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How to Run with a Blister! Ow or no ow? + GIVEAWAY!

June 2, 2016

How to Run with a Blister! Ow or no ow? + GIVEAWAY!


Hey guys!

Have you ever worked out so much that your body begins to show signs of physical wear and tear? Callouses, blisters, bruises…maybe even injury?

First of all – congrats for going super hard, but second of all, please be kind to your body! You need to know your limits and push past them, but not to the point of hurting yourself! It is a gift to be able to give our muscles movement, so let’s do what we can to protect the health of our bodies.

With that said, I’m guilty of over testing my limits and have had to deal with the consequences.

A couple months ago in an interval running class, I pretty much started sprinting super hard without much of a warmup (I questioned the instructor in my head as I got into this) and I felt a sharp pain run through my right hamstring. Then as I tried to bend over to feel what was going on, my back felt so tight that I couldn’t.

I knew there was something really wrong. I went to the chiropractor the next day and got X-rays done. Turned out that my pelvis was out of alignment!!! I had to go through a series of adjustments and muscle stimulation sessions to get me back to normal. IT WAS NOT CHEAP.

Hopefully that will never happen to you! But something you may have experienced if you’re a runner are…annoying BLISTERS!

Yea, they suck. So I’ve partnered up with Compeed, an amazing new blister cushion that just launched in the U.S., to talk to you about how to prevent blisters and treat them when you get them!

What are blisters?

They are bubbles that form right underneath your skin due to friction against your foot. Basically the outer layers of your skin rub against each other, they separate, and then they fill with fluid! Oh yeah, and they hurt.

How to prevent blisters?

 1. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight! 

You should be able to snugly stick your finger between your heel and the back of your shoe. If it’s too tight, get a half size up. If it’s too loose, go a half size down.

2. Wear breathable, sweat wicking socks that are made of nylon or a wool blend. 

You don’t want your feet to sweat, get clammy, and stay wet inside your shoe. EEW! Smelly and a perfect scenario for foot issues. 

 3. Double sock it!

If you’re still feeling like there’s too much friction between your foot and the shoes, double up your socks for extra cushion! This way the friction is happening between 2 pairs of socks, not you and the shoe.

 4. Prevent friction with lubrication!

There are plenty of powders and creams you can buy at your local drugstore to lessen the friction, but one of my secrets is to use petroleum jelly! I know it sounds weird but it really helps lessen the rubbing on the area where you’re starting to feel the blister coming on. Just don’t put it all over your foot as you might actually just slip out of your shoe as you’re running 😛

Finally, if you’ve done all of that and now you have a blister…


I’m sorry.


There are all sorts of bandages out there that will act as a faux skin as your skin is healing! But don’t do a regular bandage as that will peel off the moment you start moving. So my best advice to you is to get Compeed Blister Cushions.

They are super soft and super cushiony. I actually really like squishing them! 🙂

Basically, if you get a blister, all you have to do is firmly apply the Compeed Blister Cushion right over the area and leave it there until the cushion detaches naturally. You won’t even be able to feel it – trust me. I even showered in it and forgot! It fits like a second skin to stay on for days. The reason why you have to leave it on is because a moist environment will be created underneath the cushion that is intended to promote wound healing without softening and breaking down your skin tissue. The hydrocolloid technology in the cushion will help keep moisture in and germs out.

These are also great for when you wear high heels – even if you don’t have a blister but need extra cushion. Ladies. For real. This will solve all your problems until they make more comfortable heels!

Now, since I’m so ecstatic about these COMPEED Blister Cushions and I want you to try them, it is GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I’m going to pick 3 lucky POPsters to receive the below:

– $50 gift card to Walgreens

All I want you to do is comment below and tell me:

What’s your power phrase? What do you tell yourself in that moment when you’re about to quit?

For me. I say: “It’s going to be fine. Let’s go.”

Sometimes even when I’m DYING I will mutter this underneath my breath.

I will randomly pick 3 winners on the 7th of June! You must be 18+ and a resident of the US. Good luck!

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  1. Jessica S. says:

    Where did you get those shoes? They are amazing!!

  2. Becca L says:

    I always remind myself “I can do this! I am stronger than I think I am! This is nothing!” Then I put on a really upbeat song, like Justin Timberlake’s new song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. It works EVERY time!!!

  3. Bkr says:

    I love how you really personalize the workout experience and not given general fitness mantras. This article is really helpful.. Thank you Cassey

  4. Leona Ahles says:

    I pushed too hard and messed up my hamstrings and my pelvis a few months ago too. And it really sucks because a month before I got hurt, I finally got my splits back. But two weeks ago I was finally released from (the horribly painful) physical therapy! Now that I’m back on the beginner’s calendar (because I have to start over and get my strength back up) I’ve been really gentle with easing my legs back into routine, but I’ve suddenly started hurting again. My heart is just breaking. I don’t want to go back to the doctor, I don’t want to be in pain anymore, I just want to reach my goal of doing the splits again. So Cassey, I really admire you and you’re always able to inspire me, would you do a blog or video about physically getting over and mentally getting past your injuries? Thanks. Love you.

  5. Alex Jeavons says:

    Love this article! Can you do one on exercising with side stitches/cramps!

  6. womens gym clothing says:

    Love this blog… Cant wait to recommend this in my next fitness newsletter.. LOVE IT 🙂

  7. Sara Cooper says:

    Interesting post. Wearing double socks is a great idea. Need to try that out. 🙂
    My blog

  8. Laura says:

    I’ve never thought about wearing two pair of socks! I’m going to try that for sure!
    Thanks for the tip. 😉


  9. Karinne says:

    Power phrase: Pain is just weakness leaving your body! (My mom disagrees, she’s a PT or Physical Therapist). If I’m about to quit, which I don’t, I’ll turn on I Will Survive and tell myself my power phrase over and over again!

  10. Ashley says:

    I hear cassey’s voice telling me “just don’t stop” and it keeps me going even when i just want to die. Helped me move to my new house too 🙂

  11. Autumn Tillman says:

    Whenever I just feel like quitting, I tell myself, “Its too early to quit!” And I say that a lot in life too. Its always good to always keep up and push your limits! 🙂

  12. Candice Cordero says:

    Who won?

    1. Nehemie Cyriaque says:

      That’s what I am wondering also. I guess the winner is supposed to be announced a paragraph after the last paragraph.

      1. Candice Cordero says:

        The winner was supposed to be announced yesterday. Cassey is keeping us in suspense….

        1. blogilates says:

          Sorry for the delay! The winners were just selected!

          1. Candice Cordero says:

            Np. Thanks Cassey.

  13. Kheila Lopez says:

    You’re Stronger than you think! I got this from Pure Barre! I love that every time they say it I push myself harder so now I adopted it for my everyday life.

  14. william says:

    This is a very nice blog i like it.

  15. Anne says:

    My running phrase is “You know you can, so keep it up!” When I train for distance runs, I need something motivating that lets me begin the phrase on the same foot every time 🙂

  16. Tabea says:

    Wow, I did not even know that compeed has not been available in the US. We have them in Europe since for ever, and they still are the best brand out there for blister pads!! I have tried other ones and they never work. I love compeed so much, because I have so soft feet that always build blisters if I am not wearing comfy sneakers but try to go for something lady like. 😉

    My phrase for sure is: “you really wanna give up now? just think how you will feel if you don’t.” And I keep going. because 85% of the days I smile after the work out. 😀 The other 15% I am probably experiencing PMS xD.

  17. Molly Shore says:

    I just convince myself that the burning feels good. “Oh wow, this feels greeeeat. I love working out.” Some days it’s true, but most days it’s angry sarcasm. Either way, it works.

  18. Izabela says:

    my strong phrase is “Fake it ’til you make it”
    this way i keep pushing myself until i even forgot that i need to push myself

  19. Ella-Rose says:

    Come on Ella! This is good pain, not bad pain! If you wanna be as happy and radiant as Cassey you have to earn it!

  20. Sharon Mucker says:

    My power phrase starts with laughter and a smile as I yell “I’m fine,” and then, “Let’s do this!” All in that awesome fight-or-flight mode that spreads energy to everyone else running or doing PIIT or HIIT with me! ☺

  21. Sami Colios says:

    I always tell myself that it’s better to be stronger than I was yesterday!

  22. morgan says:

    My power frase is:Do you want to look back and be upset with what you did not do for your body, or do you want me to be happy about what you did for your body.

  23. Dianna Sosa says:

    “Your Goal could be around the corner”

  24. Katy Kay says:

    Usually, when I’m out of breath and about to stop the first thing I do is change my music to something REALLY loud, up beat, & has catchy lyrics (lately I’ve been obsessed w/ The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya). Next, comes my mantra inspired by all the bullies I’ve come across who liked to get their kicks by making fun of my size and it goes a little something like this “You got this! Don’t stop! They want you to stop, Show ’em how strong you are! Come on girl, get it! Wooooo! If you stop they win.Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!! Get that body! etc” lol

  25. Dani says:

    This maybe strange, but when I need to power through the beginning of the Spice Girls ‘Leader of the Gang’ pops in my head. Come on, come on!

  26. Emily Menne says:

    I usually tell myself, “You are strong! You are a fighter!”
    We short people are often looked at and told we’re too small for this or that, so it’s always a good feeling when I can SHOW people, (and myself) that I am strong, and just as capable. 🙂 Especially during obstacle course races. 🙂

  27. Lauren Johnson says:

    Europe’s “The Final Countdown” just starts playing on repeat in my head when I’m at the quitting point. Perfect workout song with a great beat and motivating lyrics!

  28. Nicole Hanset says:

    “Come on, I can do better than I did yesterday!”

  29. Vicky L says:

    I always say, “You’ve already made it this far… what’s another [5 minutes, 10 situps, etc.]? Push through it!”

  30. Jennifer Petersen says:

    I know it’s cliche, but I just think “I’ve got this” bc I KNOW I can and that I’ll be so much happier if I press on them if I stop!!

  31. Dagmar says:

    five more minutes! keep going! I just imagine myself in the bikini on the beach lol i want to feel confident!

  32. Zelma Wind says:

    Just a little longer! You’re almost there! You can do this!!

  33. Carmen La says:

    All I tell myself is “Just keep going. You’re almost there, don’t give up. You got this.” 🙂

  34. Nehemie Cyriaque says:

    I say: ” You got so far, don’t give up now!” When I’m about to doubt myself I look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful and feel great. And how I take a step farther to care for my body whereas others around me don’t so I should be proud. I also seek for empowering music such as Emeli Sande’s songs! They are great.

  35. Carri Kidwell says:

    I can’t quit..he’s watching me. My boyfriend’s son (9) has been doing PIIT videos with me. If I stop he’ll stop..and I can’t let that happen!

  36. Carri Kidwell says:

    “If I quit, he’ll quit”. My boyfriend’s son has recently gotten into fitness (he’s 9) AND HE IS EVEN DOING PIIT VIDEOS WITH ME 🙂 I even posted it on the app. I am so proud of him for wanting to be fit and it’s even better when we work out together. When I want to quit I tell myself he’s watching and doing this with me, I HAVE to keep going!

    1. blogilates says:

      Congrats, you are a winner!! Email to claim your prize! 🙂

      1. Carri Kidwell says:

        Just emailed you! Thank you so much. I love you Cassey!

  37. Kylie Heng says:

    I always say “勇敢一点” it’s chinese, and it means “courage” or more accurately, “be a bit braver.” I started saying it to myself in school when I would get nervous for presentations, and later on when I started doing job interviews. When it comes to working out, I think of it as being brave enough to push myself further than my mind thinks possible 🙂

  38. hensley says:

    just one more minute!

  39. Anna Joy Schmitz says:

    Be a good steward of the body that you are given and be an example to encourage others.. You’ve got this girl!

  40. Jackie Burnett says:

    No matter how slow you are going, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!! This helps me a lot when I am discouraged that I am going slow, or not low enough, or taking to many breaks.

  41. Ashley says:

    Hi Cassey! During that moment what I want to just collapse and stop, I tell myself “THIS is when you’re changing. RIGHT NOW, it’s happening. Keep going.”

  42. L Saturday says:

    “Push yourself beyond your limit!” It helps a lot!

  43. Emma says:

    I always say to myself RAMBO WOULDN’T QUIT!!!! ????

  44. Eric says:

    You are stronger than you know!

  45. Mariam says:

    For me, it is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  46. Doris says:

    I like to tell myself “This too shall pass”.

  47. stefaniegladden says:

    my phrase is – you’re almost there, u can do this! don’t give up!

  48. Justine Stephens says:

    You can do this. It keeps me going.

  49. Meggie Walsh says:

    “Breathe it out” any weakness, pain, or doubts I’m having.

  50. Cassie says:

    My power phrase is “You are a superfitbabe”, which is basically my blog name and how it came to be! I never would have thought that it would be something I used to encourage myself 🙂

  51. Hannah says:

    I love a quote from an Aerosmith song: “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” It reminds me that I have to try to change the things that have never made me happy, like giving up when things get hard.

  52. ClaireG says:

    My power phrase is: sprint to the finish line.
    It is especially helpful for the last few seconds of each PIIT interval!

  53. Sarah Quinton says:

    I usually go all army sergeant on myself…..I yell at myself to push myself that little bit longer….” ARE YOU A QUITTER?!! YOU DON’T QUIT HERE !!! YOU WANT THIS….SHOW ME HOW HARD YOU WANT IT!!!”even if it’s just one more sit up or even half a block more of jogging.

  54. Hannah Wells says:

    My power phrase: “just a little more, you can do it!”

    1. blogilates says:

      Congrats, you won! Email to claim your prize! 🙂

      1. Hannah Wells says:

        I just saw this, yay!!! Thanks so much <3

  55. Dess says:

    I tell myself to go as hard as i can, and then a little harder.

  56. Nicole Grannie says:

    I am LIGHT, I am STRONG!
    I love my short mantras to keep me going!

  57. Minu says:

    When I’m ready to give up, I just tell myself to think about how accomplished and great I will feel when I finish my goal. Looking forward to having that feeling of accomplishment- or knowing I did whatever I could, motivates me to keep going. I will also compare that acommplished feeling versus feeling okay but giving up when I KNOW I can do more (without over exertion) and when i realize this, I kinda yell at myself to power through for that feeling of accomplishment. Its like a natural high.
    And then when I do feel accomplished, it makes me feel even more excited to get at it again the next time around. 🙂

  58. Abigail C. says:

    I usually start singing along to whatever song I have on (Confident by Demi Lovato is perfect for this). I’m usually out of breath but it inspires me to keep going and gets my mind of the pain or exhaustion. Music is a powerful thing. 🙂

    1. Lærke Eriksen says:

      Yeah me too! It really does work

  59. Nikki says:

    Determination and work pay off!

  60. Elle says:

    It will only get easier! If you just work for it today and push yourself today, it will get easier tomorrow.

    prettyinhotpink6 at gmail dot com

  61. Stephanie Nichols says:

    Quit Yelling At Me. I use this when I run half marathons or just have no motivation to get up and run. I would rather finish and be proud then wimp out and yell at my self or have someone yell at me to try and get me motivated!

    1. blogilates says:

      Congrats!! You won the giveaway! Email to claim your prize! 🙂

  62. emily__lynn says:

    This is temporary! Or, there is more to life than sore quads!

  63. Mela says:

    Omg I have those strawberry socks as well!! One of my faves to use with my running shoes <3

  64. JessicaVieytes says:

    You want it, work for it !!!

  65. Elise says:

    The strawberry-socks are so cute !!!

  66. Sushmita says:

    I’ll say “It’s okay you won’t die you’ll be stronger!! Keep going!” (:

  67. Gabby says:

    No pain, no gain!

  68. Liselore Akkerman-Rem says:

    I’m not a US resident, but I’ll participate anyway for the joy and fun of it! My phrase always goes something like this, with variations in it. “How far did you get, you can do this! Wait what? You are going to distract me with that?! That is all you got? Nope. Not working, I’ll do it myself then!” ? something like that ??

  69. Judit Nagy says:

    I usually say “I’m gonna cross that finish line, I know it.” Or when I need more motivation “Remember those bullies from last year…they’re behind you!”

  70. Christine Tarkowski says:

    I love that picture of you running, Cassey, you are a role model of strength, power, and true beauty. It is such a striking image. <3 I tell myself, "You can do this. You are so strong. Don't give up."

  71. Jene says:

    “Just breathe” and then I picture myself looking super hot running on the beach in a bikini. Haha! It works everytime!! ?

  72. Grace says:

    I tell myself, “Just 10 more seconds!” …Over and over, until it’s actually over 🙂

  73. Christine Tarkowski says:

    I love that picture of you running, Cassie, you are a role model of strength, power, and true beauty. It is such a striking image. <3 I tell myself, "You can do this. You are so strong. Don't give up."

  74. Amy McGrath says:

    If I’m running, I tell myself, “Keep looking towards the next .1 mile marker” until I’m done if it gets hard.

  75. Amber Manheim says:

    You can do this! Your mind is stronger than your body!

  76. Colleen Leonard says:

    I am stronger than this!

  77. Samantha Jolé says:

    I am a long distance runner and I always put petrollium jelly ALL OVER MY FOOT. I personally have never had an issue slipping out.

  78. Annette says:

    Just a little more to do and it’s over.

  79. Ingrid says:

    “everything’s fine, breathe through it” 🙂

  80. Symone McReynolds says:

    For me when I want to quit I tell myself “keep going”!!

  81. Rebekah says:

    I usually tell myself, “you have this far, another five minutes won’t hurt.” Or just “you can do this!”

  82. Michelle Patterson says:

    I tell myself “This is only a short time, you are strong and you got this!”

  83. Hannah says:

    I take a deep breath and tell myself “keep going”

  84. Emma Bickford says:

    I tell myself “You can do this. Just one more minute!!!” Then I say it for the next five minutes lol

  85. Heidi Berg says:

    I usually tell myself “you can do this, Heidi, you’re stronger than you think!”

  86. Sherilynn Brazley says:

    I keep telling myself “I can do this” and “I’m not tired”

  87. Maria says:

    “Be strong in the moments where you want to be weak”
    It always keeps me going just a tad more!

  88. Kellen says:

    My power phrase is: “It’s hard now, but it won’t be hard forever. Finish it!”

  89. Alyaa Hakim says:

    My power phrase: “You’ve ran for 20 mins, another 5 mins is nothing!”

  90. Francesca says:

    My power phrase is “You can do this, you’re so close to where you want to be!” and “You’re stronger than you think, just do it!”

  91. Candy says:

    my power phrase is: “i’m so proud of you!”

    i know it’s weird to say that to…myself….lol, but it really lifts me UP and helps me separate my physical pain/soreness from my mental beating-myself-up (like if i’m feeling defeated because i have to do pushup moves on my knees/beginner versions, and it’s still really hard). it helps me realize how far i’ve come and how amazing my body performs for me!! 😀

  92. Shelley Huang says:

    The phrase I tell myself is “Get your second wind.” Always gets me past that point where I tell myself I want to stop. Nike’s blister socks are the best for runners!! And you can get them super cheap at the factory outlet!

  93. Emily says:

    I love COMPEED! I use them every time I murder my feet with my hiking boots. I should probably try the double-sock method.

    My “power phrase,” if you can call it that is this: “Just 10 more seconds.” I ALWAYS now that I can make it through 10 seconds of work. So I push myself through that 10 seconds, and then start the next 10 seconds! When I’m doing a move that’s really hard, it helps to break it down into even smaller intervals.

  94. Stef says:

    Sometimes I say “come on let’s go, you can do this” in my head and then visual what I want my body to look like. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Ashley says:

    “You’re stronger.. you got this!”

  96. I need to get wider running shoes to accommodate my wide feet!!

  97. Veronica says:

    Blisters are the worst! I always get them hiking when I don’t wear socks that are high enough/have enough cushion.

    When I’m struggling during a workout or in the middle of a run I don’t want to finish, I just remind myself of times I didn’t die 😛 Like, “This is easier than that barre class!” or “Remember that time you did a 12k? This is just 3 miles!” Or sometimes just a “Look how strong you are! Most people can’t do this!” is good enough 🙂

  98. Jess says:

    i don’t really have a phrase. I usually start counting to ten. Or I will start singing that song in Remember the Titans. “Everywhere we gooo people want to knoooow who we are, so we tell them’ Woo up and here. It has a nice beat and it keeps my mind busy.

  99. Vy lam says:

    It’s been awhile since I run, I should start running again.

  100. Kathryn Easton says:

    “You’re strong enough to do this!”

  101. lindsaydoesblogilates says:

    I go, “Time to kick my ass!” It’s from a video game 😉

  102. Elise Forte says:

    “You’ve got this!” or “I can do it!” Pretty simple 🙂

  103. Elaine says:

    Being a runner myself, I know how painful those blisters are! I also recommend higher ankle socks and specialized running socks do go a long way (:

    My power running phrase is “the faster you run, the faster you’re done! After all, it’s your race, your pace” I always tell myself to never give up and I’m stronger than I was yesterday. Just do it!

  104. Amaia says:

    Hi and thank you so much for your energy! It’s so nice to be able to have strong and happy women like you as a model 🙂
    I actually don’t have a “real” power phrase, I’m almost ashamed to say it: when I’m running at the gym and feel like I’m near my limits and when I’m thinking “oh god I can’t do it anymore” I either find in my phone THE song that really motivates me at that moment (that’s the socially acceptable motivation), or, when I feel bad… I think of how I would react if someone was threatening me right at that moment (“should I fight back with those heavy-looking weights? Or kick the abuser where it’s gonna hurt?”) and I picture it in my mind with lots of details. Adrenalin rush guaranteed, and I’m good to go. I admit that’s rather a violent way of pushing one’s limits… But it works!
    When I’m running outside I’m never alone and the motivation comes from my friends running with me!

  105. Allison Potocnik says:

    “You will feel so much better when you’re done. Keep going!”

  106. Miss Erica says:

    “It’s right when you’re about to quit that the miracle happens.”

  107. Onyee says:

    I tell myself that discomfort is good. It means you’re pushing yourself and getting better. And to think of the strong, healthy self I want to become! 🙂

  108. hummingpockets . says:

    “You’ve already hit rock bottom. Keep going and feel alive” Exercise helped pull me out of my numbed depression state.

  109. Safia says:

    You’re going to feel so good when this is over and you know you didn’t stop. That’s achievement.

  110. Jessica Pierce says:

    I tell myself I can keep going just a little bit longer or further, knowing that if I keep telling myself that, I’ll go quite a bit longer or further as I keep pushing a little bit at a time. : )

  111. Ariana says:

    I did it yesterday so i can do it today even harder!

  112. Sophie Sailer says:

    Do it for you, not for them!

  113. Jetta Hansen says:

    If not now, when? If not you, who? Then I say to myself, Me! Now!

  114. Sarah says:

    “Just do it.”

  115. Kristina Brown says:

    Mine is one that I got from you,
    *Train like a beast, look like a beauty*
    I just really love this one!

  116. LivingLike Clare says:

    I love to say, All you need to do is better than you did yesterday! You have really impacted me cassey, I used to feel so bad about myself…. when I started doing your videos, mainly for vanity reasons. But when I first heard you say that it changed my whole outlook. Thank you so much!

  117. Shelby Nichoson says:

    Train insane or remain the same!! <3

  118. Sara says:

    You can’t go wrong with, “Just Keep Swimming” from Finding Nemo. It’s funny and motivating at the same time. When I was running a half marathon with my sister, I started saying this, (well, maybe I was singing, lol) to her and it took her mind off of how tough it was at the time. I have started saying it to myself when the going gets tough, in workouts and life in general.

  119. Monica says:

    “Believe you can and you will!”

  120. Konan says:

    You can do this, just keep fighting!

  121. Paige says:

    A lot of times when I’m struggling I’ll say “you’ve done this before, so you can do it again!”

  122. Jessica says:

    I tell myself “your body is strong enough to handle this, so it’s time to get your mind strong enough!”
    then I listen to a real upbeat song and just go all out!

  123. Donna says:

    “I’m getting healthy!”

  124. DianeDella says:

    “You’ve got this!!”

  125. Souafit says:

    Let’s go you got this!! (Drill sergeant voice)

  126. Mirela says:

    “You can do this!”

  127. Ilinca Mitchell says:

    I know a lot of people like to hype themselves up and say things like “you’re a beast and can do anything” but I usually like to keep it real. When the going gets tough I just tell myself “do your best and that’s enough”. Doing your best doesn’t look the same every day because you’re not in the same circumstances every day. Maybe I’m lame or too “soft” but thinking that way of thinking helps prevent me from guilt tripping myself or making myself feel inadequate if I can’t perform the same as I can other days 🙂

  128. Savanah says:

    I tell myself “I aint done yet” that’s pretty much it

  129. Bee says:

    If you passed Organography, you will pass through this.

  130. Hayley says:

    I tell myself “this is easy! you got this!”

  131. Jennifer Hao says:

    I can do it —> for me to be the BEST…to be confident …and feel good about myself! <3

  132. Xoey says:

    My power phrase? Something like: “I’m going to be running at 90, God-willing.” It helps put into the perspective the consistency and dedication, over a long period of time, that is necessary for health success. One would think it would detract from motivation, but for me it does the opposite. It helps me to see one workout is just one workout and I don’t have the pressure of making it perfect. It just needs to get done, I can enjoy it more, I know a rest day is around the corner because balance is crucial to health, and I’m in it for the long haul.

  133. Charlotte says:

    The phrase I use everytime I got from you: Find comfort in your discomfort 🙂

  134. Andrea Done says:

    Actually mine is the same phrase that guy said on your live PIIT 28 video (sorry I don’t remember his name…) “You’re not getting tired, you’re getting stronger.” I say it all the time, it really stuck with me!

  135. Laura says:

    Maybe a bit of a cliché but mine is: ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you ain’t dead yet’

  136. blogilates_fan says:

    Would you consider posting treadmill interval workouts :)) ?

    1. blogilates_fan says:

      Nvm, just found some on older posts, haha!

  137. Kati Hensen says:

    These have been around for years now, haven’t they? I used them after my Bachelor’s grad ceremony, which was 3 years ago and I believe they were around long before that.

  138. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    JUST DO IT in shia lebouf’s voice

  139. Suzeene says:

    Come on, I can do this. I am strong and nothing can stop me.

  140. Jasmine says:

    On Tuesday I was at the treadmill we had do 30 minutes of running I was going quite on 25 minutes half way I was going give up but told myself if I want the that pretty black dress and there was only one and we had run get it yeah mine dress so imagine I was running for a dress silly I know but help me finished 30 minutes yay ??

  141. Megan says:

    I always tell myself “I got this. This is easy!” Even if it’s hard! Haha 🙂

  142. Nicole says:

    Almost there. Don’t give up now. Ice cream.

  143. Karen says:

    Growing up my parents placed a huge emphasis on family and how important it was that we are exemplary citizens of our family name. There was a large amount of emphasis placed on not dishonoring the family name and on always pushing ourselves. So in those moments when I think I’m going to fail or quit, I just tell myself, “No, you’re a C*******, push through. You can do this – C*******’s never quit.” and it keeps me going. Never quit. Never surrender. Winners never quit, quitters never win. I’m a winner.
    Sounds cheesy, I know, but it works!

    (Sorry for the asterisks – didn’t want to put my last name all over the internet!)

  144. Emily Bruce says:

    “You’re a badass & you’re going to get this done”

  145. Teiana says:

    My power phrase is, “Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.” When I quit I tell myself that the pain doesn’t matter and it’s all in my head!

  146. Samantha says:

    While working out, you can hear me whispering “Train insane, train insane” when it starts getting really tough! 🙂

  147. Nichole Moroney says:

    I always remind myself how much I’ll regret it if I stop. I say, “Tell everyone how much you accomplished, not how you gave up because it was hard.”

  148. aaryn says:

    “Positive breeds positive”- Meaning a positive mindset will help get a more positive result.

  149. Keyana says:

    I am strong. Don’t give up!

  150. Jennifer D says:

    It never gets easier, you just get BETTER.

    <3 love ya!!!

  151. Alaina Pak says:

    I am enough, but this will make me better.

  152. Anushka Wickramaratne says:

    Sore today, stronger tomorrow!

  153. JoyRandomLife says:

    Work hard and the work will pay off. Work 110% and never give up.

  154. Kristen Potter says:

    I like to think about how far I’ve come. It sounds super cliche and cheesy but my favorite thing to tell myself when I’m starting to doubt whether I can keep going is “you used to not make it half a mile. This seemed impossible and you are doing it. Keep going.”

  155. Brenda Wilson says:

    I just think of my kids and push myself to make them proud.

  156. Kylie says:

    As an avid runner of 12 years now, it’s always something along the lines of “run to this (light post, bush, tree, house) and then you can stop” except I get to that thing and choose something else to keep me moving and not stop!

  157. Taylor Ann says:

    You will not die this is good for you you can do it you will feel better … Over and over and over ??

  158. Anna says:

    “A little more makes you a little better!!!” ?

  159. Judy Tran says:

    I tell myself to dig deep because I can make it!

  160. Bianca says:

    muscles, activate!!! lol just kidding. i usually just count to 10 and power through and usually my desire to give up has passed!

  161. Leslie says:

    A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.

  162. Serena Hasworth says:

    “YOU ARE WORTH IT!” always makes me want to push forward to my best self. That last sprint, extra rep, or even giving my all during finals — just reminding myself that I am WORTH the effort makes me want to keep going!

  163. Kelly Vang says:

    You are almost there! You can do it, Kelly!!

  164. meganleine says:

    My power phrase is:
    “Common, Megan! I know you can do better than this!”
    Works every time 😀

  165. Tina Raikar says:

    “Keep going. Keep going! You can do it!”

  166. Candice Cordero says:

    My power phrase came from BCT, basic combat training, in the army. I discovered how strong I was and how hard I could actually push myself. Our motto was “Make it Happen”….. I’m proud to say, I’m still “making it Happen”.

  167. Maika says:

    My favorite quote for these PIIT28 days has been this:

    “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

    If it’s not challenging, how am I going to get better?! I need to keep working hard. If I don’t work hard now, I’m going be just as sorry the next day! So that’s how I get myself to keep going.

  168. Mona Howitz says:

    While theres the topic of running happening, does any one have any tips on how to prevent ankles from rolling all the time? I run a few steps and my ankles roll 🙁

  169. Annemarie Loftus says:

    I always tell myself “if you don’t try your best, you’ll never succeed!” Even when it feels really hard, I know that pushing myself will make me a better, stronger, more successful person.

  170. Mona Howitz says:

    I usually yell out “YES YOU CAN!!!” 😀

  171. Jessica says:

    Every single time I hit that point in the workout where I want to give up, I just look in my mirror and say, “Come ON Jessica, you can do this.” If you tell yourself you can, you will. I hear you say it all the time and it’s sooooo true!!!!

  172. Lu says:

    “Keep going.” When I’m running or some other kind of cardio. If I’m rock climbing and scared, it’s “Don’t fckin chicken out!!”

  173. Gaby P. says:

    “You can do it you can do it you can do it” over and over again. Sometimes even in Spanish!! Haha! Si se puede! (Roughly translates to “it can be done” so close enough) ?

  174. Haley Mason says:

    I tell myself that there are people who don’t have the luxury of working their bodies the way I have been blessed to be able to. Someone out there wants to be on this run or get through this workout so I need to get it done!

  175. Elisa says:

    “You’re almost there, just keep going!”

  176. Heather says:

    My feet hurt because I’m kicking so much a$$ 🙂

  177. Haven says:

    I tell myself, “keep going-think of how amazing you will feel after you finish.” Because I always feel so amazing after a super tough and sweaty workout.

  178. Angeline Ubaldo says:

    You got this. Keep pushing, this is good pain!

  179. Jess223 says:

    “Just suck it up and do it”–I do triathlons and pretty much say this to myself every 10 seconds haha

  180. Molly says:

    I always say to myself, “Come on, Molly, you can do it. Just put one foot in front of the other.” Pretty generic, I know, but it works.


    I always tell myself “Just a few more your daughters are watching you” They always give me the strength to go a little longer

  182. Lailanie Nicole says:

    I always tell myself, it’ll be worth it and it’ll get easier somewhere. Everything happens for a reason. I have especially been persistent in telling myself that everything will be okay recently because I am going through my first year as a college student!

  183. Itati Ortega says:

    I say, “I’ve got this!” And when I say that I am usually standing in like a superhero pose. Which makes me feel even better when I say it ?

  184. Kyoko Hall says:

    “every second you go, you’re one second closer to being done”

  185. Allison says:

    My power phrase is “It’ll be worth it!”

  186. xpressangel says:

    My power phrase is “You’re a fighter!”

  187. Emily says:

    “Keep going, goddammit!” That’s the PG-13 version of the things I say to keep myself going.

  188. Maria says:

    My power phrase is, “How bad do you want it? Then work for it girl!”

  189. Carly Nunneker says:

    As a competitive long distance runner, “You didn’t come this far to only come this far” is my power phrase

  190. Sarah Ren. says:

    Cassey, I too am a runner and recently have been sidelined with a couple of health issues. I’m getting back into it, which I must say has been difficult! When I feel like I can’t go any longer, I’ll say “You’re doing great! You are relaxed. You CAN do this!” And I’ll also try to focus on the scenery and usually the tough part ends. 🙂

  191. Claudia Amezcua says:

    I dont stop when I am tired, I stop when I am done ❤

  192. Miriam says:

    You can cry when it’s over.

  193. Celia Vitale says:

    When I am in the moment and I know that I have to push myself to keep going, I think “You are a machine. Just one more rep. One more jump. One more step!” If I just think one at a time, like a machine, I can get through even the toughest times. So great that you are doing another giveaway Cassey! You are so generous to us Popsters 🙂

  194. Lauren Printy says:

    My power phrase is, “Keep going! Just one more!”? And then I keep repeating it over and over again haha

  195. Rosie. says:

    I always just try to remind myself why I am here and how much I wanted to do it before I began. I usually just tell myself “We got this, just a little bit more” or “Progress, not perfection”.

  196. Hanh says:

    My power phrase is “I’m not dead yet. Keep going.”

  197. Savannah J. says:

    I tell myself “Would it really be worth quitting right now? If you quit now, you can kiss those abs goodbye. If you don’t quit, good bye tummy, hello abs!” It’s a bit much, but it works!

  198. Amber says:

    Everything is earned, so earn it!

  199. Liz says:

    I tell myself that I need to work for the body I want and to keep going!

  200. Firzanah Firdaus says:

    To me, a power image works better so i’ll imagine myself with the strength/speed/physique I envision & that will keep me going ❤️ **not a US resident but just wanted to share! ?

  201. Leah Hart says:

    My mantra is change is uncomfortable!

  202. Paige Callahan says:

    i tell myself I only have a certain amount of time left, however long my run or workout is and I distract myself by thinking of what % I have left and what I want to do after my workout!

  203. LLMC says:

    “Just do it. You’re almost there!” 🙂

  204. Rachel Walrath says:

    My power phrase is “Nothing comes easy”

  205. Madeline Caples says:

    My power phrase: “Just keep going.” Mostly I try to focus on something besides how much I want to stop.

  206. Laindy says:

    Power phrase: “Just 30 more seconds.”

  207. April Cosentino says:

    “No pain, no gain” – a tried and true statement I tell myself when it gets tough! That and reminding myself I wanna look good & feel good.

  208. Veronica Urbaniak says:

    My power phrase is “It will feel better tomorrow.” Even my worst day looks better the next day! Just powering through one day at a time.

  209. I just tell myself, “Just get through this!”

  210. Claire Cerra says:

    My power phrase is: “Want it? Work for it!” So many times I’ve been fortunate with opportunities where they just worked out in my favor, but such is not the case with transforming my lifestyle!! It really gets me through when it seems like Cassey is NEVER gonna start counting down the last few reps!

  211. JustColourMyDay says:

    My Power phrase is “Just keep going. You can do it.” Small giveaway, but it will definitely help with my running blisters! Urgh.

  212. Corinne B says:

    My phrase is “it’s gonna get easier”, if I’m doing something hard, I know if I practice, it will get easier with time.

  213. RAO says:

    My power phrase” You’re stronger than you know”.

  214. Gail Galloway says:

    My phrase is a simple. ” Go further, or I say One more” So many times when I am ready to give up I tell my self just try one more. Thanks for the post

  215. Michaela says:

    OMG this came at the perfect time for me!!! Like you, I over test my limits and yeah….lots of consequences. Recently I’ve had to learn that a rest day is really a good thing. Also omg that pic of you running is amazing!!!

    1. Michaela says:

      oh and I didn’t comment my “power phrase” becasuse it would be greedy of me in case I win because there’s no walgreens where I live and I don’t get blisters. But if anyone is interested, I usually say “don’t give up on something you don’t go a day without thinking about”

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