HIIT My Abs Hard Workout!

HIIT My Abs Hard Workout!

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Hey guys,

Here is your new Monday workout! It’s a great mix of ab exercises and cardio moves! It’s only 6 min long, so please, give it a shot. I also used a timer in this one. Can you let me know if you like it or not? I’m still debating over how it makes me feel.

HIIT My Abs Hard!

45 sec on, 10 sec rest. Repeat 4x.

1. Split squat jumps

2. Hip Twists

3. Skaters

4. Double D’s

5. Single legged burpee

6. Reverse Crunch

I like using the app Tabata Pro to help me keep track of my time! It makes it so much easier.

OH!!! And go follow my snapchat and instagram @blogilates because I’m giving behind the scenes hints about something big that is coming later this week. Can’t tell you much more 😉


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  1. Hosanna says:

    I like the timer a lot too 🙂

  2. Anne-Kristin says:

    I agree to all the positive remarks conserning the timer. .

    I LOVE your calender. It is like a birthdaypresent every day: I dont know what l am going to do before i open it. I am happy. It is fun. I belive in that you belive in me. I startede with your workout calender in the beginning of januar. I also love to run and swim, and are going to participate in 3 half marathon and a mini triathlon this year. I am new in this sports aswell. I think your workout calender are going to make me be bettter in running and swimming.

  3. Kate says:

    Just had a baby 3 months ago and I was thinking I needed to start working on my abs more, clicked on your site for the first time since pregnancy and here’s a HIIT ab workout staring me in the face along with a 30 day flat ab challenge on the side — now that’s good timing! Thanks for your awesome site!

  4. Aleksandra says:

    Dear Cassey, your workouts and advices are great and thank you so much for all of them!
    Could you give some tips about how to stretch out the knees? Sometimes when I’m stretching out my legs I feel like something’s about to pop out behind my knee (I hope this make prefect sense ;)), and I can’t seem to make it better. Do you think it’s just a predisposition or is it something you can work on?
    Thanks Cassey!! Much love.

  5. Linda says:

    I really like the timer, and if I don´t feel like seeing it, I won´t look at the screen. It is a nice option and especially during those last few seconds it helps me to pus through.

  6. Christi says:

    I really felt the hip twists the next day, which is a GREAT thing! I enjoyed the timer on the exercises as it helps me push with a goal in mind. The tabata styled workedout reminded me of some of my crossfit workouts. I used this workout as a metcon finisher to my squat workout. Loved it!


  7. Giorgia says:

    Hi Cassey!
    First off, you are so cool. Just love your workouts! Leave me sore for days.
    Also- could you make a workout challenge to Maroon 5’s new single Sugar? Such a fun song 🙂

  8. Jessica H says:

    I enjoyed this workout a lot! I liked the pairing of the ab and cardio moves. I felt like I wasn’t getting as fatigued as quickly, and I was able to power through and have fun while still working hard!

  9. Joy says:

    Loved the quote! But rather than minding our own business and only focusing on ourselves, I’d say it feels better to practice celebrating other people’s successes! The more I encourage and support other people in their success, the less it feels like a competition.

  10. I like pilates! I’ve made my own dutch blog about pilates:

  11. Rinnies says:

    I really like the timer. It really helps me working harder knowing how much time I have left.

  12. Cova says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I know you’re probably not gonna read this, but here it goes. You have changed my life. Not because I was overweight, but I was quite chubby and insecure about everything in me! I have been watching your videos for 6 months now and I already can tell the difference.
    Ever since I started school I was bullied because 1) I was chubby, and 2) I have a physical disability. Your videos helped me believing that I actually could do something right for once. You helped me find the confidence I needed to do some certain things, and I am really thankful for that. Seriously, I couldn’t be more grateful of you to create your YouTube channel and your website, and of me for finding it.
    Thank you so much, Cassey!

  13. Katlin says:

    Loved it! And love the timer too. It helps me go hard!

  14. Lisa says:

    I love your workouts, Cassey. It would be really helpful if you could add stretches at the beginning and end of each video, so we are stretching the body parts we work in each video. Thanks so much for considering this. You are amazing!


    1. Lisa says:

      Also, could you please do a metope in Malibu, CA? It would be so much fun! 🙂

  15. Alexandra says:

    Hi Cassey! I have a really urgent question for you.
    I’m eating healthy, drinking lots of water and follow your workouts for over a year now but ever since I’ve started I haven’t lost any weight. in fact over the last year I even gained 4 pounds! What can I do???
    I try to tell myself it’s muscle weight but my mother told me today that my butt got huge and wobbly and that I have gained weight there!! I know I sit a lot because I’m a student, have to read a lot and write thesis, but I also stand up and walk around all the time I learn for an exam. Over the day during week I hardly eat something and if it’s mostly fruits or vegetables.
    Help please!
    love, Alexandra

  16. Angelica says:

    I’m sooo adding this to my youtube work out list!!!


  17. Julia says:

    I love the timer, please include it in more videos!

  18. Daniela says:

    i love your workouts cassey! 🙂 and i love the timer in this workout, it helps me to stay strong! you inspire me so much! love u <3

  19. Ariel says:

    I totally love the workouts and the stretches! They make me feel so energized. I love feeling sore the next morning because I know that I’m working my muscles. Thanks so much for putting these together and boosting my confidence!

  20. KathyHeap says:

    three weeks…. three weeks of being wonderful sore and feeling my strength and flexibility coming back and now I’m ill with a nasty cold and fever again T__T I want to cry. The workouts look so good!!

  21. Kati says:

    I loved this routine! I really liked the “Double D’s” and I also LOVE the timer, it makes it so much easier for me to do cardio moves when I know exactly just how long I have to suffer 🙂

    So please keep making videos like this (I also love the Fat Burning Ladder and the Train Insane HIIIT).


  22. Emily says:

    Hell yes! Can’t wait to try this out and then kick some of my students butts with these moves 😀

  23. Amanda says:

    Like the others said I loved the timer! It is very helpful to know how much longer you have to push. It’s like a goal you have to reach 🙂

    I’m soooooo excited to see what you have in store for us 🙂

  24. Noami says:

    Great workout, quick, yet effective.

  25. Emmy says:

    Hi Cassey! Just wanted to ell you that you are on buzz feed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/caseygueren/healthy-noms?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpkl#4ldqpkl
    hugs and kisses

  26. Anna-Kaisa says:

    I loved this video, and the quote! <3 It really resonated with me and reminds me of my other favorite quote, (that I learned from you too!) "Comparison is the thief of joy." 🙂

    Oh and the timer was so so so nice! 😉

  27. Yvonne says:

    When are you opening up your own gym?

  28. JenniferN says:

    Loving the timer!!

  29. The quote really ressonated with me, cassey. As someone who runs cross country, I often compare my successes based on others successes and that’s mot healthy.

    1. Judi says:

      btw I recognize you from Simply Taralynn and honestly her blog is far away from being healthy… you should check gomi

      1. Charlotte Charles says:

        Hey fellow GOMI-er! I agree. Taralynn literally starves herself, and has no business telling other people how to eat, because she is very obviously suffering from an eating disorder and has for YEARS.

        1. Judi says:

          Just can’t stand her anymore. I liked her when I discovered her blog – when I didn’t know that she’s stealing all the recipes. Also, she is just as unhealthy as someone can be. Not only her eating habits, also her relationships are unhealthy. She cannot keep a single friend, like her roommate or the two girls who were the reason she actually stayed in Charlotte. She is just focused on her boyfriend and she will be all alone when it’s over. Plus she has never actually worked in her entire life.
          What I also don’t like is her handling of the responsibility of being kind of a role model. She photoshops herself and stuff. Cassey is the total oposite, telling everyone to love yourself and that everyone’s beautiful.
          PLUS Tara just can’t handle any criticism.

          Sorry but I needed to say that since we can’t comment stuff like this on her own blog 😀 just wanted to make clear how unhealthy she is and I think here are some of her readers since Cassey may have the same target group…


  30. This is AWESOME!! It’s abs day tomorrow, and I majorly need some fresh material…they are getting used to all my moves (not a bad thing :P) – thank you!! Also, how wicked is your shoe collection? I just can’t even exercise anymore without hot pink Nike Frees <3

    Latest Post: Hurdles to Eating Clean: 3 Easy Ways to Beat Them for Good

  31. Judi says:

    I’m looking forward to trying it today! 🙂
    But I hate single leg burpees… I will do the normal ones instead. My knees always hurt horribly when I’m doing them. Any advice or is it just depending on my knees?


    1. Amanda says:

      If doing the single leg burpees hurts your knees then you’re right to just do regular ones! It’s the same focus so you’re good 🙂

      1. Judi says:

        Thank you, Amanda! 🙂

  32. Mel says:

    I love the timer! I find it really helpful in motivating myself when I know how much longer I need to push through. It also lets me increase my movement at the very end, like a little sprint (but not the running!)

  33. Izabel says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I love this workout and I think using a timer is great! 🙂 But I have a carpal wrist syndrome on my wrist and it’s very painful to do any flexion and extension, so I can’t do single leg burpees. I’ve been told by my doctor that I can do all exercises exept those where I put any pressure on my wrists. Is there any other movement I can do instead or modification for burpees? I also struggle to find good exercises for tricep without adding any pressure on wrists. Maybe one day you could do a workout for tricep for those like me with wrist issues? My arms are looking so much better after your arm workouts and I enjoy them so much but I still have bingo wings because I’m struggling to find exercises for me 🙁

  34. Alexandra says:

    I love your workouts! You inspired me to do my own printables 🙂 x

  35. Lauren says:

    I’ve started going to the gym and doing ab workouts so hopefully I will be toned for summer! Great video!