My Dreamy New Cottagecore Collection is HERE!

Hey guys!

Earlier this summer, we had Tropicana. It was bright, loud, and confident. We were excited and celebrating the arrival of summer! But as summer goes on, the vibe starts to change, doesn’t it?

It becomes less about busy schedules filled with vacations, gatherings and events, and more about lazing by the pool or in a hammock, soaking in the final days before fall starts to creep in.

Combine this feeling with my obsession with all things fairy tale and Disney Princess, and the inspiration for The Cottagecore Collection was born.

When I designed Cottagecore, I wanted it to feel soft, warm, and dreamy. Like the feeling you get when you’re deep in a daydream and you forget about the weight of the world for a little bit. Or riding a cute bike with a basket of flowers. Baking perfect fresh croissants. Running through a field of lavender.

Are you feeling it yet? This is Cottagecore.

Let’s talk about what’s new! 

🌷 Buttersoft Brushed fabric – similar to the classic Buttersoft fabric we all know and love, but with a velvety touch. It’s double-brushed on both sides, making it feel super luxurious.

🌷 Supersculpt – A sister to the popular Sculpt silhouette, but we removed that front seam rise and now you can say goodbye to camel toe!

🌷 The Twirl Skort – Yes! Our first EVER skort and I can’t wait for you to see how cute it is!

🌷 New designs and improvements to old faves – you’ll recognize some designs from previous collections that have been improved with better fabric and details to make them more comfortable and supportive. And just wait until you see the new designs! 🙂

Okay. Are you ready to see the POPFLEX Cottagecore Collection?! 

How CUTE is the Storybook Crop?!

The Storybook Crop might be the perfect crop tank?! This top has a super flattering scoop neck and low back that keeps you feeling secure. This is that tank you need in every color because it’s the easiest to throw on with anything to go pretty much anywhere. I guess what I’m trying to say is you neeeeeed this staple!

And if you love the Hourglass Legging…

Then you’ll LOVE the ULTIMATE Hourglass Legging. The main difference to this classic design is that this doesn’t have a front rise seam, which gets rid of that infamous camel toe. Seriously, I went there! In this collection, it’s here in Cottage Floral, which is a soft, dainty floral pastel. The fabric is Buttersoft Brushed, making this legging super soft and supportive.

The Supersculpt Legging is actual magic

Not even kidding, I’ve never seen these NOT look flattering on someone. They’re SO GOOD. They hit the waist just perfectly and more importantly, they STAY there! The Custard color is just as creamy and soft as the ButterSoft Brushed fabric. You’ll seriously live in these. And yes, this is the same silhouette as your favorite Sculpt Legging but the SUPER aspect is that we got rid of that front rise seam here, too!

Bike short season isn’t over!

And Cottagecore brings you TWO styles to choose from.

First, the Supersculpt Short with Pockets. If you know and love the Timeless Legging, these will feel familiar to you – but we made some improvements! Again, that SUPER means that we’ve removed the front rise seam (get outta here, camel toe)! Combine that with the high-waisted silhouette AND pockets?! These are everything.

These come in two colors! Cottage Floral and Black.

Next, the Ultimate Hourglass Biker Short.

The highlight of these biker shorts is the V cut waistband – seriously SO flattering on everyone. These also feature the Buttersoft Brushed fabric to make them feel super luxurious and soft.

And can we talk about THIS COLOR?! Indigo, I love you.

Complete the look with the Sweetheart Crop <3

You guyyyys. This crop. Words simply can’t describe how much I love it.

It has feminine details like a sweetheart front and a crossback, but offers more support than some other crops.

And againnnn with that Indigo color!

Get ready to fall in love with SKORTS!

Yeahhh I never thought I would say it after the 90s either but OMG I love skorts!!!

With the Twirl Skort, you get the best of both worlds – an adorable, flowy skirt, but with supportive shorts underneath.


Honestly, I’m not sure why haven’t been wearing skorts all along?!

Love to layer? Get the Explore Tee.

You know that shirt you throw on every time you don’t know what to wear because it’s comfy and just works with everything? This is that shirt! This soft, flowy Oatmeal tee is a necessary basic in your wardrobe. End of story.

Shop The Cottagecore Collection

Love to match?!

ME TOO. Here are 3 bras to create the perfect set.

1. The Sunrise Bra, in Cottage Floral

This has everything you get from a classic sports bra – the support, coverage, and form – PLUS the prettiest crossback detail.

2. The Swan Bra, in Custard

Even the name sounds cute, right?! I love the square neckline on this one, but my favorite part might be the contoured band. It makes a statement that really brings this bra to life.

3. The Corset Bra, in Ice Water

YES, this all-time fave is back and in a new color! I released this for the first time in the Sugar Plum Collection last year and you keep telling me you want it in allll the colors, so here’s another one to add to your collection 😉

This bra gives me major renaissance vibes. The boning detail in the front, the contrasted corset detail on the back – I think THIS is what Rapunzel would wear to workout. RIGHT?!

It’s super cute. It’s super supportive. Most importantly, it’s going to keep you comfy while you get stronger.

YAYYY that’s everything from the Cottagecore Collection!! Which dreamy look caught your eye the most?! 

Shop The Cottagecore Collection

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  1. Millie says:

    Can you set up a shop for all your fans to start buying please! <3

    1. Cassey says:

      You can shop everything here!

  2. Star says:

    I can feel Cassey’s energy in her blogs too!

  3. Annie says:

    I love everything! I really wish they were available in the UK

  4. Jamie says:

    I love the cute floral design you have going on this collection! I was wondering if you’ll have the same floral design in the custard yellow color option (like the periwinkle floral) for the 64oz and 40oz water bottles. (Like the marigold booty bands.) Really hope you would consider it ^^ Thank you & congratulations!