The coziest fleece jacket for all of your adventures

Hey guys!

My 1st design post of 2024 – sorry life has been eating me alive and I have not been able to sit down and edit until tonight (like 2 weeks into the new year).


Anyone remember the fleece jackets from Old Navy back in the day? Ok well, THIS IS NOT THAT. It’s super thick fleece with a design that pushes and pulls between feminine and masculine. I’m obsessed with how it ended up turning out.


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The ✨ Find Your Inner Fleece Jacket ✨

I am wearing the Find Your Inner Fleece Jacket from POPFLEX in size small in this vid and I am 5’5”. The jacket is TTS so no need to size up or down.

I hope you love all the versatile ways you can wear it:

  • With hood
  • Without hood
  • Cropped
  • Long


You decide! There’s a lil something for everyone, except I’m sure I’ll still get a bunch of opinions. Bracing myself.

As always, I hope you love!


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  1. Floria Samaan says:

    Please lower the price a teeny bit if possible? Not a lot because I know how much work you put into this, but a little bit please? My parents won’t let me buy it because it’s too much 🙁

  2. Hoyeon says:

    Can you just lower the price a little bit? Its too expensive so my parents won’t buy it

  3. Leesa says:

    It looks lovely on your you tube video about this upcoming jacket. What’s the price of this.