Foods for Clear & Radiant Skin

Foods for Clear & Radiant Skin

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Hey Guys!

Did a lil photoshoot this past weekend and had so much fun frolicking around a random high school 😛 Here’s one of my fave pics from that sesh. What I like about this photo is the fact that I feel so calm and so strong all at once. It has a lot to do with being comfortable in my body and comfortable in my skin! I had acne all throughout my high school and college years and tried EVERYTHING to clear my skin. No creams worked, even strong ones prescribed by my doctor.

However, for the past year, my skin has been so good to me…because I’ve been good to myself. I started taking care of myself from the inside out and not only did my metabolism begin to function properly again, I lost some fat, gained some muscle, and my skin started to glow!! You guys even started to comment and ask for my skin care routine! And to be honest, I don’t really have one. I wash my face at night with a makeup remover wipe and that’s kinda it! I use moisturizer in the morning and at night, but I don’t do anything complicated. I actually owe it all to the way I eat.

So, here’s some research to help you understand which foods are champions for clear skin!

“Foods get digested and broken down into vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body can use to build healthy skin,” says Dr. Jessica Wu, a dermatologist and skincare line creator.  She says that not eating enough protein can prevent the skin from producing collagen and elastic tissue, both of which make skin strong and supple. I think that’s reason enough to keep that daily protein intake up, don’t you?

Here are the best foods top dermatologists and celebrity estheticians recommend for glowing and youthful skin, plus a few you should avoid. You know the “EAT IT” list will include plant-based foods, so I hope you like your greens! If not, find a green drink or green juice you can tolerate because there are over 25,000 phytonutrients found in plant foods! Phytonutrients help skin retain firmness by increasing the stability of cellular membranes. They also improve blood flow to the skin.  Some of the most impressive include:

  • Carotenoids: Powerful antioxidants that combat harmful free radicals that damage tissues in the body.
  • Resveratrol: An antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Also touted for anti-aging.
  • Flavonoids: Offer protection against certain types of cancer and heart disease.

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  1. Avocados are full of phytonutrients and healthy monounsaturated fats which help moisturize the skin from the inside out. Avocado is high in vitamin E, which stimulates collagen production.
  2. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which produces the antioxidant responsible for reducing cell damage. (You heard right, this little guy can slow down the skin’s aging process!). Just two nuts supply your daily dose! Selenium also protects against sunburn and skin cancer.
  3. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids (nuts, chia seeds, salmon, flaxseed and walnuts) AKA- essential fatty acids-aren’t made by the body; you must eat them. They’re essential because they’re the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. These incredible polyunsaturated fats aid in creating the skin’s natural oil barrier, one of the components of plump, hydrated and younger looking skin. They also help diminish inflammation associated with acne.
  4. Coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. Many people with acne also suffer from Candida overgrowth and can benefit from using coconut oil internally and topically. It’s a great moisturizer and contains a sunscreen protection of 4 (but please, still use your SPF!)
  5. Bell peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits, kale, spinach and broccoli are collagen-boosting foods because they’re high in Vitamin C, which is a pre-cursor to collagen production. Fun fact: a red bell pepper contains more vitamin C than an orange.
  6. Eggs, Brussels sprouts and onions are sulfur-containing foods, and sulfur is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin (so the bonus here is gorgeous hair on top of glowing skin)!
  7. Garlic will scare vampires away (which will keep your skin radiant for sure!) but it’s quite magical and we should all be eating it daily! Garlic can prevent breakouts and maintain clear skin. According to Best Health Magazine, it’s best to crush or chop garlic and leave it on the cutting board for a few minutes before cooking,” in order to maximize its antibiotic compounds.
  8. Almond butter, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots and cantaloupe are high in antioxidant-rich vitamins A and E (have you noticed a lot of fancy skin serums and creams contain those vitamins too?) Vitamin A is critical for moisture retention to the epidermis, which helps stave off wrinkles and remove dead skin.
  9. Turmeric is one of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. Popular in Indian cuisine, this herb packs a more powerful punch than fruits and veggies. You can blend a piece of fresh turmeric into shakes, cook with the powder, or take a capsule daily.
  10. Pineapple is super high in vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain, which is known to be a great skin softener.
  11. Pomegranates contain Polyphenols which fight free radicals and regulate skin’s blood flow. This gives skin a rosy glow.
  12. Tomatoes are antioxidant superstars. If you can, have them cooked with a little olive oil for the biggest nutrient punch. When eaten in the right doses, the skin’s ability to protect itself against UV damage increases significantly.
  13. Kidney beans contain zinc, which has healing properties.  “Studies indicate a correlation between blemishes and low zinc levels,” Dr. Wu explains. Just 4 ounces daily seems to do the trick.
  14. Leafy greens contain amazing nutrients, and also increase nitric oxide in your blood, giving skin a healthy glow.

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Food feeds us on a cellular level, but it’s also helpful topically. If an emergency arises, look no further than your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Tea bags: Brew a cup of green tea and sip on it for the antioxidant benefits (namely EGCG which reduces redness) while you chill the tea bag. Once cold, apply it to blemishes for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  2. Lemons: Just a little bit on a cotton ball pressed on a blemish can calm inflammation. They’re a good source of vitamin C and they act as an astringent.
  3. Honey: Make sure it’s raw, because raw honey is a powerful super-food, while the regular store-bought stuff is not! Rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and live enzymes, a small dab on a breakout before bed can relieve blemishes and soften skin.



I hate to say it, but sugar is a big no-no if you want clear and radiant skin. Dr. Perricone, a famous skin doctor, author and creator of a skincare line says, simple carbohydrates cause your insulin levels to spike, causing “a burst of inflammation throughout the body.” Avoid high-glycemic foods and those high in saturated fats such as: white bread, candy, fried food, ice cream, juice, pasta, pizza, and packaged snacks. If you’re wondering what inflammation has to do with acne, here it is: It’s the body’s natural response to attackers (bacteria, chemicals, or certain foods). “When inflammation works like it’s supposed to, it helps your body fight off an attack by bringing in white blood cells and all the warriors of your immune system. When it’s done fighting the infection, it stops. The swelling goes down, the redness disappears, the wound heals,” says author of Clear Skin Forever, Devin Mooers.

Hope that helped guys! Comment below what your skin care regimen is!


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  1. Archana says:

    I really liked how the article was sleek and on point with the foods and their nutritional values. Different foods and drinks and the nutritions they contain with the recipe of above-mentioned drinks are really helpful.

  2. Jordan says:

    I read this article a couple of weeks back and I’ve started drinking coconut water very frequently. It has worked wonders for my skin. Thank you so much!

  3. Roshni says:

    I have started drinking turmeric milk it is just amazing and works as wonder on my skin. hanks for this post

  4. IoT Records says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Keep following our blog for more such articles.

  5. Sama Khawaja says:

    I know you’ve written pasta as a no-no but I’m sure it isn’t the pasta but the bad ingredients used to make them. So other than alternative healthy pasta (aka zoodles and spaghetti squash) maybe there are types of pasta or pasta brands (whole wheat or whole ingredients) pasta you can recommend or encourage to be eaten? Carbs is still good! Just make sure to read the labels and portion control

  6. Sophia says:

    What if you cant eat fruits and certain veggies? Im oddly allergic to all fruits and some veggies. I love them though! Cant eat strawberries, citrus fruits, pineapples, avocados, carrots, pomegranites and others. So its hard for me to eat healthy.

  7. Gabrielle depuhl says:

    This will for sure be my next concentration. Probably will b rly hard to not eat pizza -tear- but it’s for the benefits!

    1. Kirsten Sorensen says:

      PIzza is def the hardest part! But drinking more water really helped me with my acne. I found a great guide on how to stay hydrated here:

  8. Zoë says:

    Thanks Cassey! This will help a lot. organic facial cleansers are really good too. Home made or from stores like lush 🙂

    1. Mina says:

      But lush isnt organic! It looks like it and pretends to be, but actually, it isnt! For example, there are a lot of parabenes in their moisturizers 🙁
      You can check if something is organic with the App “Codecheck”

  9. Raven says:

    I will definitely incorporate this into my daily life. And it’s gonna sound weird but I actually use olive oil in the mornings as a part of my skincare routine. It really helps with those dark circles under your eyes and with softening skin.

  10. Jamie Lee Coffey says:

    I’m sharing this with my “Shameless for Summer” FB group! Great post. 🙂

  11. Léa David says:

    This was very helpfull thanks Cassey !
    Please could you read my fanfiction, It would mean everything to me, if only I had someone’s advice !

  12. Laura says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Part of my story growing up IS the long battle I had with acne as well. Started when I was 13 and went well into my late 20s…and still a little into my 30s.
    Like you, I tried everything! Took Accutane on and off, birth control, creams, face washes…etc etc…nothing helped! I even quit exercising for a time and stopped blow drying my hair because I thought they could be a culprit as well!
    It wasn’t until I turned my diet around that things started to clear up. I was amazed! I used to pray to God that some how…some way I would do WHATEVER if he just made it go away.
    I was introduced to a naturopathic Dr. and she got me on the road to become my “own doctor” and get it figured out.

    As you say Cassey what shows on the outside, your skin, and our biggest organ, is that we nourish it from the INSIDE. To everyone out there who is struggling….no cream or face wash will make this go away…its the inside that matters and what you are putting into your mouth.

    The change won’t happen over night, but stick with good clean eating and you will see progress.

    Xo everyone!!!
    Laura N.

    1. Sophia says:

      Do you still pray?

  13. Lucy Doyle says:

    Thanks for sharing this Cassey! I may try out some of these suggestions because my skin is awful at the moment!

  14. Super helpful cassey! Another great thing for thr skin is actually bone broth, which is rich in collagen and other amino acids 🙂

    1. Lucy Doyle says:

      Never heard of that one before! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m willing to try anything at this point lol xx

      1. Let me know how it goes for you! I eat keto paleo so it’s always on my mutual have list. I’m heading out your blog now 🙂 I have one too.

        1. Lucy Doyle says:

          Oh that’s very interesting! Thank you, I’ll check out yours too! 😀

  15. Veronica says:

    Thank you for this post Cassey 🙂
    I can confirm: since I’ve started eating healthy and clean my skin is so so good. Really… a healthy balanced nutrition is key to our body. We are what we eat!

  16. Sheila says:

    Great and very informative post! Lately, I’ve been using witch hazel on my face and I am starting to see my skin clear up a bit.

  17. lisi says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Needed it 🙂 I have acne too but it gets better as long as I eat clean 🙂 and my skin care routine: I wash my face in the morning & evening and I love to use a gel from lush which is sooo good 🙂 and that is it.