Fastest Ab Workout!

Fastest Ab Workout!

5 Min Ab Express

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Hey guys!!

Your new Monday video is here! Due to all of the emails I get asking what to do if you’re a busy bee and you just don’t have time to workout…I was inspired to create this routine for you. The 5 Min Ab Express Workout that fuses my best ab moves all in one. NON STOP! If you’re ever without wifi, print the image above and take it with you! I challenge you to do this routine right now before you read the rest of my blog post. GO!


WOW! Wasn’t that amazing!?? Great work! Now I’d like to share some fun stuff with you guys since I’m doing something a little different than the usual. (aka…gym time, computer time, filming time, editing time, eating time, semi-sleep time and repeat…) So right now I am in La Quinta, CA at the 2014 Clinton Health Matters Initiative event. I’m here along with Denise Austin, Billy Blanks, Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors, and welp you guessed it…Chelsea Clinton and former US President Bill Clinton himself! *eeeeeee*

So what am I doing?

Every year there’s a conference that showcases leaders from across the sectors of business, tech, sports, and philanthropy and what they are doing to contribute health and wellness to the people of the United States. I am so honored to be in the presence of these amazing gamechangers! I was asked to lead a fitness segment during the conference which will be webcasted live at On Tuesday Jan 14th at 3:00pm PST is when I will be up…so if you’re around, tune in to watch! My mind is like a sponge ready to take in all of the knowledge and inspiration it can handle the next few days. I hope to learn a lot and share it all with you guys to better our community too.

Here’s a pic of me and Billy Blanks this morning after our collab…yup…Tae Bo and POP Pilates collide!! I can’t wait to show you our workout. Billy is such a superb teacher and genuinely kind soul. I totally understand why he is such an international inspiration to millions. It was a true honor to be around him. We also filmed a heart to heart talk about body image for you guys 🙂


I’m also trying to eat the best I can since my hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen. It’s hard, not gonna lie. The options are few when you cannot cook. Even motivation is down to workout since there’s extra activities throughout my time here, but I remind myself to not get so upset over it or to feel guilty about it! There’s working out, then there’s working to be well. And right now, the overall goal of this week is to learn and help others live happier, healthier lives.


Here’s the inside of my baked falafel whole wheat wrap. Umm. Can you say yum???

And now…for some random cool things that happened! Did anyone pick up the February issue of Ladies Home Journal? If you did…you may have seen this:



*squeals* Crazy right!?!! Just craziness. Seems so UNREAL!

Anyway, in the tutorial, I teach you 5 simple stretches that can help relax you when you’re stressed. You can see the video explanations here on LHJ’s website.

Then to add to the excitement…one of you lovely Singaporean POPsters emailed me THIS picture!


Though I don’t agree that a Blogilates workout cannot “replace gym sessions”, I am flattered to be featured in COSMOPOLITAN Singapore along with my peeps from the Boston Meetup!

Guys, thank you so much for being the enthusiastic, lovable, vibrant, and BEST group of students I could ever have. The only reason why Blogilates is starting to get noticed is because of you. I am so happy that more and more people will be encouraged to join our community and see how working out can be fun. It’s the first step towards building a healthy lifestyle and planting the seeds for our younger generation. YOU, my dear, are a part of this magnificent movement.

Ok I gotta wake up in literally like 4 hours to prepare for some community service I am doing tomorrow along with Chelsea…so I should probs get some rest! I’ll instagram some pics for you guys to see.

Love you so much…be strong and believe in yourself ALWAYS.

<3 Cassey


1. 5 Min Ab Express Video: Long sleeved top, my own but similar here, Sports Bra by Body Language Sportswear, Booty Shorts by Body Language Sportswear. Use code “blogilatesoff33” to get extra 33% off sale price.

2. Billy Blanks Photo: Backless top by ShopBlogilates, Sports Bra by Valleau, Side Scrunch “BEAST MODE” Booty Shorts by ShopBlogilates

3. LHJ Magazine: Rosey Posey Racerback by ShopBlogilates, shorts by ShopBlogilates

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  1. Need to work hard to get results and I’m motivated

  2. Best ab workout indeed sir guru

  3. ab workouts says:

    Everyone wants to get flat abs, but everyone fails to reach the fitness goals, either because of a faulty nutrition plan or a faulty exercise plan. Only doing sit-ups is not going to help as you have to include different kinds of exercises that hit different muscle groups such as the frontal, sagittal, and transverse. Also, HIIT is an exercise that really makes your muscles work extra hard and helps get rid of the love handles that isn’t what you can call a sight for sore eyes.

  4. Alex Rich says:

    This is a great blog – lots of useful information. Here is my blog about sports and sports equipment.

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    link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same for you.

  6. An intensive 5 minute abdominal workout with the proper exercises is better than a long one with no intense and useless moves. This routine is pretty simple and works the abs fast and easy. Great video and article. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Amelia says:

    Couldn’t agree more about school! I hated HATED gym and competitive sports! I loved playing teeball, but when I got up to coach pitch, the other kids and the coach would get upset because I wasn’t any good, and it ruined it for me. Then gym was worse…all the shame and anxiety over when I would be picked (close to last) and since I wasn’t any good and gym teachers didn’t actually teach us how to improve (or anything else other than shame), I would just get out of the game as fast as I could. But once I got older and started working out on my own terms, only competing with myself, I came to enjoy it so much more. Pilates, yoga, martial arts, running…the focus in those communities is always on self-improvement, not on being “the best”.

    Btw, that pic at the top is basically the best thing ever. 😀

    1. Amelia says:

      I guess it was in the middle but the pic with Billy Blanks lol. I was in a stretch and tone class in high school and we did Tae Bo one time…my butt hurt so bad! Love him.

  8. Amy says:

    This is awesome!! On the school thing: I really feel this would be great! Couldn’t it be a part of gym class or something? I mean I know I always hated gym class but would have loved a regular exercise class. I’m just not a sports person, you know? I work in preschool and we do this program called Kid Fit. It introduces kids to different parts of their body and keeping it healthy. We also do a 20 minute or so full body workout with them, twice a week (warm up stretching cardio strength abs cool down and meditation). This is something that makes it fun for the kids! Hopefully instilling it at a young age will lead to healthy choices later on!

    1. Amy says:

      P.S. Love Billy Blanks and Denise Austin!! I used to do Denise Austin’s workouts when I was like 10!!

  9. Dumplingrrl says:

    Congrats, Cassey!! And I am sooo excited to see the video you did with Billy Blanks. I love Taebo and Pilates, so a combo of the two??? MInd Blown! Can’t wait to see it!

  10. Yoga doesn’t need to be expensive as there are lots of cheap yoga that are healthy and helpful if you are trying to achieve a fitter, stronger and healthier body and mind.

  11. Nikkki says:

    Dear Cassey, congratulations on your staggering succes!
    You are such a wonderful person, you are receiving what you are giving this year!
    Although, please do stay true to yourself. Don’t let the fame ‘force’ you into becoming this
    shredded pin thin celebrity trainer. The one thing that makes you unique is that you are a beautiful woman who is fit and healthy and loving herself. You truly are beauttiful and perfect.
    Please stay fit and healthy, and keep eating 😉

    lots of love and even more succes wishes!

  12. Emily says:

    Hi Cassey! Love all of your videos. Foster the People would be a great song to do a video on! just a suggestion 🙂 you’re amazing!!! <3 <3

  13. Amy says:

    I do much better with workout videos because that way I don’t have to push myself 🙂

  14. s6milerun says:

    Cassey, you deserve congratulations on your rising success. You worked your ass off for everything that is coming back to you. I am very happy to support someone like you who is good hearted through and through. Enjoy every moment!

  15. Lauren says:

    Thanks for this Cassie! All of the moves killed me ‘cause I haven’t done an ab workout in a month =0 I appreciate you and all the hard work you put in this blog. You make so easy to workout at home, which this Momma of three with a busy schedule and limited budget appreciates more than you know. =)

  16. ELIANA says:

    Hey Cassey. I thank you for the video on youtube. They are really great. I learned with you and do real exercise. to be healthy. with your exercise my body is in shape. was not fat but she had one extra kilos. but thanks to you I puese fit. Thank you. all. kisses

  17. Emily says:

    Cassey! I have a quick suggestion, can we have a back strengthening routine/exercise/stretch video soon? I’ve noticed my back feels really weak, especially doing earthquakes or the like…maybe it’s a personal issue…Idk.

    Thank you for everything!! Excellent job being awesome! I love your dvd sooooo much and love that your family helped you. Have a great week! – Emily

    1. Lena says:

      It’s not only you! My back literally kills me more than most of the ab exercises. Especially the jackknife crunch was really hard for me! And I am working on a softer mat already.

      Otherwise: Great video. Maybe I’ll be able to actually do some workout everyday with it. I can do this in the morning if I prepare everything the night before! yeah, even if I’m “just” a student I have no time at all with 9+ hours at the university everyday and then learning and stuff.

  18. Ashlee says:

    Ok, I was really surprised by the fast ab workout but loved it. I went for a run and did this… and my abs were spent after. So thank you for offering something quick (and no so easy).

  19. Lynn says:

    Congrats on the articles Cassey! I love the printable workout!

  20. Nina says:

    Love this 5 minute workout for abs! Maybe you could do one for thighs too, that would be so great!
    Greetings from Germany!

  21. Brittney says:

    Cassey, I just wanted to send you a message to simply THANK YOU for everything you have done. My husband and I recently started doing your Beginners Calendar workouts on the Blogilates Android app and we have been loving it! Honestly, I want to thank you for making all your videos free and available to EVERYBODY. I admire your integrity and your strength into keeping the basis of “Blogilates” PURE and to simply just help those of us who need a little extra “push” with the “oomph” of your videos. To tell you the truth, your fun and DIFFERENT videos have brought my husband and I closer by trying to figure out what “clean food” starts “V” while killing our abs (great video btw!).
    -Thanks for everything Cassey, keep doing what you’re doing because you are helping out a LOT of people.
    <3 Hugs and kisses
    God bless you

  22. Grace says:

    congrats on the article and your success!
    And thank you for the new quick workout. I have not been exercising lately because it’s exam week for me, but I managed to get this one in!

  23. Eli says:

    Congratulations on the articles! That is so exciting! Love the ab workout too!! Some of my favourite moves!!

  24. Rachelle Q says:

    Congrats on the article! So cool!

  25. Bethany says:

    Can you do a standing butt video? I did the standing oblique video (Love Handle Hysteria) and my glutes were killing me! I think a standing glute video would be really awesome (and painful…) 🙂

  26. Merituuli says:

    I’m so grateful that I have you :). I mean, I can’t afford to go gym so your workout videos help me a lot.
    And you inspire me to workout more and more 🙂

    Greetings from Finland

  27. Elizabeth says:

    They obviously haven’t done any of the videos if they think that it doesn’t replace a gym session.. omg :O your videos are definitely killer.. but amazing at the same time! Congratulations on the magazine spread 🙂

    1. Shannon says:

      Yeah, haha! I was like, ‘Uh..this is the gym sesh.” Soooo difficult and rewarding!
      congrats Cassey!

  28. Jessica says:

    Yes, they DO replace gym sessions! After working out with you steadily for a few months, I quit my expensive gym entirely. And I’m in better shape than I have ever been, and motivated to stay that way. Thanks for all of your diverse and wonderful workouts, your recipes, and all you give to this community. I’m happy your dedication and talent has brought you such success!

  29. nora says:

    Looking forward to do the abs-workout! That falafel looks delicious, do you have a recipe? 😀

  30. Jessica says:

    Congratulations to all the wondeful things! 🙂

    I have to say that you really inspire me and I’m so happy I recently discovered your blog and youtube channel! My new year’s resolution was to start strenght exercising and get in the best shape I can be in this year and thanks to you I can really see that happen. I’ve just started doing your Beginner’s calender and I swear that I will actually stick to my new year’s resolution this year.

    Greetings from Finland and many thanks for all the amazing work you are doing! 🙂

  31. Mónica says:

    Casey you are awesome and all the stuff you show us in this post are a proof of this. You change the live of a lot of people like me that live very far, you make they live happier and healthier and I wanna thank you for all you made for us.

  32. Kathleen says:

    Cassey, I thought this workout wasn’t going to be so hard since it only takes 5 minutes but boy, was I wrong. This workout is insane! I really felt it by the 3rd move. Congratulations on all your success. That is really great to hear. You deserved it! You’ve helped so many people with their lives. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out and I do hope that I get to meet you one day and thank you for all your hard work personally. 🙂 Can’t wait for your video collab with Billy Banks. I’m going to do your stretches now. Righteously deserved. Love you!

  33. Lauren says:

    You definitely deserve the success. I think your work outs are an excellent gym replacement! When I started Blogilates, in the summer of 2012, I weighed in at 75 kg (165 pounds). I am 1.68 (5 ft 6). I’m now around 64 kg (141 pounds). I’ve never felt better. You are my life saver.


  34. Andreanne says:

    You deserve all of it Cassey!

    You are doing such a wonderful job inspiring people all around the world to eat cleaner and get healthier! This is so great!

    I am really exited about this abs workout! I am going to try it tonight! Also no Eagle crunch, good for me who looks like a turtle trying to get back on her feet when I’m trying to to them…

    + For those who wanted to see it, the minion cake was a success! Just clic on my name to go on my blog for pics!

  35. Sabine says:

    Wow Cassey! I really enjoyed this! And you’re right, this takes so little time I can really make up no more time-related excuse!
    I have a question, always when I lift me left leg, for instance during the double leg lift, I hear a popping sound where my left leg meets my hip. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels a slight bit weird, but not pain whatsoever, not afterwards either. It only occurs on the left side, not on the right. Is this bad? Does it mean I should make a smaller movement with my left leg? Or is it fine and can I just ignore it and keep going? (I hope it’s the latter, I just wanted to make sure.) Can you, or anyone from the blogilates community, help me with this?
    Best wishes from the Netherlands,

    1. Sabine says:

      Oh by the way, my new year’s resolution was to find a job, and I did in the first week of January! 😀
      Now it is doing a 1/8th triathlon in the summer. 🙂

    2. LauraV says:

      It sounds like a snapping hip syndrome. i have that myself. i doesn’t hurt, right?
      i remember that in one video cassey said, that smaller movements should help. it also gets better when you get more flexible. try the quadriceps stretch. 🙂

      1. Sabine says:

        Thanks a lot LauraV! That might very well be it! I’ll try the stretch!

  36. Yaaaay, that’s amazing!! Congrats to all great things that happen to you! <3
    Really can't wait to friday when I can finally start to workout again after small break, caused by health reasons. Guess I gonna add this quickie wo :))
    Oh, and have you already announced the winner of those Nike booties?
    And you should really see me when I realize you liked my pic on Instagram, I was like " OMG, OMG, OMG… Mom, look! I caaaan't believe!" 😀 Think she thought I went bit mad 😀
    Thank you for motivating to be better me, xoxo
    Petra <3

  37. Paige says:

    Cassey you’re so special and deserve so much success!!
    I love you and the other Popsters for making Blogilates what it is. 2014 is going to be OUR year for health, happiness and hard-core fitness!

  38. Leanne says:

    So happy that the Blogilates community is getting noticed! After all you deserve all this! You work so hard to inspire us all and its definitely paying off. Keep up the good work Cassey! Love ya <3

  39. Pallavi says:

    Hey Cassey, congrats on the features! I just wanted to ask: what’s the best time to work out: before or after a meal? Thanks heaps for this workout btw! Now I have NO EXCUSE! 😀