Get Lost In The Magic Of My New Mystical Moments Collection

Hey guys!

I heard your feelings about the Basics Collection loud and clear. Seeing the design ideas in my head transform into staple pieces you love so much was just surreal! Like seriously so incredible. When I went back to the drawing board, I kept wondering how I could really top what we had just done. Basics are just so dependable, easy to wear, and of course – timeless.

Anyways, I decided to challenge myself yet again. I wanted to create a collection that is just as effortless, but also encourages you to step slightly out of your “comfort zone chic” box. As with every collection, I wanted these designs to make you feel inspired and confident. But this time, I had to add a touch of magic.

And guess what came to life?

The POPFLEX Mystical Moments Collection. 

AHHH let’s talk about it!

Inspired by moonpower and magic, this collection is a mix of old faves and new star features liiiiiike:

✨ Bold colors reminiscent of dawn, dusk, and the night sky.

✨ Subtle but beautiful celestial details

✨ Velvet flocking on mesh panels

✨ Your favorite shorts in new cuts

I could keep going about why this is your dream collection, but you can’t fully believe it until you SEE it. So here’s the Mystical Moments Collection

cassey ho blogilates wearing popflex mystical moments teal celestial
popflex mystical moments group

Hello again, Supersculpt Legging <3

YESSS the legging that goes with everything is back, with a fresh lil’ makeover.

If you’ve shopped at POPFLEX before, you know these leggings. They’re high-waisted and they have a wide waistband that will never pinch or betray you. The V seam in the back lifts your booty. They have pockets!

Here’s what we made even better – Now the Supersculpt Legging is made with our luxurious Buttersoft Brushed fabric AND features our new seamless front panel. And guess what that means? Camel toe is a thing of the past.

popflex supersculpt leggings black
popflex supersculpt leggings black arlene

If you love a sleek, basic look, pair these with the Swan Bra.

We first had the Swan Bra in Cottagecore and I had to bring it back in black for the Mystical Moments Collection. The way it looks with its unique under bust silhouette and skinny racerback is just super romantic!

popflex swan bra black front view

And now to reveal something new – our first running set!

I am sooo excited for this! If you’ve been watching my IG stories and lives, you might have noticed some sneak peeks for this 😉

Let’s talk about the Sprint Shorts first.

OMG the first POPFLEX running short everrr! These were so fun to design. I wanted them to be elegant, but functional. They’re high-waisted and made with lightweight fabric with side slits for maximum airflow. Plus I added a back pocket to the waistband to safely store small necessities like your key!

These come in two colors – Dusty Peach and Ivy

And the Half Zip Warm Up Hoodie!

You MUST grab this hoodie. Kind of like the Sprint Shorts, I designed this to be cozy and cute, but with practical details. I love how this hoodie is perfectly oversized with blousey sleeves and beautiful back pleats. For your runs, it has a large zippered kangaroo pocket to hold your essentials.

Combine the two and… magic.

popflex sprint shorts dusty peach
popflex active half zip warm up hoodie seafoam sprint shorts ivy
popflex active sprint shorts ivy detail

And bringing the Ultimate Hourglass Legging back was a MUST!

Um, how could we NOT?!

I’m so happy you love this legging as much as I do. It has the V cut waistband that is oh soo flattering. It has deep pockets. And now, the seamless front panel so we can be done with camel toe once and for all.


popflex active mystical moments ultimate hourglass leggings pockets teal constellation

The perfect thing to wear with your new Hourglass Leggings…

Remember the Tone Bra?! This pretty little thing was a fave in Retro Rainbow, Safari, and Tropicana. And now, it’s making its return in the Mystical Moments Collection! But now, in beautiful Teal Constellation to match your Ultimate Hourglass Leggings.

The Tone Bra is the basic sports bra that always makes sense. My favorite things about it are the elegant wide, square neckline and low cut back.

popflex tone bra teal constellation
popflex tone bra teal constellation back view

Want something a little more bold? Get the Lumen Mesh Tights

YOU GUYS. I love these tights. They’re like a sister to the Supersculpt, but with a daring (and breathable!) mesh side panel that extends to the thigh, with the prettiest moon and star velvet flocking.

OH. And the mesh matches the new workout gloves!

Grab these in two colors: black constellation and gold constellation.

lumen mesh tight black popflex active mystical moments
lumen mesh tight black detail popflex active mystical moments
lumen mesh tight gold popflex active mystical moments

Here’s what to wear with your Lumen Tights

If you’ve been around for any amount of time at all, you know we loooove a matching workout outfit. Sooo

Lumen Tights in black constellation, meet the Alpine Bra.

The Alpine Bra might look a little familiar! This bra was part of the Terrain Collection (which seems like forever ago!). I decided to bring it back because I am just obsessed with it’s high neckline, racerback and the deep mesh V in the front. We also added the same velvet flocking as the Lumen Tights and Luxe Mesh Training Gloves!

Lumen Tights in gold constellation, meet the Stellar Crop Bra

The Stellar Crop Bra is verrrry similar to the Alpine Bra, but not quite the same! The Stellar Crop is actually a little longer! So if you like a little extra length, go for this one.

And how gorgeous is the gold constellation color?! Just like the Alpine Bra, the Stellar Crop has that same celestial flocking detail in the mesh to match your Lumen Mesh Tights.

My advice? You need both.

popflex alpine bra velvet celestial flocking black
popflex alpine bra velvet celestial flocking black back
popflex stellar crop bra velvet celestial flocking gold

You asked for short(er) shorts, and we’re here for it.

Maybe you can’t bring yourself to hop on the biker short trend. Maybe you just like to have options (hiiiii SAME)!

Either way, there was a lot of feedback asking for shorts in shorter lengths. So we made two!

First, the Supersculpt Shortie with Pockets!

The same flattering details of the Supersculpt Legging and Supersculpt Biker Short, just a little shorter! I loove love love the teal color these come in! Oh, and I added thigh grippies because who has time for shorts that ride up?!

Speaking of teal… these shorts look FAB with the new Glow Bra, which also comes in teal! 

This bra is has a deep scoop neckline and adjustable straps just like one of your other faves, The Perfect Bra. The only difference is more back coverage!

popflex active supersculpt shortie with pockets teal glow bra teal mystical moments collection
popflex active supersculpt shortie with pockets teal glow bra teal mystical moments collection
popflex active supersculpt shortie with pockets teal swan bra black mystical moments collection

We aren’t done with shorts!! Meet the Ultimate Hourglass Shortie with Pockets!

Just like the other Shortie, the Ultimate Hourglass Shortie with Pockets is just a shorter version of another fave, the Hourglass Biker Short. This Shortie has that signature crossover waistband to accentuate your hourglass shape, without any pinching. Plus the necessary features like pockets and thigh grippies.

These come in two colors – duck egg and clay constellation. Ready to meet the bras that go with them?

The Glow Bra, in duck egg. 

Yesss the Glow Bra comes in two colors!

And the Gulch Crop Bra in clay constellation. 

The Gulch Bra was one of my faves in Terrain, and then we turned it into a crop bra for Marble and OMG I was obsessed. So yeah, it’s back. And the clay color with constellation details?! You won’t be able to resist.

popflex mystical moments ultimate hourglass shortie glow bra duck egg front
popflex ultimate hourglass shortie duck egg glow bra back
popflex ultimate hourglass shortie gulch crop clay constellation
popflex ultimate hourglass shortie gulch crop clay constellation back

The Flexy Crop Top. IYKYK.


We have: clay, teal, and peach. And yes, this is one of those tops you buy in every color. Why? 

1. The spaghetti strap halter neckline with a single back strap is flattering, but comfy.

2. It’s the perfect layering piece.

3. It can be dressed up or down.

popflex flexy crop top clay
popflex flexy crop top teal back
popflex flexy crop top peach ultimate hourglass shortie clay constellation
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When you need an extra layer: The Morning Tee

Need an extra layer as you head out to the gym? Or something to throw on for your post-workout errands? Maybe something super soft and comfy for nothing but pure lounging bliss?

The Morning Tee. Get it.

This tee is just as pretty as it is comfy. It’s perfectly drapey and hits right at the waist. It has a fun pleat in the back. It adds a little color to your outfit, but is still neutral enough to go with basically everything.

You’re gonna love this one.

popflex active morning tee dew with ultimate hourglass leggings pocket teal constellation
popflex active morning tee dew back view with ultimate hourglass leggings pocket teal constellation

YAYYY that’s everything from the Mystical Moments Collection!!

Which pieces left you feeling starry-eyed?! 

group shot wearing popflex mystical moments collection lumen tight glow bra hourglass legging shortie stellar crop tone bra
Cassey Ho POPFLEX Mystical Moments Lumen Tight Stellar Crop Bra Gold
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  1. Brit says:

    are you ever going to bring this collection back? I was broke when it came out. 🤣

  2. T says:

    Where to buy? Blue set ??? When you click on the link it says error page I found.

  3. Coralie says:

    I’ve bought the blue leggings with matching bra and the light bleu sweater. OMG I love them 😍 very comfortable and Pretty

  4. Jones Brown says:

    this active wear are looking comfertable can we use it in daily basis of work ?

  5. Susan Mirano says:

    Hi cassey,first I want to thank u so much for all the beautiful work u are are such a positive motivator, it is just so much fun to workout with u and I look really forward to do this almost every day. I learned so much exercise from u and use them also in my fitness class. I love your popflex collections so much because they are just brilliant: functional, good looking and wonderful color combinations. Dear cassey I have a wish and maybe it is a inspiration for u: because I am a muslim (and also the women I am teaching) we like to be more covered in public and also when we train together (in private we don’t mind to show also a little bit more skin) so I think it would be so beautiful to create something like a “modest collection ” with for example wide leg or baggy pant, tunic, oversize shirts and something in this style and all this maybe in a oriental touch (warm colors,mosaic etc.). I am really searching for stuff like this since long time especially a running pants what covers my curves and in the same time leaves flexibility for movement. It is exciting in my head but not in the reality, so I had the idea that exactly u are the right person to create something like this,because I see u always try to improve and make your stuff just better. I wish u the really best.thank u for everything.

  6. Emilia Burns says:

    Nice outfits. Looking well built and quite comfortable.

  7. Wow! All Are looking amazing and good, you guys are inspriations for all. Thank you for this blog.

  8. Ana Carvalho says:

    They look amazing, and comfortable.