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Hey POPsters!

Here it is! Your new HIITilates routine!!!!!

HIIT + Pilates = HIITilates

High Intensity Interval Training + Core strengthening + Total Body Tightening moves = your new favorite workout for effective fat burning and muscle toning!

Enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think! I am dying to know!

Now, I need you to do 2 things now for the 31 days of #POPsterPresents. We are on Day 3 and 4!:

1. Click on the video title (or click here) and head over to YouTube to like and comment the vid for a chance to win a TRAIN LIKE A BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY tank



2. Leave a comment on my last post to win the POPster Necklace!


I am picking 2 winners tonight!!!

Ok time for bed now. I hit the gym hard yesterday and did glutes. My legs started spazzing afterwards and I walked like a zombie! It was insane. I need the rest, the recovery, yet again it is 4am and here I am!!! Ahhhh not a good example of what your sleep habits should be. I’m working on it though!!!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. I simply could not depart your website before suggesting that I actually
    enjoyed the usual information an individual supply on your guests?
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  2. Aliza says:

    Ummm I don’t have the password for the calendar even though I am following this blog????

  3. Sophie says:

    OMG! My abs are so sore! Amaze workout! xo

  4. Eddie says:

    Cassey, I could NOT do the sit up move at all. 🙁 is there an alternative for us beginners? It made me feel stuck, literally and figuratively lol. Thanks, much love!

  5. Jennifer says:

    That was fun but hard! Thanks for all your support!

  6. Aude says:

    OMG, thanks Cassey for this workout ! it is amazing ! I did it today, it was hard but I did my best, it’s hard to keep up sometimes you make it seems so easy and you always cheer us to do our best and I gave my best (didn’t make as many repetition as you did but did all the way through). ! thanks again can’t wait ’til your next video !

  7. Rebecca says:

    Thank you Cassey! This was my first workout with you. I love both pilates and HIT, so this was awesome! I’ll definitely be keeping up with the other activities!

  8. Vadore says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been following you for about 8 months now and well into the new year! You’ve motivated me and helped transform me into the women I am today, my adorable 4yr old enjoys working out with me and also enjoys your music you play. I completed the HIITILATES video this morning and it was an INSANELY AWESOME COMBO workout! So much that I thinks I will do it again later this afternoon after a run!
    Besitos xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Yi-Li Lim says:

    I loved the HIITilates workout video! 😀 I’m off to do a few more videos before having the 2 ingredient banana pancakes for breakfast(well maybe 3. might add in some cinnamon powder) 😉 Thanks Cassey! 😀

  10. Joan says:

    Hi Cassey ! 🙂 I just want to thank you for the whole REAL Blogilates Community because it has really changed my life drastically ! I wouldn’t consider myself unhealthy before , but now I am definitely more fit and eating clean more frequently. I found a new confidence in myself physically and mentally. Although I still have bouts of times when it gets tough to keep up with my new lifestyle , I never want to stop because I feel so much more energetic and alive ! ^^ Thank you Cassey.

  11. Regina says:

    I did the workout for today about an hour and a half ago! I also decided to start the 90 day diet challenge!!! I live with my parents and they talk about eating healthy and working out and they are not commuting. I’m hoping to set the example and eventually motivate them to be healthy too!!! I’m a personal trainer but only have a year and a half under my belt. I am looking for different techniques and I am definitely loving the pilates style!!! Keep up the good work Cassey!!! You are inspiring!!!!

  12. Louiza says:

    Woah I’m gonna go try it out now!
    Thanks Cassey for the video! <3

  13. Michelle says:

    AAHH! The cutest necklace i’ve ever seen. Something to remind us POPsters who we are and what we are capable of. Thanks Cassey!
    POPster Michelle<3

  14. Michelle says:

    AAAAH! The cutest necklace I’ve ever seen. Something the remind us POPsters we are and what we are capable of!:)

  15. Ashley says:

    Hey Cassey! I just finished the cardio crazy for today and i am DRENCHED in sweat. Thank you for constantly motivating me with your positive attitude and bubbly personality. You really kick my butt and you deserve a crown for making me sore each day. Love ya xoxo

  16. Sarah says:

    This is going to sound so nerdy but you should totally do a video with music from les miserables!

  17. Brielle says:

    It is so not a good idea to miss 3 workout days cause now I have to make them all up D:

  18. Cindyy says:

    This workout killed me, but then I went and ate a piece of chocolate right after… sighhhh. Thanks for the video and giveaway!

  19. Ashley says:

    Hey Cassey! I just wanted to thank you for all of the videos you have made. It has helped me to gain self confidence and get more in shape, of course! Anyway, I greatly appreciate all your hard work that you put into these videos. Thanks again!

  20. sabrina says:

    Hey cassey! I love love your videos, it gets me excited to get fit again. Ive been owing the jaNEWary calendar and it is intense! I love it! 🙂

  21. Jade says:

    This absolutely destroyed me. But I loved every second of it. Can’t wait for the rest of JaNEWary!!


  22. Emily says:

    Great new video Cassey! It killed me!
    I ate not so well today, but I’m going to do another workout and drink lots of water and get back on track!

    Thanks for being a total inspiration!


  23. Anna says:

    I love your videos Cassey! <3
    You are truly transforming lives…

  24. steph says:

    This looks cray cray!!!!

  25. Courtney says:

    These necklaces are so cute !! I am loving the calendar so far <3 I love the wake up and do this exercise things .. It really keeps me motivated !! I can't wait to see plus size shirts and hoodies or until I get back down to an XL !! I want to wear some of the clothes so bad <3 If I win one, maybe it'll light a fire and get me going even more to get back to an XL 🙂

  26. Helena says:

    Cassey! I literally love you so much! You are the only thing that actually has motivated me and keeps motivating me to stay strong and keep working out! My legs are still dying from the day before yesterday’s cardio routine and I LOVE IT!!! You have made me realize that working out and being fit isn’t just something you do for a couple weeks to look good in the summer, it’s a lifestyle! and I LOVE IT! Thanks cassey xx Helena!!!

  27. Celeste says:

    THAT WAS AWESOMESAUCE!!! The more HIIT THE BETTER! FASTER RESULTS MORE FAT BURNING AND TOTS EPICNESS!!!!!! Woo hoo @blogilates!!! The best Pilates instructor Eva!!!! You definitely need more appreciation and your name be bigger how can you be unnoticed when YOU HAVE THE BEST TALENT MOTIVATION AND THE FUNNEST WORKOUTS????

  28. Maggie says:

    My calves still hurt from yesterday! But I know I’m going to get stronger, so I’ll keep going 🙂 I can’t wait to try the new HIITilates workout!

  29. Amanda says:

    I’m so excited! I have been working hard on the way I eat and I am totes luvin blogilates! I think this is something I might actually stick with! Love the idea of Hitilate! Very cute! 🙂 Lets Kill it!!! #POPsterPresents #eatingclean

  30. Syaza Amila says:

    This, sir, is a all-popster-must-have necklace . Its definitely going to the must-have-list ! <3

  31. Mikayla says:

    Be prepared to sweat with this one! Whew. It is no joke 🙂 Love it!!

  32. ThaciaS says:

    I love all the posts and energetic motivation! Thanks for the encouragement Cassey! I am absolutely in love with all the videos and all the workouts!

  33. Thank you so much Cassey for bringing us all Pop Pilates. I don’t need a new years resolution to tell me to get fit when I’ve got you encouraging us all to be the best that we can be. Thanks again!


  34. Audrey says:

    Hi Cassey! 🙂 I did your workout video this morning! It was great! 😀 I really loved it and enjoyed it. It set me up for the rest of my day! x

  35. Sara says:

    I love the new video what a great way to start off the new year! 🙂

  36. Gina says:

    Such a good workout!! I was dying by the end! I’m proud that I finished it lol.

    Cassey is so motivating! It helps a lot!

  37. Patrícia Machado says:

    I’m sweating just from watching this! Ahahah! Today I did the JaNEWary Crazy Cardio of the day and I died. But I felt so good after doing it! Keep on the good work, Cassey! You make me keep on going! I’ve started your workouts 2 months ago and I’m having the best results I could ever get! Love from Portugal! x

  38. Tiffany says:

    My entire body was spazzing after this. In the good way.
    Thanks for the amazeballs challenge! Just the utter thought of working out with you gets me through the toughest of days.
    Much love~

  39. Lena says:

    This is a really great workout video! It was really hard to push through but you kept me motivated and after having completed it I definitely feel way better than I did before! Besides the fact that you make me love you Cassey, you also make me love myself and proud of myself. How do you do this? I guess it works because it is “good torture”. 😀

  40. Ana says:

    I stumbled upon your videos last night, after deciding to purchase and yoga mat and get fit at home. I already did some of your workout and i love it. Thanks Cassey

  41. Hanna says:

    Hey Cassey! im a swedish girl who just has been discovered your youtube, blogg and instagram, and im realy loving your workouts. Now i want to test your 90 day callenge, but i cant find were the food your suposed to it is, i just find the “paper” where you tell what the plan is, the last sentence is
    “Okay, are you ready? Give me your full commitment!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!”
    i really hope you can answer my question were the food plan is( or someone eles!) and that you can understand my english 🙂

  42. hayleejayne says:

    I’m so glad I found out about blogilates, I’ve never ever felt better!. Thank you so much Cassey for being such an inspiration to me. 😀

  43. Ngozi Ihenacho says:

    There’s nothing to sleepers,but a dream. You are a mover in your cause, and that has helped thousands of women,men, teenagers,and children’s alike. I know that I struggle,and I’m crawling all over the house after your workouts, but I’m doing this for me. For increased confidence levels, more energy,and everything in between. In a house where having self esteem is nonexistent, I have to reach out to encourage and motivate myself, from pictures, to videos, and role models. With your help, I’m working on it, day by day through your positive vibes 😀 Get some sleep in your system, and rule the world, one Pop Pilates videos at a time (we’ll back you up). Thank you soooo much, with your fan-tabulous self 🙂

    From Ngozi (aka From Your Favorite Nacho)

  44. Heidi says:

    HIITilates <3
    I'd try it right now, but k#jaNEWary… It reall makes me work for… So tired but gonna try HIITilates 🙂

    Ps. #POPsterpresent

  45. summer says:

    i really lovee you, you’re amazing and i can’t wait for you to help me to get fit for summer! thank you so much for your workout videos, i really love them!

  46. Elaine says:

    OMG! That was super hard!! but AWESOME!! Im pooped! You are seriously incredible! How do you do everything and still maintain that sunny disposition is beyond me!!
    TRAIN LIKE BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY!!! Lots of luv from the great white North, Elaine

  47. Heidi says:

    love all your workouts and that you post new ones!!! thanks for help making my new year resolution easier!!!

  48. theoni says:

    I have been doing your videos for quite some time now and I am absolutely amazed at how many new ones keep coming out!! I get excited everytime I see the new name for the workout, you are a true inspiration and you defintely keep me motivated!! Thanks Cassey!!

  49. Pip says:

    Thank you again for another touching blog post. I love you! That’s all.

  50. Sian says:

    I’ve just started doing Hiit at the gym and this looks brilliant! Cassey, you always seem to know exactly what us popsters want and need!

  51. Alison says:

    When do we do this workout in the routine on the calendar?

  52. megan says:

    did this today along with the Off the Wall and a couple of others. LOVED them all (but almost broke my face doing the wall Butt-Ups). Thanks god for quick reflexes and decent carpeting. Hope there’s more hiitilates coming up (maybe with weights…or is that crazytalk?). Keep being a superstar!

  53. Thai says:

    Cassey! I’m so glad I found your blog. You help keep me motivated to keep eating clean, training hard, and staying healthy! You’re such an inspiration to me and you’re a great role model. Just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  54. Rima Sobh says:

    Love love love the workout. Youve saved my butt with the apartment friendly workouts and the amazing food recipes (eating quinoa fried rice today!) <3 xxxo thank you

  55. megan says:

    did this today, along with the Off the Wall and a couple of others. LOVED them all (but nearly broke my face with the wall butt-ups). thank god for quick reflexes (and decent carpeting). hope there’s more hiitilates in the future! maybe with some weights (or is that crazytalk?).

  56. Danielle says:

    Loving the blog,calender and videos cassey:)xo

  57. Miranda Cross says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I subscribed to your youtube channel. The workouts are awesome! I can’t wait to order your DVD! I want to review it on my blog if you’d be okay with me doing that?

  58. Kenna B. says:

    The HIITilates workout is amazing!

  59. Becca says:

    You are such an inspiration, Cassey! I love to watch your vids and read your blog because you are so cheerful. You always make me smile. Love ya! <3

  60. Kate says:

    hey Cassey 🙂 your videos are amazing 🙂 I did entire december workout calender and now I’m doing january workout calender and I’ve lost 3kg. now, my my weight is 63 kg (my height is 173 cm). I wanna have weight 55 kg, so I keep working out. thank you for your videos, Cassey 🙂

  61. Carmen says:

    Thanks for your hard work and support Cassey!!

  62. Lilith Grey says:

    What a funny and cool workout! You have so many great ideas so I’m totally sure this year will be even better than the last one. I love to train with you (and I hope one day I will have sexy legs like you!) because it’s so much motivation for me. And HIITilates is just fun. Please give us more videos like this 🙂 For this year I totally want to loose a little bit more body fat and tone everything up. I started my journey with you last year and I made great results during this months. Maybe you are interested in progres
    pictures? I would love to show you them!

    Anyway! I hope you can catch some rest 🙂 With Love, Lili

  63. Sophia N. says:

    OMG! Cassey I just did the HIITilates slimdown and it was totally AMAZING!! I’m so excited for more of these videos!!
    Thank you for all of your videos and this months calendar! I love that I’m starting the year off feeling so totally amazing!
    <3 Sophia N.

  64. I am new here and thus just saw this tank for the first time. It is perfection! Even if I don’t win I will definitely be getting one!

    xx Kait


  65. Harriet says:

    Ahhh, I’m dying after that workout! But it’s all worth it right?! 🙂 My New Years Resolution was to get fit and exercise every day, and so far it seems to be working thanks to your calender to guide me, so thanks you! Love Harriet x