iPhone Hoodies and FoodBuzz Blogger Festival

iPhone Hoodies and FoodBuzz Blogger Festival

Hey Guys!!!

You know what? I am so happy that I am teaching regularly again. After the move from MA to CA, I took time off from teaching because I was going at it over 12x a week. It literally burned me out sometimes. So when I got back to the Bay, I said, it’s time for a hiatus. It was nice for a week or two, but then I began to miss leading a group, seeing friendly faces – and kicking people’s butts in REAL life (not just YouTube, haha).

For Group Fitness Instructors, you have to sort of have “seniority” to get a class. Since I had just moved back, I had none in the new gyms I got hired at, so either I would have to wait for a new time slot to open up or hope that another instructor would want to give up his or her class. Luckily, the latter happened and I now have my own classes on the sched again!

I am soooo fulfilled and happy because I LOVE TEACHING and I LOVE MY STUDENTS. Teaching gives me a natural high. I love everyone who comes into my classes wanting to learn and be pushed to discover their new potential. I can see when people work hard and I appreciate that. I really do. I am grateful that you guys give me your attention and give me the opportunity to show you things. I am still surprised sometimes that people listen to what I have to say. So thank you for making what I do so enjoyable. I love teaching you guys! I’ll do it forever!

Anyway…if you were on facebook today, you know that I did something very mean. I announced that I have a secret and that I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you till next week. Muahahahaha….hey! Not like it’s easy for me to contain either!!! But it’s a good secret…so if you want, you can play the guessing game down in the comments 🙂

Alright, I also put up some new super cute gifts on oGorgeous today!!! iPhone hoodies!!! Woohooo!!! And just because there always has to be one that’s super girly, I made one with ruffles! So Cassey right? I actually have a hoodie with ruffles in real life.

iPhone/iPod Hoodie by oGorgeous, $12iPhone/iPod Ruffle Hoodie by oGorgeous, $15

I’ve been putting my phone in it’s hoodie for the past few days and can’t help but put on my own hoodie, hold my phone by my face, and be like “Hey, we’re matching!”

Cracks me up every time.

So it’s 3am AGAIN and I really need to get to bed. Tomorrow, err, today actually I have the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival in SF. It’s my first time and I am excited to go to the discussions and take a look at some of the foods they will be letting us taste. I will try my best to “eat clean”…but just in case I overdo it, which I’m pretty sure I 99% will, I worked out extra today. I think I’m covered.

I think tomorrow will be a SEA of DSLRs and people adjusting their plates for the best lighting. Haha. This will be funny. I have my Nikon D5100 all packed up in my purse. I’m ready to go.

Okay, my eyes are closing. I need to goooo to beeedddd.

Oh, btw, I will be announcing the winners of the FitActivewear Giveaway this weekend, so stay tuned! And thanks to everyone that entered. Loved your enthusiasm and smart answers. BIG thanks to Zeudy over at FitActivewear.net for her generous contribution to our community!

Ah remembered another thing! Did you sign up for the POP Pilates Meet Up? It’s happening Dec 3 at Sports Basement in SF. The original number of free tickets have all been reserved. But your name on this waiting list here if you didn’t get a ticket, so I can find a solution for the extra number of people. And for you intl fans, we are doing a live stream. So be sure to tune in!!!

K really. Eyes are closing…can’t….see…


<3 Cassey

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  2. Sarah A. says:

    How do you get to this live stream? I’m an international fan, but maybe in March, when I get my college acceptance letters, one of them will be from University of Cali and I’ll “stalk” your classes 😀
    If you can get me a link, I’ll be there in December! (Well, sort’ve)

  3. Aww! Those hoodies are so cute!
    Have a great weekend!