My First YouTube Collab with Bex from!

My First YouTube Collab with Bex from!

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You know what I love about YouTube? You can get to know people and keep up with them without ACTUALLY ever meeting them in person. Yet you feel like you’re friends 🙂

You know what I love even more? Being able to “work together” with someone I never even met in real life and creating a production together! The power of the internet is amazing. I’m now able to develop trusting relationships and make friends via social media, so that when we meet up, we don’t even have to update each other on “what’s new” because we follow each other’s tweets. (But of course, there are a TON of WEIRDOS and CREEPSTERS out there. Be careful…follow you gut.)

I’d like to introduce you to Rebekah Borucki, better known as Bex on YouTube and She’s a fitness and yoga instructor, mother of four – look at that bod, and urban farming hobbyist! (She raises chickens! How cool is that?) Bex and I met through twitter and I asked if she wanted to do a collab video with me. I had never done a collab before but thought it’d be cool to partner with someone who has the same core values and fitness passions as me.

So we set up a skype date and together decided to bring you guys 2 special workout videos! On my channel, BlogilatesTV, there’s a collab HIIT workout. On Bex’s channel, Genghisgirl, there’s a collab Pilates workout.

In each video, we spitfire questions at each other to try to get to know each other in the least amount of time possible. Then we teach the workout “together”. Yes, together but 3,000 miles a part. Bex is in New Jersey and I am in San Fran. Don’t you love the internet?

Anyway, on to the videos! Enjoy watching and try to do the HIIT video 3x in a row! You can add this Pilates video to your weekly schedule. Strive for 3x a week, 1 hr each time for Pilates – this way you will see significant progression.

This is our HIIT video! I interview Bex and she does amazing on her spitfire Q&A round! She’s a natural. And then towards the end, watch as I complain about burpees while I do burpees.

Our Pilates video! UMM I really suck at spitfire Q&A. I’m like the slowest person EVER. But watch if you wanna hear me answer questions like “Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez!?” and “What’s the meaning of life?”

Be sure to check out more Bex stuff on her channel:

And you better already be subbed to my new channel:


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