already? I don’t remember.

Which now PERFECTLY segways into announcing the winners of the BodyRock Sport Contest!!! I LOVEEEDDD reading all of your comments about following your dream careers and passions. Some of you ARE living the dream!! I am so proud of you. It takes guts, courage, drive, and a will to succeed in the face of risk and danger. You guys rock. You’ve got this ONE LIFE to do whatever you can do to make yourself happy. So choose happiness. You have the power. Don’t let your environment, you friends, your family, or anything hold you back. You need to do whatever it is you can to CREATE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.

Anyway….I  can’t announce the winners until I get a final confirmation from designer Kelly Dooley who has something special planned for you guys 🙂

Here’s the new Kick That Condiment Challenge! There’s a challenge 1 and 1a. Please watch to find out what they are!!!

K, love you so much! Talk to you layyytahhhh!

<3 Cassey

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  1. aiyana jane says:

    I love this! Just did your 10minute workout video for inner thighs, maybe I should do this one as well!

  2. Lianna says:

    Sorry…i don’t have understood if i have to d the moves A during all the song and moves B during chorus…or I have to do moves A during song and rest during chorus…and then other 5 songs with moves B?

  3. Christine Fore says:

    I guess all my favorite songs are really long because that was one tough workout! Thanks for posting it.

  4. Paige L says:

    oooh love the song workout!! I must have unknowingly picked some LONG songs yesterday because I was beat! ha!

  5. Tanja says:

    Please PLEASE don’t feel guilty about not blogging, we prefer you to enjoy Australia and then take a rest and be full of energy back home and virtually more active again! Those things can wait, your trip in Australia can’t! 😉

  6. Sami says:

    Try a crusie someday…you get to see several places without having to pack everything up and fly and whatnot. Makes travelling way more fun! Ultimately there is no place like home and it’s so true!

  7. Kirsten says:

    First of all, I adore your OGorgeous bag, just got the teal crazy zips bag a few weeks ago and love it!! Thanks for your nice note :-). And I’m going to China too in 2 weeks! Shanghai to be exact. Be sure to eat some street food and shop!

  8. Nancy B. says:

    RE: the new bags……OMG why do you want to take all my money!!! lol 😉 j/k, I love supporting what you do!