Getting in the Mood…for an AWESOME Workout

Getting in the Mood…for an AWESOME Workout

I hope you’re happy and in tune with yourself when you exercise. It makes the movements more fluid, more energetic, and less strenuous. These past few days I’ve been in such a good mood and I owe it to the happy things that I’ve been doing and the happy people I’ve been around and the happy events that have been occurring. It made me wanna do a billion box jumps the other night…and like…I enjoyed it! Yea and I think I could have kept going but the gym was closing.

But no worries, even if you’re having a bad day…

Here are some tips on how you can get yourself all revved up for an awesome workout!!!!!

  • LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC: Having new, cool music on your playlist is very important because it keeps you EXCITED. You’ll exercise with more enthusiasm is you love the songs.
  • EAT GOOD FOOD: Nourishing yourself with nutritious, healthy foods keeps your energy levels UP! You’ll also feel light and springy.
  • PUT YOURSELF IN A GOOD ENVIRONMENT: Surround yourself around positive and motivating people that have the same goals as you, or at least are understanding of your healthy lifestyle.
  • BE PREPARED:When you get to the gym, have a plan. Are you taking a class? Are you working out alone? Know exactly what you’re doing because it keeps you focused and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something when you’ve checked everything off the list.
  • FIND AN AWESOME INSTRUCTOR: Having the right trainer or instructor lead you through a tough workout routine will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how hard you decide to push yourself. And how much you’ll enjoy pushing yourself.
  • KEEP YOUR VISION CLOSE: Is there something you’re working towards? Weight loss? Muscle building? A faster time? If you focus on the end goal, it will take you right through your workout like ZOOM.
  • GET ADEQUATE SLEEP: You need sleep to repair your muscles! So that you can use them to their max the next day. For most people this means 7-8 hours. (Ahhh, I know! I am guilty of not following this…but I’ve got 6 out of the 7 bullets…okay I’ll stop trying to justify)

Hope that helps! What are your tips for getting an awesome workout in?

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  1. Brooke says:

    This really got me in the mood today !! I was in a horrible mood, i was tired and havent been feeling well. then i surfed the blogilates website <3 always perks me up!

    1. blogilates says:

      aww so good to hear!

  2. Diana says:

    Good music is so true! It really helps me when I listen to an upbeat, dance tune. This week Ive been playing “Just Dance” on Wii to get into my workout mood!! 🙂 Great list! xoxo

  3. Great list! For me, I really need to make sure I am hydrated. It makes all the difference in the world.

  4. shan says:

    hey cassey i really need some healthy dieting tips! i’m trying to eat clean and exercise every other day to your videos for at least 20 min. i only have a short period of time to get in shape cuz i’m going to travel within 40-44 days but im going out alot with my friends and have girls night witch leads to a lot of junkfood and i don’t want to be the one that stares at the food. i can’t resist temtations very well either. another problem is that i dont have so much space to workout cuz of my family is always home and i cant start at a gym right now. So what can i do to get fitted fast ??? <3

    1. blogilates says:

      home workouts and clean eating! u’ll be ok! so the 90 day challenge for 40 days.

  5. Drea says:

    So I’m already a very muscular girl, naturally. I have a big body frame, but I’m not fat…I was wondering if eating a lot of protein and veggies along with mostly pop pilates toning exersises with just a little cardio is going to bulk me up at all? because I want to lose weight and look skinnier…is this the best way to do it or should I add more cardio than toning? along with mostly only protein and veggies?thanks so much for your help! it means a lot!

    1. blogilates says:

      it will slim u down

  6. J says:

    Hi, could u give us what your opinion and comments about this thing called “Cheat Days” and if or not they work…. Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      cheat days keep u sane…great blog topic though!

  7. Good stuff, Cassey! My gym playlist is in need of major revitalization! One thing that keeps me motivated is making a workout schedule and tracking my progress (especially for running). I love checking off my workout for the day or looking back at how much progress I have made.

    1. blogilates says:

      YESSSS progress and results – that keeps me going too

  8. Thanks for this, Cassey! I’ve been having an off couple of days, feeling generally blah – and this is a much needed kick in the butt 🙂 I must learn to actually sleep, though… on the same page as you there.

  9. Célia says:

    I went to a workshop for Psychological practitioners a few weeks ago in London and there were speakers from the states (Dr Michael Otto, Dr Jasper Smits and Whitney Post) discussing how important exercise is for mental wellbeing.

    They also spoke about motivations for exercise and how if you were able to make people think of “feeling happier”/”being in a better mood” etc as a reason for exercising they were more likely to do so. I know this doesn’t apply too much to your readers as clearly motivation is already high, but it was real food for thought as most people do say “losing weight” or “getting my fitness levels up” as motivations for exercising but they are much longer term goals where the effects are only seen a few weeks in, whereas exercising for mood is something that can be felt straight after exercising. The idea is that if you have a shift in motivation to mood enhancement, people are more likely to continue exercising as the rewards are quickly felt.

    Thanks for all the blogs and videos, they really are great and your positivity is infectious!


    1. blogilates says:

      thank u for ur insight!

  10. Katy says:

    I always get excited for a workout after sifting through my fitness blogs and adding some new music to my iPod.

  11. Sunny says:

    Great advice! It’s great to hear that you are feeling so awesome as of late. Makes me feel more awesome too.

  12. Jen Z says:

    Thank you for the tips! It’s true that workouts are such a pickmeup– I wonder why it’s so easy for most us to brush them off! (I am soooo guilty of this. haha)

  13. Jaimie says:

    Some days I have to just focus on how much happier I’ll feel about myself after my workout to get me going. Thanks for the great tips!

  14. Rachel says:

    I totally agree with you. If youre not happy, youre not feeling it. I went for a jog today and the weather was lovely so I couldnt help but enjoy it. Great tips too.