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Get Super Stretchy with me!

February 27, 2017



Get Super Stretchy with me!

Hey guys!

I literally CANNOT even believe that March is almost here. Like, what?? Like, Spring next month?? HUH! I’m still so cold!

You guys have been SOOOO on it with PIIT28 and/or following the Feb Workout Calendar that I am guessing your muscles need a little bit of a tune up! So that means that in March we will all dedicate ourselves to stretchy time. To motivate you to do this, I’m turning the challenge into a contest too!

It could be yours! This is the Ultimate Spring Fit Kit from POPFLEX, worth over $265! You’ll get:

And if you want it, then you’re gonna have to show me how far you’ll streeeeeeeeeetch for it! I want you to participate in all 30 days of the #StretchRevolution Challenge which begins on Wed March 1st! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Screenshot and regram the challenge graphic on your Instagram!
  2. Follow @blogilates, @poppilatesofficial, and @popflex_active
  3. Do the stretch of the day and hold for at least 1 minute!
  4. Post the stretch of the day for all 30 days of the challenge and hashtag #StretchRevolution

If you find that some of the stretches are hard for your to do at the moment, then be sure to check the hashtag #StretchRevolution for modifications. My POP Pilates Program Director and Master Trainers like @julesfultz and @cakesmashfitness will be offering wonderful options! And we’ll repost the best pics on the POP Pilates and POPFLEX IG to help inspire other POPsters!

I will also do my best to IG Story how to do the stretch daily so that you guys are good to go for the photo! Also, make sure that your IG is public so that I can see your posts! We will announce 1 random winner on March 31st, 2017! You can be from any country and be any age! And of course, if you win, you will get everything above in YOUR SIZE! And now, we run from size 2-16! Woohoo!

Good luck everyone! Love you so much!


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  1. chaitra says:

    who is from india here…i am

  2. Echo31 says:

    Hello is there videos on how to do these stretches at all just so i can see how to do them as I’m a newb plus I’m still not recieving the passwords.

  3. Christina says:

    Very disappointed in the announcement of the winner yesterday, as she appears to fit the following criteria:
    1. Lives (so thus takes photos) in a gorgeous location — Miami, FL.
    2. Appears to have had a boob job, if you review her Insta history from start to now.
    3. Shots were (mostly if not entirely) professionally taken.
    4. Finally, this appears to be a semi-professional fitness trainer &/or instructor.

    This is super conflicting with the overall vibe and intention of what I’ve come to learn Cassey stands for and her company(ies) represent. The lack of transparency in how this winner was chosen among the thousands and thousands of others experiencing and sharing their daily challenge photos via the Insta hashtag is alarming as well.

    Much disappointment.

    1. CoilySue86 says:

      I have yet to see any announcement made about the winner of this contest. Where did she announce the winner?

  4. Lauren McNally says:

    I am super unfit and trying to change. Where should I start xx

  5. Katherine Moon says:

    Having a lot of fun with this! I decided to do this on my own and not post pictures to instagram (way to shy lol), and I have to say I love these stretches! I have been doing the stretch for the current date, as well as all the ones from the previous days… so a little gets added on each day. 🙂

    I may just save this post chart and keep doing them all daily after the month ends!

  6. Grace says:

    so how do I get access to the videos for a march calendar workout routine?

  7. Megan McKitty says:

    Omg, I was doing this wrong. I was doing each stretch every day for 1 minute each! My bf actually got sad because I would come home from work and spend all of my free time doing the calendar videos plus all of the stretches! 1 a day is so much more doable. Omg I can’t believe I did that. ?? I did start feeling strong AF, but I’m gonna do just the one stretch per day from now on!

    1. Hahaha!! Oh man that’s funny! Hope you got it down now!

  8. Ely says:

    Am I too late to enter???

  9. Annie says:

    I love you Cassey and your Pilates videos. I have been following you for 2 years now and I enjoyed every fun video that you post but your stretch revolution reminds me so much of yogawithadrian’s Yoga revolution. I hope its just a coincidence.

  10. Imaladyb1 says:

    I’m hoping someone can answer this for me, on the days where it’s a one sided stretch (day 4,6,7, 13 etc) do you just stretch that one side for a minute? Or do you stretch both sides for a minute? Or one side for 30 seconds & the other side 30 seconds? I know probably a dumb question, thanks

  11. metagame says:


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  12. K_B says:

    Really enjoying doing the stretches everyday! Already starting to feel a difference

  13. sabry73 says:

    Why it is not here my calendar? I looked everywhere! I subscribed to the newsletter four times already! How can I do?
    Cassey you are fantastic! Te lo dico in italiano: sei mitica!! Grazie mille!

  14. Carrie says:

    Well, I was doing this challenge and it was super fun. However, my Instagram account was hacked into and deleted. This is the third time this has happened to me, so I don’t think I’m going to be bothering with Instagram again. I hope you make future contests on different platforms so I can join in as well. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  15. Maja says:

    hello everyone! i’ve just found this stretching challenge and thought it would be great to try myself 🙂 but I have problems with my knees and doctor forbade me to do any squats (including plie) and lunges. Maybe you have an idea what other excercises can I use?
    Thanks in advance, xoxo

  16. Shadow The Wolf says:

    very good!!!

  17. Bella says:

    I am not allowed to have an Instagram anymore, so I am guessing I won’t be able to do this contest 😐 …I am happy to do the challenge I am just sad I can’t join the contest 🙁

  18. Joanna says:

    Thank you!!!?

  19. Joanna says:

    I still didnt get password for march calendar.. ????? i signed up im sure but still no password?

      1. Joanna says:

        Can you give me this moth password? I dont understand why i dont get it by email…

        1. CoilySue86 says:

          I believe it’s ” shoutout “


    How long are you to hold each pose


    How long are you to hold each pose

  22. Zaineb says:

    Hi Cassey, I’d like to thank you for all your hardwork. I’ve been following up your videos for 2 years now and I really loved your outfits in “Goodbye muffintop” and “best thigh exercises” videos. The thing is, such challenges are possible for people from some cultures of the world, whereas some cultures frown upon women uploading pictures while working out, but people living in such countries should be given an equal chance to win. I hope you understand my point. Thanks. Love you. <3

  23. Jess says:

    I can’t do a backbend though…

  24. Steph Pearcey says:

    Woohoo! Yoga! Yes Cassey!!!
    Also- I was wondering 🙂 will you ever do yoga programmes for those of us with chronic illness who aren’t well enough to do Pilates anymore?

  25. Robot says:

    Question: So on the first day we post the screenshot. Then step 4 says we post a photo everyday of us doing the stretch for that day. Meaning today I should post the screenshot AND me doing day 1 stretch. Am I getting this right? Sorry if this is stupid, but I’m a little confused!

    1. Danielle Fabri says:

      That’s what I think, yep. From tomorrow on, you’ll only post the move of the day.

  26. Britt says:

    Really excited for this new challenge!!! Definitely gonna join?

  27. Want to win says:

    Do we have to post on instagram all the strech moves (from 1 to 30), or we can participate with only one move? And we post photo or one minute video?

    1. Eszter Nyári says:

      Hi! You have to post a photo of the stretch move of the day. Don’t forget to use the hashtag every day!

  28. maria says:

    Do we do every move each day or specifically the number for each date

    Eg- day 1 we only do the number 1 move?

    Thank you for who ever answers

    1. Danielle Fabri says:

      Yep, do the move of the day, so today is #1, tomorrow you’ll do #2, next day is #3 and so on

      1. maria says:

        Thank you so much for replying

        1. Danielle Fabri says:


  29. Shanda Lindquist says:

    🙂 Thank you

  30. Ayla says:

    Are we supposed to be posting a minute video of us doing the stretch that day for the challenge?

    1. Danielle Fabri says:

      Picture ??

  31. Symone McReynolds says:

    I had a question I don’t have an instagram right now for personal reasons but would love to enter the contest because that ultimate spring fit kit looks amazing plus I love getting more flexible is there any way to enter without using social media?

    1. Danielle Fabri says:

      As this is explicitly an IG contest, I do not believe that’s possible.

      1. Symone McReynolds says:

        Thanks I’ll still do the challenge through even though I can’t enter the contest.

        1. Danielle Fabri says:

          The contest is just an extra encouragement anyway. If you feel like doing it even though you are surely not getting any prizes for it, then you’ve got it! ????

  32. Judy Nguyen says:

    Do I still have a chance of winning if my instagram is private?

    1. Eszter Nyári says:

      They cannot see if you completed the challenge if your account is private 🙂

    2. Danielle Fabri says:

      No, because they won’t be able to see your entries.

  33. Lauren says:

    I always love these challenges and the prizes always seem awesome. I’d love to enter the contest but in the past haven’t because I don’t have anyone to take pictures for me. Does anyone have any advice on how to take a seflie while striking a pose?

    1. Mari Marjoneva says:

      I’m going to try filming the whole thing and then taking a still from the video to post on ig.

  34. Kyoko says:

    I’m so excited to try this challenge!! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks Cassey!! 🙂

  35. Hellen Wieten says:

    Is it for US only?

    1. Eszter Nyári says:

      It’s for everyone 🙂

  36. Robot says:

    I so want to do this and win this! Not sure if I should use my regular insta or start a new one.

  37. Ah, I could just read a book in pose 26 🙂 Looking forward to that day!

    Which pose are you looking forward to doing?

  38. Jaime K says:

    Can I show this on twitter? I don’t have Instagram.

  39. Jazlyn Ooi says:

    Cassey, can we have the modification earlier because of time difference. I’m ahead of the US roughly about 12 hours so if it’s possible I would like the option to see it earlier. Thank you 🙂

  40. Kortesha Edgar says:

    I’m super excited for this. Do your instagram account have to be public?

    1. silvergoldstars says:

      yeah, it’s in the post 🙂

  41. AnnDroidGirl says:

    This is going to be fun! 🙂

  42. sally c says:

    cassie ill be participating in the march stretch revolution but
    i wanted to ask if i eventually want to be archive a handstand like you’ve been tryign to do, what else should i do? 🙂

  43. Hija de Mar says:

    Sorry to ask under this post, but I still haven’t received the mail with the password for march calendar… and it starts tomorrow!! 🙁

    1. sally c says:

      i just got my email with the password about 10 mins ago so check your inbox again 🙂

  44. moni says:

    do you need to were skin tight clothes(leggings) to show the pictures on Instagram because i like wearing modest clothes when everyone sees my pictures

    1. Jessica Enns says:

      No I don’t think you need to wear leggings if you don’t want to! If you’re doing the pose correctly, it should be noticeable no matter what you’re wearing. When I was doing the pitt28 challenge, some days I wore sweatpants for the IG photo’s and it was completely fine!

  45. Caitlin Bryer says:

    Possibly silly question but how does the stretch revolution work? Just one stretch a day. Current day stretch and everything before? How long do u hold the stretches? I want to make sure I get the most out of the challenge and improve my flexibility.

  46. Karlijn says:

    I have a question. How does the #stretchrevolution work? It’s my first doing something like this.

  47. Inga says:

    So do we only do the stretch of the day or is it a “move of the day + all the previous ones” challenge? Or today plus the previous ones of the week?

  48. Aditi says:

    started insta account for this @popstar_aditi

  49. Aditi says:

    I had a query, my dad just got whey protein and He wants be to consume it! I’m 16 year old girl. Will it have any bad impact on me? Please reply help needed? or is it good for my body! & I’m only doing pilates and no machine exercise.

    1. Tash says:;

      Whey builds muscle so unless your losing weight or gaining weight it’s not necessary at 16 years old x

      1. rachael says:

        Whey protein helps build up your muscle fibres and repair micro-muscle tears that happen after you do any intense exercise so it won’t hurt to have a whey protein shake within 30 minutes of finishing some HIIT training especially! But don’t have it all the time because you’re still young and growing and don’t really need that much protein all the time 🙂

  50. Aditi says:

    Yayyyyyy! I’m so excited!!! This month I will surely be flexible! and I always wanted those merc but it’s kind of expensive in my currency! so I really want to win this! I’m so excited!!!!

      1. Aditi says:

        YEAH! I am flexible I think!

        1. That’s so cool to hear! So do I. 🙂 What’s your favourite pose?

          1. Aditi says:

            I love the downward dog! It;s just so relaxing! In flexibility I love Doing a scorpion, I recently learnt tho! How about you?

          2. I love reading in the splits, and I also like hollowback!

            I’m working on holding scorpion without a wall:) Such a good backbend.

  51. Shoval Halevi says:

    The last couple of months ive been trying to workout everyday,working hard on my flexibility ,while im studing and serving my country. That means my lunch breaks are workout breaks. Ive come so far since ive started and really wanted to worj out on my flexibility. This challenge make me so happy, and now to hear the prize, there is no way im missing a day of the challenge!!! Goodluck to everyone !! ???

  52. Carissa says:

    Yes im so excited!! I would love to win all that gorgeous popflex and wear it to my classes! Just got certified yesterday ????first Alaskan POP Pilates Instructor ?

    1. blogilates says:


      1. Carissa says:

        Thanks so much Cassey ?

    2. Grace says:

      OMG I live in Alaska too!

      1. Carissa says:

        Girl you gotta come to my class when I find a place to teach!!

        1. Grace says:

          Totally! Follow me on IG? 1graceaubrey

    3. Silky-smooth says:

      You totally should win. I hope you do

  53. كلثؤم عبدالعزيز says:

    Oh wow I so want this.. But I don’t want to bare my body.. So unfair

  54. Dorotea says:

    Oh gosh, that prize!!! I can’t!!! My heart is about to burst from excitement! <3

  55. Kimora Chanel says:

    I need this in my life! But I don’t have and don’t really want an IG account right now, so looks like I’ll be stretching just to work on my flexibility

    1. blogilates says:

      You can make one just for the challenge!

      1. Melita Hayton says:

        Cassy, when will the march calendar be up!! I can’t find it and march starts tomorrow!! Ahhhh

        1. Aisha Irfan says:

          Even i have the same queryy…when will the march calendar be up!!

        2. sally says:

          i just got my email with the password about 10 mins ago so check your inbox 🙂

  56. E Lawry says:

    Woop! Super excited about this. Started an insta account for the challenge – follow me @empopfitness

    1. NamasteBitches says:

      Same here! @chervdoespopfitness

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