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Instagram filters that’ll actually make you feel better about yourself

February 18, 2020


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Hey guys!

Fun stuff happening at Blogilates HQ! We’ve been diving into making Instagram AR (augmented reality) filters and we are having SO MUCH FUN!!!! Here are the ones we currently have out that you need to try right now!

#1. “Your best quality is…” by @popflex_active

The girls on the team wanted to create a filter that would give you an instant mood boost! You know that feeling you get after someone gives you a genuine compliment? Well, that’s what this filter is all about.

#2. “Sparkly Eyes” by @popflex_active

The way I see the world? Full of magic and possibility! This is an optimistic filter that’ll fill your eyes with wonder, while gently shooting out stars and lightning bolts every time you blink!

#3. “Post workout sparkle” by @blogilates

Pretty much the epitome of the phrase “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” This filter will give you skin a natural glow and add dainty sparkles around your face.


#4. “Festival Flower Crown” by @blogilates

Spring vibes and Coachella vibes with the happiest daisies and butterflies on my head!

#5. “Roses are Red” by @blogilates

In a lovey dovey mood? Or just wanna try on red lipstick without actually wearing red lipstick?! This filter paints you as the ultimate romantic, complete with rose crown, floating hearts, lashes, cat eyeliner, and lush red lips.

#6. “Workout Command!!” by @blogilates

What better way to boost your mood than with a quick workout!? Run my workout command filter and do the command that pops up! It’s short and doable. So, just do it. Don’t skip it! Or else you will miss out on a natural high! Hello endorphin boost!


So, how do you find these filters?

First, you need to be on your phone! You can’t use them on desktop (or as far as I know).

Go to the Instagram profile of either @blogilates or @popflex_active and click on the sparkly face icon.

That’s where you will find all the filters that we’ve created. Then click on the filter you wanna try!

You can click on the camera icon to try it! But also, click on the download icon to save it to your IG stories. This way you won’t have to keep going to my profile every time you wanna use it.

How many of these filters have you tried!??? Tag me if you try em. I wanna see your pretty faces!

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  1. Ah, I like the sparkly eyes one. Thanks Cassey!

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