Happy National Donut Day! Here’s a Healthy Swap :)


Hey POPsters!

How’s your week going so far? Are you killing it? I know you are!

Today is National Donut Day! Isn’t that fabulous? Oh but don’t be so quick to drive out to your nearest Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme – nuh-huh. You better check my recipe out for healthy donuts made with almond flour!


healthy donut recipe

Isn’t that fab!? Omg. Each one is about 128 calories and is super filling compared to a regular donut. It’s all healthy fats you’re getting with no added sugar. Amazing. These tasted so good that when I was done, my friends and I wolfed it down in 2 seconds.

I ended up topping them with a banana almond milk glaze and dipped that in shredded coconut and walnuts. HEAVEN!!! Look at these babies!


If you have a Babycakes donut maker like I do, it will take about 5 min to cook! But you can also get a donut pan at Target and cook it at 350F for about 10 min and I am sure they will come out the same! For those of you with nut allergies, I did not try this with oat flour but I suspect that it would turn out very similar.

Have a wonderful day…and for those of you working hard on the BlogilatesBet, I’m so proud of your progress so far! As a team we’re down nearly 7,500 lbs! I myself have lost 1.4 lbs this week , I feel energetic and strong…so I am on track to meeting my goal. I saw some comments with POPsters being disappointed about slow progress, but please do not worry. There are a few things you can do to remedy this:

1. Take a second look at your diet. Snacking can be the culprit. If you snack, snack on fruits and veggies. Banana pancakes are cool too.

2. Increase your intake of veggies. This is a nutritious and low calorie way of filling your stomach up volume wise so that you won’t FEEL HUNGRY all the time. Thus…less snacking.

3. Drink more water! This is imperative. It flushes you out, makes your hair and skin look great, and will again, fill you up! If you’re bored with water, then make your own version of HINT water by mixing 1/4 cup of juice with water. Tastes the same ‘cept you don’t have to pay a bunch for basically…watered down juice! Or cut up a few slices of fruit and put it in your water. Also gives the same “hint”.

4. Your workouts need to make you sweat. You need to work hard. No going around this. If you’re “working out” then checking your phone, then doing some earthquakes then going to check facebook…ummm no. I want you to commit your 45 min to 1 hr a day SOLID. GO BEAST. I’m serious. Commit, then play. I want sweat dripping into your eyeballs and down your collar bones! If you don’t feel challenged, your body and your strength will not change.

Those are my tips of the day! Hope that helps. As always…tweet me questions @Blogilates if you need more advice! I’m always by my phone.

OH! And one more thing!

I just released some cool new tops in ShopBlogilates.com! I’m all about backless right now. You can actually wear a strapless bra with the Oh So Low top, and for the Open Your Heart Crop Top, I suggest a cool sports bra with a fun back.

backless top

open heart tank

And many of you do not know, but it was one of my childhood dreams to be a hand model. I always believed in my feminine fingers and nimble knuckles. Today I am happy to tell you that finally made it, guys. I finally made it.

fitness gloves

Beast Mode Gloves, $16.

LOL. It looks like an ad for manicures at one of those nail salons at the mini mall down the street.

Love you!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Sherry Ann says:

    These are delicious!!!!!

  2. Dominica says:

    i cannot stop eating the batter…cant wait to try when they are baked!! love you recipes, such great alternative…today i am making these donuts and also your cottage cheese cake 🙂 thankyou!!

  3. Bella says:

    Can u make healthy chocolate mousse or canolis?

    1. K8 says:

      healthy chocolate mousse is soo easy and delicious! What i do is mix 2 avocadoes, a banana, raw cacao powder, raw sugar or stevia, some soymilk, and for myself I add cinnamon but it’s good without! put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. it is SO GOOD

      1. Jenny says:

        @K8 Just tried your mousse recipe and it’s delish! So glad I stumbled upon this comment 🙂

      2. Kitty says:

        You’re a genius.

  4. Reka says:

    This video it is so funny! 🙂 I just don’t have doughnut maker yet. But I have a question for you: is there something which can replace row banana? I can’t eat banana because after half an hour I will feel like a ball and…well it must be some chemical on banana I am allergic to, but I just prefer not to use banana to avoid this. So any idea would be very helpful. Thank you Cassie!!!:)

  5. JoMi says:

    Hi there! Can i substitute almond flour gor cocnut flour? Or even regular white flour??

  6. Bring on the fried chicken, potatoes, rice and other
    grains. Perhaps you could finish your dinner with a cup of green tea or warm water, and adding probiotics
    to your diet if you typically don’t like them. The mild Dieting Research I am talking about here is not to starve yourself by following such a diet, because it is important for you to be able to increase the intensity of your fitness routine.

  7. Nadia says:

    Can I substitute the almond flour with oat flour?
    And is it possible to change the coconut oil with any other oil? I mean it’s hard to find coconut oil in my country

    1. K8 says:

      maybe organic vegetable shortening, I’ve seen that in paleo doughnut recipes

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I didn’t have a donut pan, so I used a cupcake pan, and it was delicious! I also had to substitute almond flour for half unbleached flour and half ground oats, which made it a little more bland, but still amazing! Three out of four members of my family loved it, but the fourth didn’t like it just because the glaze tasted too much like banana. I might do some experimenting to find a new glaze… Hmm…

    1. Amanda says:

      Try this:
      HEALTHY NUTELLA: 2.5 cups hazelnuts, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/3 cup cacao powder, 1.5 tsp stevia, .25 tsp salt, 2/3 cup almond milk.

      Preheat oven 400 degrees F (about 200 degrees C)
      Roast hazelnuts on baking sheet for 10-15 min.
      Let them cool, then take a towel or cloth and remove the skin.
      Put hazelnuts into food processor, then put all the ingredients in blender.
      (add more of less almond milk to desired texture)
      Around 70 calories per tbsp!

      1. K8 says:

        omg thank you

  9. Kenzie Moore says:

    I love this blog Cassey!!!
    Whenever I feel discouraged I always just hop on Blogilaties and everything is okay!
    Thank you for this blog and your youtube channels!!!

  10. Pinkie Pie says:

    I am not too fond of a diet that consists of bananas and oatmeal all the time. I am sure you don’t eat like this on a regular bases, but I get the impression by your need to make things ‘healthy’ and then talking about YOLO meals that this is a fad diet and you have to binged on a meal every week to not hate your diet. That doesn’t seem maintainable which is what most health education stresses is healthy .

    I saw a couple posts back someone comment about your weight gain and said you should shut down your blog. I don’t think you should shut down your blog, but it does make me wonder when you makeup these ‘healthy’ recipes of bananas and oats that maybe you have a problem. I doubt most of the POPsters would say anything, they all seem to Yes everything… but watching your image thicken and read you constantly making unhealthy foods ‘healthy’ with the same two or three ingredients makes me think you have an issue.

    Ultimately, I take everything you posts and other blogging gurus as food for thought for my toolbox. So it is no big deal if I watch you posts a month worth of recipes consisting of just bananas and oatmeal. But for people who hang on everything you say like it is gold I do think there should be some sort of disclaimer on your blog/videos saying that they should be eating more then just fruit and oatmeal.

    1. Anna Natzke says:

      Well, she does a ton of baking recipes. I mean, think about it. Most regular baked goods involve: flour, eggs, oil, sugar and baking powder. And sometimes milk and other additives. NO ONE would eat only those ingredients. The recipes you’re talking about with oatmeal and bananas are typically substitutes for baked goods. In no way would she suggest or would ANY popster that I know, would want to live off of and eat that everyday. Just like you shouldn’t eat the food that you’re subbing every day (be it cookies, pancakes, etc); it’s good to mix up your meals for your nutrition. Oatmeal is just a great substitute for flour and bananas are a good, healthy (and readily available in most countries) substitute for any added sugars. That’s it.

      Though, I will say that I do eat oatmeal fairly regularly, I also have a balanced diet of veggies, healthy fats, protein and good carbs. I would never solely eat oatmeal. I believe that most other popsters have enough common sense to realize that eating just a couple types of food isn’t sustainable (Cassey also has a video on crazy fad diets).

      And I don’t believe she has a “problem.” She gains weight easily. There are some of us like that. Even if we stay active and eat healthfully and mindfully. She’s touched on the topic several times before, as well as touching on eating disorders. She’s been traveling and has been busy. She was super lean last year because she did a bikini competition, but admitted (and was told by her personal trainer) that most can’t maintain a “bikini body” all year long. I would never say she’s at an unhealthy weight though. I mean, I seriously don’t know anyone in reality who would call someone who weighs in their 120s “thick” or would say that they have a problem. That’s a very healthy weight.

      1. prettyteacher says:

        Hi Pinkie Pie,
        If a person fails to use common sense in making decisions, well, so be it.
        Weight gain is one thing==it really could be muscle, so as long as she is not obese/ unhealthy. Her blogs are informative and exercises are highly challenging. I can not say that I can do all of her exercises, because I cannot, but I make a choice in which exercises are suitable for me and offer a challenge (so as long as it is in my range). It simply comes down to common sense and making the best personal decision.

        Warm Regards-

    2. Jess says:

      Right, because all of Cassey’s healthy dessert/baked goods recipes were advertised as a “diet” to follow and not a healthy alternative to when you want to snack on a dessert/baked good… lmao.

    3. Nicola says:

      It’s so easy for you to judge Cassey when you’re sitting anonymously behind a keyboard. Cassey has the guts to put her image out there, and for you to say that her image has “thickened” is just beyond inappropriate and rude.

      Like Anna Natzke said, these recipes tend to be substitutes for baked goods and never form an entire diet. If you want to see a proper diet plan, Cassey also offers that in her New Body Makeover programme, which, by the way, was approved by certified health experts.

      It’s fine to have criticisms/questions, but you made it into a personal attack on Cassey’s body. Remember that she’s human like the rest of us, not just an online celebrity with an “image”.

    4. Kelli says:

      Oh my goodness, just so incredibly unfortunate that you have chosen to write in this manner. I am a little older than alot of Casseys followers, I have her app and I follow her monthly workouts along with her meal plans. I have yet to find ANY instructor who inspires me the way Cassey has. I came across her purely by accident and have followed her for about a month and a half. I have seen a significant change in not only my body, but my knowledge of clean eating. She shares a WEALTH of information about health, fitness, recipes and other useful websites. If you should decide to check out her meal plans, you will find that there is a nice variety of ingredients and meals that are not simply bananas and oatmeal. I choose to eat this for breakfast a couple times a week because I LOVE the combo, I also LOVE banana in my smoothy, with almond butter, in baking of any sort due to the fact that it adds substance and moistness and I happen to enjoy the taste. I certainly dont think I have “problems” because I use banana alot. My Goodness, we are all human for crying out loud, and we ALL go through a series of changes in our bodies which comes with lifestyle, stress, AGE, schedule, health issues- you name it. I’ve seen my own body change from time to time- who are we to judge? Aside from the workouts and meal plans- Casseys POSITIVE ATTITUDE is inspiring to people and makes people feel GOOD, which would be why her “followers” seem to be POSITIVE and enjoy her. Like attracts Like, my dear….

    5. Liz says:

      You are the perfect example of confirmation bias — you only see what you want to see. Cassey has made numerous recipes with various ingredients, but she does use banana and oats for baking and making pancakes. Your argument about her weight was also unnecessary and didn’t bring credibility to your comment; it was obviously meant as an attack under the guise of concern for her recipes. Further, many of her followers are smart enough to understand what a well-rounded diet. Again, your comment was meant to attack the intelligence of her followers under the guise of concern.

      Your comments reek of envy and you somehow see bitter about her at her success. Just calling a spade a spade here.

  11. Dalia says:

    Hey Cassey! I was wondering if you can make a healthy cake, or cupcakes?

  12. Danielle says:

    Bought the donut maker for just under $2 because it was the floor model at Kohl’s, it was on clearance, and I had a $10 off coupon! Win!

  13. Jenny says:

    You look amazing, Cassey! You are always beautiful! I SO MUCH wish I had your beautiful legs. <3 Besides that, a little softness is sexy in a girl. Guys don't typically like girls who are skinny, with no curves. Please don't let pathetic, grouchy, jealous people bring you down. We POPsters love you and need you! You have truly been my inspiration. Your attitude and fun videos continually motivate me. And now I'm eating clean too, because of you! I LOVE your new "abs on fire" and "arms on fire" workouts. I really felt them the next day, the first time I did them. 🙂 I'm not doing the bet because of money issues, but I did lose two pounds this week, so I'm proud of myself. And it's because of you. 🙂 I have a little way to go but it's a start. Remember that you are completely stunning always, and that we all love you. <3 "You're the best around – no one's gonna ever keep you down!" (From Karate Kid. haha.)

    1. Elizabeth says:

      As a girl who is naturally awkwardly skinny with zero curves, that’s a little insulting. People a lot of times try and comfort bigger girls by saying that real men like real women with real curves, but they forget they just told the naturally skinny lot that no man will ever love us. Thanks, guys. :/

      1. Sara C says:

        Elizabeth, if it makes you feel any better my two brothers saw the post you replied too and they wanted me to tell you they DEFINITELY think naturally skinny girls are just as pretty as curvy ones

      2. Selenag says:

        Actually, Jenny is incorrect. Attraction really is subjective, and many men and women find slimmer women to be extremely attractive, just the same as many men and women find curvier women to be extremely attractive. It’s all based on personal attraction, and just because someone might find one or the other (or shorter or taller etc) to be more attractive, it doesn’t mean that the others aren’t. 🙂 Unfortunately, too many people become biased in their subjective opinions, not realizing that you can be attracted to one physique and not feel the need to shame another. Everyone truly is attractive. YOU are attractive. I know this is almost a year late.. but I hope you smiled a little. <3

  14. Lauren says:

    For the past 6 months I’ve been trying to lose weight. So far I’ve lost 11 pounds, which I know is very little for that long but my main concern is I’ve hit a huge plateau, as in I haven’t lost weight in like one month and gained 2 pounds!! I think one reason is I’m not eating enough calories, but I’ve had a really hard time finding calorie dense meals that are still healthy. I heard that each meal should be around 400 calories, but mine are usually 250 and then I feel like I have to snack to reach my calorie goal. Any meal ideas? It would really help. For reference I’m 5’4″ and weigh about 128 pounds. Thanks!

    1. Sara C says:

      I was literally exactly where you are now a few months ago. What helped me get over the plateau was a short “metabolism spike” I ate about 300-400 more calories a day than my normal goal for about 3 days to keep my metabolism from getting to used to the low calorie diet. In regards to your request for meal ideas I have found that avocado and turkey wraps with lettuce and tomato are a good way to get healthy calories. You just wrap everything up inside of some lettuce or the turkey slice like a taco and enjoy. I also like to make what we refer to in my house as “stuff” basically you get some red and green bell peppers and white potatoes throw them in a skillet until the potatoes are browned and then crack a few eggs into a dish and whip them up making sure to break the yolks then pour it right into the skillet with the other stuff and cook it until the egg is done, pair with a piece of fruit or bowl of oatmeal and it makes a great breakfast. Hope this helps a bit

  15. GK says:

    Omg that donut video is so awesome and now I really want to make a donut like right now! Too bad I don’t have the donut maker or almond flour but somewhere in the future I will try to make it and also I absolutely loved the part when you took a bite and then suddenly there is like this music that plays, that was so hilarious 🙂 /人^ ‿‿^人\

  16. Hayden says:

    Sometimes I feel like one of the only guys who does blogilates, but could you maybe make a mens / gender neutral t-shirt or tank-top? I would love to buy one and support you!

  17. Beth says:

    I am wondering about how to “healthify” tiramisu or cheesecake? THOSE are my weaknesses.

    1. Johanna says:

      I’m sorry I’m not Cassey :-(, but if you want a raw vegan cheesecake recipe, Cassey did one a while back. Here’s the link: https://www.blogilates.com/diet-2/easy-no-bake-raw-vegan-cheesecake-recipe

    2. Sarah says:

      Try chocolate covered Katy website she has all kinds of healthy takes on stuff

  18. Ela says:

    Heey Cassey!

    Just a quick question/favor asking/ idea for you.. could you also name the amounts of the ingredients in European portions/grams/volume etc.? The measurements you make, like the “cup(s) of..”. I google it hè whole time with all your recipes, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out like it should :'(. A cup of oatmeal is also different than a cup of almond flour, if you convert it into grams..

    Eitherway.. me and my girlfriend make every recipe you post and we love it! It helps us to eat and snack clean <3<3<3 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    Love from The Neherlands

    1. Rose says:

      Hi Ela! Bij Albert Heijn hebben ze voor ongeveer 3 euro een setje cups, misschien is dat een idee? 🙂 Ze liggen bij al die keukenhulpjes en zijn lichtblauw!

    2. Mirj says:

      Hey Ela

      I have the same problem. But I read in another conversation that someone said one cup would consits of 250 ml so I took a coffecup and filled in 250ml and it exactly worked. So now I take this cup for the measurements.

  19. Rachel says:

    It’s funny about your hand comment because there was one of your videos when you were gesturing with your hands and I thought “She has really nice hands. They are like artist’s hands.” No joke!

  20. Aubrey says:

    Hey Cassey!
    So, I was wondering if you are going to be making more of the Oh So Low Back Tops? I was going to buy it for myself as a celebration for finishing my first Blogilates monthly calendar last month but by the time I got my paycheck they were sold out. I would LOVE to buy one in blue if you are making more, so please please do!

  21. Jess says:

    I love Donuts!!!!

  22. Pippa says:

    These look soooo good. Quick question, are ground almonds and almond flour the same thing as I already have ground almonds in my cupboard at home

  23. jay says:

    hi cassey! 🙂

    i’ll tell you what your pretty spoon is called… its a BAR SPOON used for preparing cocktail drinks.. & one more thing why not use a super cute silicon spatula for scraping (got worried that u might break your super pretty bowl while you were tapping the bottom of you measuring pitcher..) it comes in really cute colors & sizes too! i love your baby doughnut maker, hope i can find one here in my country 🙂 thanks for the recipe.. so love it! can you make fudge brownies next time? pleeeeeease…

    with tons of hugs & kisses for you!

  24. Jessica Jann says:

    I’m obsessed with your blog! And, will definitely try making the Fo-nuts!! 😀 Please post more healthy eating guides!! Love them

  25. honesty says:

    Please shut down your blog.
    being a fitness blogger and gaining weight is anything but motivational.
    look at your arms.

    1. cookie says:

      Who are you to say such a thing? Fitness is not only about being SKINNY…

      1. jay says:


        1. Jess says:

          Just because you are lacking motivation and can not get your ass up to work out you don’t have to be rude to those who actually do!

    2. JenJen says:

      Are you out of your mind? If you don’t like this blog, don’t read it. There are enough people who love it!!
      You better take a look at yourself. I pity you, because you don’t seem to have anything better to do in your life than hurting others, instead of trying to be a good person.

      I LOVE YOUR BLOG CASSEY 😉 Huge hug from Germany 🙂

    3. Guest says:

      Too bad you don’t have to pass a stupidity test to get access to the internet.

    4. Kaitlyn says:

      Her arms are fine. She is still a beast in the gym, so it doesn’t matter.
      Also, she’s human. I’d rather see her being honest about herself instead of some other person who tries to act like they are perfect.
      She has helped/is helping so many people gain strength and confidence. Obviously the opposite of what you do.

    5. Johanna says:

      There are thousands of people who have been transformed by Cassey’s positive attitude and love of life. Thousands of people smile because of Cassey has inspired them to view life and fitness in a positive way. To think that your negativity lessens her importance to all the people she has touched, you have to be kidding yourself. If you want to be important, try doing something for someone else instead of focusing all your energy on making snide remarks. This world is big enough for all kinds of people, and you can say whatever you want, but it would be a nicer place if people weren’t so negative. I wish you peace.

    6. teilzeitDAU says:

      hurting other people’s feelings is not a POPster thing to do 🙁
      This was not ok. 🙁

    7. Lisa says:

      Wow…take your comments somewhere else….so ignorant!

    8. Pippa says:

      Wow. Unless you are willing to post a picture of yourself to show us what she SHOULD look like, get outta town (or off this blog)

    9. em says:

      you are so rude! why would you ruin it for everyone else a well as be a bully! Shows what kind of person you are. Get a life and live in the real world and stop cyber bullying

    10. Rosa says:

      wow how stupid are you to come on someones site and say something like that, just like everyone before me has posted you need stop hiding behind your keyboard since im sure you wouldnt have the guts to say that to her face since she is beautiful and a normal person like the rest of us where our weight goes up and down. maybe you should post a picture and see how you would like the rest of us judging it.

    11. Sarah says:

      Really ……. her arms are perfect and so is she I love her site and videos she is extremely inspiring

  26. tracy says:

    Hey these look really awesome!! I tried making the banana glaze for another recipe and it turned out lumpy and not very good 🙁 anyone else have trouble with it??

  27. Chris says:

    That donut recipe is seriously good. Snacking is definately my downfall, mus try harder this week.

  28. Lydia says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I’ve been following your workouts for a while now and did the 100 Burpee one some time ago. I’ve been trying to force my boyfriend to do a work out with me :p (But he keeps refusing cos he’s actually in the army now so when he comes out on the weekends all he wants to do is have fun and rest)

    Anyway, yesterday I showed him your 100 Burpee video and he was BLOWN AWAY when he saw you do the superman burpee! All “OMG SHE CAN DO THE SUPERMAN BURPEE!?” And he promptly got on the floor to try it himself, lol. He was sold after that 🙂 “Omg she really damn fit.”

    Now he knows why you are my role model! You go, Cassey! <3

  29. Hanna says:

    A video on account of the dietbet would be great! About all this weightloss stuff 🙂

  30. I dont even like donut, but those look so good!

  31. Chloe Smith says:

    chicken salad sandwich!!!!

  32. Chiara says:

    Omg! You’re so amazing!!! I’m into blogilates since few days but I’m already totally in love! You’re so funny, nice, fit, beautiful! You are truly an inspiring girl! I was looking for a blog like this since years! Today I’ll try this recipe! Love from Italy <3

  33. Debbie McMullen says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe Cassey (and the dollar breakdown!) Im pregnant right now and totally craving sweets so will definitely be baking these!!

  34. Demi says:

    “Who doesn’t like a donut without glaze” LOL I think you meant who doesn’t like a donut WITH glaze

  35. Kate says:

    I love the sound of those donuts. What a great alternative to the traditional ones. I think I could even get my fussy kids to eat these!

  36. Maddy says:

    I always wanted to be a hand model too haha, I always thought I was the only one… exciting to find someone else… or maybe you’re my competition? 😛

  37. I.A.A. says:

    Cassey You are beautiful and amazing, and yes you did gain weight but right now there are a lot of girls who want to gain weight and cant (previous eating disorders)

    Your confidence in the past videos has been a little down since the instagram incident. Be confident, be strong. Your are amazing, you are so inspirational.

  38. Melina says:

    Can these be done in the oven, as sort of a berliner?

  39. Rebecca says:

    These look really good, but pretty sure that they would still get me in trouble. Once I start on something yummy, I have a hard time stopping, even if it’s on the healthy side!

    Great tips on the weight loss too. People forget how important drinking lots of water is. I just made myself a big water jug of flavored water for tomorrow, with lime and cucumber, and a little bit of stevia. I always have a lower weight on the scale after I’ve drank plenty of water the day before! Loving the BlogilatesBet and doing pretty well so far, I must say. 🙂

  40. Alyssa says:

    Hey! It would be really great if you could check out my blog! I’m 16 and really want my blog to be noticed!
    Documenting my health and fitness journey in the form of diaries. Trying to get in the best possible shape for track & field season 2014. I know I’m young, but I really want to promote living a healthy active lifestyle to teens girls and young women around my age!
    Please check it out and tell your friends!
    Btw, CASSEY I LOVE YOU and these doughnuts look delish!

  41. Jozelin says:

    Loving the new Beast Mode gloves. Will you be restocking the Beast Mode booty shorts anytime soon? All the smalls are sold out ); !

  42. vicky says:

    Does anyone have a good substitute for coconut oil? I see it all the time and I just hate coconut so much Dx

    1. Rebecca says:

      Hey, if you use the refined coconut oil, it really has no coconut taste. Not quite as much health benefits, but seriously, no taste of coconut. I like the virgin, that does taste like it, but the hubby does not like coconut, and he doesn’t notice when I use the refined. Hope that helps, Vicky!

  43. Natalie says:

    Also, before the comments box on this fills up, I wanted to request another clean, low-calorie, vegetarian meal plan, INCLUDING eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, etc. I have a hard time following a vegan diet plan, as I feel like it’s a lot of work to get the necessary vitamins like Zinc and B-12. I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much for everything, Cassey!

    1. Jessica says:

      I would love that too. I am also a vegetarian but ‘beed’ some dairy products. Would love such a recipe!

    2. Meanwhile, I’m on the gluten-free, nut-free vegan end of the spectrum, so I’m sitting this round out! No recipe is going to make us all happy, so don’t make yourself crazy!

      (p.s. The oatmeal cookies the other day were awesome! I turned mine into oatmeal raisin, since they’re my favorite. ^_^ )

      1. Johanna says:

        I made them gluten-free and nut free as an experiment today. I used greek yogurt but I just looked up Wildwood Plain Organic Soyogurt and it is gluten free as well so it could easily be subbed! I mashed a banana with 1/4 cup yogurt and added 2 tsp of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. 3/4 cup of rice flour(oat flour would be really yummy too) mixed in with 1/2 Tbsp of baking powder (Clabber Girl is gluten free) and a pinch of salt. They were really good. I also made them in my babycakes donut maker, so I’m not sure how long they should bake in a pan, but I guess it would be around 10 minutes or until golden brown. I hope that helps. It is my personal opinion that no one should ever have to go without donuts ^_^

  44. Natalie says:

    These look really awesome! Proud to say I’m down 2 pounds since last week. I’m not doing the June calender, because I never have enough time to do the workouts every single day. I’m gone all day long multiple days a week. So, I created my own cardio/POP Pilates calender, and it’s working! I’m also eating very, very clean with 1-2 YOLO meals a week.

    I have a question about the donuts. Could you sub whole wheat flour or perhaps coconut flour? I’m fresh out of almond flour, but I kinda really want a doughnut…..

    1. Jasmine says:

      Yeah I was wondering the same thing about substituting the flour since I have a nut allergy 🙁

      1. Julia says:

        I used rice flour instead of almond flour and they turned out pretty well 🙂

  45. TJ says:

    Ahh I can’t wait to try these! =D I have a question, how do you find out how much you ACTUALLY weigh? I have a scale at home, but everytime I weight myself it differs from 1-3 lbs sometimes! I drink water, so I don’t know if it could just be water weight..I will even weight myself, be at 129, 10 seconds later weigh again and I’m 130 =/

    1. Jessica says:

      Are you weighing yourself in the morning? Because if you should try to avoid weighing yourself any other time than in the morning before you eat or drink anything because that will be your most accurate weight. Otherwise it will vary every day depending on what/how much your drinking and eating

      1. TJ says:

        No, I can weigh myself morning/night and its always different. I think it’s my scale because depending on how I stand on it it can differ by a pound or two

    2. Rebecca says:

      Yes, just make sure you weigh yourself at the same time, with the same circumstances. Like, just for example, after you get up and go to the bathroom, before you eat or drink anything, and with the same amount of clothes on every time. Then, you will get a good idea of how much you weigh and how much you are losing or gaining. And, take into account anything you ate or drank the day before than might make you retain water, anything that would be high in sodium. That will throw your weight off too. But, it really is best if you just do it once a week, but that being said, I can’t get myself to do that, when I’m working hard on losing a few! It will fluctuate though, so don’t let it stress you out too much.

    3. Mirj says:

      You have also take into consideration that the weight is higher right before your menstruation. mine is a few days before up to 3lbs higher but I loose it always right after my period is finished…