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Kid-ilates! And a Week of Winners!

January 22, 2013



Kid-ilates! And a Week of Winners!

Hey POPsters!!!

Wow, what a crazy past few days! I didn’t get a chance to update you on the winners but if you’ve been following the calendar, you did yourself a good thing!!!! Before we get started though I wanted to catch you up on what I have been doing!!

This past weekend I was at the Humana Challenge (a golf tournament) in La Quinta, CA. No I wasn’t playing golf but I was helping out at the Clinton Foundation’s “Health Matters” events. The organizations initiative is to help people of all generations better understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, and my job that weekend was to take care of the kidlings! (Yes I say kidlings!)

I got to teach POP Pilates to kids of the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA! Here are some pics – it was so hot!!!

Some of the girls were already Blogilates fans! I was so surprised!!!


Time to get into plank!


I was also fortunate enough to hang out with the one and only Billy Blanks! Tae Bo master!!! He is so inspirational. I met him last year (virtually) when I was part of YouTube Next Trainer. One of our “prizes” was the chance to speak with an established fitness celebrity on Google Hangout. He talked about all the risks he took to get where he is now – and how he followed his passion and didn’t listen to what producers and directors were telling him to do. He’s such a humble guy and so willing to help. He even invited me to come work out with him. Not gonna lie, kinda intimidated but ummm…so not passing up that offer!!!! Might have to film this. I will be even more uncoordinated than how I am with Jackelyn in our POP Kick Series! BTW she returned back to the states today! So prepare for more cardio vids!

Ok kinda random but also met Alice Cooper!

I ended the weekend by kinda catching up on sleep and laying out in the sun! Traveling is fine but I seriously get soooo off track with my diet and training. So another one of my goals this year is to travel less. And only do it when I have to. It really wears my body and spirit down!

Alrighty, are you ready? Here are the winners of the past week!!! Let’s see if it’s you!!!

Congrats to the all the #popsterpresents winners! If your name is listed below, email me at!

Day 16

POP Pilates DVD goes to..oxOliviaxo

Day 17

Train Insane tank winner is: Emorleefied

Day 18

POP Pilates DVD winner is: Yas N.

Day 19

Pullover winner is Vivian Lee

Day 20

Bow Necklace winner is pinupcandi

Day 21

Train Insane Tee is babycakes:3

Day 22

oGorgeous wallet is purplefantasy25

Whew! That concludes the week of winners! Only 9 winners left with some of the biggest prizes coming up! Follow the #popsterpresents calendar to win!

Also, I did a video on fan mail opening!!! It was so awesome getting letters from you guys. That vid should be up on BlogilatesTV either later today or tomorrow morning. Also, the Blogilates Community is totally in development now. We finally got out of planning mode. These projects take so long but are well worth it! I promise you. You will love love love! The only thing I ask is that once the community goes into full swing, I want all of us to respect one another. Just because we are communicating over the internet, it doesn’t mean you can say things without consequences. The community will have moderators to make sure that we all stay positive! I want it to be a place where we can all feel safe and accepted.

Also, continue to be active on here, facebook, twitter, instagram, and facebook! I will be ESPECIALLY looking out for enthusiastic members of the community for the next month to beta-test the new platform that you all will be a part of! So keep up your activity and you may get a random message from me asking you to be one of the early testers of the new site!

Ok guys, love you so much! Keep training hard!!! You all deserve it. New workout to be posted on Thursday! OH YEAHHHH!!! Plus my update on the pullup challenge!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Ashley says:

    Have you ever thought of making a kid-a-lates video for your website? (Maybe you have already made one). I would definitely request one for me and my daughters to do together! That would be so fun!!

  2. Abdul Saboor says:


    I would like to purchase your all training videos please contact me immediately

    Saboor Attari

  3. Camellia says:

    Hey! My friend just introduced me to you and your videos and I just want to say thank you in advance because this will definitely help motivate me to be healthier! <3

  4. Caroline G says:

    What a neat opportunity for those kids! You’re such a great role model for them!

  5. Amanda says:

    Hey Cassey! Im so happy that i won the day 21 t-shirt! but email me to tell me what info you need 🙂 or talk to me on twitter(@Bay_Music) XD

  6. bees wax says:

    Oh my fucking god, Alice Cooper!!!??
    Wat the heck was he doing there 😀
    The picture is so odd!!

  7. bethany says:

    It’s the best feeling to be inspiring kids! I’m sure they will never forgrt the day they met and were trained by Cassey Ho!

  8. Galina says:

    OH EM GEE Alice Cooper! 😀
    Teaching kids to lead a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful and noble thing, Cassey :))

  9. Jessie says:

    #popsterpresents Awww I haven’t won anything :/

  10. Katsuka says:

    Hi Cassie,

    I wanted to thank you for your efforts in preparing the meal plans, exercising and calendars (currently doing the jaNEWary one and exhausted every day :)) many times but when I see you trying so hard to reach to the bottom of the unhealthy lifestyle problem by teaching the kids I have to speak my mind.

    I heard people saying mean things about you – such as that you’re doing all this because of your vision of wealth. Fair enough, there’s a fair share of self-appointed quacks there. But after seeing you reaching these kids with the idea of exercising and eating clean, they simply cannot refuse to see that your eyesight is firmly set on health. Perhaps they miss the difference because it’s only one letter in writing but meanings differ vastly. 🙂

    I know I don’t have to say that you’re doing a great job since you have an army to do that 😉 but allow me to do it anyway and also wish you the best.



    P. S. Looking forward to seeing the video with Billy though I suppose it will totally kill me for the first time – same as the ones with Jackelyn 🙂

  11. Emily says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Just wanted to tell you I love you! Well not just that :] It really is such a beautiful thing what you did for those kids. Beginning healthy habits at a young age really determines how that child will take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. Oh just an fyi real quick, I have a 16 month old who loves the oatmeal cookie recipe you introduced to us, she also loves the banana pancake recipe too (as do I). Anyways, I bet they had a lot of fun working out with you. After all, who doesn’t have a blast when working out with you? I discovered your videos on youtube last summer by typing in “funny workouts” lol! Your energy is so contagious, silly, beautiful, and caring, don’t stop doing what you do woman!
    Peace & Love,
    P.S. Seeing Alice Cooper reminded me to ask you if you could do like a classic rock video workout, lol understandable if you don’t, I’m a hippie and I looooove The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Boston, etc.. lol. Classic Rockilates, or Reggaelates 😛

  12. Mirela says:

    #POPsterPresents: Tae bo and POP Pilates-best combination ever!<3

  13. Lu' says:

    Heeey! Maybe I’ll be sending some fanmail, the idea of sending you our deepest secrets is… awesome. And I love you.

  14. Carina Cristina says:

    I think events like these are fantastic. It’s such a great way to get children involved in healthy activites. As a kid I used to love going to Dance Camp in the summer. It was a lot of fun and I made tons of new friends. Last summer I volunteered to help out at a Beach Volley summer camp for kids. It was so cool and rewarding 🙂 Hope you get the chance to participate in more events like this in the future, Cassey. I bet those kids had a blast. And omg you were at the Humana Challenge?? Aaaaah! Golf fan right here! Just a liiiiitle jealous. 😉

  15. Alyssa says:

    Oh Cassey, you never fail to make people smile; or to make people believe in themselves and inspire them to have a healthy lifestyle. You’ve done just that for me and many more hundreds and thousands of Popsters around the world. Let me tell you, you are global girl!
    Working out, “Pilates” and all these crazy ways to keep fit and stay healthy all began with you just a couple of years ago back in Year 10. I stumbled upon your Pop Pilates: Legs & Thighs 10 minute workout and after doing that I felt myself surrounded in sweat. Before, all I did was Yoga because I thought that that would burn all the fat away, but when I started doing your videos I felt much stronger and saw rapid changes in my body. Now, thanks to you, I enjoy my time working out and living a clean and balanced life. You help so many people each day strive for their own goals and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for being Cassey. Thank you for being the Cassey that we all love.

  16. Lindsay says:

    Yay! I love that you are out there inspiring our youth! Your positivity is definitely contagious, I hope that you inspired some of them, you inspired me 🙂 ps why was Alice Cooper there? lol

  17. Christina says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I agree with travelling and not being able to fit in the normal workout schedule.. I did the same last week – however I think you shouldn’t make it a goal to travel less… I mean travelling is so “rich” and it is like a workout for your mind and you get so much back from travelling, if it is meeting new people or seeing new places – anyway the experience you get from travelling is priceless and a few days of not working out won’t harm you as much as travelling builds personality and makes you “richer”.
    I understand where you are coming from and I admit when I go travelling I sometimes feel “bad” too but I think we shouldn’t and better embrace the possibilty to see new things! And it looks like you did have a good time! 🙂

  18. Sara says:

    Looking forward to a Tae Bolates workout vid! Today I’m doing 2 VS videos and 2 HIITILATES – loving it! Currently enjoying a 2 min break after burning my butt off but now I’m getting back to it! I <3 you and your insane workouts!! #POPSTERPRESENTS

  19. Kristi Jones says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I’m glad you’re taking action in informing kids about fitness 🙂 I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t been able to work out as much as I’d like to but I always try out your new videos and loooooove your HIITS!

  20. Carla says:

    Hi Cassey, I just did your work out today! I am feeling so much fitter already. I was so excited when I received my ‘sore today STRONG tomorrow’ top in the post. It looks fabulous! I love it! Looks like you had lots of fun teaching kidilates I wish I knew about blogilates when I was a kid. x

  21. Ana Marina says:

    People say that you recieve love in your life if you give love to others. You give love to us every single day. Think about how many lives you’ve changed! 🙂 You deserve everything that is beautiful in this world.:)

  22. Allison Vogel says:

    #popsterpresents Cassey, I am so jelly that you got to meet Alice Cooper AND Billy Blanks! Talk about my 90s life all over again! lol!! Excited to see what else is in store for this year! <3 love ya!

  23. OscarKawaii says:

    iv’e just finished my daily workout: waaaouw my body is hurting but it feels ssssoooooo goood!! i know it sounds crazy but it’s true!! thanxxx so muche for ur support and ur joy

  24. Ann-Kathrin says:

    Oh, and I’m also looking forward to the community! I really can’t wait. For me it will be way better to participate there instead of facebook and twitter… And I’m also hoping that you will read more posts of us. I’m feeling like you never read my tweets 🙁
    But the community will be a great place I think. Hopefully it’s even better to communicate and connect to fellow POPsters!

  25. Ann-Kathrin says:

    That kids event seems pretty cool. I wish you more and more of those opportunities!! Good work!

  26. Mirela says:

    #POPsterPresents:Oh my Gosh!Billy Blanks!Tae bo!He was the first who helped me to loose 9 pounds!Then I discovered POP Pilates and toned myself!You guys are such an inspiration!Thank you so much!

  27. Chloe says:

    Epic!! Aha happy for the winners(: cant wait for the new hiitilates!! Gotta go eat one I
    Of your oatmeal muffins~~~ YUMMY

  28. ina says:

    Cassey!! You and Billy Blanks will make the best workout video ever!! I only work out to the 2 of you anyway 🙂 When I saw your pic together I got so excited! You had the best of weekends, girl, and that includes Alice Cooper as well. Guess you karma is showing…Love you and keep up the GREAT job, you’re changing lives!

  29. Jenn says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m curious, how tall are you? ^_^

  30. Jamee says:

    Reading this blog has just made me realise who I am going to share this months calender(and every month from now on) with (I know its late but I just got back from travelling)! My 12 year old sister has been having trouble at school as the girls seem to think it is cool to be bulimic!!! A lot is being done by the school, but I always worry she will start to think like them too, even though she is gorgeously fit (shes a very active, energetic teenager). I bet she would love to have a go at your videos, even if she struggles she would feel like she is working on her image like the other girls but in a much healthier way, and maybe she could spread the word to her friends when school starts back. Being 12, are all your videos safe for her to do? Would you have any recomendations on particular vids?
    Thanks Cassey!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      OMG please share with her!!! Start with POP Pilates for beginners and go from there!!

  31. J says:


  32. Flo says:

    I think it’s really great to promote healthy living to children. I bet those kids had a lot of fun with you! 🙂 You always have so much positive energy and you look so much fun to hang out with! I’m sure they were all inspired to make a change in their lives. I’m sure that the future vid you make with Billy Banks will be one heck of a workout. I hope I’ll be able to keep up!! I also feel a tinge of jealousy that you got to meet Alice Cooper!! So random, yet so cool. Oh and congrats to all the winners!

    Thank you Cassey for being a real inspiration!! I’m so glad I stumbled on your youtube videos!!

  33. Seleynetra says:

    Wow your work is amazing! When I was a child I used to hate P.E. but now I glad with my healthy lifestyle. Love your blog and exercices (L)

  34. teilzeitDAU says:

    will watch the fan post vid later 🙂 so excited to hear about other popsters!

    i actually sent you a xmas card, too, back in december. but i guess it probably got lost 🙁

    i sent the card to the gym in redwood city cause i knew you taught pilates classes there and i thought/hoped they would pass it on to you, but about 2 days after i had sent it, i learned that you were moving to LA soon, so i figured you wouldn’t be teaching at redwood gym anymore once the card arrives (bc letters from Europe to America take about a gazillion days to be delivered). #sadness

    i even contacted crunch’s online customer service explaining to them how desparate i was, haha, and that i already knew they’re the best gym ever (bc hey, they had YOU teach classes there!) and so could they not send the letter to your new address or open it up and send you a scanned version via email and that would make them the most bestest gym ever and what not.

    but i didn’t get any reply #sadnessagain.
    so i guess the card got lost somewhere between Europe and LA (or even got thrown in a bin? aaah!) #supersadness x845747585

    but i’ll sure give it another try and write you again when the time comes..!
    haha that sounds super epic 🙂

    xo C.

  35. Alexandra Aldís says:

    Darn, I always get my hopes up T_T

  36. Shawn says:

    Wow, I wish I could take a live class with you too! And I can’t wait for the Blogilates community!!!

  37. Nathalie says:

    Wow, that event looked like so much fun 😀 I wish I knew about POP Pilates when I was younger. It would have been so much more fun to do this in PE (all we ever did was play soccer, and basketball, and lots of other sports with balls, not my kind of thing :p)
    I’d be so intimidated working out with Billy Blanks, I mean, he’s huge!! But you could probably learn a lot from each other, I’d love to see him do POP Pilates with you 😀

  38. Voula says:

    Yeay! So excited for a Blogilates – Billy Blanks workout! You rock, Cassey!

  39. Michaela Ha says:

    I remember when my cousin used to teach Tae Bo, it was always so much fun to kick and punch till we couldn’t stand anymore 😀
    Love that you got the chance to teach kids pilates. It should be a required part of P.E. at schools, strong core can solve so many health problems (and confidence problems too!)
    And I’m overexcited for the Blogilates Community!!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!

  40. Lina says:

    The same thing happens with me, too, when I travel away from home: I can’t get my exercising done and my eating goes all crazy, lol. Even now, when I’m at home, it’s pretty hard to eat properly because of college (I go to college in my hometown) so sometimes I eat too much while other times I eat less than I should. However, I workout daily following your calendar, Cassey! 😀 I love IT!

  41. Fee says:

    I think the Blogilates community would be a great tool to interact with Popsters all over the world. I work in the online space, and the way you are using social media to get everyone together to exercise, to learn more about healthy lifestyles and nutrition is fantastic 🙂

  42. Annie says:

    I wish I was one of those kids! It would be awesome and totally unreal to do pilates with you! ❤ Congrats to the winners!

  43. Elisabeth says:

    Can’t wait for the Community! :))

  44. Peach says:

    seems like you had a great time!
    a billy blank video would be so much fun. i also had his dvds when i was younger. he still looks that awesome, even if he got older <3
    and also teaching children is a great experience and so important to change bad habbits early enough.
    looking forward to the community and your new videos,
    keep on going


  45. Whoa it’s so cool and different seeing so many cute young girls doing workouts like these! 😀 Great job for inspiring them Cassie~And I heard Billy Blanks is awesome. Like, his character and humble attitude like you just mentioned. I wanna work out with you two! lol
    ps: sighhh the grass is always greener on the other side, huh? I so badly want to travel! But you so badly want to stay put 😛 I guess it’s all about balance.

  46. Margaret Hoar says:

    The kidlings are so cute! I am stealing that word from now on. Love you!

  47. Elena says:

    yay can’t wait for the cardio vids! 😀 x

  48. candy says:

    What a fun and exciting time you must have had! meeting Billy Blanks and Alice Cooper must have been awesome!
    I’m sure you also had fun exercising with the kids!

  49. Summer says:

    I love how kids can do these workouts as well. I am a high school senior. I want to look my best when I go to college. These videos are helping me accomplish my goals! I love how positive you are! I am trying to eat better as well. I have noticed already only after a few days that i have more energy and I am more motivated to go throughout my day! Thank YOU! <3

  50. Kylie says:

    dude i NEVER win! lol thats ok tho! Doesnt hurt to try rite?! Congrats to the winners tho!!! I got 9days to try! im gunna go #BEASTMODE lol! n omg i SO remember doin Tia Bow vhs tapes!! lol SO TOTES AMAZE! hes pretty hard core! N can i just say how AWESOME that is of u to workout with those kids! Children are our future n what better way to start them off then with a Blogilates routine! 😀 You pri motivated some little kids to become Pilates instructors one day 🙂

  51. Nicole says:

    So I’ve been making this salad for lunch lately and it’s SUSHI SALAD. I do quinoa, avocado, cucumber, carrot shreds, nori strips, rice vinegar and soy sauce! So delicious and energy giving.

  52. Alanah Ferrelli says:

    Ahhhhhh omg, if you were to do a workout video with Billy Blanks I would be SOOOOOO EXCITEDDD!!! My love of working out first started with Billy Blanks!!! You and him are the two fitness gurus I look up to and dream of one day meeting!!!! I hope you can team up with him!

  53. Ivori Rose says:

    Wow Cassy ; looks like those kids had as much fun as you did =D
    I love Billy Blanks!! Kickboxing is what I started with on the beginning of my 140 pound, weight loss journey. I had so much fun with Keli Roberts, Billy Blanks and Jeanette Jenkins !
    HOLLAR to Jackelyn and more POP Kicks !! *raising the roof*

  54. Emily Pereira says:

    Congrats to the winners!! I loved the pictures you posted! OMG YOU GOT TO MEET ALICE COOPER! SOOO LUCKY! Thank you so much for your videos, you’ve really inspired me! #POPsterPresents

  55. Jenee says:

    I super love Alice Cooper! Sadly I’m not a winner but one of these days it will be my turn!

  56. Kelsey says:

    OMG! I’m so excited for Jackelyn to be back and more POP Kicks<3 I'm also really excited for the blogilates community to go up! Love the JaNEWary calendar and how I get to push myself every day. Keep staying beautiful Cassey<3

  57. Carey says:

    I’d love for you to come down to Australia one day!

  58. Sarah T says:

    Hi Cassey! It is so awesome that you got the chance to teach kids POP Pilates, I bet the experience was amazing! I know it definitely influenced those kids to start (or continue) making healthy choices. Awesome!! And I absolutely cannot wait for the community! OMMMG! I am so beyond excited, like… it’s unreal! haha. Thanks for all you do for us POPsters! <3

  59. Cari Garvey says:

    OMG Cassey i am REALLY REALLY jealous that you got to meet Billy Blanks I am almost getting teary eyed thinking about it. The story behind all this is when i was about 16 or 17 I came to my mom in tears because someone again at school had called me fat and taunted me, I begged her to buy me the billy blanks DVDs and made a deal with her that if i did not workout to them at least 4 times a week i would pay her back every cent that she spent on them. So that is where my love for kickboxing blossomed and the first time i ever enjoyed working out. I finally felt better about myself and i was starting to change my life for the better. After i did billys videos for a year or so I decided to try a kickboxing class, since i finally felt comfortable enough to workout in front of people, that class is what introduced me into my love for fighting. I really think if it was not for Billy Blanks constant encouragement via my VHS (yes I just said VHS) tape i might of never turned my life around and I would still be unhealthy, have a lack of energy, no confidence, and very well might of done something to myself that I would of regretted. He showed me that working out is fun and exhilarating. He helped me believe that I could be a better person, to accept myself as beautiful, and to love myself and always always push myself to be amazing. I know this sounds cheesy but at the end of everyone of his workouts he does a little inspirational message and almost every time it made me cry because for a long time I felt that he was the only one who believe I could do it, amazing what an impact someone can have on your life and you have never met them and probably never will.

    1. Cai says:

      Amazing!! Love your story!

    2. Carina Cristina says:

      It’s not cheesy at all! I loved reading this <3

  60. Kimberly 2.0 says:

    My lifestyle is so different now. It’s for sure way better than before. I love your workouts and I see changes in myself and been told that I am skinner (then I’m just like: oh, thanks. Pilates ;D) love all this hardworking. You are INSPIRATION. I love all of you, you are like THE MOST PERFECT TRAINER EVER

  61. Aja says:

    Super excited for the community!
    I loved the pictures of you teaching the kids. It’s always really exciting and cute when kids get involved.

  62. Erica says:

    Love that you’re teaching kids while they’re young, Cassey! I think that’s very important and I love how you’re so aware and determined to help with the issues!
    Also, congrats to the winners! I keep trying to win for something but I also get excited for these people who win because I could just imagine how excited they are!
    Oh and one more thing. You have no idea how EXCITED I am for the Blogilates community! It’s going to be so amazing to talk to fellow popsters about questions or advice! So proud of you Cassey! <3

  63. Baily says:

    Beta test?! (: OM-GOSH! (: So excited about that. Maybe too excited.. lol but for realz… EXCITING!

  64. Lauren Pickering says:

    It’s funny… the thing I noticed the most when reading the post was that really excited feeling I got when I realized Jackelyn was coming back! Love her kick boxing/cardio workouts with you! Btw Cassey…. You looked pretty coordinated compared to me! xx

  65. Dedra says:

    Love the update!! so awesome to see you also getting younger kids to be active and show how fun it is!!! Im sooo enjoying, loving, fighting through the JaNEWary calander!! This is the first month i have been doing your videos and actually discovered you and life is forever changed!! would love to be apart of the beta test group for the new site!!! 🙂

  66. Virginia says:

    AHHHH you met Alice Cooper…LUCKY!!!

  67. Kimberlysun says:

    🙁 so sad, i can just never win … Why 🙁

    1. Cari Garvey says:

      keep trying one day you might

  68. Amy says:

    Love seeing the Kid-ilates pics!! I don’t know if you caught it in the post below but I think this would be a great thing for you to start! There just isn’t enough fun children’s fitness and health information. Promoting to families is even better!!
    Congrats to the winners!!

    1. Abbie says:

      I totally agree about there not being enough fun in children’s fitness! When I was in elementary school gym class wasn’t fun because we were all graded on if we could run as fast as the fastest kid in our class (so not fun or encouraging when you aren’t fit). That was a big discouragement on me to be healthy and workout throughout elementary and . I’m in high school right now and I am working to get myself to a healthy weight and I’m so glad I found you Cassey! You make working out everyday fun and interesting! 🙂

      1. Ju says:

        Yah, I agree. Grade school PE classes weren’t fun. For me they always revolved around team sports with balls… Dodge ball, kick ball, tether ball, etc. and kids back then would take advantage of that, so I had a phobia of playing any sport cuz they involved balls. If kids had more opportunities to do non-competitive type of physical activities, I think they’d be more interested in fitness. I was more interested in step aerobics as a kid than sports since it was like dancing…

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