How to Dress like Jillian Michaels

How to Dress like Jillian Michaels

I was inspired to do this after I got some cool cropped sweat pants. The only thing I could think of was “this is so Jillian Michaels”. I guess that’s the only thing I think of when I see cropped sweat pants. Ha. So I gathered some of my other Jillian-esque goods and filmed this review vid.

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Ok and here’s where to get the clothes featured:

MPG Cropped sweat pants, $48, XS:

MPG White hoodie, $72, XS:

NUX Serena Seamless Foldover crops, $52, small:

MPG Eris Black sports bra, $17.50 on sale!, XS:

MPG black essential strap tank, $28, small:

ALO Pink Strappy Scoop Neck Bra, $36, small:

I got XS in MPG because they tend to run big on me. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to sub! What vid should I do next on my fashion channel?

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