Having a hard time working out at home? This might help…

So. The gyms are closed and soo many of us have been thrown off of our fitness routines. That change has been hard to swallow for a lot of people – including me! I love going to the gym. It’s my escape and it’s where I feel strong. However, I’m choosing to keep my workout routine up at home. Yeah, it takes some planning and it’s harder to find motivation. But you know what? Staying active is seriously keeping me sane and positive. And that is really important for all of us right now. 

If you’ve been struggling to find the motivation to workout without escaping to the gym, here are some tips to help GREAT about working out at home. Before you get started, here’s a thought to help change your attitude: this small change in programming is just that – small. We’ll be back in our gyms before we know it and I’m thinking our bodies will actually benefit from this change of pace! So let’s get to it!

1. Schedule your home workout!

Pencil. It. In! I really like to physically write everything down, from to-do lists to workout schedules. But you can totally use your phone calendar or whatever schedule you want. No matter what you pick, include your workout on your schedule. MAKE it part of your day. And don’t skip it.

2. Follow a workout calendar

Planning your own workout is hard! And if you’ve ever worked out kind of aimlessly, you know it isn’t the best way to exercise. I struggle with this sometimes, which is why I loooove workout calendars. It’s just nice to have a plan, right?! A workout calendar takes the planning out of the equation so all you have to do is grab your weights and follow along.

3. Get sweaty with your friends

You probably know about virtual happy hours…what about virtual fit dates? I’d TOTALLY get on board with that! Just Facetime your friends and workout together! You’ll stick to your workout schedule and motivate your friends to stick to theirs too. Plus, you’re more likely to push a little harder when you have some company for your workout – even if they aren’t physically with you!

4. Make a Youtube playlist of your faves

Indecisiveness is the ultimate motivation killer. Trust me. I KNOW. Don’t sit there scrolling through Youtube looking for a good workout for 30 minutes. Chances are, you’re gonna decide to just forget it. Instead, make a playlist (or a set of playlists) of your favorite workouts. Then they’re ready to go and you can jump right in.

5. Lay out your workout clothes the night before

Get your pretty workout clothes and lay it out before you go to bed. When you wake up, you’ll instantly remind yourself about your workout. Maybe you can even go a step further and actually put your workout outfit on as soon as you wake up. Once you’re dressed, you’re committed, right?! Plus – that cute outfit is gonna make you feel strong and ready to crush it. 

6. Refresh your music

Music is an AMAZING motivator. Make a playlist of the songs that always make you feel good and energized! Then, listen to them before and during your workout.

7. Make it part of your routine

First, figure out what time of day you feel BEST working out. I’m totally a morning person and I need to start my day with some movement. If I workout too late in the day, I just feel sluggish the whole time. Make your workout part of your routine, when you know you’ll be the most up for it. 

8. Leave yourself reminders

Hold yourself accountable! Leave yourself notes of encouragement on your bathroom mirror, on your phone wallpaper, on the kitchen counter – anywhere! It will be harder to skip your workout when it’s in the front of your mind. Little encouraging notes to myself always put me in a good mood too. 

9. Commit to at least starting

Motivation is like a mind game sometimes. Most of the time if I don’t feel like working out, I know that I’ll feel better if I just start. I think getting started is the hardest part for a lot of us, right?! So commit to doing the warm up, or commit to doing 10 minutes. Once you start moving, you’ll feel energized and ready to crush the rest of your workout.

10. Create a dedicated space to workout at home

Do you have to have a fancy home gym? Nope. But you can dedicate a small area as your workout space. Having your yoga mat and light weights in sight will make it easier to feel motivated.

Hopefully this helps if you’ve been struggling to find your groove at home! Remember this is temporary and you need to keep moving to take care of yourself! Staying home may be stressful, but exercise will help. What are some other ways you stay motivated to workout at home? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Laura says:

    Dear Cassie,

    I have a hard time staying consistent in my workouts as well as eating habits. A lot of the time I have started when I felt my mental health was good, but then when it spiraled all “good and healthy” habits went out the window. How do you recommend to get back on track? As far as my mental health goes, im in therapy and on medication for my depression. Now that I feel like im getting myself back, how do I start over and stay consistent?

    Forever Starting Over

  2. E says:

    I’m a teen and I feel embarrassed working out at home. I feel like my whole family is watching and judging me, and it makes it harder to motivate myself to workout. I know most of you probably don’t have this problem, but if you have suggestions about how to think about working out with out feeling self concious I’d love to hear!

    1. Maybe talk to them about it. Explain that you feel uncomfortable and scrutinized while you workout, maybe go in a separate room? Or, best of all- go outside. It’s so refreshing! Maybe your family will even be motivated to workout with you….;) hope this helps!

  3. Sky Lee says:

    these workouts truly work, I had been doing cardio at the gym for a month 6 days a week and only lost about 2 pounds. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and I have already lost 5 pounds. I sweat way more with this than the gym. I actually feel like I am putting in a lot of work. thank you for providing these workouts for free!!

  4. Yesenia De Alba says:

    Hey Cassie, I had a question for you. This is a rumor I heard and I wanted some insight on it is it true that you really start burning fat thirty minutes into a workout? Also I heard it’s way better to workout in the mornings?

    Totally love your calendars by the way me and my sister do them together and it definitely brought us close together!

  5. Debbie says:

    I love your workout calendars!! Just found them the 2nd week in though, BUT have not stopped since I started April 5th!! I love to pencil them in to my personal calendar to plan out my week. What day do you put the next months calendar?

  6. Karen says:

    Get out of bed and dressed completely before your brain completely wakes up!! …. do not give yourself time to make excuses x

  7. Nan says:

    I am newbie for this calendar, but i will try my best. Thank you so much for your calendar

  8. Imi Rog says:

    I need to workout after lunch, so anywhere between 1-5pm. Today, I worked out at 6:15pm. As I live in Australia, nights are getting darker quicker. I just don’t like working out in the dark. I know there are so many people who workout straight after they wake up, I need some breakfast and to actually be up for an hour before I start moving my body. I loved your Quarantine Series! I did these in my hour lunch break, 5-10 mins after my light lunch and loved every day! Thanks Cassey! I’m going to start the 20/20 calendar now! I did the 100 ab challenge this January and try to add in my favorite days into my daily workout!

  9. Kat says:

    I haven’t worked out in ages and just started three days ago. I LOVE your workouts!! Im overweight and out of shape but I’m doing as much of each workout as I can – your personality and charisma keep me motivated! And I’m so surprised by how much I’m enjoying it!! Thank you!!

  10. mbali3samsalt says:

    I reeeeeallly needed this. Thank you! 😃

  11. Fanny says:

    Thank u so much for all u do. U r amazing and don’t ever stop. Yes it’s hard at times but I try my best to keep motivated. U are a big part of my motivation. Thank u once again.

  12. Katie says:

    Great tips! They are really helpful!

  13. Hannah says:

    Hi Cassey! Love these tips! I’d never thought about making a youtube playlist of my fave workouts but I will definitely be doing this for days when I don’t feel like working out and I’m looking for something fun! Something that has helped me during lockdown is opening my blinds and windows so that it feels like I’m kind of outside even though I am not! I love running outside but I’ve been reserving my one allowed outside exercise for an afternoon walk with my partner so it is great to feel like I’m working out outside even though I am not! Also makes it less uncomfortable when I start getting hot and sweaty!

  14. Annie says:

    #5 is the best motivation for me. I lay out my clothes the night before, and if I can just roll out of bed and immediately put them on, I have no option other than to just go ahead and workout!! Thanks for the other great ideas Cassey 🙂

  15. sheaborton says:

    what kind of water bottle is that? I saw one at work the other day, and I was wondering about it then, too.

  16. sumi says:

    i was having such a bad day this morning, and *almost* wasn’t going to work out. but i did anyways! yes, it was a half-assed workout, but i got out of bed and did something to help me achieve my goals, and im so proud of myself. if you’re struggling with your mental health, know that doing five pushups is better than doing nothing xx

  17. Eve ! says:

    yasssss! thank u<3 be strong and stay safe

  18. yara says:

    love this

  19. Noelie says:

    I love this tank u

  20. Lin says:

    Loved last year’s summer sculpt program never tried plilatise before didn’t know if you could realy strengthen up. Was realy happy with my results now I follow your every post . Can’t thank you anothe:)

  21. Lyn says:

    Thank for your suggestions I always enjoy your workouts and look forward to flowing more.

  22. I’m always open to accountability in workout buddies so we can motivate each other! 🙂 anybody would like to create a group or be partners?

    1. abbey4623 says:

      @abbeyg4623 on Twitter.. I need a workout buddy/ buddies. Let’s motivate each other!

    2. Eve ! says:

      hey linda! im so in:) lemme know if ur thinking of anything srs. <3Eve

  23. Emily says:

    I can’t wait for the April calendar! The first thing I do every morning is your workout calendar and it sets me up for the rest of the day. I found I’m definitely better working out in the morning as I’m too tired by the evening.
    Hope you, your family and all the POPsters are all well! Xx

  24. Court says:

    With all the uncertainty at the moment, I feel that exercise is such an important part of self care. Not just to have a banging body, but to keep mentally healthy too. The longer we are isolating, the more important setting aside time to get the blood pumping and do something becomes. I put on a playlist of my favourite songs and go for a walk or run with my dog.

  25. bobbie says:

    Cassey – sometimes I get really upset/hurt by the idea that im really chubby and that puts me off exercising, because i feel like i will never get the body that i want. how do i get into the mindset of loving the journey and not the end goal, without feeling terrible? I know it is easy to say it, but how do i feel it? 🙁

  26. Saraahx says:

    Working out to good, upbeat music is KEY for me!!! It puts you in the mood but also give your mind a break when you are burning. Doing fun workouts too, which is obvious but it does make a big difference. I think that changing your routine even just a little does wonders, like dancing or doing workouts you’re not used to doing, doing (more) cardio, get inspired by other people’s workouts etc. I guess that thinking about exercising in terms of you being stronger and better is a huge motivator as well! I definitely agree with the “rule” of only 10 minutes of a workout is better than nothing