Get Wild With My New Safari Collection!

Hey guys!

Get excited – a new collection has ARRIVED!!!! Last year was a tough year being quarantined for so long… and to be honest, definitely feels like we’re still in it!

But if I were to look on the bright side of 2020, it gave me the opportunity to be with myself. Gone were all the typical obligations (and distractions) that used to pull me away. Instead, I found more time to meditate, focus, and plan. That’s why I’m soooo excited about all the fun things I have dreamed up for you for 2021. Granted, it hasn’t been the best start to the year in a wordly sense, but my goal is to find pockets of joy in between it all.

Today, I hope that my latest Safari Collection from POPFLEX brings you that pocket of joy that you’ve been looking for!

This collection was inspired when I was itching to travel again. I wanted to hop on a flight, emerge across the waters, and immerse myself in new lands and cultures. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. So I took the vibes from one of my bucket list places – hellloooooo wild and vast Safari landscapes – and weaved them into this WILD new collection!

Soooooo, can you guess which direction I went with this?!! Yup, I dove straight into some fun cheetah print, but in the most FUN way! It’s edgy, it’s feminine, and knows exactly what it stands for. I purposefully made it subtle so that the print wouldn’t take away from the main attraction – you! Check out this fun lookbook and then snag these new pieces from POPFLEX before they sell outtttttt!

Alright, let’s adventure into the Safari! First up: Mauve Cheetah! It comes in the Tone Bra and the matching Go High Waist Biker Short.

The tone bra’s staple cut is back in an edgy new print and I am HERE FOR ITTTTTTT. It has a flattering square neck front and a low square neck back! And the biker short is perfect for any workout you have planned. This set is sooooooo much fun!

Next up in our matching set, say helllooooooo to Golden Cheetah! You’ll be fast and furious in this look, featuring the Power Crop Top and Tone Cross Front Legging!

The Power Crop Top has similar vibes to the Tone bra buuuut it has an extended length so that you can wear it on its own. The Tone Cross Front Legging, seriously one of my faves. It has a cross front band that accentuates your natural hourglass shape, a handy secret back pocket, and V shape cut on your backside to give your booty an extra lift! THIS LOOK IS LIFEEEEEEEEE.

Say helllooooo to the Flow Drape Back top! It’s so airy, light, and suuuupeerrrrr soft. It’s my favorite thing to throw on after a workout so that I can go back to athleisure-ing!

Okay. Get ready. THE FLEXY RIB CROP TOP is gonna be your new fave staple!!!! It’s simple, flattering, and goes with literally any outfit. I loved this one so much I had to release it in 3 colors straight off the bat. Hahahaha which color do you like best?!!!

And last but DEF not least. The Cargo Drawstring Legging! This pant is soooo much fun! It moves with you in our StretchSilk fabric, meaning it’s got that 4-way stretch and it’s cooling when you wear it. It has convenient side pockets and you can guarantee these will stay where they need to be with the drawstring closure. I love this one sooooo much!

Aaaaaand of course, gotta take those group pics!

AHHH and that’s the Safari Collection!!!!! Which one are you gonna get?!!!!

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  1. Peter Martin says:

    Loving the new Safari Collection! The designs are vibrant and adventurous. Perfect for anyone looking to add some wild style to their wardrobe. Great work!

  2. Your blog is quite helpful and interesting, specially the posts related to fat control, I was looking this kind of the content and I’m sure it will be so helpful for me as I want to reduce my weight and with long hours job i am not able to go to gym.

  3. Iana says:

    Hello Cassey, I wish you published some workout videos for the PMS period especially. I see that it’s not that common on the internet.

  4. Emily says:


  5. Hanusia says:

    So cute!! Fun fact: That’s actually leopard print, not cheetah! Cheetahs have solid spots whereas leopards have “rosettes” (aka the squiggly donut and U-shaped markings that are featured on your collection).

  6. Bonnie says:

    Cute collection as always! I like the pink cheetah print (which is big because I usually hate animal print), but I’m not a big bike short fan. Any plan to release this as a full length (or even capri length) in a future collection?

  7. Would you say that this new series is just like the last one except in different colours?

  8. Diane says:

    Colors and subtle prints are so pretty – would love to see more top options that are not cropped. Will grab bottoms for now 😉

  9. Anna says:

    Ahhh I’m so excited! They all look so good!!

  10. Avery says:

    Omg!!! just saw this post like 5 min age and looked on the website I love the collection so much! cat wait to order i’m your biggest fan and check your blog every day I am so exited you came out with another collection and wait to take the time to tell you how much I also love your new target collection, WITH LOVE,YOUR BIGGEST FAN

  11. Amy says:

    I can’t find a size chart anywhere on the Popflex website. Can you please link to one? Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, it’s up now!! 🙂 On each piece, there is one!