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Jammin’ #jaNEWary Winners – is it you?!

January 26, 2013



Jammin’ #jaNEWary Winners – is it you?!

Hey POPsters!!!

Hope you’re all having a fab start to you weekend!! Just wanted to do a quick announcement!!

Ok, so we have winners for Day 23, 24 and 25 of the #popsterpresents calendar!  For today’s giveaway, you can win a POP Pilates DVD if you instagram me #blogilates #popsterpresents a pic of the inside of your fridge!

And…without further adieu! Here are the winners:

The day 23 winner is Katie Bodle! She won a Train Insane tank!




The day 24 winner is QueenBPatton! She won a POPster necklace!


The day 25 winner is Sophie Gunn! She won a Train Insane hoodie for being signed up to the newsletter!

Katie, Sophie, and QueenBPatton! Write me at!


Will post your cardio printables soon! Flying back to LA in a few hours.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Noura says:

    Popster and proud 😉

  2. Gabby says:

    Hey Cassey!
    So on Friday as I was driving home from school, I found myself thinking “Hm. I cannot wait to get home so I can workout!”
    … After a moment i was like… did I REALLY just say that to myself?! “I can’t WAIT to workout” ?!
    I couldn’t believe it! It makes me feel so proud of myself for actually (FINALLY) finding a workout regimine (aka your videos) that i LOVE and look fwd to!!! And that i can stick to! Thank you so much Cassey!! I <3 you!
    – Gabby

  3. Hey Cassey!

    I absolutely love your videos. I have stuck to every single day of JaNEWary so far, and I feel amazing.

    I know you’re really interested in healthy food and finding those really healthy recipes that taste sinful. I found a blog that seems right up your alley if you want to check it out.

    I love you keep doing what you do best 🙂

  4. Carmen says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I was wondering if you’re still planning on making a blogilates community, like a forum? I would love to be able to interact with all the popsters this way. I know you have a lot on your plate, I just wanted to ask. keep being awesome xx !

  5. Arianne Zurita says:

    Hi Cassey! Yesterday, I did your workouts which focuses on arms, back and shoulders. I used 2 lb weights. Then a while ago when I woke up in the morning, my body hurts. Is it ok if I just do your bikini blaster 1 4x today? I will just rest my body from using weights. Haha! Thanks for inspiring me and all other popsters out there. Haha! God bless and more power! :))

  6. Chloe says:

    I knew I wouldn’t win

  7. Gaby says:

    I just have to share this recipe !
    4 cups raw cauliflower rice (just regular cauliflower [blended] cooked ,strained and squeezed)
    1 egg
    1/3 cup cottage cheese
    1 TBS dried oregano
    pinch of salt
    This PIZZA -CRUST is super low in calories and fat and everything . So healthy and just tastes like regular pizza crust . If you want to know the directions to make this one , just comment on my comment , haha .

    1. Ann-Kathrin says:

      Sure, share it!
      Mash everything together and form a pizza crust out of it?? I would try this because I don’t like cauliflower usually…but maybe this way.

      1. Gaby says:

        Ok !
        -Simply pulse batches of raw cauliflower florets in a food processor, until a rice-like texture is achieved.
        -Fill a large pot with about an inch of water, and bring it to a boil. Add the “rice” and cover; let it cook for about 4-5 minutes. Drain into a fine-mesh strainer.

        Now here comes the secret:

        Once you’ve strained the rice, transfer it to a clean, thin dishtowel.
        -Wrap up the steamed rice in the dishtowel, twist it up, then SQUEEEEEEEZE all the excess moisture out! In a large bowl, mix up your strained rice, beaten egg, cottage cheese, and spices.

        Don’t be afraid to use your hands! You want it very well mixed.
        -Press the dough out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (It’s important that it’s lined with parchment paper!)
        -Keep the dough about 1/3″ thick, and make the edges a little higher for a “crust” effect, if you like.
        -Bake for 35-40 minutes at 400F.
        – Put your favorite toppings on the crust and and put it back at the oven , until your toppings look the way you want then
        – Enjoy !

        1. kate says:

          Sounds great! Thanks 🙂

          1. Roxy says:

            That sounds delicious Gaby. You should post the recipe on Pinterest if it’s not there already!

        2. Roxy says:

          That sounds delicious Gaby. You should post the recipe on Pinterest if it’s not there already!

  8. Katie Leigh says:

    So instead of just doing one of the cardio crazy videos I did Pop kicks total body two times, sadle bag shaver two time, one time of Miley Cyrus And, and one time if the Ab challenge on blogilates tv! :)) I feel so great right now :)) I love being off work so I can do your videos!! :))

  9. Sarah says:

    Cassey! Love your wo’s girl, the cute calendar is what makes it for me- do you use a special program or template?

  10. Gaby says:

    Hey cassey , I’m fourteen and and looove doing your workouts !! The calendar is hard , but I try hard to look good ! Thanks for all the videos you uploaded ! Now I’m so in shape !
    Kisses from Germany !

  11. Amy says:

    Congrats to the winners! I was really hoping to win but happy for those who did!!

  12. Larissa says:

    I love those hoodies! Do you have a store?

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