How to Quit Drinking Soda + a $250 Giveaway!

How to Quit Drinking Soda + a $250 Giveaway!

It’s fizzy, it’s sweet, and gives you a jolt of energy as you take a refreshing gulp of that bubbly nectar.



Growing up, my dad was ADDICTED to soda. He brought home a 2 Liter of Coke every night and drank it like you would drink water. My mom got so mad. She kept telling him and telling him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. He was hooked. It wasn’t until YEARS later (maybe I was in high school?) that I think he read some article about the excessive sugars in soda, got scared, and cold turkey stopped.

If you’re reading this article, you most likely want to find a way to stop being so dependent on soda. I want to congratulate you because this is the first step to making the change. I’m going to give you very good soda-like alternatives that will keep your tastebuds satisfied! Promise!


  1. GET RID OF THE SODA IN YOUR HOUSE: Out of sight, out of mind! If it’s not there, you won’t be tempted.


  1. CARRY A WATER BOTTLE: Stay hydrated! This way, you’re less likely to grab a can of soda when you’re thirsty. I really like to add cut lemons and fruit into my water so that it becomes tasty and flavorful! Water does not have to be boring! 


Great combos are:

  • Raspberries + Lime
  • Strawberries + Cucumber
  • Strawberries + Lemon
  • Cucumber + Lemon + Mint
  • Oranges + Lemon
  • Watermelon + Mint

I mean, the possibilities are endless! Anything can work! Well…maybe except bananas…that would be weird.

  1. FIND FIZZY ALTERNATIVES: A lot of times, we’re addicted to that cold, bubbly FEELING as we drink soda. But, what if you could get the same feeling without the added sugars and the extra calories? Would you do it? You can try sparkling water with infused fruits or try drinking KeVita’s Master Brew Kombucha!


I’ve been drinking KeVita for a couple years now and when I find another person who drinks it, we get all giddy, because WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and understand the treasure that we have discovered! KeVita is a beverage brand that makes some of the most delicious kombucha drinks (fermented tea drinks) aka the hottest health drink in LA as far as I know!  KeVita’s Master Brew Kombucha has 4 billion CFUs of live probiotics (so good for my gut health), beneficial organic acids and organic caffeine. There’s only 8g of sugar per serving (16 oz) versus the 39g of sugar in a can of coke (only 12 oz).

Honestly guys, every time I drink a bottle, I literally feel like it’s a treat! It feels like soda because of the natural carbonation and organic caffeine but without any of the excessive sugars and calories. YAY!!


The Master Brew Kombucha comes in a ton of cool flavors like Pineapple Peach, Raspberry Lemon (my fave), and Dragonfruit Lemongrass! All the drinks are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, non-dairy, vegan, and kosher…so for me, it’s very safe for my skin and doesn’t make me break out. This usually happens when I consume anything high in sugar or that has milk in it.

You can get KeVita at your local grocery store, but if you can’t find it, try a Whole Foods or a health foods store. They usually run for around $3-$4, but if you’re lucky, you can grab them at 2 for $5 once in awhile!


Now…time for a GIVEAWAY!

I am giving away a $250 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky POPster! Spend it on all the things that will make you feel healthier! Or you can spend it on anything else I guess since I can’t check ;P

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit KeVita here and pick out your fave Master Brew Kombucha flavor
  2. Then comment below what your fave flavor is!

Contest ends Monday, December 12th and is open to all POPsters, worldwide!! Good luck!!

Also, be sure to check out the store locator here so you can find out where you can buy KeVita near you!

Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much to KeVita for sponsoring this post and giveaway for us!





EDIT 12/13/16: A winner has been chosen! Congrats to Delvina Chin for being the winner of this giveaway!

EDIT 12/16/16: KeVita was nice enough to let us choose a 2nd winner! Congrats to Lauren Rae!

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  1. Kat says:

    Lavender Melon sounds AMAZING!

  2. Abdelmoumene says:

    Jveux suivre un regime

  3. Katie says:

    Also La Croix is AMAZING. It’s fruit infused sparkling water with no sugar. The only ingredient is water, naturally essenced

  4. Ruby says:

    Why make me decide when there’s so many I love! If I had to pick I’d go for tart cherry just cause I have a sweet tooth! <3 these alternatives have helped me say no to sugary fizz for good!!

  5. rachael says:

    Hi does anyone know where i can find those amazing bottles with such motivating words on them ,i really love them and the measurements as well is really cool 🙂

  6. Mariam Badawy says:

    Raspberry lemon

  7. Starlight00001 says:

    I stoped drinking soda some time ago, I mean I drink it sometimes but not so much. I mostly drink water.

  8. rachel Glenn says:

    Pineapple Peach

  9. Morning Star says:

    I QUIT SODA! After I realised how important being fit and active is, I tried to start eating healthier and working out everyday and I can proudly say, that I haven’t touched Coke (or diet coke) for more than a month!

  10. Irene says:

    Pineapple peach for sure! 😉

  11. Christa says:

    My favorite flavor was tart cherry, OBVI!!! It sounds so sweet yet healthy! Thx a million, Cassey!

  12. kayla says:

    rasberry lemon❤️?

  13. Robot says:

    Lavender Melon. I can’t stand things scented lavender, but I love the taste!

  14. Vico says:

    Cucumber in water reminds me of the scene in the movie The Other Guys where Will Ferrell is in love with Cucumber water lol

  15. Sharra Mae Llenos says:

    I wish you would sell those water bottles again because I didn’t get the chance to purchase them <3

  16. Amber says:

    Raspberry lemon. Yum yum in my tum tum

  17. Jennifer Teasdale says:

    Raspberry lemon 🙂

  18. Rebecca M. says:


  19. Anita says:


  20. Mary Clute says:

    hands down raspberry lemon!! haven’t had soda since 2014

  21. M. E. H. says:

    Pineapple peach will hit the spot!

  22. Stephanie Gardener says:

    Raspberry lemon – although I always get ginger when I have an angry tummy!!

  23. Jordan Bresser says:

    Pineapple peach is my favourite❤❤❤

  24. Annelies says:

    My favorite one is the ginger one, but the raspberry lemon sounds really good too??.

  25. ????MANGO HABANERO ???? Time to heat things up this winter with your workouts and these drinks!

  26. ???Mango Habanero!???? Time to warm up this winter with your videos and this health drink.

  27. Gery Tsvetkova says:

    Grapefruit <3

  28. Amy says:

    The citrus, grapefruit

  29. Louise says:

    Hey Cassey, i have a special problem, i normally dont drink soda, except when i go out with my mother.. she is toxic, if you know what i mean, and i dont drink alcohol, and i usually order natural juice, it’s very common in my country, but she always complains about how “not cool/a child/wtv bad words to depreciate she finds'” and to soothe the bs i end up drinking soda cuz she complains less, i just wanted to share anyways 🙂 thanks for the blog, i really love it

  30. Barbara Shelton says:

    Im going out to get one will let you know ….thanks for the tip

  31. Emelda says:

    Mango habanero…. Jesus, that just sounds amazing

  32. xNalix says:

    I’ve been trying to quit coke for a while now. I’m really addicted (I could drink 2 lt per day min). Now I drink 2 lts of water a 600 ml of coke. And I keep trying…

  33. Lauren Love says:

    I really want to try the Grape Fruit!

  34. Bethany says:

    I’m dying to try the raspberry lemon. Found your program through youtube about 20 minutes ago and I’m hooked after trying the beginners workout. Thanks!

  35. Judy says:

    I very rarely drink soda anymore. Actually, in terms of junk food as a whole, I’m very good now, though I can’t say it was a huge problem either. My mother is boring in the sense that she doesn’t actually buy junk food for the family but that turned out to be such a good thing!

    Soda was really the only problem, but I found that it affected my skin (heavy dosage of soda causes ‘internal dampness’) and so I had to quit it. Now, I have it once in a blue moon and whilst it can feel like a treat, I’m also glad I’m not drinking it everyday. There’s so many better tasting things out there, and frankly, the freshness of water can’t be replaced!

  36. Madison Schiffman says:

    Lavender Melon!!!

  37. Tanille Carter says:

    Raspberry Lemon, no, Pineapple Peach, no, I can’t choose I won’t choose I must have both!!

  38. Ella says:

    Dragonflies lemongrass <33

  39. aimefitness says:

    Lavender Melon sounds so interesting and would definitely be a drink I would love to try ???

  40. Sehar Lalani says:

    Pineapple peach! I really hope I win! A $250 gift card will really be helpful for the holidays! #medschoolstruggles

  41. Gabrielle Carter says:

    You can’t go wrong with a little Raspberry Lemon!

  42. Keyla says:

    Pineapple Peach!

  43. Irene Jung says:

    Nothing can beat bittersweet grapefruit ♡ Grapefruit flavored KeVita is my absolute favorite!!!!! ???

  44. Charlotte says:

    ohmy definitely dragonfruit lemongrass!! The perfect combination of my favourite fruit and herb ? i used to be addicted to soft drinks and it was really bad for my skin and health because of all that sugar. honestly can’t wait to get some kevita to jumpstart my health for the hols i bet both my tastebuds and health would thank me for one bottle of that goodness!! ?

  45. Brenda says:

    OMG! I had to show this to all my family members..can you believe I’m the only one who doesn’t drink soda in my family ? Just like your dad, I stopped cold turkey and never looked back. It was the BEST DECISION I’ve ever made, along with some other dietary changes and joining a Pilates center nearby. THANK YOU Cassey!…by the way, I had Kombucha like a year ago or so and was not a fan of the taste but I’ll try the KeVita brand you mentioned and see how it goes. I know Kombucha is great for your gut and overall health so hopefully I like one (or all) of their flavors.

  46. Christine says:

    Ginger! ?

  47. Aashna Shah says:

    Raspberry lemon, a combination of the two best flavors

  48. Layla says:

    raspberry lemon 🙂 and luv you cassey!

  49. Kiki Marcus says:

    Rasberry lemon

  50. Sarah Smith says:

    Dragonflies and lemongrass sounds awesome but I do love me some grapefruit!

  51. Patricia Richardson says:

    Pineapple peach! My two favourite flavours together!!! :O

  52. DB says:

    Pineapple Peach

  53. Liz says:

    Absolutely love Dragonflies lemongrass <3 <3<3 THE. BEST.

  54. mzmiller315 says:

    Grapefruit will be so refreshing!!! All the flavors sound amazing though!!!!!

  55. Mizuki says:

    Pineapple and peach sounds awesome! I hope I can find it near my area :))))

  56. Rachel Whitney says:

    Raspberry Lemon!!??

  57. lacigrl says:

    Lavender melon sounds quite interesting…will have to try it!

  58. Amy says:

    Raspberry lemon ?

  59. Rebecca Myers says:

    Pineapple peach!

  60. Laura Latasa says:

    PINEAPPLE PEACH is amazing

  61. Kaya says:

    The Dragonflies lemon grass looks really cool ? I’d love to try it but there is no store near me… If I have to be honest, through my life there have been many things that have caused me trouble sweets, junk but soda was never a problem… I’ve never tried coke and I literally can’t swallow fizzy stuff ? That’s at least one thing that I can check off and I prefer drinking water instead it helps hydrate you more and think of all those calories and unnecessary Sugars you’ll save yourself from taking in ?

  62. Haylé Porter says:

    Ginger and grapefruit ?????

  63. Megan says:

    The Mango Habanero!!!

  64. Sandy Ngo says:

    The pineapple peach sounds amazing

  65. Madison Shockley says:

    I am obsessed with literally all their kombucha but I’d have to say my all time favorite Kevita kombucha is the Dragonfruit Lemongrass!! ?

  66. NatashaMay says:

    My fave is Tart Cherry 🙂

  67. Alyssa says:

    These look so good, I’m definitely going to try raspberry lemon!

  68. Court says:

    Mango habanero ?

  69. Amanda Mor says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!

  70. Melissa says:

    lavender melon 🙂

  71. Jenelle Margarette Cristobal says:

    Omg thank you so much for the recommendation Cassey!! I absolutely love tea and I can’t wait to especially try the lavender melon flavor!! It sounds super refreshing and unique~

  72. Melody Cheng says:

    Dragon fruit lemongrass ?❤️!! Gotta have my daily dose of caffeine to keep up with your workouts ???

  73. Houa Vang says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass for me!

  74. Cheyenne Christopher says:

    The pineapple peach sounds great, I love kombucha, my Auntie introduced it to me, she is in Nor Cal 🙂 Please pick me, I have bought a lot of things from you and what you have suggested, including a bunch of miracle noodles 🙂 I love you Cassey, you inspire me to be a healthier happier version of myself every day.
    -Cheyenne Christopher

  75. bnigwi says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!

  76. Erica Martin says:

    Lavender melon <3 <3

  77. I’ve never had these drinks before, but I’d love to try the mango habenero. Mango is a staple for me.

  78. Alyssa Noto says:

    Raspberry lemon for sure ?

  79. Kristy says:

    Haven’t tried this yet but would love to try the ginger one. Thanks for a great post!

  80. Vivian Rojas says:

    Ginger! So healthy and surprisingly good!

  81. Sameeksha says:

    Raspberry lemon kombucha is my current fave❤.

  82. Carissa says:

    Omg mango habenro ?

  83. Amy says:

    Pineapple peach looks yummy!

  84. Shelby S says:

    Dragon Fruit Lemongrass ?? I also like Ginger! And I’m definitely needing some ginger today to help this tummy bug my 4 year old so lovingly passed on to me! ??

  85. FA Bruwer says:

    During my studies at University I drank Coca Cola to keep me awake and I started getting addicted to it! I read an article about the negative effects and stopped immediately and replaced it with mostly water. I love grapefruit and I would go for the Grapefruit KeVita option. Thanks for being an inspiration to me to be more healthier!!

  86. Marie Desiree says:

    Ginger looks amazing 🙂

  87. Deme Gibson says:

    Lavender Melon is the best hands down!!!!

  88. Kara says:


  89. Paulina Hernandez says:

    The Mango Habanero is my absolute favorite! I’ve always loved Mango & Habanero but I never would have imagined how good of a combo they’d make :))))

  90. Claire says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass is the best!!! Kombucha overall is the best pick me up and always make me feel fresh and with a little zing in my step 🙂

  91. Gwen says:

    Tart Cherry!!

  92. Naomi says:

    Anything citrus and anything raspberry for me…so Raspberry Lemon is mine! But dragon fruit and lavender melon sound interesting!

  93. Nina Nilen says:

    I’d love to try them! I’d probably love the lemon ginger, and oh, the mojito one too! Have looked everywhere but can’t find them in South Korea! Can they be shipped from Amazon maybe?

    I really need probiotics, apparently that’s one of the few things that can really help combat my. Hashimotos disease, my disease is so bad now that I can’t do your workouts anymore! I did them 6 times a week for 2 years, followed the calendars and all. I’m so sad over my disease and can’t wait until it’s better so I can work out with your videos again! (and maybe finally be able to try the PIIT). / Telomin

  94. Madeleine Wellbring says:

    I think the Tart Cherry sounds amazing! I don’t live in the states but am visiting in January so then I might actually get a chance to try it for real 🙂

  95. Alyssa says:

    Raspberry Lemon sounds so delicious! I’m going to try one soon!!

  96. Corina says:

    Ginger! I love everything with ginger 😀

  97. Yun Yen Fan says:

    I wanna try the grapefruit !!!!! 🙂

  98. Niccele says:

    Mango habanero

  99. Jocelyne Orellana says:

    Raspberry Lemon sooo refreshing <3

  100. jane norton says:

    Mango Habanero!

  101. zeycan yildirim says:

    Mango Habenero ? yummy yummy

  102. Liz Sanchez Barker says:

    Would love to try it, but can’t have caffeine. Is there a variety without caffeine?

  103. Petra says:

    I love mango, so I think I would definitely would like to try out the Mango Habanero! 🙂 Well, I hope at least I can try this out since they look really great! 🙂

  104. Zoya Merchant says:

    I’m so happy you made this post! I do drink Soda occasionally but my brother is obsessed with it so hopefully this article gets him to reduce that intake. My favourite flavor is definitely lavender melon!

  105. Nancy Lee Chong says:

    Lavender melon sounds delish!

  106. Arielle Brean Thomas says:

    Tart cherry!

  107. Alicia DiPerri says:

    Lemon and mint!

  108. Nina Juschka says:

    Pineapple peach definitely is my favorite one.. pure sweetness.. who needs soda instead? ?

  109. Sonia says:

    Mango habanero <3

  110. Sabrina Baichoo says:

    Lavender Melon~! Thanks for everything, Cassey!

  111. Anne says:

    Pineapple peach! Safe option but absolutely delicious combo 😀

  112. Haley Thompson says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!

  113. Maryline says:

    Raspberry lemon for sure ?

  114. Elisabeth Lessard Kranz says:

    Love the ginger!!!

  115. Jenny Cho says:

    All the flavours sound delicious but I’d have to pick Pineapple Peach as my fave! ??

  116. Khin Oo Thazin says:

    Raspberry lemon looks so refreshing. I just love all things tangy and citrusy. Cant wait to try it! x

  117. Olenka Marchewicz says:

    Mine would be Raspberry Lemon!!! It reminds me of all the autumn&xmas pies I used to bake with my granny:D Aww… It’s like Christmas in your mouth haha:D Cheers from polish girl living in Spain :*

  118. anykad92 . says:

    I have tried kombucha natural and it was good! I would like to try the ginger one 😉

  119. Jen says:

    Mmmm GINGER for me! I love that kick ??

  120. Kanzaㅤ says:

    Mango Habanero!!

  121. Viviana says:

    Raspberry lemon is my favorite!

  122. Rosie A. says:

    My favorite flavor is the Citrus Kombucha.

  123. Amara says:

    Citrus flavor!!

  124. diang says:

    Pineapple peach

  125. Konyinsola says:

    Love the Citrus flavor ???

  126. Essence Reid-Oxley says:

    Ginger! Definitely ginger!

  127. Abigail Hochberger says:

    Lavender Melon sounds

  128. Rachel Leung says:

    Raspberry Lemon??

  129. Alma Q says:

    Ginger for sure! One of my all time favs with any kombucha!!! ???

  130. LaTasha Johnson says:

    Grapefruit is amazing!!

  131. Han says:

    Mango Hanenero looks so tastyyyy!!

  132. Caitlin Marinig says:

    Raspberry Lemon sounds so refreshing! After reading this I am definitely going to give it a try!!!

  133. Daniela says:

    Tart cherry would definitely be my choice??

  134. Alice says:

    I want to try grapefruit soo bad!

  135. Nhung nguyen says:

    Lavender melon

  136. Iris says:


  137. Katie says:

    Raspberry Lemon! I also really LOVE their sparkling probiotic drinks! My absolute favorite is strawberry-acai coconut!! So good! ???

  138. Cynthia says:

    Love Kevita fizzy sparkly drinks my fave is the GINGER FLAVOR. Awsome post will share it with my mother in law that is addicted to Diet Coke.? Thank you Casey!! ?

  139. polka says:

    mine would have to be coconut for sure!!

  140. Andrea Thomas says:

    Ginger! Delicious and zippy!

  141. harshika sant says:

    Lavender melon:)

  142. Denise Christine says:

    Raspberry Lemon for me!

  143. Kristina Esekova says:

    Pineapple Peach :BEST COMBO EVEER

  144. Kestrel Lancaster says:

    Mm, tart cherry! 🙂

  145. Bethany Pope says:

    The Pineapple Peach sounds like it would be my favorite! But I’ll have to try them all! Thanks for the suggestion! ?


    Tart Cherry????

  147. Amanda Tuey says:

    Definitely the CITRUS flavour!!! It’s by far the more refreshing after a workout.

  148. Anna says:

    My favorite is pineapple peach!

  149. Bailey says:

    Ginger <3

  150. mkilner says:

    Lavender Melon! <3

  151. keanderson says:

    Raspberry Lemon looks amazing. I need to try this as a soda substitute to help with diminish those cravings.

  152. Reese says:

    Raspberry lemon???

  153. Tara Tung says:

    Definitely the Mango Habanero! 🙂

  154. Vicky C. says:

    Tart cherry ? ?

  155. Jade says:

    Mango habanero ❤❤

  156. Lilyrose says:

    Love Love LOVE?The raspberry lemon flavour of the Kevita series, soooo refreshing and delish!?? Thank you Cassey for all your hard work!

  157. Emily says:

    Mango Habanero sounds AMAZING because i’m in love with mangos!!

  158. Charlotte says:

    Kombucha is a game changer. Once you have it you’ll never want soda. I’ve been soda free for five years and just recently got into this miracle drink. Gotta agree with you on the best flavor it’s definitely raspberry lemon!

  159. Hannah Clark says:

    Grapefruit and raspberry lemon are always my go-to!!

  160. Geli says:

    Tart Cherry has my heart! 🙂

  161. Shraddha Naik says:

    Citrus sounds soo good! Anything tangy or spicy, my Indian taste buds will approve. But it’s really hard to give up on soda so I really really hope this helps me reach my body goals. Thank you cassey?

  162. Kitt Fay says:

    ?Ginger? Absolutely love the simplicity of it and the kick at the end to wake me up? Mhmmm

  163. Salena Le says:

    Raspberry lemon!

  164. Sierra says:

    Pineapple Peach sounds delicious! Too bad I can’t find any where I live 🙁

  165. Mary Albright says:

    Ginger! This flavor really helps with my energy levels and occasional stomach nausea. Love it!

  166. Megan Norman says:

    Tart cherry!!! And holy moly the struggle. I am off and on (mostly off) Soda. My main weakness is Mountain Dew. Gotta make it stick this time.

  167. Laila says:

    They all sound delicious but I’d probably try the Ginger first

  168. cristy hernandez says:

    ?I love the pineapple peach and the lavender melon! ? ? ? ?

  169. Mayra says:

    I think raspberry lemon sounds delicious ?

  170. Alice Lau says:

    I’ve never tried this brand before but The dragonfruit lemongrass sounds delicious!

  171. Becca Allison says:

    I’m ecstatic about Lavender Melon! It’s the best way to get a boost of zen energy mid day:)

  172. Nicole Lee Wheeler says:

    Raspberry Lemonade

  173. Leah says:

    I would love the Grapefruit! It’s one of my favorite fruits, and it makes me feel happy every time I eat it! I would love to try it in a drink, that’s not only inexpensive, but healthy! Can’t wait to buy this, and try their other flavors too!

  174. Carmelli says:

    I would LOVE the Raspberry Lemon! That flavor sounds so energizing and would be perfect to drink instead of soda, and its such a good price!

  175. Connie Feng says:

    pineapple peach or lavender melon!! 😀

  176. Julia Ferose says:

    Lemon Ginger ❤️ I have been drinking kombucha for about a year now and it helps incredibly with keeping a healthy digestive tract!! Love the post!

  177. Divania Timmal says:

    I am dying to try kombucha! I’ve heard such amazing things about it. And raspberry melon sounds divine.

  178. Molly Ballinger says:

    Drinking anything carbonated hurts my tongue! My drinking vice is definitely juice. I have to be careful with all the added sugar in those!!

  179. Kathy I. Ch M says:

    Lavender Melon sounds delicious ☺️

  180. Shirlin says:

    Mango Habanero! I really love mango and I would love to try it. Sounds really refreshing.. ?

  181. Sheryl says:

    Pineapple peach 😀 <3 yas

  182. Olivia says:

    Tart cherry for sure! I love drinks like this and I find that they are great pre-workout energy boosts too. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!

  183. Kelsey Kloezeman says:

    My favorite is probably the citrus Kombucha! I love anything citrus flavored. I used to drink soda a lot when I was younger but now I drink it less frequently. Whenever I went out to a restaurant I would always get a Sprite but now I rarely get a soda unless its a special occasion. I’ve been doing blogilates a lot lately and i’ve been feeling so much better about myself, so thank you!

  184. Brittany Chancey says:

    I love the Pineapple Peach flavor! Picked one up at my local Whole Foods and thought it was a great alternative to soda AND wine! Great taste similar to sparkling white wine/champagne with health benefits!

  185. Faith says:

    I think my favourite flavor would be ginger. Honestly I’ve never tried KeVita before but I’d definitely be interested in trying it! After I stopped drinking pop and soda, my body thanked me as I felt fantastic. Then, after three years of not drinking pop, I stole a sip of my friend’s Pepsi and had to immediately spit it out as it tasted so sugary, carbonated, and fake! I couldn’t understand why I ever liked it! So now I’m always looking for a healthier and more natural drink alternative 🙂 Next time I’m grocery shopping, I’ll be on the look out for KeVita!

  186. Zitlaly Valenzuela says:

    Citrus! ??

  187. Tiffany says:

    Raspberry lemon

  188. Natali Diamant Gazman says:

    MANGO HABANERO sound delicious.

  189. Kristin says:

    I would buy one to try and tell you which flavor I liked best, but I am in college and really shouldn’t buy one. I rarely drink soda anyways, but I would like to try a Kevita Kumbucha. An Amazon gift card would be great for buying books, but I am not willing to buy a $3 drink just for a chance to win one. Good luck to everyone else though!

  190. Amber says:


  191. Ashleigh says:

    Mmm the mango habanero sounds amazing!

  192. Nicole Hughes says:

    The Lovely Mix: Lavender Melon ?? ?

  193. Jarena says:

    I’d love to try mango habanero cause I’m obsessed with mangos.. even though mango habanero sounds like an interesting combination:))

  194. Heather Smith says:

    Mango Habanero! Love spicy!

  195. Lois Zielinski says:

    Lavender melon

  196. Emily Hamilton says:

    Also mango would be my favorite or raspberry 😀

  197. Emily Hamilton says:

    I know detox drinks really helped me with kicking my soda habits. So glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  198. Danielle Bautista says:

    I love the Pineapple Peach! But I am also a fan of Ginger because I’ve always appreciated the taste. Can’t wait to try even more!

  199. popkristinehealth says:

    The grapefruit looks delicious and refreshing!

  200. Katherine Wolff says:

    Tart Cherry, duh!! I have one every morning before school. Gives me that extra kick without any jitters.

  201. Jennifer M. says:

    I would really like to try the raspberry lemon ? I’m glad you are bringing awareness to the excessive sugar found in soda. It has been over a year since I have stopped consuming soda, and I’ve never felt better, but It would be nice to try another drink option besides water ?

  202. Jennifer Chen says:

    Raspberry Lemon!

  203. Lina Chau says:

    My flavor would be citrus, it’s always the most refreshing for me! I quit soda after I went on a road trip and got sick after drinking so much mountain dew…

  204. April Ngalot says:

    Lavender Melon ????

  205. Allisa says:

    Mango Habanero! Yum!!!

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    Grapefruit for sure!!! I love how refreshing it is!

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    Ginger flavor is my fav, helped me quit ginger ale soda

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    I love the Raspberry lemon kombucha ! ❤️?

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    Raspberry Lemon

  211. Abby says:

    I’ve never had any. My favorite flavored water is lemon and strawberry.

  212. Selina YunTing says:

    I’m addicted to Ketvita’s Lavender Melon! ? The combination of lavender and melon is simply AMAZING! Everyone should give this unique flavor a go!

  213. Lorna Vera Garnica says:

    Tart Cherry would be awesome to try ?
    How can something so sweet be so healthy at the same time? I would definitely quit soda from now on!

  214. Heather S says:

    Ginger hands down. Thanks for the super RAD and GENEROUS giveaway. Happy Holidays pretty girl!
    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  215. Rhonda G says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds tasty!

  216. My favourite Master Brew Kombucha flavour would be Raspberry Lemon ?

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    Mango Habanero is the best!

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    Mango Habanero wins for me – whether this may or may not be because mangoes are my favorite fruit, I’ll never know ??

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    I’d love to try them all, but my favorite is Pineapple Peach!

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    Dragonfruit lemongrass or raspberry lemon! ?

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    I feel like all of those flavors taste really nice, and i really agree with your article on soda because my parents rarely buy soda so i almost rarely drink them. I think my favorite flavor might be raspberry lemon

  230. Staci Hammer says:

    My fave flavor is mango habanero!

  231. Kristie Hoppe says:

    I haven’t tried these before, but you made them sound so good so I’m going to buy some. However, I think my favorite would be lavender melon. ?

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    lavender melon sounds amazing, Cassey!

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    Raspberry lemon is my all time favour combination of flavours!! ?

  239. Lexi Tingey says:

    Pineapple Peach all the way! <3

  240. Donna Dufrene-Alvizo says:

    I used to be addicted to diet coke and would get vertigo often. 6 years ago I quit cold turkey and drink nothing but water (and coffee!)…recently I tried Kevita sparkling probiotic in Mojita and LOVE IT!!!

  241. Jenny says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds like the perfect one for me! Will definitely try this out !

  242. Rose Stigers says:

    Pineapple!! I love kombucha, so much so that I started brewing my own. I haven’t in a while because my pregnancy brought on extreme nausea so I couldn’t handle the smell lol but shes almost two and I’m good now.

  243. Jennifer Chen says:

    I love the raspberry lemon flavor! 😉

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    The Dragonfruit Lemongrass has caught my eye ^^ I’ve always been a soda addict, but since a few years I’m trying to replace it with more water. Just hope someday I can do it 🙂

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    My favorite is the Mango Habanero! It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy!

  256. Aaliyah says:

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    It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it has that little rev-you-up kick that you get from hydration boosted by the capsaicin from the pepper! Love love. Plus what beats mango? I’d argue nothing ;P

  259. Lindsay Brabant says:

    Lavender melon 😀

  260. Sarah says:

    ???Hi Cassey! Pineapple Peach would have to be my favorite! It’s just the right amount of sour and sweet, like me ?. This article is very informative because my family drinks soda all the time! Kombucha is really popular where I live, too! Anyways, I love watching your videos (I try to do the turbo series everyday) and appreciate all the time and effort you put into your career. I hope you acknowledge this comment!

  261. Angelika Maryniak says:

    Ginger all the way!! It makes my belly feel so good!!

  262. Jennie says:

    Tart cherry sounds good!

  263. Michelle says:


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    I think I’d like to try the Ginger KeVita Kombucha first!

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    Lavender Melon!! I just love anything lavender (I really want to try the Pineapple Peach and Dragonfruit Lemongrass ones)

  268. Ruby Xiao says:

    Pineapple Peach ☺️ Sounds nice and sweet!

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  270. RIna says:

    pineapple peach HANDS DOWN. Life. changing. please everyone try it. It’s like a tropical paradise in Kombucha form.

  271. Mary Naputo says:

    Oooh I quit drinking soda junior year of high school 2014. I would only drink sprite during the holidays or parties if water isn’t offered. I’d have to drink from tap which I hate to do. I would love to try their pineapple mango, my two favorite fruits !! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  272. Aylla says:

    I enjoy anything cherry!! Definitely the Ke Vita Tart Cherry ?

  273. Stan Todorov says:

    MangoHabanero <3 <3 <3

  274. Annoula Xynogalas says:

    Ginger for that subtle spice in life 🙂

  275. Gina says:

    Ginger !!!!!!!! It’s my favorite when I’m getting sick or have an upset tummy !!! They just started selling Kevita in my Canadian city and I was over the moon when I found it in my local herb store !!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!

  276. Sara B. says:

    Mango Habanero, hands down!! <3

  277. Grace Johnson says:

    Pineapple Peach! Some of my favorite flavors!!!

  278. Ernie Zharani says:

    Mango Habenero!
    We started drinking kombucha early this year, homemade by our friend here in KL! They’re amazing!

  279. Denise Chau says:

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    DRAGONFRUIT LEMONGRASSSS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Inserts dragonfruit emoji??)

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    I love the ginger Kevita! It almost tastes like ginger ale and serves as a great replacement?

  290. Angel Yiu says:

    My fav flavour is mango habanero because it tastes really good ✨ love u cassey ❤️

  291. Random Videos says:

    My favorite flavor is ginger!

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    Raspberry lemon sounds delicious! I’d love to try KeVita out. Hopefully I can find some in a store near me 🙂

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    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds great but my favorite will probably be lemongrass!

  299. Lucy D says:

    Ahhh thank you so much for sharing this, Cassey! My sister has been addicted to soda for quite some time now, and she often laments the difficulty of quitting amidst a society that has vending machines at every corner and 2-liters at every social event. I’ll definitely be telling her about these and trying some out for myself. Raspberry lemon sounds like a delicious place to start!!

  300. Erin O'Brien says:

    Raspberry lemon!

  301. kako.ona says:

    Oooh, Pineapple Peach! Sounds so refreshing <3

  302. Sasha bolivar says:

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    Never saw KeVita in germany but usually grapefruit is my go to flavor! Maybe with that gift card i could order me some :]

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    Sounds yummy! I’ll have to get my hands on a bottle!?

  306. Jenny says:

    The raspberry lemon sounds SO good. Little bit of sweet, little bit of sour.

  307. Kimmy Austin says:

    I love Mango Habanero! ?? I love sweet foods with a little kick! It helps me to get up in the morning and face the day. ????

  308. Spicy Foodie says:

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  309. Carlykrings says:


  310. Amy Kouch says:

    Raspberry lemon!

  311. Jeannette says:

    The mango habanero and the lavendar melon sound amazing! My partner and I finally quit soda yearly this year and have since switched to water, but this sounds like a great alternative. I learned about the benefits a few years back and always enjoyed the taste of them. I love that they don’t give you a sugar crash.

  312. Paula Sun says:

    The citrus flavour looks good! Would definitely try it out if i had the chance!! 🙂

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    Mojito lime coconut! Although I’ve already cut pop to just a special occasion thing I have to check this stuff out! Thanks for the tip!

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    I need to stop my soda addiction, and alternatives like KeVita inspire me to do so!

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    I love you you’re such an inspiration!

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    I’ve never tried these, but they all sound

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    Mango Habanero is my favorite flavor, and that’s no surprise since I love the combination of sweet and spicy, and my favorite fruit is mango!!

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    Raspberry Lemon

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    Lavender melon sounds pretty tasty. Might even get me to try kombutcha again, since my last encounter with it was not so good.

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  343. Lauren Waters says:

    The raspberry lemon or pineapple peach. It’s hard to choose between them!!

  344. Dayanka Novvogue says:

    🌻Kevita Grapefruit! 🚵 is a zesty, invigorating, lusciously brewed beverage!

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  347. Lea says:

    I can’t wait to try Dragonfruit Lemongrass! They all look so good.

  348. Kristina M says:

    LOVEEEEE Lavender Melon ? I actually really loved reading this post! Right now my goal is to try and cutout all pop from my diet, so learning these tips and tricks is so helpful! Thanks !

  349. Brittany says:

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  350. Jessica Burks says:

    Citrus is my favorite! I’m so happy they carry this at my university!

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    Dragonfruit Lemongrass- Yum!

  353. Samantha says:

    Citrus! Hopefully a great substitute for sprite!

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    Raspberry Lemon – Did I spot you on the YouTube year in review video?

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  368. Michelle Kaestner says:

    My go to Master Brew Kombucha flavor is ginger. It has the right about of ginger, not too overbearing. It’s a nice pick me up for after a run or to start my day with. ❤️?

  369. Michelle Kaestner says:

    My go to Master Brew Kombucha flavor is the ginger. It has the perfect taste for a ginger lover like me ???

  370. Erica says:

    Pineapple Peach sounds soooo good!! I’m not a fizzy drink person but maybe I’ll try it out, thanks Casey!

  371. Su Jane Lim says:

    Kombucha is seriously the best way to get my sweetness for the day (or sourness occasionally) knowing I’m not taking in all those sugars!! Loveeeeeee KeVita’s Raspberry Lemon Kombucha <3

  372. Artisia says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass is amazing. It’s such an exotic combination you wouldn’t think could work but KeVita has got the recipe down!

  373. Fatima says:

    Lavender Melon sounds like something i would go for, imagine the aesthetic :DDDD and I really like the mild taste of melon

  374. Alexa says:

    I think my favorite would definitely have to be the Pineapple Peach! ?

  375. Sonja Steiner says:

    Definitely Dragonfruit + Lemongrass! I gave up fizzy drinks a couple of years ago and honestly it was one of the best decisions of my life! No need to be putting that nasty stuff into our bodies and polluting it – our bodies deserve more than that. I am sure that what you’ve written above will help a lot of people to lead healthier lives – you’re amazing, Cassey! Thank you for the opportunity to win this voucher too 🙂

  376. Darie Hristova says:

    I looove everything with Ginger! I would love to try the ginger one ???

  377. Jessica Godinez says:

    raspberry lemon sounds delicious!

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    Ginger!! It calms the tummy:)??❤️

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  381. Caitboss98 says:

    Citris and ginger

  382. Fiona says:

    My favorite flavor is grapefruit!!

  383. Daisy says:

    My favorite flavor would have to be CITRUS. Not only does it taste similar to Sprite (my Achilles heel), it’s infused with delicious tea flavoring (yummy ^^).

  384. Candice W says:

    Pineapple peach is where it’s at. ❤?

  385. Alexis says:

    LOVE kombucha my body feels so amazing and refreshed after drinking my daily Bucha ? I can’t choose just one ? but id have to say Ginger? it calms my tummy down after a meal too ?

  386. Ashley says:

    Mango Habanero – sweet, hot, yum!

  387. Sarah says:

    oooOo, the dragonfruit lemongrass! ?

  388. Corina says:

    The lavender melon is my favorite! It’s as calming and rejuvenating like a good yoga session 🙂

  389. Amy Beeman says:


  390. Cindy says:

    Pineapple Peach please!

  391. Gemma Loewenstein says:

    Ginger! I’ve always gotten ginger KaVitas and traditional Kombucha. It helps me with my sensitive stomach and it’s deliciously refreshing!

  392. Alexis Santos says:

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  393. Sahar says:

    Grapefruit (my favorite fruit)! And then maybe raspberry lemon! They sound quite good. 🙂

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    Raspberry Lemooon for sure, I bet it tastes amazing ??

  396. Phan says:

    I would really like to try raspberry lemon!

  397. Geary Keller says:

    Ok I’m 13 and I just tried one of these cause I love soda but I read this post and I read about your dad and literally it’s like warning bells in my head I swear! I’ve tried one of these Kombucha drinks before but I had no idea where to find it again cause it was sooooooo good! Raspberry Lemon is my favorite but I totally want to try that Mango Habanera one it sound super good!

  398. Christina says:

    Mango Habenero <3

  399. Alice Walters says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds soooo good

  400. Xiao M. says:

    My favorite is lavender melon! I found it in target and it’s been my favorite drink ever since! Lavender anything is good ?

  401. Claire felipe says:

    Dragon fruit lemon grass for sure!! Hope I win but it’s totally fine if I don’t ;))

  402. Rachel says:

    Tart Cherry!

  403. Lucy Miller says:

    Lavender Melon!!!

  404. El says:

    The Mango Habanero is my favourite for sure! Thank you for such an informative article; I’m going to work on cutting out soda!

  405. Blanis86 says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass, I love the taste of lemongrass, simply delicious

  406. Terra Ray says:

    Ginger! ?

  407. Kate says:

    Raspberry lemon for sure. It’s such a classic flavour blend, and lemon always perks me up and makes me feel refreshed.

  408. Dancing_piitprincess says:

    Raspberry Lemon for me and my kiddo!

  409. Jenna says:

    Ooooooo, I’ve never had this brand of kumbacha but the dragonfruit lemon grass looks amazing!!

  410. Ellyn says:

    Lavender melon!

  411. Ashley Alvarez says:

    My favorite is the grapefruit flavor! By far the best in my opinion!:)

  412. Allie Evans says:

    I love the Grapefruit Kevita Master Brew Kombucha! It is super refreshing and tickles my tastebuds. ✨ Kevita’s new Dragonfruit Lemongrass flavor also looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try it! ?

  413. Leslie says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds amazing!! I never heard of these until now; I can’t wait to get some!

  414. Shannon says:

    Getting rid of soda was relatively easy for me once two nutritionists told me it increases your chances of getting cancer D: so yeah…

  415. Aydrea says:

    Pineapple Peach sounds amazing!

  416. Florencia says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds delicious!

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    Lavender Melon! Yum!

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  419. Katana Pate says:


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    The raspberry lemon sounds delicious! ?

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    Dragonfruit and lemongrass

  422. Ashley says:


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    Definitely mango habanero!!!!

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    Raspberry lemon ? It sounds amazing!! Especially since I try to avoid soft drinks as much as pos

  425. Katie Miller says:

    Pineapple peach!!❤

  426. Haley Arnold says:

    My favorite flavor of anything is grapefruit. Such a sweet yet tart flavor. It’s the best thing ever. And I bet it will be great there too!! I’ve been soda free for almost 2 and a half months now, and to be honest I’m missing the fuzzy feeling. This would be so amazing to jump start a new healthy way or drinking. With the fun of fizz.

  427. Erin says:

    Pineapple peach sounds delicious!!! I used to be addicted to Dr . pepper, literally never drank water. I’d have coffee in the morning and switch to D.P. at like 11, and drink it till I went to bed. Everyday for like 2 years. Then I got pregnant, and quit cold turkey for over a year. I drink them every once in a while but very rarely. It would be great to have an alternative.

  428. Tori Kungli says:

    Ginger!! I love the spice it adds ?

  429. Hajin Cho says:

    I love love love the Citrus flavor. It is delicious and super refreshing. It’s the first kind I tried of the Kevita so I will gear towards that one when I want a Kevita. 🙂

  430. Ehi, Just be yourself. says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds delicious!

  431. Sarah Rachel Roth says:

    Raspberry lemon! Just had this the other day so delicious! ?

  432. Patty says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds so good!!! But the does as well…. they all sound good!! Lol!!

  433. Kendyl T says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass!! ?

  434. Laura Wallace says:

    the grapefruit sounds amazing, My flat mate and I made a pack to stop drink fizzy drink earlier this year, its been hard, but once you don’t have a drink of it in about a month or two when you do taste it again i have found that it now tastes really sickly sweet and the carbonation is over the top and puts me off drinking more. On the plus side I drink a lot more water now 🙂

  435. Jessica Wu says:

    Mango Habanero!!! <3

  436. sloan z says:

    Lavendar Melon for me! 🙂

  437. Lauren says:

    Ginger all the way for me! Yum!

  438. dueladent says:

    mango habanero because who doesn’t love mango? also spicy… and the name has a nice ring to it 🙂

  439. Gloria Jiang says:

    Dragonflies lemongrass or raspberry lemon sounds good

  440. Erica says:

    I love kombucha! The raspberry lemon sounds so refreshing. But the pineapple peach sounds amazing too. I may have to try them all.

  441. Nhi Lai says:


  442. Samantha Thomas says:

    They all sound yummy, but I gotta go with Pineapple Peach!!

  443. joyce fama says:

    dragonfruit lemongrass is def the bommmmbb!!!

  444. Stephanie Luttmann says:

    Grapefruit is my favorite! ❤❤❤

  445. kimberly garcia says:

    Mango Habenero it sounds super good

  446. Chantel says:

    I love kevita! I’ll have to try the pineapple peach next ??

  447. Mary says:

    Raspberry lemon, yummm! Happiness in a bottle 🙂

  448. Michaela watts says:

    I have been soda free for nearly 4 years now! I just decided one day that all that sugar and all those chemicals were not worth it. I have actually tried kombucha and I surprisingly liked the raspberry lemon one. I’m not a big fan of tea but that one was pretty good!

  449. Min says:

    Tart Cherry- wakes me up!

  450. Michelle Liang says:

    Lavender melon because I love both!!

  451. Lexi gallardo says:

    TART CHERRY ??? I can’t believe these are actually good for you since they taste amazing!! I’ve been soda free ever since my first one !

  452. Eliana says:

    Definitely the raspberry lemon ?!

  453. Joanne says:

    Ahhhhh you know I’m all about that pineapple peach!

  454. Sara Parsons says:

    I love kombucha! Can’t wait to try this brand. I love ginger and grapefruit.

  455. Jolie Horton says:

    Raspberry lemon is my favorite!!! ❤❤❤ And I bring water with me everywhere, and it so helps my soda addiction! Thank you!

  456. Taylor Stacy says:

    Raspberry lemon! I love kombucha, recently started brewing my own too ? Yum

  457. Maria Faye Francisco says:

    PINEAPPLE PEACH! Its so delicious! I recently discovered kombucha when I was in desperate need of probiotics and since then I cant stop drinking it. I love the fact that it’s flavorful and healthy!

  458. America Lucero says:

    Raspberry Lemon :3
    I remember my mom bought KeVita and I was like “ioooooohhh so fancy!” Because of the glass bottle XD

  459. Talia Schmitz says:

    Pineapple peach!

  460. k_sam says:

    I love the dragonfruit lemongrass!!

  461. Martina says:

    My favorite is ginger! ?

  462. Claudia González Bailador says:

    CITRUS!! 😀

  463. Milena Klose says:

    Definetely GINGER, I just love the slightly spicy taste and all the health benefits this root has to it 🙂 <3

  464. Beth says:

    Cherry anything but the Mango Habanero sounds like it would be amaaaazing , love me some kick.

  465. Shannon Gordon says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds the best to me!!

  466. Michelle says:

    This is amazing! I discovered kevita at the supermarket about 9 months ago in Canada. Although it’s not the kombucha, their fermented coconut water drinks are the bomb!

    But for the contest, I choose mango habanero (sweet and spicy, mmm mmm!!) or pineapple peach – anything peach is just divine! there are so many tasty choices, I can’t decide!!!

  467. Dawn Atiga says:

    Tart Cherry! AHHHH <3

  468. Sarah Mogil says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass ???

  469. Raidzzu says:

    Love mango flavor <3

  470. Ashley says:

    Raspberry lemon and ginger both sound amazing!

  471. Gabrielle Kaczor says:

    Raspberry lemon!

  472. Kennarae says:

    Pineapple Peach is the best flavor? Would love to win this. I love you Cassey! I do your workout videos every single day and follow the calender religiously. Thank you for being you and for motivating me every day❤️

  473. Angie says:

    Mango habanero! I love spicy food and this drink seems like a fun twist.

  474. Meaghan Kincer says:

    Pineapple peach ???

  475. Bri Considine says:

    Raspberry Lemon!!!

  476. Liz Yama says:

    I like the lavender melon. Lavender helps me stay calm and collective like the oil.

  477. Tiffany Ling says:

    the pineapple peach sounds so good!!

  478. Samantha says:

    Pineapple peach! ?

  479. Erum says:

    I love mangoes (that’s an understatement), so I think my fave flavor would be the Mango Habanero! ?

  480. Kylie Heng says:

    I thibk my fave would be either the raspberry lemon or pineapple peach, they both sound so good!

  481. Amelie says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds soo good, since I’ve literally been living off raspberries lately! ?

  482. Erika P says:

    The lavender melon sounds amazing! ❤️ I’ve never had kombucha but sounds like I need to give it a try!

  483. Anna says:

    And ginger since it’s Christmas soon))D

  484. Sanny Li says:

    Raspberry Lemon!

  485. Anna says:

    And maybe citrus…;)

  486. Julia Templeman says:

    Lavender melon!

  487. Ashley O'Leary says:

    Pineapple Peach ??

  488. Nila B says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!

  489. Anna says:

    I think I’ll like Raspberry Lemon flavour.)

  490. Ruby Gao says:

    Pineapple peach! ?

  491. Kristia Peschka says:

    Dragonfuilt Lemongrass would be the first I’d try. I love anything dragonfruit (yet I’ve never actually had a dragon fruit) ??

  492. Alyssa says:

    Raspberry lemon

  493. Samantha Acosta says:

    Pineapple peach sounds delicious!! I love kombucha but have never had that flavor! ?

  494. Cassandra Kidman says:

    Raspberry Lemon for the win!!???????

  495. Annkatrin Jung says:

    Raspberry lemon! But mango habanero sounds really interesting as well 🙂

  496. Kristjana says:

    Tart Cherry is my favorite! I didn’t see the mojito one on the website but that one is really good as well!

  497. Megan says:

    Pineapple peach is definitely calling my name! Such a better alternative to soda!

  498. Jessica M says:

    Ginger! The ginger is my favorite in the winter. It warms me up 🙂

  499. Carla Montrose says:

    My husband does what your dad used to do. It scares me so much because he has borderline high blood pressure and he is only 28. I can’t get him to stop!

  500. Ashley Economou says:

    Raspberry lemon ???

  501. Molly Stout says:

    Dragonflies lemon grass!!!

  502. Alyssa says:

    Pineapple Peach!

  503. Savannah Bennefield says:

    Raspberry lemon sounds delicious! I’ve never heard of this drink before but they all look so yummy ? I haven’t had pop in about 5 years and I tried drinking a Red Bull before because of the carbonization, but it made me feel so sick. Just going to stick to tea and water ?

  504. Laura Vernon says:

    The dragonfruit lemongrass sounds amazing! ?

  505. Cynthia Rojas says:

    My fav has to be the Mango Habanero!?

  506. Sarah G says:

    Grapefruit is my favorite!! I do this same thing by replacing my soda’s with yummy alternatives!

  507. Charlene says:

    Omg I love Kombucha! Ginger is my fav flavor ❤️
    Thanks for this wonderful article, Cassey! I used to be addicted to soda but feel so much better that I’ve given it up. I don’t even crave it anymore!

  508. Carli Atlakson says:

    Pineapple Peach! ?? The flavor combo makes me think of summer trips to the beach!! ?

  509. Jennifer McCarty says:

    I think i would like and need the Ginger one because of the digestive properties, but saw several I’d love to try!!

  510. Lok Lam Chan says:

    the lavender melon flavour sounds refreshing ❤️

  511. Brittany Campbell says:

    Pineapple Peach please!

  512. Lok Lam Chan says:

    aw love the dragonfruit lemongrass flavour ?

  513. Diana says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds so exotic and yummy ?

  514. Mary Sturges says:

    tbh i never get anything other than tart cherry ?❤️

  515. Isabel says:

    Citrus for me ??. I’m so thankful you give this opportunity to us ?

  516. Ellie C says:

    It’s not very exciting, but ginger is my favorite! I have an incredibly sensitive stomach, and ginger kombucha is one of the few things that will settle it. I was addicted to sofa until this time last year and kombucha was/continues to be my saving grace. ?❤️

  517. Emily Fite says:

    Citrus for me! Sprite is one of the sodas I’ve loved forever, so I’m very pleased to see a citrus flavor option! What a much better alternative. I’m glad you’re sharing this with us!

  518. Ashley Tune says:

    My favorite flavor is pineapple peach!

  519. Ariel Thao says:

    My favorite definitely has to be Raspberry Lemon. ??

  520. Fabia says:

    Pineapple peach all the way!!

  521. Jacqueline Heaney says:

    Ginger or raspberrie lemon. Yummy!

  522. Faith says:

    Lavender melon

  523. Kelly Le says:


  524. Erika Furlong says:

    Raspberry lemon looks delicious!!

  525. Kelly kim says:

    My favorite is the grapefruit!!! So delicious!!!!!

  526. Jennie Brevik says:

    Lavender melon is definitely the best! I’ve been drinking kombucha for years and I notice great effects each time I drink it ?

  527. Briianna says:

    Definitely Pineapple Peach! It sounds amazing! I’ll definitely have to go find me some! And this article… Amazing! I quit drinking soda years ago. Two years I went cold turkey and now I’ll maybe drink half a glass every rare blue moon haha Such a great subject to bring to people’s attention!

  528. lambbabies says:

    I love love love the pineapple peach. A little sweetness and a little tropical flavor to get me going.

  529. Samantha Gerrit says:

    Ginger all the way ❤️

  530. Jana Sophie says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds so lovely, it has to be my favorite!

  531. Jamie Sanchez says:

    Pineapple Peach!

  532. Hannah S says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass sounds delicious and exotic.

  533. Hannah says:


  534. Lauren Laverdiere says:

    Ginger for sure!! They have it at my university’s cafeteria and I get it all the time ??

  535. Claudia V says:


  536. Angela says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!

  537. Liv Reuter says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass!!??

  538. Joslyn Ravas says:

    Raspberry Lemon! ??❤️

  539. LindsayDee says:

    Oh my goodness… Mango Habenaro sparked my interest but so does Lavender Mellon! Thanks for the tips, Cassey!

  540. Jennifer Bürgin says:

    Citrus 😀

  541. natalie d says:

    Pineapple peach ???

  542. Dana says:

    Pineapple peach!! I think I’d really wanna try that out

  543. Danette says:

    Ginger for sure! Gives the double punch to my awful heartburn and indigestion ! : )

  544. Liv says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass!!

  545. Sandra Phan says:

    Mango habanero! Sounds delicious and also adventurous!

  546. Larissa Taylor says:

    Lavender lemon sounds so refreshing and tasty! Cutting out soda is one of my self-care goals for this month!

  547. Anita says:

    My dad loooooved his sodas too ?
    Pineapple peach would def be my first choice!

  548. Brooke Ard says:

    Raspberry Lemon ?
    Raspberries cost a lot near me, so the cheapest way to get this goodie is through healthy drinks.

  549. gemma blair says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds really interesting

  550. Ellen says:

    Lavender melon! I love drinking kombucha as a soda alternative and lavender is calming. Probiotics ftw!

  551. Gertrude says:

    PINEAPPLE PEACH! it’s definitly worth the capitals, it just reminds me so much of summer ! Awesome giveaway btw – x

  552. Sienna says:

    I’ve always been weary about kombucha, fermented things tend to freak me out, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying that pineapple peach or lavender melon sounds intriguing ?

  553. Na Lê says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass is the best flavor to me. I used to love soft drink until I know Cassey’s chanel. I quit after I knew what it does to my body. Thank you so much Cassey

  554. Caitlin says:

    Love love love the ginger

  555. Irthe de Jong says:

    Lavender melon! It’s absolutely delish

  556. Naomi says:

    The lavender melon is my absolute fave! Had some with my breakfast today!

  557. сімона says:

    My fave flavor must be anything with either citron or raspberry.

  558. Common sense says:

    Raspberry Lemon <3

  559. blogilateslara says:

    I’d love the ginger flavoured one!

  560. Laura says:

    Pineapple Peach! Omg it sounds so good!
    I’m really glad you shared this post! I quit soda for about two years but 2016 was a bad year for me. I somehow started craving pepsi and haven’t been able to stop it. But i also haven’t really been thinking about how bad it is for you. Sometimes you just need that reminder. 2017 will be a great year and i’m adding NO POP to me new years resolutions this year!

  561. Jamie Lee says:

    Hmm draginfruit lemon grass 🙂

  562. Isabella says:

    Dragon fruit lemongrass!! 🙂

  563. Nashka says:

    Mango Habanero

  564. Jillian says:

    Raspberry lemon is delicious! & pineapple peach sound like a good one to try!!

  565. Marisa Vanzant says:

    Tart cherry!

  566. Aimee Medina says:

    Lavender melon is my favorite!! Any melon-flavored drink is so good!!

  567. Christine says:

    Tart cherry sounds amazing

  568. Molly Peterson says:

    raspberry lemon- ???

  569. Anita says:

    The new citrus flavor!

  570. Kat Macotela says:

    I love raspberry lemon :B

  571. Caitlin says:

    Definitely grapefruit, it’s my favorite ❤️

  572. Alicia Kopp says:

    Tart cherry!

  573. Caitlyn smith says:

    My favorite flavors would have to be dragonfruit lemongrass or grapefruit ?❤️❤️

  574. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh lavender Mellon for sure : D

  575. Marisa says:

    Lachender and Melon!!

  576. Kris Parker says:

    Pineapple Peach sounds so good. I’m going to pick it up on my next trip to Whole Foods.

  577. Anto Rivarola says:

    The rasberry lemon one!!!

  578. Hana Steixner says:

    lavender melon ?❤️

  579. Caitlin McDermott says:


  580. Aimee says:

    Ginger! Love kombucha!

  581. Brittaney John says:

    Raspberry lemon ?

  582. Leah says:

    Citrus or Grapefruit for me! <3

  583. Ed says:

    Lavender melon gosh?

  584. Caitlin Thomas says:

    Pineapple peach!

  585. ikkinlala says:

    I love Grapefruit.

  586. Annie says:

    Lavender melon!!

  587. Jessica ? says:

    Raspberry Lemon sounds delicious, refreshing, and totally healthy! I am so trying that one! ??????

  588. Bevin mccartan says:

    Either grapefruit or raspberry lemon. To be honest though I’d take any flavour, kombucha is so good for you as a prebiotic and I don’t have the time or space to make my own!

  589. Krista Rose says:

    Raspberry lemon and the apple cider vinegar tonic are great!

  590. katlynedwards says:

    The raspberry lemon is the bomb!

  591. Lauren says:

    Grapefruit FTW!

  592. Rach says:

    Raspberry + Lemon, yummy! Perfect little summer refresher!

  593. Sophie says:

    The first kombucha drink I ever had was ginger — gotta stick with the classics!

  594. kelsey richardson hayes says:

    Forever Grapefruit♡♡♡

  595. Amanda Rosenfeld says:

    Hibiscus Berry…great idea to motivate people to quit soda! I stopped drinking it back in high school to help me feel in “cleaner” shape for swimming

  596. Bonnie says:

    Pineapple peach?? all the way! I love this flavor so much ? and it gives me so much energy without all the unnecessary sugar!

  597. Agatha Valentin says:

    I like citrus flavor is basically THE BEST ,I lovee ????

  598. Catherine S says:

    I haven’t tried kombucha before (though I have friends who swear by it), but if I were to try a flavor, pineapple peach would be the one! It sounds seriously amazing 🙂

  599. Erin says:

    I looove kombucha! Ginger is my favorite, since traditionally it is also good for your stomach I feel like it’s doubletime amazing for the gut! <3

  600. Sabrina says:

    Lavender melon sounds really interesting!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  601. Lori says:

    Raspberry Lemon!!!

  602. Ally says:

    Definitely Lavender Melon! ? I’ve always loved the refreshing taste of melon after a workout or to wake up, and lavender always reminds me of my grandma. She had it in the garden, perfume, bath oils, and tea!

  603. tamiko leimomi says:

    Definitely raspberry lemon love anything with raspberries so yummy!

  604. Claire M says:

    Lavender Melon ? ???

  605. Sarah says:

    Mmm raspberry lemon! I discovered kombucha a while ago when my friend’s family drank it for gut health.

  606. Kenzie says:

    Rasberry Lemon :))

  607. armylshawol says:


  608. Nina Lue says:

    Pineapple Peach sounds nice to me ?

  609. Ruth says:

    Ginger, of course! It is so good!

  610. Essi Sippola says:

    The Dragonfruit lemongrass looks amazing!!! Wish I’d have those where I live haha. Thankfully I’m not into fizzy drinks, they make me feel a little bit funny haha.

  611. Danielle says:

    Great tips!

  612. Ana Barbara Reyes says:

    Pineapple peach!!!!! ??????❤️?

  613. Thuy-Anh Nguyen says:

    citrus all the way haha ????

  614. Jiyoon Chon says:

    Pineapple peach!! So refreshing and delicious! Thank you Cassey for this amazing article. You are an inspiration to so many!

  615. Samantha Ann says:

    definitely the Raspberry Lemon!

  616. Gina Yi says:

    Raspberry lemon! Sooo good❤

  617. Beki says:

    Tart cherry?…but honestly I would have liked to try them all ?.

  618. Alayna Walters says:

    Raspberry Lemon ?

  619. Emily says:

    Definitely dragonfruit lemongrass; it’s absolutely delicious

  620. Heather McG says:

    My favorite is the Raspberry Lemon! I love how refreshing it is!

  621. sydchez says:

    Definitely ginger!

  622. Lavender melon actually sounds veryou interesting. I personally like to spice up my water with cucumber apple anstore mint.

  623. Andrea Russell says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass! Lemongrass is amazing in, on, or with anything.

  624. Mona says:

    In my whole entire life, since I was a kid I have never liked soda ??? really glad

  625. Victoria says:

    Pineapple ? Peach ?

  626. Maja Szewczuk says:

    My fav would have to be Dragonfruit Lemongrass because, for one, it tastes refreshing, exotic and flows through your system with new energy like a jungle river and it doesn’t hurt that it makes you feel like the qeen of dragons

  627. Alayna Walters says:

    Raspberry lemon is my favorite too!!!

  628. Vivien Xu says:

    Grapefruit and raspberry lemon sounds so good right now omg!

  629. bibi says:

    love this and you!!! detox water is so goodbye especially if you let it sit out so the water soaks up the juices 🙂

  630. Mona says:

    Pretty much all the fruits????

  631. Mona says:

    And pineapple too. ??

  632. Veronique says:

    Mango Habenaro!!

  633. Shelly says:

    Raspberry Lemon. This will definitely be one of my go to drinks when I’m craving Sosa. 😀

  634. Mona says:

    And also grapefruit ?

  635. Cathy tan says:

    Dragonflies lemongrass sounds interesting!

  636. Mona says:

    Omg I like mango flavour ?

  637. Rachel says:

    Lavender Melon! ?

  638. Delia Claudette says:

    Mango Habanero seems nice! Would love a spicy kick into my drink to wake me up instead of reaching out to other unhealthy drinks. Ik i prefer water at all times but a healthy drink once in a while doesnt make me feel as guilty!

  639. Anna says:

    Raspberry lemon is the best! ??

  640. Kathy says:

    I love kevita! I’m always grabbing the citrus one.

  641. Taylor says:

    Lavender melon!?

  642. Daisy H. says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass! I love dragonfruit!

  643. young_writer says:

    Not a huge kombucha fan but maybe the raspberry lemon would be good!

  644. Jessica Z says:

    I have yet to try KeVita, but I will look for it now sounds yummy! The Dragonfruit Lemongrass especially. Thank you for the giveaway, and all your positivity Cassey!

  645. Chelsea says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass sounds awesome, but I would totally try them all!!! Love drinks like this, because I’m not a big fan of soda so plain water can get boring. Need to get a hold of these!!!

  646. Corinne Lowe says:

    Lavender Melon

  647. Amelie says:

    Dragonfruit lemongrass ? Although I’m not a huge fan of lemongrass, this one taste great !

  648. Jasmine McCoy says:

    Pineapple Peach!! ?

  649. Karen zaide says:

    ?? pineapple peach for me!!! ✨? Anything tropical is my goto ?✨?

  650. Rehan says:

    The ginger is my favvvvvvv!!!

  651. Martina says:


  652. Sarah Jane Keller says:

    Lavender Melon, ginger and raspberry lemon. Too many great ones to even pick a favourite!

  653. Madi says:

    Rasberry Lemon

  654. Laura Hawk says:

    Sugar and spice and all things nice ? My favorite flavor is the Mango Habenero. Sweet and spicy is always the best combo??! PB and Banana, A spicy salad with fruit, mango habanero….Snickers ? It’s all too good!

  655. Adriana says:

    Dragonfruit Lemongrass!❤️ My dad drinks coke everyday. I’m going to introduce him to these and challenge him to stop drinking so much soda.

  656. Sydney says:

    Pineapple peach looks real good?? I’ve quit drinking soda for about 2 years now, I’ve always just drank water but these look amazing and I will definitely have to try!?

  657. Lindsay says:

    Raspberry Lemon ❤ Though they are never in my grocery budget since they are kind of pricy and I work as a substitute teacher and don’t make a lot of money.

  658. MackenzieBlack says:

    Grapefruit or lavender???

  659. Anna Blythe says:

    Pineapple Peach!!