HIITilates: My Thighs are Dying + Why I Eat Kiwi with the Skin On

HIITilates: My Thighs are Dying + Why I Eat Kiwi with the Skin On

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Hey POPsters!!!

So here is the long-awaited HIITilates video! You’re gonna be so happy because it’s for thighs! Here are the cover songs in the video:

Finally Found You (Enrique Iglesias) – Perfect Tribute
Don’t You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia) – Mega Tributes
Thrift Shop (Macklemore) – Mama’s Soap Shop

I had major issues uploading the video to YouTube yesterday. It literally took more than 10 hrs and I have no idea why. So…today you can enter the #POPsterPresents giveaways in 2 ways…comment on the YouTube video and then sign up for the newsletter! If you’re already signed up, you’re good! Plus you’ll be set for the February calendar when that comes out!


I am currently spending time with the sis! Working out together and being weird together! So glad she’s back from Australia! Soon we will do some POP Cardios for you, but right now she’s acclimating to the time change.

Oh and guess what I did the other day? I ate a kiwi with the skin on, courtesy of Jackelyn. She said that she learned this new way of eating a kiwi from her year abroad in Australia! So I got super excited and instagrammed it only to find a ton of Australians saying they’ve never seen that.

Hahaha either way – I now eat kiwi with the skin on because not only is it easier as an on-the-go snack, there are also other health benefits:

– INSOLUBLE FIBER: Helps with your digestive system and keeps things moving

– FLAVONOIDS: Antioxidant properties that fight aging and prevent disease

– FOLIC ACID: Maintains your nervous system and, helps in the production of red blood cells, and increases your metabolism

Hope you give this a try! Send pics my way if you do! You’ll find that the fuzzies are not as tickly as you would imagine. Even this adorable baby loves it! Thanks to POPster Felicia Souza for posting this on facebook. So cute!!!

Have a fabulous day guys!!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Angela says:

    Just be careful everyone, im not allergic to many things but one super and very odd thing is I used to eat kiwi with the skin, I would scoop it out with a spoon, but always afterward my tongue would burn, get really fat and kinda white on colour. It was uncomfortable like drinking something real hot and burn the whole top of your tongue. The slight difficulty breathing in did make me psnic a little. But here is the odd part, if its peeled and cut I can eat it fine, or I add them to my smoothie, never have problems. I am experiencing something similar at the moment after eating freshly cut pineapple, man I think ill stick to a drinking diet, lol.

  2. First time eating a kiwi in years eating it with the skin on is actually not bad I’m eating it now

  3. Alana says:

    Wow! I refer to myself as one of the least confrontational people I have ever met. Sugar and sunshine runs through my bloodstream…. until I did this video! I don’t know what came over me during the kick burpees, but I was channelling out ALL my anger! Thanks! That felt great to get out this morning!

  4. Mak says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Can you please do a video about eating clean? I need some motivation. I was doing so well in the summer. I was eating healthy and following your workout calendar. I started seeing some amazing results! Lately I’ve been so tired because of my busy schedule that I eat hoping to make myself more energized but I’ve just started gaining unhealthy weight. I know that you’re a really busy person so I think it’ll help a lot hearing about how you find motivation to keep yourself on track. Please please please do a video on this!

  5. Hey Cassey!

    I absolutely love your videos. I have stuck to every single day of JaNEWary so far, and I feel amazing.

    I know you’re really interested in healthy food and finding those really healthy recipes that taste sinful. I found a blog http://www.healthyrevelations.wordpress.com that seems right up your alley if you want to check it out.

    I love you keep doing what you do best 🙂

  6. Kendall says:

    I think I will eat more kiwis now because I’m not going to be too lazy to peel them lol! Oh and try kiwi berries! They are awesome because they are small like berries and taste just like kiwi! I bought them at a farmers market last year and haven’t seen them since!

  7. Kendall says:

    I enjoyed all the new moves! I find it refreshing to mix up the workout routine! I accidentally did the last move only on one leg not realizing she switched and had to rewind and double up on the other leg!

  8. Paris says:

    Pleeeease!!!!! Can you do a Michael Jackson song/workout video!! That would be awesome!

  9. Frannie says:

    Fast pace and fun video, enjoyed the one legs jumps. Thanks.

  10. Morgan says:

    The freezing indiana weather cant keep me from cardio anymore! i <3 hiitilates

  11. Amy says:

    By the way, I would really love to win that hoodie!! It’s so cute!

  12. Anna says:

    I´m looking forward to more videos with you and your sister!
    I spent an year abroad in Australia and learned that you can eat kiwi with the skin on, too.
    It really is a great snack that way, but if i would take a kiwi to university (in germany) and eat it whole I would get some weird looks ^^

  13. Sophia says:

    It’s true that eating kiwi with their skin has benefits. But the hairy hairy thing on the skin itself is dirty even how we wash its still dirty. So what I do is I turn on water tap and use a table spoon and scrap off kiwi hair lightly. ^^ and now our kiwi just got themselves a hair removal treatment! 😛

  14. Sayaka says:

    Hooray! Your sister is back!
    I have a younger sister too, so I know the HAPPY feeling. I love it when you two make cardio videos together. Sister Love <3

    I have never even imagined eating a kiwi the skin. Doesn't it hurt going down your throat?? Seems like it would.

    xoxo Hope you two get some good quality time together. xoxo

  15. Breanne says:

    I only eat golden kiwifruit with the skin on – the green ones make my tongue feel all eeewwh haha 🙂

  16. holly says:

    are you supposed to pair hiitilates with cardio workouts? i dont feel like i am getting enough of a cardio workout

  17. Idlacasi says:

    Love the video! The Kickin’ Burpee was the toughest for me to keep up with. Woooo, did I sweat that out! Thank you for all you do!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    First off many thanks for all your amazing you tube routines. I LOVE THEM.
    But as a person from New Zealand, who has lived near Kiwi fruit Orchards – DO NOT EAT THE SKINS – they are sprayed so so so much that I feel any benefits would be negated by the effects of the spray residue!!

    Your videos are great as the day in between training sessions, when I am in training for my mountainbike races! Thank you once again.

  19. Jessica says:

    I’ve always been scared to eat the Kiwi skin lol. May have to try it now. & Thanks for the workout!!

  20. Dedra says:

    that’s soo cooL about kiwis! Def. gotta try that now~ 🙂
    and it’s so awesome your sister is visiting! I dont live in the same town as my little sister either, so when she comes its so much fun! I would love to have her workout with me too! You and your sister are very inspirational!! and can’t wait to do the new video tonight!! Would also love to try the beta site too when you choose popsters 🙂

  21. Kirsty says:

    Can’t wait to try the new workout tonight after work. It looks fabulous and I looooooove the song choices!!!

    Also, Happy Australia Day 😀


  22. Olivia says:

    Yay Jackelyn is back! I love the videos you guys make together! I hope you guys do another one soon! 🙂 xx

  23. Amy says:

    Always eat kiwi with the skin on!! Looking forward to trying the new video! And welcome home, Jackelyn! Love the videos I’ve done with both of you so I’m looking forward to more!!

  24. Sarah Rav says:

    I eat the kiwi with the skin on all the time and I’m Australian 🙂 though a lot of people find it kinda weird.. I don’t mind it though.. It tastes pretty good to me and it saves me the hassle of bringing a Kiwi spoon everywhere
    🙂 xx

  25. Elena says:

    I’m gonna try a kiwi like that! I’ve never realized you could eat the skin. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  26. Erica Hart says:

    Ate a kiwi with the skin on for the first time yesterday. It wasn’t weird at all. Tasted great and I’d definitely do it more. Thanks for sharing!
    Can’t wait to torture my thighs with HIITilates 4.

  27. hannah says:

    yay kiwi! i’ve always eaten kiwi with the skin on! that’s just how my mom gave it to me when i was a kid so it seems normal to me, but other people always thought it was weird! and i cant wait to try the new video! 🙂

  28. Caitlin says:

    Last pic is TOO cute. I have always eaten kiwis with the skin because I didn’t start eating them til a couple years ago, after I saw Kath of KathEats.com eat them that way . It never occurred to me that it was weird til people commented on it. I always thought everyone ate them that way!

  29. Caroline says:

    I ate a kiwi with the skin on yesterday, after I saw your IG post. At first I was scared, but after I took the first bite and it tasted exactly like how I usually eat kiwis, I got super excited. I’ll never cut up kiwi for a snack again! Thanks Cassey 🙂

  30. Anais says:

    Yaaaay can’t wait for the cardio workouts 🙂

  31. Samiha says:

    I just can’t wait to do this video….but will have to hit it tomorrow as its already midnight here 😀

  32. Stephanie D says:

    I knew about few fruits or veggies you can eat everything for healtier impact but I didn’t know about Kiwi !! Thanks for the advice ! Kiwis are my boyfriend’s fave fruit so another good thing to put in my receipes to make him enjoy the healthy living !! Thanks ! 🙂

  33. Erica says:

    Yay it’s up! I was waiting last night to work out so I can add this on to my list but just went without it, so it looks like I’ll be adding it today! Cardio days are always intense anyways..especially when I see Food Baby on that list D: haha! I’m about to go make me a protein shake so I can get started! I’m glad Jackelyn is home! Your vids together are always killer! Love you Cassey!

  34. jacqualin griswold says:

    YAY new workout. IM soo pumped… and i’ve actually always ate kiwi with the skin on.. I love it plus its less wasteful

  35. Chanel says:

    I can’t wait to do this video tonight. I enjoy the Hiitalates videos a lot. I personally have never tred kiwi with the skin on it but I’m always open to new and healthy ideas. I will be giving it a try. Let you know how it turns out. 🙂

  36. Ali says:

    To those who still want the skin off of kiwis – the easiest way to do it is slice the kiwi in half and scoop the inside out with a spoon. Its like having a little built in bowl for your kiwi!

  37. Julia says:

    I’m definitely going to try kiwis with the skin on now! I never thought that you can eat the skin! But, I can’t wait to do the new workout.

  38. Leila says:

    Hey Cassie – can you make like a 21-days-without-sugar-or-junk challenge? Like you did the vegan-week challenge. It would be so could, and you would really help many people out! You could like post reminders to us, and we could all do it together!

  39. Emma says:

    Now when your sister is back, could you do a new Pop plyo? I LOVE the cray cray workout! It’s crazy, but soooooo fun 😀 <3

  40. Celeste says:

    ALL OF,THEM AND WOW I DEFINITLY HAVE TO TRY THE KIWI THING IT SOUNDS….. INTERESTING SO YEAH LOVE YOu CASSEY PS IM GONNA WRITE YOU A LETTER! It’s gonna be with duct tape so watch out for that! Also I ordered the DVD and t shirt in December and I haven’t gotten it yet:( just wondering when it would gt here since I like in Kentucky thanks:) From Celeste:)

  41. Brianna says:

    Wow! Never thought of eating kiwi with the skin on but I’ll give it a try. You and your sister look like twins and that baby is so darn adorable!! 🙂 Thanx for the vids!

    -Luvs from Hawaii


  42. ivana says:

    Hey, great that Jackelyn is back! Being weird with your sister is the best thing in life 😀 Enjoy you two! 🙂

  43. valeria says:

    Awww I love eat kiwi ,It’s a very healthy and yummy fruit !!

  44. Ellice says:

    Burpees with front kick.
    Me: I’m dying.
    Cassey: You don’t have go at my pace (YAY!), you can’ go faster! (Cries)

  45. Sabrina Shields says:

    I might have to take a leap of faith on the kiwi – I hate having to peel them but the texture of the skin doesn’t bother you?

    Can’t wait for more Pop cardio vids!

  46. I never thought of eating kiwi with the skin on! That’s great to know because peeling them is a pain and one of the reasons I don’t buy them much

  47. Meg says:

    Yay! Shinny new workout! 🙂 What a wonderful thing to wake up to!

  48. Zia says:

    can’t wait to see a vid with Jackelyn- the two of you are sooo cute together :3

    and I’m loving the hittates series- not like “Omg i want to pass out this video is too hard i’m never doing this again omg I’m dying”- but a nice worked-out feeling, and I’m definitely feeling it the next day!

  49. Kim says:

    I’d definitely try this! and one more thing Cassey, can you let me know where you bought your nail polish!? I absolutely love the minty green color!!!

  50. Ivori Rose says:

    I agree with Carla , but I am looking forward to trying out the new Hitalites Video.

  51. Carla says:

    I like the concept of Hiitilates, but so far the videos don’t really give enough of that I-want-to-die feeling for me like in your Food Baby or your Bikini Blaster Hiit.