Is a Beyond Burger even good for you? | Day 9 of 20

I have to admit – I LOVE THE BEYOND BURGER. To me, it tastes like meat, but at the same time – WAYYYYY better than meat! I actually have no idea if it’s good for me though. So today, I wanna dive deep into the world of the Beyond Burger to see how much I should actually be having of this stuff. Also – is it any healthier than meat? Because I could eat this stuff for the rest of my life and I’d be super satisfied never having beef again. Is it too good to be true?

The promise:

A 100% plant based burger that “looks, cooks, and tastes” like a beef burger but without the environmental and health problems that can come from red meat. Because beets are one of the ingredients, the burger even changes color as you cook it, to mimic the bloodiness of beef. Wow, they thought of everything.

Beyond Burger versus a regular beef burger?

This is a nutrition label comparison of 4 oz of Beyond Meat versus 4 oz of 85% lean, 15% fat ground beef. By the way, from observation, the beef patties sold fresh right next to where Beyond Meat is being sold is made of 100% beef, which is why I chose the comparison below.

Macronutrient wise, you can see that the Beyond burger is 30 more calories per serving, has 3g more fat, has 305mg more sodium, has 5g more carbs (of which 3g are fiber, so really only 2g more net carbs), and 1g less protein.

I wouldn’t really count the sodium against the Beyond Burger as it’s already been seasoned, whereas the regular beef one hasn’t. Overall, it’s pretty comparable with the beef patty!

What’s the Beyond Burger made of?

I went on the Beyond Meat website and found this:

I counted 19 ingredients on the Beyond Meat burger, whereas the ground beef above has 1 ingredient: beef.

So, what’s healthier?

If you’re looking to go meatless, Beyond Burger makes it easy to make the transition because it tastes so good! Calories and macro wise, it’s comparable to a regular beef burger, so you won’t be saving any calories. And as for the answer to the question “Is it healthier for you?” My answer is – it depends.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking for a solid source of protein that aligns with your morals, then yeah, it’s wayyyyy better than a beef burger!

If you’re an omnivore or carnivore, you have the freedom to make the choice that’s right for you. And I guess it will come down to price, taste, and personal preference.

But overall, the two are quite comparable macronutrient wise which is pretty awesome. I’ve been eating my Beyond Burger with salad and cauliflower rice with coconut aminos and sriracha and it’s been tasting AMAZING. BTW this is not a sponsored post. I just really like the burger.

My only complaint is that since I’ve gone meatless, I’ve been having more digestive issues. I don’t know why, but I have a hunch that it’s all the fake meat product I’ve been consuming. I don’t think it’s because of all the fiber I’m getting from my fruits and veggies because I always eat tons of produce. I don’t know if it’s the soy or something else…but something isn’t sitting quite right.

Anyway! Onto…

Yesterday’s Day 9 Food Log:

Started the day with some edamame.

Then a kombucha for the probiotics!

Brunch was eggs with mushrooms, homemade guac, cauliflower rice, and home pickled cucumbers!

Snacked on some toasted coconut chips. SO GOOD. These are addicting.

Also snacked on some Tom Yum cashews! YUMMMMM.

Dinner was the bulgogi protein bowl from Veggie Grill again. I don’t know what this fake beef is made of, but I think it’s this that is the cause of my digestive issues.

Dessert was mangoes and my spicy, sweet, and salty dip!

There ya have it! Hope you learned something today. Have you had the chance to try a Beyond Burger or an Impossible Burger? What do you think?

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  1. LA says:

    The reason you’ve experienced digestive issuez is because yiu’ve been eating high FODMAP foodz all at once. Like cauliflower rice with coconut aminos and Beyond Burger that is made mostly drom peas. These are hard to digest carbs, especially in high amounts and will give you lots of gas. Try to spread them out.

  2. Rose says:

    Love this challenge! Just started three days ago, but I’m really into it!
    I don’t have weights though… but I just used some books, they worked as well!! 😀
    Thank you, Cassie!!!

  3. Jaleyah says:

    I’m in

  4. Darlene says:

    I am in

  5. Sabita Sahani says:

    Oh my god really excited

  6. Lilly says:

    I’m super excited for it to start!

  7. Miriam says:

    Yeap will join too.

  8. Sanjana says:

    Wow!! intersting.. Lemme put myself in this zone too😛😛🥳🥳…I m a teenager just of 17 years-old and wanna to be fit ..and I promise myself to truly follow your challenge not a lil bit cheating even….🙂🙂🍻🍻🍾

  9. Aimee says:

    I had to look up what methylcellulose is from the Beyond Meat burger list “a bulk-forming laxative” huh?? Why would that be an ingredient 🙊

    1. Sónia Duarte says:

      I love the beyond burguer, however, here in the EU, it has modified corn starch in the ingredients, so I stopped buying it. I found better one with no GMOs and less greasy. Funny that modified cornstarch does not appear in the ingredient list of the Beyong Burguer in the US! They must have some type of regulation that allows them to omit it so be careful with that!

      1. Adele says:

        The one in US it says NON GMO on the label

  10. Aimee says:

    I don’t think the beyond meat burgers are that unhealthy except for the canola oil. I refuse to eat anything with canola oil 🙈it’s interesting that there’s apple extract, pomegranate extract and cocoa butter in the Beyond Meat burgers! How did they come up with that? I’m sure it helps contribute to the taste. Very interesting. I’m glad there are good options for vegans and vegetarians maybe they can take the canola oil out of there though..

  11. Megan says:

    It IS fake meat that’s messing with your stomach. I’ve been vegan for over 5 years and I never experienced any stomach issues until I added modern products like Beyond Meat into my diet. Which is TOTALLY fine, because who isn’t willing to make some poor dietary/bathroom choices if the flavor is good? I think it’s fine to point out the flaws of these products. I don’t like 100% of all vegan foods. So non-vegans don’t have to either ha!

    1. Elli says:

      This is so true! I’d love to see Cassie experiment with making her own “seitan” or TVP based because who really KNOWS what’s in meat substitutes sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the BEYOND/Impossible meats and my fake Chick’n nuggies but OOF they don’t feel great [even with kombucha] !

  12. Sheelby says:

    Can you share what kind of cauliflower rice you eat? It always looks better than mine.

    1. blogilates says:

      I just get the frozen one at Costco or Trader Joes. Then I sautee it!

  13. MissAHollow says:

    My birthday is today! So now I know that I will always remember yours!

  14. Annie Hull says:

    Wow, that’s actually really interesting…and kind of surprising! I try to eat a lot of vegetables and plant-based meals, but I grew up on a small farm in a rural area and we ate a very well-rounded diet of fresh dairy and meat from our farm or our neighbors’, as well as lots of fresh or home-canned vegetables from our family gardens. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to eat less meat simply for the health benefits, but I’m still definitely an omnivore and this was a really interesting comparison! Thanks for these posts Cassey!!

  15. AshleyBlanchette says:

    I was a vegetarian most of my life and used to eat Morning Star Farms pretty regularly. (This was before Beyond Burgers) About four years ago I also started having digestive issues and now I get horrible abdominal cramps whenever I eat nuts or legumes including soy and pea protein. Now I’m wondering if the meat substitutes were the cause.

  16. tamstarqueen28 says:

    When I first tried these vegan/vegetarian options, they gave me the runs and cold sweats and had to stop. I stay away from these “fake meats” just for the high levels of sodium alone. My family suffers from hypertension, so that’s a no-no for me. When I’m sick of eating meat, I make my own meatless burgers with either black beans & lentils (the hard beans where you have to soak overnight, not can) and mushrooms. There, I can control my salt intake and use more natural herbs in the process.

  17. Inga says:

    I am not a fan of the beyond burger. I’ve been a vegetarian and consuming meat substitute products for 10 years now. But to me, the texture of the beyond burger is too wet, too fatty and the taste is too smokey. I also tend to feel sick after eating it, whereas I never had this issue with any other meat-like product.

  18. Tiffany Jordan Anderson says:

    Thank you!!! This is the most well-informed and balanced response. I’m a vegetarian as well and I found when I gave up meat I went through an adjustment period. I try to limit meat substitutes to using them sparingly and try to rely more on beans and grains and veggies. But having an Impossible Whopper as an option when my son wants to have fast food is a nice change of pace. I do think eating less meat as a whole is better for folks. I’m so tired of the vilifying of either meat-based diets or non-meat-based diets. If you find that vegetarian works better for you, great. If you find that you need more meat in your diet, fine. But I did find that when I removed meat from my diet, my allergies improved, my general health improved, and I don’t get sick with colds or stomach bugs, or if I do, their strength is greatly reduced.

  19. BTmouse says:

    I’ve been meatless for a year after having some digestion issues from moving back to the US from the UK. Cutting out the US meat solved the problem. BUT I’m also aware of how much soy, legumes, and beans I eat. A lot of soy upsets my stomach. As does falafel. It’s just your body chemistry so you cant assign a blanket ” is it good for you or isn’t it” answer. I took a DNA allergy test after all my stomach issues which helped guide my food choices.
    I eat Beyound Burger at least once a month. Love it!

  20. Daniela says:

    Interesting analysis. 🙂
    About the Beyond Burger, I honestly believe it’s not made to be healthier, just to avoid all the footprint that livestock has. Also for people who consume it if their Vegan, they won’t buy it thinking its healthier, they’ll buy it because it didn’t involve the voluntary killing of an animal.

  21. Jo Anna says:

    In what aisle will I find methyl cellulose? I eat a small amount of meat- however, when I do, it will be the real thing!

    1. Jessica Lewand says:

      You will actually find it in many aisles. It is synthetically produced from cellulose (the main component of plant cell walls) to be used in a wide variety of products. Cellulose is non-digestible by humans making it an insoluble dietary fiber, which aids as a bulking agent for feces. 🙂 Methyl cellulose has similar properties (non-digestible, non-toxic, and non-allergen) and is used as a thickener and emulsifier in many foods and cosmetic products. It is used in vegetarian burgers to replicate texture, but it is also used in products like ice cream, artificial tears, personal lubricant, drug capsules (vegetarian alternative for gelatin), bulk forming laxative, shampoos, tooth pastes, etc. It is harmless and used in many different instances. Different kinds of methyl cellulose can be prepared depending on the needs and it is even used in repairing delicate art and old books, cellular research, and movie special effects as SLIME! It is totally fine to eat real meat (I do as well), just wanted to let you know that methyl cellulose is not harmful and it is found in many aisles throughout the store.

  22. Haily says:

    Ok, so as a vegetarian and a biology major, I’m just going to add that, similar to what other people are saying, your body tends to have an adjustment period when you increase soy in your diet because the bacteria in your gut are able to ferment some compounds in soy, but they don’t really interact with meat. (Gut bacteria break down starches that we can’t digest and also interact with short chain fatty acids.) When you increase soy, the methane being produced in your intestines increases, and often this is what causes intestinal distress. You can see a similar thing with dogs; part of the reason dog foods avoid soy as a protein is that gut bacteria pick up activity and you end up picking up a lot more poop because there’s a lot more going on (I wanted to be a vet for awhile, so my nutrition examples tend to be with dog food).

    There are other effects of soy on your digestive system that I’m not as well versed on. The phytoestrogen activity is something that’s debated and some other compounds in soy can affect how nutrients are absorbed. That’s also just how food works, and personally I don’t think there’s one right way to eat because everyone processes food differently. A friend of mine has to limit her vegetables because the fiber overwhelms her intestines. Does that mean vegetables are bad for everyone? No. But there is some science that says fermented soy products, like tempeh, are better for you and easier on your gut.

    Also, a note on soy (in the U.S. at least), over 90% of what’s produced is a Roundup Ready crop, so buying organic does make a difference in this case if you’re trying to avoid glyphosate (the probable carcinogen). And as a side note to this side note, I want to say that genetically modified or GMO crops are not inherently bad, but Roundup Ready GMOs are because they’ve contributed to the increased use of the Roundup/glyphosate herbicide. Going forward, GMOs will likely be extremely important to continue to feed people and reduce the use of dangerous herbicides and pesticides, so the stigma is an issue.

    1. Katrina says:

      Thank you for the informative post!

  23. Chida says:

    This is an extremely processed food. I don’t use canola oil because I don’t if it is actually good or not so I avoid it. The word refined turnes me off. Natural flavor are anything but natural. I am flexitarian so I will buy some organic beef once in a while and it’s enough for me. I make mushroom burgers that are tasty even if they don’t taste like meat.

  24. S I says:

    Hey! I’m so glad you’re trying meatless – as a lifelong vegetarian and current vegan who doesn’t want to force my lifestyle on anyone, I think it’s great that you’re looking into more sustainable options. One thing I’d recommend if you’d like to cut down on soy and fake meat products is lentils/legumes/beans! They’re really easy to cook and meal prep, and natural foods are lot more affordable than fake meat, which can make the meatless journey seem a lot less daunting for followers who would like to try it too. I understand it can be tricky especially for people who are used to meat in their meals, but as someone who’s never tasted meat, I know that natural vegetarian ingredients can be extremely fulfilling and flavorful (: Best of luck!

  25. Julia says:

    I don’t think the purpose of the beyond burger is to make a burger that is healthier than meat. It is to encourage people to go plant based because of the environmental destruction and unnecessary suffering the animal product industries cause! I’m a vegan and I would personally not choose to consume the burger unless going out to a burger place with friends or something.

  26. Erin says:

    To be fair, it probably would have been more accurate to compare the nutritional content of Beyond Beef ground product (240 cal, 18g fat, 20g protein, etc.) since it hasn’t been seasoned yet (like actual ground beef). But regardless, a burger is delicious in part due to all the things that make it unhealthy, so why should we expect a product intended to replicate those qualities to actually be healthy? If anything, that just points to the ingenuity of Beyond to be able to create a product that so closely resembles beef, even at the nutritional level. Also these products aren’t even really intended for people who eat primarily plant-based for health reasons (bc if you are and you’ve done your research, there’s huge consensus for whole foods over processed substitutes). So yeah Idk, it kinda is what it is and I don’t think should expect a product to do everything.

  27. Jessica says:

    I actually bought the large package of Beyond Burger meat and was able to make a few interesting recipes. I’ve had lots of gut issues over the years but it was definitely the worst when I was vegan for 2-3 years. I FELT LIKE CRAP!! I think they’re a great option for my husband who I am trying to get to stop eating soooo much red meat and it’s WORKING! Cholesterol is my biggest worry with him

  28. DisneyPrincessPopster says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I definitely read the labels before buying any Vegan meat products. If it has a list of veggies that I can pronounce, I approve. My fave is Dr. Preager’s right now after I found that Morning Star brand had so much fillers to it and hardly any “Veggies”. I also tend to steer clear of mostly Soy products because Soy is hard for my body to break down and digest—I’ll feel bloated all day long. I have never tried Beyond Burgers because It just looks waaaaay too real. Every time I would pick a pack up I felt like I was going to gag because it looked like real meat! Extreme–I know.To each their own.

    1. Kim says:

      I am also vegetarian and tried a couple of bites of a friends Beyond Burger and, like you, it grossed me out because it looked way to real. As an ethical vegetarian, I don’t want my food to imitate an animal.

  29. Francine says:

    Try the burgers from Meatless Farm Co. I like them better than beyond. However, I read an article from Equnix’s Furthermore Blog and they interviewed a doctor about meatless versus beef burgers. He said at the end of the day there’s not enough research to support if meatless meat is good for you but there’s enough to support that red meat isn’t exactly the best thing to consume. He suggested that everyone opts for a veggie burger so we are getting g our vegetables in. Makes sense!
    But I am Sorry that you’re having digestive issues going meatless! It’s never fun. It’s the reason why I had to go meatless bc I could t digest any red meat or chicken but I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now. It’s crazy how bodies are so different.

  30. Susan says:

    I tried the Beyond Burger but it made my house stink. I couldn’t even get past the smell to even try it. I also am leaning towards not eating any5hing processed and these are highly processed.

  31. Amanda says:

    A lot of people, myself included, are extremely allergic to protein isolates because they are extremely processed. They are no longer even good for you at that point. There are healthier ways to go “meat-free” for a short time. Plus, the sodium levels alone just tell you that they’re making up for the bad flavor with salt and other “natural” flavorings. For someone who has hypertension or other heart-related issues, this would never be a good choice for them.

  32. Erika says:

    Why did you highlight all of the daily percentages EXCEPT for cholesterol? The Beyond Burger has none and the real beef patties have 75g which is a huge difference! Why you chose to NOT point that out is strange to me when you highlighted the other differences. Cholesterol is huge because many people have health issues due to too much being in their diet. Your body naturally makes all of the cholesterol you need to live healthy so anything else you eat is just extra and therefore the reason for so many cholesterol- related health issues. The sodium level in beyond burgers isn’t great, but I wouldn’t recommend eating them daily regardless. I just think you should have highlighted the cholesterol numbers as well because it is very important.

    1. Erika says:

      Btw I wasn’t meaning for this comment to sound like an attack at all! I just think the cholesterol level was worth pointing out as well. And beyond burgers are a tasty treat when you want the flavor of meat without the cruelty, but I would recommend eating more raw foods like fruits and veggies in your diet instead! 💚

  33. Gail says:

    I’m all about connsuming less meat, but something about a plant based product that isolates certain properties and combines it with other extracts doesn’t sound right. Anything that says natural flavors is a red flag. There is nothing natural about it.

  34. Kelly says:

    Make sure your also taking prebiotics with your probiotics.
    As far as digestion goes, it always help me to take colostrum and aloe. You can drink pure aloe but they also make pill versions making it easier to travel with and easier to take too.

    I think coming up with a plant based burger is really interesting in theory but also am very wary about things that are premade like that. I get largely suspicious of things like that especially when there is a push to have fast food places use it too

  35. krispyhart says:

    I’d been vegetarian for years, and recently started introducing small amounts of meat back into my diet after suffering from long-term digestive issues. Also, it’s possible the fake beef may be seitan, which is actually 100% gluten. So if you have any issues with gluten, it could definitely be what’s causing your issue!

  36. Vanessa says:

    Hey Cassie! I’ve been on and off plant based and I’m definitely no expert. It could be the processed versions of fake meat and the convienient meals, but might I suggest probiotics if you’re not taking them already?

    Also, you’re an expert at hydration so I don’t think it’s not enough water. However, legumes in general can be very heavy on the digestive system. Even as an omnivore, eating my favorite taco chicken chili with black beans, white beans, and corn gave me digestive problems. I also heard the increase of fruit based sugar, while still good for you, can make your tummy upset. Good luck!

  37. amy.plowman says:

    I went meat-free a few months ago and I definitely noticed a change in my gut but within around a month or so it had completely settled – though I’m in Australia so our meat-free alternatives may be different. Seriously, good on you though for making the change!

  38. Danielle says:

    You can be an omnivore and still have reasons to choose Beyond Meat for moral reasons. Beef is terrible for the environment.

  39. Jenn says:

    With all the studies that have been done linking consumption of red meat with heart disease, and the fact that red meat is classified as a carcinogenic by the WHO, I would think all other things being pretty much equal, the beyond burger would be the much healthier option.

  40. Megan says:

    I’ve tried it before and it didn’t resonate with my body whatsoever. I don’t think it’s better for our bodies.

  41. Lara says:

    Hi, as a big follower of yours I was so happpy to hear you were trying meat free. But I’m disappointed that in this post you didn’t compare the cholesterol which is zero in the beyond burger and cholesterol is known to cause heart disease so as a fitness person surely you would want to educate your followers on the risks of having cholesterol added to their diets? Also you underlined the total fat content but you didn’t comment on the fact that the beyond burger has less saturated and trans fats (the fats that are bad for you) and therefore what should have been compared between the two. Not to mention that you weren’t comparing like for like, it should have been a comparison between a beyond burger and another store bought burger.

  42. rvjewel77 says:

    Hey! Lifelong Lacto-vegetarian here for religious reasons. I get plenty of protein without eating so much soy (I was allergic to it for a bit of my life but slowly grew out of it), and I get this checked annually in blood reports. The trick is mixing up your natural protein sources. Different types of lentils (split peas, coral lentils, puy lentils, mung beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, etc) and the occasional tofu/gluten/paneer keep me satiated. Cooking lentils properly will prevent digestive issues. First, you need to thoroughly wash them until the water runs clear. Then, cooking them thoroughly (lentils should never be al dente) and tempering them with ginger, asafoetida, or cumin cooked and a pinch of turmeric in coconut oil or ghee (you need fat to help digest lentils) will help your stomach process them better.

  43. Lara says:

    I must say I’m disappointed that you haven’t mentioned that the Beyond Burger is lower in trans fats (the fat that is bad for us!) and that it has ZERO cholesterol which is what causes heart disease. Also you’ve compared a burger to lean beef, not to another burger. The content of a general burger would have been much worse for comparison.

  44. s_mucker says:

    Hi Cassey! I think your comparison was fair; I had no idea how nutritionally similar the two were! It’s tough to say on the digestive issues eating plant-based. I’d say perhaps a minor allergy, or maybe high sodium intake? Drink more water maybe? I usually eat organic tofu when I do, plus lentils, beans, and quinoa, to name a few go-to proteins, and I usually don’t have digestive issues as long as I don’t overeat 🙂 Hope that helps! <3

  45. Kt says:

    A suggestion for going meatless and not eating too much fake meat…

    If youre ovo- make “patties” out of whatever veggies you’d like (I like celery root or yam or acorn squash or cooked a quinoa or a mix of zucchini, carrots, and spinach. Mix it with beaten eggs, season, and cook like they’re pancakes! Yummy!

    If you’re going to eat tofu, I suggest sprouted tofu, the brand Wildwood is delicious. They even have preseasoned little “steaks”!

    Bon appetit!

  46. Kaitlin says:

    Casey…about the digestion issues. I was watching an ex vegan, Kalel, also a youtuber. She was talking about how her doctor was able to tell that she was vegan. The micro biome of a vegan’s gut is completely different than the biome of someone who does eat meat. So , It sounds like the organisms you’re now introducing and cutting things out…your biome is going crazy —not knowing how to function without the meat organisms..

    What do I know though…I’m not a Dr. lol

  47. Kaitlin says:

    Omg, I am not a fan of that fake coconut taste. When I tried those coconut chips, they changed my life lol. I just picked up some light and fit toasted coconut yogurt pack for these
    Looming sweet snack attacks. And Bulgogi…Mango. I rock with you lol

  48. Haley says:

    Where did you get those coconut chips??? They look delicious

  49. Heidi says:

    A lot offake meat is made from wheat products… So if that seems to bother you that could be the culprit.

  50. Melissa says:

    Be careful with the amount of soy you consume. Among it being a different source of protein that can cause digestion issues since it may be different from your regular diet, highly processed soy products have been discovered to contain estrogen-like chemicals that are linked to breast and other female prominent cancers. Whole soy products like edamame and most tofu are generally ok in moderation, but stray away from products that use soy as a filler.

    Once you introduce meat back into your diet if that’s something you want to do, ground turkey is a great substitute for ground beef!

  51. Lene says:

    Hi Cassey! The digestive problems are normal, since you’re probably eating more legumes. Also: meat doesn’t have to be replaced by ‘fake meat’. They are meant as a treat every once in a while. Also: beef has more than one ingredient. It has a lot of water and probably some antibiotics too, or some kind of preservatives or color additives. I do like that you are taking the challenge! You can try tofu, chickpeas or seitan. Also, very much chicken-like: soy nuggets!!! Soooo good.

  52. adelspeel says:

    The microbiome in our intestines is geared towards the diets our bodies are used to eating. This microbiome is thought by some researchers to be what allows us to digest the food we are eating. When we switch from a meat inclusive diet to an all plant diet and vise versa our microbiome cant digest the food we switch to because we don’t have enough of the right bacteria in our intestines to digest the new food. This is why people experience digestive issues when switching to or from vegan/vegetarian diets.

  53. looking at the ingredients, I’m not a fan of the Beyond Burger since it has hydrogenated oils and some proteins that I would rather avoid 🙂 I’m happy to be a carnivore!

  54. Bess says:

    It’s deflee the fake meat Cassie! I have the same reaction when i go from eating whole plant based foods to processed foods. Try cutting them out and see if anything changes!

  55. Bess says:

    It’s deflee the fake meat Cassie! I have the same reaction when i go from eating whole plant based foods to processed foods.

  56. Jessica says:

    YOU’RE COMPARING GROUND BEEF TO A FINISHED BURGER PATTY. Stop this shit. Compare a burger patty to a burger patty. You don’t smash a bunch of ground beef into a ball and fry it up. This shit annoys me so much. Do an actual comparison of a store bought beef patty and you’ll see a much different side 🙄

    1. E says:

      She mentioned that point in her post. Read the whole article before leaving an irrelevant comment. 😘

    2. Sarah says:

      And of course she didn’t highlight the positives of the Beyond Burger, the fact that Beyond Burger has more iron, calcium, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and less cholesterol than beef means nothing I guess 🙄 It comes across as very disingenuous.

      1. B says:

        She said she was comparing macros. You have eyes and can read, so you can do the comparison of the rest yourself, which you clearly did. To echo E – read the whole thing before leaving irrelevant comments. 🙂

    3. Ashley says:

      Ok, but when I make a regular burger patty at home we just firm ground beef into a party and add some salt. So for me this is a pretty spot on comparison besides the sodium (but I add my own so it’s probably pretty comparable there).

    4. Breana says:

      What is a burger other than smashed up beef?
      …..a burger?

  57. Lauren says:

    I have been eating mostly plant based for quite a few years now, and I actually experience the opposite now! If I eat meat products, they mess up my stomach/digestion. That being said, I don’t eat fake meat products regularly. Maybe try to stick to less processed products for a bit. I usually eat tofu or eggs for protein, and sometimes high protein yogurt or grains. Also chickpea pasta! So good 😍

    1. Rebecca says:

      Hi Lauren. If you are eating completely vegan for a while, the reason that you have an upset stomach when you do it meat is because the bacteria in your digestive system has basically forgotten how to break down meat.

  58. Alyssa Burns says:

    Woah! I’m surprised to see that the Beyond Burger has almost 2x the iron of regular beef. As someone who tends to get anemic, I’m gonna say Beyond would be better for me.

  59. Dawn K. Lenz says:

    Check your allergies. I am allergic to tomatoes, carrots, and soy. Soy is practically in everything. I hate processed foods, but with kids in the house sometimes it’s all you can do.

  60. Madelaine says:

    Whole Foods plant based is better than what your are eating.

  61. LisaZ19 says:

    Your digestion issues could be from all the highly processed , you are eating, like the beyond meat. Real food is always better.

    1. Chiara Scaramuzzino says:

      Changing the source of protein could be the cause of digestive issues but only because your body is not used to it, having eating meat for all your life. That being said, Beyond meat is definitely healthier than regular beef because you get the same amount of protein without any trans fat, cholesterol and less saturated fat. Which are the things that make red meat bad for you. So for everyone, Beyond meat would be healthier. Personal taste and price are another thing.

    2. Chiara Scaramuzzino says:

      Right because red meat is not processed. lol

  62. angmerritt says:

    I get super bloated and gassy when I eat pea protein. Most of the vegan protein powders have it and make me miserable. Like Athena suggested, maybe try more whole foods. But you don’t like beans, so that might limit your choices! I enjoy wat Krocks in the Kitchen…they went on a radical whole foods plant based type of diet, but have some good recipes and are fun to watch. Thanks for the comparison! I haven’t tried beyond meat yet!

    1. jlmoodies says:

      Hello Angmerritt, I had the same issues as you with bloating. Hemp protein powder is easier to digest. Did you tried it alone ? Also I use the sun warrior blend and I have no problem at all.

      1. angmerritt says:

        Hey there, YES I love hemp protein! I have been wanting to try Sun Warrior, too.

    2. Samantha says:

      When I went vegetarian my digestive system went a bit crazy but that’s because my body was finally able to clear all the crap. Going vegan was a much easier transition and I’m mostly plant based, which means my digestive system is probably in the best condition it’s ever been. I do still eat processed foods and the beyond meat burger is 🤤🤤🤤 but everyone is different so you just have to do what’s right for you xoxo

  63. Sweetiepie says:

    I loved your comparison and your food blogs. Most of what you eat, I absolutely have non of those options, upper midwest farm but it broadens my knowledge and love it. I am glad to see that the beyond burger doesn’t have a bunch of soy, new studies that are out state it affects your estrogen levels which is good for women trying to get pregnant or going through menopause but it is having side effects on our men. So I have been trying to be more conscious on reading labels and avoid it, for my teenage son and my middle aged husband.

    1. Anina says:

      Hi Sweetiepie, actually, to my knowledge that is not the case at all with soy. I’ve read a lot and my conclusion was that you would have to eat tons of soy every day to have any negative effect (men or women). Are you sure you’ve read current & high quality research? I’d suggest Dr. Greger’s website as a starting point, you can check it out here:
      It seems that the phytoestrogens in beer actually might be (negatively) relevant for men though… 😉

    2. Samantha says:

      Hey sweetiepie a lot of those soy studies are funded by the meat and dairy industry. Personally I’d be more concerned about the hormones in dairy than a plant ✌🏻

  64. Anna says:

    I’ve been meat free for 10 years. I normally have great digestion, but anytime I eat a fake meat product, especially like the beyond burger, my digestion is not so great. Definitely a great food to satisfy a craving or eat with my meat eating friends. But eating whole foods is definitely where it is at.

  65. broadwayybabyy95 says:

    I’m vegetarian and my fiance started going vegetarian three months ago. He tends to get stomach problems when he eats just mock meat. I would suggest eating more whole food protiens like tofu and chickpeas for a bit and see if that helps!

  66. Athena says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for about 4 years now (so no expert!), & I found that at first the faux meats helped w/ my transition but, at the end of the day, they’re processed. Processes foods tend to be harder on my stomach. Now I only eat the fake meat stuff a couple times a week & focus on whole foods the rest of the time! Look up recipes that truly celebrate veggies w/out trying to “replace” the meat. Indian food was a great start for me b/c they have so many delicious vegetarian dishes! ♡
    But that’s just my two cents! =)

  67. Sarah Rainwater says:

    When I first went Vegan, I was sick (stomach pain, etc) EVERY DAY without fail for the entire 12 week challenge. Shortly afterward my body adjusted and I’ve never looked back. I think there’s just a detox period where the body is getting rid of all of the nasty stuff associated with meat and dairy. If you can hang in there, it will be worth it!

  68. Kasandra says:

    I love that you dove into this topic a little today! I think there’s definitely more to it like the quality of the beef (what kind of food the cow ate, was it free to roam, etc) than the fact that it’s just one ingredient, but I love that you broke down the macronutrients of each. Something you’ve always said is that every body is different and so people should understand that healthy looks different on every person! Thanks for making us stop and think a little!

  69. Lexi says:

    Hi Cassey! Like some of the other comments have said mock meat substitutes are good for transitioning to a more plant based diet, however, they tend to be really processed and I think they could be the source of some of your digestive issues. Maybe try subbing your portion of mock meat for tempeh instead (you could also do beans or regular tofu, but, tempeh is fermented so it good for your digestive system and I have heard that the texture is most like meat) and see how that goes! I love your blog it’s so fun to read each day! I don’t usually comment so I hope this helps in some way!

  70. Katie says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been following for a few years but this is my first time commenting.
    I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. I absolutely love the option to have a meat replacement when I’m in the mood, but find that I am perfectly content without a “meat”. The Impossible Burger and black bean burgers have really begun to open up my choices when eating out with my family, which is amazing. Maybe cutting back on vegetarian/vegan “meats” will help with your digestive issues. The added ingredients in them may be new to your system and confusing it.
    Thank you for focusing on meat free. I hope you enjoy your journey and find personal benefits to it.

  71. Paige says:

    I eat meat don’t feel bad about it. I go for leaner meats, eat red meat once-ish and week, and I do eat meatless meals as well. I’ve had my fair share of digestive issues as I search for the right diet to keep my weight in check and power through my days. For me, I’ve found that eating simply, and controlling portions works better than anything. I can’t eat an overload of veggies because it leads to too much bowel pain and bloat. I eat plenty of veggies for healthy and enjoyment, but I have to be careful. I checked into low FODMAP and learned how to test certain foods. I’ve found that watermelon, pears, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels spouts, and sugar alcohols are what sets me off, amount other things. Funny enough, dairy and gluten don’t bother me at all!

    I just wanted to point out how different our bodies work and I urge you all to not follow the next “fad diet”, eat REAL WHOLE foods, and relax and enjoy life.

  72. Anina says:

    Hey Cassey, I was really happy about today‘s topic because a) I sometimes feel like you’re not basing your decisions enough on science and b) because I feared the backlash (in any direction) if you focused too much on processed vegan food.
    To be honest, your paragraphs fell a little short of what I hoped you’d do. Comparing the nutritional info is okay, but it doesn’t tell you too much.
    I’d recommend actually diving into the deeper facts. Processed meat is considered a Group 1 carcinogen (red meat: Group 2a); what about the cholesterol in animal products?; eating too much animal protein is linked with adverse health effects; eating too much animal products in general (and “too much” is reached quickly) is also linked with adverse health effects.
    As I said, I’d recommend that anyone do their own research. My general conclusion is something like: the best thing for your health is a whole foods plant based diet. Eating processed vegan food every now and again is completely fine for me. And it’s better than eating the original animal based meal in any case 👍.
    By the way, Mic the Vegan just did a comparison of the Impossible Burger and a beef burger on YouTube, if you’re interested.
    Regarding your digestive issues: while cutting back on mock meats might not be the worst decision, please take into account that you’re heavily changing the way you eat right now. Your gut microbiome needs time to adapt to that change. In theory, in a few weeks time you should be all set and everything should be fine 🙏.
    And let me add that I’m really glad you’re having a go at at least a meatless diet 👌.

    1. Thank you for your comment Anina. I think we should also consider the environmental impact of eating meat verses pea protein.

      1. Anina says:

        I totally agree, Jamie! I didn’t mention the environmental aspects as my comment was already really long 😅, but I do think it’s very important as well.

  73. Anna says:

    Why did you ignore the cholesterols??? I think that’s quite important too?!

  74. Diana says:

    Mock meats are a good alternative to people transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian diet, but I don’t recommend eating them too often. An occasional treat is fine, but whole plant foods is the best way to go IMO. As a vegan, I gradually stopped craving all of the mock meats and would rather eat things like lentils, beans, and tofu. Do whatever works for you. I used to love the Beyond Burger, but now I can’t really stand the taste anymore. The Beyond Sausage from Dunkin Donuts is better, though. The Impossible Burger tastes more like real meat (more specifically, like a turkey burger), but again I prefer to eat a good old fashion veggie burger.

  75. MyaRose says:

    I love the Beyond Burgers and I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. They have a great flavour and texture. I’ve definitely noticed that I have some gut issues too when I try eating meat substitutes.
    Something I learned from my boyfriend’s family to help with the bloating and settling my stomach was eating a pinch of fennel seeds after the meal. There’s a bunch of science behind it, but long story short, it’s very common in East Indian culture to have fennel seeds after eating a big meal to aid in digestion. If you’ve ever been to a spice shop or an Indian restaurant and seen little rainbow sprinkles that taste like licorice – those are candied fennel seeds.

  76. Dragana says:

    Definitely could be the soy that doesn’t sit right. Or the extra amount of gluten. Which is why I do try not to eat too much meat-replacements. I will probably get bad comments on this but I do eat meat because my digestion processes it better than all the gluten and soy in the vegetarian/vegan meats. I just try to find a balance. You could always try and make your own and see how that goes? There are plenty of delicious recipes for meatless burgers. 🙂 thank you for the honest and informative blog post.

    1. Diana says:

      I had to cut back on gluten as well but I can get away with eating it sometimes, just as long as I don’t overdo it. Lentils and beans are a good protein source if you are sensitive to soy.

    2. Beyond Burgers are gluten free.

  77. Olga says:

    Usually fake meat is made of seitan which is basically gluten- I don’t really remember if you eat it or no but maybe that’s the issue?

    1. Beyond Burgers are gluten free. You are incorrect about your “fake” meat facts.

      1. angmerritt says:

        Jamie, Cassey has been eating meat substitutes at restaurants, so they cou,d be made from seitan. I went to a famous vegan diner in Chicago…can’t remember the name. They recreated all dinner food as vegan! Most of them were seitan or soy. It was really good 🙂 but I seem to process gluten fine.