My Obsession with COLORS! Neon Colors.

My Obsession with COLORS! Neon Colors.

Umm so today I went shopping and I really went ALL OUT. But you know, whatever! I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the pieces I got from Lululemon. Even though they were expensive, I decided to treat myself  a little in celebration for something.

I believe it is healthy to reward yourself for hard work and accomplished goals. Whether it’s for a couple pounds lost, a job promotion, an A on a test – whatever it is – make every moment and milestone a special occasion. It makes life more juicy and interesting. Plus rewarding yourself is just good for your spirit and soul!!!

I can’t tell you yet but I will in a couple weeks what this surprise is, I promise.

So anyway, watch the vid and share with me the pure giddiness I have for new clothes and bright colors. This summer is all about neons and living it loud!

So tell me – are neons a YAY, NAY, or just plain CRAY!????

<3 Cassey

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  1. Katy says:

    I loveeeee the top and pink bottom! so cheerful! It’s like my eyes just take a sip of red bull.

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  4. sam says:

    I actually just got my lululemon order in the mail today. I believe in rewarding yourself too! I got the hot but not tank in a bright bright pink too…I LOVE IT!!! I need more neon in the life. I love everything you got, especially the run for your money tank and the shoessss!

  5. Jordina says:

    I love those pink shoooooorts!!!!!

  6. Candice says:

    They match your personality so… DUH they are a YAY!!!

  7. Keisha says:

    I LOVE neon. Probably being born in the 80s and growing up in the early 90s had something to do with that haha

  8. Ariane Bedard says:

    I went shopping at Lululemon this weekend also 🙂 I got the boogie shorts in a blue and white floral/paisley pattern… SOOOOO cute! And neons are so yay!

  9. Sarah D. says:

    Neons are super yay! I like wearing bright tops with black leggings.

  10. Lisa says:

    Neons bring me back to middle school more than two decades ago when they were first popular (yikes my age is showing). I wasn’t able to carry off neons then but they are much easier to incorporate now. I looooove the mint Nikes!


  11. Cigall Eacott says:

    I just bought new shorts today- size 0 and 2! I just wanted to say thank YOU because without you, i’d still be wearing a size 8!

    Yay for shopping and loving the way clothes fit finally!

  12. Nicole says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE neon! I’m excited for this trend this summer. I bought a tank in the exact same yellow/green yesterday that you bought. I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow to the gym. I know it is exactly what a person needs on a Monday to provide some extra cheer. I also have a pair of shorts in the same color. They are so much fun!

  13. YY says:

    i am in LOVE with those mint shoes!!! srsly considering getting a pair myself:D Definitely a yay in this case!

  14. Amy E says:

    YAY! I love neon! And those mint Nikes are awesome!!!

  15. Kash says:

    Is that the run swiftly tech tank in Ray?? I just bought that too! Love Lulu and the run swiftly line. And you!

  16. mysha says:

    i am LOVING neons! i recently went to myrtle beach and it’s all the rage down in south carolina, i just had to buy myself some neon shorts.
    also, it makes you look a lot tanner, which is ALWAYS a plus!

  17. Julianna says:

    im not a big fan of neons. not many people can work them. but a little touch of neons are cute, just not the full thing.
    btw, lovin the shoes ♥

  18. Emily says:

    I love neon. I feel like bright colors are just the best things to wear, whether you are working out or not. Especially pink. If only my whole world could be pink.

  19. Koda says:

    I think the colors are very nice on you, but I prefer black.

    Hope you have a nice Sunday!

  20. Jeannie says:


  21. Lalla Tomelilla says:

    I love neon colors, they are bright and fun, the best for an outfit! 🙂
    For my hard work or accomplished goals I always buy a postcard that I like and on the back I write the date and what I did. Then I put it on the wall. So when I’m sad or disappointed, I give a look on it, and I can see all goals and hard work I’ve done until now and I can be proud about myself 😉
    kiss from Switzerland

  22. Krista says:

    Hey Cassey. I’m a new reader of your blog. I love your energy and positivity.
    Colorful workout clothes are the best. Brightens up your workout and day. I just bought new running shoes – blue with neon pink. They make me want to go running every day!

  23. Kerry says:

    So like these colours Cassey, reflect your personality, bright & cheerful.

    Having a blue day, can’t muster the energy or enthusiasm to workout, be 2 consecutive days. Yesterday I had the enthusiasm but my legs were terribly sore from the calves challenge (I used heavy weights) & today I just feel useless & like my work taking control of my life. I know it’s just a blue day & I won’t always feel this way but GAWD! I hate myself for mentally arranging a run today & not carry it through 🙁

    On the plus side, I eating clean still I haven’t resorted to comfort eats like I used to.x

  24. Morgan says:

    Woohoo! Neons! I’m obsessed with them this summer. My closet looks like the inside of a skittles bag.

    Eat the rainbow? I wear the rainbow! 😀

    1. Kerry says:

      I like the skittles/rainbow thought 🙂

  25. Becki says:

    Neons are yay!
    But not every neon colour works for me. I’m staying with purple & bright pink/red!
    I can’t wait to see the green shirt on you!:)

  26. johanna says:

    i love too super bright colours! i think that my workout is better and i work harder when i have lovely colorful clothes 🙂 colorful clothes make me confident 🙂 !

  27. Sarah says:

    When u said theres a special announcement, i looked straight to your hand for a ring!!!!

    1. johanna says:

      mee too !! 😀

      1. Kerry says:

        Yeah I wondered if her Boyf asked the Q lol. Maybe it’s something to do with the QVC thing? Or a new collaboration? Hmmm going to be on my mind.

  28. Jodie says:

    YAY! But you need the right attitude to work it 🙂 And you’ve got that part nailed.

  29. Vanessa says:

    Forgot to mention, I can’t wait to find out what the surprise is!

  30. Vanessa says:

    They are YAY! I recently bought new workout clothes myself and everything I got are bright colors. It keeps me motivated to buy something new every now and then 🙂

  31. Liz says:

    Neons are a “yay” in my opinion. They’re bright, fun, and can really pep up an outfit!