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Hey hey POPsters!!

Here is your new Spring Fling 2 workout! It’s designed to get you sweaty! I really want you to give this one a try and make it all the way to the end for your special surprise…KNEE CRAZIES!!! Ever done these before? You’re in for a treat 🙂


Pair this workout with Spring Fling 1: Toning back to back 3-4 times a week! No worries, if you are following the #MarchMakeover Calendar, feel free to sub this cardio video for any other cardio workouts that are in your daily routine. I know you will like it very much!!

Also, this week I am doing something a lil diff! I am headed to the LA Style Fashion Week Shows (my first time ever!!) and will be live tweeting and instagramming from the runway! I am also getting fitted for a couture gown by celebrity designer Alexis Monsanto tomorrow (err tonight!) Just realized the time. He’s designed stuff for celebs on the red carpet at the Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globes!!! EEK! I had nothing to wear to a fashion show so Alexis was kind enough to extend an invitation to don one of his creations on Wednesday! I nearly died.


I feel like I haven’t truly dolled up in a long long time so I am extremely excited I can’t even contain it! I mean, what girl doesn’t love heels and dresses? 2 years ago I traded in my stilettos for sneakers…so let this be the revival of glam glam fashion Cassey! Hahaha. I know you all get super freaked out when I am not wearing Nikes, booty shorts, and a neon tank but it’ll be okay guys. I’m still me…just under layers of flowy fabric and elevated a wee bit 😛 Plus you all remember that my childhood dream was to be a fashion designer right?

I’ll be instagramming from Alexis’ studio tonight so watch for pics of dresses! I don’t know if I’ll have a choice, but if it comes down to 2 gowns, I will def. ask you to help me! I always appreciate and respect your fashion sense.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I am going to Fashion Week this week because I have a very interesting discussion of eating disorders and body image for you. I first hand talked to some models yesterday and you wouldn’t believe what they told me about dieting. So stay tuned…I will share as this story evolves throughout the week.

Stay beautiful and work hard! All with the goal of finding happiness and making people around you feel good, therefore making you feel amazing.

Much love,

<3 Cassey

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  1. ricky says:

    What a great blog post. Weight loss and eating disorder’s have been a battle my whole life. I just learned how to be healthier. I actually stumbled across this website http://www.coldsoreproductreviews.com/ and found way more than I was looking for. The Fat Loss Factor is amazing, I also buy my tea from there. Hope everyone is feeling good for spring.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m Jane, and I’m a 15 year old. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! you always make me smile, even when I’m flopping around like a beached whale, and you are amazing!!!! So, my question is, I’ve been trying to lose weight (and it’s not like, I’m already really skinny, but I have some flab that I want to make disappear)(I weigh 154, and I wanted to get down to 135, because with my body type, that’s “healthy”), so I figured I wanted to lose 30 lbs before the summer (end of May), and I’ve lost 10; but my problem is, I’ve been doing the #MarchMakeover plan, and eating healthy (and in proportion too), and I was also losing weight, but then suddenly I stopped, and gained back a few of the pounds, and it’s been like this for about 2 weeks – I’ve been working out everyday, and eating as healthily as possible… Do you know why? I was thinking, possibly muscle is building? Thank you SOOOO MUCH CASSEY!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!! 🙂

  3. Every women in this world definitely wants to be dolled up, maybe not all the time, but wants to be dolled up and do some picture taking. Me? I like dolling up for myself then take pictures of myself as token of me dolling up.

  4. Annika says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I started your awesome workout calendar this month and I LOVE it.
    Sadly, my doctor put me on pain meds for 2 weeks and I am not allowed to do any exercises that strain the shoulder at all. (got a bursitis) I need help!!!!! all I can come up with are lunges, squats and some ab workouts. any tips on which videos would still be doable?

    Lots of Love

    1. Ariella says:

      call me maybe squats you should be able to do. also I just did the Treadmill Shredmill workout from cassey, and i am a sweaty monster right now. You should have extremely toned legs by the time you heal 🙂
      feel better and happy sweating!

  5. Ariam says:

    first of all i Love your videos and you are truly an inspiration! But I was wondering if these workouts build muscels in your thigs or help you get a thigh gap?

  6. Bethany says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a blast Cassey! Looking forward to reading your post on eating disorders, sounds like it will be interesting! 🙂

  7. Emily Nard says:

    I love seeing emails from Cassey in my inbox lol! She works the crap out of me with her new videos, but i love it! Keep up the fantastic work girl! XOXO!

  8. Danielle says:

    OMG!! How about those knee crazies??? I was little worried I wouldn’t be able to do them but once I got it down I LOVED THEM!!!



  9. Rachel says:

    How great is that about the dress?? I sure hope you’re going to post photo’s of you in the dress!
    My daughter, who aspires to be a personal trainer, recommended your videos to me. I love them! I try to do two a day paired with my other workout DVD. You have definitely helped me achieve such progress in my fitness journey. I find I quote you all the time!

  10. I recently talked about this topic actually on my blog… about fad diets and how the media is deceiving.
    I’d really appreciate if you could look at it. I have previously suffered from anorexia, and I find one of the hardest things to get away from is the media… sometimes it feels like since it all says the same thing it’s true, but in the article, I talk about how it really REALLY isn’t

  11. Anja says:

    Ha! Just finished Spring Toning 1 & 2 (did the second one first though, as a warm up)! (Well, I showered before turning on the computer…)
    Still alive. Decided to do only half an hour today because we have a guest tonight.

  12. Camilla says:

    I am so much going to do this one!:-D
    But I was wondering if someone could tell med how to get the calendars.. How can I make sure to get the April (and all of the upcoming a months’) calendar?
    Hope someone can help!:-D

    1. Ale says:

      Camilla, you need to go to the top right corner link (join my free newsletter) enter your name and email… Then click (lets to this!) and you should receive and email with the passwords and future calendars as well!! 🙂

      1. Camilla says:

        Great, thanks a lot!

  13. Brooke says:

    Okay soooo cardio might not have been the best decision right after eating a full meal BUT that was an excellent workout. My heart rate is UP and my body is soon to be laying DOWN. Haha. I’m pretty pooped. Thanks so much Cassey!

  14. Elena says:

    Are the cut out dresses for sale on your shop yet? I want to buy the coral one!

  15. Anna says:


    Thank you for doing so much on eating disorders and modeling. I’d really love it if you would do a blog post encouraging more girls to lift weights-it makes you strong & lean, not bulky!

    1. Claudia says:

      Thank You most girls are afraid that they will end up being bulky like a guy NOT True it gives you tone and helps you lose weight.

  16. Alexis says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you!! I am down ten pounds in about 8 weeks! My before and after results are FABULOUS. And on some parts…FLAB-U-LESS! When I first started Blogilates, I could hardly complete one video! Now I can go through them all (of course, having to hit pause a few times) lol! My entire lookout on life has changed too. Nothing can stop a confident girl 🙂

    Much love!

    1. Mira says:

      Can u tell us the routine n diet that u followed plz tnx xoxo

  17. jame says:

    So excited for this video, BUT- I just wanted to say thank you in advance for the body image/ eating disorder talk. As someone who’s in still in recovery and I follow this religiously (it’s so helping with everything, like, wow, you are amazing, body & mind), it means a lot that you’re willing to talk about this. Much love Cassey! <3

  18. bucketbot says:

    I love seeing you dolled up, Cassey! I don’t think that anyone should feel that they have to “trade in” their heels for sneakers. After all, just because you train like a beast doesn’t mean you can’t look like a beauty 🙂

  19. Ivori Rose says:

    I am one of those girls (even now, as an adult ) that do not love heels and dresses ; my Mom said when I was a little girl, she wanted to dress me up in cute skirts, dresses and tops, but I always fought with her and said I hated it !
    I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl =D But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like dresses , I just prefer not to wear them.