Legs Focus!


You’ve been asking for a leg workout that not only targets your inner and outer thighs, but also your calves! Get ready to challenge your balance and tone some long legs. You will do each exercise 45 sec through with 15 sec of rest in between. For a full 28 minute workout, you must repeat this sequence 4x through…PIIT style!

Your 7 moves are:

1. Long Lunge R

2. Long Lunge L

3. T Calf Raise R

4. T Calf Raise L

5. Elevated Leg Circle R

6. Elevated Leg Circle L

7. Squeezed Lunges

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  1. short life says:

    Anybody else hard core struggle with those elevated leg circles? Those have always been the hardest move for me out of all the PITT and Blogilates that I’ve done.