new livestream is here

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  1. Nico Dwyer says:

    Does anyone else hear Cassey’s voice saying ‘UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! PULSE, PULSE, PULSE!’ everytime they hear ‘Call Me Maybe’? Maybe I’ve done this workout too many times. But it’s so good! Cassey, your workouts rock.

  2. Abi says:

    wahhhh I am so sad I missed this!!! I literally live in London, but left for holidays on Saturday i.e. THE DAY BEFORE this amazing event! Cassey PLEASE come back to England sometime and do another one of these classes, you are an absolute inspiration — I do your workouts every day 😉 you make me so sore!! xxxx

  3. Smash Hancock says:

    I like this because I get to see the other girls struggle through this like I do! I don’t feel alone in this haha 🙂