First ever…POP CARDIO DANCE VIDEO!!!!!!!!

First ever…POP CARDIO DANCE VIDEO!!!!!!!!

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I hope you guys know that I take your requests very seriously. You asked me to wear sequined booty shorts? I got em. You asked for a POP Cardio Dance vid. You got it!

Thanks for being so receptive and active on Facebook – my ideas are inspired by you. So these vids are created by you and made for you! Cool huh?

Now just in case anyone gets lost in the routine above…I wanna make a few notes. Yes it’s a little fast-paced but it’s repeating. Just watch it a couple times. There are only 4 sequences. Sequence 1. Chorus. Jump Sequence. Sequence 2. And the moves within each sequence repeat.

  • SEQUENCE #1 (repeat 2x)
    • Kick 2-3, kick 2-3
    • single, single, double with arms going “honk honk”
    • Circle arms w/ step back (x4)
    • single, single, double with “rawrrr” claws (x2)
    • touch the floor 2-3-4, hair flip, chest pop (x2)
  • JUMP SEQUENCE (x4 – all 4 corners of room)
    • wrap head, R arm, L arm
    • squat down + lift off!
  • SEQUENCE #2 (repeat 2x)
    • Ballroom arms x2
    • Step-it-out
    • Shoulder rock 1,2 & 1-2-3
  • *FREESTYLE* – do whatever you want
  • SEQUENCE #2 (repeat 2x)

Ok that may have just confused you even more. Well! Try the video out, lemme know how it was for you to follow. Do you think you need a break down vid next time? Or can you deal?

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  1. Sienna says:

    Hey cassey really love your channel and your videos helps so much please can u tell me the name of the song u used in this as I can’t find it and its so addictive ! Thanks x

  2. Georgia says:

    Hey Cassey, have you ever thought of doing Zumba routines?? I love your channel!!

  3. Keliana says:

    Ok I can not dance at alllllllllll. I could not get one thing right, I can’t follow this at all gonna have to switch to a different cardio for this days workout.

  4. Sarah Grube says:

    I just did this cardio dance 5 times and it was so great I’m doing it 5 more times! Amazing!

  5. Maud says:

    love it! I was MIA for a while, but I’m still wathcing your new vids..waiting for a bit a free time to do them! this one seems a bit hard..since I’m not good at dancing..but I will watch it till I understand what I have to do..hope I’ll find some free time to get beck on track! miss you and your vids!

  6. Ann says:

    Is cardio dance the same as zumba dance?

  7. I love how all your workouts are so creative and so fun! Thanks for all you do! 😀

    Have a great day and God bless!

  8. Jenn says:

    Hey Cassey, are you going to do the blogilates fitness star video soon :-)? Wasn’t it due like a month ago?

  9. stephanie says:

    Hi Cassey, I always read your blog, but never comment; however, I’ve got a quick question for you. I’m a student in college and I try and hit the gym 3x a week to do weight training, walk to class, and try to eat pretty clean, i’d say 80% of the time. I want to add more cardio into my routine, and run my first race this year. Plus it’ll really help me to tone up +/- 5 pds. or so and just become nice and lean with my weight training.

    My question is- how did you first get into running/cardio? In college I have so many obligations with work, class, babysitting, interning, ect that on my off days from the gym i always feel so tired! When I run I try to motivate myself to do 20 minutes of 90 second intervals, but i always get so bored/tired 1/2 way through that I’ll do it a couple weeks and stop. What can you recommend to help me on my way to running a(at least) 5k? When it comes to working out in the morning, or the night, i will always pick the night.

    Any tips you have at all or even a link to an old post or something would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thank you so much!

    1. blogilates says:

      I got into running by doing 1 mile at a time. Then I played with intervals. Then I sprinted. But cardio all started with kickboxing and cardio dance classes.

      1. stephanie says:

        alright.. cus i’ve been trying to do like 1 mile then 3 haha ect. but i think i should definitely take your advice and switch to conquering one at a time! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! 🙂 Have a happy new year!

  10. Lynda says:

    *puts this on my to do list for tomorrow*

  11. marie says:

    hey cassey! i just found your videos on youtube and can i just say that they are a workout!!! i used to run a lot and do strength exercises by myself (not really intense, just situps and things like that) but i stopped because i got really busy 🙁
    my new years resolution is to start again though! 🙂 and i’ll definitely be using your videos this year!

    i also read the blog post below this and i just wanted to tell you that my attainable goal for this year is to get in shape but maintain my current weight (i’m short, 5’1″, and 107 lbs.. which isn’t like overweight for me but i feel like a lot of it is fat lol) and my outrageous/doable goal is to get down to 103 lbs 🙂 i know it’s not that much but when you’re like 5’1″ i think every pound is more, haha. i also really want to try the 90 day challenge (even though i’m like 60 days late lol) but it’s not really convenient for me since i’m still in school and healthy food is harder to come by and not convenient :/ but i’m going to try my best to eat healthy and everything this upcoming year. i’m thinking about making a tumblr also to keep track of my progress, and i’ll let you know if i do!

    thanks again for posting these videos!! you’re so sweet and you look amazing in all these videos! maybe one day i’ll be able to actually do them without stopping and dying haha

    1. blogilates says:

      you got it girlie! u can do this!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    What song is this? Love it and love the dance! Can’t wait to do it!

    1. blogilates says:

      My Chance by 615 Platinum Music <--- it's just stock music!

      1. Utpala says:

        Cassey, this vid is ahh-mazin’!!!
        Also, where can i download this music “My Chance”?? Love it, but i don’t find it anywhere!!!

        1. Sienna says:

          Me either need to download it but can’t find it either 🙁 Cassey can u upload it to your YouTube channel please !! X

  13. Kelly says:

    Hey! This was a lot of fun and it really helped to watch it once before actually doing it. Thanks!! 🙂

  14. Ann says:

    Hey, here’s the link to the yoga dance thing I mentioned:
    Let me know if you like it 🙂 I think it’s so pretty and I took a class on it last summer but haven’t been able to find very instructive fun videos on it on Youtube. So if you like it and wanna post some super cool yoga dance videos on your channel that would be sweet 🙂

  15. Jillian says:

    Ooh, I’m excited to try it! I think I need a bit more space than my small room offers, though.

    And I’ll be submitting my Burpee World Tour Vid (with pushup! that’s how my trainer taught me!) as soon as my new camcorder arrives, so hopefully in time to enter the giveaway! I absolutely love your bags and will be saving up to get one if I don’t win.

    I had a suggestion though for another full body workout, just cuz it could be super fun for all (including you) = Bridal Boot Camp. I know it’s pretty geared toward maybe only a few Popsters at a time but how cool would it be to do? You could be all blinged out and wear something white and then maybe a blue arm band or blue sneakers for the “something blue.” And maybe you could play all those standard “wedding DJ” songs like the Electric Slide or Cotton Eyed Joe or whatever. =)

  16. Kristina Tan says:

    i love this video!! how many calories does it burn? it was so much fun, thank you for making it!