Hall of Fame POP HIIT 7 Routine

Hall of Fame POP HIIT 7 Routine


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Hey guys!!!

Hope you had fun reading my 30 Random Facts About Me post! Here is your POP HIIT 7 Hall of Fame! You’ll need a big swiss ball and a barbell. I am using a 40 lb. If you’re new to weights I suggest to 20 or 25! Be sure to watch the video to get the at-home variations without equipment:


For at-home cardio, I want you to do the Fat Melting Routine! Just once through.

 Have fun and lemme know how you rate this workout 1-10! To see how many calories this burns, check out this WeightTraining.com page and log your workout! Also, to be entered to win the 4th pair of Nikes being given away this week, you’ll need to reblog this specific post on Tumblr. <– click it! If you don’t have one, just make one! It’s free 🙂 I will announce the winner on Sunday.

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<3 Cassey


Backless tank by Blogilates
Spider Sports bra by Upvibe
Wowza Short by Body Language Sportswear
Nike free run shoes

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  1. Mie Maxwell-Smith says:

    oh my goodness did this on wednesday and my arms wanted to dieeeee but it was so good. defs a 9/10 and loved the cardio too! though i did add on 10 minutes of biking at the beginning to warm up.

  2. kate says:

    Really liked this one! It was hard and I was sweating without having to strain myself to keep going. I did the video at the end of the workout becuase I don’t have a treadmill! I give this one a 8.5! Hopscotch burpees, in n out floor touches and pushup burpess were the hardest!!

  3. Krystal says:

    At the end of the fat melting routine video, she says that we’re supposed to do it 3 more times. Does she want us to do that today with the HIIT routine or just once through?

  4. Linsay Larson says:

    Seriously LOOOOOOOVE these Pop HIIT workouts!!!! Keep them coming please 🙂

  5. Martina says:

    This one was of the hardest for me… I will give it a 9.5. It was the first time after the POP HIIT 1 that I was nearly dead at the 3rd set….I pushed through and I made it to the Fat melting routine. 🙂 great WO anyway 😉

  6. Jess says:

    I did it yesterday and i was sweating like heal! Additional it was really humid in Germany. It was kinda of hard work, but i did it and made also some work for my core in the end. I would give it a 8! (So much burpees :OO) Today i´ve got muscle soreness all over my back, especially between my shoulder blades and in the area of my spine. It feels so good!

  7. Melissa says:

    I give this 6/10!
    It’s the easiest one for me so far, even though the hopscotch burpee killed my quads and made me lost my balance XD
    And I really like ball passes, I haven’t use my fitness ball for quite a long time 😀

  8. Joanie says:

    I give it a 7. 🙂 I love the Pop HIIT but those burpees I haaaaaaaaaaaaate them! 😛

  9. Irina says:

    Hey Cass,
    This is a great workout! 10/10!! Only thing I would like to know is how many calories do you burn? Because I would love to log the data into myfitnesspal <3
    Lots of love from South Africa <3 xoxo

  10. Ange says:

    10! So many burpees!! Ouch!

  11. Anna says:

    I give this a 7! I did the at-home modifications and the fat melting routine. It was so so tiring but I was able to finish everything. Thank you so much Cassey!!!!

  12. Einat says:

    hey Cassey, I don’t understand all the things in the “hall of fame” & can’t find them on youtube. can you put a picture to explain the exercise or link or something else?
    Thank you so much!

  13. Natalyne says:

    I loveeeee all the pop hiits!! so challenging and so adrenaline-pumping!! absolute loveeeeee it when my face is all red and sweaty. i love how your vid demos make the workout so fun and uplifting (love the song choice) and i loveeee the background/theme for all your pop hiit printables! all of the above rly makes me look forward to doing the pop hiits!! love the challenge and more so, the satisfaction of pushing myself and completing the challenging workouts!!!! 😀 love love love love love love love <3

  14. Anna says:

    I think I’ll give this a 9! It was really fun. I love these POP HIITs, First round is always learning the moves/getting a feel for it, second round is, “omg this is killer!” and third round I always get super pumped because I know it’s the last time for every move! 🙂

    For the Fat Melting Routine video I held a jog all the way through, I think that made it a bit more of a cardio blast. Overall loved it! … except for the burpees… those were super hard and I was shocked to see that my left leg has become my stronger leg!

  15. Sandy says:

    Today’s was so fun! I did the at home but I have a treadmill so the cardio was the usual one. I think your aim was to kill our calfs right? haha well mine did feel it but not that bad because I’m a runner and i have strong calves heheheh.I started sweating 3 quarters through the 2nd set because those tuck jump burpees KILL. The first 10 are bearable but the last 5 always burn like hell. Overall i give it 6, i loved it xx

  16. Devon says:

    What can I do for the weighted calf raises if I don’t have a barbell?

    1. Sara says:

      u can use dumbbells!

  17. Rebekkah says:

    I loved this one so much! Definitely my favourite thus far. I got so excited I accidentally did four set instead of three! Loved the fat melting routine also. Was able to get through this without too much difficulty but still sweating like a pig! Haha

  18. Melissa says:

    I really loved this one. Everything was doable, but I was still pushing myself to get through it. Especially the cardio blast! This was definitely my favorite HIIT workout so far, probably because there weren’t any push ups! Overall I would give it an 8. Thanks Cassey!!

  19. ShaLane says:

    Seriously going to throw up! That was really hard for me! Giving it a 9.

  20. Anisa says:

    Hopscotch Burpees: Poor balance+small space=me crashing into my dresser. Several times. It was well worth it though. I always think the weighted calf raise would be easy and then I reach 20 and I’m like gasping. I had to give myself a double booty pat for each set. I didn’t do the burpee tucks because I was gonna be late for a dinner reservation (I do all 3 sets of each instead of one of each three times) but I finished all the rest so I’m uber proud of myself. Tomorrow before I start I’ll do my burpee tucks and fat burning cardio so I can tick everything. Overall I rate today a 9 for difficulty but I had so much fun doing it I lower it to a 6.5. Yeah it was that much fun. I feel amazing. Cassey Ho once again I thank you from the bottom of my quads to the tips of my biceps and triceps. <3

  21. Lydia says:

    Very fun!! I did the at home version, and I give it a 7. So sweaty, but I feel great! Thank you Cassey for all of your hard work!! 🙂

  22. Olivia says:

    I loved this workout! I did the at home cardio, and that was still as effective on my body! I felt great throughout this workout, I’ve only just started blogilaties last week, and I already notice a difference in my strength and stamina! (and my body too lol) I give it a 6, it was easier than the other two from last week, but I loved the challenge and stamina I had today!! 😀

  23. Lennae says:

    Hi Cassey,
    This was definitely at 10 for me! I’ve been following the July calendar as well and I think my upper body has been sore since POP HIIT 6 and the workouts from Sunday and yesterday. At least I know I’m pushing myself, right? =)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work Cassey! You’re the best! Love you!

  24. Katie says:

    Cassey! Is this not on weighttraining.com? ):

  25. Kristyna says:

    I feel obligated to do the rest of the fat burning cardio, because people are like “ohh i did them all!” and i feel discouraged if i don’t. lol

  26. kelsea says:

    I give this one a 6. My calves were on FIRE with this POP HIIT. Thanks Cassey!

  27. Kris says:

    CAN I GIVE IT AN 11? Only managed 1 set before getting dizzy >.< Hopefully for Thursday's workout (well Friday since I'm moving out on Thursday and don't have time to work out…but I guess lifting boxes counts as lifting weights right? think my dad will think it's weird i have to do 30 calf raises before i put a box in the car?) I can manage at least 2 sets…/crosses fingers/

  28. Jessica says:

    So excited to try this after my daily jog!!

  29. Barbara M says:

    Those calf raises really started making my muscles so sore there ever since I tried them recently from the July calender. Now they ache as I walk, so I’m mostly walking around on my toes and my knees slightly bent so I don’t feel the pain lol
    Oh I replaced the cardio with going biking for 20 minutes. Wanted to get outside for a change and re-explore my neighbourhood XD

  30. Jessica says:

    Oh, my gosh! I do NOT recommend combing yesterday and today. Maybe it’s because my calves are still a little sore, but I am dying! My legs are giving out. Obviously a 10!!!

  31. Maja says:

    Love it! The sneakers are gorgeous!!! 😀

  32. jackie says:

    That was fun. Does anyone else skip the resting? I know u should rest, but im trying to fit it in with 3 babies all over the place so the quicker the better 🙂

  33. Minda says:

    This workout is about an 8. I really love the Tuesday and Thursday HIITS!!! What a great idea. I wake up looking forward to doing these workouts. I must admit after working with you since May, I am stronger, more toned, and my endurance is higher. Thank you for all that you do. You are amazing Cassey!

  34. rain says:

    Hi Cassey !
    My calves are REALLY REALLY sore from ballet and i can’t even walk without suffering . Should i do the calf raises ? I suffer soo much .
    ( Sorry for my bad grammar )

  35. Charity says:

    Being me I didn’t read the sentence that read ‘do the fat melting cardio once’ and did it four times instead. No wonder I am absolutely exhausted!

  36. Hira says:

    If you are following the july calender, should you also do the fat melting routine?

  37. Carrie says:

    Loving these high intensity workouts!! I am training for a half marathon and your videos definitely change up my boring routine! I would definitely rate this a 10, but I did also run two miles before and phew I was dying!

  38. Lillie Wyant says:

    I am seriously sweating after this! Was practically dead when I got to the Fat Melting Routine, but I powered through! I give this one an 18.5! (Originally 8.5 until the video then I had to add 10 more).

    Oh and since I missed last time’s POP HIIT, I did the last set with the Feel This Moment POP HIIT instead. Tomorrow I”m gonna do the second set of the sixth one along with the sixth one’s cardio blast. Both are killer, though I liked Feel This Moment better because I didn’t have to do so many burpees! Would really love if you could do more time centered ones instead of giving us a number. It helps me a lot better if I’m concentrating on a clock than a number so I don’t forget which one I’m on at the time.

  39. Simone says:

    Not intending to be a ‘butt’ but would you mind uploading the vids a little earlier? I know you’re busy and stuff but I am behind at the calendar and it’s like 9:15 where I live so it’s past my workout time. Anyway the printable looks fun and killer so I’m excited to be trying that out. Keep up the awesome work xoxo

    1. Kim says:

      I personally do a day late (like today I did her playa del plank). I just always know I’m a day late with the calendar.

      1. Fee says:

        Yes, that works for me too 🙂

    2. Monnis says:

      When she uploaded the video today it was past seven in Italy, where I live, and it was almost dinner time. I just switched today and tomorrow

  40. Nastya says:

    barbell,fitball,burpee ..definitely 10! 🙂

  41. Maxine says:

    Well, I’m glad this hadn’t been uploaded when I went to the gym today. I would have died. Killed it with Come and get it HIIT, which has been my favourite so far :).

  42. Barbara Campos says:

    Just want to thank! You always expire myself so I’m managing to get to my dream body!
    You do a great job!
    Thank you!

  43. mia says:

    I am not sure if I know how to do some of these moves, is there an illustration in the printables section?

    1. mia says:


  44. Christina says:

    Hey Cassey! I have a website for you to explore and it is AMAZING. (No, its not mine, NOR did I get asked to do this). Its an all-vegan dessert website and I think you would LOVE it. Its http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/ . Let me know what you think of it! I love you so much Cassey! 😀

    1. Christina says:

      Oh, and I cant WAIT to do this Pop HIIT in a few minutes! <3

  45. jackie says:

    Hey Cassey, What can we do for the at home cardio? Thanks for the workout, can’t wait to do it 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      let’s do the fat melting routine on blogilatestv

  46. Eline says:

    YAY (:
    This is one of my fav songs, going to do this workout now (:
    Thanks Cassey!