Have You Tried Any Of These Weird Food Combos?!

Hey guys!

TikTok strikes again.

It started with watermelon and mustard, and IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Now I can’t stop searching for weird but good food combos. I asked you guys what weird food combos you love and uhhhh…let’s just say you delivered.

Before you read this post thinking that anyone who actually enjoys these food pairings must have something seriously wrong with our taste buds – wait, there actually IS something wrong with my supertaster taste buds LOL – there is ACTUAL science behind why these pairings work.

Oh yeah, of course I’m bringing some science into this!

And it’s verrrrry sciency. It all comes down to the flavor compounds in each food and how similar they are. And those compounds are altered by cooking. Some foods just complement each other really well (think the salty sweetness of fries and ice cream). And some food combos enhance mouthfeel – like how tart pineapple cuts through the fat of ham on a Hawaiian pizza.

So now that I’ve enlightened you with that VERRRRY high-level science lesson, here’s what I thought of the weird food combos you sent me!


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Weird Combo #1: Bananas and Melted Cheese

I actually forgot to melt the cheese but WOW this was surprisingly good. Like banana…and cheese? WHAT?! I gave it a 7/10

Weird Combo #2: Cherry and Jalapeño

Holy spicy sweet yumminess! 7.5/10

Weird Combo #3: Strawberries and Ranch

I gagged just thinking about this one but GUESS WHAT I loooooooved it! Seriously go put some ranch on your strawberries right now. 9/10!

Weird Combo #4: Carrots and Mustard

This one didn’t sound too bad, but it wasn’t for me. 4/10

Weird Combo #5: Peanut Butter and Pickle

I’ve heard of this one but I’ve never actually tried it until now because I just didn’t get it. I still don’t understand why it’s good but you guys, it’s so good! 8/10

Weird Combo #6: Watermelon and Mustard

Last but not least, the one that started it all! I seriously can’t believe how much I liked this one. I thought everyone on TikTok was faking their reaction just to make it a trend, but I was wrong. You should try it! 8/10


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Have you tried any of these?!

Also this was so fun and I really wanna do a part 2 for this. Sooooo what weird food combos should I try?!! Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Nelle says:

    I’ve heard that watermelon and feta cheese pair really well together, but never watermelon and mustard!

  2. Kaedi says:

    I also thought the watermelon-mustard reactions were fake! Thank you for testing (and finding that article) for us. Some of those pairings are so interesting that I need to try them.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hahaha I would be real with you if I didn’t like the watermelon/mustard, but I do think it’s not for everyone!!

  3. Lele says:

    Idk if this that weird but black olives, butter chip pickles, and hummus on tandoori bread or pita bread is so good! My recent obsession

    1. Elsa says:

      Ugh. Everything mustard-y is a no-no for me. It’s all right if it’s just for this little extra in a sauce, but I really don’t fancy the taste of mustard. As for my own weird foos combos… Honestly? I’m guilty of two weirdos. 1) Lightly salted (sweet) potato wedges (or fries or even crisps, whatever one likes best I guess…) with chocolate sauce – I’m totally in for sweet’n’salty and actually, it turned out this is a real japanese food trend 🙊
      2) Apples (Golden Delicious or Granny Smith) with tomato sauce or ketchup. We may as well call it Apple Mahomes.
      Oh and than there’s this one cream I’m not sure counts as weird. So, basicall, I neither like avocado nor banana on their own. I like to mix them into other stuff though, mostly smoothies. Anyways, I habe no idea what got me to take a banana and an avocado, throw it into the mix and blend it to a cream, but gosh, that’s DELICIOUS. I mean, you can make it to Avonana (which is the word I use for sweet creations with this cream, like adding coconut flakes and cocoa powder) or for Banucas (which basically comes from Banana Guacamole which means making the cream the spicey way just as you would with real guacamole)

  4. Kelly says:

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m not surprised. A chef instructor I had actually wrote a book on this! Called The Flavor Matrix.