How to Earn FREE Activewear!

How to Earn FREE Activewear!

Hey guys!

Weekly, the Blogifam has meetings about you guys, our POPsters! We always talk about what more we can do for you, how can we make being a part of the Blogilates community a cooler experience, and basically how we can keep you motivated and having fun. One of the topics that kept coming up was, how do we get more POPsters into POPFLEX? How do we get you to give it a try? Because we knew…once you tried it, felt the fabric, felt how it slipped onto your body like a glove, you would fall in love! But, we knew that the reality was that for a lot of our younger POPsters, POPFLEX seemed inaccessible.

So, this brought me back to thinking about my olden days in high school. If you can’t buy it…can you at least EARN IT?

Not sure if you guys remember, but I used to run a cookies business as a high schooler and then a high-end prom corsages business as a college student. Both spread wildly through word of mouth because we had a program that helped students earn free cookies and free corsages. It was like a “refer 10 friends and get a free custom corsage” type thing. Being able to work for cool things just by telling your friends while not having to spend any of your own money made everyone so happy!

So I thought, oh man! This is SUCH a great way for you guys to EARN your way to own an awesome POPFLEX wardrobe! Today, I AM SO THRILLED to announce to you the POPFLEX Rewards Program!


In addition to getting 250 points off the bat just by making a free account on and following @popflex_active on IG and on facebook, you will earn 500 points when your friend buys anything from our store for the first time! Yup. We really want you to know that we APPRECIATE YOU for sharing our clothes with your friends.

And…guess what? Once you rack up 750 points (basically refer a friend + make an account + follow us on FB & IG), you get $10 to spend on just like that. I mean, it is very very easy to earn your first POPFLEX piece without having to pay anything!

Why are we doing this? Simply put…cuz I want to keep giving back to you guys. I want you to be rewarded every time you choose to trust in my designs and this young brand. It really means to world to me. As far as I know, there is no other activewear brand out there doing something like this. And with the quality of our clothes being as good or even better than Lululemon’s but priced at HALF of their price tags, I think you’ll have an easy time convincing your friends to try it out ;P

Now, I’m also going to be very honest.

Of course the other reason why I want you and your friends to wear POPFLEX is because of my selfishness as a designer and entrepreneur. I have a dream that one day, POPFLEX will be a bigger, better well-known brand that people all over the world will recognize. I want to see this brand GROW. I want to keep designing! I want to see more people wearing it and loving it! To see these creations that started as a mere sketch in my sketch book, then come to life is just. UGH. I can’t even.

THIS IS HOW I FEEL: It’s like the scene at the end of a movie where the underdog/protagonist finally achieves that ONE THING everyone said she couldn’t do, then she takes a moment to stand on top of a hill overlooking the city, eyes glassy with tears, triumph in her heart, and she looks off into the sunset with the wind blowing through her hair. YOU KNOW THAT SCENE RIGHT!!???

Anyway, this relationship we have – always giving to one another – it’s healthy. And I want to nourish our friendship everyday. I want you to know that you’re really important to me.

So, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next few weeks (fingers crossed).


Is that a little peplum action?!!! Maybe. A jacket? Maybe. A nice thick one that’ll keep you warm…promise. Plus an accessory to keep you even warmer…


I’ll give you a real clue though. The word hiding under those pens are “ankle biter”. Take a moment and think about what that means. I think you’ll really like it though because you’ve been asking for it! ;P

Okay, I have given away too much. I must stop now.

Well, go sign up for the Rewards Program! It’s free! GO!



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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey! How do I use the earned points? Do I get a coupon code or something like that? I’ve earned 2400 points so far and I wanted to spend them on yesterday’s purchase but I didn’t know how. And I can’t find any explanation on how to spend the points on the website… please help! 🙂
    Thank you!!!

    1. Lisa says:

      I have the same problem

  2. estelle DEBRUYNE says:

    Hey Cassey! Thanks for your honesty with us! I love that.
    I’d like to help but for us abroad (I’m from France), it’s easier to just order once if you see what I mean. We’re more likely to just do one order so shipping cost is not too costly :p. I just wanted to let you think about it.

    I’d love to help you the way you have helped me. I often talk about your videos on YOUTUBE. I think about ordering PIIT28 but is it a video or an ebook?

    1. blogilates says:

      It’s an ebook and a bunch of videos too!

  3. Elise says:

    So excited!!!! I have $0 right now (food and bills) BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE the line!!!! Thanks for sharing Cassey and keep it coming!!! But, take care of yourself too 😉

  4. RJ Cash says:

    How can I become a VIP person so I can get it cheap?

    1. blogilates says:

      We got rid of the VIP program and gave EVERYONE the lower prices instead!

      1. RJ Cash says:


  5. Lisa says:

    Isn’t there any way that your workouts can be added in My Fitness Pal App as workouts and total calories burned?