Fit Gifts Under $11 for the Workout Girl

Fit Gifts Under $11 for the Workout Girl

Hey guys!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving! WHAT!!!!! Are you ready for endless Pumpkin Pies a la mode with Martinelli’s Sparking Cider galore!??? I’m so excited to be going home to the Bay Area to see my mom, dad, and sister. My mom was actually in Vietnam for 2 months and we haven’t talked for a while, so it’ll be good to catch up and hear about her adventures!

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? If you’re anything like me…I DESPISE long lines, terrible parking, waiting forever, and going to the store only to find that the thing I wanted to buy is GONE. So, I’ve started shopping already, because, ya know, once a good student, always a good student right? LOL JK. I am actually a huge procrastinator…but this year, things are a-changin!

Finding the perfect fit gift for the workout girl in your life can be hard when you’re looking for something unique, cute, and affordable. So this year, to make it easy for everybody, the 50% OFF EVERYTHING Black Friday Week sale starts TODAY and will end on Nov 28th!

blogilates black frday

This is the deepest discount I’ve ever done, so TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW. Here are my top 5 fit gifts under $11:

timer bottles

#1. A Timer Water Bottle!

I use this bottle everyday to help me stay hydrated. Hitting the time marks on the back of the bottle is like a little game I like to play to help me drink more water! There are 10 colors/motivational sayings to choose from! Only $10. Reg: $20.

fit journal

#2. The 12-Week Fit Journal

12 weeks is approximately the time it takes to TOTALLY transform your body if you are 100% committed and dialed in. 3 months. That’s it. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to stay on track and motivated, this Fit Journal IS EVERYTHING. You can write your meals, your workouts, your sleep, and your groceries all in here. Only $11. Reg $22.

detox bottle


#3. A Detox Bottle

I always drink my water with fruit in it. In fact, the trick is the use FROZEN FRUIT in your water so that it stays super cold and tastes ultra flavorful! This fruit infuser water bottle also has a timer on the back, in case you can’t choose between the Jewel Timer Bottle and this one. Only $9. Reg $18.

pilates ring

#4 Pilates Power Ring

I use the Power Ring to tone my inner thighs and work my shoulders. It’s so light yet so effective when it comes to toning your muscles. A typical Pilates ring like this normally costs $25-$35. This ring is already on clearance, so with the extra 50% off code, you will get it for only $6.48. Reg $19.95.


#5 Blogilates Track Jacket

Something soft and cozy to warm up in! Full zip up jacket with “train insane” around the neck as you proudly rep your fave fitness instructor, me! LOL. Sorry just had to. Only $5.50 after discount. Reg $32.80.

YEA so these prices are pretty cray! Go take advantage because we’re trying to clear the warehouse for more goodies to come in next year! Be sure to use the code “thisiscrazy” when you check out for the 50% off discount code to apply.

Thank you for always supporting guys! Have a fantastic week with your family and friends!



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  1. Lisa says:

    Do you sell replacement lids? My fell and the lid broke off

  2. Chandra says:

    Do you sell replacement lids & attachments for the detox bottle? I’ve had mine for YEARS and cracked the lid at the hinge!!

  3. Toni says:

    Hi, where can I get the detox bottle to purchase?

  4. silvergoldstars says:

    What happened to the detox bottle?

  5. Wendy Rose Maggiolo says:

    i finally got the water bottle i wanted and the food journal to finally lose weight you been a great inspiration

  6. Tea says:

    How can I buy ? Do they ship internationally ?
    Thanks for responding

    1. Tayana Austin says:

      they are shipped internationally but it has a $5 (us dollar) flat rate

  7. shany says:


  8. Charmaine Ng says:

    My friend is OBSESSED with you, Cassey, so these are perfect gifts for her. She’d be delighted. 🙂
    – Charmaine

    1. blogilates says:

      Aww tell her I say hi!

  9. Yara Miora says:

    YAY! I finally got the bottle I wanted for ages but couldn’t afford because of the shipping costs to the Netherlands! I’m excited!

    1. blogilates says:

      YAY how exciting!!!